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Vol. 12A 

August 21, 1978 


May 7, 1979 

\^ ^* 


WUUm Romey Ho.p»r CoM«ge Alqonqui., o^d RoitlWRoadt. 60067. 312 3W^00O 


August 21,1978 

larper names new head 

toy Kwl 

"itw mam tm|»»t« Uw ili'i|ic«i«t<in 
■llM l( Hurfcr CoHcite •*»• 
into HiMl.. Ilw iMMlia^ 
«M nn>.f 4>< «!*■'* cliMW- •*> 
|nr»«in«n< «»» ''"•" " ''^ 
itiadOTis '" ■«*' oouUI lUll *■»)<' 


tm mmm u Jttmm MHSraUi.. iiwl. 

t i« a ly» at hrnii |>r«rsiil»l. 

I liBCktriiiiBd iii**l»» llw* •" >» 
rirp«f»<l *>■•»« »"> fhjiitomKtu* tl«* 

r cotiW Mrr 
'M» :tai Iwen •«• ««•"'<■'*»•' >" 

». » *|iii.rteie«l ctainnan 

,t.l Ik* itoil «i* fmiiMy M tlit City 

■ uvm*m Hi Mr* Vol* ' CIWV i. 

Ht »■» *• •» «•>•« IX»"M" l^' 
b.prtii| ••>«n kt •■« !>■> 


Itng ■ tahr ••' * 

MMpw (Mil 'bc- 

I tt to MM* • 1^ 

riniMiMt'btlil)' to iiU'k* mn 

M iMwwnliwtr nrMUNtffiWiim tyrogn»ii& 

as mtt 0» baiMitm can »• km *«« 


MirCnlk latil l» M taok^iwc Mw 
nvoiirw lor taUMii and Inimim 
(mr tlw iirmtlteii At tlli» iwiiil •» 
iliin't know il tlht |>r«lilMll la 
m>t<rrt>l or liliui*," IM addwl. 

.A c-oitifMiiir in nitllMflll. h.. H 
kiakinii nl iKe m<t«rial> U 
(hPtvrmm tllr tmtm. »c€iie*ili to 

MtlSnUi akm mMU. Iw 'Hm«w 
hsruiit liMiii«t pnMoiii*- 

rcmidcnl*! ■•■•• M Mn HMftr grt 
lack iM ill IM M crarial Ki tbr 


Tm ofitwiiftk akMl tlic (Mualnt 
or lUe re««r««tiiiii," M<«rkMl mt*. 

I tiMk that a* *■«. »• 
MffluniiMty. tttr Mudmts. ti-rryon* 
wM imirk Iniwthcr to wm it through 
Tha MnuniMlty 'rcBlliM Uia valiMaf 
m diwiar* xiv* <<« «*• ****** 

.mw. ■«> Ikr vole EiKMIIlllC. but 
'wWIt vwidarMil tiM fatlura a( Uw 
rdarandun. k« laM. "It il'i not 
iwaawi. <ra-r« «MMM]' aMnc ta ran 

that ll>« rawiwUMt* or tlw stii4efila 
want Inane a dlminMwl Hariwr. " 

Dcaiitl* tmOtl* prvMeim, the 
•alary iMid tn the iiremilrnt in 
■llfcaliiiK. at the least When 
mtCntk Wt aim he ilrpartwl !i 
•f Ml. ON prr y»r Ijttin 
poatMn then wort) 
|II,M iMir y«w. MeGrath olll mm 
ain't «•*• fr fear. Fer Ow 


.HdlmUi ilimwt « thrwytar 
MDltwt. bWtaHil h« <1 lik» to iilaj at 
HatfOT' "lar a hug f *rt<><l .*•!<»«•» 
r can ilw an rifartlw anrt fwoiHirtlvp 

(Int ahaiwltntillc of Herprr that 
MacCSraa Ilka is lli« Mgh ennllnwni 
at, aa ha pnti tt. "mar* matun! 

Ha MMWM lliat Iht otdcr am 
r<!*ideitu an llM hqi la Haf^ar'a 
Mart im-oiii*. 

■•*• hiilli i«heol (rnrollmant 
<|Mllnta, ■• nuit iiKimraKi! oMcr 
iwapit la conir h«TV." hv aaul 

"At J« ««■» Iraal »* fan 
nialntoUi ow (waUnMmt, ' he adaia*!. 

McGralh. a 9iakM|Mant|rilthi the 
raad «U hia playa tn thrt* jFtan), 

^t I U froviiait and malimic 

Mctlrath. IJ. mill (a«rt a I*" 

A lattlnt: kfail la • 
hf »»"!„ ••»• haw a 

MdSrath. but he Mill ahava 
canlUanca kit ia»imi. "I «Jon"l think 

m a«M: mm h**ll "try In Imarc 
kal Mnr* Hadmls alU havt th<* 

aai «laaMion avallaMe. " 

uilding A brings problems 

tv TiniiniliiliniiHi aladmila and (anlly to thair ha mi lal ammiM of funds I 

, ._«i>«...^ ia •■• anlikal* aa* dMlliiaMnaa »lth llttlt tnaihte rapaira. alUwatll wUinala* ■ 

Aa cafth^uaka la an anHhaly aiay 
.Iha lalNnt al th« i^aadral 
faM' o( BIdg. himmM. A inaarawc namsamt. (h* 

ia the faltof* al Iha BiWldtnii Aalhortljt, Iha Capilal 
III Iha D«vfta|iin*nl Board, and Iha 
■rchttarlaral (inn ot Caadill, 
RaaMI. and Scolt aar* raUad ii M 
kaaa «•*• *1» nlaatlan- CM la n»« 
candaelini »*•«* *"•» "'»»' ■*• 
apaadrti (ctl Pittabargh 
iabafalotlaa tn Chii-aga ii 
(nndtKtIne >••>■ ■» rancrala and 
iBdal aaaptaa far itrtae. 

Until all l(«l 
and tarntd 

KcB it aMI Mprtalf ikr tafatir'aaaiia.. 

OR., mtto the dclma art 

Iha aihniiiMrallan 

■ cvaryan* will ahaji tha Muni 
(or thair owK' pmlactlnn.. Addltkaiai 

of funds lor 

__ _ wUinala* are 

"llaafii aiiar'it'iiMidfal IWl. Utt raimiat li«a Iha haadrads »f 
"•' -■- ■' - — ^'iil*:.kiia. 

iailing al tbt apindfal 

ta lIgM othar repain 

lor Miilacanwnts atlhar 

acad up u> mm 

ac water leak*. 

bttttding »ii|i|>»r<». sidewalk*. 

eaifeUnw. the hi9atln« and enaila« 

•yatanat. plunsbinii. and Ihe elaclrtc 


._. Alter the re|>afta art Iliad, the 

areraaipletcd qnealion in mind, ta paraphraae a 

over la the (amous nurser) rh^'me. la whether 

AdmlnMraUm. there will be na Ule Administralkai can pal Harper 



Jawwa MeOrali. aAa WM lanaert» deaa al lacalty at C% U*rtr. 
alt» at CHr ll«l»«rall» al !«law Vaet. waa aaaw* a» Harpar'a praali 

New tax rate 
could provide 
quality classes 

Harper Calhqte baa acbadnJed a 
raferendam Sctd. It to bKreaie the 
tas rata for Die Eduratlonal Fund by 

7 .i cents per 111)0 rqualtzed aiacaaed 

THa aMcana af the vale that day 
will datarmlae the scope oi 
programs and aervlccs the college 
will be able to offer and Ihe qaaltty 
ot education available to n B M« h t a «l 
Ihe dialrict Polls will be open fram i 
am to T p m Informatioa 
ragardlnc praclnrt polling pbces Is 
available ^oan Ihe lownahlp derks' 

At the current time. Harper 

CaUaf* is 'Operating on the baals al 
the ori0na! IMS referend 
provtiled an Educattnnal 
of II rents per flW at 
valuitum This rale, in combination 
with malr aid and stndenl tuition has 
allowed the college to provide a 
ncceaaful program which has been 
utiUwd by niany dulnci residents 
DurtnK thai time, however, three 
major lactori have combined to 
create the need for additional 
maalaa. The ladara art 1) iiwwtti; 
1) iBlMlaa: and 1) Nnllad aMa aU. 

pace with Ihe uidallanBry 
community collagea have 
csparicnced At inflationary 
peeaauraa have increaaed. more and 
more perlfins have turned to their 
eommumiy colleges for quality 
higher education Fundi the 
individual college recieves from Ihe 
slate are aubtecl to conditions whicb 
limit an individaal dtitrict'* cootrol. 

Before authoriiinii the currant 
referendum, the Board of Tr us t ae a 
carefully examined alternative 
courses of sction The •llematlers 
and their effects are as follows : 
SaO Hia iseaiid «to The Board 
could authorlie the sale M the site, 
but proceeds from any such sale 
muat he used to pay Ihe outstanding 
principa] and interest on the booda 
used la purchase Ihe land. Any 
balance ol principal muat he placed 
In the Site and ConctHH-tion Fund. 
Illinois state law prohibits the use ol 
these funds to alleviate the financial 
proUema reiatin« to operational 
espenacs of the college on the main 

TaWan StudcnU' tuition has kaan 
Increaaed to 117 per credit boar, 
giving Harper, alang *!»> *— 




August 21. 1978 


Who's to blame for 
Bylldliig A's problems? 

■iHlfnK hairllM eracka. tlatiiaRi; in roof beams, water 
in the traottMincr in BuiMm« "A", and extensive 

it««ig;M«it ItM eanpiis are the Ulcot aaiilttlafW' ta 
ftoiwr Oillagt' mmr the stunmer . 


■nyone who tried gi^m Ma 
a wm an olittacle 

U anyone M'iMiirt ml wfierr he rwild get into (he twildtnx 

tit' nntkid li» eoiii' mc an*' diMr. one ilainwell. «ii4 iwrliapi 

Uie iMMkaitore. if it ms a 'dry day . 

Kveryone has figured out wliat hapfimed, wliy it hJiptxtrntd 
•Mi< 'fvcn how to repiir the damaites; the only tMnit Ml U 
I ti who ii to Mame for these problem*. 

Ii It former Preaident Kotwrt IaMi' 
fiis admlnistriitlon, it was letiriied in Jul) . did not have »ny 
form of preventive raaiiiteiunce. and it did nut even have any 

aUnwances in the hudiiet for cmerKency campua reiMln. 


fn Mtl«r to ketfi within the limlils of a hudRCt coulil they 
have uxed mm-duraUe nhort-lerTn materials as .luhalitutis 
(or stronger more expensive long-term materiab' 

Perhap* m their efforta to desiun a modern, iitlrartive 
campus, their plana were impracttial. or again, teat 

Is it the Uarper at.iMi0nta'f 

Do tlwy put too much wear ami tear on the Iniildini;'' Is the 

over-pofMlatcd campus too much for the structure to handle'' 

We may never be able to point a finger at Just one person . 

twt soummm it reapontiU* and should makf amends. Ami 

Harper looks ahead 
to brighter days 

Hatpr Marta ainMlwr new school year. It looks to be a 
■pmteiUm tiw. too. With a new president to start us off in the 
ricM direction. Harper can look forward to a fresh start. 
pultinK behind us the mistakes and problems of the past. 

There are several new faculty members and club advisors 
iMa yaar which will lielp aim tht ichool toward a more 
aiKMMf 111 future. 

Thert an more dubs and projects getting underway to 
help gel tlw Hwlents involved, and porticipating in Harper 

WtMM Building "M" is compfeled a new ityro and many 
'rac:r«itiotui] facilities will add. It Haiyar't fast urowing 

We hope that everyone who is returning to Harper will help 
in making this school year a better one, and that everyone 

wlw ia fwv llila yaar will try to be a poilllvt addttimt to 
Hwr |wr CoUiiib. 

Rtferendum ditciittloii Sopt. 6 

■nwft will Ht an. lirfnrnuitUMi. m Oikm. •*« l|ieah_ **'_ 

iMwIMlt iw Uw MuTxrr Ollm* lai 

rrlmmtnm Sitpl » at 7 : .m || al. 
Il» f atoltiw Pwlitlc UltriMT al MA N 

Tii* Wil«r'ma(|.<M lOHtini li 
ilwiMiinil ttf llir licaigiH of Wmwi 
Vratfo ol PalatiM. and in ktc|MnM 
• ith llirir l.catac paltry. 
rapnacMtaUvaa Itaia hMh ildci ol 
Iha Mant *ill to* fmmttL Mr Mm 
'M<<I.ral'h now PraMinl it Umr- 

Harper mfemndum set for Sept 6 

(('•ai'l. from fair ■* 

Ut* hmlMtt tulllwi •ninnti III* 
!• Bllniil* canuiuiiiily rallctt'a. The 
Imllvlitiial .(tiDtenl |m}'i a ttiini of ttw 
<-<»it of hli i>r h«r »di«*«li«n at 
Hariwr. <»- th* ni.Hiiitum *ll#rv 
allownl bjr law 

'Taa AmidfMMi Varranl* Tlw*- 
••rraintf *» iml «»lv* an MiaMithtnl 
li»ini-l«>nn (m«mal iwnl. tail irrvf 
only to 1 1 (wreaUiU dtrsUng with One 
pnMm Ji int-ur subatanllal inlarcal 
CWM. and .1i catl tli« puUk' axmcy 
■miiiC Uiciii! wirraiiu inlo dccpn- 
and dMiwr delM Tlw lailne aitiiK-y 
ll llmlln) m t« llie amounl that can 
Iw anquirml thraucli 0» urarraiun 
and «*h«n thai limit u reachiiil. thr 
Iwilr finanrial problrm remaiiu 
••fWiW Caab Bond An alternative 
To Tai AntK-ipatiun Warrant*, tltr 
Wurfetmi Caul) tiond proi-iilM imly a 
•liort-ltnn Mlulian A dlitntt M 
limited as to th« aniMiiit olilcli can 
bt grmntvd thrwili llw bawla and 
if tint Umit IS raarlwd liefot* a ralv 
k realncd ttirouiih a 
la* iMtlMUon will no 
liNHIBr be abli lo iiwtt ila aula. 
Afttr raitildtrallan of Ihc 
-'« B««rd of 
that th* 
«l action was to 
mtk additional ioa-a) tai atinport 

Anynnt who ik IB want at mkit (hi 
or More Iha- lUlc »( the- elnlion. a 
UllilMl State* ('."iliwn. una has livwl 
in the Harper (^loilene iliiitrict for at 
least M (iayi it rticihlr to vole Votrr 
rcKiitratlon may be lionr as late as 
the day before the referendum. A 

reKistralion drive will be oondueted 
at Harper Auk 311 and 31 from I 
am -3 pm in the I Aunce. BIdft A 

Further information about the 
referendum Is iivailable al 3»7-;iflO<i. 
eit ;ki 

. and Jalm Waller. Iran 

.IWiMil Tacimi'tra Uniltd of 
Will ifiMli anainat tdc 
nrwanduin liiiii FeterMni, l^att'M 
mcttlMr tnm WiMalofl' wlill tt m 

tar il:'i 
Itntwnlalion Al the nHieltialuii al 

Ih* rtpcvaaiMatHiiia, cadi lada mil 
ha 0v«ii .n«« nuaiite* fm » nttauttal. 

TliM lat madnralor will anlartiiln 



Aug. 2S & 31 

8 a. 111. • 2 p.m. 

in the lounge 

Blctg. A 

^ hapBinqep ^ 

Edilorin'C^icf ■ I lelilile TCK-hke 

MannttitiK KilKar Ed HM'liaiail 
Fd'ltoruil Edilur .Sue Cimwy 

N ew-s Ktlitor ' I .v mie Brown 
Fratun> Kditur .Iiian PiiarMn 
AMUlant Feature Edllnr Dam Walker 
SjMHti l^^ditur .loeKoin* 
PMli Editor MikrWendes 
Aiclatant i>hnlo Kditor Beth itmm 
fartootiM -Sieve Moalial 
Husinciu Mananer Tern Jacotonn 

.Stan John K Evant. Kandy Khli. Pal Butler Jan 
Mi-Wltertar. Debbie Niebuhr. Ten Rolomto. Jody Saunders, 
Vicki Siaka. Mona Tayyer. Bruce Weaver. Briwkc 

The HAKIIINCKR is Uie student pubtkatlon for the Harper 
i:oUei;e campus commumly. published weekly eicept 
dunn« holidaya and final eiams All aplnHMii expressed arc 
those at the writer and not nccetaarily tlioae at the mllciie. 
Its attminislratiM. faculty or student body 

The primary purpose of the HARBINGBR is to inf«m, 

inviilve and entertain the student IxmIv cI Harpt^r Collett*. 

The main fm-ui of its content shall tie Harper relaMMl 

All articles submitted for puMicstion muit be typed and 
dmible ipaced. with a deallne «( 3 p m Mondays, and are 
■ubiecl to edttmK lyettcrsato^lie-f^ditar must be stained. 
names will be held upon request Advertiiinii ropy deadline 
IS 3 pm Tnaaday prior tu Monday's publiralion For 
aitvertlsin<j rates, rail or write HAKBINOKK. Wilham 
Kainey Harper CoileKe. Aljtonqwn and Koaelle Hoada. 
PaUllne. Ill .IWIIC? PlMM]f;-«N.Kxl«l 

August 21. 197a 


[Senate plans fall elections 


m llM 

Tilt i«Mil«. nWefc •« ta 
..«<l»ict«in Hectmni f»r »*« 

<iwm m §■#!. 11 mmI 11. 1* 

:.nil p«Mlc M*V'l« plm «Hce» 

ipilillnitiiClTin 'Itani Ike Oud wnA 
or|PlM««i»ii C«iildl ■«! an* «••«* 
rnm iMwr t-ouiatlin mid liiMlHit 

TIm MMMt IIM' lilt ffMHT ai 


far roIWt* cani'iniltt't:!. •kI 
■h«i>t«» >w »•«•« |t«M«F." 


<i{ti«rs dl Uw a 
Any itiiilcnt iiil*rtat«4 tit 

pvUtltMiiiiit (v ruiMarr I* raqulnd 
ID ilgn a DiwbrBlioii irf C«nil*«l»r» 

MattlMt Ml Mcnt ti> run lor airfKf 

CampitiiMnN u mil •llowiKt ufitU a 
camlKlalc'f prtiltM liai twvil 
nmmd to; tlw Xaitatt AcOvllM 
(Mice aiMl Itoai caapcMptail ta 

T» II* etieihte l« mutmam ti» »* 
)>» a:l)H!ll«i a miitwMiMlM' inaiA 

inilUiM. of Vmm criMil' »««•« tai* 

••rh tamMil* li mmIM nl'. 

All fc«littf«l. «!•• 
HMiwr ,iilii*™*i are iilli»*Ki «» *«>» 

Any iiiiMtMM «i»rtHii tin ft*.- 
tiHt (ifiKt«!iirf» .nliiwU IM <llrfrt««l i" 
ihe i-:i«'ti«>n Ctanmillat <*■ il» 
.litn. t»c of Mmknl. aAlvllIca 

KtMllwM far UMlmit. •«mH» kM *• li»li .S«»». 1 1 an* ll. PMMmh arr m* atatlaMt ta 

Ik* nadimi *»U*)«I« OCBr*. *1S«. IJiM .vfiri lOTial* •»» hM*»4 •» *> Paal JaliBMB. 


Meet Program Board 

•Oh God," "Htrott" •nd "Tt» D«p" 
coming to Harptr Hits f sll 

Wt wmM Ml* ta IntnKtiKrc 

iMiruft*!!* ti> all OmptT iluttcnla W« 
«r» the Pr<i«rimi Boart Wc art lh« 

iMidwt wnamiuilMM. tM afraitiori 
tiMMl. at mm rnvftt '•flMrtalaaiml 

PHUrmii Bami will |iw^»«ni U«« 
..« ..tfMt Nl t» G«>«l »l • p ni 
.-Ttitoy to El*. Th*. film »l»r« 
■ ;«««» B'Brm ml J<*ii Oenver 

A (anrilul advcnlunr in iMimot ami 
hmmnily, "CNi Gixt" tclti nf Cad 

otmm la EartH la <li* laol. ttmtp 

Inrm at Barm and »l«-lin(! r>»m»er., 

n aaiiilanl manager of n 

uiMtfiwirkat. to Mp litnt ilnvKlMirn 

iiul mankind Ttiw fumu .in<t 

ratal. FCi. !■ 
(Iirm'led hj Ort Kaiper 

AilinualM It n <4Mi far Nariiar 
iiudi!Ms Willi a tall arlivlt)' eard.. 
Karh sttitlent will to allaaiMt nr 
Kuext lir lltt umitw prwc. 

Olwr nima oimtnii la Harpar lliia 
(all InelBd* Driv««-lit ". li> lie ih«i»r< 
neat Wednwday : "nw DMp," "Tlie 
Kaodby* Girt." ■•Smakey and the 
Handit." Paper Cllaie' and 

Hrfw> ■■ 

■paclal nenli. 

No dwlit ••hlle yiw are attendlnii 
Harfwir. y«t will aim altaiad many 
Pracrani Baanl adlvitKi, imply 

fnr your aacial and cullural 
enjoyineml. Bal there i« aiwaya a 
care gnup o( student wlia 
»l>(ire<:i»l» Ihei* prt>|tr«mi on 

anotlier level as well Th«^»« studenl* 
are tl» onei «*o <1«-k1« an ami 

TNcjr iain 
an andantawHnii oT DudiictlnK 
money. <l«d»t«iwiwiltinii. leadership 
■tylci •lam working with people, 
and buxlneiu acumen from dealinit 
frith enlertainerii and bookinii 
Tl«» it ■ unique le»min« 
arhicli will tw felt all 
UmMiwIi Ule 

Theae Umlema. Pmip-am Board 
memlien. may alto learn how to nm 
a «potliK>>t or wind (yatem. how ta 
wrile an effective preit releaae. and 
how to have a «!<iod lime working 
tovard »ortli»tiile oblectlvM 
Partlfipailon on the Prouram Board 
Kuarantees an opfMirtunity to 

iMcaMic m*ol*«d in campaa llle. 

In addition to theae 
benelita. Iiiittam n>bate» and Iraval 
to conventions are available U> 
■tudents «bo make • significant 
contribution to ttudent aetiviliea. 

TTiere are «UU jeveral chair- 
manship potiliont open on llie 
I9lt.n Program Board, as awU M 
iipemnp on the committee levaJ U 
you think you mi«M be mteraated in 
partlcipatUiK and would like to 
discuaa It. ptauM bdoK your quaa- 
liona to ■ meeting on WedneaUair 
and-or Tbunday. at J p m. Ui the 
Student *»tlvltie* Office. A3» We 
hope you will want to meet ua, la«. 

Peer counselors needed 

Leo Kottke 
here Sept t 

Chrjaalia recmdlni War l*o K«»- 
me wdl be the featured fwrformer ■! 

lb* llr* tall roiwert sponnored by 

.<>taitMt Artiviliat. t^panini flwSept- 
1 emem •« be ■lim !•»«. <»*>»- 
aatiim i»»*ea. lynca ami Hyte h««« 
I aamcd'MiiitaiiceTerywIiefe. 

THe omeert it«rt» at I p m. in lb* 

[ C»lla«|e Ccfiler Ijiuniie. lacatai In 

A, Tfckela art » tor Harpar 

and |i (or Die pubUc 

tafvnnaliiMi ta avaUaWe 

I ActtimHi. AJM. »f b» 

I, cat. m. 

Join The 


in A367 

WHCM accepting applications 

WHCM. Hi^rper't cloned circuit 
radio italam. in ctirreiilly aceeptlim 
appiKalioni Irom students oha 
would like to imn tia itaif . 

can be haard in Ibe ItudeiU Center 
loumic Iddi. A. and in 

Any .itiidenlai latW: mmM IUw I» 
learn about radio and fain practical 
eipertencc In broadcaatmg are 
nviled III (top by the slalian* ofllce. 
A:m. anil talk lo the italion 
manager John Blim Sludcnti do not 
need any previoiu eaperieiiee in 
radio, and the atalion will provide 

Pntgranminii is divided Into 
blofki twftiimini with top W music, 
iimilar to WU. rrom S-IO »m. 
Album oriented rock, like WKQX or 
WLIIP, It ptayed rram 10 ami 
p.m : and pragraativ* maiair is 
featured (rom 1-4 p.m. Easy 
llttaning OMBric, similar to lliat 
pla^yed by WWIMM or WKEN.. Is 
played from i-( p m . followed by 
AOR from M p m and progreisslve 
music ends the day from I- 10 p m 

StudenI* intcrMted in heind 
rmpluyed a* Peer Coiuisclora snould 
pick up an applicition w the Student 
Development Onler AJ4J and 
return 11 there by Sept. 1 Peer 
Coumclon are paid ■ceording la the 
Harper College Sludenl Aide wage 
wcmtt and work apprmimately IB 
haaf* per week There 1* also a 
poaaiUUly thai ttudcnis «>U recieve 
academic credit in lieu of wage*. 

A Peer C'ouniwlor It ■ ttiideiit who 
aisiitt the Student DwfelopmenI 
atatr In » variety of counseling 
related f«incl»'»n» and who mrvra as 

a liaison between Uie Student 
Development staff and Harper 
students Before assuming that 
retponsibrlity. Peer Counnelers 
eipenence a short term training 
geasion which is conducted by the 
Peer Counseling coordinator, Bruce 

Former Peer CounacUm Iwve 
found peer counseling to be a very 
rewarding esperience Studtntt who 
en)oy talking, listening to. and 
working with people are encouraged 
to apply 

There will be 

a meeting for 

all students 

interested in WHCIVI 

Thurs. at 12:30 and 

Fri. at noon In A336 


• The Harbinger can help you sell ywir ear. 

I or find the babysitter you've been looking lor 


YO jyu. siuMMra: 

Today in Room A 3*7 


August 21. 1978| 




for new 



I »t»r Urn H»«l>* '■*«•■" 

in tt» hiirtMlt *|»|»nwW>""s " 

n mn raiurnin* trma to»l 

1 < nqiMiil rmrli Mrir^ '**'* 

■nd iimMi art' Ite main 

ammctlM mw >«»r •«« «« ctftMltm 

Mtaxm Some rrtuniinK 

iMciwlv* taM!k; »*1« rtc«*<ren. WH 

Slnwn •!«» MIIW CiiM*. »>» 
Couprerter. oClemBV. mimrd; Brt«« 
Oa«i*Ui»n. ninmnic h«k: •■"• 

Thtlwun iiMdt li*M*»r imcnwii 
II) ralwiM tHith nlfmialvt and 
^ ' ~tlMai k 
tannw •*•*- 

Um iMa oM IMS snar in aU i«l- 
IMM. Hit Han*"* P«ai » *«rj watk 
M (Mnt aclMdi*. itarUiw Ml I«Vl. t 

at 1. |».m. siaiitit Um»««ty o* t)u- 
taqa* Junior VanHty Ttw fotUminit 
■wafe llMy play lli*tr first emtlxTtmc* 
I at honM aiiajntt Triton All 

■ ■•«rta«l':»i>.m. 

ytar and 
pion IS raf*' 
IMa j»af> l«a« an; »lark I 
bacfefMd: Di«* Baraii. «Btaialw 

Um: Wanl Nalinn. dfleaaivc lim: 

Mnaat MMarailMI in trjlnc 


Tryoyt* (ar Iht Harptr 
cliaertcwUnit iqnad' •in •• *m- 31. 

aimrltadtn oriil Ixt rlmen (ram 
> imitiKi t»it m chwtr aMWy . 

ipirit. pwjictlan. immva. ■ymnutic 
ability, a**! .upliti." ac 
r Smmn 

ClMwrlMdcr* are acllvt at all 
taattmU mmm. timm and a»«f . and 
■IM »t lMcli»y and •reillinit 
cainiwtitjtms Ctiwrkaden will also 
partirlpatv m tmmecominis 

CUnlca (or tHa a ri aiaJi 'n . oill bt 
*H|,llaiidJH.fra««»J»- in.*JO. 

trying oat mar dark ihactt, whK* 

■Mrl. aadu. and «WI* cm rtma... 

.^,«p..«idM.<r.n.'i»'- «"« "•'»" '-*•" " '*' *"••" • 

Women's Inter- 
collegiate Volley- 
ball meeting 
Wednesday at 
3 p.m. BIdg. U 
Contact Mrs. Bosy 

Ext. 466 or 467 

%"nil lilMIIT BOOM" 
Health Club for Men 

We offer supervision in Conditioning, 

Weight Training, and Body Building. 

HOURS -Mon.-Fri. 10-10 



Park riaia Mllwa»»«« Ava and ralatina »« M^- 


I .^ „ „_^. o„,„...-. m,„n.. 60067. 311397 3000 ^ 

New gym complete 
early next year 


Jimwirj <» r»l>niiiry ol It. t*«, 

.«iM mt dBia ii**"' l** AIM*!!*: 

Diractat JHIlli lUk^ » amftlei-M 

FHMH Cfffllmr TMi *•'!• ■■)' 
»iiry Mr 0«l«* »i|»toli««l. <* 
avwIiMUlto <•' in"'«^«'» •■«'■ 
•tallwr ftBdUitoM^ r«if ym i»« 
atudcnti, RuiJdmi M ••« •"» 
■iKWi >«r atnxwt ail}' M'li«ily wk^ 

luf (liHWCTt «p»<ui ol 
iHliiraUan. r»t-r«»ti<»«i«l 
l«««*m*ip. will flnt am •''»' 
pbyaical inmm aclWUf* « wtM 
ctMlJun a l»-l»p mil* track, ami a 
(yiTOWMum in wtoi-h iwts can l» 
drufvad Jrom U>« c«iUiig t«» <»i*»<l« 
tbc tfm M« lo»f Mlt*'*" 
BIO***. Ptont art Iwliw ■"•"^ •" 
■M tfw fyiimnWiin l»t aiiiMiMiiiilJi 

t«Mtt we* »• If""*"**''*''' 

ctnMMiM. c-tuwita. and' !«■- 

turn. K rtU ■(■t ■wfMiliiKHH)' 

slrurtur* as a iiii»«ait>li> tMilkliead 
■ill aitait It l« bt c«iiv«rl«d from 
yaniB to 'iiiilwi *>« «"««»*»* 
cMHIHtMion. IJtti *« *)" *>■■>" 

«c<l|«td 1« aiwIlM' niw**! >•■>■»* 

Tlw liuiMng. vlU aUw f««(*to ■!■ 
ha«II>«lt/r»ei|iiftli»ll courla, lo" 
at wtiH-tt wiU lw*« »!>«€«•«<«» 
■nUnit t« tournaimml play Tliart 
will l» teparat* areaa fiw mriim»i- 
tic», ••i«»it IraiitlB*. and •reallllit 
with • danct UaMa aba** Uw ■•- 

Uw buUdliW 

iwan. »» Advliorj CtiraiiJittet « 
^(irthniliill «|iii|i«i«<»l. ««"•« «* 
Kiitdillat lor InttiimurBl. ii«T- 
(oiteNMtt. ai.d communit)' 
.MllWltias. Tl» raninrttw »•«» *• 
rnnmm W '<• tlndwca tor iia* of 
MUM ctftate areas. It i> RrtUiiR 
nwrf iiMH-ifk with eat* taali and la 
iMw (inatemg aU plana »»»• 
lldtliKlllJ) *rf BuUdinil! M M ■*" 
if.WK njiiare '»el •' • ''<*• "' 
P^Sn.TW) Wlwn Biiildinil M is 
nwiiDMad il "»« «Mbl« Hanier t» 
tapand lt» •omen* iporti 
pnnTta* >» ojmptiam;* with Title 
IX As it utaiida Harper luw nine 
■IMil't and five wi>nivn*» Mer- 
cqUifisIc athletic teams BuilduiK 
M ptniiiaaa lo h« one «< *« tn"* 
famyralMMim ilruciiira* «( ■*■ 


BMg M, a verMlHr .tractart. »U1 ht ready ky in ar m.. 
Hag^fihiMtodieactarJalMiCalch. 'plia«aby»»ttJafat 

7.9 percent increase 

Board of Trustees 
approves new budget 

ll,llpl,g la «ard aU lacrraacd trallle ■• Harpar aad pranldlai « 
«(<||Mt III •» "TA *•. I. piMrtB h* Wlie Weade* < 

Harper to receive new 
RTA routes in October 

After eitminatini! more than tl 

million from their orminal 
•Mimatcd eip«n»«s. U" Harper 
Biiard of Twiileea haw approved a 
|1J.«JT,S«I hudget tor the l«»-7» 
MiKwl year Thtt «rand total 
repreaenU a !.»% iiK-rraj* over 
the previoua year 

There are three categortea in the 
newly adopted budget which 
represent iWnUlcant Increase* 
Salary Inm-aaei, lotalmd l«7.«». 
,l«nifle« a J *% increase; 
provision* tor prevenlatWe 
buildinct maintenance. anioaaUiig 
to ».W.M«t. repreaenta a ».•» 
incrcaae; and a IW.OW Increai* 
in the Cootingancf Fand. which la 

iimi iiti'a l.i* iiK««i«- 

AltlMiaKh am new budget 

lynMliaa a 11.1 mllUan increwe 

over tam year. Om board ha» cat 
cMta in two ar«M- They have 

eatlege will be placing a large 
iMinlan on the adniinistratioo and 
board membera this (all C-oUege 
officials received a atrlooa 
warning about the disrepair •• 
Harper buildings when a «*» 
concrete spandrel. Iwrated at the 
treat end of A building, eaina 
(xashinR to the ground on Jane *. 

In a letter la the board. 
President McCrath sal* 
"Structural proWemf which hawt 
become evident tbl» year c««M 
have a major tteanclal tanpad an 
Uh callage. The faUen apandfal 
dBnoaatrataa the iwd f or conalaa* 
monitoring of buildtag condiUaoa. 
Deterioration of buildings 
indicates the necessity of 
implementing a programmed 
maintenance and capital 



•UBam RaHMiy Harper iliiiaata 
may have five new bm muWa t» 
use itafUni laniallmt In Clrti*ar. 
LlaytM Weaver. Senior Planner 
• Biialaiila now have aeccaa to only 

u<ie HTA route Thii route starts 
out at the ArUngtom Height* 
railroad depot lo ArUngtan Hta 
M.. down f*«rn»iid«i. as lat aaalh 
aa GoU Hd.. west m Algainnto. 
narth an 'Phm O'tava Hd.. and wart 

on Bacltd over lo the roHegie , W the 
new roiilea are impleinented. Biey 
will ortglnate from Buffalo Grove, 
Schaumburg. Elk Creve Village, 
ties Plainet and Arltngton HIa, 

These routes will end up at 
Woodfield Mall, which will be the 
mam Iransfer .enter Waidlield 
was choaen becaiae many jludenls 
worli there and have slwwo a need 
fw this t»pr of bu» service. Clayton 
said StudcnU will be able to board 

Harper and WoodfMd. AMmmhHi 
there will be specific slops on each 
nm. anyone may flag down one of 
the bniies anywhere' along the 
prescribed routes More 
mformalion about these routes will 
he passed along as II becomas 
available Students needing say 
type ol RTA travel information 
twicemlng bus or Irain k hedules 
may call un llucafoi t»-'«llll. or 
tirtl-Jree from the suburhs at l»- 

■tail pMHlaM, 'aauMf. III1.IW and 

have cMltaaM HMM to tnvt\ 

■Every effort has been made t« 
liuM the line on this budget- 
Increases are due to inflalion." 
newly appointed Harper Piartdaal 
Jamas McGraUi said 

tiespile the boards continual 
battle with the budget, relief l> m* 
in sight tor the coming school year 
Badly naadid repairs around the 

raplacenaanl plan." 

•We're not home tm haeaiiie 
we arv still spending man than •* 
have coming in It will tie 
imiKiaaibk to nuke more cula 
without cutting into the muacic of 
the college." board mambar 
George Dasher said 

In addltioo to wrestling with the 
coUages financial difficulties, the 
la gearing up for the 
J tas referendum, which 
is slated tor Sept. IS. 

The referendum is raquaatiac a 
7.i*aiit las incraaaa par tWi 



iUQUSl 28, 197» 

EdItOfll l 

E.R!A. extension 
will help it pass 

Tha daKi tor rat«laiti«n of tlit Etvuai Rights 
■I. ERA. (orllie twnainifflg •»•»«■»««>«* """ 

: tile date be cstendeiJ. lUitU 
to past the aoMMlRMnl 
more Um* t« lUacuH, debate 

ir concerned with equal respect (or 
. Come people prefer to call It ttie 

■MMi* becanaa 'that is pivciaeiy 
TllirKt i«t raallf too »adi fir '^n-,'" ■•*'-*» 

I null Hh Mfiie reapeet and dignity M their maw 

i raaoact to mnnpttff"- E.R. A. states that women 
wd be «bia to chooae liiair career Koals on the basis ot 

. abiUly to do the job. If a woman wants to work as a 

OHlMge Mllector. sewer engineer, constnation worker, 
orclty off kdal she should be awarded the Job on the ba» 
•f bar merits- 

"Mertts * refers to a level of intelligence, ambition, and 
degree of *yitcal ability necessary for the job; it does not 
moan her measuremenls, hair color, and physical beauty 

Weoen do not want to be given Jobs to fill minority 
qiHlu,. h«>iravar. Again merits and overaU aptitude shmild 
be Uhiiwwir fee bar receiving the Job. 

AnoUwe anwct of the amendment, equal pay f«r etiaal 
work la anoflMr right that can't reasonably be denied. It 
ibonldn't even be an laana for debate in the fin* place. Any 
panoo wiio b«*to • |«»b wid do«i it well, should be i»Kl the 

}^Lm aaiwy •■ anallicr peraon who has the fob and 

On Oct. 11. at 1:30 p.m. In the lounge in BWg A Phyllis 
SeWafly houaewife and well-known opfwnent to ERA 
wii dabf la thia topic with Karen tlcCrow. president of The 
at Organisation for Women. N O.W.> Those who 
I undaddwi on the E.R.A. iuue wUl probably have a 
■,«.,e -iplnkin after Mitlng tUla debate. 
Swne thiiA the amendinw* is too strong, too demanding, 
too libeiated. or lao aomething. This is probably because 
they don't umtorsland what it is asking for. Many haven I 
eiiidare<1 the ainendtMiit M)y and compared the pros and 
. All tliat »oiB«» want, is aniiallty and respect tn their 
M araaa. Women don't want to be men. they just 
w.^ Ilw riglila and privlleggs owed to them by the 
pniniia<t made to them in the US Constitution, 


What was tlw most 
intarotting thing you 
hava done this paat 

Harbinger needs 
staff members 

staff meetings in A367 
on Thursdays at 2 p.m. 

a«t hmtt: tuning <.'"'»i 


^ haPBinqep 

,(■« T»nia>*ll«' Taklail a 
••s*ca|i* iirl i-l««» •Ith aallji 
I •« thr l»rli«T 

MW%IMB«.y: VUUm T'iini* - 

Letters to 


ErtllOf 'In-Chief I lebbtr T«i«~hkt 

Wmm^m E<litiH' Ed Hrrkman 

nmatiMl mmar Sm. Omny 

Mewi EiJtitor : Uim« Bwiiii 

Ftsture Editor .loanP«i«r«m 

AjBH«»iHFeiitjinr Editor l^m^«fkrT 

Spnits EdilKT .!« Kuieli 

I'holn Editor Mikr Wendia 

Assistant Photo Editor »i^ Jonc» 

Cmrtooniiit : Steve Modlial 

Musuieat Maimitiir Tern Jai«il»m» 

Jtoffl J<*ii R. E»»iii, Hanrt). Erte. i'at lUitter, J«n 

McWhcrtor, DeWii* Nietmbr, T«rt Rolotido, .loiJy Saiindrrii. 

Vi.Ki Siilui. Mom Tayyer. Unit-.- Wnvm. Brookt 


*dv»or l»<jr«thyI"lro»»no 

rtit- HARBINGER i« the stmlwnt puWitMion t..r Uw H«ri»r 
rollcse t-amptiii conwiimily. puWishcil viv.-lil\ i-nept 
. Iiirinn holtdjyn and final mmas Ml opuiiuns .x i-n-sswd ««■ 
tlUBi* at the mrtUir «i>d not n«e*yinly those of the roUuiw. 
ita ■dniiiu«tritwn. taculty or student body 

The prtnm-n fMrpfim i»t the HARBINGER i> to inforni. 
involve and cnlcrUiin tilt ftiidenl twly "f Hi rfwr Cotlege 
I he mam fw o» of iw coiIti»iiimi«U He Harper related 

All artkloi Milimittwi (or |m«icalion must he lyM and 
dwllk sptefd, »iU» a denlinr at 3 p m MomlHjs. and are 
mbitct to edittnic Ijett«r»4o-th»-EdiU>r most be HKited. 
naniM wttl b« hisid upoti re<)uest Advertimnn copy deadline 
n J pm. Tamaijr prior to Monday s puWIeaOon For 
*dverti»lniS r«t«i. call or writ* HAKKINGER, WilUam 
Kainvy Harper CaUtfe. Aluonqmn and Hoselle Roads. 
Palatine. JH . «<l«7 nmmm-tm. BA. «1. 

Rt. 696 provides students 
with inexpensive transportation 

lD> Pal Butlar 

Mafiwr iliMlimlji i>Rwtitl.v hnvc 
.•feKii la wiljr one NTA tius nmlr, 
HI (SM whit* beiitiut itn run «t 
,\rliii«t<>ii Httfhl.1 Rajlmad 
alaliiM. That mil* nMlttt tnqiMM 
ma Ik iMd ttmm III 
WmOmf itmugtt rrkto* . 

It hm Imn doint this fur « ImiK 
a year. alTmnliiitt imny iMiHtait* hi 
itmiicniirr innlir HI cats ime 
■ay I .iMMl* a( tniuimnatliin. In 
Ian lor imiK ntudcnts it u llmlr 
mly WW}' toittdwHariMr 

TI» 'IM rkk Itaclf Is « plenum 
me T»Mf <lrt«r. uawlly IMrlr? 
Qulittaiillla. lovtt ti> *i<<<k with 


-•Hi* fculi ant iiet mrat l»"- 
cirlaliM tite pnawl tlriw. 

Tkt Mudml* mtm lu be 
nniifartaUc »Uli l)Mr driver and 
Uwt IMW rmto in K«(wr«l. Hit 

frttiwllji' <liiMii|thrrt! mu»l be 
r»i<rh»nit Iweauae ih* reulff's 
ndrrship a mmmmm diill> 
On tlw (Int 4ay af 'daaaa. Ilicrc 

■•re only l« ridars. but the wcnnd 
aji* <if JKlKMiJ. the iHimbiT had 
Man* iludmls iiiad the tm 

nerrin dmrfaf the tumiiier Moaiui 
alM m M Ifiaat IC-jg Mudcnta rode 
it daily 

The hair mllr rl* Inxn the 

H»tlon roupjrd with the 
^ bus (are »nd (riiquent 

the Harper RTA boa 

riNit« tn MM! of the best way« |o 

WaMMaya anty. Me Sa^Hirtf ay. .BwMay ar hoMay aarvtca. 


.„—'?* **** **■ **•** ""• »»»♦■'■ t» «»•»« rridB» atglii at » ta l|» 
ym. M*l- *■ Ttch*. arv la to HariMfr tladmli ■ /irtl»-ii, card aad 
m m Ik* iMMk. aeatlag h> an a Hr»l came, tint •«■*# haiitk.. Katlhc 
haa !•#•' aaaied "llert 4(a«Mif UnjlariKl"- far (war ranHPcaliv* yean 
fc> Ridlat Magaiiw.. He !•• alw aaa a Ceraiaa (.raMaiy .t«a(4 la 
im„ aa4 hat revaeded. ala* •!»«■■. Hit .|m«i h ■■Kanii Up,,- *-. 
faarlmt "Itli KMikf .Ml h, i 'hitaiiaaaalekMi Jlat raal. 

Il«f«roiiftuiii pros, cons 
dfscuss«d at library next week 

T*»n mil ha m iiifonnalhHi' rataMialaim. and Jalin Walar 

«««•«««•«■» wStpleirtitf I alT:» Unite* a( IliiniH.. .u, ™,,t 
»._«, at ih* .Mdliiia PiilM,lc asafnat the raterewln. Gail 

fha. Mii>a>__iu_. -»„.. . Whialmi. laill act a* iwtdentiir (or 

Vmm af Matin., «a| i„ fa-^ !™I1-Z, a. .1 " !! 

• Ith their Uaia. 37 C!Zl!S!!.-< "T'*"^' ** 

"•••rtneiitalUHn. (rwn hiWl tidai «l u XITfZr!!.!!; r 
Uw ianm ■•iw i— -_ ^ i^ »•••« twt miniates Itr a 

f-mll»l|e. viti ,p,aj, f„ „»„ p^,^j^ 

Voter registration 
today, Thursday 

Vutar ri*«idwlr«thMn f.«^i> /''»^b 

The tbavr diafram timmt, the riMMr t» Karrrr al RTA lam MM •hlch 
!■ 4-arreallj Ute oal.v KTA i«t gatag ui Har)ier. 

Board appi0¥9s 1978 79 budget 

•bicb would be the (inl raiae m 
ll«iilier''i lai itrm-lure miiee the 

birth nf the cotlegr m IMS. 
:llac)ier*i furrenl tai rate, itbidi la 
II J i»i«l»„ u the iMrcat of all the 
ahwia roRwuwity coUecaa. 

Alwnitlnialaly |lt.M. imkOf 
m ilMMtiani to the eollege, la helitg 
•pent in the (-•mpaign. A 
tanuiiitte* »t )• Ha* b«en 
t-on.»tn«-t»d to prO'iBote the 

rafcrendiun The «nim«tl«e has 

dUlgamltli the laal two 
. We'nt hen r ontaeted by 
mmtf onHMteMlMu and they are 
nalmrt li» dlacuaa the 
■ Or Guerin Fluhrer. 
VUe PreMdeiit of Nliulent Aftaira 

A iMtline haa baaii at up Ui 
handle (itianc oilla deallnt with 

nferemdiiin, QuMtlont iniiy be 
(UreeM lii laloniied paraoat by 
dialing Sn«M,<M..]|l. 



in A220 

AbMnlM ballot apfilkatloaa tor 
the Harper College referendiim 
elettlon on Sepi i« are now 

Amlkalions may be oMalnnl in 
VmtminhMt A, Rmwi » af tlia 
Palatine campua. Algoni}iiiii and 
Ro««lle Roada or by catling 3*7 
SOW. eat 3M between 1: 15 am 
and 4 311 p m Monday through 

The tait day in appiy by mail ta- 
*n abMniec liallat la Sept u Per- 
■onal applicatian (or ttailotii can be 
madethrmighSepI l« 


Sept. 19 

Voter regiiMratiw for Coo* 
CiMuily reaMemlit will be held at llie 
Bamer Coilefa Palatine eampoa. 
»!■:. A, Algmqwin and Raa<«e 
"nwfc «o*«y and Thiirmay. Inini I 
a..*, la tp..ii|.. 

Voter regutratian dayi al 
Harper wwe imatiliited thiae yaim' 

l« .Hadanl. re- 

«!% Ilie auidanl ActMtet ol- 
9*9. Kegiamilan it isMdiietMl by 
'naiMnnal prmridad hr the Cool 
Coanly Ctalt'a ofnce. and !• open 
la any Qioli, c:oanty txMdeni who ix 
~" "~ '» In «ole. 

In order to regater. applicMl 
i»MI be a UMiMi BiaiM vltim, ifl 
ytara of age an ar hclare Itae ilale 
of the ncit eleclinn. Md 1 realdani 
of the elertiiitt diatrirt for M day* 

Stadent Trajlee Peter 
Marialiaiy of RoacUc itates. "I 
l»»l»B»e Jt «■ imporlam thai eM-h 
citiwn participat* m the Amerlnn 
IwiUllfal tyaicin Manahaiy adda. 
"I hope inakint voter regialratwn 
available will help itudentt and 
other amuaimty rwidentt eaer- 

Join the Harbinger 
contact Debbie 
in A367, ext. 461 



"How to AudHioii WoH, Sonw Basic TochnlquM 

Tuesday, September 5, 1978 

1:30 -2:45 P.M. 



Mary Jo Willis, Theater 

Bob Tillotson, Music 

Al Mueller, Dance 

Instructors will deal with techniques for auditioning for musical and 

straight theatre. 



August 26, 1978 

A336 offers more than fun 


ID* Mudma nctlvttlei ulttct a s 
Utacc to cMwr If ■ ttaidcnt hat an) 

UHariM in "istttinil »i«.lv«J " It • 
■iHdcnl •■nn tn lom ■ club iir 
and nut alKMil mm. tlw aHict% 
(tonn nn •Iwnyt o^n . 

Thty hiv* i»»ny reiponai- 
billttoi. fume •>« trtiteh »« ndvii- 
inK all MwImM iH-gHniMtlnui. put- 
lln( nut an acuvlly catrndar. 
til plannmic pronnniii 
and roordinatuiil 

TlM atudaiM adtvllr ht U iiaMt 
to •OHP'* ■"*>■' pnigraini awl 
■ifwtoai. A t»m al Umb* an: 
ciiUnral. aria wrim of Icctiirt. 
rilim, etc ; Micial proiiramii nf 
papular (ilma. (WKwrli. rtr ; amt 
haaUh icrviM*. irlity car* acrvtrat 
I a baby-ititunt: nervin avallaUc ta 
cMinn <■( Harper students at a 
radnemt rata of II an hour) Th«« 
ia ■tUm In* lacal arfvkv available 
a lawyer Shun 
ilM available for 
HV' lii no. Thai* art onljr ■ (•« af 
IIm pnttrami and atfrvleca 
availatalc The liat ui mui* longer 

Th* pnple that haitcally ran the 
•tudcnt atUvitlM otflee are Jeanne 
Pankaittn and Frank Dorelll Moil 

•f til* Uaw Uitjf worti tagatliM- on 
•tarytlilni! Jaaniic. Iiinii»v«r, ti 
uanalty Inralved witti the proRrani 
board «*«* Mr Borelli with th« 
cttllural arts mninuUee Jeanne 
aayi the itudent activtHcn officT 
aids the ultxlml tn an apprecui- 
tlm al leaminK out irf the claia- 
noen." and th* itudent* "learn b)r 
worhlng with other atudenta and 
interactinn with faculty 
memheni " The whole idea i« to 
have » K«)d time while Icamintt 
Jeaiin* t» itoinc into her fourth 
year hare and nbe 'Tuatly anloyn 
har Jobr' 

Any 'iladant «Im> U imamncd 
and haa Mm* «|Mr« tinic <may 
contact the ntudent actlvtliei iiinre 
lor further information 

The mcetinRs are held in the 
Student Activities Office and are 
mediated by adviior. Jeana* 

Th* wortting branch <if I*r«|tram 
Board i« the Task Fiirce This is a 
KTOup of itudents that decides on 
prwcrams. distribut* posters and 
mak*s ttudentt aware of 
apcoimng events. They also 
coMliwt itadent inlercti polls to 
hdp darld* who to f*t tor 'Uieae 

AlthouRh the Board budget is 
funded by Student Activity Fees, it 
has not itapiaed them from Kettiai 
interesting and cidtlnR fiMala and 
filim A few of Che eclatartae* 
■ppeanni! in the past ire Steve 
Martin. Journey. Heart, and F.lvin 
Biabnp. Two of the films sctieduled 
for this year are 'Oh God!" and 
The Deep" There are six 
concerts and JO afternoon 
activities a year, not tn nientian 
numerous films and special 
events, such as the Homecomini! 
aclivittes. The films arc free to the 
student body. There arc also 
successful fund ralaera like tlw 
Reno Casino 

To ioin. all there is to do is attend 
the meetings, usually held on 
Mondays at 2 pm. Positions open 
Include President: Afternoon 
Activities, Films Chairman: and 
Task Force 

There are also fringe benefits. 
Students Kaui •kills in how to 
budRel and raise money, and hire 
aides for concerts. They may be 
ellgiiile for trips to conventions in 
other cities. 

If anyone is interested in 
meetinx people, and Kelting 
involved in new projects, these 
elubi are available to Itiem. 

Ski Club needs officers 

liMIMr'a iprrail Sagic m anb 
is on* of the oldest and mnal 
popular clubs on campus Fotaed 
in im. the Ski Oub s membcrstilp 
has incUMM akiinK eipcrts and 
ra««ra as w^l as beKinoers i thoa* 
who cant tell Ihi-ir rufht ski from 

Wtan the ana* starW to taU. It's 
too late to lM«in ptanniaf iki trips. 

art already in Uie 
•nrka. Tlmrt will be one^y tops 
to Wilmot, Alpine, or such 
tocatlons Three or four weekend 
ski trip* will be planned to Wiacon- 
sin. MIchiitan or Minnesota loca- 
tiona In addition lliere will be a 
wcek-loni! ski )np tn January to 
Jaduon Hole. Wyoming. Banff, 
or a simitar location. 

All officer pos«ians o( the Ski 
Oiib are available: they arc Presi- 
dent, Vice President. Secretary, 
Treasurer and Pro}e<iionist Per- 
sons interested in nettinit involved 
in the planntnij and leadership of 
Ski Club, please attend an sfficrrs' 
meeting on September 7 at 1 p m 
in th* Student Activities Office. 




dPrUme haan. to warli it tkair 

Mtlaali Baulevard and 

Scta'iiiBttwt Raad. Mottnian 

eaacarna. prairld«s naadad 
iafarmatlan, and makca 
appropriate referrals ta 

There will be a meeting 

today at 10 a.m. & 2 p.m. 

in the boardrooms, 

bidg. A 

for students interested 

in worlcing on 

the referendum. 

Bade to SdMwl Sale. 


on Sept V Tbc minimaa 

■trtic* capectad atlar iralntnc Is 

Ihmtly. Icial, aadkal and Mhar 

cancama. SpadniBi la MaHad bf 



FMlMr't DiMS Shirts 

25% Off 


WonMn's Genuine Leather Jackets 




Roclcy & Adrian 


*17S. ROMltoRrf. Schaumburf 

(ocrvs'v ifom W»ot*i#iw(Ov Ploio) 

I W3-0MS 



Health Service serves students 

iMi •fcctliMtf «*»"'.. ."" ">• 

K*. allHnw. If fiw ■« •«!»"•"«"- 

ini MM* H/m «l Dl^xital urotdcm. 
<«' If y«ll.'d tiM lit* InfonutkM nn 

ho* la May Ii—«H>..-.IM» '> »*»» • 

lit McKar •iwli 1l««Miia»f 

■■plrM. throat bmncca.. rough 
■ndkiatlon. aealainlMDlMn itradr 
njim»-Tj'l«iiiili. aiMl mlier imn- 
prewfiptwo ilmiia * «!«««<» » 
aioltaMa m emmim »•*• "lain a 
•Mi. •» Iwt IHMTi »v«r> iMTntnn 
and Wadmeailay CT««iiK In"" « «<• » Van mai nakc an 

_ ! nadr la I** »«« t*a»y ««•» 

lHHBt:l»a..ili lal'.».p..ii«:.. fart- 
lillMt uanm an avaHaMc <mr» 
caaiiliill to awM you. Tha Haaltli 
SartiM' .)• alw <i|M<> Sal<w<ia}« 

Vott otU rteelw Urit-fcaai* willMMit 

«alk tn iJurtmi tiMpe I«im» H» can 
itlaicmae jikI treat your (inMcm. 
• rlt* pf tierlntioiii l»r 

iiM«ilealM<a. MMralary Icna. X- 

rayt «r ralar y«i tn amilMr 

lihyali-laii. wMm MMaaary. 

Tlwaa i«r»fc«a art nfttrtd 

chant' an* art imkI t«r tn 

part liy jnMir .Hiiiaat AHmty t«« 

and lltaillli.Sanrtc« tMid«ft. If ymi 

wimliwK and tmve 

'M a paiaanal nalur*. ;<m 

.all haaltti »tr*l« *!■»» wtU bt 
handled m STRICT 

OOHnOBWC* In tt» HeallJi 

S«rvtc». ym art facta not Iktimi.. 

Vrm wmum fv vacioua 'lUaaaaw 
ta mmimbk. U imt ikrm la mm. 
tm mn U Mup "> <"** IC^ ■ tlwoat 
Mllin* Yau mar ■>»*« ^"P '"^ " 
im. y«a cam alao aWala a 
praavrlpllaii tm an antl-tiiatlr at 
Uw H«ail» SarvtM.. .S«*i teMlrni for 
Tufaarrakaii l» akio avallaMe a» 
«cll a* acrctnlnc I'*'' 
M<MMwCla«Mtl>. II yau lt<«"k you 
mlllM to oraiwaK.. th» HaaHli 

flarviM irin lit itatl tU'da a trw and 
eoii(ld«*lal prannami:* taat l«r 
you V« can alao racalTt 
confidintial d<»*no»l» and 
Iremtrornt for V«n»r«»l IJtseaae by 
tht Hrilth Serviet itjilf »t no 

And. b> the way, t( it taa t»««i a 
kmii niKht and you mwd some mck 
lime, the Health Senrice hai 
wveral cata an that yau can r«a» 

Inniranca btachur** and ap- 
plicall<ms fnr accldant and IwapHal 
cmtrmttt af» alao availaWa ia Uw 

Italtli SwTTlce Vou may ae* tiM 
itaff t« pay your pramlum or la ab- 
tatn claim forma 'or r«mT 

Ttw HtaMli Servir* lUff and »«- 
y|e«» are avallaWa to help meet 
your haalth need* while on ram- 

r«*l f rre to stop In at the Hcattll 
Service office any tUne Thafj in 
BIdf A, the third Hoor. next to the 
CouHwUnii Center. Al« Their 
door la open for you from I IS a.m. 
to l» p m daily and Saturday mor- 

illaeta... and •ill *>.»»»••• 

JLearning Lab 
lelps students 
Ihelp themselves 

Harper Coll»l|» <»rter» help far 
I (Mat hating dIHJciilly m Wrrtint_ 

1 Tha IMIil* Lah, teated In. F- 
iJt iiUnii iiiliMaiMt IB tti — '""^ 
areaa. af CwlWt. Fw eaMnpte. 
CMNdIi r«**ewa l«ial<^ mrmm 
aktUa. cmmt a»«n .help m 

rcflaam laMC' vrttUig 

pwirlaattan.. and paragraph 

Umihc a typienl Kagliah claaa., m 
CDtN M*. tht claaa iittfMa Aidant- 
laaelMr canlirencaa. Tht Aidanl 
la iilvan an appartnnllf «» ■*• *»•" 
«llh the leachtr and go aear hia 

caMtrt Friday atghl a« » ia 

, J in EnglMi l»l « M they 

'*iiV. Iht. Claaa aal laat Ihair 

HMMty THt Mil BiC«*aBry . They 

can tlopljf Iftmitr d»»m to the 

:«-ntim« Jafc and' rae«*»e lull credit. 

■1 •■ale their money a.nd ba 

I «^pa(ad fur r*«ilry into EnKliah 

I ii>iarM.""1laharaaid. 

"If a 

'Tht courae la 

Wefcec laid, 

thai yiMi awrli at your a«n pact 
and that Itit malarial ia dliridad 

of iaatrucUm. In 

'In fla DM' ta the 

ntat uiilt« ht diMl lilla 't. maafltfy 

lait and laealfa • ■ pttctnl or 

Ciaaaai Clfll m and CMN W 
an he (ahan tagtlhcr Bath 
coiirt<!i are aaH pae>ed: and haee 
fleithle tlnw .Mhadullnf vhiai la 

arrangMl I 

, jal'IlM , . 

itmm IM Iha tHiW'. ate part tun* 
MariNld «»v«n peer tutort. 
Tlw urtlinil ctMrae. CMM 

jMngrr Jin Fart •111 appww •llh U« KaMht al the Hral la« 

Art grants off ered 

AaplieMtana •ill he arailahlt trawl for fkllon .nttri and and the many ewlUng projedta 

fcZTTimfartheminol. poH.; ca^u-lng. P»*«.jV [ff "^^^^^t"^ 

WiTcini^fll't l»7i fraject salarMi and rthaanal ipact Hr la a real m«1 '« "» t^*"* 

CaMMMCranl Pragram In tia ehoreofraphtra. compoatra and OaaapletMO GranU. 

SSTW. tl»roaPra*ran, playwright., and tf-tlng and """"f"*'^:"'; 'jThS 

OK... g^ of up la «•• ta da^Ucal. print eapit. lor «m and ^ J**^,^^*^^^,";"^^^ 

tndMuai c-raatl.. artlH. l« *td«.art«. ., .^™^. ^^^TT^rtW'. aWit, W 

co«pl«l..-orl.lnpr«gr.... "^.r"' ! . "^L JS!^ t^ coXL ^ Tr^K^ and «*2 

betn allocaled hw the pragWIlt an complete m* projeci, ena ■•■• 

Eligible trtiala Include ,„e„,|^ ,,,„ uwd yaar'a pIM potential for public prewnution. 

»rehllacto,ch#re*»i|r«phen.cran»- Moroprtatioo ol I1J.WI0 Thli year ApplicaUona are reviaawid hr 

. fictlonwriteri. film- mji, .,i| |^ ayaiUhie for the IlUnola ArU Coundl ataff or a 

graphic aitlati. ,^ duaUaa Odabar t, and roambaralaBlACAdalaoryPaML 

"»*"■ m m r««nrad far Iht tteand Fhial attocUana art made hy *a 

''•''■ it frf — ra»niar»».tll». Otaltpartan of the appraprMa 

I vUaa "irt aw n t t r — * ""* «ha taanaefl AdvianfY Panel ui each diacipUM. 

atlHa.. haa HKfcMtd the amaiwt alinnda and by tht Executive Utfwtor. 

r-d..anh.«a«lfar««*«.«l. avaUalJe la aid individual craWIt J^JUS^^ J^'v^ 

and inauranr* tor Tla«l artWa. Moyer. lAC Art-.- Piajram ^^^'"c^L!!^??^ ^ WST 
maauacrlpl lyplnf. po.tagt. Coonllnalor The ovenehdming XL^^TL^\i2M^^ 
m€mmJt help and rtaaardi r«*ofi« to laal yaari program. Chlcaca.ILWW HHUiiMTO. 

Interested in 

Speech Team? 

Contact Mrs. Litrenta 

Rnia 336, ext. 326 or 

Liberal Arts Office 





Stud»nt9 Int0n»t»d In becoming a ^—f counsalor piM— 

pick up »n appllCMUon In Studant Davlopnwnt Canfr A347. 

Apf>llaition dMdIine it S«pt. 1st. 


Program Board 
Sponsors Old- 
Fashioned Social 

Parking lot cooperation asked 

Tht P«itr«m 

Bonn Hill 

on Wfd- Jtopt. »- 

An i« cr««l « 
witli chiMroMt, -- 
wMDHad cnnna wta. Md • dwny 
esn bt fofcHa**)! Inr JHUI )• c»it» 

MM to tti» *«•••>« «< *•» 
culinary irtil. tre« niMtcal 
Milaftoiwnent »n<l coni«lj »ill tm 

riMMf «l N«w Y«l*. <'^t» 

PiiBlMll acliM% IMS fl*t earn n : 

II Ht ta a W iointwril.r 

nafMintwr thexMii*. "laiy Day* ' 
« ' "«.«' . tntll iMliMd br rtucAaM- 
EvwTWW' «<•«>"» l*«wy CiHi" In 
:PMri Baiky t» ll>» Mimtaa* baa 

A aim-m MiiipW on T V 

Nat» pert'iim* «iinm»ri-i»l 

4) riaclii>fr» «rar««,r •» « 

rMwrdtni arMM o* hi« "•" 

■an tour mm •»- Alt 

of Ma tMardad 

It'to Uic lliIllMMiii.lllnclai' dM'rta! 

»i Fortimlci^ for Wf fora, <"•» 
y#»ri aita Fl»eb»ff btgaa 
parlMDiinii Um Ha Mfwciatty 
tnlAjn iMrlorniini tor 

Tha PuMIc SalMy Dtpartmanl 
•mM apiirvciat* th« r«ap«ratl«« 
Hi all tacalty. mutl m»mlj#r!i and 
MlHlMlU in (Mwymic alt pdrkmt; and 
trafflr ivKulaUnnt on the nilli>i;e 

All lb« (Ntrklnx areas »r» 
daiimalcd •iUi ligni al »» 
mtniiK«« and <i>|>k« of Vir collrer 
parlilnK r«ittttatl««t» pamphlrt. 
ojmpIHe ulth a map irf ihe 
(Mirlunt li)«j are avoibible J» h»«iT» 
a day in llie Publk Safe*)' allice im 
BMr B 

Wt aiiwclalb' aife yoar help in 
ItMlMiC tilt medical parking 
apMcoa a^m tor tboat people ■»» 
ham b«m iauwd nwdical parkin* 
;pa«inlla ana jpniiinaly n««d Uwit 

Jusl a final reminder they 
orWoclilniHid^wallii. monitor channel 9 on tiie C B If 

THey n«d your h«Ip ui keeping y„„ „^^ help, itive them a call 

he raadb and parltiiw M* aaf*- 

Braadmay bi IIW; to liorailM' Ibt 
fmm-t ptafitrfClW on Broadway 

fell iH' Hiian nor. Me to rarrently 
«Mlllllll on. a Bnaitoay musical 
bniad «n Ilia naaul inj«Biii» br 
■ MlcbaiMf- 

ll: Ha t« a aomM-aftar wrtor Ue 
eommercial adaerlittmanl 

••am mmv pmA* t«>«y tMni tlal. 
nnair ti Raltar: I want to waka 
thorn up tn the itlorle* of pbiM>- I 
like to at'er me kind of 

bmralvaiiMMl »o« enn't (ct by |aat 
IbMamMK to an aMwin;* tie aaja^ 
FiidK'flll ■« 'IllfOl** 'bli aiaHance., 
He wtl) a|Miitnai>iiaiy i^iaitiwtt ■ 
l«« HaHit on iMr lugRcatlow. 
Sayi rtaclwiff. "My pun* 09 
aiidl«nt», and me likt to Han* l0l> 
logathrr " 

Weather permilimg. tbi» 

imKrani *itl ht Md ouMda on Ute 
north pnlio of Md«, A- (Wmra'lie it 
will ta* n»*od tato !»• O" 

Farfcint permits are re<juired on 

vehlclct driven by facully/Jtaff 
and itndMits If ynu have m* >ei 
oMainwi a new parking permit Kir 
the tall semester, please "top by 
tlic PuWif Sjilety Of(i«-e snd pick 
one up Anytime, day iw night 

■Tlia rwilk- llnfalf oHk*" w.11 
itfue only warning iMHice* (»r 
parkins and Imiric viitlaliana lor 

Iht firit few •«*» J>f the new 

Itepeated vlotatiami may result 

in circuit niirt citations Iwing 

''Drive-In" shown 
Wednesday in lounge 

diuni whan lfrtito»' "WMa i»a«it. 
ipimg to tha «irt**-tB with a iw land 
of Mw* <bi. fc imnk «f yaor 
ewIT Hon. rdlM' all Hwaa great 
maaa and iNiiM' .m« "Driv*-ln". 
Wadnaatfay at noan in 
AMl.l BaMnd tlia nnvlaea I 



"Tha D»«f" wfHtoii Iw •• 
author af "Jawt". (alarrtna 
Jacaiualinc BiaaM. Nick Noila and 
Holiart Shawl, wlUfct 
I at t m f, M 
|.» Willi Harvcf aelimif lem* 

PtaMa do not park on the graaa 



a.iTi.-2 p.m. 
in BIdQ- A 

TMa nim, the lint to a aertaa. of 

■tHtiMMM tall pnntraw haa hwm , _, „ , 

cnllad "Uia moat fim nunrta Bin<» "tha IJaap." a hoil«ll«f to 

■*int»4eanOrrfHtl-"Ifisetiipaa hook toetn. haa a auapanaa Hfcd r— ■ j*^* 

■ i»»«a-wilhin-»-mo»ie„ The plot that i. mlarlacad with CiaSSlfieCI AGS 

taaUl* mo»ie. Dlaaater 7*. romance The oclion include 

toatima culoaal dtiaa«»f». mid-air awiien treaaurei. drug d.«lani. 

cottiaion. tidal wa»t. Waitng and great under water 

akyKrapar and baraaik (hark, all photography. 

jwmiMckad IM« ana giant acraan Tha Hlin. ■toch. runa aliMil two 

.it inn .*tan« I>rl»e-In Storrint h«iir«.,ii rated PC. 

Uaa liiiMla and Glen Mondiower IMl moalaa are ipaaaml hy 

■Ml diiactod' hy Rod .^mateau. PMgniiitaadrd. 


Order Picker /Packer Part 
time warehouse help needed 
near the end of ihe month 
Coamair, Elk Grove. SM-dUH 
Ei|ual lippoi-tumty Emptojer _ 

Student Senate 

petition available 

from Student 

Activities A336 

Looking for peraonable in 
dividuala to work full -r part 
lime in one ol the buaieal and 
moat repulaht* nealood 
reilauranlt Wailert 
waMrtiaM and hoata. daji and 
evcninga Call Lorraine for In 
terview before i p.m at UT- 
3KW. Fulton Str««l riahcry n' 
Market. Wheelini. B. 

"iroi'sAUK' ' 

tniith Corona Claaalc tl 

tyvcwrttar. EicoUaml condition., 

ir carriaie, caaa tnchidad ITS 

haitoftar.i W-MW.ait.i3W 

Apartment withm a houie or 
studio apartment lor female 
Harper College area or country 
CaU Jane, ««4Ha or 44t-m 
Call anytime, if not home pteaae 


bla llnw ta helwem ctoanca to enlay a gaaa of 


The Goodness is Natural 
The Taste is Homeade 

Th« r««»n it »impU. AH my r»aturol 
brvodt or« mad* Jik« hom«mod« - onm 
batch «l a Mm*. W» um all noHirol 
ingrwii«nM Ml d p«r« Hovor. fv*ry 
bito filli yowr mowlh wifh Mi« aoed tact* 
•I iwcwnprombW tienmty. N»prw«rvo- 
tivM or* ufd. 


Frath Brcotit ainl Pa»ri«i 

avoilobl* doily m rtic Cofolaria, 
BuiMms "A", doring lOflulor houti. 



Come to the cabaret this fall 


Harper College StudioTheatre's 
Production of j| 


inllt Ik* 

ir/fMI. Kbb m*wd- 


I, U, 11. 

IMM m Sain tl •nd U. 7 pm . la 

Am. Tfco.. .udi«i«ite« win te 

Sally Bmrlm; ClUInnl Rradala*. 
a UnKiling ymmt wrilar and 
Sally's l<i¥t inl«rctl, Crnat 
f.udwiK. a Nail itrganiiter: 
l*ni<ik!ln SriMiMdar. vlw raw Ua 
baardlnn houae whinv aally Uw: 
Harr St-hullx. a fnill fandat and 
aarljr vktim al Nail larnir; 
of llM> 

brine Uw ahaal. anaic. A 
win to Bf i»» i J a< l . Tilt eharaa- 
urajHi T viB Madi a 
wWHHKt ullicli tlMMc ai 

"Cabaial" la 

Untmctat. Mary Ja Willi*. .Dr. 

. M Itallar; nlMiai toek- 

IncliidaB (irafraaional 

■■ axU aa laartanit. i* 

cfcanMf nafliifMt tlw imidiictUM 

"ritbarat" airciMid' «• Bnaadvay 
in NovMittar, IMA. and »«i« Ihc 
rimy far btal mnaica] thai yrar II 
trila Uw nary al vatorct auifar, 
'-iaily B«m'iaa. aad' la a itiidir in. 

'-'<aiMla- Ub taady lUr lutidc' 

tiM. aalHiwI and Uia daali-«H.I«> of 
llvta and iraliwa by tlit' 
~«!.r»«ln( Nail manac* m Ccrmany. 
(atalMla. TtMy 

'Ha* la 
Wall" aril bt vraacntad 
•H' Sift, f; tram I : M la 1; «l p.m. te 
AIM. Ite aaaaian lalll. daal witli 
•ndillan lacliiiiqaaa Inr mwlcal aa 
•ali Bi itiaidM Uiaalw and wtit tat 
cwdiiclad by the Ibrac "Cabarat" 
dinnara. Mary Jo WiUta. Bob 
tlUalaofi. and Al Mudlar All 
intaraalad itndciUi. (aciiHy, and 
utaff arv iitvilad to alland. 

of C^tramantai; cat. IW, 

Invaiwtd in pradncttM cn«s lar 
' 'Caharat" ara asiitd to aHaiid: ant 
al t)m awMiiMi' niKfati. SaiMaaibar 
11 and II. m wt Willia in Al» Sat 

CtaaiipirflWMcal. Diradar far 
"(^Imrat'* ia Mr. Ijirry Clitai. 

Dr. TiUMKM I* taakina. milar. 
drama and niltrffltaneaat 

parenaalan. Muaiciana arr ank'Cd tu 
mntaM nUiMnia i» Hit Fine Arto 

and Rtalifn Hwiiiaii' CMIca m M 

Circle K and 
Program Board 
offer much 


wtteti IncMaa itmiMtfMti 
.•nd lava. iMIl b* diieaiiMMl 

TtMHiaVp litiiMffi'i'ibiii 12 Wcdncndav, Sapwwiwpr 13 


.Audinora optn lo %ud<fna. Faculty' StaH/Camnnuniry 

PrcfMW a long for ihe nwincal audoon tnti bnng tfw mmit 

)l> panitt will be provuM) 

for lunticf mfomwaon . JV.:XI00, arMnson 448 or 285 

laia ill Iba rMa Klitfw 
r cnn da |nal Uwt arc Qnela K 
Orrit' K i* a I 
'>ri«MM «npHiltallan"Mit «i and all 

ll«iM"at Circle :K"i ftwItrM. plmi> 
'■m4 'lar tilia yaar inrlndc «Mlhl« 
'.ha rtaldniti al' iMning tanaa. 
I iirwruUnf nimaMia iir tto Htg 
HroUicf/tltii SMar ptngram. and 
iKiaailiiy a dsnn maratban in aii|i- 
port of Mwaiiilar Dyjirnplty in (k^ 

I. 'to lain by 
gallMii in tondi. aiMl UK rfHtCfS in 
Uw Itatail. ArN¥ily Offiiw «■ 'by 
Mlanding tlw niMiinf » whlrb' will 
b« pmImI no Uw Hariwr ttttUftin 
naanli. A mall let ia roiiiinid tor 
■ rlub |Mn. f«rd. and inrldenlabi 

School insurance available 


CIreia K ia a nwltworlby 

''trianiialian': nat aniy In aitaiia. 

I rxil all war iba Unttird .Stataa. Ila 

I !nt«naUiinat Can'Vvntlon waa Md 

|r«-»iiBy in Ortaiida. fta Tb« 

'hiciiiiw CUatrt'Cl C.i»nv»nli«»n. 


all 'the ntracarrli'ular cain|Mia ac- 
livltw*. fiKh aa eDnccfts, hntima. 

Prwiram Hoard i* naadt ap al 
mvm uttinn: Pr«aid«nl: Ad- 
Biinialrativt SeiTMary. Oiainnan 
<i( I'ltbllt- Kalalians: and fnnr 
caminittct cbalmcn . Tbe rommit- 
lacs are: Cwwaria awl t^rturta. 
SpM'ial Evanla. A.ltCRWM .Ac- 
livitm. and Film*. 

tin ymi fcna* i( ym 
inaaninM t'a*«r«(* tot anidentt 
awt ilnaaaf'* I>n ym kium thai if 
ynii arw aver It am) a student, you 
may nal be mifered by yaui- 
parent*' paltry' 

If ynii n«fd g«d inauraniia al a 
raatanablc rale, eonaldcr Ihe M 
hnnr canprehentive pallcy 
afailable in the Health Senrlre. 

AMI tar Ml Vm will he i?o*ered 
for U mumUia lar M baura per day 
Inrtttding neat auminer, ifcliii|| 
tnpii and oUwr iraiattona. 

The inauram-e pravidea Inr 
i:wverage «f up to IK per day for 
hoapilal mom aa well ai other 
rxrellent bencfiti D«»'l wait until 
you're ui the emergeniry room with 
a brolten anjcle or appandteilia 

attark to diacotrcr that ya« ilaM'l 
have inaurance. Dottnow! 

Ralat lor the immrancr vary 
with the age of the appUcant, and 
nvarage ia available to the a^t al 

Make your rheck payable to 
Harper Colleg:' and return it to the 
Health Service. A3«iJ All clalnii 
in thli office. 

PEOPL E ^ T O - P E O P L E 

Peer counselors 

Contact Bruce 


Viiur li)U( h Ciin mean so much lii 
s»m«''>nf (h-peii(J<'nt or nCglerii'd in (i«r 

MH Ifl > 

(in Ic K i> an orEaniiation inviilved 
with |)r()|)lr. 

VVf see » rhallf'ngf id ail ion. and 
h;nc joinfd to mpi'l thai challenitf. 

f If. If k i> a rluh Kimbining Miciil 
jifinii and Micial adiniit-i 

hnd out whai v»i- are doing... 
Come lu a iiii'tiin|> 


Comt JoinUs 


August 2i, 1978 

Cross-country rebuilds 

Wttk Miy onr rtturman Ijm* 

iHMlMt IMD Ian r»m'» NIC a Ma 

wimMtmc iiiimwi *t^ f ' Owr* *'■* 
• pnfM fttnniM le rtMld villi. 

*« BrrdgBi iwiiM !>• the one. J«n 
waa Ui» tWT Wiini MVP and 
k, wteli 

ptmM « Mil «f 3M IW 
r—iiiri. With a y««r ft vMmf 
mrnint uOt to tall. C«««:» 

a Mr mite RvitlMi I lOMt. JtMidy' 
wai III* »*r»l wooMui a»»f to run tm 

■ma iiMwi't tm* conwctM In <1< 
Invitatiamali. inclttdinR Ibe 
DttPat* Invitational ■hich 
(aatiiraa kmhc <iI Uar tati Jantw 

cattatalMliH Hi .lUimMa.. They abw 
bM' MB* «f IlK tap tour year 

aehaaU ia U* "«**» Central 
tMflalianal AH »«»• >'* "** 
Tharc are no cuti In lr>ui|i 

m m m^Omm ftodna. The Uain 
■•.'•Ma •!«» iMgliiMt Uw RaidtT 
tUvttatliiMal crown and (ilaced 
thM in the Ragtom * i«at« meal 
are Jim 

IMH men and wowan art 

eneiMrafcd la cam* mil. lor Ilia 

^_,. _ _ __, at Hie 

Vaar. hIwmI. 4» out of ovar tM: 
rMMeri' IH' the ««aiaii''i natianal 
■naet. alao heM In Tui-dmi She alao 

Praelic* Mam •! »:» P-n». •«* 
ICaei imUI. »:»■ Tlie le*"" "»•<• •* 


Aix nfiBniarED m going 

amrVmWKIKMI: tUm-e "III 
he a maiitilli »oiiiorro» at i M 
H^III In Mdi. >I you cannot 
aUand y«i ilmibl conlael Coarh 

Nairn In Wdit D. MA. « (sail e«l 

1*1 anri haw fmr name at the 
daak. OMch Nelan l» mm very 
afllMMii: ahoal lliii yaar'i niiuad 
and' laala Ihey aheuM aiaui be one 

ai: the tmi leama to f onferewe 

Sirw »l.«M»t> iililBrMi I to r »r» Crr«hinr« Jim lancailrr. Tom Hoiamowaa. Mar* 
WhW*. lad Ion l,»»u»l" n»rv «ith IHI Brydgrt lieeii Ir.inln* hard (or Harpert 
l»t Biwl al n»mv«ll» S»f t m il*li<i*«l».v BetliJoa**! 

This woman 
needs you i 

Mn. Saa*a Hasy ficlared rlgM. 
If Harper't Be* wamea'a 
>«(leylmll caack Hw it loaking tar 
Klrlf wllllai la work and «■■ 
^ pkiaiie aa iram tkills. Mr« Raay 
1> ver> ralkaiiailk akaat hulMlag 
a wfeaier iw Harper. Prarike utarti 
laiay al «:» at ». Vlalar'i. 
The Iraai't Ural aialrh It «». 
Klakvaakae. ttept. IS. Ml kaaie 
aiatchri tiarl al i pm and are 
held al Si Viator • Thr Irain hi* 
live haair aiatckei and ten ■»!< 
k; PaliyDltant 

\ny iack 
tact Canwh 

> . Taaa Wataan't pi aH »« p rt Iheeaal. 
_ at Kil. M* and lea»e your« al Ike alhletie el- 
elKht raniernwr merit, aad H eatrred ia (he la«r- 

»«tlaaal. So gal hrta the tWhiR al tMan*. the leaa 

Harbinger needs 


Contact Joe 


There will be a meeting 

for students interested 

in participating in 

intramural soccer 

Wednesday at noon 

U101 a If additional info is 

needed contact the 

Athletic Office U 106 


Pom-Pon Tryouts 
Sept. 5, 6, 7 

4:00-6:00 p.m. 




Health Club for Men 

We offer supervision in Conditioning, 

Weight Training, and Body Building. 

HOURS -Mon.-Fri. 10-10 



Willaw Par* Plata Milwaakae Ave. and Palatine Rd. S17-SMt 


Williom Rom«v Morp«r College Algonquin ond Roi«tt« Roods. Polofrne. Iltmon 60067,31^97-3000 

V0L12A NO. 3 


Tax hike debated 

Swtm Msllrr, MvinWr •« \«Uwial T»ii(»»irr» I niiril ami llaryrr 
•■rmUvnl Jamr* McCiTilli 4rlwl«d Harfrri pra^m»k u« litlii> tmt 
*««lt M tlM> PalMlM PiiMit IJhrio <*lM>vr> TUf niMlmlar ii. (iall 

PM«r«Mi. Tfce *pkaif , >r«i««r<r4 kt tkr »>alattnr l.ngm 1 Wmmm 
Voler*. Iraiwnl M'atltr IvtHnn arra mMfntt IhM llaqwr-* ripHMCi 

■N' aat •« ha«l iiMl ttmiM W rwitralM. Mrlinili > rlfMi r«nHmri 

tkal Ik* faHtait nM k» M mimm ta <irM l»% rMt H 'Utr r«lm«*UB 
lalli.. Thr vat* la a* Icfl. if. 

I pli n l a i i . k» Hasty' Friu > 

Tax referendum polling places 
open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sept. 79 

CWi«iiii !•■ cfdmMtaii win (H 
htM <n DaiMaiiittcr II (mm • ajn. 

an 'luiHn! ttl 

I imtllirt iwf rail the 

(Mat at Adintn- 

. exi :■«. 

» oHIr*. 

TirlciilMia* muntitn rur llie tivt 
tW'n«IU|> cWrki" nifku ar* 

i cife. Qnw*' m-mm-. mr- 

rimiilaiii ntl' 1«B aiMi' ■•■MUM' Wt- 

Prtcincl Ntmlicr »J Mitwr Jitmar 
HighfclMJOl. ArUiMilnn Mrmhti 
ft^tiiKt Niimlier 1.1 Thomas 
Jiint«r Hlith Sclwol. ArluiRton 

PiW!liict Nanbtr M: Urtmm 

Th« vntliif iNvrliKta tif 
.nuinltf an 




PrtrtiK't NiiiBker 1 

Wlillniaii S<.*li«il. Whccluiii. 
I»r»ciiirt Ulamlwr J Jack LoMan 
Jmnlw Hick Srlaxii. WkMltmi 
Praeinti Hmatm 3 iMiii* May 
AliJottSrtlcmt. BufralraUriiv* 
r««ciiici Nomber < Ratert rrwt 
SchoMt, Minni Prmpaci 
fncmet Noinbw S Edtar Allan 
PaeSclHxii. Arltn«tan Hciihu 
Prtcinri Naniktr • Anii* 
SiiUlvan SriMKit. i>nH|M«< HtdUtt* 
Piwmct Niimiwr ; Riiw Trails 
mum KlKh SchMl. Mmme PruipMl 
rreelmel Number I 
Si;ha<il, Mnint (Ynapavt 
Precim-l Niunlwr • 
SclMml. Mamt PrMvavt 
l>iwliKl Nunikar l«: 

HlilIiSi-lM»l. Arliniitm Helickta 
(■racim-l NiunlKr IS lUnd Jiuitor 

HiKh SclMMil. ArUniitun HugMM 
Piwincl Number l« Livelj JitnM' 
Hillh SrkMl. Elk Crave Vtlla«e 
Ptecioct Number 17 : 
Jualer HiKb Seheol, 

PnKiiu-l Muinber II 
Juniar High Srhoo). 

Pnarini!! Nanbcr t» Vr _, 

Janinr mull Sdnaol. De« Plaliws 
Prrriml Numbrrjn Crave Junior 
Hixh SctHnl. Elk Grm VlUaf e 
Preciiwl Number 21 Mtducl 
CoUina Srhiml. Jk-taaumburii 
PrertiM-t Number J2 Tarlnbnok 
Sckaol. Hofrman Kslalet 
Prermct Number a HlUcrcal 
Srboal, Hodman Eitala* 
Precinrt Nimiber M HoMnan 
Srteol, Heflman Kutalea 
Precinct Number S C'ampanrllt 
Sehool. Schaumburr 
Precinct Number M: Hanover 
Hucblandi Scbool. Hanever Park 
Precinct Number tt tioaitlai 
MacArlliur Scheol Hoffman 


rairrum Prtcinct Number m Dr. llHHnas 

DnacySclnol.ildWMBkart ■ 

Number M: Am Phi 

IVeiincI Number Jl Adolfiti Unk 
t:icanHitar)> School. Elk Crow 

NMlMr S: KtmbaU Mill 
. RoUinc Meadmm 
Preeincl Number Xt JunaiE Mk 
iichawl. itoIUnit Meailows 
Precinct Number M Cray M 
JinnbomJirhoitl. Pabilinr 
Precmcl Number J8 .Smart R 
Paddock School. Palciuie 
PrceiMt Number at Thomas 
Jef ferKHi School. Hoffman KilMas 
PreciKt Number .17 Wlnstau 
Chun-hitl Sctuai. Palatine 
Precinct Number M: J Edgar 
Hl»<wer .School. Srhaunibttn; 
Precinct Number ;» Armstranc 
School, HoftnuiR Edalet 
Precinct Number W John Muir 
Scftool. Ho'fman Esutcs 
Pre<-mct Number 41 Winston 
aurrhill .School. .Sihaumburt! 
Precinct Number « Frederick 
rtariC' School. RocUe 
Prertnel Number 41 North 
BarrinRton Scbool. North 

Precinct Nantter 44; Roaljm Road 
School. EamnKlon 
Precinct Number »: BwTti«l4in 
Middle School. BarrtniMB 
Precinct Number U: Grove 
Anemw School, Bamnulm 
Pndact Nooriier 47 Countryskle 

«: smm am 

Activities Director 
Franic Borelli resigns 

h;« Rand> rrilj 

Mr Frank Borelli. Director of 
!lt.ud«il ActivMiei, ha<* ammuiiMd 
hm rcilfnalion from Harper 
Colleite. wbjeci to approval from 
Ihr Buard of Trumees Burelli has 
been named Dean at Sludenl Al 
f»ir« at GovvrMm Slate I'nivcr 
sil>- kK-lad 111 Park I'orenl South 

A« Dirtclorol Sludenl Aclivitiet. 
Boretli wax involved m many 
fa«-ei» al stuilent lile Ht» dulict m 
eluded llw ImdgetinK «nd enpen- 
diture ol all ttudeni activily Ima m 
conjunction with the itudeni 
governmenl and Ihe Board o( 
Trusleei. nuperviimg sludenl 
putolicaiiont. mcluding the Har 
binger. advitmg ol the variouK 
■tudeni cluhi and orgunitalrans, 
and coordinalinK the Harper 
Sludio Theatre productions. 

Horelli hai been wtth Harper for 
the patt II) yean and has par 
ttcipmed in lU urowlh ThrouHh his 
(■(Ion* Harper t Student Ac 
livities department has become 

iinown both slate and nation wide 

Acrarding to Ms Jeanne 
Pankanm. Siudeni Activities Ad 
visor. Borclli is a "m-oRniied lop 
imlrh prolr.s.iiunar among ad^ 
ministrators He currently serves 
as ihr 2 year cnllegr cnordinalor 
for the AsuMiation ol roilege 
rnions Inlernational lArvi' ol 
which Harper is a member Horplli 
1* known at Harper continued 
Pankanm. as a slronfi advocate ol 
sludenl nghis 

Current Iv completing his dot 
lorate m Adult Continuing 
Education. Borelli fares ne« 
responsibilities at Governors 
State A Utan of STudeni Affairs. 
Borelli will be Ihe chief student 
personiwi officer, reporting direc- 
tly to the Provost of Ihe umversily 

C^ovenwri Stale University M an 
upper-division institution, offering 
courses al the junior senior and 
graduate levels Like Harper. 
Governors State is a commuter 
DclKiol, with noeo-campus housing 
A iuccessor lo Borelli is yet to be 

CPR classes offered 

Health Servke is olfennn free 
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 
I CPR I classes every Wednesday 
from 11 M a m to I io p.m begln- 
mnit Wednesday and will last 
lhrou«h November 

Students or faculty muit attond 

Registration will 
"fIrM come first acm 
will be taken in the Health Servke 
localad in AMI. or by calling eit. 

TMa trie nmrac It oMned be- 
saaat of gift of oMaikiM fram tha 


Student Senate 
apathy grows 

miiiifciJiinr- eJKtwmi arf <«nnw ttp «i«m «Wi WI A 

_S3«iSm vtitrr* i» espcrtrf to ipf«*' "« t^** I«*» ^ 

225'SS tor ii» i»* '•■« yj"" *""" •*■ '"^' '"?" 

ta Hut a ptoWt «*W »»*' •** *"* ^'"I*' ^ ?] 

a wnTS* «w«*«r •»■ "*«*» »••'■« *'■■" «<*''■*"; " 


Letters to Editor 

S«p1tmb«r1 1.1978 

More facts on t.nJk. 

" Hem ■ 'I**-*"! "tf ••» "l^' 

niilM mmmOmmn X mm i^timi ti. 

rciMl lite' wimirnil m <•*«»■ •* ••' 
a'lwmMMl kurnrm. I »«1 I 
«)M>»u pmtt "H. Mw <*f<»» ■««•*■ * 

llv nllMrtnl 
FM •! rtl «l» «■»••* •■ **•■ 

tar «mfii«i«i •• himm 

■r»>r »mrnillHrlll 'loci !««« 

'llHV* iri) '.lirr.1 MpmK* to 
■■oflicn «■ «»iii«l«i "11 i|i'i»«l Tlw 
.nwMlnitit' •«««•■■ "Bl««! "• 
ri«Nli> niKlif i*' fc* "*•»» «'' •"■ 
iaiiMl «f tHinimi' <* *• W"*^' 
jUglB, ,» 19' Mr aiMr •. ottmM 

rf»rl ' 


J .or lilt Aitamitstrrt,!* Anj' *»<l*iit who a 

rSwS«I«i««li.«B: .ai«i.i B-nJ «»«to(i. Jill 

eKCBt Jor i(u- Stwkni Trurtw. who WM 
I sprint! T«»tre are iwsitions £«ti«*n (or mm 

.^l,» «l t*ch td lh» «•'« <t'vi.twns So br one 

; Zl iw. fSlM f«r *e ll«.ir.e« d.viswn h«w 

"Tltils y>vk t»l participation ia ttemtm of tlw 

•Ml \<tivlttM is «>iisitkTi«i5 .Jelaymi- 
, for thr (MftitioM fur «»lh*r two weeks after 

| i»-.-||. fit 

The dwisioM isn't flwfaetlyrt.lwww*- 
oT^TZnefits thai .Stu.knt Sen^tm r«e,ve n h- n« 
MiMlcd Miti »» to V-ml in their <li«aio.. on whatever 
S^STl. ™>ce««r> If no »« »PP"f« 'fj ^"'Ji^^^: 
the division is simply denied the use 01 inese 
kL -iMt IS ii»»t .Mw of Ih* mjiny rea«f.s thai Mjmecne 
rjdTdiwMWan « r«wnmended to run for the s^mte 
^^^'MMmKTt Miiannteil it is very miportani tnat 
ma ■MMtlwdy votes, far those who want an) vmce iil all 
totlw dedrtWB of the c«lkiff thto 13 tlje slep to take . 

Tax referendum 
information cited 

anftft » a rtterwdwm b schedutel tur HaiTjer Colkw 
murkl no 512 This referendum is asking the community 
tor • 7 5 cwtt ioermmt m the l« rale fnr the Educatiorail 


Ritfil Mw liaiptr .itmintt are pylmt oiie-ttrd of «» 
■■SarMMrating Ih* coOm. the stale and ledera! funding 
pM« mora ttwn ane-tliird. which means the community tax 
amn oty l«8 than ont-third This new lax rate would 
' r CMample, a»t «i « h«M« with « n»rkcl value of 
f would be wly H » |» jwr 

•ml in* |i««««*f«t ••■*'■•'■ * ■""' 
■iMlli* iMi. Iil#« •« ■»"» '"•■»"■'' 
(■««• » m» imlwr il«*rtii€w 
imrmliiM* mm niim*!!. 'ti"!' •* 
Ml iinKwuitK-rtj' ta»» tNe "•*«•> 
af flwtr tlulilmi w dUfonw <-»«» 
•■■I Die itavniOTl ■><' iHinwi} itilKli' 
„.. u> Ihfin WKi.«M« I* 'nw >*««" ■ 
R»wn» MtenmimiUm, »wrh •• 

will iiol. IWIX"™. 

thrrt «n t» iNMtMmi <)|>*o •<•<> 

ttt nwllfUr*. tlw 11mm mM tm 

aiatt •nyttiiiw ■ta« »<""*■" •™ 
fhflr rhelce ■■* l»'>» Tl>' 

«mif«tm«it ■*»«•• "•»■'' ' "•'■'■ 
,«lrM<lv •nlmi •»'•■ '"•"= 
Cfflnur** «l«»ll tew II* !"»•" '» 
f «(«» Itf iiinin>|»rai*« «ei(»Wi«i 
tla- i>w¥liiliii«« ti Itii* »rti<"to. I'm* 
aiiMWtmiail iHatl "a** •»» «"•«''■ 
!«(> »••» •(»« "fw "*•"• •* 
nlli'MtMn " 

Idriiiw '(ifm*** <* "* ("•If"'"*' 
•Cifii»(ii:»lt«ii Im 9mam, T»e 
r,mma pnmtim » Elmimt Ci*i- 

rm«ll». wliX «i«'r<l»' »• I"' 

prat »II4 (:•>!«» " '■'••' 

i«rB|>*«:»>>'li«»» tr»in»t "•"• 

illlirlHllln'ril ha\ •■ ■'"'» ll"*!*«l* IWl 

!«■ to mi- t"'W" -•"■■I «^>' "^ '■•■'"' 

lliau l>rllCTI^ <"<■•» wwiwfi* »» 

•Mwn »Hl taw Il>*'lll<l«" •« ■•» 

w|>(H«rt*<l Iw Ifcew hmhuKl* U 1l.» 

•IIMndllMl » liMMd when in f»t-t 

IhU I* iMirniy • IrtdiUon*! i-iiatani 
III niT memy »«1 •««>"> '*"« ' 

(itwc niiy ■««-* tikM no* ■ ■r'"' 

EIIA *• '»•••«' «■'*'> "" '*" 
iMillUct «rf Bor mttis not Ihe 
tienumal cuslainui u( (Miiilm Thr 

jimfiKlmemt u <wl ttouw u> dianKr 

iMir riuliim*. Ill* ttm inmmMtte* 
n( iMir iKWl »» »»««n •*•< '»«»"•» ••» 


M* cjert Mdiill 

p s iJn It* lii*i mm "I »te mrwni 

MMir It <ny> tM the •Mimn-'o 

»iilleyl»ll ««•»> •» •**"»! '* 

girl. ( »<ili4er » tht .tHI«ll» 

,..„. ,,.v,.ni«l ir thr <-n«1> "I «*• 

MiuM br UMkiM lor 

I «» unil«r IA* 

UKilWr-ttUiP tl1»l (em»les oifW 'im' 

•lie .all li •!■* >«*»> nn*taM*l 

»li«ll«ll.«th- ■■"■■- '*■ -■-■'"•••« 

t«! «ll«l •'■' 

IrniKM l<l«-ri'- ■ ■ ■•' 

Aliodiim'l »«u.rt4"li i>>t till'-"' Mr» 
■iKl Mit» »re wn iliMTimmaloo ' 
Inn'! lit Hint i-orr.vt l-rrn aftrr 
aii «toi»ii» iHiiiiMtM '•'!•< ■' ""'nan 
.In marrteil i»r ilnt!'« < ''rtamlv u« 
d«il ilictiilc ir «h« (wsii <« <J«ii(Hti 
MR- miin-tH or ,«n«:l*. 

W/io s/iou/d park where? 

J.... .... .......ii....i.n«i siiluir 1 tuiTKirst Ihi' rrmova 

not received an increase in opiraliHf f** 

sd aoened in 1965 With inflatioiii ■ntfllli cost of 

IB 'Mdi yew. nwre mone>- « needrt to sustain 

inm la aw eoBtage evisy year. So far. Harper 

bve bet.!. abwrWng the nsing fMto of operating 

_.. in their tuition, which has gime op several timai 

■inm Uie'eiilNr oiiened. 

"nt partim of the tuition that the lixukm mm W •■ 
alBMBt at the maximum alhjwed by law RaisinR the students 

ttiUBB will not Ml ve the money problems Harper s tuition is 
iditt#«m«itlta tlliwMihat of all the 7«"««,'y «'^« 
■n m^'. mm- Ha«» and '<*ral funding is at te roar 
Zmm Irtd loo. <»» only solulion Ht » more contnlwtions 


D thtratecnduni' di«n*l p». Harper may suffer venom 
cgH iniMiHty. slaH ami programs Class sii« will be lanpr 
aiidJBWtW- will t>e offered all together By li«e|xi« the 
vvMsMinMd on this situation hopefully the right decision 
vaiwiBMieonScfit 19 

llaMK. from uul'^il-flJ'' I ■»"' "'" 
ntallji tan" *»» tllnwt* I'olkurs 
iiDvrati-. Kitt iMrl» I <■■'" '"*', 
•'hill • atim lar iranlw* hew, i 
Pan'l quilit wf •III' ••«■"«••> •'• 
gtvm ptmr parkiitc *!»•<■«• "W' 
ftlWlHItt •»!*' i»<* m ll«» il>»*« 

I'm iini' l»i-iilt> •"•1 'I"" *' '"" 
put VIM partii* ft* •'«' "' 
ttuil«n» twtit t». «»)' »••**'"* •» 
•Wc to IMir* III •"!■ !«>»'•• *»M'«1»' 




Ih ..1 I'aUI.'I 

Wi-. I'ilt JUKI t'ItU !•'■■' ■ 
lA." HI ilwt* thr imli' ' 

,(|tm«ll.ll>'Ii' ■ ' " 

„ii.i f II ■„" ■ ■■*nrt'"VM<<1 

■ml C'Wwni (wim ll» (mmaB 
.-.imnwimlt Ihat iMtllM-d m »^.a» 
«i..n"«*"' «!(r«ire*« «i* i,jatl:v an«* 

Kill mil rut FMit 

Tiio appears 

TH» Km* Hon Trut. a" 
i[ii»Krtam»".-"« ■■"-■••■"> "' i*"' *"*'» 
Mint •■■' ■ ■■"""■ 

»M«l.l«Hl"»~ ''"''' 

*lirt „. h..-,l ■■( .. A '....11„.|!-. 

Th, If n..<l,iM «..'■ 

Shiiiir t(>"«:i-r <.»mW* Mui l..cnti!' 
t.iin.- imH miiiear »1 Hiiriwr m 
i.l.K ■!. •;<■(>« IJiiUl'i"' 

Uti tiiiM-i uhi' '' 

MiritlWW 5i|»<«' !f™""-'-'""r- 
Wf»*ll eoW tUmnw wtll ()r.n'Hlr 
rtfiwiKlfr* III llx* Ti-wi *»»■• '"' 
iiii'h'fisii Nmiiwl . 

T|i('luil» ar»' II •'•«■ Hiiriw-r 
•I,in)i"ti».n •IIK »" ••■li'ii'* ' >"" "•"' 
1.1 l<i» xeiwral (»iil>l" iiilf"«»" "» 

r.l.T tU'kl'K ■" iJ.l.lllHI t«" 

inliwmJilii™ wxiil"- rrun rull .W- 

•mm I'll J« 

liltaie riPKrvnl tuf Ihc tanilii-upiwl 
,,11 thlii U an iitiii<r''«'»ar> 
inconwnHiiK* tar 'tam ' 

WM* tlt«idt«ll tn"«'«'' '" 
rallferelii «i«l«uii «"<' '"•'■'»ll> 
had W imrli 111 llw *••«« *"l« 
ta-auH' IxiUi WW irwlHl Mi'iially 
III tifiiw! more «tij*«>l/f»eull» 
r»tali«»lM|i» li:i|t»th»r l<i»tf»<l "* 
lireakmil t»i*m """ wfarnlt 
lir»m»»-«« upwial purtoai. na ■•!»- 
rial lum-hrtium*. *te Thii rwuUeil 
m v«*rv wi:-U oiimii*^! m-siil«Mn"' ^' 

■ailiili- 1 tuKKrst ll>'' rrmoval of 
thv larutlv spaces <" "»• le""" 
inaliiin of Ihr parkini; let 

1 mroiMtlV «IM»rt llw remiwal of 
Ihr latuHy «l»«« «w« w •'>o''' 
intwMy til' nallwl <"' '•* '« 
.Mlltca«enf else 1 »"u1<l UH« lo 
Iwar ainKMinK views sin. r Im »«"■ 
thit has heen broanht up Mure: if 
theft' are n""'. I'' '"" I" """"^ 
IWMi to hnng tlH» li*o effert^ 
MirharlW BaWndne 

Ttie Harbinger wishes Mr. Borelli 
the best of luck in his new job. 

ManawH'ii; l-.ilnor fri"'! ^""^ Mnan 

Nc».(-,.litm l.vrini> Brown 

(■>.iiiir.-K.lil"r .KwinPrtenion 

Aaii^ant Feature Editor f*» **•* 

SpottJ Editor JaeKaJck 

Photo Kdllar MikeWewk* 

jUitatanl Ptwlo tMltar BethJan* 

CanooniM Strve Moaiial 

ltaiia«a«ManHI«r Tetrl Jacobwn 

«.n John K EWM. Rand], rritr. I'at Butler Jan 

Viek. Sl*a. Ma". T»yyw. Bra« Weaver Broah^ 

ytrmtr I>or«lhj Plrevano 

The HARBIMGBR Is Ihe student iMihllraUon (or fie Harper 
i one«.. .»m,« c<.mmim.l». poWished weekly eypl 

.,„rtnR Holiday, and final e«m» MI .*•".«« "Pr-..^ »r, 

|ih«!e 1.1 the writer and <wt neee«sanl> t«<«c "I ' " •■' 

It* »dmim»tr»Uoo. taiully or .nirtertl twly 

Tlw prtmarv pamo*. «< the ftUtBINGEK ,. ." i..f..r.n.« mt *>«mum the rtudent «> <^H..r...'' ..'l-^.. 
•On. iMlii N-iii or m c»nt*Bl ihiU be ttariwi r.l.ii m1 

Ml ,rt,<:l« «*m«tlrf •* paWitation ..m... b. i>,«l i..^ 
double ™a<'«l. with a deal««r «( S P "' M""'l-'.>* "•"" -»« 
,:^*ir editing U«er.-t«-the-FU..t«r ..- ,.|.,K.d, 
„an^r« «n be held upon r«,u,« Advert..m« .-.ny J« 
Ti om TllMa»y prior '" Monday » publitatum for 

BjJ«.. H.l.per ColleKe Altfonqum and Koselle Koad.. 
Palalmrilll .(iO«K' Pli«oe»7-»IM.Kl!t «tl 



Who the heck is PeteMariahazy? 

A HOTS' sariHlMiiK (Mi on thu 
campus la Ihat tim liule ml the Uii- 
<i«iil iNMly kiu>«> that Ptte 

H i rW ia t ^i l» Ulc atudtnt TntilM 

I III TriMtM*. An tvcii 
I twi a Uhi amnr 

■t«liMl.trailM i* or doct. 
TOT' tow Mudcnls knoir ol iMs 

pmrmm iilto nuM Iw a f raat aaiat 
In Umin 

'Thr .inb' anliiilt Muk mi thv 
.Board <■( TViiatats li> i" m » tCT « i iil tilt 
■twdtM*" laid Pel*. "And' •llli 
IIM miMi mtier Jade iurli u Tank 
Fnm for llw rvferRHlinii ami- 
"' He contmuff«J, "tMW 
yiMi Ktl tlimii 111(0' 

Piir <» like a r*ciifar liM<Rt 

nmnlKr but liaa an adviaory vol*. 

Ha !■ admilM to aU MtaMna <if tht 
boanj H* M sHovml lo make and 
■vcond nuXioiu tk rtr vim all llw 

matrriaU that eltrl«l board mein- 
heri dm Hiwwver. ht a not con- 
tiikrai in McrminffiK a quonun 
(or action of Hit bnard. 

PMc'a power <n llw lioard lie* in 
hii aiiillty la talk if anything 
roin« ti'i my miMt riKht airay I ca'n 
Jiiiat ihoot It meht out and I won't 
rM hclH ihMm for It." he aid, 
"ItaiMon* if! the aaiiofiro hoa lO'iit 
rM«linB«d flrit." Then ti a upot 
on the OMtmla spwdfMrally Btt aaidr 
far any eltneii participation. 

'"A itiMlMit 'IrmtiM ha* an 8iili>- 
niaUe aptUm ni' Mhar beini! on 
Uliidcnl Senalt. if he cir Hie wanta 
to.." 'Peir onmlnued. ''and' if h« or 

■lie la on Student JSenalc. then they 
can havr ■ counted vol« Thi* year 
I c-booae to berauae Hut alio adds 
to my abiltly to rtprescnt the itu- 

dents (m the hoard . " 

In the (uturr [Mr a hopinK to KO 
into potit'ia '■ rnjoy politin and I 
enjoy helpimi and workinn (or 
people Thin i> a very itood primer 
tor what I plan to do which u to KO 
into politit'K " he •uid Hia |oli as a 
Student Tnuaer, will alM help him 
Ket into law berauae thl> way he la 
leaminf hnw to he taetual and 
what lo do wMh the tai-tn he rr 

Ijiat yrar Pete won a volunteer 

peer roumw.lor ' 'That helped me a 
M. beeaufe It helped me to develop 

my Itilenintt and fpcaklnit skill*." 

Senate, council deal in affairs 

Hwri- are Iwo «n(an.i»a'tioni. 
betiitr' thf I'TOcnim ionrd. thiil 
li'. ' .III rtwJeitt 

,!i. rh#'> in' the 

n.t.^ ill 

'" I udenl 

V.;tii.'i1v Hirii:! .•ml r«'«:iij*t Hit 

>w« rlulM.ait(l'OrRanisallaH.. 
\Ui'T imnme m^'im .an eil'imotr iif 

t.l>.- •~Ii., (,>!'. It'. l-'.ii', s ih. 
.S.»!" ln.ii.l.'. i.t ..nil, .lit I1.1.IH.. ;.■>, 
in-nn tatonii. Ihe'nc we thr duti* 
■h'kI ■■rManintiont. .ii.wl Sper'Wl 

.Scrvim. tikirthr l^fialMid 
Servlfwi, whW* are frw to nil 
fludnt* Theyi aiio ».I.M: iitonc't 
tat rtajn n'lUs PmI is'ift* tarr 
brcn II HhIii' flrafid Piiino. the 
trtt>li\ tax 111 lh<r Student Imnee 
.•ml the nnvt «rq.uipin»'rit lor 
ButldlnK "M" They alio omvide 
an cttra PIX> for diviaion 
pmlMts. If Jlintmt.t hiivt Ml nku 
(or ■ pmicrt, thry should c-aniiill 

'The »»<i«.t.e w «-om|>oiMl 'iif «me 
I' .'P" . . '. .• from r..'. 

!• ■ ..ri. such U I' 

\i; 1, ..:.,. .'-;..L:.!ifm«tir».. wh.' 
voted (or tiy tha- .fluilent i.>": 
fW memlwr*. a i». 

niumiMlor, and' a Studrnl Tru.-<l<-<- 
The lionrd ineeltmi* Mm iip«.'n ti> ihr 
po'l>li«". II nd ari' noteif on itw 
.mm.Ii'i.; \. 1 n in« <"»l«idiir 

I ....!...! . ti.rllwreiirewnlMtiVM 
All. . ...'i:*,i'..., MW'iri am* j*IU".ieot..% ari" 
itntMl lo iiartk-ipale aiwt vciic 

1.1'oIm iiml l'irHwii^.9it»in.^ ( •uih.'ii 

t» «i iir'0.ii'p «( re'pn'wntatlvM from 

»»rh clul) and i'>rKa.m»»tmii thul 

mrri* monlhlv In dlicuit 

ipfoininc pro)«"t*. a.«I fumlinii; lor 

Uwi»r «.»v<""nt.^ 'nb*.'.h a'fr lwnd«"d by 

' ' -ii"! fowl. Thr 

■ ■ 'nioMtf audi 

■ jii.'i .iporo'vr tpefial 

BmMm hciiiR a peer coanielor. 
Student Tkwatcw and (uU'ttme itii- 
dent. Pete works at Red {.lotaater 
and help* teacli (■nrinii at Elk 
Qnne Park Dutrict. 

Aa a board memhcr. Pete 
tlic importaace «( stn- 

denla camlag to him wKh UMr 
probleiTu. He wUI uaoaBy torn* 
who to talk lo in order lo aalvr 
them Students are welcwne to 
stop by hix offire m M3t ar call 
himalMct 243 Hii help Is there (or 

re IVIe Mariahart Siiidenl Tmsilee h ' 
pacittai on the Hoard of Triii.irr'. i<< lirip ihr ttudenl Imdy 

Which of these 

is not 

available at Zj^ypei^ 



















to aU tiMft OtlMT ttuft 

Ztppu'm Utim tiimato ba. 

HT^Ttr Tff ._.. LltMjMll^l«l ^a^C.|.w^.l.r— «ii.«i.r.rt 

r'WI^'OTIrWftWl HMEiLaaiSMBi laM'aai«).i)ilwrihmDuB namn 

OliMnlO'til I0«lHl)y.andUut.7anau(ikv. 'll«|orai>ailll.eiv«]iaraai»r»9d. 
aa. wM m wiHiiii».Mid nknUiniw. Tliara't'ptafilari3ri>>Mi»rkli)g. 
vtiflaiat TSM uwtiurff Ptka. .rkUs ctMKii. va -miwptioiw. aei-'M80 

If you piclwd tlw svraaiar. 
It'a MmgaiL Ztppar's 

lasi E a€llf«llilllI»lh»WwiaftBM(:nmrn«ini»Sh«>|>|»IBfC*nlm- 
TWaplKina 3120884004 

initlt M 

- -■ »» .;'-i .) s l*nim 1j«W "'' Swr 

... rrw;> U' ouy lavfiTdriyw'here mm 

. i ,.a, o ,i, i 1 , 1 n I n »,k. > . i.i .ii . a.i k ..«,.«,.«,..«., u ,,« .« , ,«. i .a.. i i , t ,i 






Won. t Tvet 9 *;30, Wed. Thors Fri 9 9 pm Sal 9 5 


call for Appointment 397-0100 

Algonquin Plaza 
833 E AI,i;onquin Road 

'^ (Roote 62) 

'' . CO**yOy Schaumburg 


STVLING bU XO ^^^^^^^ 

Beg SI 7.00 *^ ^^ /V RegM3G0 


$8.50 Otl $6.50 



Reg M3G0 


« li">m » iiimw">" 8 "- ' i i " 'p p 'i "wi ii »*>»ttt i »am»« i tiw* T»» ■-*-..'« 



4 THE HAHBINUbH »»promow i 

Pre-school set invades Harper 

ffMMiiliiiiriiii iiiiiiliiiii tikPkiu.fii n M***-***)' «*«»»wni »rw tiri«l M*wm1*)^ rhild irnven th* fun begins with ^g__| ^ ^ ^^j^^^^^ 


•■IhliMl lliniiNilt 
IMMlMI ••at raitanwl 1^- • M- 
ladMBfl iMmam alxtiiliDi'l wam - 
taiiinwii. «t HariMtr artn'l iMlinit. 

Miy alMitcr. Ill tail tlial Mmptt m 
tnrailmi yiwmicriiiaiiniit. 

Harpw't CliM lli*t'h>i>iiiwiM 
Prmtrain Miirwri- ScIiobI i» for 

mHL H RIMP . .... 

li»ir own |ifiv'»i« 

Half-da)' iMiiom irir IwU Mufxlitit 
thmuM'h Friday and ««rb cUdia «if 
■iWNt li irliiMmi u ataMnl t>r a 
iMMl laacter ami ton Child ti»- 
vel«tpilii>ni Pragram ■Indent 

ilDm Nynian I* llw ■llw> 
at UHU^hcr. Cat;h d» 
I f m.m. id* It 'hwir arwtlnit 
puMls. altaclliwi miMMtaaa to her 


M* •• Ikr naBV acll« ill** rkMirra mrallMI la Uir 
l^rwiiraai/NMr^'rv !^'ImmiI rwtav . 

ivlMMokt llandt lYIli* 

Many scholarships 
available to students 


A WM Khiiitenlwi)' 'PN' (Mtr 
laantalatt far i:lW' m-T« ttftml. 
fmt ti avBilaMi lo MmtHito 
ranimaii la wdHMH Mnl yarn 

Tli» ••rili-na l»>r IliM' aiwIiiralMn 
a i :(»>«« l»ltr- 

tiiwri. ... ;>.-»dJ»rH O'l 'I:. 

VlWmfiv Mil .^riin..niij«». :Hriii#ii*t ituri 
ntamilllf: Mialatl S )iw» at acr 

'.tlin< tiiraiiiilkailMi iii.Sicfii.. 

lu<. mr iai«ilatfl« in D» (Win 



TIw Sunt •«») 
Si.'li<il»r>tH(i f '(ami;! i 
tnrmr tuition ..'. ■ 
fwlliif latlP.'' 


■itiivM-p 'ti; .rtiidmt b> atoiMi til* tM'>' 

". «ic avaibtlilo «<h>. 

. 4 <:)«.■», ,i;!IM. a Hit. ■ * 

tlHr> shmald .lie ntumd l.><ra<ltii» 

fur MitMmtlwic apnlicaltont <> >.irii>iii 

I'THtiiy S. 

Blood drive Wed. 

A studwnl blaad dnv'#* i.» 
ic«wt4«M lar Wadneaday inm * 
a.m to I p. IB lit AMI .S.lKlmi.i 
who dnnsia Mnod mtl br gimi fiUI 

cimraK* aa. vlH Niair iifinicitutF 
l«m.ili«i M thcycvvr mmUiImmI. 

Tn dnnat* a MiMlvnl niiiM b* Mi 
(Md Iwaltli . lie Miii««n UiC' aiiei of 
UM im-lutv*. atMlli al Icaal IM. 
IMMnito. uMl IHM' anlM I dmII: 
■UK* tall 

CMiar l>.IM. plan, of blMd are 

TIh FtiiUrj (-U af Elk Cirwr 
Vitlaii* ha* aoardMi t«w irMnf- 


Faculty Senate 

lit f'iMMrtal .4ld.. Hiwui AIM.. 

-*pi>t!rjitt<n»,4 for thf ll*i 
s-h»lar{ilM|)s... Ill Ik aiml (w laaaka 
•nl tuitioD.. arr ItMWi arrtiMnt in 
rt» cuiHn*'* ttMWM. alii ((Hli* 
Itoiiiittik F"nii« iHiifilicailt* lawtt 
h.- U.M unw *ti.|f(rtii* ^n'M' ii^^'HftilH 

1.. ...........1 ..■i l.,,|.j.ii. ml 

rlulii arnvm Uir fun >i«f!liui with 

pa.iiitl.nK. s«'ulp1.m4£ rlav ficurm or 
makinic a nuaintain a<i( of a maila- 

MU in Uw ■a.ndkWE- 

Mi Nj'isan and Iwr 'ilaff itrtaa 
M.|i.n«( It* ■ i-Wklrrn w<irli indntw* 
«i|.lv i» ll>«r |ir«>)»cti. altomag 
IMrm fo ile*'«l<i|) Ihctr i>»i> i<l«a.» 
■Rte li<fa«J Irai'luT iwikI .ilw Uli« l.« 
ll* wry flriiWr - ■JwrilMti wilhin 
the Urarture," a» .»(» puts iL To 
thi» end. Vtm taivi awl uirlii wmrfc m 
(liflerait ami «l lh« 
■■ftvtum" m various ■fciUa i 
mntor dewlapnenl t:nd 
iniilMin ra»t.l« and art maleriata 
•ri' IKmalar iT-.»<Jiii fur (tr\Tlti(>- 
fiw?nl *)f a rhi' - ' "■ 

.:i( t.h«> fhtldti 
|ll4irMl an. Ihr waili m i'ii.j (."ir- 

aMniiimil .an .adnimadaa ihmoJd 

Each »«•». hrtnii.i a «w tearntnd. 
e»|i*nr«i«" fur thi' niirwiTv whi».il 
*irt % iMinwlmr ;»r-tn'U> I 
fi**!ff tnp^ .fif«H.imf rjTimp.ii'». , 

■». I'-"" ■ ■ .■-w-.un I 

li.Hifi' Slid are ■ UMtni- 
. .^. fi.i' fhi' 'im.aft h.^fui'* *. 

th«'' iMf'-nt 1^ TO m-'if» im" vmm ^rmi* 
morr abatat Mmitir and hw «a<- 
\ iriMWienl 

Vtk ManM, »« Ms \\rim.r!'j 
^■■h.iiru'*'* refer t.i* 'her. .wni' lw>' 
(■u<n niala iif Hit' '(irncrani ■>' 
'iriMMnit mr iiadent t«a(>hrf 
a.nd MNrmndly. <lr<"rl<i|mrnt of thr 

rSiMrwm. th*ifnrl¥n :««:iall> 

nnal.Mnal:lik and i:nlel.|.i><-tu«il« 

Th# alHwiBtplMirr iit ihr r.-.^rr. j^ 
K'siritl, (|iiiei and »ffn-timui..- \\-'r 
l:a^hati*ir., .«i-l M-^ \viTiaifi.. i* 
AwTiiidayri.t s>iv <.i*-\ •■W btlMn'ei 

TiMag trip* In dlllrrnit halMiait* an ran>p«i» It • fatoriir »ilh Ihi- 
kid* la Mar|>rri> llllld ItrtrHtntrai Primram /Manser* Sihtiol. (mi 
flf»l. Ihew 1 «a »a»t la halW Iheir »» i> Harpef ' 

• plMHii li> Rand> frill < 

I' '. . I . •. . ')i'! 
.. i..h«'N4 

.; . .. .... .llthi! 

."ItH-f, H..«.TO,:»«« 

.>|i|)4ifat.MMt It ■SeiM 

.in iwiHlwr ritlnlnrremml , »lres»- 
mtf IIm" iiiMjd jl«l>e.rts rf Ji '"hliit"^ Ih-- 

..... A 

l'.irfiH.* na\f n.iti .« pt*.«iti\''.:' rr- 
Mtwi) to Ih- prennim Mrs 
tiijrnwl iTKkthiT at lltilr H*«:'kv, 

rt<r^ :4M'nd [ut!n (it tim*' 
nitti Rii-li rhild. - M.5 si mdi'V'id«ia.l 
attention " Mra. fat DaviHM). 
nuither «»( Am,v, et-hae* Mr«. 
Kumiitr* nentimeirtii Fanlat- 
t.).c.'" ih« laid "The leaehert ar* 
vtry anthuaiulK' and atfeatlaoale 
tawanla Uie rhlMren Manan u 

ri|N9rtall.v »ixid with the parenlK." 

I'll It uh;it jiiJMHit thr \m\^ and 
iMi lun \s wivrth ;i thmis- 

itw-i; !hi' tifit'ht smilrt 
.... ^iv, 
^n.ini.. ; i.n !.: ;.■;-■. . .>urin*'> . 
Becky «n<l Ihi-it i..lti<T liiile frirndi 
hesitate to U-avi- tht'ir pU.* find art 
aHtviUes to talk with a visilar. i>m. 
frtendly little Idtind Ulrl hrakc 
away lonii eiu>uf{li to Hive a tmr af 
the ptayhause wliich Is eqiUMMd 
mlh enniiiih ideal to last a wMe 
acRicatn- for the imiNtliuitlve pc*- 

('"hildnm have reatied [wxni lively 

li:;< the iirrot;r.*ni M^ 
Thitsr thji h.t.l f..ini 

i%v4 m the 

SA"*h*M>l (»r . 

n't w 

rill to 

riHtM' bin f 

ran urt (trliiil!!) h\ < j 



rit. JMior iiv sitoppifii,' h> 

y«ar. Til* waMi (at' 'Mwd batf* .iu- 
eraaalni and lilt anlj' oaf IMi 
n*«d. fan I)* 'nwt H timnMCh. «• 
cqwalty ineraaiilniE nanhcr ul ac- 
ttv* ifafunleer Mood dm lers 

Tlw NortJi Sahartian «l«id c»n 
ler the agoK-y Uaal wtll be on. ram- 
pw far the dii»t. ■pfwiilti ttlo«l. 
tar Hie malar narlli and nnrllwciii 

Mali) «tK renralrafiais. rar mart 
Momiatian plea.«t call ei(. M OT' 
<ta|> by the Health ServKC office, 




at me 


Taaa am F« im T:t« n*. iat. t.f. • tenH. ■«< Z* I ««• 

On* tttM, Mail iltiM, MM Maaat M.-OI tiun. Raar Mtoaan f*4t »W« 


(31 1| t77-1T00 

*» *c,*:.«IM m*Of t*««»l CHlvdK 


TIctiMa m aOX OTFICf * ^ nOtrraON OUTLCTS Anciuiang alt Saa» * MMrMi 



Beatlemania still draws crowds 

K««M llMwiel) BfaUrituinw hm 
ianM 'iaii OMcif w fkir xmimf time 
m»; pmftt- •«• Mil llucltNiii to Ike 
MMthMaic Ttnstra In ttt ■ tail 
111 tlM gcMii roMiilililnN 

I !■ MM" wmnm of ikM 
Ito a DtwInM wlm .avtan Iw' 
tlwm •diii.n Mure liny imn. 

BcltKVar yiM ilw. It is amply Ifr 
rrtaliWc to HI' and irMrti -lom*- 
UMmc thm. tf « •■rrra't fnr ramr 
hmm. then, j-ou'd never h«w l»- 
II<>*<h1 II maa lui|i|>fiiiM;. 

I'm nigmm l'> Beallrmanu 

I ftnt rtwl aliMl .HMilgiMiiiw in 

Nfflllinil stiHw m.gattn«'. I rMMn't 
heiiupe that dwr ituv i were «!ellin>;i 
lUitd la imnltair tlv Ita^^ttln t |>rr>- 
miMxl myiwlf ItuI I wonlil imer 

pay Id iwe Hrutknianu 

I hiiK- ii (niHrf *ln> » a Beatk 
^' Mils thi* drt-i'mi t'hal the 

aHatri i^ery mmm. lie'^ t4»ld me 

•iMMt IMi' (trcain lie'ii tiail He aaya 

hr wmIIla »m<> hii iwm» nme nliisM: 

■ * Willi* tjie 

irticn his ilwl It 

tttwr iMi. 'Ttlr iaalln «i*c iMirk 

•"■»<■•*'"' 1 4W», t>Md 

'^ his ]o) tu^ rufii (vul imln 

. ". - : ■ . . 't icreiijiiinn happily «if 'III* 


It <ta> niy fnemt w'Iki talked lar 

mill memg 'llM> Heallemanw ihiiw 

I pMd IB ter fourth niw waU- 

Wh|i. I dlitn'l kriod I Iwd feen 

eammen-UAb (m T\ ;ii'id Ihfy 

looked iwreditiU Itaii M* Irwad 
(tax their n-.-iinl Fhal im n in 
rredihl> h;'i<i I d ^ihu iirvci he^ird 

ii< (hr HIarloiulil!' TAwalre. t flit- 
imd that w Im ttrnap md law ntf 


I'IMlty *haw ilay •*» htn My 
liiend and I lank mtt ■w»lm inide 

tlw Tlmln and MMwliaiMy Inir 
InndHMHitlM' tm 'htltM m .•nd utart 
hiHnnwiiM Baalle Iimim and Mint 
atamnliaraly kmrnd ^tkm. 

Tde ttaitre ruia a|>, liiiM* .no nut. 
and a loud 'flarcw plays while » 
flte ia Mmn: alMnni on a .laive 

I ■•■ iri|aH-tin< tli» iNifd: '**•«' " 
10 appear m Ilw lowii' at any 
momMI . My riiend ita* 'laaiiliinK. 
He likes to waile IB 

Hudiienly four mf* appear on 
ilaac .«tnM.ini[ "Sw Ixivo Vm." 
and II It •rren'l tor Iheir mimtlu 
mwvmK I «<iuld have tmtm tlwy 
■ere playintt a Heatle reeard 

Hmv did they laak" IM Iht) iMfc 
tike tlM- lieatta" Yci and No. 

'niey Kiiiuideit tikt t)» flintlm 
Helleve me. Paal limked' like Paul 
a* a l«tn lookk like hi* (wim Ihr 
nrnnt Ute ahum pr«i|{'r»i»<"d the 
nrnm Jotiii l«:ik<-d Ukr .liAn :\l 
Uiii«» Rinito l«*ed hk<- lliri!;ii 

HltiWd wilt! -With \ Ijitl." I'lrlp 
Fnun Mj Friend*. ' ami il didn't 
Mitml laatimirb like itiiiie». ThtHiK'h 
d dU aoimt «Dod'. nitiid yau. 

tieorKr'" Well In Ceame 
Hamum f.-ms I hi* vnt a l«( dawn 
H»*li'' ' '.'■. Udm't 

muni!'l even 

a*:"f tot' ( .eof^rr i jiMitiu! he d:id play 

I'jfce the i'uy im the nmnMrclul 
aid. -I aeyier' law the ttontlwi In 
person, but nm I leel like I hiive "■ 
'That's the way 1 Ml when I aalked 
otil «( the Ihratrif . I iiiies* thaf* the 
•ay a lot <il (Miiplt (ell when 
lleMteKMiiia waa itivw « un 
rixmite ■ItmUm •VMMMI ailtr the 

I didn't wani lu leave when the 
Jhow was avtt I |iitt wauled to 

ataiMt tN?r» and rlap my hillMil 

raw. I k'lW'W my leielmicii wee«'*l 

tile (Hdy 

Dl tiMttr kind. Th» 

■Itwl that thl* 

So the Dtnry (aet like Ihi* 

I prMtiiied m»»e« thai I 

woiildn-t mattM mmmf to *M tlHM 

ituyf art tike the He <tlei. 

Now that I have mkd them. I 
«»tiir III an them acaln More 
ttmf leave Iteeai^. 

A iiklendid lime Indeed ' 

Attorneys offer free advice 

Tlw ittudwil Senate is providinK 
friM IcMal adviee ftom prartKinK 

Bllwncys to lull inl turt-time 
atudenm who pay an aetlvity tee 
The servxT m loraleil m the 

Stadenl Ai1i«tiei (Mfife. A.3.3«;, 
Thinf floor. A llnddint: ad|arenl lo 
the t^ame Ktwum 

\fi otl^wru'; wtl! iw iiv;iibit»l*^ on 
1*'(-.lii.->.l.n .' (rvnii i t" 1 

p m Tbt; service will WeilTii'M),.i\ 
ami will CiM^tinue thr*m^".N I'l' 
.wmester «?n«-e|jl «i hi'ihda^'^ 

.Slli<:l.-l'lt,i xhiLUld I'huKi' ..II 
^i[>p<firitri)rot, in .iih. iintr liv 
CiiltaB .l"«.,l«»l. ritt ■■ ■ ■■ 

come to the -ttudr" 

(Xftce. Stuilentu »«.ti...,i ..,., : 

ment» ran see thw' a'ttorney on a 
W''i:h hosts tlriK' pi't-mitlirii: 

The mtent '■ ■ h. lu 

h«"t(.i f'.liM'.ai.' ^■ 

Stmn'fil.* ^hiiuiu tw .iw.tri' 

altwm'i will not actuatly pruvide 
lei!.ii.J representiit).t.'ri for them 
4tirin»! the mttmr lumrs I'lulfad, 
'the altornry will .in.iwef gueil^iwii 
on whatever leital itrufilem the 
stadetit has., advise the as 
to their ni(.ht»4e(!al ImNlittes. and 
Iww their (lueslimi/proWero. can 
best he resitlv«l If the student 
desires Iftal r.'prr«Titntli>n for n 
parln'uiijii' r,i>(.'. .irraneemeHls can 
lie ma* iltnmKh itw attiirney or 
the North'west Suburlian Bar 
Asmwlntwn lo iiDl.aui appnjpriate 
The atlomry ifi'll not lie required 

mI t... 

iiuil th«' 



4 first Prizes: Full-tiit Bally Pinbali Machines. 
200 SccoiNl Prizes: Regulation leather soccer balls 

Guess how many Swingline Tot Staples 
are in the jar! 

^ ■■■.'''- I'ooa* ^t twie* to »*J 10 i^*'' 


' ■ft.'ii Han't (tip, joiu €.*." It": J-- . 
Bl«!::ay.|i*«i#'' awi!', ■ , • 
t »of eef Bans nw 

'^ " - ■ • •%^ ^ fiijf M..r" wl#fifef SMt*'«""^ 

'•■-■■ "ntmatmnnttmwmmmtimiito ■ 
• ■ 'f'«e'itiani(>ac*.rt'».iii»i Anaoniv 
i ' " «•■■' ' (WJ tot tuple* •nt.lodltd 

■ " ■"'" Cutf" f:jtis*< antJ Hioit 
■•I. ': • i-.n %.: M- 

tM»'ti>!' 'itanyhradv's. 


or permttl.e<l lo provuile servn-es to 
a'«» person where suc-h would 
|ir««-nl a ronnict >.f interest for the 
attorney, the oilleue and the 
Student SeiMle. m» ui anv matter 



atiainst or antaKonisllr to the 
coUeKe. the Board of Trustws and 
memben thereof, or any employ- 
ee, atudent, or MafT member of the 

What are your 
impressions of 

lllsapiMiialrd with the soriaMlily 
ulih III*- olhrr s(udenl%. in 
lull ill the iired* af Ihe praitram. 

Mark Noian 
Its alrtkhl. hard l« (H ated la 
I'H rsihet in it the heaeh 

Mary fraasee 
ll t aire, lit dtlferenl Irnm hlKh 
4-hool challenieinK 


The parhlnii M potireini-n arr 
rtf»« ^indlliei sh<M.M have has 
> > 1. . ir...ii iNr parfctwii hM l« Ike 




ANDwt wiLt. SEave rou 





September 11, 1078 

Kottke at best playing the guitar 

* " ^ i.t« nmtfrmtwinna more comolei- H 


. ■■ ■.. -^ .«»» (pHt will urtllt tlw ■««««.■« I*^ 

Black belt demonstration Wed. 

•lipwrtnt Jrwm l»i« momenl Ptnl 
■M (Mil on Uie *■«• that he «»i 

- -TiMt nMmait Mm nUt)* MirtM 
aita IHM ■mmm tn 'vrlw) mir *- 
f»«>». tMi in ll» |>*rf«1iim III It* 
rfcumi-tiT <»« Iti (>«rtH:i|»«>il» ' ' Tb» 
to lh» iwiltp o( Jlh I'tinirnp «»•»'* 
IkU Mwttvr (» H'}iHu« KM wwl >>'■ 

TIl» Pragnm ttmHI mil ipiiiiior 
a tiMiMisilralMi •!> Miiitrr Kin 
■■I riwr 'Otliwr RlM'k EMI* 'l*i> 
Mil. aiwi «»!., UMl <«"• >«l ilwjr"' 
■MM tlmtr m:>i<lti«i> <«n. W«Hlii«ii*i)i 
(HMfi w mr CnlNl* Cnwtw fir»- 
|>)M7v »r«> AAMMilt II tr«« ami 

all an wviliil. In*. Kami*'. «nl' 

TlWllWIHf*!. llCClWMHIIlW •« •>• 


TMf-Kfm. (ht mrKm ■■•HIIW' ■•! 
Tii«»*«»-«1"». <1»»« l>"<-tl iMWi* B"» 
)■»«« lo tlK Sata i:>>''»«*» " * •■ 
i<KtaM|w i>( unarinrcl i-<Millwl lor 
inrt-«l«<eli»e OHllK ■lllllml 
•IHJliMtkm ol |mwti«. "«•»»' 
Itirk*. metm. *■!«•». »«' '"••'■ 
ciiiUiini i*llll< tl» italt*'. m»w «"«' 
(«•*! iffl tl» rofiil itahiil 111 ■«" 


wrth l.lM> («:>l K»»m-<l«i<>le» it (i»t 
rtu-n» U> piuit* frr <t«sU«v Willi tht- 
hamt or ful tK>-ii»M» »» »rt, a 
ifiiy , <ir a rwthcKl 

Tm-kwondo a ■ Uwk < nuirtul 
mil ttol ahMtd <«I> l» iiMd for 
wM-itehiMw »nd It) (>rii««t lh« 
•M» T<:«<l»v »» i» |ir»«-tii-t<l BOfld- 
mittr liy y-ounw.. ami '•><>. m»k *ral 

'I1w tii*tr>r>' «( the Judo ilnrti 
»ilh lh« hr<!iikil«'n of the (eiiilJil 
dyrtem in Jii|»»i »■! «1» ismJ ti* Ihe 
Scm'tni oitrnsr .lujitm. tlw 
■(' ■moderti .fin*". ••» 
ImIM |M|Kb'rtl>' itanii« 
Ull«)H>n«l It wm Hi !tii.l linw lh»t 
fY<rf«iwr ,U(iure ^ '■"• 

riiiKhrrii .JimIo h* "',■ ■"' 

mttmtt lit IBB »r»il mwini; "m"- •«•• 
lectinM)u'« i» .>u|ltM TiHJa.) -luild 
n a (**<»1' .'I ihr oiMntM'' liiime.*, 
«ul 1- ■""! 

« ptucril «i •tTUntey mul i«,ilii>' 

i'iilti.-r than iw 'hm 

to apiily 
'ixlwii <ir 

MiU H.i^ml.-. l..l».f. hi- .m.-m..n i»m « I""' "*'■ Vile* 

C«»e«»," i« ll«r»»f »""«•> "IHM w » p.". *» Ike lM«*e nr .mr* 

Mtoi... Ik. mMtm ek»r..l»i l'r.«. k»» »eii*«. ve.r hi ki«li .rhmtmh* l»- 

lfr*im luf •4ii.»»k« «» r"W»«e. 0<r<mt*> kl» »»«i.k« v»»» ta e»lle|e •» 
lit' l»l»r» !#••♦ '"••■ I"*" I" •>»» « *«»»r ll*ld Pi»W*» •d«l»ita«' U II , *• ••■ 
it% lr»» »tlk •€U» ii> «»r<* 

Classified Ads 

niumni siwlvnls mul •!> ■>•>-' 
dnt« «rth numii* it* !>•«*- 
grauMl .ymi ut ntf4M iw in 
nwdial* lul) or pkrt ttm* <m>ft 
W«*ly pay. ynii <*«»» •«•"•» 
and sl«ini>' WMtMMt ami 
fvcniiiK *ark ahm avAllaMIt' 
CM IH*r«l ServH-e ai«-1««l 

Cl afHto d Ads 

Uwfcmf '•»■ pifkmiO'htr ii>i»>vid- 
uaik lit oofk Ml or pm turn in 
MW «l lh» iMiMcM ami mwti 
nfutattb iMlinit rMUiirsnti 
WaMMv iM*fi«». »"l' *•»»• 
day* kiitf •mMMMnp- *"«» i^- 

niipl.i*Hl, the *»tl#'*- '■■■' 

iluni »'ilh<Hii «Ti"'. » 

*hi H..,,k' ' - •'■'•■ 

, ., . • -. i;|w iDMrtw) ««.» n#w 
: . iirh ol !h* i«p hfnK^eii 

,r."l..r^ ...rul I'h*" Ij^wiv'* 
,,-.,„■ ii:»l ■.••.1> 

».(irli ' |,>"Ml>i"- 

l.:> l.rrak I.. . ■■■« kK*» 

• tthfhru. .M.iUdlJlt 

Itp^wd <*f il int'wi, j.>Mj u» thr*M« «'h 

■ippm-iil hirlorc 1» klumtwhul hai 
iMIipmed. Don't mw thut ncttina 
itHIIMWlllretlon ..t Ihr 
tlltn«» a li'Uiri;m h««<> <■»« ' 
iDiitird (ujfhiiloitK'all:!' •»!• 

Classified Ads 

Creal Buy' K Muilanf «Tm 

with (iJ*tn inlwMW *»» '■ « - * 
rjl, UMid rnitoue. only «.»»«' 
niiles. 1 owner, new p«:rt» very 
(|Mid lire* Unbelievatole pri« 
«( tllSW Call Stan a( WIMH 
Hurry while li l««i at ttws i 

only fillinii time for the nuin 

evervone lud really come to see; 
1*0 KciWke 

Whet! K<*Uie finally did make his 
entrance, il was cvidcnl that Ui* 
man had come lo play A» •»« 
atralled (min the stau*. a hii«e 
round of applause filled the 
buildintt Withnul ullennf a wortJ. 
Koltke immedialely reached f»r 
hu favorite Iwehe ItnnK. and 
p»CT«ded lo p»ck mu two very 
ui(t) ta*ly miUfiBnentala Thii 
really not the crowd gotn*. and 
befiire the> could loIaUy voice 
(heir apprenalion. Kottk* rf»» well 
on kii way Inlo Itu next nunilwr. 
This was to Ml tlie pace for tlw real 
ii( the m(M 

Never really known (or ht» v«al 
ranue or ureal aoMii writ in|- .ihiliu 
Kottke did inject some "f ln> "wn 
vm»l coinpoillioM earlv inio the 
■how A lew lit these did work 
nicely, tail for the moil pari they 
were (ornrttable II was plain mid 
simple. I «> Koltke was al hit (M-nt. 
whi-n !.>■.• Ktittke did what hi- 'l»-."> 
lirsi- .mil that IS pla> Ihf 
I'liilar the U utrinit duitar Niw 
there Is a hii! diHeremc belwew 
playmg a twelve »lrin,u. ami 
PLAVlMt; a Iwelve jtriiw Kottke 
*»• the latter In order t.« play lh»» 
instruraent the way it iluNiU ta" 
ptoye.1. takes a tola! dn'otlon H» M 
such as Koltke ptistesaei. 

The best term lo describe hiin 
would Iw a 'Mpecuili*!'". the l»sl m 
his iMpld. Cine ml.ghl term Andrea 

.Seijiwla llir hem ctasulcal liuitansl 
nr rogtiafj Kixl Price tofi ilitl-- 

player well you'll have to l'«jk 
(.ri-tn hjird lo find a better Iwelve 
»iriitii ftu-krr than l.*o KollKt. a 
(aft wliich he jmtKMid on ea<:-h 
mimlier Iw played. 

As i;i» show pronresaed. Kottke's 
lioKii twraine tmrre liilncale and 

hia prodremona more complea. He 
appeared lo be more crafWman 
than entertainer The crowd 
rendered a total silence when lie 
played Such tiinea a» ■Rottke's 
mm tjukt Man" and Badia 
■•Jeni. Joy M klan's Dealnng" 
(more cwmnjonly refered to as 
■ Joy" > corae to mmd 

When the concert reached ita 
final note, every participant in ll« 
crowd had Rotten their moncy'a 
worth They had seen a true pro at 
work To your miiaic connoiiisiir. 
Qial studies every chard cfiange 
and note pattern, the show was an 
mcredible leasnn. To the few 
hunehead* in the crowd, tt waa 
horinii display Uiat laetaid power 
chorda, and flashpots But to 9S 
pertTfit of the audience, it was a 
very fine show tn a very talentni 

|i,.Bi at ».«••. rullon S"«» 

ri*lia»1f «:■■ MarW. WhwIlBi. p^a^; i«|'VMfea*atMi«llli 

waiMMl. P'krt «!■• 
Tlw Gin Lolt- 

Srli«um.ln»i area W-TStl 

•tmvitw Aurnej Has 

. WIS. ■ff.4«Ma>iar'it:S> 


femak rnommatt 


piri fall <'1«'k* aaytimo al 
MM Pteaar le»»<f 

riir Sato: tW 
milts, am/lni 
iKT. law rial. 


a t'.tl Itiiww fcft .It 
ll«rrini|Hi" Vjiulh Ser 

mw»m Mitt - vnmm » \ 
mm typa. » an lanir »■• »•» 
VaiUaaWMrl *«Wt 
MioMMM aftlee. BmMtiit ** 

DR. PttEX tait his tint «" 
BMl. t> CmMMI He duplicated 

M> 4PMIIIM .ailMO tn returning 
.11 I>|MM call tit W 



Fof 'Sate'; Onum wilft w.irrar. 
fhiMrem *««•« wlih « 
drawim. sa«o|ih«in«, eonaiat.. 
cedar cheat. C*i aflar » p.m. 
S4isni. Roland 

. «T.II 

CaH Ekaug.. 

Room r<if R«il M» • •*»* 
kitditn prtvileies Uk* iEurieli. 

[I 43I|.«IIIS 

BABVSITTllW; MiUlwrs help^ 
en, hve-m preferred. •■«•«••« 
■alary CallW-xn 




Dinner Hours 5 7 PM 
Monday thru Thursday 


Small Bcvtrate 

with Dinner 
($t.2S purchase) 





Tlic tina turn awiilu til tMt :i«fiiinilrr Itinvc rcaihi' flnwa li^i loraM '<il uit; 

11l«r|i»fiitiir»« •« .fflwBiiiltiig inm rvfrrv .>.-• •i;,. .... i i>.-t .. ii^i.- ,i|iih» 

and' mm .Hi"***!' t* .»|»iH '<■■•" i:!=in..r . I.; Mae* atl 

•tilt IMilod Ml all twha. iaifUM* InK** «ri>iiini.i u «iirf.K ..»■# wv^ 
Mi'liiM mi'tlMft fiaMv . MMar'UMal mniMito.. ^f ttm mt nf fini. mii!>iti<r, 
. ami r<hl.«l:ii'<'< will frnum li> rtarr -il >.»w Iwliitu; tm. ■<■(>* ,hmJ 

HiU' rr<ii4l»^)M( 

iMWiviUiiilil'mmM tnw iuMm^mmi num^" in^' .icit 
ir* I'Mf iMIy liiMi. Bmihi' iiMfilr «i.tll tuivi 
•■laM' lai Mwl)!' 'tan* 'Ml camf w 

Mikylm VMi'rt mw a( tluiwi pnftt wlHt aluMi ^ .. 
terk <il' il taUtiNn.. W«il tmm ■fmi. kna* Itel it ■ 
'•llllllli' '«Mft IMMM ill'lUiivilla walk I9> «>it »i;tr ,. i 
ltia|il».«n:Mlll»nal'nilp«itei>tK'n xtudtine ova 

■I: It 'H««a» CIMMMiMt' l«««r UW' 'Kttl'- ' "• - I'" ' ■■ ■ 

via* •> ImallMitiif llial. Ihei <-«':.' 

t 'neal'imark. RutMiitlll* ««nr iivi '.!^- 

•».kr «• 'iBirh ttl ulltiiit an (■•• k- ..>i'>..i ■■ 
■laptm l<*r tlic mrU I'litM 

■am atm^f m ■ .fUltL mMh. 'Mort r*l««t niiiMMiilirr*' X«'Ihi« «m talk* n 
lllif litirtri »(iiJ' thmf ant jilfWI,} of towila Hi iot t«ir rrlwmrf .jtu'l i-m-h 
' ' ■ !ali»»liHNik Tl» li(!tilii»« !■. j'.i.- 

.i'hfiwt.K* I»»n«ii»ll4'|(«rfi t7!ii .. 
!-<• Him- J .nj'rr lr\ in« In me if jou t-an •r«*(:i|{i«t»f l!n> fn-t .umfw l,h«- 
'1 MTnsfram ;r(»ii. IV'A t hmx^, tottW>'. 
. .iu rimlil l>«-(»iw (»» ml tlK HMmmimts tluit H<»'k mn Ik if <l(fr« hctwprn 

IWOlMllg.). Iff H TMl mi-'T IlluCir to lalWl'l' l»r*'ll<W of III* CfWr.I '.1 . ■■.■.■ 

amf' iwHiral sunllnW SnJxid'S rfrr boihrrj ion tkerr HniW Wr .' 

■•«ilif, ft'Mfil iihltadAH •«'»>'■ ' -'I- better t» Jo t.h,iii Juriiis 

.*«*«jd*rf*fti w«^wfc«M'irij» to th.,.r' u mH in Hanus'i \f'»l,o«»u 

■. >.»»» lll«t ••(rtj m fri v'o* 'IPM"''" '"'I '. iiLiartifr*' rtsMn, M.a)h[ juu'ri- 
btiinwHi' to mttttt thm m mim ^to ttmit turn mmii Ni*, hit do il in>'tl 
Otit'Oflte'iiiMil. mt«re»t'm((,'|itaiw»to'fc.»» h 'umlrr thf utiiirwflti 
fMUl* )<itl don't iinkllicrr. 
ITifTC mrt , <il nam*., maaf ' (liiilciilft i> ' . 
tika 4riV'iiiwi pulav* of l«d Ii?(i|M»ltn or thr lir^i '.k I'lNf^it: i:i.f ..l<>t^<i ; . . '. 
fiM!l«i«|.illi»Hirn««li,Hii!ir«a'r*ini'H Wril, ih<f i-»(*l«t».Hj»a'ti. r....r t.-i 
v^m 'fV'^f»lri, tfti* iriuiv'.. Ihr 'taW«. at-' i;irt.!r ('«whiii:('! to ,a^'«'j*.J H.4i,£ ^+*w 
'""■*■ ■ iii' r«.iM»lr'utel«ti«irai|u>i<'". !" >.'-'. .■ '!'■■'■ ■riinj «B[«iwi,»ll div 

;• . : ' •■ i'*r*rft J*™,. ,*«.!'*■ k r, i.iM..':.. ,..---rK .HfHinii'hu nuiti'ir 

■'■IdniflJ nttUrt ytAi ii.r«'<t .«"'ni<'!t'i^M,' '.■■■! -:'.r' ■ 
-iiMrfb (««< iKi' rmwhv frt-i.. ). n i- ■ >,■■! h. i ■ 

fttmitk Imitlii" ■ ■ • " ■. d'i! >■> iTifi 

■4ii»lai|»ll*t(ti ■. -™'t»r 

hi,i!i,H'il::m.r'i!'.M' , '".i 1fir.n,:il 

li.t. Ii,!'i.| . ■■,.:■,■' ' ■!■ 

I''erlin'|«i. ><m Ha- 
Mrrwsul' Harpr!- 1. .,,.. . 
canipMiliMi >'<»"«■' ivw. 

)'.mafl}- .arr nu<k.i.i]ii. » t»um« tti'- 
aMni«». til inkA taut tluM' m auimif 

' 'tlir teMic trwiBlml 

.Ml ilt , HO lie Til* 
■ >M ttw: 

I :iMii* 'wr'w Jim alimil tm*mi mw^H"!* tlial «» tmU ifvcr mint 'to 
Mludiw, t*r h»v'# •#"' W*»l'l, d^m't' f#*^l rmWv if v^m* .^ioti'i imiih K^^fr V'*m*"- 
work, *t raj} < w"ur :.iuil lri.'.rH ^ ;m pL'i' -M.' ^tisiJ'. 

Join Politteal Science Club 

meetings on Tues. 

In 0212 at 12:30 

Political spealcers and 
model U.N. Trip 

If yoy cannot make the above 

iPMlInQ time, Contact 

MoNy White, ext. 430-395 

Mezzo soprano sings 

Tl>v St il den I Aetivltiri 
<ic|»i.ctfti<«t Wilt piwail .Alir* 
.t'Hi'ti-hcr. mmm .iMiiraM, in tin* 
lint ■-'•jMwrt t( III*' Ml mmemm 
ii('imw('« mtni'iMiom .iaritt iMt 
Si>pi 1 1 Tilt (Mart il* M (*llf at 
liJ ti ji.,ni. jUinliilaii i.« I'ri-r Tin- 
pratt'mm will imwrI »( «i>rlis tn 
L»ll»', C'juwinl, Hiamilrry, 'I'un-isll, 
V'infH Tlniminwi, Mfj-ertMTr jimI 

T'lM* Hi(iiii|iafi m«M lljii Ucai 
hitBiril in <>|i»rii. imlen*.. rental 
and 'Vf ■Kmrawavf fnimi li«*ttl> 
til 'Wlan 'wliOT* m An*nii-aii Opmtm 
' ":i'ltl.t<n» Wiiiiwr ilie tTMlad a 
-'I II)' .iMi,m« in* rule at MpiM' 
h iM: I (■' a F .r (' 1 1 i and 
■k'camiMiiiT'mit tlie 'dyjm ttddtcr'a 
•nai (HI (he ¥'liiltn. .%i a r«lili«ii> 
Hntamnr* ullr mial*' Mar ilctat 
Rill' tiMi aniMur KManMRa af iIk 

fc«tim -Svi'imhmj'i I Irr HMiir^f m. tiw 




aall will) li... i> .. 

Siirlirt'S'' ■'» Willi ;>'■. .ip; 

fc M»tr«>|w!ii3ti '>: 

Vork f'ii • 


- ' " .,1 t wiavwfi ■ I '. ' 

■ml A.'i'n(it'i •- 

llt» Ciitelnnrfli 

.Siiiiimrr 'lltfwra ilv lang BiatacI 

FaMi ' 

Thr Unilird N«.|i(iu .HunrlM 
Iinlitiitif SiMMMjirwi her in rcrtal 
al Hniitar CiMltefv. and whir wa.fl 
liMcd in * i,'«K»n, of anai *nh t'lMi- 
Kaljiina.1 Symiiltony OrohMIra 
Tli» itain 10 eralc iww auilirru-r* 
lia* M 'Mil* itatolwr una < " 
(mihIHC .an iiftrt iIbiwc thaM^r « 
Cranl .ll«|iM» imhI imitanliifl «l« 
KM' tiinai^rtt aind'(b'Mrr)r<i n( (ii>- Wair 

l"t' H' ^'"."inp.nn ; 



at thr Ch.tra|!io Mai»i'jii i. ••■fi:e ■•: 

H«ii»«'rH tlnwiindy 

M(>i, 1 I'lutrkef »iU bt 

'iri'>r!»'<l l>v Luitni'lla l.aau tt 

■ I '. riH ■.«■•• Hiiucal tatli'fr Puino 

l*b(''iitl;.^' . Hi.. IjiMf l>M|tan I'irf 

tniialol '(twlin in twr iMtiivt- 


n , 

l«Aiiiiii »r(«^prii,ir 
aliiilmta in a iran- 
"fulitr.* t-arn I^'l .r. 

i ' r .'m*"r 

■ • .li'i.-i'tS 

' ! Naii€ 
■ . KhI 
wLiminw aa 

peer tutiir* niaal 
a'PiitiraiKm in tht Taitmw fMlcr 
'w-,:..(ft1 m Fli'''i.' 
'to J'|u.;il!iit'\ .;'H ..I |>r*^r lutor, a 

•twltnl iiN'M hav't nrncd a ijradt 
of A it! tint cmarm iir (■(nmct liir 
■W'torfc IW will tutor .Lldiliiitiallv 
llH"' »l'ii4rnl ri :j 

rH"inii»iii«Kl»l»>H- ...' 

iinil.nie«i»r. After a »luil«i«.** 
apiitKralMn iliai Iwcii a|i|>rav«d. Mr 
will sitmd a hrM |Mi»r Mwr 
Ira lain* tcuiMi 

FomNsr (>"*rf 'lu!«f» havi- iMti 
t.lw> Umtv' " ' ihU' 

:tirfi rrw.i' .. 

^'lUlijeiil... a fM^er iw ...■.(■ t\\a\ uwrrme 
III'.. ««n kiHiW'Mcr # lite fwM 
»ihil» ileamtnn to ctoLim the 
:«il>'|«i. (i«i.rij ■ 
t'HUni nM)' alan i 

lls.l«i,W»;, to. lalkini.', 'Ill M'orki(nj.i: 

a it.fl a vartetv of .piNifile 

M.d".r'. ii-if..r«i-.fiofl 1^ avalEalilr al 
Ihr "1'Vt.rr (riiini Mr» 

<»"Ii. linntnrnfllilormt? 

She fan t-Mii rrariMN* al ''-^ 

Vnipab'vlii.. Ill* iwitliinMl. kcf Dcifarmer. H«r 

•ituidlira al l"hif.ii;o Mii.«iral many lat-al 

Cmllege. «|»<»i hrr ami'a'l in the comiwtitumu. 
llnilail StalM, ailh Dr K.ud<ii|ili tMutr ctmctm. 

CaM and Mntllc 'Ulairanllca and A.ftrrittwn Mirr 

rwii^ivad heir Mantrr of Muan' include Wl>.'kl.■^ 

.le'iiree i»nl'i 1"n.i«.Ar.. ■'..'■ pmno.'!. 

o!i. a rri'il i.ih.^ J. ■ •' . and .^m. 

•tiMJUiaiiiiit and 'C'liarolW't louru- pmno.on \>n ; 

in [h« 

-( IITK , 

haw wnn 

fall mil 

n Serins 

' -i"l'>n.«ht. 

'il Jahn 

.■et aiMl 

ViUre INalikrt mc/ja Mt|iiai«i. Kill ||re*i«t Ike <-.»ll.-i!e-. Ilrni ewi. 


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famous Brand Nanw J«ans 

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Woman's Ganuina Laathar Jadiatt 



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*.w 'fANSJUNS 

617 >. Rotvllt. ti. Schaumbwrf 

(oirci ' '■' -'<eiji''.ii"iway PIqio) 

I avaoMS 


September 11, 1978 

Harper Hawks win 14-7 

OB Schmidt scores both TD's 

Th# fl«r)icr fonllmll team 

matttd Urn mmm >-■■■ »-■- '«» 

SCM Canr. dctwlK" of 

tMllMHIiK Junior V;i' 

t.rji.liii: . »«-i 

(tujirtprtai k -«M •(» 

•r»red l»(li Hatt li !mi!i-M«»tii wiltl 
li MWt 1-viirit mm. SetuatM l«l all 
runlww »m » >'iiril«, iMr wa* 
fotle«»il In .fmi Vinwitwllii »H«> 
rafi f"i' ">;' l'\ •^^■ iwiiimf i)»|i«t- 
. -i utatag 

I .Will iMi."'« >.i-ii.:.i .-«rri ii'x-'- 
lllr w*ii ■■»«' ptaywl ■• '•"» '■' 

tall JiW* ;:i pi"wr «*c»mtl h.ilf ■. 

tele ii.. lmt' I :,.., ' ■■• iii' 

(fflutlwH li.' 1 ii. i ' :;..■:.;':•■- 
IWImUKS tlBrOiOi r»m sronns 
ctaWMB. M: anriMnl tM to 
Wmit |Nt1 tl 111*' IIM: «aiiw 
Be •« tlfw piMiMl w'tlli tlH 

«ilh«r m*inti«r» »( U» iMickfteW. 

IJevwi H»a«l)' ami f>»v» Bodiii- 
'tatiwr Oi>d«(fi>«-.l»|»r»n«l*- 
lemivf Uickle Jd r Ijrnalmn ami <le- 
ttn%t\-r tmck MiKi- W'al»l<iii «n llirir' 

Cuw'ti Ktiuik mnt m m cmn- 
iMot M'h ultoBivt aiMl iW«mff •• 
li:n«H» art 'in*. «•< •»«! th* 
niat'torw' »UK W ■ 
(itHt'wnt t»<'l>l«' -'' 

Ct««ll EHtiik Mill f« ttir «(!'• 

.'.....« .<r<.w.<^f yi « V« tr«'''"'^ "'"* fJii'Hi k 

at lwin»'M. Km* V»li 
« a c«iil'e'rr«€'» «•««- 

T»» Hariwr l«i»»l»»ll tram liii|»« Ui ran up llw »c<ir» »» «»«(M«>m r lr»» TriUm aiul Recli 
I ««r> . Thr H«*li« <to-(»ali^ I al iiiilnii|iir J\ I l-l tall a«-Ml» l»n supprnti lo rimlinar H< 





Mrs. Bosy 

ext. 466 



'MiMltal Marpv sani'fn «ian taur Urnal* cartfr rtfllit m 
II v< WattaiM* aai M* (Ira kmnt mrrl k !(»|M 12 « * . JaltH . 


14. Ml 

JrtI Bry*!**. IW» trirn aalj rHurataf IMln-niM lac «ro»M»««lr» 
Iraim l«f III* iltmilK >■ ^aalMvlrn far natl«aal« Irll k loakinf la l» 
prmr M> ftai»li "v^r latl v»ar and |»<»*i.ihl> makf III tmrrliaa I uacli 
\aian h «-anfi4»in In Jrll and i» »«r» hr will <to »rll in llw apramiaf; 

Jtfl Br>4||r« ll«i^» la Irjll lr«mm«l<-« Ion t.aciirl'r S»iMl> Van* 

iMMMaan. Mm l*aca»«r, Ja» mm audi mrk *im» la tk» l.ia»*«r intftallaaal 




Health Club for Men 

We offer supervision in Conditioning, 
Weight Training, and Body Building. 

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HOURS -Mon.-Fri. 10-10 



wilMv rarli riaia NUMawika* »»• aa* ralailna ■<! S3T-; 



Writiom Raiii«v M«rp«» Call«f«. Atgonqyii. and lt««ll«Boo(l», Palat.n*, lllmo.i 60047. 312 397 3000 

VOL t2A NO. 4 

Mtt> a ma.m*t v 4lu* of 'HID ..MM l'v» 'tMia Mytac itl ■taiK (IMI ttvi* 

McGrath talks about 
tax hike, its effects 

taf Dti*»« TtMlIt* "tilt Mit wmM It* Ui toot at the aeailimite pragma mt)k Ik* »ci*iilik 

aMTkiMiila.y Ra'rptrOillat* vill. Mil a .rcfcrmlliia... Tlt»M)iwtili| l«am ceitaiiiHiilji and. aalU! turn* detenninatfiMu. (Itaar la. wtirre rnld vr in- 
Mliprvteii »iUi Ml'. JaMiM .Mcaralli. wmtihiM iif tUt' mI1c|*v. mpltMnc crww cIum nn"' 11>iit.aiit nni •»•><• •■ nvtl as I i|i» - rw twaiiMr rnu'rea 
wtm Utr HitniMliiM It ad itkMl ml vM dlait. it atiil 'Im.v* <• MH' HII- aliialcM. aiHl' I'm a fwrairr sIvImii miiI larhrr - tlial »'* miK-h taarr 
iill H ll n ll'liirfft. imriill l<> |:i!l a rcnreiil uemm lit »■ rlaaa ■■< It U1J1.B .■ claii* «>f a In Mie 

■AflMMIBI.: Mai. b II* mBm .■■ilUg tar IB II» ml l f ll ll i W. ••)•' an* a( lUc IMini* I ilk*' aiDtml ■ niiiimi(iit.y ralIeK* » <ital 'Uw laactoni 
liMiBf * UMl iMIiructaa' In. a >iaMrun :iia«# a pcmntal ailerfsl is tlieir Mwlcnta, t 

MMIHAYM.: "Wt art aikimc Imr • T 1 .iK'miC' m. tmt nllilwIlillMt Ua lliUI tdal *r 'IhiiiU Im* uwnx <if fItM. 'Nn-aiui' »* •makf tar tnmaalnc 
liaMi T1l*l«il>a.«irlMMNr«nr<>«utail:iillM'*Mlal'ltcaLi " ciasisin vlirrr-n>rwfc(iii.M." 

q. Mii» mnM II *Mm« to iilgH'tlMlmt 

A. "It awitd iMvc t» 'Ixr M;r<a*' (h« tart. TIm; iMlMr tfiinii: i% .von mmM 
tmir* to cvaccl raunaK- 'HliiM no* Uk* |wlH-]r <■( lit* n>ll<>i:i:' i» lo rancvl 
na*n««Ki llui *•*«■ roBiUwimi* a| lea lluin IJ **'<l |initii.t>l,f tiatt la miw » 
la. M lawit In IM* ami viiti a ourkci v aliir u( IHl.tWI lu a* wtniM 'liaw tii Qtal titi aiml nncal f lainM with cufaUmrntu fUwn U tt am] • and. p«<i|il* hf' aiH-:!! IK.MM atipRAnMirb !h> tl' ««"(* talkirtic •Mill am IMI^Min wMld tw ml.irM Dial Ifair rtmtim m u»itrr rttits l»eaaM w« raa't af- 
biani., mUch Li. atuml itw raniia at Ihwmi hi «ir ana. at 'n lalklnc .alaiKl (aril (» iiffcr it 

Ill.a )«ar nr It a ratmiti ' ' 'Wtut iilii,.i. aiiKiwitic lo is Ihal ym 4n rwniiiiit Oir mwiiMr nt claiwi.. 

(), VM '««iM. haMwn If tilt fi la Hm Hi m MaT and' ttel |mllH.U.t vwld mutt in li'wtr ctanac* bctmc 'altarad aiul (rwrr 

A riri>l<>la.lllli<'rirlfri>ndiiiii>'ifwl(alni{la(aillMmi.iiir*rallllMr|Ri:i|Hie iMtrartWiial iHNiiii &> tlx lint ffleel (ml UI* nfuraiidiiiii on iiiKhi 
MNftmi. 'I#''l*> '*"•> ttm mm. If II *fff ' la tall wM I'd .ha* t to ilii la ciaittM cliaci • wwlil (w an (wrt-time f acMittj aad itlial «• mil m' Mcrlaad m 
mtt$ ■mmmtltm.. 'Hmv ■anlil 'ha maci' Mt Iha eiwunmat wu farMMnMilacwIty. 

htrUH'taihraiiiliiiii itiall." Tha m*I iMnc.. qulla hoMallr, «t iiMld' liavc ta laafc al la awr incan- 

it Ifct pii f t m il tim c iM iiii ii ii T Imt trMhuitn' cilaaaci and wlwr* mild m* an liaek in irma. <if afirrtiii 

A. ""ni«} tMuM .kNik at altamaltw vwaaai' al iictlM ami ii|:«atn« 'liMm laclliMt M ftialtiiti' hctauM iwtatn tyifim <if KroMraina aew man «:|m»- 
WMiil ixt * fi:iiwtliir nl thiaic* ••' il tef * i* diMiiaa: tmiii m ihM-unii aaii f ivt ttian: nKhtri. Thtn omH Vmrt im. any Ktmil Maikauc twotiraniii wv 
liaac ra.nNir laiitliltiiM..'" cwiM «M iMcaiMC Uiay aft' niM dravlim «i»>a||h ntudanla .al Che prenent 

% It m riilHiiiniiwi !»■■>. Hilt mm, < .gawtal wm auMltf >t tm4t m tnc' 

ptnpMltMli 4lMMa.flt'lM'lllaiMlaT "in tanaia «f mpimwI larv'ICM mttik a» in llic lllrao' ; an nmiurlinn ; arul 

A. "^Matt iiai tha tkm iWllC 'UM aouM hai|i|icii iii ot wnuid laalt and we* MMlng ant iraiiiwla. 1 rata i*mM b* ntadw t ariwa Iha buard. I Hunk thai 
li mi' waiMad la ga a||a.lii (ar amalhrf rrtamidiiia and: nluil would he the it.wd4Mf vimiM' mv Uw cdct'ta at lliia vrry ih<irtl.y . pn>ba'bl> In th«r spring 
anwaftatellnit." Mifiaalar Wc'rt coiiimltlcd Wi th« (all mmeattr rt(M nuiw m w« can "I 

% IIWM MM I* llMlia Hha aaalglll llillw'? Iliah* my rat.* in term* at thoat elaaie*. but w* wmU have In dnInK 

*.. "I dan'l 'hna«'. A M iraaM. thifcnd an' wlwn (xir glrMgthiand waalt- 'liia hind* w( things I lalfc«lahaiiltarthe!9prinKmi)em«tar.'' 
m n a i n maw in tenwa al tha talafumlaw. Tliai wauld' he il* tim emam al % Ttrirtitti t tMHni III Inrrtaiiil If tilt rifirmdiii ilaMi r i p>M' 
maUmt. *, "••Il •frmi » Wnd there We re the hiKiifM, ia«ll, I KMia tht iMand 

"■M mtUMf If il I to («lir«ildwii I M' fail at wmM liava la change HilMM to Iht tlate. I think Hlackhawk Conuiuuity Cdliaiia' It now at till 
Itia vragram here hm-a.uac Chal'a whal Harper' !•.. an. cdiM:a.||«nal |>n>- |M* c-rwi'lt hour. Sludenl tuition t-annol br in asccai of one-third of the 
a hunwiMal.M: imiirain^ amt an w'ru|ia.ll«nal prPKraiti (or Uie amounl id mancf *e utt from |iro|>erty taici. and me'rw pretty much al 

rt(hl lUM &) If we did increaoe tutUon my belief al Uti* point la it 
be a mlniDial UK-reaie But whaCi mlnlmar I would try. and 1 

fvaryona wmiM ha lanaillm to it < rauiInK tnitiim 1 and tr>' lo hold the 
line If lltt nitMMiiini ■ptmm hacaua* of the fact ihal if wr raised tuition 
wt vaald loaa Hidaiita. •a'la aaiiilllve to that and lo the needs o( the 
studcnti " 

HMInMMI NiliirlM. Ami tot 'innld have la rha'niie 

•a • M at talk laal yaar. John RurklKilta. tax praifcnaar. cM 
IV tl.'lMlHtail - ■MH'.MI l<> It million By UM' lime he rul thai. 
i^Mllil hi • »llt|lll Hi. to caiil rul came out to IM.m Well. I would 
IM«« It'taalflMa hi'tHal vu* ruttiiiK thinics t om. Other Than Per- 
.•aml artvice Hiat would be Uie first thtnc I woiild nil. Thay are edu- 
calMnal supplies, books (or lite d«pa.rl(iientiii and awppllca into ■rlenctoi 1 "*-'* "tti rrfknti'itmi jiaim* ITIiat iitll hawiniiT 
■ai lilt Poad Service area • ail Ihoae aiwiM iMt* la ht oil. Tha Ihliifa A "I( the referendum paaaet-lal me chanite Ihal-afler the referendum 
aOlarlllBliptrMMl tarvu-e paaaei. I>cle Mariahiijr 1 itudent trustee 1 aake<l me Ihc name qucatton, 

"lltal<«f'«aanit WMldibe'lo ranUnue IhcattniMiol adiiitiilitTatlaii and 'are we icaini! to see a tremendou* c-hanfie"" The anaimr i« m. We'ra iltU 
■eRleai i people thai, left laould not he reptarcd. That Maini to have to hold the line m termii of bemit tary caat canadaaa ■ramd 

here The only thMM if if we do pasa the refercndaun. hopaftilly «« irin not 
ralac iNUatt; «e •ill not have la limit the number ol coumet offered. 
TtMMie kind of thin«i Hut we're illU goini; la haee lo look at all of the 
Utlnici were doinit and try to eal bark But I dont think the cut* that we 
make at thai point will be elalMe to iludenis And 1 dont think thai paat- 
Im II II MOlng lo lower tttitioo or to uac an aid eipreaaion. -put ua In 
daver * Ifi not The relerendun I* Juit lolnt Im halp ua get by over the 
_n*«t four (IT five yean. " 


■MwrH.t««, 10 nctcAst imwtTi 


UI mm 

III 'tht iipaiue imiMM* 

ZZ. ^.^.L™ 

MM mtK t riAjfHpt "^ 
t, B'''^ i ^ - t Jr t-1 thr iwit 1 u * ■(» 

Iw f*!* Hi UHihiHl |TW lBrN» 



Mmpm mUblisfMd fry mtmondum 

rtHnornm latpayert will be Mked la Mfpwl Harper I'alleie and 

fate lar a :...V remit per ll« e^aakaed a*aew4 valaallaa lacreaae la 
Marpar'* tUwcailawit rand.. Tha ahav'* M a aaaiple af what ihr 


In HarpeT'i U-year hlnlor'y. 11 
Il a I .tl e • n 9 u 1 1 a 1 11 r d by 
re.ferrn.duii)i Whal ti a 
rrferendum'" The dlrllonary 

dtrfllMIIOffl K The Mbmioton ol a 

propiiied publie meaiare or 
pcUtinn lo dlrwt popular ifole-" 

Harper 'was citablyhed on 
March 17. tlNi» by voter 
rrfrrendiim durUlK the reviaion* of 
the Collece Aeti. Wwhin a year, 
•lectloni weiw held lor the Board 
af 'Trualeaa. Roberl Ijillli wai 
appointed premdcnl »n4 an 
arrhitrctiaral firm, tea* hired lo 
plan the rampu* 

The rampu opentd Ml IM. with 

S.]Ca itiaienta. A refrmilum was 
held In m 'lor » tai in<.Tea»e. II 
failed 1-1. Thia rale» was tor 
fonat.rui;*U'in ami Mlttcalioii By 
Vm. to enrellineni had lamped 
lo ai>.MI in Jteplember of TS. 
aiMttller rrlernxtuiii wai held and 
aipproved lor fund* l» complete the 
rampu*, and lo buy and ronalrurt 

Na«. In IfTI. tor* i» a new 
referendum, a prnpoaed tat rate 
inicreoK to Mtiaiidtir the K'hool 
tiudiiet Thlf Will mean a 7 S cent 
UH'reaiw in prtipeity late) for 
Harpen edaratuwial fund Harper 
will once afain pat toir (alth In 
the voter* 

Stptewber 18, 1978 





Whan ittiideMJ were aiked' about 
toy thowKhl of Karpcr'k 
reltrcwluiii Ihcte was a ntuwd 
wiw-iioi) From a «udenl''» pnint of 
v'lcu many wanted It lo pass. 8ui 
Irmti J home owner'i parspertive, 
they had second' thouffhts. Some 
students didn'l even know the 
referendum ciuated. 

Pnwn a random aampUnR af 
tludanl't view'poini*. 'one 
frrahnan. Oiamw Hamen said. 

"I'm iiettinK ray parcnlalo vole for 
It." Another freshman. Barb 
Briese said "I iMnk It would be 
kind of nice If it would pasa. H 
would keep the school at Ita Ugh 
standards " Still another ft^tahwiaB 
added. 'I dont know anythhn 
ahoullt " 

' We've HO. to keep up the quallly 
i»f Harper." sophomore Bob 

"lI'satimKl Junior college.' 
freshman Ray RadtlaiewskI said. 
" and I want to see il slay Ihat way 
I feel iff about one of the best 
junior coUeKet' 

If we don't keep up to roHefe, 
It will deteriorate." added 
freahman Jay Ford 

ISophomore Ann Vincolsi says 

no lo more Uses, I don't care 11 
they rut more proKrams. " 

Sophomore Wanda Wasmowakl 
said that she was tor the 
referemlum and that the school 
needs its proKraius 

Fresliman Donna Benrut said, 
"For the students, we should pasa 

"t can't lake a sund either 
way." freshnuin Mike Helm said 
"As a student I would tie lor it. If 
the vhml a in deot. II dlows in to 
quality nt K'hoolinit " 

Freshman John Dinchersaid. "I 
think they should pass the 
refrrenduin for two reasons my 
mother Is a teacher here and I am 
a student" 

listed on 

page 2 





Tuniorrow the c«mmitnity will make a dtKiiiiM that wli 
aff«cl the entire collef ■■ 

The adminlstmllim, laoilty. itafr awl students of 
Harper, along wltl> the community in Harper CaJtogt 
DMrkt ill will participate tn thii decision The deciaiw 
will be to vole for or against the Harper referendum. 

The college is requesting a 7.5 cents tax increase in the 
BdHcatiMwl Pumi. Becsuae the college has not recieved a 
las inenmt atnot IWk Um '■tlidtnt tuition rate has been in- 
|-iiliMHiil Mvcrol tim* to kmp ttp with innation. Harper's 
•dniinWratlMi raallaas that a tuition increase alone will 
■Ml cowM- tlw CMt of eiwratlng the college. Another source 
of tncaoM ia im««M. Hopefully the taxpayara will anpport 

and what aflMttlili tax iMftMt «IU have on 

, it can bt taplalnad aa Mag a '|1« increase 

I a houae with a marfcet value of WO.MW. 

opla think tuition should be raised to alleviate 

part of the college's financial probtein. but that will not 

aalve it. Right now Harper students pay approii mately 

ana-third of the operating cost which means that the coni- 

■nanlty la paying less than one-third to the college. 

If Hie community does not want to give their money to 

gera' or 'young people' they should note that the 

of a Harper student ts n. The majority of 

tare part-time. 

If the questicm. Is Harper College worth the money we 

are asked to spend on it^ " arises, the answer is yti. 

riaopMitothecommunityaTOrlilloursa week. The 

I alao provides over 66 teehnlcat and vocational 

for students and the community. Harper has 

during the regular school year: summer: and 

r break. w^b'alfMt ia'apan all year round. 

.Hkfpar' pratiin alioiil. MJBM atudents an education that 

la aa gaoil aa or better than a four year school Students 

) from Harper are said to have higher grade 

•niering four-year schools, than 

at inalitution for all (our years. And 

.Hafpm- otlefs IMa education at a traction of the coat of a 


If Vbm n im tmnt m u paoaea, it won't necesaarily give us 
moM. Jwl nalntatn what we do have. The coUege needs 
I of the conuaanlly 'In keep going at the level if 


S«ptembftr18, 1978 

It the referendum doeant p«sa. major cutbacks will 
have to be made. Claaaea may be larger and less 
comriencnt. There might be fewer class sessions offered 
tm ead) class. Some subjects might have to be cut entirely 
fram the program. Tuition may go up again for the second 
I in two years; cuts may have to be made in faculty. 
I administration ; night claaaca may be altered and 
ml lack accordingly 

r nnpltirint Ihe laMiea we feel the college needs the 
Bw community staff, faculty, and 
the l lli di w l a of Harper CoUege ti> vote YBB. 
wlien they walk in the voting booth tomamw. 

Art you in favor o( H«r 
lior't rof orondum? 




Letter to Editor 

Loiie/y person wants to write 


My nMtmt i» Tril Wi-inrr and I mm 
pnrnMix tn«i»rtrrmi»d in Cir««li 
RiiVMI Slate Prlaon For ponMision 
wf <}uaa1ia)ka This btutK my lira 
olIaMc. the lpn»i»n and ImwIiiHMui 

of arMm life li«i. tmmi m em«nt 




I wish to <!<KTrsf)-mi with aajniiw 


willini! to write and help «•■* • 

Drawer B 

troubled spirit 

Stormvlllf. N.Y 1XM2 

Dont forget to vote tomorrow 

Opinion: ^ 

SttU DaMo : Ves. krvmm* It 
•Mild kelp Ike MiitfeaM. 


Mlk* Ralla*: %>*. becaane 

a*i aat lair l« k«*v mtmg the 
tame tat itmctarv tar Ihw tii«l 
lea yean wiHimtl rai'tni il 

^«ri» l> \ntlre; Vet. I>e- 
("«a*r I tret U waaM lie hene- 

^ hapBinqep ^ 

Ullor-ai'Oilef . 


t Editor Ed I 
Bdttnnal Editor Sue Canray 

Newt Edflor : Lrnne Urainn 

rcalare Editor: Joan PMwitn 

SfNCts Editor : Joe Kuaeli 
Photo Editor : Mfkc Wendci 
AHMant Photo Editor BcthJana* 

Caitaanlft: Stew Moskal 
HiwinMS Manafer : T«-i rt Jacobaon 

SlaH John R E»an». Bandy Fr*U. Pat Butler. Jan 
MeWharter. DcMM* NietHihr, Teri Kstondo. Jody Saanden. 
Vieki SUka. Man* Th|ry«r. 

Adviior Dorothy Plfwrano 

TIte HAmmOBR is the rtudenl |Miiilicati<m for the Harper 
CtiUeKe campo!! cominunity. publiilied weekly except 
durlRK bolidayi and rinal cuams All opinions rspreaaed are 
those or the writer and not necessarily those o( Ute coOege. 
Its administration, racutty or student txidy 

The prtmary piirpoae of Uie HAHBINGER is to ioform. 
involve and entertain the atiident body of Harper Coiletic 
The main forui of its content ihaU be Harper related 

All articles submitted for puhln atmn musi he typed and 
dtiiible ipMwd.wltliadaadUneofSpm. Monduyi.. and are 
subj««i to rdltiiiK l*tters-lo4be-Kdilor must he aliiiwd. 
Mine* will b.' held upon request AdvrrtismR copy deadline 
IS .1 pm. TiiWilij prior tn Mondsy's publicatiofl For 
advertisuij! rales, call or write HARBINGER, William 
Bainev Harper College. Algonquin and Roaelle RoadB, 
Palatine, 111 , mK. Vhummfl-tm, Est. m 



Harfwr basks in th« warmth of a tummer 
dums basat tha school. 

sun long bafora f allan spandrals and tax increase referan- 

(photo courtaty Paddock PubUcatlont) 

Polling places open 
6 a.m. ' 7 p.m. tomorrow 

CtUcNt !•■ «i*rfii«>«n> •*! •» 
hcht <m Sa0lm*»mt It In" • ■ "• 

to If..!". 

wtm ir» iinsur* ol 

rl iTMij c»ll Ww 
CMIWO CItfn ail Mmn- 
ijilrMW* S«tr»ict« '.1III-3I«». <!«• ■*' 
cterk I o*li« 
Talw)M» MMiiwn (<» IlK livr 
clerki' »«■«■« *'* 

|»iwtiii;t Niumlmr 'Jl Hwto'l 
CnlliM' lldiMl. Si-la)«l<liiar>i 
l'*TW'inct MunilMff tl: Twtmbr mik 

Pm-i<ict MiMier SI; Hilkn>»i 
Sc-IM»1. MfiUnw" fMMtm 

fchmii. HoltHMm IB.i*it« 
Pm-iK-t Ntmiliiif «■ C»iiH>iii>»:11» 

™...,. -- |»r»<-.iMl Nmiilw » "■wM'w 
a».7ni; teHaimlMrc ||||clilMMlfaclMil.Mai»nrcf Pwt 
'k» OfWKt «■■«»«■■■; »•«■■ PncliKl Kiiiiilwt » I>»«iel«t 
WJ 14111 ■m •%*■*■•*•- MaeArllwr S«tii»l. H<>»«i»«i> 

:; Dr. TlMIIM> 



news, sports, 



See Debbie 


Student Senate election 
postponed titi Sept. 25, 26 

to OiMM* TMdite 

Sludent Sen»le ctnilldacy 
petitions »re iwli h*ini{ »€C«>(j«ed 
by the Stmhtnt Artlvllies CWUe. 

in* M« dtadUnt (or retuminK 
cnniiMMl eiiMUdafy lorms to 
nocin tomufroit. They muit be 
turned into the Stmleiit ActtvUlef 
Offin by man. 

ElottiOM for the ien»te will be 
held Sept 1& *0(1 » (ram « a m t» 2 
pjn in the Callege Center Ijrnime. 
blaiit A, and Irem I to • p m '" *• 
firm ftoor irf bWt O. 

The seiuile ronsim* «• ••• 
reprwenlallee (mm *»r* i* "■• 

rolltnrinK di»t»ioii«: BuHnex: 
Science; Fine Art* and Dcaicn; 
Uberal Arti; Ijle ind He»IUi 
Science; «nd Social Science and 
Public Service; plu« three 
f«,ir«Mntativea ai the Cluba and 
OnanktatUm Cooncil tCOC\: a 
repreaentatiee from P**' 
Counaelinn; and the Student 
The finrt aenatt nie«li»« »™ *» 


Further inforiBation and 
candidacy forma ate avaltaN* In 

Aiafiorext Mt. 

J «. n * aa«aa»titlH l tltHHHM » l tAAJ.e 

PretMCI Rumhar I 


Preeact Mumber J J*«* '■««».» 

3. tjMnat May 

ijif UMfn 

PMrnriNiuniar *■ llaftwtrniel 
Sckant. Mount napirt 
PrK-ind Niuntter » EHiW ABaii 
Pec Scbool. AHiwIlOB H««||lil« 

Precinct Number « *•*• 
SuU*««i.|lclMl. Pr-iwt HMM 
t-n€mi* Mumbat T: RrW ffaHa 
Jr. lllili.I* 
Precinct Wamber t 

Prei'UKt Nii-niier II Miner Junior 
Hutti S*h«iol. ArliBfton Heights 

Prti-mct Nmntier 1.1^ Ttmmm 
tmtm HlKl) Schoot. Arlimtlon 

Prertnef Bf-mober tl : South Juniar 
HMiliS<!hool. ArUncton 
l>T»ctnct Wuniliet tl 
Hmf !k-h»"l *rl>iml«» 
fretuict HwntKf If Unely 
MNHlMMMi. Elh 0'"W« V»ll<»K» 
mtUM mmtmt I 
Junior High School, Mount 

Jaaior Hl«h School. Mount 

M«fih School. WM rjnwe ViIlo«e 

ptaeinct Wumber II 
i:>ouley School , St-hmmiiimi 
Precmct Number II-; *•» rOI 
S<hool. H»no«»r Pack 
Pretinct Nnmher 
Suhool. Scboumburg 
Precim-t Mumher J) 
Elementary Schaal. Elk C 

ProciiM:t Number M: limhall HW 
School. KoHiim Meodooii 
Precinrt Number ffl" Jonai K. So* 
School. KollMil Meadowf 
pnruift Mumber M: Gray M 
Santera School.. Palalint 
Pr«,MK-t Xamber a Sluait H. 
Paddock School. Pabtlna 
Precinct Niumber M 
MIeroMi School . HoWman KMMm 
Procinct Mumber « 
tlmrchin School. Pa.biline' 
Precinrt N'umber »: J. f. 
Hoover Sc*«iol. Schaumbiint 
Pracinirt Number .It ArmHron* 
School. IMInMo SMalet 
Precinct Number « J4iho Muir 
.•k-booi. Hotfnan EUalei 
Precinct Number *i 
CTturchiU School. Schaumburg 
PreciK-i Somber «1 rredenck 
NcTiie School . Hoietle 
Prortnct Number « North 
Barriogloti School. North 

Precinct Number M HoalymRoid 
School. BamnglM 
Pre<-inct Number tl 

Middle School. Bamngtan 

Precinct Number t« Grove 

Avenue Si'iiool Hamiuiton 
PrwHnct Number « Coortryiide 

irteot. Canienbiewmie 


l^K %•/ 








for appointment 397-0100 

Algonquin Plaia 
833 E Algonquin Road 

(Route 62) 




WWi itl till* hcautifvt 

IKmiito Und to forgrt tlul 

uMWfi Tlnl luteal li> m^iMi' imiiv ■! tnw t 

wMtiitteUi. Hot imtiirtiiiuMy mwtjr «f n IWcnilly iWt "Wt Ml Mi 
Iht mid." I hmm 1(1 MliBit ngH now liiat t mm on* «t llMMt pttm^, 
iMt I w* imaillr mmt 'ilt Iht •mm icMUcainMl ut nc. W« were 
iMMMM ftctlw rf ■lill fr i W^ liH L Iw— |MM|>t« tttol rliuMi to pnA 
rifM MiM miiMlndjr' etic. liwirtiH' thtfii no eili wtottof«T . 

Try lo iiMKim! Uitt ll)* www i» hlowinjt. lh»re art drlfU twii l» 
thiw f<w« m h»«(*it. Ill* »ir Irww* Won? tt mn «nttf jour IU)«W1», 
*iuI>iWr •■ mro. Vmi IlnaMy finuiiicd >iMr Umi clmt and luiv<> 
Ulktal yMWHlt inta naklnf llw in«t iMliiriiiMKe W Ite iMUtnit M 
( on hfwt «if cl<i«l»tn((. you m«filaUy Mtarcii Hie rring- 
I fan M liHtw Fini you liunMi up tlie tweeter, then 
emmt Om mmlx m»nm, top ll ofl «tl) ■ iwlr 'ii( mttlrM. then you 
Um* «■ UM' iMNid fir ailia pmtMlliin. K'l Iwnl (otng diiira i1m> 
•laM btCMHt Iht kwed katvi' Hopvuic in your (mx M\ the wai to 
tlw diior. you're irritiiled t>y the evrrpretenl amcll el am-leni ranUJ- 
i that l> e»e|i«>K tnto rour lungi frwu that aMvnd Itand mut 

Ai' you mnw aveii Uie door to the wortal ouMdc. (ludcnl* and tea- 
dun aMIie. n«<* n> miKty taalile eiii(»ty ftaiaroonii K» avoid U» 
lata of aif that numb the skin om contact The wwlen air gratw ihr 
iim and. iwmta it flyiiiK mA a« your haniii and >«u arif vtciiiualy 
pulled to UK »ai«ic* irahty Just I** a ninMmare you ml«hl have 
had. you »r« tolled t>»(-k •.»! Imrth iluruut your Jmirney lo the rar 
Allar yaw firal fall, you reatoe that iwiybe yiMi ihouU have tw««ht 
(■■■•'tiililMr-lawU. haMa wen If lliey w»inmt m ml* •nym.we 
Vmimm no irtu a«aliiat the (Itifry •Ma itutt Na'ure ti ]u«t mer 

Allar ••Milt (* * ic<*M<i« out »> the «ld, your n«ae telUll'to 
fml nlhtr mM, you Mwd a klcemi Viw find ynnell tunlilliiw 
I ymr v«-k«ti viith Uutiie titK. furry (nittena on. I>ut tlw 
I oan'l mk* out the al>)ecl> oilliin. At muck m foa 
dmiFt' HHt la, fon nmuve ane glove ta make the icardi • auwiaa. 
A 'luiMW: giuii. of atr |nh« your Klwe and. you watch tt go flyinK 
acrawlhe drtRa. hcadlnn nortti. Xow you>* raiilly fuinini! iMcaiiat 
thar* (ran't any kieenci: lo .y<wr (MK'kel anyway. }uit mma rolM 

'Now yai.i«« ywir ear. n tiift. taeautlM. wW. a 'agM! Hk railto' 
dMint WW*, hat m what. The itgnato dun't liinrtliin, hot who tarn 
thmn" You're lual iitod lo «tt the heck out 'Ol here Si\ wait, ywi'wr 
•tiieh: Vou cmiM iuat «'reaii>, hut no one W'ould ewr hear yoa in 
titia vajt ■■aMaMi of (wrttnit lot . 

Mui-h tit your duwuat. there in a Honila Clyk- inrhed on oae end at 
yoMT Baalar, and a chartreu»e mlkiwanen on the other 
Nta laa notfct that not »inly are you cold, but lh«t huniier ■■ 
tat ewtaus a« it Knawii at the inner wtUt ol ynur 
. Laakinc around, you m« many other can |>arkt<t Juat like 
I ia. Everyisitw ti Murk. V'ou try to lake it ■■ a amaolatlon. 
but your tenae of hiuoar tuX ran out, Depemdlnji am what type of 
pcnwn you are. you will either I ) cry. Ii iplt. 3) Iwat un the vidka- 
•«gai. It hast an Uie Honda, ar II iu find mmiaaiic lo ktlii yw wut 

HI'S nal rmlly that tiad. After aU. wliat ham you laH' Maylw 
they'll Are you at the Pi2ia Burner Palace when .you don't ihaw up 
tar wnrk Maybe the iki trip will no on wlltMMt you Hut tliere'i aw 
tlunii to remember after il't over, don't take it (tenmwUy I'm ture 
•haeiror parked behind you didn't mean to hurt ytrar feclln(!» <>ne 
Uiuig is (or sure. Ufe can be very dIfficuH i( laneone parka you 
in ."and leaves you "out In tlw cold." 


Earn whiie you learn up to $5 an hour. 
Work when you want, where you want, we 
have continuous 1 or 2 day local assign 
ments for : 

I) lifM factory/ware«MMis« $4,004 

College dropout to lecture 

.architect. *niln*cr. poet. 


Burkminater Fatler, will be 
Harper Cotlege't flrat gaeal 
Imrturer o( the fall semealer The 
ta year-old fuiler will speak tn the 
loumce of the i-oUeite's Palatine 
enmiMa. Altanquin and KMcUe 
Raada, Monday . Sept . IS at t p.m. 

Beat known at the inventor of Ow 

■Mdcsic dome and architect of Uir 
US PavUlinn at llw IW tVorld's 
Fair. I'iiller it the author of li 

books, reripienl of 1» honorary 

ductoratei and M inlematlana) 

rnUar daaerfkat Moiaaif aa an 
averaflr man who in tW made a 
barfain with hunjelf to discover 
the principlci a|Mrative in ihe 
unlverae and In lira them over to 
haa icikni' men. Thaac prtnctples 
are daicrtbed in leveral of Fuller's 
twoka "Intuition" Kipresie* on* o< 
Fuller's moat fundamental ideat - 
that humanit)' ut iuffenni< (rom a 
kind of roamic near-siKhtedneia. 
an inability to comprehend 
unlvemal prtnciplei due to c«m- 
wntratiiin on: ipaciial part*. 

A collection of Fuller's thouichts 
an tin- nibie<-l of spaceahip Earth 

can be found tn "F.arth. Inc " "The 

only raaUan la coamic. Caansic 
Indndes all - macro - micro - y«u 
and I." aaid the philoaopher, who 
for the last tt years ha* spent nine- 
lanlha of bi* time amy from hi* 
official home. 

■'Syneitetica. " a CMnpoatte of 
Fuller's most Important 
philosophies eiplorea the 
tieometry of thinklni; 

Public admtaaion lor Fuller's 
lecture is 12 Harper students with 
an activity card are sdmilted free. 
For additional information, 
students call W-3am. ealenaion 

Kingston Trio sings Friday 

by Randy Prtit 
tlw Kingston Triii, a popular folk 

grnip of the IIMs and Mh Is 
coming to Iht Harper CoMete 

Center I.j»tin|(». bldg. A. Friday 
nuttm al ». The trio, consul irm of 
Bob Shane, Roiter Gamble iinil 
(leorgc Grove, will be performing 
both their utd (avt>riles and their 
laleil twlljd*. 

.Shane. Ni<-k 'Reynmld* and Claw 
IJuard (tirmed the original 
Klniiston Too in 1»ST The jraup 
•elerled the name "Kiiiitsltn" 
ta'OKiM- their mu*' had a calypso 
sciuiKl to It «n<l "Kingitoii" «»med 
to evoke a JaiDiaean ieeling 


nir Dan wanMF 

S E. A B C H. .a» Solar Knerity 
ami Alternair Resource Club al 
Harper, i* lookinii. for. aludeiiU 
Mtcristed in captunnt; the power 
at tht- sun and puttinit il tu wttrk for 

A meetlmi (or ihast wtui iire 
interested will be held m i,l<-tober 
I llatc will be announceil in a laler 
issue of the HarbinKer i 

Durtnit the meeting a President, 
Vice President. Secretary ami 
Treasurer will lie elected from 
those present 

SEARCH is headed by 
Profeisori Ketbis. Coltlni. 
fjihinann. HedoH and Vohanon. 

PfflMical falciKt' 

Succeai first struck for the trto 
in HOD when Tom llooley " hit Ihit 

top o( the ri-i-t>rd rhart,i. 

Sncceedini! r.'i,-or(lvriKs include 
Where Hiiv.' All llw Flowers 

(;on<>' ", .V'..!!* ant Soda." and 
-The M T ,-\ 

The Rnnjp also earned _l.,ife 
MaitaJtine's Besl Group of the 
Year" awart, 
1(1 tw Ouard led the group and 

was replaced by »ln«er/son,i|wrtter 
Sttm Stewart. By IKfi the group 
det-Mied lo pari c»m,pany. It was 
Ml until l«73. thounh the work uf 
Shane, ttal there «»i another 


Grove perhaps best sums up the 
fcelilngs of the gruups members 
"My personal ambitions are to 
preserve the happiness and 
success thai was and is the 
Kingston Trio, and to take it from 
where it i» now to wherever it may 
go, (or as long as we may continue 
tohavefundmnKlt "' 

Tickets are 12 for Harper 
studenlK with an activity card and 
t.1 for th<! general pubhc Tickets 
and information are available in 
the Student Aclivtties (Xtice. A,I3(. 
est Ml 

The political S<:ieiire Club Is 
still looking (or students Interested 
In liegislatioii. and Ihe Umled 
Nalioni and rxperienring for 
themselves how the systems run. 

The polllical ncleiice club la run 
by Molly Waite. students 
interested in joining may contact 
her in room DIM or attend the 
ineetinKS on Wednesday al 1 p.m 
in F 3M. or ui I> 212 on Tuesdays at 
11 .W p m All maellntis are 


5-11 PM Shift 

Jovan. ih* Isnin growing manulacturar ol Irtgrancat in 

Itw M«J«w«. his no oumandina opportunitv to* un wtit>l. 
Tmul wit darter to gat K«nd|.on «KiMritnal <o oor acllvs 
oualltv contiol d«p«f tmeni The Mtaai ca,>d»d«t* witl ^av■ 
• .nechanicaf tMcligfouod. b« sble to lift tt Imxi 50 )bt. 
wi powaw liw <n*ti«iiv* to worii undsf orauur* M^ila 
malntaMna • N(i> itwl o* quaNtv work 

It rou're wrUna • Dositioo with • fsK-lMcad mttiMry 

lesdet and aniov a chsiisn«a. MDi parsonally ar>d praia>. 
iionaMv. wr« can ottar vou a htf^ly competlt'va ularv and 
flentroui ffinpi bar^aflti. t^oma In to apalv 

Jovan, Inc. 

600 Eagle Orlva 


An S^imt 09P«rt»tnUy Xavleyar 

I Jovan, inc. 



Amateur dentists practice on teeth 

^v ^^^■^•^■^Py 

The trcalmrnl tak*t 
•|>pnnlinil»ly r<Nir lioan "Hi a 
kmt ttmt." tald Mary Lou 

WcMcli, "iMt It'i mittli it^ " 
Tht dm (him Uic irtiKtala <io la 

• DwDcat hMHcy of Urn 

(ace, ilir liai lo matli tor 
laMM*. MrHak. 

MyilHM' PMgniR tlw 
I fi ttmilllli «|M| la icailad 
e, •«!«» ttoy learn alntit 
•verytlMnf tlwy •ill tow t« know 
to •01* lalcr on paiMnta The 
••Mid ««oaa>M*r u uton 111* actlia 
nmtSy bcftna. Rvarywi* kaa tu 

aWMtly' Uto a 


.An oral IntiwiftlMi .la Man of Oat 

DOllsheil Tlila prm-tdart is 
Ml l«y a m«Umd callml 
A rad MiMancv u pul on 

tiM pallMM'-i tMth. if Ito dMMM 
miamA a lurfact of any taoUi tt 
would be very vwiilt. 

0vm la (irmrtnl looUi decay; and 
tlMn X-rajri of Uw tectb are takmi 
"W* arm''! tBowtA (a «lv« • 

aaid Ml HrHalc. 'tMil 
■a can al tto iMtlcnt'i requeM. 
■MMl tto I-ray» to Om patiant-i 
dcntlil'i office for hli 


Mt. MrHalc wortcd on Ma. 
Weindi. and atttough they are 
Ma. Welrich said die 
mm tock to any at Uie 

ttoy IMfficin an fWr imUmIi. At a^SL^ £! Z^. ^^^ 
IIM and of Dm Mcond y«ar In Ito amaT^' ^^ 

onwnun Ito iMMiti nraal otaCaln 

a rcrtalfl niiroter of mUffiil 

"You iiMl MuMnl taltam tow 
at laaat l.MD 

"t'd iwaKain soon bat lliey tote 
a waiting UM of people who want to 
to worked on." said Ms Wetrich. 
"It waa done as profeuionally aod 
tto iiutmctor etorked evefylM|« 

(time, "t^t'ttual 

toy yaa'Mmta'tiww tow todu it." 

Tto' CMI «( «. la ■ nal' toriatn 

tmm dmiM waiii dMi at • 
'AMlal nffir*. 

and Itett Tooth lUins or tavittea 
■re charted on ii patient diaiiram 
After the inipeclMin. an inslnirtor 
etocto out Ito work. If e*»ryl,htii« 
ia doM I'orrwllf. Ito iftalmit 
doilial pmcwada to Ito method of 
arallMK ■■<• KdM 'or rakniu* and 
ptmim. Tton. Itoy 

"'Tto ataioaftom ia eary Hwilc.. 
•t ham la tow* »«rv ilarile 
ia etorked. Ite 

Help available to students 

For atudent* wto are in Med oi 
riuincial aid. Ito Plnanclal Aid 
twice, A.1M, t> currently acrepttnit 

apipiicatiaoa tor lour wrtolaralilpa 
are now available to 

needs Assistant 
Feature Editor - 

Call Joan Ext. 461 

Tto Rotary a«l> of Clk Griwe 

Villagf win award two 

far Ito Call l*T« 

at mtpm. Tto fUO 
are to to iMad lor 
and tiution. m 
iitiaal to full tune 
naidMta of Elk Grave Villaae. 
ielMiaraliipi wtll to awarded 
•baaed <w flnanciai Mad ami .Hgli 
tctool elaaa standing 

Ha^tpcr's Paiiilly Senate ii now 
ofrerinn two ITS Kbolarahlpa for 
tto current fail semeiter t<i co»«r 
book*, tupplie* aiid/or uniforms. 
C'nterla for iclenion will to a B 
ii.Dl average. It accwnoMMi 
(Tidli touta. nniM tii ito adiMt 
aiwl timneial amd. Dmitiiw far 

A nO' I'tlW per leimalOTi 
•cttialanliip Is toinn otlered by Ito 
ArlintHon Meigihti' Jayceea (or Ito 

IW»-lt7» sclMml year StudenU 
miiit to a retuminf atudent - t& 
years of aiia or oMer; tore a B 
■vsrage or totter: tove fuiancuil 
need; and to a resident of tto 
VillaKe of ArilniitAn HeighU. 
Deadline for appllcalioiu if SepL 

Tto Steve Clanti Mmnorial 
SclMMarritfp Fund is nHertnt a tioa 
" l» daCmr tto onat ol 

tuition and for sitoir eapenaat i 
tto fall '71 9 

Tto criteria for 
financial need. 

Deadline for sub 
appUcationsisOc*. 1. 

Additional infoRnaOai 
sciKdarshlpa ia avaUabte . 
FIflaiKial Aid Offim, AM 




Mornings — Days 


• $2.90 per hr. starting salary. 

• Frequent wage review. 

• Uniforms furnished. 

• Va Price meals while working. 



775 Algonquin Rd. 
Schaumburg, I [1.60172 

Mattel Kim sad fnnr Mark toll* preseated • karate and 
denHMIralioa l» stadeats last IVednesday aflemeaa ki tto 


Basic Grant Recipients: 

The second check for the Fall 78 
semester will be ready on Tuesday after 
2 p.m. 

Please come to the Office of Financial 
Aid to pick up your release fonn. 

Interested in 
Speech Team? 

Contact: IMrs. I^^arcia Litrenta 

F 336 - Extension 326 or 

Liberal Arts Office F 351 


S«pt«mb«r18, 1978 

Lampoon's new movie offers mucti insanity 

iri 'kMrt at rmrt <<> ihhJ ■ ■•>«« irnWin .to ««Kitt «i draiMltc- t»t- 

dhr*. xitli all 111* tuTMi iinii Browla haunt mrntt * 

•4 I* iMitUif m cmiaMlMII)! IMIW' pMift ■!■■' 

ttN' m i w i t , I fiMNin.taii riM NDMitt- " -Riaiim: SuMm .'" 'MIiMi ^li nvw 

li*rtll*)a«|:|piid'r«Mf<l)' ywiia*'* (iw y«t«9 'AW Him* 'tim nrlMa 

lM«« IMM lia MMMft «l AltMTlCHm 

n» •»€* M IM> MiMi Uial alH tmimif in 'IMi dtcKl* of Urn WH». 

tmiMM}' aww te minA a IM of und. M'f im* k. tiitr art tlwMgli ■ 

«r«Ht}i ftllM aai: IW iMilil. Ml Ktw ItlMd M dMiMiraMr mmtml in 

r«cf«nl» *!l»n hH' tm^n tvnetn- tiittn*U'. 

Wii III* "■i» 
rifval. bmI' im. .ipKtariitar (aiiiiMii 
Ttmt l» w tHr (oni» of ' ■Ndtianiil 
Ijinpmn 'i Aramal Notoc ."' mi tMil> 
ritin»ii»»>' fuiwj (kpirtkiB oJ t i'«il- 
tag* lriit*rmt.v Iwiuw in tht varly 
tutttt- Thtn xn maniy *ji((«Ii iil 
"Mintal lleiiM'" that mafcr it a 
iMucrUN' dim, *art) ha'VMit Ita awn 
untii/uanc*. twi (irutwlit) llw 
iiMal uniHirlaRl u it» «.r«l:lml 
MTwrfipbi)'. WMIitn In iroillundk* 
In Ijinipammcit ftiMM Rjtmla, 
(X>u« Knwfj aM Cllflil WHtr, tt 
ewitaiiw a IrcfH .iiKiiitaMii* 
lacklnc 111 mmi' nl tMlar'i 

Th» film. «lio nuMlii a '. ■ 
Mil,, 'Hmdrrf ti 1«*n p. 


(■mill 1 

'S4Ma. WM" '* fn<" uiliiiMtr 
MMmill.. nimai''* (atairil* :MiMm 
ar«' iMwiktiif: m Kwnrlti iMmM Kto'- 
(lows awl 'TuiliiriK lartr cana an llti 
tanteaii. Uvliwlii. a IfiM oMIc 
.KMitaa, DiiU> iii» r«l*' >M Ukt a 
c-tam. WMtar lit lir iMUm a 

cMMiitlMirMiar Omm liia tltrwil or 

MMilUilll a niMsr tnio Millh- 
ericiif . It* la alwayi tn tiiUil control 
III 'hit cHancter l( any nw |Mr- 
iiimcr' ctcMli (Ms lurlitra'. M'l Br- 
lunhi 'b«'s #(M» of t^ moMt lal4^i(««l' 
K)im'4iaiiS' Mr«:)U»iil uml will be for 

But Uil* .tt iwl a iiM' mm ■ha*' 
ami <Fw*|>tiiinal pcrfiiniiBMM 
imtit a* Um>' iitif kimM In lif Tim 
Mattlwiwi aa ■-«(«" tlw M m* 
lh» Cnrvutlr awl a UIIMIII* W'Uy «* 
ie«« ilia fral ImiClivrt <mI oC or 
ml* IrwtMi*. ar*' <;aiisiil.riil 
(timiiiliiHil tlw i-ii>< ^11 iliu n>i»- 
■ • * ,.iiK 't..- i.,;>,i .lirr.l!i,.ri ,>t 

'..• li- rl'-Hi''"' .1 liiLin..ui: 

'<» twurii of ciitcrttMiMitl llul 
'■nyitm ■'!» ItiiK* 111 ftiiqn* can rr- 
Ult la. 

MMlMial tjiiiiptwn 'ha* liwiii. Ixwn 
a •InMir In Mie nMnatim mUrt 
(Mill, anil Aim look* at If It will br- 
MMW • liniMlteMil figun m Ihr 
BUB MiMlry a* Mt. II 'Itwir 

'. . .calMng on tim hoWner 


I Mifparu a.r« a»t4tt la ImM m$ Harfer. tiMimi %at p w n t 
i laiiiiw#W' I yiMMa w$ l 

'Dwi'll yift alMiiil any ■iiltfMi 
iindM' the m with ynu Mikt ■■)■•. 

A toUim icrvlca. wiiich nrvcr 
■•■M. tall naiMDi. iiMtn '|m-ii|iI* to 
UUt l» nrhmenr yw dMire 

-W»1I talk aihmt aitj-thJiiR." ihr 
aaaManl iHraclnr Mlk* < "mi la«i 

n* "lUirtly coiflikfiUal" lim 
Ha* ttven tn t*ar (ur mna ycaa. 
It't uU ktffX i|iiM9t.." I|:ike Hi'id. 

U mt rf reiTtd a nil 'InNn a jriMUiil 
nifiawai. ■«! thm a imnwnl latrr 
»f KM a vail (ram hit .pannt*. we 
wMtliln'l Kivc am (11)' kifnctnatMi 
li> Iht parvitia at te (tit 
•■h*rM.bMt*. ar nen my he 

Tha htitlM* iiiiif|.hcr ii aptn '14 
hmn a 4mi, trvai 4$.r» ■ wiick, al 

MIka ratiM' oft a vaintl:)' al 
anftlaeta ilia 'Ctmntlart 

'lalknl. •tam ''We takt artim 
•cailtat n9t. vir diwusi (wer 
imltlMiM. uniritnl. rmnlianal. 
•IrnlMil. limit, (amil)'. ■« and 
(•hysiral ahum proUcmti-.but 
«*'r* hcrt la talk abwl anylttimc 
MM' falkr wanla la. " 
The}' alifi offor a "luwiilli 

far '|H»|»I« who waul a 
rwammatr hill 'fan 'I fM on*', Ihr 
Mltiir «»n«t>> iMwiitr. 

'Then is no i)l<h<Fr place that ha( 
a pe^nwin hrljieil In tindiM a 
ratmmmUi." Mikewil.. 

Ha names .are Riven niiL IMike 
said., bat ph<im niumtaera 'wiU 
aiMiMit<inMj be (nwiiMI t« aid In 
'(he tcarrh al a .nMMninate. 

"We alKt pravidt a 'navliw 
airviTal tkilia" bnaklet." M'Ifec 
■a.Ml. "tn leara haw ta roitc willi 



1 I H«>pW»nfi~^ I Hip Wanted 


CiiM»i» lt«f Wanted lo Eifi':wtmifiiiil^«lji'lw 

■il M: Hit «Mnf«. 

Mt. no •clltng 'I*, 
vwlvtd. fw infonnaMn * af- 
pliralMn vrtla la Mr D 

Detit'iiih. ma If Ml St., 


I UidlV'M- 
Mli to Kiirl. ndi ar nan lliit« in 

ana a( Ite buaietl and imiat 
rafulablt Ma.(«>d rettauranm.. 

Cfefl 'Lut'- 

t 1) yr wM rhikim 
CMMnt iKNin. ftaiibie, ui iwr 

Rtrrlngtan iqaart hamt 
Wiiinall»«m allar't ». ni.. 

I'ari. lime 
The (lift l.<ifl 
MMuniNirti area mnn 

Aide ' n houn * wMk, 
IJVe. ta a.n hour Sa* Bav 
Adult Bmit 

p ill. al W.NSII 'fvMm ItaMl 
fifMail n' Marktt. WlwiiiiiiH, 

tnvaniory Audilori-WMliaiid 
wwk. m ei|icn«ne« Mcawary. 
Physical tnvcnlttry iramiaitf 
.hat inmediaic openliv PaM 
tratning (wnod FtatiMt ichir 
dale TraaarnrtatlMi ta our 
Pari. RMga illlcc nacaiaaiv.. 
Day Hits naifc alw .awBiialrit ill 
M jiaw idMifeila. Apply tn iiar.. 
.Ml nr call: mumit Ganaral 
■atiiMM St'rvMra*. Ine "The 
InvaaMry Sffaetabtla" isw N. 
'NorilMtaai Hwy . Soitt M*. 
"' " ' P., It- 

miraaiiii miMiinii and all «IU' 
dmia with nming aide haek 
Smm4. ymi are ntmM fw m^ 
■ ■Jlata .(Ml. ar pmn line wnrk 
WaaHl ^y, yini r^- ' - 

kia available 
'CaM 'Mw ltcal Sitr*kt in- lUlu 

fall Tint UralisperMn . M'Mt. 
M^M S» pir iMur defwrntint «i 
had ni 'i ai i. Candidate muat bt 
caiHHt «< raadinf architae. 
lural/tlruclura) drawln|i 
Omlm ■■nilvc layoul and d«lail- 
Ing o( baaketball back«lapa 
PwMr Equi|Hn«nl Ca am Ir 
vine Park Rd . Schiller Park. 
fll.«llt. AikfarMr Sclirvadar 

Mar Slltn* Claaninf .Service . 
MM per teur, no eiperienc'e 
nac Fli luiurt to ramfily with 
whaol ichediile CM 3M XH7 
after }p nt 

Ski the llMkiat! Part lime 
Student Sale* He|)rei»entalive 
farafctandrantniiii EarnRreal 
vacalMa plui c«>n .Send 
quaMtrationa with jab and per 
Mtnal reference* to Suntntit 
Travel. Inc . Parkade Plaia. 
Suite I > Ci>iumt>ia . MO (SiOl or 
call 'MH' »74'417l immedlalely 
(<>r a|)|>lication 

EARN EXTRA It Of nn call la 
kalp iw with li«hl order ptckinl 

and durinii peak mork load* 

Knwk refular Khcduk. r<«|aMl 
inly witen .acadamtr load par- 
miti Call for dclaila-Coaniair 
iiK 'Ck. Grave. a4«ao. 

YiHith Service Agency ha* 
nfanimg lar ikirl. Uma metwuay. 
I typa. an. 

student AcUvitiei Student 
iienale iludeni secretary 
nmM neaitthp tMiurs. tt 71i an 
hour Apply to Jeanne Pankanln, 
Student Activltia* olflco, third 
noor. A Hld( 

Janitorial pari lime male 
Mon Pr< nioming*. 7 II ■ m. 
14 00 per hour, t potitloms 
available Eipenence helplul 
hut not nec«*>ary 3&W-MI3 

Keen $• 



POnSALE iWB Apache camp- 
er, pop'top. J Steven*. 3Sg-9S» 


Engineering *tudenl need* a 
ridt tram Harper lo Roaelle and 
Wl*» Noad area on Tueaday and 
Wednesday and Thuraday al 
.t «& lA'ill help pay for gaa fjill 
IIW-<JMa»h(of Hick 

Roimi For Rent- Ma a week, 
Utehtn privilegas Lake Zurich, 

movie proves anytltini! Ihough. I 
hope It aeta the riample to the 
HollywocK) film tnduKtry that it I* 
podihle to make » Kood romedy. 
and that the American poblic Is (ed 
up with tlieie weak exraiai for 
coroediM that have turned up in re- 
cent yearii Maybe Uten a trend oi 
orfilliial r»m<Klieii will mierKe and 
Old aiia lonit drooKhi If this trend 
brffuia forth more pirlurej willt the 
■llandhiiniof of'AniiiMl HtMue." 
thai il wn 'be a 'Wikoinc trend !»•• 

Europe trip 
a success 

Mm* Mt it'udMila .and area 
realdania ipent a liiU niMlth in 
Europif this lummer. Thia. iMly- 
toor, the lei-enlh (mm Harpar lit 
the last three year*, took the liroup 
to Italy. .Swaierlariil, France, the 
Netherland* iind Efl«tand. 

The theme o< the pronniin waa 

coni|MraU«e cwiaine* and rulbma 
HIMhtlgMa iirlttdcd visit* to the 

Vatican. Moire Ilam«. the l<ond«fi 
Tower and liindon Thaatr«: a 

cookiflfi denionatratloi) at the 'Cnt- 

don Bleu cookery aGlMMi in Paria; 
hike* m the Swfaa Alpa and an 
liiiider'i tour «l a irand Swlaa 

Hie group lampM paala* in 
Rome, crepei in Pan* bMroa. 
curriei in I,andon. an Indoncalan 
niitatel in Amaterdam. EnKllsh 
chaeaet and ales al their farewell 
party They tried paatria* and lee 
cream everywhere. 

Twenty iludent* on the proi^ni 
earned Harper credit They were 
required to attend claaae* and field 
iripi. keep ealenaive Joumabi. and 
write research papers. SUl Harper 
faculty accompanied the group: 
Martha Simonsen, Saiannc 
Herron, Molly Walte. Cliff 
Wener. BiU Nelson and Mary Jo 

nii year Harper* Inlcroatlaml 
proftram will include three atiady 
lour* to Guatamela and El 
Salvador. Dec 1*-J>n. 1: lo 
I^ondon. AprU lVt2: and to the < 
British tiles. May tt-June ». 
Interested students and non- 
students should <«e Martha 
Sinonaan m PISTb ar call eit. JH 
for details. 

Ing iMs 'pral Wr ed, however. 
•Hi tralii- Ca« Roger Bart at 
»•'«« llaniiiguaiVaMh.Sar. 

DH PASEN kKl his rii« in 
Bldk D Caanot be duplicaled 
No quaatioos asked in raturainK 
II Plaaae call at. tn. 


nitnmiwhilr i irt my 






offc-rs (wvk tn*piirtvmilK's in 
nurMnil I'Vir rnurv mltinivMHtn 

cal n> ii<» ]*>MH 





Students pass time 

■I Imt "h I mmm a ctsu ila«" la 

I aw Ikcir Ubm I* cMck or Ml tk* Mapi. 

ky Jmb PM«rMB) 

Something fishy is going on at Harper Coilege 

1)M' Dtfmtmiai/t of CoMarvMion 

tiilillur imll III* CMi CwMty 
FtttMA FVfswfw iMw dwcidtd tINIt 
('■fp and oUiar fcavtmccr tlah air 
hamtiil l« Uie araa niatcn •nd m 
Uh fM that have Uvid In llw 
Harpar Ij** < Mtuid lildiii A. D, 
and E . > tiaif • taacn killad. 

imaah My tha Hah da I 

but caaac iinililaiiii. Becauat af 

(Ilia, lli*'da|>aitiiMfU has rakaaad a 
pailaBn iata Hatiiar'a lakaa aalM 

wtttch IS II nattiral 

mad* nf Ihv Saiit)) 

AMatican Dwrto pbinl. i n tropical 
I itirati or vine i u a ttsti 

tosicant lliat larailfialaa all gfll- 
lircatliijiR siMclci. 

[)rpartraen( iminlicirt cam* hi 
Hariier rrcrnlly with tbt i 
polaon and fed il tnl« the I 

lak«. ai ovll ai 7* athar lakaa, 
ftnams a.nd mum in llw area. Tli* 
naann tot titis move ii a new 
tUtmry thai u batnc Ma'ttad hy tha 
Bniitc Wwodi Cnnaervatton 

"FWi Ukc Maia. BIihkIU. SuntM 
and Catfiah won't he ahle la 
awrviTt and jiitavn in thew walcn 
It tint Kavrnicn tiah live here." 
laid a dvpartment iiMm.her 

The Kavrniter fuh eal ol> tlie 
tK»tlom ii( Ihi- Iflkc, rmlr poUutwn 

(loar af tlw lakaa and often eat the 
*fl|a af Om aUier fiah m that 

apa'WnliiK ia 'Imiiaaalbla . 

All hodlca «r natar that in any 
way canneet with Hie Salt Creek 
Watarahed. which flows into the 
Baaae Woods Kciervnir, arc 
poiaaiMMl to iial rid oftbe 'bad' fiah. 
Tlie lakaa are tiiivaacd t» be 
tcttorked within the next few 
weeks with over dO.OWt of the 
'twttrr* breed* of flili such u 
ringerltng. BlueiitU. Baia. Soiifiah. 
and rtiffenm tyfief of Catf W>.. 

The imiaon lakei^ a week i>r two lo 
break down in chemical content 

and lh<! pouKMi must be itone before 

the tiah are Hockad laid Uw 
Cooaervatlan DeiiartiiMnl. 

Harper's lakea. aa well aa many 
of the other waters in the ana, 
have the distinct odor of dead flah. 
The rocks out on the water's ed^e 
an sfMHIed with Ihe poisoned 
marine life The Cook Cmuity 
Clean-up Conunlaaloa ia to be oul 
hen takiiiM care a( the mcaa within 
the week, a Conservation Dept. 
spakesman said "That's part at 
the deal, "he added. 

The I>ept o{ Conservallon. 
located in ChtcaKo said that letters 
were sent to each institution 
Involved but no grantlnt of 
permission was necessary for 
pro|ert to fiel underway 

wak, aavaral hundred 
daad IWi and enyflab lay scat 
tared on the shore or flatUiig <■ 
tap of Harper's lake. 

i phale by Mike Weadee i 








^ Introducing 


In The 

Join us today for a Hearty 

Breakfast served by Harper's 

expert food service staff 



ir spiciiii. opm ^ 

Prasant this Coupon and receive a 
FREE Hot Beverage with the 
purchase of a Hot Breakfast 


Offer Good until 9:30 a.m. through Sept. 15 
(pastry not included) 




8«pttmb«r IS, 1978 

Turnovers key loss to Triton 

If nwlliin mm • gaiM nf *>>*** 
4NW1«» tiM leiirt wwid tan tmd 
Harp«r •. Triloit O But 

tmlwrtiMlilir l«r tlM Havka. 

Hm Mai: ma • .MddaUnl mUMi a. 


Alter baWtaf tttm mm In *»m 
lint iinarKr <>n mm^i 
ilayi) nf lilt »»«r. 
or aa ibt miiriiiii niw "nkml' it 

•ml «!• rimttlt, all 
mmk « yanl lint Imfe* Uw lama 
•iiUk oiMn TVKm *nr«l (Mr 
tiiiMi In •tent II mlnutt* 

NuiiMniia [wiiattMst aim Maitlmi 

■nany «il lite Hawk oMamlvt 
dM«««. Maar tlw anil' nt iMt mem* 
half »ri«r ■ Mike W»l»H>(i 
int*m|i(i<in. Harper tuslauw) ita 
(Irit raal «« tt the altwrnwrn 

iiaaftarlaaick Kail SelufiMlt. m» ul 
ttom xaad lar » yar<k ta Brian 
('•ataalman. But Haw ran nU. ■* a 

kaeptr waa immI tar 

aniy «li|M faria. laavfiw the 

Uw Dim iiitaflar wm IMe High 
point tor Hanw. at IhcT cantc aal 

al the lacker roMH na4y la plaf. 
Thii time a Trtlan tumovar 

he liaaika ai thry 
• Trojan tiunlde on 
Trttiwi'f own Si y:>rtl line MixmR 
ruimiiki. anl puDiiic play* Uw 
Hawk* cal tla*n to Uie la. ImI tlwir 
tU' 'iMiiitiia, penalUn Mrm-k 
aiialii. huMnt call puahtd thnn 

tkm Iht Minidi4M>akiiaii 

I went ta work aa Schmidt 

•lit an all iIoim' C;rti»lcnan (ar ■ :ill- 
yanler and a toixMown. whirli 
•Mild l» Harper's lone score ot the 
day The ntm-point attempt «aa 
wide That ended «1k ncortnn for 
hnCh teanif for the rest of the 
altcrnoon Tht- loarth quarter waf 
dull ta the lam aa the opprenalve 
hiiat wore out both teama and 
neither aqaad roald gain 

All Uic ciiai;h«i"i>tf« pfaad of the 
•earn a* they foudhi tmck In the 
aec«d half and didn't quit Coach 
BUaitk wai c*|w:la% plaaaed 

«IIh iMs faelnr aa he said ' It lake* 
a IM of character to come back aa 
wedid in the neccmd half, and If you 
don't have (haracier. you're not 
Itotng to win many games." Coach 
Eliaaik alao commented that the 
Itame waa a lot cloaer than the 
acore mdicated. as Triton had the 
hail It out of .10 mtnulea In the <in« 
half and the drfenae played well 
eonaidrnni! the lime spent out on 
the field and cnntiniuwaly having 
Ita back againat the wall The lean) 
playa ThomUrn away this week and 
the taam'a neat home game I* 
S«iil. »wa. OitPage. 

Golfers prepare for 
defense of N4C title 

Ihr Harper null team te wurfcuiu 
iMnl aitd I* ready to conlimie A 
damlnamrr of the ^K' Um* Wan- 
Hg: Hia X-K Ihe^ Haak naithro hat-* 
ma tt eeert year led hy )•■• 
■rmtf* --Coaehiil Hie Year" Kaitlii' 
Baehlold the Haiaiha *n aaain 
la«rn«i. la lahc Ih*' ciinlareiire 
title. itMumwc tliia yaar and. ai*> 
img roach BeirhiaM naiiiM to ht 
la iniilar ailt||e Hale 
lean fptokHMi. awwi- 
r l*w gnllar in 
in Iht MIC, 'With tine 
a.* am. Coach BechMd laM 
■••it«H * ana aHha Haa* mUm 
I'M' hWM' MHKlalai «itfe KMl t'a 

t to wM wmmrn • aiMMr> 

the lea* Iiai niuc* <*i>il) .»nd »» 
»ary •balanced,. Other nemtwri ol 
thk .miiiaid uni Jell (Htmtartoiii.. 
Mm. Oreke. Mmm for*., f amy 
»**. Ml* Meaniikey. .lorn Ihiil- 
riMh'y. Rich arilaaek.. TM Cah 
tanl. and Jim Karam. c;«i*h Bi-rh 
loM anitled mH Cliamlierlam *n.i 
aMmniiky m ■tmtk pla,ytn« reai 

M of' thia wnilm three «( the' Itm 
apuita fur pUyit>,» iit tMirnaineitU 
are lel with .Sptrtnuu. Oiamter- 
lala. and Fitnl. wtth thif ttn other 
■poll up f«» iraha. .^ccordint l« 
Cisach Beehlold thiac paittMina 
■nmU change with every metl and 
ta hti word* II 'i a -Teal dogfight" 
aa #»tryom m Ihe mtm » enpiMe 
ol .ihaillmg. M' nr aadar . 

CtMfh llwMiM IMa the tiwim 
liaoipeMlan tar the conlerowe IKI*' 
•III ha from MM, tan alia alated. 
ri haci kO' :prMM to early lt> Ihe 
I atarta lit trek to-. 
■ llfia on SfH. m M 

Tennis team 
practices hard for 
N4C conference 

Mwvar'a girls' lamia' taan hiaka. 

eery well in Ihta yeara 

The entire taaim conaMa af nine 
playera.. t«po ol Iht nine ralumliig 
from laat yea.r The gMa arc: 
MWy Frirk, Mar*' Kelly. Kria 
K.rtw«er. IVbbie Kuhn, Tainniy 
MeCullamgh. Cindy !(ana,SaMiiiit 
IjMono. Cathy Schmidt and Jann]' 

Acrordin* to Head Coach 
Martha bit, Ihit years teani la 
mu<-h •i.ronitcr all around; than taM 
years team "Thii yean laani ia, 
fify promialng. It has a tat. o( 
I npect that ttiey will do 

Harper Hawk qaartertark ^ell itrhaiMt M'« a paaa lly dariai a practlre terimmage 
hi preparatlaa far their game vy Tkarataa thit Salardat Tke game is an away game and 
Mart* at I » p m Uaarterhack .Srfemldi i» Ihr ll»»k« top Ihrrat it he raa halh raa aad 

paaae«*aU> wen.. Ihe'*Beatkanie game ia hat.. !N-pl. M\% DaPagc. 


T«» returning piaywa art .Kria 

Kncger. and Mary Kalljr. l^aM 
year Xria was named n<ual 
nluahlc player She [lm«hed third 

01) conference, and placed in 
Sccllonali. Kria la playing aecond 
single* this year for the team 
The team has played two .n-hoola 

■o lar Ihtt leaMD, .imaahmg Mh 
Waubnnaee M. and Joliat M. The 

team hope* to keep up the wtnniuig 

The neat conference nwet will 'he 
Tuaaday, at Kock Valley The nest 
.hame conference meet will he 
Thanday. at 1 p.*- agaimat I 

(y Health Club for Men 

We offer supervision in Conditioning, 
Weight Training, and Body Building. 

JOIN NOW! I Ralvi Micrcast Oct. itf. 

HOURS Mon.-Fri. 10-10 
Sat. 10-5 

waiow Park Ptaia Mihoaukae *«• aad ralalme Rd SJT-MM 

The l»ia Harper che«lr»*»T» urge all ttudeniy to »h«»> their •appori and comr lo ihr 
faalhatt garnrn Thh year'* cheerleadm are lr«n left. lop. Tammy Smith and \aBcy 
H«)«acl> Rallom from telt Sa»4e Baaahicoatro MIchele SmMh. Anal Berniager. l^ury 
( lip% t raler fraal. (a rote < ampheU IV cherrleader. ka>r been praelidng hard aad 
hope you will attead the eami-% and kelp tkein i-hrer mi the hawks. 




WiUiom Hointy Horp«r Cotltse, Alflonqum onrf BoicH e Roods. PoloHna. Iltmon 60067, 312 397 3000 

VOL 12A NO. 5 S«pfmbT 25,1978 

Referendum defeated 

Budget cuts are coming 

' al s 7.i aaat tm 

hf' ■ miu af I.IM l» LW. Hm 
I of tilt Harpar nlmtmimm, 
ts ciira Uw alitng 
•J'HcalliMial fBii4, ha* Itit 
•telMisiratar* •nil baard 
■MMan vHkUta laak of IWTlat U 
Wfarata ill* cailtft ullk 

jm wbb " ""Wry wbb v^y w* ipw' kww 

refcrtndum coinmlUtt 

caawMiMliiir Gaitlii riicliar aalii. 
Til* qiitatlnii many 

admlniMratan. facwllir and baari 
■ncnbers an all«ai:ptlnf l« 

■•I tvuimetm to a tai Ma, 
tacaiaa of lilt mgatlvt attMuda 

!■■ ftwalt. ira IrM: 'In :*»• tlM 
I UM llM imnaat vaald tm 


[ a«l->' rarrlad tn 11 
ran Mo rmmti 
tmttmf k IIM Ariiagtan HajgM* 
a«id Maanl Prwiwcl araa l*arti of 

flvdlwaal if a daftMi&. Many 
paoitla vara I walnad : M M dMnt 
iranataU Inl* vataa." Vtrt 
rrmalidaiit at flalml Allaira and' 

OCIMf a c^ia atiMMd apalny and law 
■tndant *<M<' tarawit aa Uia 

■■'StHdml aiiallif la a pnMmn, 
Imt ituOmitM mm al Hanpar ha** a 
ly la. 'Maat that faltaa 
dtMli invanwn m 
aetMHaa lia%ad' ■ tai f ' «« caidd 

Ma nwflad M. Uic 
Itf quaitianliiii llit voter'* 
imwlUlagnaaa la iviivart tha 
Endanl Vav Camy 
■I laai Iwl aboHl It. »'• lad 
a yaofl* dan'l eara alwul '«» 
adwal." Kalbj Orb. a aawwd iwar 
Harper ■tudenl. (aid "It'i 
deprtialng. I lOMa •vatyoiit had 
B Mall and Uht 


"Il'a bard lor oic to undcraUnd 
•liy ao nuny vaofilt didn't volt 

TlHir ba«« a raapanaibiUty aa. 

and In vala. Only Uva parcanl af 
llw 'paaalbla vMara in Uit Harpar 
dMfkt volad." riaciwr laid. 

-I IMnk IDc nrfcrendiun iaUad 
lor aavatal naaon*.. Tlurt wai an 

iratan wafmt talonnad." 

iludant IVvaltC' Ptitr Maftahaijr 
Many Indiwidnala dlaanvaaad ol 

«h« actl««ly 
Harper's roferandiini. Tliey hava 
|M«n aitk^ed (or dMrlbullne 
lilcralare "vhlrh many <•*) 
bmtfara am itanialild .dMnHaaly.- 
They 'didnt annliM' any el Iba data 

1 and Ibal they don't 
the nalurt of a 
camm^unlly collage. They mm 
aincart but « they kntw more they 
niIgM »ary wall ha»e baan 

Na will 
ol mnacle rather than 
fat." MrGrath said. 

Haivar arganlaad a caounltlac 
la |al till 'tka "yaa* wda and ta 
cmndaract the anU-cdtrendnin 
lirouiw. Comnuttee mcmlMra wme 
reaponalhle tor encaaraflnt 
<Mdanlii and Ih* coouniinltr ta 
aaafcla* their rlKht to vale. 

AdnUnlatrators acMd ai Kueat 
speaktra tbrouihout the 
conmnnity. Pr«». McGrath 
■IHIinmif before approxlmalcly 
M pasiile during a three veak 
period, whiie itiidents and facnHy 
■mcmbert called aeveral thouaand 
I nfarendum llyen 
• la vole 
"I'ln vary gralcful In Uic many 
at Harper who were 
Uifalvad^la thla peojaet. 1 bant we 
la IlK dlHlctOI dayi 
," McCrath laid 

rolleKf olfiriali are 
t to Kripi with the Iota Ibay 
moat now concentraU m poaalbla 
bwlRat cuta, which may total IS 
miUiim over the ne«l two yaara. 
Adnunlalralors arc in Uie praceaa 
af fwiiiina 

Ike hudgat and detennlnc what Iba 
neat cnorac <( action win be. 

Tbe eiat mora I 

that Wlntcnm. a brief period 
durlni tbe winter holiday When 
aindania can cam ciadila by lahing 

Studanta may leal a 
pinch IM* ipring as ■dmrniMraton 
toy with the poasibility of offering 
fewer cooracs. "Wr will eliminate 
'thlnga* before we conilder 
diamlaaing emptoyeea of Harper." 

Other feaalMe budget cuts nay 
Incliide a freeie on (utiire hlitag 
for facility. adminiatmliTe and 

may be 

admlaiatraton in an aHad to avald 
raHUing vacant poaltkna CeUege 
oHIelals are rdoetont to dlacnas 
specific budget cuts praaenUy 
bacavae "we must analyse 
evarythlng bofoee we can make 
any definile decialons," 

Seven seek Student Senate posts 

I Senate clectioa* will he 
ay aad Tuesday INills 

«■ ka apanbaoi ta..m... la t p-». in 
" .* aad fMiM 1p.m. 
b>t».m. InlhekmKklaaf hld|.. D. 
Listed below are Ike 

daclaeaOana ai candidacy. 

available la 

la tbe dadaion maklm. 
at Mlfar. I'm latng In 
■ aipallmdty to vote* Iha 
af myaeU and my feUnw 
I am a member of tbe 
Oanlagy Oab. Ajtmoamy dab and 
Political Scianc* Club. " 

aMtnt body knows abmit Student 
Sonata On* of the Ihings I would 
try In do wauM be la gel studanta in 

my dlvMon IMatcatad tai tbe 
actlans of student govemment " 

nlng for the 

Iha student* must play an 

mportanl put. I lecl aa llsmgb I 
.un ^Milled 'to worfc wUb tbe 

a, tn 

I la nil if 

iaO. MeOdtoy: 'II ia my 
_.__. to have the atmoaphere and 
anvlrannMHit at Harper to be lb* 

l can be. Ilainlara, Ital 


li by the atudant 

ui every way d 

Mbaf *l tka 

Student Senate 

I lael I can help tbe 

aindanta at Haipar: both hi ttaair 
ralaliana wltb the admlniatratiaB 

and with their fellow atadenta...! 
am aacUng tbe pontion of senator 
tain tbe liiiiliiaaa are* becauae 
tMa la wbaf* I icel I am wan 
quaUflad. I an a fuU-time itudant 
enrolled in business 
gdnbiMtwtlaft ifaaafar iN'Uil'nBi 
iMIl a ian)artty of my eiaMM in 

Man. I am graally 
wWb. what ocean hi tbe 

Oaald PlariMr: "The raaaon 1 
am running for the Student Senate 
ia that I think the students here 
ahoaU get a better deal. I like to 
talk to people because moat have 
good to say Also. 
■ I* my college and 1 want ta 
in school functions. 
t dant like some thii«* 

'I wasOd Hka 
raprsaeni my diviaion for 

aeveral rcaaona. For many yaara 
m high achool. and at Harpar, 
many of my teachers have tried to 
gat me more Involved in school 
activities, but 1 never had the time 
Now 1 have the time and I think 1 
can do a good job in tbe Senate. I 
alao feel that the learning proceaa 
of a atudant should invoiv* marc 
than tuat going to clasaea. and 
Student Senate wouM balp ma In 
tMa way. 

"Last year there was a lot of 
criticism of the Senate ; whether or 
not it was justified I don't know. 
However. I know that Juat 
critieiBing aooMlMng want make 
it baltar. Ta lapravt aaylUng 
I a tat at walk aad ana's Mans, 
1 1 am wfUkit W C>*t 1 1 am 

Referendum fails 
..student apathy? 

irt fllHcial. Uw raferowlim didnl |m«i^ and mm mny 

pioiptr mn thinUms. "WImt now'*" The answers to tiMM 
mwilUnnii cant bt given riglM now. because no one can say 

lor 'MB* wiat will fe«|)v»«i. 

'Tl» TCI* WM two to ont agatitst. tiw :nfkrondim and a 
■ihit liiwirtBtliiii wonM. nola tliat the ma joMir of Harper's 
iliill.aliiiinlip««lei|Mliii l» TCtlng. A bet. of laewiectiie 
«r Biacitt flf tanami aiwUlr ntHt^taw awa||i.i|lirM«li Um 
c«i«e ataMi llto iaant. HMf'ew tlM'CMiiit»'tit'ai9«:M l» 
try mi pravM* the beit quality of educallon aM aervfcca 
if tlwabMlealS (rant even care eitouiih to go out and V'Ote to 
IHBlp Mitit atlwalT 

Sine* Uw CHia that will have to b« nude will affect not 
aoly lilHt* Hiiiila, M Ilia pfeaant atwdcnt tedy. tfeople 
m aaea 'Imi^' to tiiliw Imm inpirtait UM' ratewidum 
UM. Mayii' •Har te em^ him mm aiMte uriieii the col- 
laga trlaa a|»ia to' ptaa. a iMBili* !■« 'Mteendiiiii. llM eoni- 
nMnlty wmMwrnn wObif to' help. Ibpaftily by flMn the 

TIW .Ural 'thlii|B to g»> as a rcauli of the defeat at the 
poUa. will he the 'Other Than Peramal^ Sante fomi 
vqitipment. Stndanto may start aeahig toner and fewer 
(teaks, books, both in the library and the classrooms, era- 

aera, and other non-personal services. The nest thing 

kmIiI Im the aiaiiiialration. faculty, and .alafl pmWops. 
tiMa* wIm> leaf* «ill net be replaced. Uw «nl 'llaf ' 
'he a look at the wwlMiC' ipngram. Tiytog 'to< aa* < 
claaa sites cuidd be toerwaad' and. aonM' dkaaaa '(Mil 
be cut. out of UM' cwrrlralinn will probaMy he UW' nnatn 


Letters to Editor 

Where were 
the student 


As ■« ■]) hnow 1 or 'ilMHikl kiww ) , 
Ibc MsriMr rMfnodmn failed The 
nMli) |iffilM«a nWll Hits II Clut « w 
«l lilt illaiMi bfdy •ctuall)' 
imm f kmm n They don't even 
knew tlMl there «*9 1 referendum . 
M alone the rciult* 

Ptnonallf. I lliink thai, that u 
■Ofnc'vliat rtdlciiliHW The remit <■( 
KM' palerctHliiin will a(fec-( mimI of 
NM^aMent* <in Ihl* camims. a^nd o 
matornr «( u* didn't eiran neriiM 
our siven rl«hl Iw vnte I'm nal h 
much cwneerncd «ilh the vole cait. 
ai ntudt a* I'm eom?«mfd mltk (be 
lack of ■(udenl vole. 

Aytfwtinalalii oiM pcofilc 
v«la4 aa4' ■« IK'Vc her* over 
It.SH (iMlfiili Wliere venr the 
real ol }vu^ And I don't even think 
even a (ew of Hie vote* vere caal 
ky Vht fUttptr itiKlanl holy 

Whr. t anil* tHdn'l rm me the 
■Inmai Ms .iMiatan thai lHirr««t 
'liW asmpuC? Didn't ymi look al 
riNir' ftMlcnl artlvcties nlendar" 
And (inally. didn't you read Uie 
little yellow fl'i'ers Uiat were 
|lla4Ml •till Imrlnt care «« jniur 

September 2B, 1978 

' tfouek ONLY licGtNb 


not dMit' la sIva lac atiaiaiiti one 

IrM t» atraaa iIh IMfwitance d' 
the uaiMi aai our pleaa and 
■ramtnica (ell on elaacd minda im 
only aorry dial 1 have the Job o( 


ctoaaaa wffl no longer be able to get 
I an cut out entirely. 

i't be able to tnnafer 'easily. Some 
I to travel to collcfies farther away 

\ baant bit hard enouKh or claae SiSf f Of 
I to bsntt yil to: gat aayoM wanied. Whan the 'rats 
do start, awl paafto' .ittii eaa^iMitoli^ 

■ali«|.toiHlp..|lHfaraaiyte'abtotopdl itself out of this. 
If (hey em ent eiwoKh. but tbe qoealiiin. is will the Harper 
students and community suffer because of Ibeae malor 
cats, and it so how ni.iich? 

OGttGr TISn 

improve area ^ 

to Ibe Harper .Whaa^ fealiid:'ito' arboal. Ilie HUnais Oanaar* 
vatieii departmaal almg «tt the CMili.C!o«snlr fWial. Pi«- 
serve have claafad out OM tohat at. 'Itofpar' and 'Olief ' labaa 
to the area. 'Itar did Ibto to :imIM' 'wy tar Ugfer. belter 
ftsh; ltfcehMa(,;hliM||0ieallUba«l.wiiilliii. 

Mm atnienta who go owbtoors 'to 'look at the Mcnery 
armnil tlto cwmNa,. will laaHy have senwthlnii. to look at 

'''Vlk^ WM^mmt^Mik imUtt^^ mtttrntmritM iiarih 'liiiiMlismii' 'tiyiilt MNMWWill'iUi 'liiaatliii iiillii I'lhuai 
HlMp W'UKmvM'm WrnKMSr Wllllillll' iPMI' JMNDHNNT .MIIIB lllMMiEIIJr 'IBVvWPBV mIMk 


Omm' Editor 

For the pmtt mvmM .yasfs, m 
pmt al Mf ra<iw/iv hnadeasUni 

rMtat. I liave imed the Maivar .rs- 
4t» MMIan aa »n eaampie af hint a 

(■lia'iMlan oper'ate*. 
T« iMl|> pratcnt that unit, ar- 

nMSeinent* arc waally mai* It 

ka've a diM- |ot:key from Haifar 

five I iireaenlatlon to the radio 

Aller the vliil hy tlic d.J.. 

art hroMiM to Harper 
it 'IIM' CMaaaw and; ea- 
IMcisllF tha radla IMIii«' 

We 'OBire ettremety lorttmate 
IMa (Mat letek to 'have been inil kt 
hmnh lalSh Harper aludent. John 
Mint. 'Mk* alM mnm m MattM 
ntanafOT' at 'Wlli::M . Jota not only 
Mt. Umc «' hti bull' arhcdule to 
nnie lalit la the rlatiM 'h««« with. 
out any rvnurocraUon. bill »■ to It 
llwit arraniieniMiti 'tor the Hairtwr 

AHanaf 'He M wil be very MMtftooMMliity to^llie area . 

AiMilff' 'laaaaii Ibeae "bellar** 'Mi are baiiig. ;piit into 
area lafcot is 'to' IncnMMi' lh«' peaaiite fWitog places. Ito- 
eaaae all this itMHiay aiiitiwrgy is^beiiig ^naed on the area 
to tinptWM Ha HlliiCt tfafvar should folk>w>up on the idea 
linpiil. The fiah will be 'Of great ses- 
,. hill they 'CWihl alae provide hoiin of 

4 iMIi. 

This new positive aildltlon to ttotiMr 'wltt deftnJIely help 

the school in many vays. Since llM' tokas do attmct large 

anotinla of students and visitan «liie, there are already 
fliliemien around. A netS' Hahflftnaii's 'elith' cmdid. emni he 
slartod m campus. A study of :inarlne life cMld he add«l 
to .aane'if toe .sdenee' ciiHMes<. 

Tbe maiiilCHinee wd keeping, up of the lakes 'mlKht take 
•■•ra can now. twt all the benefits Harper w'ill fM should 
'Omahe all Ibe work 'MirtbwMe. 

I M.III h:i» idaf t. 
vidad a l<inn of bbomlery •etluig 
for Hit Kliidenla to fain mm* prae- 
Ural e'«|>»'rl»itt'« Ihe'i' d»<iiiltnly 
'owtd :n«l daw btan aMt to 'OMalii 

No niailcr ho* niwh iiMiay ti 
aiMM by Uie rolNie m piiMk 
rflallona, it ti mauit;' tbrnii«h the 
ollarts of pmiitr like .Iwhn llllm 
thai lb* pubtin' lavoraMr kitiprp'*- 
Mon .al .lilt eaUagr it (wnnulaled. 
.ani I .am. aurt that' 'ihaaa Mine et ■ 
turlB 'haW' alMMlr .li« anm* fine 
UniMmaaM o«: namt jtrtaiMMlM' 

nianli-riiu for your time 
.Si»»r»ly , » learher- from. IMilrttl 

Bi tamAT 

law. BOTtaAva. I MS.' 
>> Slack WMBt.ui <iahxliS.a« 




1 nm^pm I 



cvsryTues.f p.m. till T 

I/a price drinks 



everyday with 
Lunch Purchase 

Fr«c popcprn 

Fridays / Sundays 

Home mad* 


FKY n.9s 

Cnildren tSc or 

"NawaiieStW SSSS— 

SHIIIMPS4.1S CillCkail 

Children It .41 Sl.fS 


Liv* Actiwi Finballs 



Edttorkal Editor : Sua iConroy 
P'Oature' BdUar- ..laan Pelaraan 
flfiorti. Editor JoeKaack 
niato EdMor ; Mlka Wciidat 

• llana.cer TerrI Jaedbion 

aall' huly rnit... Jan M.cWherler.. Ten :llatMtdav 
V'Mki itijita, .lody Saiaidan 

.HdvuoT' OntiUty firovaMi 

The HAJUUNOCR u the itodent puMM-a ti«i lor the Haisar 

Cal.)eiir <-aiTi{»<m nnun.iin.lty.. publlahad wcahly eactil 
I hnlMtayf and (Mil t%*mt A.1I opinluns npreaMdait 
I of the wrtler and. M. ntveaaarily Ibase of the itHlaiic. 
■IMn, tealty or atadent bod> 

The primary pufipme ol (he HAIIBINGBfl is Ui inform, 
Involw ami enlartaia Ihc student btxiy <d' Harper CiriloRc. 
The'i fm-itf of ilaconwil aball br Harper rtbled. 

All arttclei wlimiiltKt (or piitalicatuan muat be 'typed and 
diHiblc spaciNl. ■nth a deadline o< 3 p m Mondays, and are 
wb)erl to edllmtt ! .i!ll«ri-l«i^he-Eilitor oiual be tigned, 
name* will be held upon request.. Advert.lsinK copy deadline 
a i p.m. THaiday prior to Munda)'> publication For 
advertlslntt ralet. Mil or writ* MAKBINliKK. William 
Itainay Harper Calleac. AluansaW and Koaelle itaada. 
l>idalMMt. lll..«Wt7.Hwa.WI|MI,irBl «n. 

S«pt«intor 2S. 1978 



HMM m iWct In Um Mr <M« ioH at ^ 
> •* ■■>. ¥•■''«« lal UM Imw. 

^^ u^ JL^__^ ll__ <gn^^ M> M— a. *!!!!! ,!§■«»■ jlimiLiiL jta It iriiii|lm"i 

flf HMilrw mi •! nil I 

I tHU iriF fMl mwUn? V 


Owe* ywi I 

mi thr lliiM', 

•t toil «*<«Kily In onltr lo 

ly MniMl tht fttHlIc . " 
If cIM Uw "TrHMtup." Vow. Marl' oil tiy 

■Iwalf . Uftlni f<mr !««• w ami' 4«*iii M II Im patm^ Mom 

fcilat ■il Bn i i >. | |>gli n am 

Ml ■! «Mpl«'Mii|t II •( Ik* aun* Unw. 'On emrt (iMxtli bcal. add a 

"MM laot"" In nMka li» liaim loar* raallatk*. TM* daww can tic 
V tt' Iraat Hm Ui* M a pairty at yaiiT' iHMii* or al UMMa 
KfW'ta^toM ittm )•> '*Mit- 

I tot'OMMfe. .W H'a true. I dw lw« 

Qiqrt. ym itact Mil by rtafwUit y<w liaiHli wUMy tm Uie air Now 
baMI alUia avlal 'tad baiitnMiliin your waiflU. tram lint Ml aid* In 

lilt fl|H Ma and man. ia^ It aiti Hip :|i(««nl Udi.. no* 

111 Itiiii i"l#l. Mck. <M liaii irn'Mii will". Mi iMIlt ywr laM. 

In iiH' .nMMilliM^ ilfela 'ilwHii to tffliiig 'IMT fait... Halt by 
Iwnpim: «p aa' Mgll a» ym .p n ia Hl iy cwi. JMI Mwa jrmir (aal Iwidi 
lit mmtL tmui jrour knata «• Uial you lami wi (hem. M (liil.lMi 
IHt'liai ImnHiilHIIMliaiiily. M nrllil una III pracUcf , ymi mlU iMHn 
l#ilii"iii.tiiliti'Hrt law wHI' aw lawntr latfl' Hit ff>lit. Wlilltiiiiwif' 
HtiMi aMp fW'iMBW* avafinvifani MIC mi hhik. i^manW'Mii nai 

ab*h' ^Hift "'""*■' ^M Imm tl^wft 

ilMlsin. la tlw WI MMl thill It 

Iftw fait*'fa aaadv iii^ Ifliw lail part if Hut 'dtMtv fSlili' talit a 
laaiiii laaf aai % an ta '0* pi^' liKiiiMms aMIt ht ia ihillltvg 
■ck aai IMh. W ataa Mika aur* tiuii your umiiii « §mi. Omn. 
inp'tt Um riall K It la tfMlDliHi i» iIm l«ft Mn )rni liaiw yoar 
r an lif af jraa, Uw iays hava la ifln araand and araund 

iim fan iMla a imciy Aaalif dan^f :» aMU .ywi wan % 'Pi la diacoa 
IhI It 'waioliH but It imititfUnfl'i to Hit tm. 'Ekonl bt' Ian anailitr 
HMMat. ipl a« Hurt' and Inagia- l«aii d loa danl Ml atall 'Mfet 
JaUN flrwnilla> iwH iwabaMr Mtdaaec all your Mandt wbin f wi 
parfam Hit Hiilda." (Ik "Tmimlop" and iha -Ctildcen FUlM 

Activities Fair planned 

HariMr irill 'pnatnt an AcUWIitt 
Pair to iflfann anataila al all tk* 
duba and orKaniiationa available 

Im tlwn The ActivtUea Fair la an 
event al ailik-h Uli' dfit and at- 

■anualiofis on caniitt |tl 9 dlt- 
tdayt v'Mch rciilaill' Hbal thMr 
gra«|i la aU about SliMienli may 

atoii by to team ntal RrauiiB are 

'laa lilannad tar tbe intar, and «1Mn 

"Stadenlaat Hawjftr Klvv llfMicr- 
Ttoe abiKil not being abir to find oui 
aboul cluba and iww they are niven 
the chance II mm purpoaely 
•rhmJMed tor two dayt. all day. m 
' aaM 'Jaaimc 

la HMcmNad In a par- 

Women helped 

aaWf Iheir method inmrrtctly 
Mtdseal Family Plannlim 

ni an alfart to Intotm 

WUKUKUUkt MM QfflNnMllpMl fl 

pNgrain «Miii aiUiia ta adncala and' 
tnfonn you abnot awallallla birth 
cantml melhada, the carrect aiay In 
lite Ibeae mathndi. hana U da a 
brraal ciam properly, the 

Imponaru-e of having an annual pap 
amear. cir 

Tbe arfaniulion li not-for-pmni 
and aiitl be at Harper CoUcie on 
Wadneaday. from Ida m tolpm 

At IMa lime, a booth will be mi up 
in (he Student Center and a 
(•ounaelor will be prcacnt to anaver 
quMtlom and/or give you tree 
Uteratnre <ki vanoua metliada and 
othar ralalml health laauea 

Arcidenti can happen, but 
planned pfetinawie* are Uie beat. 
Tluj praorani la apunaatad M 

ticular club, he ar abc may itnp by 
the club'f booth to tind out more 
about it 

WHCM radio will do a live- 
remote broadcaat from the l«Hice 
in A bM( on at leait one of the two 
days The Acttvttlaa Fair will be 
from 9 am to t p.m and tnm f 
p.m to I p.m. on Tuaaday and 
Wadneaday, and in the IManl 
Lounge In bMg. A 


The Steve Clanli Memorial 
SdMiaraMp Fund li oaering a |1« 
icholarahip to defray tile coat of 
tuition and/or other expenaea for (be 



financial naad. 

Appllcaliona are available M and 
muil be auhinltled to (he rinamtal 
Aid Office. A 3M 

Deadline for submitting 
applicationaiaOct. 1. 



Bitgffy apMi« Call. 




and unfaaiding trucks. MiM bt 

reliable. It an hour i:«II altarl 



Hobbyiata! A part^UoM mnm- 

Ing pnttiiiai la available in .our 
VMiipilir ptpalr ilMi|i Wiii 'will 
Inki'llili ii a .giMNi: flatr 
canar afftikMlty tar Hit right 
pcnan C:bII 'Brace at IM41W. 


aifll. Inki. Call nogcr Bart at 
WMHM. lamiwtan Youth Sar- 

iMI Haw OraJlafaraaa.:' MrN, 
•444 'W par hour dcfictidtKg on 
background Candidalc muci lit 
capable of reading irrhitec- 
liiral/tlrurlural drawingi 
IMlai Inwolv* layout and dttail- 
tiig itf baakelball backat«|M 
l>oricr Btpupmenl Co MIS Ir- 
ving Park Rd , Schiller Park, 
C71 ^iio Aik (or Mr SchmadfT 

H0lp Want«d 

Niines aida p m akift I-IIIB. 
Will train 3»«ll 

Siudenl Aclivttiea^Studtnt 
Senate ■tudeni aefrttary 
ncadid. FtaiMt tmun. n.n an 
hour'. Agflr b».Janniit ranhanin. 
Slmtant Ai^Uvlliaa aRiea.. third 
floor. A BMg. 

and laundry. 

I Gt<ave Nuning 
HwDt l»Oltl Mim . Marugg. 

Help Wanted 

T-Elavan atores in (he Rolling 
Arlini<toii belKhla. 
and Des Pluna 
areas are now taking applica 
tiom (or full/pan lime employ 
menl for the 3-11 p m and li-7 
am ahifti Full company bene- 
tUm. Opportiinities for advance 
niant. tMf.BS-ITll between l-S 
p.lB.IIi|inlafp emp m/r 

U»N'» wanted Day ahifl r-lin 
pm with innte kw>wledge of 
aupervlaMo and ncdicationa 
Jl»«in Mr* Patac. Plum 
Grove Nursing Home 

Janitorial part-time male 
Hon -PVi momii«», Mi a.m 
>« oo per hour, t paaltioaa 
available Eipartanc* helpllll 

but not ntcaaaary 

Ski the Rockies: Part-lime 
Student Salct ftepreaentative 

lnr.riUaadaiMiMpt Earn great 
vteation pha ennwiasion.. Send 
qualUlcatlans with tub and per- 
sonal relerenrex lo Summit 
Travel, Inc.. Parkade Plait. 
Mtt II. Cakunbia, .MOmu «r 
oaD (IHI gTO4m imilMdlately 
(«r applica Uon. 

aide bMk 
d, you are nmded for im- 
> full or pan lime work 
Weekly pay. you choote houn 
and shifts Weekend and 
cvmiiig wort alio available 
Call Medical Service IM-I Wl 

For Sale 

IgH VW Bug. UM/hM offer 


7J */l, a/c. 
p/b, |l/s. am fm. rear window 
r. 41)190 aas-uSST Barb. 

IMI Apaeht tamper, pop top. J 

im Buick balckbtck-Red. 
auiomatic. good cmditlan, 
n.Wl. CaU .Ml*. Ortooia altar 

ri Dodge Dart Swinger 1 door, 
•cyl . power steering, a/c. vinyl 
lop, runs good. tTWW mt-tm 

delrM. That's wiv 


»l»t«('M\W HTM l'.l»lH\' 
. •fi(iHin.iiMtf:ih""« m 


Be on call to help us with 
light order picking and dur- 
ing peak work loads. Know 
regular schedule, respond 
only when academic load 




Earn while you learn • up to $5 an hour. 
Work when you want, where you want, we 
have continuous 1 or 2 day local assign- 
ments tor : 

1 ) ligtit factory/wafWliouse S4.00-$4.50 per hr. 

2) typists M.OO-SS.M per hr. 

3) electronic/mechanical students - 
open salary 

4) health care workers - open salary 

iloFaaa / OblfQatkNi 
For Intofin tto ii caB: 

PiMm ManDowor OffiGg 


Sept*fiil>*t2S, 1978 

Hawks stomp Rock Valley 

. ^ _ . .. .... .^^ ^ ^ i.^^. ii.^ k^if itA. iiiiiiiir 'I I iiliiiiiiillliiiM^^^^^^^^^^^ 


I MnuniMM prior tn 
Rock VallcT $M Uw 
iMT' fHHi fumbM It 

It ■ tnul 

MR flflknalvt vMTtr In MUi p mmimk 

■ .wd PMMMI ■Dacfeii. UM IMII 

faalWt «•*» **•««« «ii«'^ 

■HiHuidki' nfiMiiiMiiir inii^l jwH iKiBiinir Itliiiill 
liOCll T'lltlliy WTPII ■"•■ •«»■■'«' "k"!*.* 

__,w.™— JW •••'' *'■ ■>"• ■**•■ Itawli"* i-ouldn'I Kti Oidr 

Mltn. «t pl«|«d' ■ »tJ> talancwl admit rolling a«sin and Rwk Vul- 

■■■w in iiUalMt for tinmnd uui Icy took ovtr Roct Vallty irM a 

tumrn.- m alM fnlMl iimiwriMMi laa^ in Ua (iml !■«• 

■MilMMiwhirlMroirt' 'MmmmIi km M m plclwil '■* kf 

'llnr and dMI' nint Matrii Ralpli numrn In •ml Omi 

•Iwpkjrtni** knU- 

f lit Hkwkk ■*«••<« tkelf Tht Mcnnd: lull ■•» "l*"! *« 

mlwiilimiiiiri mM <«af kr U*»W Hkwk'i stfcMMn nwcMn* f«i% 

fli* nvanina kWMH and drMmi giM Ma hii* ilMr. On Harper'* 

davn la 'Ikt Ha* VkUci kla yart nral 

■■ck ValMw to a kala' and Ihvwt 

n* (Ir* flay im mt ■cimd 
i«lM oai. a Nail SckoMI imm la 

«. 'Ska itcand 'Ha rpaf^awW W W* 

Nt Mask It imd 

li Dn«a 

^J 1* jMMda iBiHNailMd (or a 
Wi. Uia Maiika Ikaa »«l Inr 111* 
l*« pnlnl' (Mittnian and om-v iim- 

I ^lla !!■'■*'> dt- 
Niiivad: a 


ta«k am again and thr 

Haitki. atayinit «i the itmund, al« 
ap tun* «n Uta: i:l«-k dimuujilunit 

'Hwk VfJIar'i iMpai n( itaclng. a 
-■ - - - ail. 

pcralelr IrM l» caick up. Ramlir 
ttf pickad mmrntl tkoat .man'T 

(rwij Hi« on* loith » nice bl«-k tnm 

I jific l.cBnin The luck was Hood 
niakini «l Hariier M. Rm* VaUtj 

I*. Riwk Valley tlien came back im 
an naaaea an 

., ■. , hf paaa; iealBt *»^a4»*se ollk kki 'Rack VaBtJ- *aa»- 
inptrl It Harper rwnaInK hark t»a*e Hodlithriinrr Badlgkelnier wkk 
IMaa CMtetmaa. Veil !whmidl jmd BiH Slra-n led Ihr H«»k» aHea- 
iilte allaek ta d«-featln|i loolerence opponral Riuk Valley M-n. 
•adlCkelmei klm«ell wared an a M yard pllrkaM. aad liettelmaa 
•c««d «i a Tt yard roiap. "iik Schaiidl aad Strawa learning ap lar !•» 
laackdava*. 1»» Ha»k« play aaatkcr taalereare game (hu meek an 
«at.%'». l»Bl*af»all:» (pfcatebjrmkaWandaa) 

lit • MM. ma Um ipMl Mr n 

Mak Cwaatk'a kick «aa «a«l. 
" ■ M4. TIM kaU 
I katk and. tatUi a* 
mmM gil a drtm 

Tht final Rack Valley Korc wai 
Uw rwalt ad a Harper miiciie An 
arranl plli.>li Inaa quartarkack, 

TmM%.. inlandid IMr lliMulla)i', was 

.-„_ tmi pickad '■» ky a RiRk VaHtjr defan- 

Um llkaka draw dawn In Hit algM dar vhn hxak It all tht «>ay (or a 
fafd: lint toy tht Twatm •( O»>0ln Inuckdowa. Thai madt It »17 and 

LaOMfk. 1lM' Hint'* haw it 


■n. a Hack VaUay 
like hall. 

_. .^...- «•* Vafcr 10' I ■*». 1 lota, and' « 

an ■ yard dkivt al- eanfatiaM r acncd at l-l. 
iidf an paiiiaa and 

MI'to Tht team iilays a confaremie 

„.._II.IM4. ipaie vi. r>u.Pate al homC' Satar- 

r,. Jaa Tka«- day at ).: » p.m.. 


lay M«l- — 

•dMiidl a rati., flit Mrnrk" 
'fnaiMtd' and Rack Valley re- 
cnvarM. AcaM Hack VaUay fUM 
Ifta air wMk taalialla but all wrtt 
kKiUlw^lida Willi kilp (ram (he rine 
paaa. raaiiinc of Jay Unahan. 



Ovar 10,000 listingsl All subjects. 
Send NOW (or this FREE calaloe. 

loHat tipires 0«c 31 1»78) 


P O Box 84396. Los Angeles, CA 90073 

^ Health Club for Men 

Wt olftr supervision in Conditioning, 
Woiglit Training, and Body Building. 

JOIN NOWII RatttincrMseOct. Isl. 

HOURS -Mon.-Fri. 10-10 
Sat. l«-$ 

laaakMAim. and Palaliat lid. S37-: 

Aunt Mlllto'S 1. mm Mtlng 

poopio or wm train. Ex- 

pay for rigliti 


or apply 

nriw wlm iMiiiQWi 





Sapt. 2v, 

and 27 


9 a.m. to 

2 p.m. 


A bidg. 


2 to 






«..«aaa»««.».» « ■ .aa.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaai at i n a 1 « t aaa »a ax 





Won 4Tue«.»».30. Wed Thurs Fri.9 9pm. Sat 9 5 


call for appolntineiit 397-0100 

Algonquin Plaza 
833 E. Algonquin Road 

(floule 62) 

"^ ^* ^* • ™»-**^^» Schaumburg 


STYLING ^if Vfl ^^^"^'^^ 

Reg S17.00 *^ ^^ / vr fiegM3 00 

NOW r^rr NOW 
$8.50 KJWW $6.50 




Reg M 3 00 



iM k r i r i n i rrrrr " 1 * r r i ri'i i » » t ■ i w m vvm n t rvm ntmvwi > 


a ij i 



'*'*"'*"" fa'"«V Hefper CoHnge, Algofiqum and Boflta Boodt, Polaline. (Ilm o.i 60067, 3\^97 3000 

VOL. I2A NO. 6 _____^ ■■ October 2, 1978 

Student Senators 
find a challenge 

ttm .iMlIc ciawi 'Hk 
«MiM w^ ililifiiHw 'Mk 
Ijimi. fum''* viMlMi. oiily ullractMl 
tM *>iiM»r», TUt tmari. ttwmt •■• 
M^ l«» villi • IMM Hi m iHilMt. 

Unia MmIIw mm «l*i;iaii fiiioi 
tlW Clgtt*«rl'M. M>>tl>. and 
nwifeal .MaoM aUvMlom.. "Al 
tlmt U ■■•' ■ maUm af iluiek (nr 
mm," Mid Mii»ll«r. "M t'ni nMlly 
•MHiii: alimii wmHHnt 'OMi Um ■>«- 

In lirit « • gtmm mnii mm ttm 
only <iM milMi iraiilil 'luit* iwim clt- 
f Itite m. ran ik lilt «itctlam ulimi il 

I fffdft « MMUnii 'III)' r*- 
■V«att]>illM Uf Wupw (Mtat." 
laiil McCulltv. 

IkvM PMiir *•■ flMIMl Ifimi 
tlw' uinnl AM lUwtaitii. PlMlMr 

•hnnld 'gai a btitM- *sal, UM** «««' 
iMt Mild' hf nil fur stmlcnl wnate 
nmiirr *1m laid. tlwl lit oiuitt lit 
liat innlvtd ■! Ha<r|Nfr bteaM*' i. 
il iu* trhiMit. 

I:M* W Markay mm tlec**il 
Irmm tlur Saetat SamKt aiMl PaMlc 
Servirr dlirMMit. "t'lii raalji 
dliaillMlnttd Hurt man utiidanM 
dldn'l volt." Mtd .MaHiay. 'Tliapa 
10 'Utt tlw atKlciiti Inmitwd nam m 
thry rant nay tlwy didn'l kmi* 
•bout HMnica. Ilk* »Ht)' dm alwnt 
llM rafltrndiim "' iMJi riaal«r 
and Markay wan th* only aiai' 
ninmiil) in llMHr diviilMii - I'm 
■tail I inm, it vinild haw baai 

■MtM Mi.Mr« lalt tka« a ckaiMt' li llw acadMit calaater al IkHr Hm invitee I. 
frmt l»a«M rimk»r. imailar. aad Itm Ml u. rlfM ; rrvtf « «M-r». NtMirM 4cti, Kin jU. 
♦taae; Jfana, |>t.|i..t.. w.d,,i ,UtlvHI« IMraelar. Prlrr M.riahai> Statfral 

.... ;tmr Markay . aunr IM^IIty. and «n-| MmMlcr. t Phiit. fey mh,* 

Uwir KliiNil a* pari of Uwir 
(talfn plani. Tlic 
alrcail)' tenun mwling 
cmsiiif. iklani (or tlic 
Th*' fir»l (inortly to 
d»n« mvolvmwM, and f 
pnartty a rc|iairlni' tiia 

lectures to classes 

Legal Technology 
exam offered 

frm Ut MMarMt Ui« l^al TkM- 

' aalaBI' 'l%«fltBMi In IM* tprmg 

liialWlla' malt )iiiim m emifairo 

MUHl mttUM m mm cm Ik* fi»arlft 

'Hwradai ol tarli miwUi ftm m*t 

ftmkiitii may i'aitM<t Iha oollagB 
TualHi Cciiliir' t«l. M. la 

Tkt''l«|ill Tc(!kialliity Pri| 
mxtwmm Iw Ikt Ancfieiui :ila* 
la a Kaicvk 

rooinivnity cttllagti Slii- 
dania arc IraumI la bvroint Wrh- 
nieally i|iiiiWM aitislants to Urn- 
rm ami are iMutt* the bam ikilli 
iwnlnt in an i>(f«-tivt mrkiat 
ralBtianaliiit viik a la«r«r aa ••II 
aa an in-dKfDi kimwladiw im a 

Pmlar Itic miicn'iaiiiit ml ■ law- 
l<*r. tlH itaal iM-knIciiM inaiy col- 
I. ttndiKt MarvwiM or' ra-' 
•aaiwk docMiant*. Tkt lavMrlan 
may alto ornanm date and do da- 

" aiork in * apariatHtd area. Ha 
IcKal dtM-umants 
lk aillk lacal :fro- 

Tht 'kuiiaBia aliidiiUi vt Harpar 
OaUaaa att' rattMng nMhanil 
Infaraation at Uw taalMat «arM 
Ikroutk th« tullaitti 
BdnraUo«/1.ndwlry iMaff act Pro- 
Irani. Ei'foitivaf (nan 
an inirilad lo talk to i 
aiaW abawl rwrani praldi 

•MMfliimWat .m Urn „,_ 

mvm. Joa^rii ' KalliinnMtr. aalaa 
mantitw lor Niirlliarn ItUiwiaaaa. 
nscently iinilie alioul U» anarfy 
•lIuatMn add tk« ciivvmnmant. 

ftiw at thr jiniuary abjacttm ol 
Uw |ira«raiii ia to Mradute bvpn- 
ninic l>u»ii)ea» Mudcitij lo cimiern- 
IMM-arj tiMwa rarmi by m«ior com- 
|Mfiiai IMK* ai N«M:h»ni lUtrioi* 
Qm. Aawnf Ik* iaa.ny romraniu 
■nad* by Kallitaaaar wa* bit eam- 
prnji't raiil;iiinli)( com-arn. lo pro- 
vida/ * 

bolti hoiMowMn and mdwCnal 
liaati' la Ika norttiarn llltnoii arva 

ManiOT atudantf laarntd tliat 
throaib iarrcatad consumer 
awaranaii and ronaervatkin •<- 
IWla. lilt amoanl of natural gaa 
aaad |wr averace koiiaclwld aarvad 
by Nartkani ItlliMiii' Iim dtclined 
diiiin* Ik* naat (*• y«ar. The da- 
Hinc. accanUnK to KaltvaaMr. 
•aa knaigM abaiil tliroii«h .iiMrc 
affk-ianl ImnilaUoiii ol iMmat and 
mart affk-lam kaallnR unite inch 
as rarnacas and vatcr liealam. 

KaUwaiMwr i»at tlic lm» m a 
wri«* or wiiaat 'caaoillvat to ^r- 
tK-ipala in Harprr'i cMTcnl rnler- 
lace Pnntiram Th* proKram ii 
•lioiMiortd by the Hariw Edwa- 
tional Foundation and eoordlnalcd 
by Dr Donald .Milk of the Bual- 
Disftaian M Kmpm Collaf v 




Christmas tour planned 

Paralegal seminar 


" > KB> •lliM-al dadMaa naktef IM' 
gttiimd b»- itarakgala In inaklw 
pnrfnaMiuil ladganianw"" i» tk*' 
UipK «( a Hntiniir ijMiniionMt (ly 
► HiiriMir (:*rt, U at I | ai ik* Wll- 
lo* Park camifna. .Miaiailwa amdi 
PaliHilMr Haadh •MaaHng'. 

Aivaruo CMbia' i|walara Dr 
H»'npta Ifaithodiki. dlnflar ol 
avahiatlon and (nyrboloilr. and 
llr Mart'arrt R»rl»y, .-iM'iriwnion 
of tha (XitiaKiii of Vatiitna. In flact- 
aMt>Maki«i|, and iwiiliifaar ol raii- 

, ami IMailiiiallr Ow- 


r'omlMn ma iHKilinaf 

Audlanra |»artk-li|MllM. and 
traiv anatytia id iaca'IMIiKal 
■Mrniniia «!* ba litcMad a lit* 
«IM<iiwiam'|Hftiamolth*|>rotraiiii. . 

Th* rrcHtralKn ha iif H in- 
rl«l»* luiiion. imintala and cal- 
tm RMwaiMii idMahl ka mMI* 
iM*»r'toatt, lyiy , - 

Maiyan rata in trnfiieBl i., 

brifiMly rokind Indtea aafikii 
hiindirraKi. « nilamal Jifiatilih 
raiiilal. a bi|[Man<t kkr ovt among 
i-alcawwi th»«rarvaiM>ii|tl]|**a- 
'|it>rwiinif Often lo brncr rtudtna 
MMl :llrMiiili Ut .Hacpcr duriuR iUm 

■flmi ytar Harpir'a 'i 

m.udy protniii «iW:|iieliida'a.iaifen 
day *iMt lo OwlaiMla and E) llal- 
¥»dor,„ Dn-. 1« i|'0 Jan, 1, 
MiunnnilMM m tmljl nay bt 

ItaRit- emt lot Ih* iiratraai. Is 
■•mi. Thii rmmn air f»r» b^ 
Vmt-tmt 'OMaim ta Gualaiwla 
cat, •■• Salaadar to ailcaKa'i . (Ia» 
hiaa at taittot kaM> 'vilk pr»- 

vat* bathi. all tani I 
liy .bua. »iKbtJw*in(t l«ir». I«tiif»i, 
.hotal laxci and lipi. O'nd lb* ter- 
irinst <rf a lour *iicnrt anil lacuKy 
advlwr Cipiiimal loon arc oiroral 
to Tthal. rhiehteaiinaiito, and a 
Piwilii,' at-aan raaorl.. Tha imiiFBrai 
Ml lima not caaar' lidtlan tma for 
■tudanlt viihimic to can rndit. or 
imaala'aMl iMrwnal apeiMta- 

Au informalitnial m**ilni an 'lb* 
iludy tout- vill b* Md on (M ■ at 
«..W li.Rt. m AMI Octailt may ba 
oMalMd from Martha SlmnaMli tm 
Iha liberal Aita IMviMon. Wm m 
VUTh. VII. W. ApplMllaia 
adouki kt aafenmtad. aaily ta aa- 
mn» Hat* m Um prmiam. 

Gwatiait JaiiH* R. ^__., 

baa atinrovad a MM inoaaaa In Hit 
iCala'a maiimain acllolanllip 
grant for lUnoia MUaga atodtnti. 

Th* Oovarnor'a action In anfinw- 
inii Hon** Mil ma booala the 
■nailmum award from tt.l»« for 
cUijllMa Mudcnta who receive Ih* 
acholarihip uranU from Ihc IIU- 
nola State Scholanhiii Commla- 
i*an, ef fedivc iniiiMdialely . 

"Thai* who will b«n«m (ram 
Ihli incraaae are iitudentt altan- 
dinK prtvat* nlleiieit and uiiivcr- 
stUaa. b*cau*e taiuun and fees at 
our piibllr inMitutlona art kttar 
the old maximum." Thomimn 

Thaae granls are kaaed cwttrcjy 
on th* financial need of iladanla 
who are lUinoia retidanii « H 
tlMwc vim need hai|i the 
' Ibt Governor laid- "The 
gniala tm aimed at (tivinn aU itii> 
d«nli I rhoicc anon« our coHadai 
and umvcrtltlea. " 

ToUi na at ihm Vm Inrreaa* 
•Ul be n.T million for about ».M 
fludenta who can quabfj for the 
uranl Part-time student* mmy 
qualify (or half the maximum 
fraal award lor fitU-iime studanli, 

The funds are iiHluded in the 
Board of Higher EdiKattana aOo- 
ralion of Ih* Governor'! rinjal ■» 

I of Houaie Hill MCI are 
■live Michael I. Brady. 
Ottcaio. and SeMtor URoy W 

Editorial -* _. » 

Changes in Student 
Senate expected 

Now mt Uw student Smrnte etertions aw ^er. wd «he 

MM'tora haw bmn Otoatn, what e«acUy »re they »iip- 

Ow clMff to the better would be for the ««»»« «^ ««' 
to town •& the students. Since they are ^fl""! bV "^« 
students mai work lor the itudenls. they should get to know 

If the line* of coramitnteatlon are open between the 
aanate and the sludcnU, the senate can turn out to i>*m>n 
atcWthan It has been in the past More students wtll start 
Wiuttng their problems to the representatives if they 
know thev are welawne Students may start havmn "«•> "' 
tiMir senitors if thev know that the elected officials will lis- 
IM and try to help wherever possible ,.„,„,„, 

Another •tapUM ienate should try to take is that of Ket- 
tinK the stwhnt* more involved in their st-hool. Mudenta 
should be strongly ur^ed to attend senate meetiii|{s and 
voice their opinions on issues that will coneern them or 
their education at Harper. . . j .. 

The senate is ver* powerful and many stwleiiti don I 
realiie lust how powerful they are .All the dubs ami organ- 
ixations at Harper are under the jurisdiction erf the senate 
That is. the senate oversees all actions of clubs an. ortian- 
isations from where and when they meet, to the allotment 
ol funds If any club has any financial problems they can 
iio before the senate and ask (or financial help 

The senate can help in other ways besides financially-. 
Tlw senate serves as a buffer between the students and 
administration. If there is any tension between the two. the 
lenale Is there to fii things .... ■ 

Ijiat year's senate got a bad name, whether it deserved 
it or not in a subjective matter, however This year s 
senators have to start off with a disadvantage because o( 
this It will be entirely up to this years representatives to 
turn a Bood name for Harper's student senate^ People may 
mistrust them and have little faith in iheni when they first 
cot into office, but if they are dedicated and wilVinw lo do 
Uwir job they should find their problems decreasing soon 

If the representatives can do for the Harper studenLs 
what they are assigned to do. they will be successful in 
tMr appointments If this years senate is exposed ' as it 
was last year, students wont stand for it and complaints 
•iffltalward around the school 

Niw ftinient senators shouldn't lie seared off because ot 
the task they have in front of them, but they can consider it 
a dtallenge. and if they succeed they will feel a great sense 
of accomplishment 



What do you 
think of 
Harper's food? 

I,i»i lleriial— Tlif r«Ml i* aiiMl Iwl 
Utr paritmn arr l«« amiiil l<ir tlw 

IMin Itmllr II % KWUI III mcUMH 
l»wi I •uuldii I oant li> ral hvr* 

irlll rli»«-ll trilHiU 

lrat» 1*>—«I ll"» >"«'«' *'™ M" 

Vtl-MIt Willi tlw uM*' 

Letters to 



October 2, 1978 

Food Service 

The ChUsRo lUuioi* Re«Uiinuit 
AasociaUon and Uit- SlaOer Foun- 
dation awarded su K-hi>larslit(m 
WUlinK over t2.M0 to Harper Food 
Service Management students 
CIRA awarded Bernadette 
Powers, TlmoUiy Hauihildt. San- 
dra Jean Korn. and Kanwarjel 
Paul JSM scholarships each. In ad- 
dition, the StaUer FoundaUon 
awarded Timothy Hauahildt and 
Bemadette Powers scbolaniiipi 
touting one-half of their exprnnt 
(or this achaol year, 

T!ie o«>)ectlve ot the achotanWiia 
IS lo provide financial asaiatance. 
im a merit tiasii, in support of »l- 
tainmenl of formal foodwrvice 
education in a Janior/Communily 
Ciillege Ttie awards are open to 
any worthy individual who evi- 
dences an interest, desire or »iiil>l- 
tion lo study or train for i vocalion 
in fiMKtservice or food handling or 
food (WKces-img as a full-tune rtu- 
denl Ihi! ullimatc iicwil will lie to 
attract mid retain qualified person- 
nel to asiure the future growth and 
progreu of the food service 

Culinary arts and managemefrt 
students from Harper and three 
other area junior c<ille(ies helped 
eani scholarship funds through the 
Chicago lUinoia Restaurant Asao- 
riation Scholarship Through Edu- 
lation and Pirticipalion Dinner 
held Marrh The profits from 
the (SO a plate gimrmel dinner 
went to a Inut fund to provide 
' seliolarships Over two hundred 
students participated m the plan- 
ning, preparation, and p««Mila- 
lion nf thJ- event The third annual 
STEP Dinner is scheduled for 
March B79 

For further information about 
Ihc Food Service Management 
Currtcutum and scholamhip iafw- 
mation. contact Mr, Cliff 
Wener.Caordinaior of the Food 
S«vlce Management Program, 
««t S73, 

Editor's correction 

In the HiirpiT refiTcndum «!<li- 

lorijil last week it was stated Ihat 
the ii»,|ority i>( Itit ,i!tiKleiit-i votcil 
on lh» proposal Ttie atiitemenl 

should havi' read ttuil ih»- m»j>'rit> 
iif the slwlcntii did not vote We 

ri'uret this mistake 


f t^ttfhr .mr 



Fditorin-Chirf Hrlilii.' Tctrhke 

Editorwl Kdilor' Sue Cwiroy 
Feature Editor .loan Peterson 
Sportil-:.iil"r ,l»cKu»ek 
PhoUi Editor Mike Wewles 
Assistant Ptinlu Editor Belli ,J«)nes 
Oirtoomst, Steve Mtiskai 
BiLiirii-M Msimger; Tern Jafotw* 

M.ilt ,I.:iri McWhertier, Ten Holomlo, 
VukiSi-k.i. .i"d> SiiumJws 

.HilviKir , Dnnithy Pirovano 

The HARBmGER is the slwlrnl putoli.aliun for the H»i-per 
I'.dIcK* rarnpus communily. ptililishcd weekly except 
dunng holiday* and Jmal «ams A 11 ..(.im.mi expressicd an- 

those nf the writer and not n«fss;inlv ih.»>- of llif I'lUccf. 
ilsartminislratitm. r»i::ulty orstu<li-ni l>«l> 

Mir piiman (mrp»» nf the HARBINOBR a 1" inform, 
mvolw .irid .■r.lertaii. the sludcnl 1"»:H "I "iin>'-r follcEi- 
The romii fuciis uf its content sholl l,x:- Hani.i i.-lait-d 

All artidw sutjinitted tor pulilication must l» typed and 
doubk sp»*d. »Mli a deadline of 3 p.m. Mondays, and are 
»ub|«-t to cdilmi! l>ettcrs-to-the-Edilor must l>e smned, 
names will be held upon request. Advertising copy dendlim- 
is 3 pm TUWday poor to Monday's publication. For 
■dvcfUsiiig ratiB. call or write HARBtNOER. William 
Ramey Harper College. AlgonquiB and RoseUe Ro«ls, 
Palatine. Ill . WW" Ptan* i»T-*i*. Kit. Ml 



Students dance children's troubles away Oct. 28-29 

i:n»-ta. K ■alt C'illM«l:Kr C« 

<jani»-<ii-lliMii Iwr Mac-ukr %■- 
tnpliy fir A-t.. a mmI 1* in tlw 
Hiinwt eaMmu. 

■m*' «l««t.«-ttiiiii wii »■»«■ a 
miKW tiMW ami wliU kM: >nn 

Mnmrn Cmttj. thmj UtiK* W f»i» 
■IMK P>a«l M- lanrt (t» llw Hai- 
cmtor D»i«r«pilij' *»ii>ei»U»ii. 

Iwiimvr. linl. HM-MHt. anl (tiinl 
ptlHt «kU tm iinaniMl' IH' <»« 
ilMticr «li»l •»««» ■•» ■»» "»* 
lilMlllM. ttrnm *IU ■!■• >>■ iM-m 
Iwr tall MUMnir tw' a IM' anO • 

iliKMiilfK. tit 111* <tiiie»«.|lwn 

Sliidant AttlaWlM aCTIiwi llitf« «ll> 

to M' rtillimtliln tm 

-ir* wry ••II." MiHa Onarj' 

' 'to (ti • ■nwiwr to 

Alt a iMniM. !■■■ to <li> W Hat 


10 iwrttriiwir anil 
1§ tmmt hat'r • 

Scwnit n*!|irtltai .nidi ■• arm tol»«tt« » ami II It-n , Sii:luH»»y 

inn (roni WMET-r M rtiia af» far t II tiw itllli*, wtU m •"•an* 
.jnvtuxl to alKwd , U» MDA 

£ti!iirisr» will !»• (tvw » »*- Mti* i«'l>«"»l smian awl »rn»n 

ijiiafite tarmi t«i>n t»» twuri ami 
HaB-taiir lam*, dtmner and, Imjak- amrmw 
tMM' lireBk, ' '*»'« ikM kiMimi t» he pawmfi 
mil-iitc'luiit alwul 'IW»." *■» 
C««rT naid ' ■*>« maji* liiM'tmi la 
to'nlat 'iw>a#>' " 

■•B««y Hi* jfMi 

Sinter P*ma Bnmmn. rtpreieii- 
Him 0» CatMic Campiu Miniatry 

dub %Mui. "the daiwt-a-tlion a an 
oppnftunlty to be Keiwraus with 
Hic'f time, energy, talmt and 
imney We ate aniictpate ■ lot of 


ttamv wmm wm. He niwrn m» 
irimaalMMt. lit* ilaac* inrlii<tt»|t 
ttf ta-ai 

rMal anal <lnnlut will be 
Ir pla.'r. likeMiirtlmnaMt. 

Ewry .f»rticitiai<« wUl reettve a 
lrt« t>allirt from 0«a MDA. 
.(pwiMifffiil by Shicli, vitb the warda 
-'Btam* lor ^-tm i»>»o can't . " 

The HWm- can vtmm to wiK* 

id iieewied »# Iw'tr ber« enjuyed' li» 

Kingston Trio Iceeps crowd cliclcin' 

Tlte ntmm 

lliat'kf ciapvtng to mt be* «l Ml* 

I tor th<ia(' htMidntfa •! 
I wba cucndcd ilw Ri 

tar ai Klapiliii 'ina •ana aavnau ^ ^ mwla iMUfb 11 
lo.b.««:MI«'lai«. j,^ g,„,^_ -w, *«., 

Hm^ RlaallM. Tm ia a «»a«l> of yw M Uttafe Wre an tU ' 
ila i^Mdla^aflad' min vlia play' a 

> il caaiitry and. Mb. inaiair. prmtm % 

b«Vl allre and' ticitbii lor IfeA. IM 
'■bn fffllamarHy iapt 

■■• Me plana. U> eaeaii • 

', lliey vara alan 

r album 
r to AuatraUa.. 

•ma •tn be lltelr Elm nmrd in M 
yavra. Oit certain (an *M*l mlMl 
aa llw Waf ' *M flUaw. "Van miwl 

.IMI aa caatf .« .!«■ M «•»" I rirM 
ImafU f an II imara aga." 

2 Studont Stnate Vacancies: 

Fine Arts & Design Division 

Life & Health Science Division 

Apply by 4 p.m. Oct. 11 

J. Pankanin in Student 
Activities Office A336 






Thi' l"..i.mrr,it.i> S'i'ilBTS a "'«ir«"'t 
ttenU. .■ 

<:.wll|Mii i;irrfi>i-m.ti'i 
(><:'"l. IS ''nw'lr procr . ' 

■'iiile .r«ii|t 111' mai... .... ..l,., :i."> 

mwrnglmt » to IS m.inm«i lit 

l.,ail y«air the rBit"iii.W» '(«''... 
t.i.»nnwl laf nt'b argaaualwi* »> 
|.be Sf h;nui'nliiirK Rntary Ctabv Ilie 
Mmmi 'ITodfiert Fain. »«! Sfa»e». 
.unit t'h*' M'aMiuiii •( fc-'iew* a"! 

"I'rt >r.b«<Wa a |ifflmniiaii*e mr 
aM.iiw *4dllJiiwi.l tnfwraialtMt call 
Jem' .nasidiMiii at -iai.3B«l. til. 

mar* Kniurikl \liidd\ »»l<Tk *ill ia|>|M-ar in <i>ii(.rl OH Ki In Ihr 
bwacr al bldii A Ttrkrl* are K lot Hariirr <>tudrnls and M lar Ibe 
puMir. ileaimi ■• nn * (IntI rome. firot ten rd b»l». 

Uairrt li.a» been liin»»n far »«»b l«ae» a* -'Hallla' Moae" m'bleb la- 
iptrrd Hi* IHIan » «»•». like * MaMaf Maae ' Appeariag wltti 
W ilrrt attl tM (hi- Jlni ><<-l>ii»aU Hand 

Illinois Arts Council 
offers fellowships 

or puWUhed a wlnme at abort He- 
turn: or ptibltabed a novel; or pab- 
llilted l«n or more pnema in t»o or 
ro«ire Ulerary maKailnea; or pab- 
Ilahed a vjrtainp of portry; or pob- 
liahed a dramalk- «Tipl ( eidud- 
Intt performance ntp»rs • 

For this proKnira student pab- 
lirallon* which publUH prtmarijy 
■tudent work, do not qaalify aa 
literary mafailnea Writara niaM 
iu'tre Oeen to mldcnce In nUMMa at 
leait HI nmaeciillve moiilia pre- 
vIcNut to (lie appUeaUon tn ordtr to 

The daadllnt lor appilcattona lor 
Uie Pellowihl|ia la No*- I 

For jpectftc appllfaUon pn>- 
reduret and further Wonnatlaii. 
Muilent* may nwlact Jennifer 
Moyer. Arttala' Vrogram Co- 
ordtnator. lllnwl* Arts Council. Ill 
N Wabaah. Cbicano. II. SmiOI «»- 


Arts CouiH-l) hat 
a !»<•' program of 
. far pu.blis»M!d Illlnoi* 
cfaalivt itrter*. Twoli.MB feUo»- 
ilUlM 'mil lit oKered m litli pUa* 
venture, wta* oi«.y irow to Im- 
cltide 'uUier cfeatlve art.lal» In 
liiliiiK yean Tiic pn«n.m «rai :an- 
anHMwaly approved at the My 
ntatttnt of the tUinou Arta 

A<Mnllnf to Jennifer Mayer, 
lAC ArttHa' PttniraniCwKdlnalor. 

The piirpoae o( the pnigrani to ta 
m-immtt rr«all« nrritwa 0( ••- 
tfrptional aflUe»timwl and out- 
itandlnK promwt by offering 
aatialanre to writari to provide 
ihrm with llir iipportanlty lar 'fur- 
ther nrrl'lnR." 

Vrtlcta. are ell|l.l.Mc if Uwy ta've 

puliltalMiltai»'Or mon »hort itorlei 

in tw'oor raiareBerar)' m».gai!mM; 



(Or Thinking About it) 

Now is the time to start planning for trans 
fer Attend one of tt»e seminars conducted 
by MR. STEVE CATLIN, of the Student 
Development Faculty. 


OAY October 12 Thursday 1 00 p.m. 

Octol»efI3 Monday 10 00 am. 
Novembers Wednesday i 00pm 

NIOHt October^ pursday 5<Sp 

October 2, 1978 

^^^^^ HARBINGER ^ O A 

Housewife vs. author on t-'i-^: 

Mrs. n^ma iwfciv •»* •••■ 

lUrm Ob Crow will li»« « <>**»** 



eawMB ■••li' •••• •PP***^ ^*"^ 

tMmmm, rm. u *» ** *■■ 

'„IMIH*| mKiiiiP* <:"■•*'■' "" 

Hit »• iwrt" •* •» •»'•>■*"'' '" ' "' 
ehMtrw H»H •itt«t«^ •■"■*' '"■■■"'■' ■■"■" 

" itlt#» <■«■ (!»««""• "'**■ ** 

illt bMRl tatrwrtioi* »i* <>" 

Trwl""' ••'»»»'«'•'*•''**'" -■' 
:MtM Miti <!•»• *»«"•• •*'"•"' 

m «eeft» «!» "*« ""*""■' """■ 
1 m ••rt i>l ««w '"" ^ "■'" 
«, MifM" »«■>" *"'""''' '■""■ 

ai-M d UK C». 

, „T— *«"*• IT.* IB,. 

maBMny Orcl»»ln». Erirh «*»•- 

H«l|> Wanted 

^,l». iMftMl-M' 

The *tat» »» "•• '" """^ *'"" 

n«»i nmcrfiil out*' 'n l">""'»' 

ERA Sl» •« "» ^"^J^ 

,IiOW< fnni. l*l*-n **"["! 
NOW* rei»re»enl»live lo the ""»" 

„. She »«»..*»*«•,'*« 
■ltd The Vmirns W«in»«<« t"*** "^ 
IJheniUOTi •' 

She •■« > ««IM«*t« <»* '»«»>'* Jl" 

Uh.r.1 Party '•™««'""«"'*^"* 
Ih.- \tl H<ic Commiti** <rf Women 

for Human R.«te She .5 »1» • 
Naliomil Boar.1 Member of the 0«1' 
R,«hl» Nalum.1 l«bby »"f « J" 
th» board <>( advinor* (« the W*™ 
mn Women United 

B^ women have atn>eared on 
MichlelevlsKmproKramsa* Good 

Show. Tmlay, Merv C.nffu. Stew, 
Kup'. Show, and PhU Oonahoe 

Ticket* to th» debate are avail- 
able in the Students AfliviUe* 
Offtte in bIdK A 

M.R.r«IMr«« >m> •"* J*". ™^'™,_„„, ti,„r.*.. Oct ll H 

H.lpWant«J Miscellanaous 

WW TrTiMiw UOtluf •«»»*«• 
Umb lor MI/p»rt time employ 

miai fm Hit »•" P-*:...*^ ',„ 

mill' wiiiw" *'"' n*e<**c*tl**'* 

Old To*™ Jnn. >•« I*r««l>«« *• 

Attn. Etertronio Siui1miI»! 
HoMayMa' A part lim* «n"*» 
M DMltian » t***"!* » «» 
SJlr rfl-lr *»;*'•« 
trato-THit » • irt-S 


StiidoiM ■ miniiU'W * •"■"* f*"' 
day Prelef » » •»«" • ""^ 
a.allifttli'y whU^h in«l>t<'» 
vttkendi Piy irtm.m »«> 
•sianciKe ntewMary Apply »t 
W«ihiB|H«> lu«m«y Service. 
rut Morth Omrafo. Elmhunl or 
MSI North M»l»»ttltee Ave 
OMcaga. _ 

aatt, w» mttim. ■* !«•«*- 

grnmt, wm •"» "— — 

iiaAaM. Ml « pari tin>* *<■'*'" 

«Miiy i»y. y"" '**^ "^ 

fvcntng *«rt •to «»•"<*■ 

ail Medical SwvM* !■•■••'■■ 



wEBomcs. s»r. pi«y» 

,v,rythlB« very r...«»We 
and reputable (all P'— •"' 
•IB or Kevin <iW-»>* 

OM female, 21 35 to **«»"»" 
apartment *(lh sum* in Buflalo 
Owe Call trathy. day*. M«n 

For Sale 

ItTS Ch«vy JO V»n cuilom 
interior W. ♦^•'•r P'» P " 
heavy duly »lwclit and ballery 
E»eellem conditKan Phii"* 3»- 

am, Mar(|»rel_KJirf»«i; 

ma ford rairlant Sl» 1 *»W. 

p/f, IK \*. "•»» •*"■ •*•"' "•*■ 

Smm Corona lyi»writ«r _ ». 
exrelleni conOilion Three 
*he«l handicap Schwinn bike 
175 ticellent condition Call 

,, Wad, rn •«» S Ptn 

m-iiw ._ 

"ciitlM« Suprme "n a.'l. a/c. 
D/b pf». •»'"»• "■' *'"*^ 

!l,loggir,«lli»«"i«» ■■»•'••■ 

.»jS~~Buiclt ~iJt»c'««»«'« •*"* 
.ulMialic. «M coi»l.i»n. 
«.«» Call Mm (>r!o«>ci after 
4pin JtlMMCi 



Ext. 461 

"Daytime openings are avanaoie 
for students who want to work 20 
hours a week in the field of 
consunner finance. 

Part time personnel are needed 

for Wickes Credit, a rapidlv growing 

subsidiary of the billion dollar 

Wickes Corporation. 

We offer on the job training in a 

modern environn^ent conveniently 

located in suburban Wheeling. 

'schedule of hours can be flexible. 

Please apply in person or call. m. 

Olson, 541-0100, ext. 2256. 


Credit Corp 







VALUE UP TO $2.50 




Alma: IMmttk ■ to Apll ■»- 
Take an iiite aitil' MitgMiMila Ihat 
UK ,»inir rnKtitiillnim (or nmir 
_»WiNti»s. Vm i»l|*iBi«-> i«t tiKl 
!■ advaiicr ,»'<>tirj*l(, K»«fh 
frrein.en.l5 »iin ihasr m 
Fitmml)', D»ii|i.l»j' tour wit iiBd 
f itamy Mt.ilic uMiuil n-rm. 

^ tAum: lApru a to Mir ■> 

Vwuf toiHMii Mir w taM.«i||)i't<nl 
•i 4 miMlii of 'iwHlng. !• Ik) hmt 

*»;r> hMI. SB' III* Jl*. »«• »<.qo«!^ 

IJWMW »<tiiie Mils fmf »oi:-i«l :.!.■ 
•itil. tt» pnwiiw o( «:rtBii .••n. 
li^flptwl m ttw uumlht &h*^m^ .Br 

iHflfllHIrt MMIMtJl rii-».t 

•■nil yum ■•(f.i.rt,., i,vi,,,.ril vm 
■•■ft Miiiiii.i.m iind ,(.,!-,'• 
fjiariM'm,,,. i.,., i ,; Linwpmdeiirr ^^ 
to>ai fn.:--.,! ;i. .;,.«■ m nrfrf jfw t ■• 
•1} J-ixi f«n. ;-(ini.- i;»maii:ii i,n.,> 

Ctatoft U»« fi'-iiiii-ll. ■.:■ ||ti,|.« ..f ,11 

lUft- .- 



AMn*-i,ni „. ;;.- ' , •• , 

Sfri, • .1 i^: ,■ ij, . , 

tii to JMtr a 

tjni( f Jk# M 'to Mm. ii"M':*MttH9i 

in brm,: ,.,,j „m 
cmntoel, ¥r(Ui' new |>i».>i>l« ,;,.^mI «?- 
*ill«i», Dwnt mill' HmJUi m>. 

l"taJ 'liW WIllMli ■■Ml bMII jilt 

■utmOt »ith IrlfiiAi, I'>wi te ■ 


vinoo , Alii, a to atit mm. 

uUuitwK >.«! ?«■ ncet) ■'orkinii «ii ■■ 
mmrtmi miimtm. t'lMmrf yiimr 
m»mw» fcMiRl • inMim •«!« mi 

-•■•■■It (irt(»cto. puiiiDK til „,.prluii# 
If n..<-»MH,ry Vin'rewiniiiiail. 

(ii«t. n to Oct. ■:).¥<■«■ 

»i't tnih' impjrnl mew aiiil mre go- 
lag ttratigli ■ .■cll-traHftimatian 
l-iiHeii (• wttnlMBr .iiiiiife»» •( wh- 
*Miii Im-mnw am:UaMc.... Tim an »•- 
ummmg a nm cjete •inid' mwt lie 
prrpamt to •ereiyl a|i|«9n.iiaitia 
m ttury wrcur 

aOOHPIO; (Oct. IS Id Kot. ai- 
T»lt« IB* ntllalit'c ui iiB*r«mv 
iliitt. ami ;mu can make ■ n.-* 
Inrhil Wjtfrh 4M m^ ,1,,,, 
'""'"" - '•'••• to Dfniiinft fwir 
•-hvr;,' I ' , , md tiim* to uiwra* vouir 

(«!f»uji..i ,ii.pj).-»r;»n.i. r jrij add I,:, 
yvmr i*.,irTir;ifW' 

SAGITTARniS N V n la Dw. 

*•'-"' ■■ • • I ■ . ■ ■• .(111! l«:-n» 

' ' ■ ■ ' ■■■ ' • <■ Ii»niic 

■- ' ■ '•'..»■■,. Pi ..■!■!(«» tut, 

'"''>■'' ' '" i '. f jMH' JLilwl 

m-ir^l ,:i,„,.n(uit (:|ii|Mi,l;iei„ , ■ 

('''"'■" '■•> ~ •-• '-Jan l»i... 

) * An 

• ■ *rfl anl: 
' ■■ivrr.iiiii jmar 

Makr timr far nlaialliM ami 

AHOAUW: 4 Jan.. » to r»li. B». 
¥'nii fa:B fail iMlvmi'siroa* aial 
««««• ol ^1,1(1 iiiav aafl a laog 
journirj firm pttfitt:, uttll <llif- 
f*rin«: »»clmriniml» thai): iiiart, 
■« coniin^; mih). ymm- iif^. 'jtitmh 
i%i|tiaf inn nwM api Ito inarrMi* 

men ■Pt^ n la MhicIi «:). 
•^- *'••"-"■ ■ ""nultiifcitiamU 

a«( lao. ■»h«r» yinii are 

.mul-MiM', to f«aMai; about, aiir 
.IHMlf'inancM Imatitt. Ft((ari! aii( 
•»■ »a.|-» la .maMifiiitr. jtonw at 
fan tiMU duiii*. <r MitorKt.. ptm 


l1a«iJcal KiiitortM.. llMflat \Mi 
• m 1» la CMmn al Mairrw rrida* 
•I • p. at. Ill .|:iiic. Tin,,!, arr Irw 

Ui'*Ni4n|.» awl tt.ittm l:k<r|i«M|(^ 
nr pragrami nlll mmhl nl »arlii 
lit Villa tnlMi, Rarh. Ka>«l. 
Marrl. nailanifiiir. Kicafcar. 

**»*i>.r. Kl'i-)n«jnfrr. Hrahrrk. 
tl'irr*. I.rii>iii<l« aiul Tarrrita 
Mr M«ai >tliav<^ trral lalfrnl 

lamiftrdh ilir <:t.iik-»u-tfi jtwllur at aa 
r»rl» Mgit a«<l nailr hla raiirrn 

fctoM: at aiet 14. 

Fartikar litlarBailai' k atalMIt 
«>■ 'fir *liiifin AdMln afrirr 


' ■ ' '' ' ^ Tnaiian .fc-lKtlnr. 
i»inp tomutMtm ••aHartiif ktlp tea 
••(•Hi: ipitaiijiv a iMxaliKanato 
tiiiiiiMt prNtmn ttal »tU pr-parf 
■hum or brr tor ■mmr a.irx-" "I 

Tlie Maitcnl. ni'iMl '|w eiinlM. or 

' t-epwd m a W.I4»nia ilnjimi in 
(Ml. )uo««r yem at iia. acTradiM in- 
stUulHm at hmim iMtwatian to Ui* 
WTf* l''jji' ^#m*«'rtrr 

' ■ '•■■ -. '■■•■"."A.hin.insrilato «|].i ht 
aw.*r.i. ,;i ],, t;,fftr Ittitiaii, (««t. 
lM:«,;*.i ii.n4 nKm mut bnant h|i ta • 
maainMrn <■( S.WI •■waall)' . 

Murr mtoniuumii \% a»8ll»t>l» In 
the (MfM'-i! a( KUiimaal Aj<I, AW.. 

The <l»adlmi> <lala> fur a.p|>>t>'a- 
tlMBiiNnv a 

CJaptoy iVaiii 

Homecoming Schedule of Events 

begins year 

.H.».rin-! .... , .-._ .,. 

rlieatni otans itj fiew »aii>rr vnh a 
fr«« All«jhiiter eoiwft. at ;i:.M 
.p.lB . ID Ilia lauatie at' hMi A 

Tilt arctoimra, aiKltt'lhr ijirec- 
tmn nl .Mr. OaiM-ge VMuu. pnln- 
-tr af Biaiic., la in. iti tith Haam. 

■««• vnmrmm ■Itt nNanien;t 
aitlli ■ftm ««<rt» la RaaamuMla 
wilt will cawttMlt' villi tlw witi- 

Interested In your government? 
Get Involved, or just find out wtiat 
we're about. 

Come to the Political 
Science Club meeting on 
Tuesday, Oct. 3rd at 12:15 p.m. 
in D212 

amtn Ummtf 
nianala.t.. f:ielslirr ( 


l-'rani, «!' iaiiUim. ,A 

FrMai.i>ri«lMr.r i..: 
'iJ'*" LuiOTgr 

■Sii/frrrnnj; a fid ■■■■■■ ■ 


nri ... 

IK» 1 MtK-r ht 4 p JT 

V't'tlvi) 'U, 

•'ti.riii' ' i , ,,..„,„ 

II.I. v.H' ^.ign 

Hj'jh'i h'niM, 

lip IB .Stmieilt Aclinties i. HI ice b,y 
*.(t.m t'rt*i) > 

t"a«i:»t1 MliOUV W^TER,"* ,:iilvo 
iiplMarmit . Jmi ^' 
HarjtM'tn MfiV-.; 

FtuKtelll Harper v* Mm. 

'"'•"■•■''■'■■' yue™ anil Ctiurf 

■' !' 1 1", f ■ I r ti.,ii.j|ef' 

'■ill' 'liu.- ii'.-h.iljn,( F.»..vt. (:.,.!, f. 

"■'"•■ I I' '•"''■ '■ '.« I.. (»■ ,11 ...l.;.,|M'. .',;,, 

.1. Il!**,^l 

1 1 ill I hi." .liKM- ; . >n jiilvamrr • 



Will hold its first meeting of 
the year. We will talk about our 
first trip and our trip to the Cana- 
dlan Rockies. Other general Infor- 
mation will be mentioned. 

Come Join The Fun 

Meeting will be hold inD231 at 

1:00 on Oct. 3 







Mon 4Tu«. 9'»'30. Wed Thurs Fri. 9'i»ofn. Sat. »-S 


call for appointment 397-0100 : 

Algonquin Plaza 
833 E. Algonquin Road 

^^ C'»*^y yOPf Schaumburg 

SHAPING! f* ^ 0/ SHAriNC* 

RegSUOO '^^^ /U Reg. ,3 00 

^Now^ OCr NOW 

$8,50 Urr $6.50 




Reg '13 00 

J.Y ff*'*^'^ TaiiP THI aiST I.NOW TtY THI BCSTb 


October 2, 1978 

Cabaret at Harper 

ftnpte r».M* tliHA Iw« .N* •-•■■f «»«« '- ••>• '?« * '^••"^; 

bttt «l«tl»» t»«f Hiif » »•««<* I*"*"' "**»« 'WW*'" »" " *"'*■* '■™* 
N« 'Of fJrw »i«l. Ew» »" ■«'*• *'"' ■'•*•*"• • -"""^^ r«,»»i«ini(, 
ylviMMrt • tf* •» '» ••*'" P«™ "• ■*■'* "" •**" ■""^'^ '" 

■iV'liMiitli, diceHnf tiir cavWci and fim tnaWin. 

IZmi « to im^i. dw «i ""« ««•» ««'• •««*«f«IN'«'''« '"■ •■"■' "*» ,^** 
UTiMcrfw* pm* mm. mmf — f^* ""««« '» "* '"'* ""* ''"'™ 
'llM mmfm ill ««H« ftw l*n ■*": rm timUi at i« itei <*•" •»<?- 

WMW* .fMl K».an. l«* fw .ta«li.nit.«ii«. iii^elwif I«il*|, W**. 
chL cm-ta. <wJ »«•««■ *■»■ Tr» IS -• W >">"• "" ■>»■ •*•' "•«* 

«»|,',Mwl. u He d«i». Ttef. wiM •.!*«'• »» . !»• t««* llKl j:« to" 

Imit «.MiiiM. Bmt l«m>n? tlwHr inipw^iMl wWiiiii: l««* •«•*'• 

'TSMtoTiiTto'to «»t r».d:> I* ttat ilin «' J.* n.iiM goto iwc fma 
tmtm Th* !•> to *)»! •nytdiuK «« » <<> * M Ww <*««1 iottteri *» 
«ara>itM Wore dam th*!"- » milir M.m.l», » yiw *> jw«f !«■«««► 

Don't tel y«Hir il*nti«l surrjtiiW' you •'th »ny iiii«iilleipil««l' pi"- "« 
Hot UUiia l» (to »• 10 «>» "to f>* hathrwm •«! ta* Btt daof V <i« aw ni>" 
ZiMTmaR ro«««» iw •*« •*» ***• "^ """«•■ **•• *'"' *"" 
MidtM* luMMl ««■ Wnrf' liulrtwri couW **« .to l» y«i . Y" muit f »l y«ur- 
SrZ-^J I.. Wn, ,.««!. W^^. «- J."" y«r ta«« 
and UtA Ultra *>«« y»» «•«"*• »«*»'"« y""**" "» ■'«■«»"' '"™ ■" 

AMMtwr eitreii* t. to tram yourielf <Kit to latwih •!»« UwktM »P f«i« 
4taMM-t m-.. Thli i» vwy hard t.. do Mn« H »'t in fVWjUJf 
Mciimnce Ha« wwiMn* lean «'«' , »y imf he « i*« ••r* « «l«nliit. By 

dottm «!«*». y« wtll f»«l vury .MmJorlaW* ifi yo«r *«l"« ctor wImw 

Suiafctnn of n«i«». [tractke l>r»alliing throoitlj yoor mm, oM •"»«*» 
vMir moiicli mt «kai u a dtfiniit plin. ««:» y»»» «*>» •" *• 
caMMd full ot t-oMem ttalto, ln»l.nini««»ii •«» Hn««r. e»<iitM« »«» to |w« 

l^n Iww to mOmUmt <l4r«ct ItcM m your .y» ««.« *!ntl«t» »»u«Uy 
■Mint llM laim> dlrictiy tnio ywir coraeaa a» ttaj drlU ana» Prartict toy 
B ,.n ,.-, , laaa twar yaar !«<1. poattlo" it to lelar* iiiKi jour fa«» ai yoii 
aWaaM MOM il«» KifW «««««r. carry amand • (UiWuthe ami »vw> »«> 
Tl! ^- It inui jnwr tyts. Practice •tlh all Wn* t* light, maytat «tn a 
fflagHMMl/llgMMIi. Try to nei ho* cloaa you can (at it to yoar fact «tth- 

"tSSSTJmr tamitta to l«t« Yob kmm that y oar itenM la fotn* lo 

■IMt acrBDiin ma picklnt tha iiitn««e yo« "• *•""' '"' »"• *•''• "" 
sMlM m BTirtke Wncalianil Yoo can urn a loothpirli .hilt waldtlm* 
wMwMatt. JMt haaii IxAtaf "P •«• ■»<»• «'«»« '" «•« »«•"•" •«'«««««««' 
to»h»tttoconi€tntlwn«OTti*irt. ^ ,, _, 

Whilr at Iht diw«r tabla. talM fmm fori and acfaii. the Uto of y«»' 
tiwh W hrt Ihwnlllia* i»tolP«»ttall alxnit Ahov. an. dm t I«r««t Uww 
■■luratlt* ihim IIWT 'IfT" r~ *" "" «h««tki and roof of your mouth Prac- 
nrt Itat l««l am m iritmrr mmm mtOk and poka y«r»ll twia ymi 
cant taiN II anjmore Oiwit worry « yo" »'"•''•> "«»'* •» '*'•«'• o*™*"* 

Tha hay to «<>tn« to m* your danlial ii in th« urtparation Bmld up ymir 
raMtanca to |»in and ifsony When you finallj sit m that dentist chair 
and haar the hungry boM of Wa inlfhly drill, youll he abk to i» h*:* and 
ralax htcaii»« pain will he ali3ioaHe«wi<l nature to you 

i , I , , i.,>w imi:)«r»uy 

. .■ » (uttdtiilKin 
L.f I ,iii..j.. i '■ "^ ■''' '■'*■ f***^ 

iwoneil m itw ■ 
tiirt ?tiO'V 9. II. 1-: ' ■ ' 

Tiflin* «ill (o on *alr m the 
SlodeBl ArnvilMWfrflM'e Jn'KinmnH 
iK't a ,\tnnm-r."Th«lrT(»vliamf 
will Ik nllrrwl lor tt»r \»v IMh 

-fubari-i," »l m Hrrlm vn 1««> 
geli» th« itit'j i>l cahnret »inffi 
Sally Bo«le«. »«<* fonlriM* ihe 
Irwokiui »orW ol the catwrw with 
thi: irowint San timm-t in (ier 
many »«»•«• O" •«<»'''*» ''> 
I -hfiwipher' lihernood and the ,|*»> 
In .lohn Van Druleo. ■fiiliom." » 
oiii? ol Ih*' man frnpitM hiummIs in 
ihr hisi.1.1 »l Amencnn musKul 

The cmt 1,'onswts o( I he 
,li.lliMin(i I'rwy liire i St-twum 
ImrH' 1* piaymn the rule o( .Sally 
.■«le». BrianT frti* >Glm\""» 
r h«' Marter olT* wnmmirj I ' ■ ' ■ ■. 
Crnwlry 'Itumnntnn Hil'K' (st.i~> 
«» n<»l. .SalK - U.M- inletcM 
fllh> fi'Ump 'I'aliiliiii- 1^ 
Kniuiem 'St-hrnHdrr, who runs the 
iMMrdtng hem* *tten Sally lives. 
Bruce *e«v«T ' K* <.;r.n'.- Villjur. 
jmrtray* H»rr SchuHi, a frun vcn 
.Uir I'.inda Muellei ' .^rlinRlon 
Ills i» rrauletn Ko«l, a 
|,r<.»iiiule and Harold l*»oyiT 
• De* FbineS'i ii ploying Ern»l 
Ludwi, a Na« orgaiwrr I'hjnis 
niemJ»r> mt ludr i'.<rol CIouMit 
.1>«B. Pbinrii' Mn'tM'llr Rotnnsmi 
Mounl I'r<»i»e<-t I . Milie Komi 
Msrnnfimn', MiHe Po»» 
St-haumliurg'' B--.-kv BaKas 
Sthauniimr.! I'.tii.i.. KuhniT 

Butlal" linn*-. Mili:li Wrndl 
W'hi,«iinu ■ . Kmi '/jtmkt iSchaum- 
hurf'. Chucll I.ubffcli iMouni 

(•ii.»|>«'»>, Enn rooksley 
^. haumburi'. I>.ina B<)t& •Elk 
t,r.n.?VilUme. and TinJd Jack- Grove Vtllafei 

Calarel ■ » under the dir<ii 
of Harper upeet-h and ihi-alro 
sirutior Mary Jo Willie l)r 
Koberl Tillotsmi Harper mu»ic 
Ini-ully. I!, muwcal diredor forihe 
(wiidwtion Chorwifirapher a Mr 
,-\l 'Vlueller <»( lies Plaine* Sel 
l,)e&igner 'Techmcal Direclor is 
Mr l*rry l'hil« ruMume design 
a being handW b\ .Icnmrer llu«an 

Palatine) and Mary Maraviglia 

Cary ' 
MuMt-ians are still nei'ded lor tN- 
orthrstra Itiieresied pcopU' 
•ilK«W<onl.irI Dr TillotMm at <•«! 




An>ticatlamt •" «"" ■•*"* "' 

eefitoO In the ftadenl ActMllMi < « 
(irr tor (he !!•'■ HoilMComuw 
guwri (mm any foil or iiart-lline 

Nonuiiatlon for fliiten ondi- 
iWis will 'he icceplrf llwounh 
WMklMday. laitial screeniiw ol 
esndidates •ill be on Thur»day 
aiid. Friday . Final itelei-lion ol the 
queen and her Iwo ittendantj will 
He made ("let il«r» 

Camd'Idalef may apply mdivi- 
diialty or may 'he iponifored by a 
rerogiilied, ncliw Harper club 
eiriudlnn Student Senate, Har- 
binger. P'roKram Board, and 
WMCM I A dub may only sponaoc 
une candidala. 

AH candldotoi wM ha imitlally in- 
terviewed and nereeoed by the 
Homemwilni! C;«m>mittee »ho will 
K-lert ten flmaUjU The nueen and 
her two attendant* will be «*iei-t«d 
(rom the ten finalisti by a 
eolleite/rommomly committee 
There wiU not be an elerlinn 

The nueen and her two atten- 
dant! will be »elei-led >» the baala 
or the lollowinn criteria appear- 
ance, pane and personalitj ; inter- 
view with selection committee;, 
and partlcipatton in college and/or 
community activitie*. 

The queen will receive a ISO 
prt» )( ihe is tponaored by a club, 

liiilH I I'T'T 


l»40fe AlQonqvii" 

S(^a^JmDu»■q IL 

J. ATAnc I a^FlOI'G^ 

llalla* Weii, a prale»»taiial Billard. playrr -ill br *| Harper »rd^ 
undo) tlet t at 1 1 » and 1 2 ts 'or all lBlere*led *tode«l». on the third 
n«or ol hMit A »e«t. a veteran of 1! year* of lournamenl pla>. ha» a 
Mmament high ran of is* and oat and a career high run of IM hi 
praelke He ha» won »«eh lhainpioii»Mp» a» the H7S I .N tlpea; the 
NatlMial typeo two time*, and Ihr Midwest tipen tWe time* 


n IOIII*TlOC*TtO«l««i"i""^ 


_ l»40t aiQonqvii" 

LAI Stitcties 

for Guys ft Girls 



up to 40% off 


liiM Bu»e Ave 
Block W of «• 13 
, Block N St RIK 

itS.Wont M »aWHwv. 
> > Bwck S. ol 
PauMnt Koad 


■»»«iiB»im«ro»—_M»i«" ^ S 







< CriqiyCnist 

evtrr Tubs. » p.m. till? 

1/2 price drinks 

everyday witn 
Lunch Purchase 

Free popcorn 

Fridays / Sundays 

FRY $2.95 

ChilOren »5c 

■New Bite S^lc" 

CmiOrenll *i 


Home made 

Country | 
Chicken I 



Live Action Pinballs I 



Junk foods cause troubles 

krJtMliriMUIUJl IIM Watk: :I||H|!J> inMl. ind «a— »|.— »< , ^. 

Itow tiMt •riHMil' ii in full a«tn«. 
■I ■tudtmu r«« duickl) freni 
t Itt H»i», and tnm .■m-IxmI i« 
: tmny uK tlwm <lo«it fjml the 
Mill* to «at Ortamlj titty mual 
eat tn nrv>vc. Int tf» itluM tlity-n 
calini; (tall is rn«iitmiii||. 

Wtadwtr IhefT to ■ auM^ 

■MH'hlnt. tlwre loo are Itangry itu- 
<l«iit» on tlw run Hi m mmit 
tmmr In frnt (rsb » ian(t» tar « 

!«■ of iwIMn cttHM. Umh i» M • 
■atod. mml or Mfitalilvii. 

Unfortiiiwiitl*, mans iwitpl* 
*«n"t .tltip to ntatnc hmi. ibm-Ij 
harm tlwr art dntnti m (heiridvM 
Simar. •tufli ia lound' tn matl rait 

Cnlaa tha help to dedrw) leeth 
Chmcalair milk iami mtch Ml«r 
betain* It ate ewiiaiw a lot i>( 
suRar Ch<>r<ilaK< ate Imwm Uk 
Kood Hfert (If milk Pidfil* who wc 
■war tn ihrjr e«ff»e maj- MM 
realiie how mwh iitgar ia iiiMRR 
Mo thrir bodies 

Even yatun nnt that nulrUton 
if It railaiiai fni« and ijrup The 
Mine h«Mi Inie fmr ranned Irtut 
in* IruH itwif i, a„od but the 
*u«ar ii>r«i) thai m teimd m almiMl 
all eanned fruiti isn't Why can'l 
|n-wlik*ri liwi leiivit «eii enwuh 
alone md ran rriill m id natural 

tnnlh decay 

Hard candij. lur naaiple. ti 
« mum. U tkmmn do 

There are. hmever. iiiany allw 
naUifea In these ■nlll quick 'rnmHu. 
**(» eumple. arttfiruil iweelancrt 
fm tm mmt m atltm and other 
rwNk r*rl Mia mat be drank m 

rrrTrt It?": 'T "" ''•""'"*' ••"'-•- ^'••''"'* '« 

•aViwniwr l>.,r lle,ac. Hw.k l.,re,i.M^ f« mim VI »,r(w«. ril;,. 

I>laev of reM'ttlar .Mda. Cartili 'nmy 
be eaten inatead of chncalato.. 
f*e<i|il» maj illce (rali truit into 
UMir FOfurt iMlead of IniyinK |ire- 
|i««*a«ed fruit yogurt SuRarien 
Kum ttiay tm i!hewe<l in plac* of 
laard eaiwty. To lallify • t«eal 
tooUi. anadta imwic of homy may 
by eaten in place M cake nr 

Wrnnen tiaw it eaiier than men 
when it rnnia to tmnginif f««i<l 
with them to schoal They can 
tarry freih fruil or vewetables In 
their mrse and eat tliem between 
fla»»M, Otherwise, students 
i*ouM ftnil the time l« pirk up a 
«««* nutritlout meal in the 

If p«ii|>le are inlemtn] in Dotnii 
to twileiie to intfirave their future 
It) purwinR future wealtli. tliey 
•houW be Miterested tn eatuiit nght 
t<> ensure future health 

GEO classes 

The Adult Bnmr rdufution 
ilenttrtmeiil , -. r n-e mkW- 

weefc leMH't .."aies (or 

perwis pr*i ..^ „., ihe l>iM:i> 

«:*<»! caiaivaienry e»,iimiiiJtkiii 
t»)tmnini{ the wer* of i„w a , 

najset in .malhematk'i. Knulixh 
.;rjinM»r. sbiJ .rradwiK jiri- .«.«! 
able MiHdav. W«diiinda) . jind Fri- 
«lay lanmmKs at Mimday , W«(ne». 
itaji, and Thursday ewnin«» 
Imtrwi-tion on the' United Stales 
•lid, llliniits Conntilutimn* is also 
eiyen in it* raadlii«riaiii. 

Bawr Skill* elaaict in mathe- 
malK-t, Emcliih. irammar. and 
rradum dfwiojjinenl wiU als» be 
.»fler«l on Monday. Wedmesdat. 
»ntt rridaj; morwnHX and on Mim- 
<lay. Tuexla^ ami W^cdnesdas' 
«-vrninii!,i f«-.iludM« Wtm tmn mH 
atiewled Hiiilt idMHl or wiMMe 
skills are telw Mfh tchiMl level 

KecMralMn wtll be Monday. '7 
P m to « W p ra « FW Sludrnti 
•iMnild allow Mie hour Im rewatri- 
tum and stiould brinn a penril. 
Iheir sik-tat terunty nauBbm-. and 
>'»r Ik^ente plate number. 
Mot* Ml«ntMiiii|. is aniwit' at 

«■!.. IB- 
Data Processinf 
offers scholarsfiip 

liata l>riK<eatiD( Mamucinanl 
Aawn-iatiuii m oWerinf • aehote- 
.ihip I.), be aMnM' la a Martxr 

rattd-idatei awt be « th.irit 
wiMmlcr aludent wtUi an overall 
avenw tt at leaal U and at Icaot 
a 1...I averaie in coiBpitter data- 
eoune* .already eom- 

The camdtdaite m^uat MtaiN. a 
brief < apfirm'Maleiy tww paiMt-i 
wrWtan pniaiiliitioit oivertmg their 
tutereal tn the data<-e.»- 
"ne/cnniputer lnilu.<l.r> 

I >">ad.ltt» lur «jijftiittiii« app|.ica- 
':"iM IS Not' I .Appl.lealiaiia are 
svjiilaWe in Ihr FiMneial Aid Of- 

Join the 


[Staff meetings 

Thurs. 2 p.m. 

Oct. 28-29 

IntenlioiMilly and wrongfully re- 
■traintiiK a person from movinR 
abnul is In law a civil wronii < tort i . 
pwil of wlu<* can wtn damafe* 
(or the pcnon who is wronged 
Thij reader's unhapp)! restaurant 
e«penence « an eumple 

Q. On ■ trtp. I took ■ rnaad to * 
Oat DallM. Tat., rutaumit. Tli« 
' ~ caat la BMTt Unn I Had In mjr 

M. aad attkaimli mf 
•<te«d I4> add the to« 
lad. waatUl didn't 

So I oKared a bank credit card 
•hkrh I* iMtnorMl in many placet in 
T«t«a. Whan tha reataurant 

to aceapt M. I laid the 
I didn't want to amp 
and that I would 
!!«■»« wlthte Um hoar to pay Uw 
balaiwe du«. IM |Ih 
aaciirtty man 

Fortuivitely, aji guMl calM a 
trtand wiio came and baUcd ma 
«* What daaa the Uw aay about 
Uila amaauHi lack of courlaay! I 
have lince lieard that the 
la hir 

compensatory and punitive 


It alto may be a crime. « found 
to be committed agaUutt the state 
aa a whole. Your lawyer in Teaaa. 
if you deckle to prosecute, will 
adyiic yo«i about both the civil and 
cnmtnal actioni ilQ S.W Id MC 

Q. I «n plaaninc a hutudy 
I9MM aettia la prore Oat a maa tab 

IhalWbarar my child Canldw* 
«jr cUid la Ihe Jury so they can lai 
he haa many ol hia father's facial 
(aaturea' My parenta want to know 
abom thii before they ^Mnd thair 
aaray on a lawyer. We live in New 

A. Ymi nmy havr grounds for 
limlh nvil .wd {-riminal complaint 

ITc»«» law tati iijienlKinal ami 
un-lawfiil rrstraiM a.i>ai.iist your 
fre«lom, d proved. Is a tort for 
which the court* ma> award both 

A. Before you file yaur case- 
your lawyer will point out to you 
thai Ilio New Mesico Supreme 
t:ourt recently ruled that a child 
ma,v properly be nhibiled lo the 
jur> m a patermly suit 

In tliat way. jury meititeni may 
compare Jimilarities and 
disumilnntjes of fealuret and 
traits nf ilie child and the alleged 

The court commented that 
jurors an not iikrly to become so 
eimtiooally escttKl by the child' 
preanre that their .ivmpathies 
wtiuld replace the tibli^ation at 
their oath ■ 4»7 P u 727 \ M 



Be on call to help us with 
light order picking and dur- 
ing peak work loads. No 
regular schedule, respond 
only when academic load 

Call for details 

Cowiuiir Inc. 
Elk Grove 


Earn while you learn up to S5 an hour 
Work when you want, where you want, we 
have continuous l or 2 day local assign 
fnents for 

1) IHiW factory/warelwuse $4.00-S4.S0 per hr. 
J) typists $4.00tS.OO per hr. 

3) electronic/mechanical students - 
open salary 

4) liealth care workers - open salary 

For infontMttkm caU: 

Palatine Maipower Office 


Octobers. 197S 

Football team wins 27-7 

I> «■• imnnmi l t la to ■ twagN daji 
fur Utt Martli. nllaiiw m^ llir>' 'K*<i 
ThwnliHM** MkIiI'Ji tnulMi (Icf'riiM 
But lilt Hawks miuJc il a lautihvr 
•• llMf lilarall)' ran unr lite Bult- 

"Wr w«R (irfiHiftag am Mcmtie 
to a tiiucti f atw a* «• ttiwctnl to 
amtk matt imiM* witli 
dtffvitjRv/' laitl Hta4 
Ellasik MI him 111* 
gal niailj' to (tlw mani' 
I (0 Ikr a ttqi 
■Bin* M'Mimn 0» nm 

tht Haiinlia lolaM ittf jrsMh, Ml' 
at UMMf niiMiii- I«a<llii|( ail niii'' 
•■M WM Urn*' IMliilMiimvr •till 
Myardalii'liialvc'eairrM. foriloa- 
Inc Oa«« «aa Briwi (iflsaliMii 
■iHli M jvianht anil IMrvin Hf imlif 
Mill a. Raifcr 4ia:rtcrl»i:li. Neil 
'MMnMlv iMi • flit ttay (MnMing at 


ki nrlMt eaaaM (Ivt to ■ f antl. 
.M'ail al' Uima paaiaa ffuniiiy In 
t an MMUaai caieti m 

tlir emmt M itit 'inaltMw twr a :M 
)«rtt linrMowm. 

On iMtiiiC Itw llamki tmU 
TiMirntm. tw a W«l i/t m >a:r«ls 
riiitoii! and jiaailnK Tht Mawtai 
piaa riinti. CMiUnwallt' utafiimt 
TInrfitoi'a rlHm «( witrmi: m 
Itmf miimt t» qintrterlMck tw 
■1MB M' ifanlf'' Mike CiiHirk and 
L^mia Joaqiii' itavt llie Hawk* ii 
tMliiitif nlc« a* Cwuek wa* (Inr 
to (Mr in rimvwfitm* and l«a«|)li 
i» klfk-af ti inil tfi* Itaiiitaei' dM|i' 
In lliiFlriiwo 'larrilary . 

Tile Havki MwtMt lam in tmtti 
•f tlw loar Kiuarlm, Init Hit can*' 
«•• :ilMn <ir a nwt. ti' TlunMn a* 
111* mrv indlralci at loo Hawk 
l'iiu«'M(i'«'n **r« lirou|!lil tei'k 
llw rcauit at (lenaltim. Onit at ihnmt 
UMMMawM caltMl tawk «a« an M 
f atil ran tmr IMMIwliiMr. 

I( llMf Hawk* WW their ntil liro 
aanuM. macli Eliafik IMi tlw; 
■MoaM b* ill |>rrll,» eaot iiliap* ia 
Mia «in(«fnii-e ilamltno TlMtlr 
Mail laiiMt 11 Satanlai M HIUimi 
Va/Utf M T:JI ».m- Th*' Haak'i 

«a. Mm, Ocl. M ami IWIa MIM 


% stfMK pMiut r«>k i* aaa al llw m*an* Ihr llawki arr liatlnK oar ul thrir l>r«l traitaa* 
rirr i 1a>lii« ta an Ikr paar h»I Ii 11 faal l'a«»a()i«. I* Iranh Waririlia. and Sl-Tam 

Malai. IW Hawk |Mti* raok itai nar al Uw atajar laclar* In Ikr »ln mrr Tknrnlan !*-;, ■» 
lb*} aaUrd liir Thxralna vaartrrkark to inlaa* la ; ar«* < iriiata b» Ulllir Wnidn i 

Faculty members run Daley Marathon 

m M* wij'» (a tail 

kaat •*r« lacMtf, aa rniaaf 
Tnnnafa ramptalMi nf ' tht :ita<n<ii 
lima te'ing pwrihid Irani • it w. ;m 
am" laMl Dr.. kliaaiall H* «lai> 
.■aid llw iiMrlt nf tliC' rnvd .lav* 

•iiMig. mam of tlariwr'i fkotllf 
la phfalcat 
. fM' af '■■•• Ik .Ml 'Br. 

mK^M mm ^^awar awwi aMMnB ma itaf awO' 'frifun luni' 

IMII fart In pralMllly nilMii'liatiiilalml 

I MM' af a« Ik* Mairar MIwhII laMt k« did nal timm 

In •Hk-k afar Ma 4m Mara Ik* ra«« at many 

MMnpulkliwKd. manari: do kr aatln* mnrh imUan 

ItMlk nalUiar M aaqr ami Umw Iha li0l Mart Inading 

I' mm IM niMl! ■IB w ■■■ MtMqraMaa.. Tha only 

tw. 'Mwaallti IMiia Im dM dMrnga araa llli 

I la rw In t koan. ami II tramiiig' aa ka appad lus lalat 

i.lMi|.kt«M*JMNlal«:4a. rwnlnt ajlaaca avary raiipl* af 

"Ilia Ma itollnc' Hat mt 'Uw «i«tto.falii| £nini M ta « ta N 

fnlkat a «*fk- 

' I vaf iltMt.liiit to t»n miiiulo a 
iMte bill aiitk tkr beat I aalliMi two 
and a IibV mllaa and Uiat last me M 
nuniltaa" ranuncnted Muanell on 
Ma ■tratcM)' to the rare. 

"Ifi dcflntlaly a peopla't r»», 
tlw .ilart wai .juat fanlaatk- aa M. 
laitcd (or atiml itven to riKM 
■ninuiaa It »■■ very well done, 
well wrianliad The firat half Koinc 
dnarn Mleliliian a«t«u* «m* rvally 
lilaaamtt Ih* Mcand .ha:lt actiwrf 

aiilliiMi at 'tha raet.. Mii—U 'bcian 
numliiK lan« dlMaim btcaua* "It 
■(*■■ me iwacs and. Iranqiil.lit.v. 
•MMlliiMa It's Hand ta emply tb* 

and lot the bod'y lake mtt . ' ' 

Goad (iitcrlence. I 

ly Mitayed tl.'" waa Uie 
liven by Biology 
Prafaitar .Mm Thomiwoii an Ms 
leellnii of Ih* rata Tbampaaa had 
been up to H mile* a week until a 
■tfcaa Ik'actare in hia toal ctutailed 
hit mniilna 'far a whd*. He Iben 
wvciiwl hia way bark to twelve and 
ran tan nilea the Friday before the 

"I Mnt tw a w arhi h op falurday 
'befar* Uw 'taiie aad beard all Ihete 
runncra llilkhit tlWal how they ran 
I W mllta a laaak, and naned lo gel 
HyK'hed out about runninii ii N<iw 

I realize if I hadn't I'd be kirkinK 
myiell ' Thompaofi ran llw a; 
miles m t binin and ZS minutes and 
alter Iw finiahed had lo walk about 
four more milei to find bit family 

I want Ul do It atain ncit yaar 
With same work Ibtre ahouM b* no 

eanne far ruiHiln( over four 
houra ' ad<M Ttwoiinon. 

Thompaon ilartad running lasl 
year and in his wordt ia "hooked " 
' To me tl a Die only apart, and I'm 
diaguated for not diaeovenng it 
tariler It's the Kreateal" 

Both men have good feeUngs 
about Uie race and look to them 
nett yrar with about lO.OWothcra. 


Ma *' 



Women's Basketball Meeting 
Thursday, October 5th 

3:30 p.m. in 


Contact Coach Tom Teschner 

Harper lan« clwckw-. . - 
Htdwier. Ilm roUta*. uid Vltk> 
•ebltler walrk a« Ike Hawk, rail 

•'•'•P' iMMMMMMf •p'p'IIIMIIIttrti, FlW' Iliii'lW'Ill 

Iravel la Hl a nl ii 'VaUty iMa laiar- 

(Wijr, MilM Mr Ml •'•"Will pMij .i#(p||lil'l III' 

Ik* Hainerofii'inf game 
RimiM'IKMH Mo 

ll«m*- Iht^ Urdnrmlwv *\ riitir- 

ainaandawat Tkarikdat tt. Jalltl 
t*'aai«B°t Valtryball WaafcoaMrr 

'taaraaairaJ 'KI. la (wd Thart.. 
1.1*1 I J »*. Miet awi.t \#*l tmiae 
aia.|*'li •'« Maialii* iHt I5.. T iJ 
p.. B. , pj^, fc* l|Hi» Wndr* " 

^ "flM Wilbur BOOiM" 

gp Health Club for Men 

"molfer supervision in Conditioning, 
Wtifht Training, and Body Building. 

HOURS •Mon.-Pri. 10-10 
Sat.% 10 -s 

*«a. and Pata'M* •«. fll-lM* 







-YES N0.._ 


NO . 

Roy Kraws • Intratnurai Coordinator 



GaorgeCwik ifitramural Presitfont 

Educators stiU deciding on court meaning 

br OvfM Jkffeifiai 

mmtm drt-uinatmiCM - Uwt gancr- 
aUd tlM klml nf mifimd BrMUcr 

lIMilMidaiiil'tays. "NolMMly 

t to Um Umivcriil]! <i( Cafr 
lIMdilSl •dMWl bt- 
iHkIi wnitt. 

For ailinisiUMW offikcn are tlT- 
ini. to dctcrmlm urtial llMim "dr- 

noMiaiicaa" miKlM te. Ttwtr uak 
to iMl inad* caaier by 11k mart'* 
avta opuiinn M thv laiiK Only (in 

«f the nm* jiiii(ii:«* ranrumxl in 
ttw "ipcclal tMrraniitaae**" 

opUiMMi. and Uicn araa CMMiildcr-' 
aM« diifatv tmimg IhMC tlvt over 
•n accaptaU* 
• ptmtram:. 
UWf aratlffimir r«in»' 
lamllr ll Imtlir rtmntnit otT to vaf - 
inu* OMiinfflen to nm if it can 
rannct an a<'rrf>taM« afflrmutlvt 
actliin iirofrain on lis mm. Pnlca- 
■imial orKamnatMnt likt ll« AnMir- 
tcait CnuiKil of EducatlM and Uie 
Nallmial Aaic«iaic«l «t Ediiea- 
tlanal (■mgiviii. •« iMil aa 'Khiiiili 

tnm Uw UntftnWy if Maryland to 
Moiuit Martf Ciliatt to Idnllk Da- 
kata, hava ttnatf adiadaM 
Bakka canlMiiHMa IMa laU. OUmt 
gronpa, l)b» Ua Amarkan Aaanda- 
lion lor HIkIict Eduration. 
mailed aplBum bmiUaU Into DttM 
that catalofM adnniiiiana pMef 
adJutnwiUa In Iht IMdta daci- 

tlw adMMil't alalad academic ob- 

• That (tiUcKci will, nnnetheleiia. 
relaui braad dlacr«tlaiuiry pa»«rt 
In lalhartnx thoir •dnuiaionii pro- 
I to Ihvir own gomla, includlnff 
glial tt mcreaicd ininonly cn- 

Uiat uaca racial eoMildtrnllona In 
any way will prabably be viewed 

by the cnnrta at "tnliemitly «w- 
l>ect, " and (hna bt mbjad la r«> 

• Tbal ail kImmiIs are going lo 
have lo review their curreol poli- 
ciea, are iiratiably going In have to 
re-draw them to eittUrlUy rellect 

The cmirl llaelf wat clear only an 
the firM point al the ninaeosui On 
the secvrHl poult, the court uid 
acfaooU can consider race ai one 
element ot an applicanl'ii eharar- 
tar, and tbui his admiisabillty Vet 
It added that to give an a^ieant 
ipecial trealment only 'baca^mc of 
his or Imt race would violate the 
equal protection rlauaei of the llth 

Specifically, the court decided 
that Allan Bakke had been denied 
an equal oppoftunity to cnmpato 
(ar one of Iha W ncd scImmiI laala 

jOavli had raacrvcd lor minority 
•tadenti. Minority (Indents. 

flMoglt. were eligible for aU IW 
teats In the class Bakke and all 
other whllat were only eligihle far 

iuatice Brennan wrote at tome 
length on the third point of (he con- 
acnau*. that coliegea should retain 
control over their own admissions 
programs, and that more minor- 
ity students" II a worth) program 

But he found - and the poat- 
BaUte conaensus has tended to 
concur - that icliools will need lo 
take a good, hard look at how (hey 
admit students Minimally, the 
standards that are emerguiK would 
require schoob to publicly declare 
their admissions policies and to e«- 



Williom Bonier Horpar Collage. Alqonqunmnd IjgigtIeBo odt. Poloimt, lllincm 60067. 3 1?-397 3000 

V0L12A NO. 7 

October 16, 1978 

Loan fraud scandal unveiled 

fjipK. of mftaltli. 

yet rapaiid iheir fciiarany- 
But Califano More 
ha'd «al them to repay Now the 
llral results of Calilano'i collection 

ptOKram have been rctoated. and 

lltt'.p«ninun seems to be working 

LkH year, lor eianapla. "MRW 
ol M defaal- 

VS lera on^ three laan prograow - the Ihe rale of 'nmvartinn should In-' 

Gaamnlead' Student l.«in. the 
Kallonal Mrect Student I..«an. am) 
Health Education Aaststancc 
I jiant - each week 

TMt year, CalUano reports MEW 
ta converting defaull* to repay- 
ment* at a rata of 1.3M) per week. 

tha iiimMa la tegely due lo an 
eapandcd tOtSeral i.-elleclion utatt 
This month, when two of !if:W's 
ten regnuil aM(<es begin ustnK 
pfnfeaaional collcctiiiii 

Credit a alto dtW' to PN|«!l 
Crwa-Oieck. a pronram which 
iiac* («mp(ilers to match HEW's 
tM of defaulters with the loctol 
security numbers of government 
emoliiyae*. In IK lest .piiaie. the 
pro|e<4 turned up over 3MI HEW 
emptoyees who had not yet repaid 
their tederally-inaured 

The second phaat. wkMl la. un- 
der way now, will he ebecking ant 

Queofi 78 

Belay Hanuw wae aained ike 
Ifti Hanacomlng Queen darlaf 
Hamecenlag lesttvllirs 
Saturday. (Hher HoBieramtnit 
events were a plus enltag 
f o las t an W i i at i« a y: lrlcy«k» 
rare ea Tkarsdayt ttwiiy 
Walais vancafft an eeMay i and a 
Dlace Haaecamlng Daace 


Ian if HEW finds a de- 
faulter who Btill refuses to pay' In 
Ih* past. HKVI was relatively timid 
in bringing defaulters lo coort. 
Prom »7I through iiept , HITT. it re- 
ferred only iome Sffli caaes to the 
U,S. Attorney's office Those days 
are apparently over Over I.SflO 
caaes have been . ^. ^. . v J just since 
iMt October 

all tadaml employees HEWrttim- more than Md.WM defaulters 

alai some CI.INI) person could be acnasa the nation. 


In 11* third and final phase. I>n>- 
}ecl Croia-<lieck will look for de- 
faulters in the ranks of Ihe mili- 

Bill that's not all Bob WHaon of 
HEW's Inspector aeneral's olfiet, 
■ays the agency will soon be 
mnunting an inletitive hunt lor 
non-federal employees who arc in 
default under the three loan pr»- 
grams. He Chinks there may fee 

Board approves new 
1978-79 calendar 

The recomi a aialli n pretealed to Ihe Harper Beard of Trasteet to 
change Ihe IMt'lNI ggaicmir calendar was ■naalaiously approved b> 
board members leal Urarsday 

Calendar change* toriude beginniag sue week later and ending one 
week later rail temrsier will begin Aug. IT and date on Dec. n. The 
•pring seaiesler will start an Jan. 1$ aad conrlade May 17. The saainier 
•esskMi will he divided lato two eight-week lermi heginalag May IT aad 
endhig Aug. IS. 

Additional chaase* Include Ihe caaccllalloa af Ike CaluailMa Day 
haliday. This halMay has been scrapped to meet required criteria u icI 
by law. Ta be accredited ky aaacraut eduratioaal astorisUans. Maffcr 
mast be apea II Inalructlaaal days each semnier. Many college aflMall 
(upported •ludenik attending scheal an Calumbu Day ia case Ihe caHefe 
had to be akut d««o during the wtoter hecauac ol iaclemcnl weather. 

Studont Activities has vacancy 
for Fine Arts & Design repre- 
sentative. Contact Student 
Activities Office. 

Deadiine Oct. 25. 



Octolwr 11.1978 

Mikva urges 


McGrath blamed - referendum 

iBfWrtly. US CongTMMtman Ahiwr Mikva urgBd the cily 
«ir Oiicago t(» pass an ordinance iipiimi noise poitutian 
Ttw onlinancc was a strict but niMMialtle me. ftghting the 
tremendous amount of airplan* noine Itat is encountered 
daily by the people ot tlie northwest suburb! , and the 
nortlwwt .tide of Chicago. 

Tte «niawice. that was intMliMMi hjr 'the independent 
aldermen of the city council. Simpion. Oberman. and 
Lkthrop. puts a ban on noisy aurraftt 

Tlie propOMl requires that airlines operating out of 
O'Hare Isternational Airport reduce the number of 
m and kwdliiii. by jet ptaMt^ failing In meet, (be 
tl noiM itHiflaRli by »M| a ymr toe te :iiex( five 

_ L If an airiine doeii not rt*ice «»' minilier of noiiy 
aircraft as required, tanding f e«|. wtt doul*' tor all iMtiJM 
from thai airline 

The noise from au^ilanat is ■»' lofid that it aflcctt peofiit 
ppMiolupcally ami |H|«ic«llDf. 11i»» a« al^lwH «JIO» 


^ iSifl. • 
turnrO n> OMt 
wa* a lotinnt 
('•rtiMin ImgilftiMI tot 
»pMlhj »*< iMntMl tin Sml. It' 
rHentMuni. The ilelrat ot <HI» 
refarfndiiwm »IM tov* • greirt •!• 
toct Ml '(itnilly. itwlmlii alilic, 'Ixil 
tlw ttlain* ilmilitii't bn |miuIii4 
ebeuf'lwsr*, I (iel mm rtgM ifcnikl 
rtilc m tiMr ilMMililcn ol tlH |«wl- 
dMil. 4mma MrCInUi. 

Prtiti'ilmi Jamai MeCiritli 
itobMl I*' hclil r«i|wnsltit» Fw tlw 

dafaalad' relvrmluin 11 'i htt fu^ 
rMr at Mmrf»r. Utii was pratmUf 
Mr. MdtraA'i lint cMtranUttm 
of ■■!)) iMJorimtilMi. If (IM rafw- 

mduBi Imit paiMal. I un aianml 
tlUM lilt IIII.PM- vMikl ta?e civan 
Mr MiCralta lull rradlt Oir r« 
paaHng. HiMtnar, dit r*l'tmMiiin 
dHnt pM* MMi lilt' ntnilcnt* itere 
tiiaiiicd fur IMtiK apntbftir 

It la hani tu Mim lliat » 4M- 
rirt, In wliirh 'Itirrr art III1.IM 
iniltra. imly » llttlt itiiire than ll.mi 
Hi (iMm tatlwral to 'irote ni««*an 
liafilar U Mim tital tht iduiol 
niia|Hi|iar Ittenlifm tltu at mara- 
ly al'injtul alwilhy Whrrras.titwac- 

Kiai um *«■ tt lit te volar 

B<M;h the iwfMr, ind Mr Mo 
Gratti arc teit Ihan what 1 wimld 
rail an aulhorlly (igiirt I am a 
fimi believer in stimn «u»h»nty at 
a» l«ip, which work* Its way drawn, 
■ml 1 don't favor IIm (Vfiiwlle 
arraaiRcaHiit II tlie paper and Mr. 
MeCralb arc la Iw «<Mid leadar*. 
liHn llity ImWi better learn how (■> 
lacklt tlialr awn |irabl«iiii, in*aai4 
t4 uaiKllnK m> («r tMli oUwr't lOl*- 


Tom Allen 

Kids make library too noisy 


V 'Ita** aicaninterad a 
Iwrt al tiariw wtudi I am aurt la 
la 1 . 
I todwiMMd. 


'«lio now suHcr tram nervocBneta. 
It SMIM or all 'Of 

On a nattonal knwl six million people In tlw Halted States 
(ram aircraft noise patlutimi. 

I tliink thai wiet my laitlan dot- 
Ian, my atndcnt activity dollara 
and all other doUar* are m*m to 
Ulla K-lMxil (or my education, them I 

ilmiilil'liava a <pM plac« laatn^r. 

taUw impidlnit of 

vanoua hiijti Khool* in the area 
When yM brtng Iti tiglity (tudeaitf 
rrom a MkIi fthool to an alraadjr 
cnnnlBd lilirarv and thty refitae to 

bt viM rtvan vliaii iwlilely re> 
qnaalad la do aol that mahca int 
mad. Thia liaiiiientd to me today 
with a uraiqi of atMiul fix Htraey 

■. I admit. Harper la a cam- 
and they have 

tuatV' ifUfel W ht km. Svl not un- 

pi imM 

i to., of ewnrit. I 

I thinh that Inatnietort of Mfll 
fchool atudent* ami the librariant 
Atmld work together to keep Ihe 
nolae down And if they can't be 
quiet then Uie studenU •houM be 
loM to leave Harper't library ■> a 
place for quiet (tudy not for a cooi- 
iniuiity (oaalp Kroup 

Thanka for I 

! my 

Ijuira PaoleUa 
Oaaaof 'TV 

, t.riMlitilMm.ciaae' to llwaiiVMrt'iatte direct 
traflfc' piillati d' lit .Jfli the aiiMtiia 'II tie wni. €la«^ 

Dean argues research paper ad 

are InliffTtipted; bwaiiMi no one can hear over tlie noise. In 
Ite Dice wealhar people can't go outside and ha've a 
cnaeerwtian hecatiaethey Just can't hear.. 

In order to hold' a decent conversation most of the people 
have to go indoors. Any kind of ratiio or television 
reception i» virtually Impossible because the static 
I are so bad People may as well not even turn 

elvers on at all. 
■ thiif that the ban would acrofflplish would be 
llw •limlnation of any possibility of the Supersonic 
Concorde's landing at O Hare Mayor Bilandic has 
I the idea of the incredibly noisy Concorde from 
[ lulo Chicago, so the City Council should act out his 
I bf pasint. t*>is ordi.naitce.. 


Ttio '■boy yoiir reaearch pa|i«r" 
adwrtiMiiienl on pa'ge I of (ht 
Sept. Klaaiwofther 

vitea Harper Miudaiila to part.iri-<afratMl- 
In my 

Kobcrt f*o»elt 

'Uhtral Arta DMaiam 

Transfer seminars this weelt 

mupti .Italanla wIm plan to 
Irnmaltr to a foar-year initUiatlw 
fur iprlmit •» Ml aeinisilet' !*»» ■««. 
have the spportanity to alla«ld.'aiie 
of tour Tranaler' idwiHiiara. In. 'be 
hrld here on oMnpa*. .MMjr lapiCB 
•111 be nwentf .Indndlwi 'bow to 
»ttt<'l n fi«r-year mattliitlon. 

tramferahiUly of i 

rinila. enti-ann mqalrtiiwiitii and 

adniaaioni prociediirM.. and (wm- 
piM^ anneiiHiila with itate iinivtr- 


Do you tMnk that ckming Witlow 


•MlUiiari will be con- 
diKtcd l>y Nancy f oK Bill Netan. 
■nd flay Hylamdcr, mcMbcri of Ihe 

Sliadmi Developnwit faculty 
Foilowijiii ii the idMdalt of ieml- 

mra for Um vaak'Ol Oct. It i 

TaOmytpm. am 
Ta«aday.lTSIa..m. Dm 
««liicidaylaa.iii IW7 
TlMinKlay I p.m DSI 
All atudenla are welcome 

^^•^•^^ Park C«nf»r wouM Im a got 
opinion kwiget cut? (by Miko W9nd99} 

bare 'breaaat Uwr*' Ic a IM af 

rliit»_b«.rt M Ha*), tmif m* 'ttmtl VtllU ■ Ma. 

tataa'M* •crvleea far a IM af 

iiaiDiiiQor nowis wriwi9 

come to Thursday meetings 

at 2 p.m. in room 4367 

^ haPBinqeR ^ 

Manaalnf t^dflor: SaaConray 
Edlliirtal 'Bdllar: SacConmy 
reatare Editor': ioan :r*ctcfa«n 

Sport* Editor Joe 
l*holo Editor Mikt 

■ Manager : Tarn Jaeobaon 

Staff Jan McWhartcr. Ten Kolondo. 
Vtc'kiSislu. Jody .Sa'undcirt RanayFrila 

HER It the itudent puMlcatlon tor the Harper 

commuiiilj^. puWIahed we«kly eicepl 
*iflllll halidayi and, final itaim All opmlona cipreaaed are 
thaae of ttw writer and not neceaaartly Ihoat of the c«ll«|t , 
Ibt admlntslraUon. farutty or i 

The prUnaiy pwpaat of Ihe HARBIMOBII is la Infam. 

wivolvc aad aHtaWn the itKltnl body .af Haipar OoUaft. 
The iinain foroa of III rontant *all he Harpar ralatad. 

All articltn iubmitted for pubUraUoa mut be typed aad 
double ipac«d.wtthadaadllMof]pm. Monday*, and art 
•ubject to edlUiw Lttten-to4he4Edllor ma* be ll«ned, 
names will be held upon rcquaal. Adv«niain« copy deadlhw 
it 3 pm 'Taaiiar t>rtor to Mondny'o pubJicallon r«r 
advcrtlainn ralaa. call or write HARBINGER. William 
Ratnty Harper CoUfKe. Algonquin and Roaelle Road*. 
Palatine. Ill . WOCT Phone 117 JM». Kit. W. 



<imm cam m tmmm in«iir Iteir lici th* muy Hmjj •re ikiw wwfiim: Hwm. 
lainlaMl Ulr Hfto (lai. ctiaaiitit Ibmii. wnte tm to iwrro* Um . T<» tort >■« 
lia«t' ■ini;r ad af tlw ifciniv Mm yiiiii 'tiMl' limiii ImI tmt '%<>« « n ' w 'toil 
until »«■', I to liiQ' tiM' IslMl M.. Gm rill i* all your .itimy-toK* nm. 
tmtamm U»%>t MUiMHtwl i>liu Immn nmta ur «ir« aitatn k-mtum lt» 
PMW*i <;•». If irou mauM ham tattmw lliat liial .v»i»r. jim militn't Jinw 
<■!•• thvid ufifi* Jut rails, wmM ymt'' 

tf» r«!«lt| MM iruur (■mil m »J:|., Him •rr \m awiMilcil to taw «h«l 
llMW ilaiiiiiMn mtt lirfum mt next" Top miiw dcjicnn imp mr Hmdi 
■■WNnt. aurMiwlii *wrrlir»e. aatair i^vkcla »m0tii 

W*"V« itwat tfcrouu)) ihi' tiilw lii|> ttmtt. «lr»»-*rtmj, 'tliuit. wiM-ltliil]' 
llaitt'. mrr Ihu •■W tU«r. I»tli» il«,hll}. <in<JafrtlH'«iM.||l||k:ftaitt 

Tte' «»r«iiiwr» hrmiicM na tlMr iMinl»r'» pmtt. nuiMHilrr's |»mt» 
fanner pamte. at •llal'i tmf F«*.ri' wurltrr pamf W»'4 itnliBM) all 
mm Ml lij i* Um ftm. mw lo pun-tan- u |Mir If 1 mmi ■ (taaitBcr. ■ arxl 
I":!* UMkni) atiMI II l««-iiiiii» Umsj nalic m mui* ntnmrp. I'd miui(il> 
II a fliakm |iaii(». Mo* vnuMii'i thai Iw mce- r4|Mil Mrv«f»l|Mx-kr(i 
I li:.r (WM-ila and (Mm and rnnj i* rveti, » pfart fmr • imlclMili <m 
IwB, T» lm> II all. <«. I 'd: iM a bwiliilicll m lUe ««i of lh» lani*. 

Wt'i* l*«i m]rsl«rHMi|> tfd to l»li*'»<> lh»I me nwnl ww} .ityia tluiil 
cnilitii fr»m ate mlmjli irf ttmm iinine:v-»;T»«fd, filth) -nrli ilotliiMrii 
W*>» bmt lirMiiKailml to rra,w rwr> new «lyl«>, (r>>m Ita tt^^tn m 
■Ulna' tliui kad to im(«»ki», to Hi» Imtttim <m paiiu Uiat dmi't renlly 
Mlllilk aH: Itat «•:)> to iMcliMi U)«l mlly aroiil |Micfti>ts. 

■Miltipito Utc l*cl lllal •» really diWl vain, amyiinr lo mli«« m «« mr 
mmmf. •■ nm ImMM into 'ititrM damamlmr lo wo llw laioi. rrisatww* 
l«mi r«n». tjMidM. nr mm »J» North Pd* Tliafs i»fcv tliaw m«mi.f- 
I ilaj' ail Mil' al rtlitlM. teMiiw tl»ir Iwaim ii«atnit ll». wnlti, 
I li|>M« Ikudlinn Ijift y«*r llir «l;rlr «» "full and IkmmK", 
If IHI »» ■ wtip im} liiliined' ■ and' Iwfm- ym (toon. «. ■ 'imart mi 
U » ■ f (••<■» il. It'.* ttm C«tor« arr f«:m«laiitJj cteltfiiie ton. thil't 
a raal «« ».ity le put ♦«! Iiw::li ttm year m fmhion Ju«l rliani* thr 
f«ifT«l r»t ■ -r , and ,fli|-r» burk M tkr itort* Ut nrfUl » mr chian Hsu «.n 
yw. poMii K Nf n faiMwt kImx y«.ii-r» Meairtoit t»nm»-ni<-krl Uiii 
aMWlMiU a litto iw linv nfd, and thrv arr iiaili- ctoarly oid <>! .iiyl» - Thtj 
tmm » «il i» (lnF-lirM:k rod . and ptac-mal Ww thai Iwad the para* 
•l»y. turn m» yaar ati>. lite • bikini" andwweat dnplaynl told i-a|M.ii«m 
«Ml (unny ilaifana Ntv Umm' «nia> undrni«r iin- rimsiderwl'to l» 
■1iid«" and "itraai" T1m» »>»ar w» ihatt Iw «taraii ■■(lantiei" and: l:ll«j 
■in b* ttamMii) Hiadtt <if |«ato< rnlnntmUnr'^ioMtov AyMwr frnii. 
aMtiistk tow*, and' anlMiii* twict 

If rott'n i;->tng to l» fMnvUit Mn tMMun. utofi Nirk ditwn Iwrauat 
4mitM9n arr mm caWMt' 'llafiiM!)! hacb ndwM*. Evcrymir toi t» 
pwMluia* a (WW of li>»-H)fiii« dnip w ■iiiel*<iiclM. torn itiim. What wm 
"to" laM f Mr. «1|] .nakt yni th* Imiii ■!' all rtdtalv it yau d«i't late il off 

teck and ilitt it|i ll» ilte 

Vt'wt Iwd tic* anunat tli* nat-k. tict araunil llW' want, and tiMi tea that 
'■taut tt««ii U* at all. W#'v» liad Ilit' layvmMl t«>k with five iir m .ihlrt« 
man al a tunc liaa iit tkrw wm. mm or two^ Uaacn. and Iwn pa.ira a* 
IMiit* W«i havir tilt taclta jmii »tar mur your irarka. and' DHka ftm. •••r 
uixlOT- you KM-ki. TlMnt faahtom art'Wl ««n practical.. Kit .tlm... I'm 
trnwrn; in»l a .(iractrat dnUKDcr Thamt (aikimi ar* dtnitnad lor Sllwria 

W«'Ve had ih» lia«|!y lo"*. ll»o r»im# the IikHi took aiitl mi» w't ih» 
iKiKy k<<.>li.. wlwi t( II goini;: loilnp" 

H'latooutlim.* ■•«<••*« tl»n.| *'i.( «(ii..) •>|i>|> a' W*°v<rhad.m>UKtl. «<■ 
can't afhinl (hr m.iwiMr .arn iii'^r- w . inuil: flick w|i lor aar 'iMTi n.rhi..' 
•IT Ihry'll pMli Its <.*!T liw ,.,i,.- w. 1.,. ,.:,..t i.a M (ho«r r'i.-siitiwf. Iii>...» 
■iMt «t rcallv it'^n'I *ai>t totrf lUt l..>tr.«i <."<4k>rlwi> ul )■:.' 
MlHl tip afinl icll El Hi (he 1.I.IJ1. ul 1 .ml- !mi,:.% v»>- *-ic., i ■ .1,1 

»hal lo •far' Koi !«■ carpfol no! In »t»|> on ymtr .»» Himi. . ,1, in 
iloiKner pa'pla 

" II II I III III TT~r~l~WHrT. ■" W 111 nil L ^ .~ - 

tfi that, tlmir a( tl» y»«r OK-r nwirtr Timr ta llmm nol ijirt i i-,iir j latiiil ' 
faslwut aind pafthas* Ihm yMr'.» twmi ams ..tatimlini lo lh« r^iafly 
"hip" taaMlin .maicBiinei. 11 '» no l«»g»r "okiI" lo wwr m.idi mtuia or 
dratiak... TliC' <lintgMr» tot* dniilMl to ttmrngt the 'iiyta ani» nwrr iSo 
d««:t haitar li> .dapoHI your' .naci rlMit!k iini* yaar *a¥tnit!i m-Mini.. no. 
tnHcad ifapawit II into yoar *hai.*lii« arniaiil. Gti. nmdt 10 upviid qallr a 


M piAZAocuisFiaiiis : 


<31»3S7 72I2 

xfc<mai^Mah^^^a m m 1 


I * a > .1 . a II J 



I Conliniied from pa.!;* 1 1 

ptolm tM» the policwn help U» 
whooii iMW UMtir inainntMiial 


It'* ataa elaar that i>roii!*aiona.t 

f-ducaliw ■•aaclallMia are Mto* 
an artlve part in pwhtoc th«r 

niMBher .irhiwls toward new a<l- 
imaiMMipnigraiiia.. Tha oiuiiaaia 
If an 'iMiMialiiin... iMWvatlM wawkl 
•Witt 'to Iw .nacaila'ry if a ii>haal 
|hly (waider «i 
•ithw the vaKue 
thythecewrl. Th* 
•aitoctotlMM an aikinit srhool* i« 
paltam their pnanran after Har- 

iiiitrr l»o»eH ■■rrata appmvlnf- 
ly of tlw Harvard proRram in hit 
Bakh* aptniMi tianard ronaidm 

a (ramdidiito'* a.iii<inly iialus ai 
«in» (actar iin the applleant's 

favari ananw many faitora that 

UMarmiiiM a tHe eandldato l« iil- 

limalcly act 

Th»r« i» II 
e*eryiato laania to aicm: Whan 
rvidenrc of pa*t ranal diirrtoiiM- 

twn ill proven., ro«irt.a will not hesi- 
tate tmpoilii« itven draitii- 
nwiMiirei lo remedy the probtom . 

■OUitrwHie.. ipanitolMMt la aU ad- 

latoiMrailiini I* lo on niihi now 
There «Mn>*. to be aitretinenl thai 

■OHMIMIIR' will have la be <ton<' 
•.haul adrntniim pr<«ranu w llw 

near lalurr but the st-hooii. n». 

l*inpl»t.m.|i m .ambiiciion couirt 
(IrrUMio, arf cautiously waitinti to 
•«h wtat itiitr whtMilB wdl do firail 




fiMds you and 

your ideas. 

Come Join 

us on 

Tues. at 

12:15 in 




Starting Ti»t. 

MMtsln ??? 

Cafoteris in the 

First Bay 

Students inter- 
ested in starting a 

Ciub - Contact 
Mike Lacltey ■ 


Oaficafs for the DA NCE AWAY 

DYSTROPHY. Beginning at 
Noon Oct. 28 until Noon Oct 29 

Sign up in the cafeteria or 

Ww student lounge or student Activities 

Sponsored by Cilcie K and C.C.M. 

Hair Shaping, Air Forming, Iron Curling 

Women - Reg. 16.00 
Mow 8.00 

Forlst time Clients 
With this ad only. 

t^«= ... A''0 V-j 

Men - Reg. 12.50 
Now 6.2S 


; 'Bftitc^es 

for Guys ft Girls 



up to 40% off 

013li3 003S AOaaOIA SdlH3SO« SdOI3W3V 



Ikr mnrrri lllr Ii»>Im>iiI .»i«i »i«r iram »HI < — 

in <«Hwt Tlrar*#it >l II: B in RM. 
■ iitwM •t'iNli.»lHit> at tntmUi P7m. 
la Ihf innrrn i« lri><- t <hi i>i Ikr wivkthnii » ll Im Ikf {iiaMIt iimI imi «-k«rj|r for Harft^r 
l»»UlMllvH> rani 


tMtits W«lll»> iiitd N«rif\ \T 
itanlirltlM.. piiiwi i]wtt»i*. wjll it'|i- 
imr Ml twicrrt Ttar»"l*> in ra* 
»!»■ B p m »M| will l»tiiri' worts 
;.. -..'hitliert. Piwlunc, Kaurr urn) 

Wwklri Kii4 -irRanlmiilit o'ln 

IWIflKi'iI a pitui" »oir'l*h<n> •xi 
-'Tu'litimiii's (i»r l>m"hiiit! Four 
'tlaniJ I ttcralurr »l Various 
(«v»l»' Imm t» B u> II ;:» » m 
Thur«lJt( , ort i» la I'-»I6. A*u>:' 
iit» a tl t'tn- llw iwblr ani tm ■<■ 
Hariifr mmintt witlti tbrir ac-hwl 

For (hi- r- , : 

W»«llley jir 

iMWn njrccs.alui I., .ill. . ...i.i. 

tmth her* iMid aWiMJ Ihev luvr 
rrcrived lj*vt*h (*rwi.« ln*m mu*i 
cH«.m and •Titici. »»<( h»vf li«».n 
nIM ""Amrnra's imniMt cin.r 
lHana. (our -lund team. " .' 
to the ViroM Kuirwrr. Tlift (tirtn 
an •■rellFrU duo whu-h a V'«'>' w'ril 
balancnl in mcfy rirai>e<-l. and u in 
««fnniand wt iireat imuaic'a.lltt' and 
a hM|M)i d*W:la|»d tochmqut- 
TlWf Ml tMiltUJiR to t» dcsmd." 
Tlw aitiJti Itavr apDcarvd mi radio 
aiMl triitrisiiM. thnuiiihoul Anarica 

iu|U|a I 

I work for 

harper cDlege nriusic rrxxtirie 

IM H)H H( I- K tMilM. la n/;it 

si,>:Kt't:ii I .xirnf:K 



l:ni\ T l.ii«lK B-\i K 



I iisMli Ml•:^^^:\l.Ft< 

AMIFLSoF niF. ll^■^.!• 


KI»V*'l VI i HVF.H 
lurv TI,"K 
VtllFNFVEH 11 ,A1,..I-, ■> I M 
H.M'MMHFl ^'\ 
.s.vmmf:h \K.HTn 
I li. y \ H1-'F\ 1. 1 "111 

■ : ,-. . mHl)F\ 




Bl iSTi IN 


.lEAN.l-l'C PONTN' 





HI 1ST' A 

KEXW i,tH;(;iN> 







Re >l.HN(i STONES 

Th* tbmtr hititi)! i«( all>u,ras and. U|)»» ». mm-lv « rfprwentalion 
ol ilwr prufTimminf on WHCM Thnr iinter m no *»> reflwti 1(» 
amoiiin't <>( air imir of Ihr (lartit-ular .m>I(h:Im» 


Legal Aid 


"i ...u IT tiiipi'ltssly in d«lil and liMirii; cniuitd. despiti' v<uir lx->.l I'Hons. 
■.. . > iiii art- conlemplattn*! bjinkrupl.c> Hut il.m i cjtpct'l all » "ur (Wit* to 
In » ipml mit b> thij pr««iiir» 

Q. ['m a tr««-trtiiunrr uprratrnK tram my home ai a one-man boaioeaa 
But I'm 10 deep in deM that I mtiat fUe for bankruiHcy Will all my deMa 
he caiwvkd '' U not. Khicfa wUI I have to |»y '' 

\ Ui'Mj that an mil di.«hJ»rB«t m twnkrufitrv . a i tales to (ed«aL 
Blalc in.iiiii .11- rimni<ipjilil\ . .h> liahililv (..r «n\ miinev ohtauied (rau- 





iH (.1! an> wilHul or malinouis injury to a perwn »r hi^ 
lU III! ,ilim»nv or ilon-supporl of wife offtliidrTO; - r 
-! ..n thi" tankruptcy whedute ■ Fi-d Baiikruptr^ . 
..» you (iwe for services pertormj'tl fur vnu within 
1,- .; i!i, -,i i.! i.f tonkrupli-i 

m.n ..Lp-it t.Ki f>ankni|>t\'l'M ti.iri:. tr.r («■ wilhholdmc in- 

iKMit hi* ufiairi, 'b' iiMikint; LiIm- .iwn-nifnts durinK thf pro- 

ri'imivmi; propertv from Ihi' <t>urr^ lunsilirtion to lielraud 

d ! Iiavinj! an earlier di«:*»rKe in li;iiikrupi<A within si> year* 

of the present films Fed Bankruptrj Til ll,.Sf.' .!.'> 

Q. My •M* and I plan to divorce thu year I truly feel that I ain a man 
qnalMad ewlMUal iwrcnt. and vant riutody of otv tiro aona, age i and 7. 
Wliat lacMia irtli a judae look (or tn rnaUng hii cuMdy dectton" 

A The la* places Ihi,' wfllarr of the children as ihr factor m 
awardini! custiids . and the judKe iua the final derish.n lU- *ill deride, 
bamed on whirh parent ran best provide tor the rhildrcns pUvsHni. men- 
tal and ni«<ri*l care 

lmnn.r..ilii\ n- misconduct b\ a pareni mu> !><• a n*-Kative factor. The 
liMlw** rt'Iics hen ilv <m a report of parental fitness fi\ cit> . rmmlv or slate 
child welfare wurkers He will ■-iinsidcr tcstiriioin "I ;i com-iliMiom court 
or cither knowlcdt.!#"i»liic sourer 

An a.greei»Mrnl between piirenl* ai to cu»lod> is not liiodinB on ihe judtie 
rAm.. Jr MHef : IhMirreandSniaration.Sei.' 7::. el, 

ronlr\ Nett^Scn'rcc . 


Loarn about it. 
W»d. Oct. 16 -6:30 p.m. 

Slid9S and Discussion 


*— I 

,«H>ck w otni til 

, aHlCIlM OtRt >«| 

> 1 Block S 01 




every Tues. ♦p.m. liH » 

1/3 price drinki 

everyday with 
Lunch Purchase 

PfM popcorn 

soiiia noEi w ^< 

Fridays /Sundays 


Cfi.idfe" *S<' 


Chtioran tl <I 

Home made 





Before committiiis 

yourself to 
a career, consider 

a career 

MaylM thai meant qivtnq Ctntral American Indians 
the power of the typewriter standing up for 
human riflhts aqaimt a repressive South American 
govermnanl . consoling the widow of a Chicago 
policeman .providing leadership for a Perth 
Amboy miiwrity parish Members o( ou. community 
do work like this. 

Out of our cKpcrience with the opportunities 
open to young people undecided about what to do 
with their lives, we publish a special newsletter 
WORD ONE describes the challenges of social action 
and religion today ft tells what's happening around 
the country and how good ideas are succeeding. 
We'll gladly mail it to you free 

Send your name and address to WORD 0N€. Room 
S41 . 121 West Madison Street. Chicago. Illinois 
MMM. No chw««^no oMigation You can always 

The Cbieliaiis 

A Ronun OtholK community 
of prwttk and brothvn 

Liv« Action Pinballs 

Octob«r16. 1978 


Pot can be habit forming 

jMOUi. iMwchllloAialllt'^' '*l«lii«- 

'•mfk mm M^ iwit .iiilWiiMtMt. Ai, — . .. .^:... u**tf fum m m4' 

( :llMt ilMiiHi' rm l»»» tm ••€* mtit >iii|Mr4iMt |w«|il» • 

VtKKUt' tliltl Hfll MNttCW i'lNI. 

tMmm-: i'Afrttlla Mar m-Vark teit* t-MiM Hr iHWrill. Hm* |w- 
lOTsiiw ■■!<> »»«<nmi«» It ■«! 'to mm *x», Init ii|> (jr<*l«fm wilti ymt 
iNwt. (Ml k«ii Fuir niMl <» ill* |4il>' 1^' I**** •** I" l*»i«ilf <itl«<r Dawfl*"» 
jM'Hwav u to IN'M**' K 
OSBDMl.: (May M •• Jtat ■M'KMIK']* m. v<M.r mrrut tlwUl ■(: tMBW 

MliM HI* K*. Mt! «»tiil-taii|t »' llww ^ •".... . - ... i»l. »t<««»H 

III pWllWii mnil h.» utrir r.Mi iirt. t Iir'i- ..- . friMral^(<.in"|. 

dl urn ftw m'rm*0. thtim-^ 

I: (JUM n •• My B|.-rt,...» I. ..I,. (>i«ii. ..|;iri (.. 

mm it i «»«• »r» «#i»|pf»ll%if. ■rt »ll. tatui «•«»» •» btirifd'. 

':. (/ 

l. l*»-..!»rrt 
If. IIHMI until irnrmu.... 

■iMl)..|>» «H •.•«•■ *Pt" 

iJaIr a l* am. at-llmi'l tamw. iriMH* li!f Icanw vital. <itli*n 
tM ot <fa Su«> trw (• .rowiNil awl m %«w "•» ■•* Kccii i|i. faiir 
mm*. Mwt w ■ •■ntralM aMl |ti*«<r> llcmii la niliatii:-* 

■rim lmirli» . t« .*iUm|. tu 
.•rmr Carti .(rrfiniiit <■!' w* 

L SlwOet. ai-.\i.v»iit » ••' rrtiH'Mtiitoiw with «!>«'» *'u.f''. 
(•*«liii« ** |««ni«««,» vmrtt mrf be «ni».iite.rmi> i>i' i*lw.i * iwimlii Tlin*. n 
<»*»r <-ii.r«^™M). Wot* ^fcHtiMli*, lii>"»» m w" «v..>,fii|i«.im.t*l.«i (fwni « llm*.- 

.iCnmOi lOM. a •• MW . UFVarl. nnitniw*. Huit Mtm MI •Ml awi- 
uiiHiiiii;. CmniwtHi* it«. MnuitiRi lAMii-wit danmi b.(Mirt wii** •-tii> 

l*lllt:.:,.*»^lH«l 0«.»...UIiw jclinllr* 1 .Irjrtu.d. hiiaitr in .|.<!>ar •nfpKar.iw r 

ami) muMMCnwltf Ml «»»' .'tut'ib 

MCmAltM.- tK»v a M Dw.. tl Mii't'mt i* l««. <» MH-Mil Mc aal iwr 
un. •<irt M'Kl iHimr inaOan IIifM flMT' miMIIMillMMm •■ Mk atMM. ..I 
llllirl lMltlM(.» rmiM CH.11W »«« |irrtl>'»""" -'.■ -.•>...•."»■•< > -ir ..™.r.i.v i>iL.< iiirn 


airaic)aftN'ti>'. '. .' '< 

IWlWMMi «••*» lift J'«ir tfini* tMnK'^ .. ..1.1.1 . .".1. .!.«»» er.i.«.U> t... mmi 

fenfifiiMa. Mil ytwr teilt .*. 'im"!**!* i'* "• ■■■■■ ■' '*"l *•» •••""' "» ""'«"' 


M|U4Jim.i iJka. a Is Pitt... tt'l-lNi inir*«ir laatlvn ■yim nmM ■«««•> ■ 

tai#»-«Hrtli BUlltiik »r lM> a»rrl.> (mtumiHlN.. \.,.rtt,.... ... i.. ......r i.-m-i,.i, ■... 

Mat. MiniMttwil *•<-»«»* II pmntHil* -.• .. - 
npirrUfiicMl ■•HK-.u.ln. 
HKaX : I P<k. II !• MaKk a * . N . 
twiKMlt •liattuaiwrtt >Up<<i<> .'■•.. 

iMuM ».|iil* Kutari* n«ir iin».||r.i.i.uiii ur>.ii....i.-.(.:<..pi.iii ... <.■■.«. 

!MMa."liMmial trills ' 

C '.nfiB^.liR Di*;«..i*.l \r'**fli .^«.^^.^^■... 

Noitiem linois Univefirty 
transfer seminars 

conductwl bf Si9V9 Caitfin 

Oct 19- 
5r45 pmifim 0233 

10 a.m. D23I 
Nov. 8 - 

^^ -m^^ ^1^ jflk ■■■■i 

t p.m. D235 

KoKUilar uar <i( iiuiftjiuMt t* 
tolM-lannl'Mil., ami ma; l*aw IIm> 
.•ii(»j«t to Wltll- 
■li wlwn llw <lnii! ii 
cm; ttl. .Ha? tmmavtwn »t «h» i;ni-. 
••niHV tl C*ltl*«iD.|«.JS«.n t"r«.m-t»- 
«> MMiral Crnler 

Til* Cmmr tai bmit iwentiKai- 
liti fm ttwt iMn llw rtttti ml THC, 
■9m nayrtiii-aiilw. nnifximiil of 
niarliiiaiM. llwi'tr npmimnlml 
w..|(ti TOliinlevni aflia llftil: In tkr 
miN] rrnif .r for (teat .In IMr vMka. 
ilurimii. nfcn* tmtt tiKj 'wrwvwd 
»«i«li-lHlMrb»"li diiiii!« of THC 
•qMlvatemtio the I'lftounl eonlatnMl 

RanfarelMri nut* IIMI IImp niK 
ptu «l*«tlii|iMl a lataniMw Im llw 

drmt altli tlitn., «lieii ii» imltiai •*- 
(K-t« ime w> l<iii|!rr pnaliMMl. 
But. «ttli.m III til riKlH. hmin M- 
towinil th» .r«(»l«-iBlie.n! iif tlw THC 
tkme mill (hut <il a ptarelMi. all tuti- 
jK-is («|«rwnwl ■.|lli(lra«'al tt- 
(nti tiu'li a* itlrvfilcHiicis. loM iif 
a|i|w(i|.r. mkI hyj»rin-t«v(t,v 

i:ir- J«lw Martiroan c>( tin- (>nt«r 
•■|liaiiM<l tlwt <>nlv tlir ririiTt l.<ilu>r 

- n<it 'Itir Mx-»1 tiikor .- fiecd lie 
camsriwl »t«li THCk aitdlctlvr 
quBlltMi "It IS ne(i«iiiar> l« ttttp a 
(■imstanl Irvri al Uw dftic III Hi* 
btaMJ in .iirdrr tar tlw bad)- to biiiM 
■■I) « physK'iil Iitli-raikT." U'lit 
llArluiiaii. Ml thr mwkrr olio 
wrmamully sinnkn llvr <w sia 
tttUb in an cvmtmi will not Ic- 
veUifi thrfM. tolminrffift " 

'Goodbye Girr shown Friday 

TlMi l»ir triMlliyi- CJirl' 
Kill te itowii rnday si ft m m 
tm. !tl:iiil*iil» ««> «rln«t t-art» 
aipf aitatllted I* 'J* uantt. Oo* 
ffiMM I*. alloMw) |Mr Mmtait. 

TW. (lli», «'li.irti Hairs «, 
.tireyfiiia.. M.intu MaKin. ani 
ftuktm ('Mtmiim!! »«i •*"■ *<•»- 

<»on> i*wanl Im- iw^i (rem 
l>rryl'uM' («rtt«rnuini.c. It al*<> has 
•<« (our GoUen Clotw Awariji. 
'Thit Ciimtbyir Ulrl.' am «f Nril 
Simon's FunmMt »»in«llirs, ptn- 
tldef wnttttmnment tor all 
vi«»«r», Thr lilin is rsitrt K 
Spntaarml by ih<> r'nwriim Board- 


ij|.rr> KarrijO. n m-War ci( hj'ii- 
MMif. nit afficar il Hariwr on 
••<lm«ail»» ..»! mum m tlw l«iini|.r 
Kiiitent* a.ill"W ■■kf(i to ntanKwr 
M *;*»<«"» .iMl Carwlt'i. nlJiiiw 
'iHf tefii ini«»n»»l!i jMiiMlar in 
.afM rollwit** and liiiil> m-Iu'XiI* and 
■Inr 'lliia pwrlonnisd Imfnre at Ha.«l»r 
amiliWai Iwwii •••M rTo<n..»d 

»<iiind«d tl» *ra- 

.in .aMl l*ara|»).- 

.' . !....(..|ni.« 

■A r-nttlt 


[Biffs Gmwmf^ot^st^^'i 

Rowers for all occasions 

Plaza Verde Shopping Cntr. 

1337 W. Dundee Rd. 

Buffalo Grove, IL 60090 


■""• MOVE UP 

•rt aMara* «^ar* maklit* and madtra «M>r» anyironrntfli 

Wnmmt art nft*iaM» »v.fM Iw tariff miadad .»d.».«iaii 


Ta par la#w elartcat •hI'Iot •"• 0mm mmu 


■ (iMirMnict ptalafra* iot will Iram rtiM aaMWAMi. Caaaidait* 

f ■t»l«*nt ••nctitt 

312 3S1 1515 ^. 

lifMi htionil WJr" 


S5S W«s( Dundne Rood 

Bu/falo Crov«. lUinais 00090 

I 31i/3aS-1515 ■ 

yaaa«a.aiaa«taaat ai li«t mimm i HHt m «ll»AJU<JUU.p 





MonfcTues. 9 4:30, Wed. ThursFri 9 9pm Sat 9 5 


|c«ll for appointment 397-0100 

AlRonquin Plaza 

833 E. Algonquin Road 

(ftoule 62) 

d!IS^PON Schaumburg 



Reg SI 7.00 




Reg.M3 00 

NOW ^^rr "^"^ 
$8.50 OFF $6.50 




JIMS ON mip' AmrKan 
No owartaiMW 
Emitefil ;|»f. 
W«M»i* travel Swiiiw pb 
m tmmt S«id n» tm 
lllllinwiMili SEAFAX. Dc|)« ¥ 
A* Hmt 


mi KawaHfti Ml 1-itraka »- 
C)i|: BwlnMiir ImMlon IW.NM 
Mita MM'iliaiictiTi Call llikt 

''""" SEK,VICli BrFFAJj) 
■ *■. AftEA No* Itihtnil 
. I ■ i " ■ ■'< liiiB Imi* ughl m»tm$<rr% 
«mI it»y help FkriiOte hwn 
B»|<«r>tin» twiplul tMJl wit 
nvcsttary Extaltem opfKtrt'un- 
ii| l<>r adwaiMmicoi Call SMI- 

Wi C»imiri. r.T Silver willi 
W«-k stripe*, tilack ctoth intW" 
wr, iir tiwdiluming IIH *.lii»l,. 

AM. t-'M lAHir 

ITli .fill i: .■ , . ,vs 

ttutfh ' n*"w hirkK'k^ Vluih.1 h*t'. 1 
at « tuiid t."altB<*«l «!i-,ii7» 

•Mp waatwl Pari-tmi* ■••«. 
)wim and day* i<i mti y«ir 
iNHli IrS Oayt per wwch. M.Oi 
Ml' Hmt. Slar-Shime eieaniiii 

tenrte«'i:aH Ji^'JWT No'Ci|Mr'- 
■•i«'i»f*»»ary will iratn. 

iinal part ■ume Job' I Mmicy f 
nntleni, ctMrnw y«ir ova 
iMMin M> It rewartnf aiwl 
idMt (ar rtiattntn IV i(if«fina-' 
IMM. Mil IM) a( mtrmm altar I 

1*71' >'am,ihii XS ;an»t» '.It* 
mi.|<nK» fund It7» Cull B4!>ti 

ninillti«in \n rust ««.<«»> mi a 

.Dixlii' Cuiitom Sptirtanan 
Ma.BMii» Vait-Mininrr., na. 
Mm cii im,, a't. new ruMer. 
TEC tactorj' eainper nmvrr- 
iiiifi with imi^^tiifi ic« bu. iinit 
fwato' ai gal' fllwe, rloM. 
ilinett*-t)e<t and :i iMnitii. pmt»- 
puty. am-'tm nmm canMl'ie. 4 
ipcakm. anltant nmdiiiai, 
m'tail <•«■ St» ««iM am 
*ia,im. Antimg ixm mt-mt 

Hooai* for mit IKW ii mnnth, 
BU Crmt area Call Mr 
Mtraliwr T-l pm weetnteyi. 


Rmn (or rent kitchen lacilitiea 

«IN riirnt.Pataltne 

Eanllent toalimi t« sdMoln. 
ilMipfiing. serviee* l bedroom 
■ I taKlniora in [tni«he<l tase 
nent 'tuitl in taiuluhelvffi 
slmrage clowl* in tasementi 
E»tri iMrgn I'l car «arii,t!» •■f 
tli,nr > Newly rf<leoiri«trt 
tnc'ludnig curtains , Itvelor 
liltniti. tardvwKl (lixirt under 
« -w carpeltnfti «aiti-(lr> . dnh 

r»fri|., doutiie oven 
1 wtndftw a;c kitchen 

eilWHit Ian . nliim 
»iiltii( t: alum ttorms ■ :< > r» 
IMmiv iM wltlli large trees ami 
prtvali! hiaek >ard Call is* iiiTi 
l^iraiKil. IM.»l MuitiieJI 

mm Ilalawui BZll*. litthack 

AM'V'M. * apd . hod; nm 

rwMant. very good raodMinn. 
■KM* Call IMMNl after 7 » 


<<ina t)>pe«riler-M5. 
condltian Three 
ohcvl )MiwlH-ap Nchwinn htke 
lilt, e'teellvnl nndttroa Call 
anytime alter 5 p m 

October 16, 1978 

Many students 
participate in 
Homecoming 78 

tmanii the mini% rr«t)vitleit «i# llih >rar t llomet-anttng K»i, a tri 
<>i-te r»€-.- 'upfT |iir«arr>. lloniet-»niinii gueen rinallsti.. (middle 
Itletarr i jiiil ,< pu/j eallnii cimmi. ' iMMtmn piclurr ■ 

Keb NoiauK if'pmenlinK ttir I'wllltral Mciemr flab, won a tS 
prlfe In <hr rmr. Mike lli*ntlr> rrpresenting the 
«-beerle»#er» die (.■ |m//j t<|iiarr« in II niil>utr> and came in tlmt 
plarr in tlir ittiia rilinit contest He aha rr<ri\rd 1::, • Mkhc and 
Iwli.* pii'lnrei. b\ Mlkr VVendesi 'Middle iiiclurt- ii>urles% ul Kav 

Waitresses, bus boys, 
hostesses and amies 

Aunt Millie's l* now Mring 
experienced people or will train. Ex- 
cellent pay for right persons. 

Call 398-0400 

or apply 

101SW. Dundee 
Arlington Hgts., III. 

Daytime openings are available 
for students who want to work 20 
hours a week in the exciting field of 
consumer finance. 

Part time personnel are needed 
for Wickes Credit, a rapidly growing 
subsidiary of the billion dollar 
Wickes Corporation. 

We offer on the job training in a 
modern environment conveniently 
located in suburban Wheeling. 
Schedule of hours can be flexible. 
Please apply in person or call: M. 
Olson, 5410100, ext. 22M. 

Wickes Credit Corp. 

361 W. DundM Rd., WhMiing 


Be on call to help us with 
light order picking and dur- 
ing peak work loads. No 
regular schedule, respond 
only when academic load 

Call for details 

Cosmair Inc. 
Elk Grove 



The Loop ' Ffn 98 - Offers You 

3 Years Of Freedom . . . 
3 Years To Do Ani^thing You Want 

lO Thousand a Year For 3 Years: 


2nd PRIZE: Trip for Two to Club fTled in mortlnlque 
3rd PRIZE: Trip for Two to Las Vegas 

ft^mhm Guides Urn Available At Ovm 400 Chicago Outl«lsl 

Listen To The Loop - FfTI 98 - For Details. 

VoW Wh»<» Pf<3htbrt»<J Bu Law Wwf fiipi Of m#«ch«»mft»» ConMiM* »»rii»i. Co»h wiii Not 6» Sut>ttitu»»<J f Of PMwt. 



^pg Octob«r16,19: 

Tennis rolls on 

r....... I?'^""* •! T Wl-, I IM.; II, «,, ta- ,„„ .._ 

•a*! iMt mindly tromcta etwy ™-wwm«r« 


aitponvnt iii mM |, „ ^, ,,,; 
iMkywtnlu leant B) Monoiwly 
(tarn Ci Women f lennii D> 
WaiTT 'a niarchint l>an«l If you 

.■■•■■■•il'AiirB. chMe. butnoctgar. 
» jw«i elme D ymn iM i«> up mi 
X*n«r. •■ Uir hMHi ia pwarim 
(or HaUo*««i in tto tafm tf tka 
inviBlilv man If ywi dnat C |ini 
arecorwt iS««iTy. na|irlMti y«,, 
l«» Harper women'i i«nnit if « in 
»*C. play and continually ha* bean 
•inning hy srnrci of M. •-], and 
Utey tKtntly defaaM CMitoHm 

The i«aai has an overall rwml 

»»■»• an the tMm hai a laalng 

Members having undcftalcd 
ilalcs are m sinitlet Cmdy Sana, 
« ainglis Jenny Jeminex. and ttte 
fflwtblea team of Jeminez andl 
wWiie Kuhn The (ioi and icnind 
•y» playera. Mary R«ih Ftk* 
«M Km Krueger have only one 
»•» apiece in junior collate play 
Other* making much needed 
contrlbttlioni lo the teami 
wimnlmi wty* are Mary Kelley. 
Suaaan* LaCorio, and Tammy 

The conference haa no 
tournamenl in ■•lacUng all- 

CDBfereace playera, at « ' 
toomameM will »urt next year 
Inatead Uie ctwchea sMmd in their 
•elections On iIm atandpaint of 
tooking for the Wal pi,^. g,^ 
•«™ *" ewry plMae af (be game. 
«« in conaittency in hitting and 
"erving. but »an-l<mi record doea 
P'«y an important part in 
ieleclion.- e,pl„„,d ^oaeh 
Martha Lynn Bolt on what coaches 
loo* for in selecting the all 
conference team 

The learn altempla to reach the 
nationals being held in Waco, 
Tens* this year through advancmg 
in regional play „ ,i,i, 
enday and Saturday at Valley 
Hilto Tenms Club ui ElgUi 



Football loses 

"f**' Hicpar tiMlhal] imun *a« 
hamiail ili flrxi loas of the laaaan 
«-■■ »t» ■ atmtut lllino'is Valley 
team. »hM prior lo the name «a* 
rated >«-afid in the naiDon of Junior 
IMtefes while Ihe Hawk« ,er» 
**"*••"••» in tile aalinnal rallnga.. 

Tile Hawks scored firs* after 
l^m PaaimllK raoivcfvd' a funihle 
Jind Ihe off mMr drow* do<m fni the 
msire on a t»-yant r»it j»i' Bnan 
Cetsatniaii., Ctclnlimn hIm »«red 
<«>"> Ian yards out later m it» (inM 
:hB«. mmtt Dmt Bodiithencr 
•ented Urn lUrd 'toorhdt>«rn m the 
fcil halt. That capped 'olf the scor- 
In l«r the Hawks in tHe fint haU 

The Hack dcfsnae could do tttlc 
acalnit an awesome IV runnUifl 

attack mhu-h wan M by an cicel- 

lem runner in tHe form o( Je« Mar 

an' who iiainad M yaida .«i the 
fori V 

HandoHls for tlie 
-e Man Snilt. Jai 
t««han and Mike 9eh»ll Offen- 
sively the Hawk* did weti. Milnd 
«etie«man >lin y,rds». (ood run- 
ning hf HodlgMswr and ■ the 
pa'saing attack by Sell gchnUdt 
and htt recdccrs who tallied up 
nearly M) nnkL. 

Coarti John Eiiasik said ihe 
tmm played aeU Imi made a lew 
bit miatakes. in fumbles and not 
capltaltsUiii on scotuir clwm-es 
Ttie game was much ckiser thiiii 
the score indicated because the 
Hawk* were riKhl in the game in 
the tint haU but too many mls- 

Tli* Hawk's neat home game i* 
Oct Hva Wright. 

Anyone interested 





Mrs. Schta mmel BIdg. U 

Athletic Events 

Footbair vs. Wrfght Oct. 28 H 
Cross Country DuPage Invite 

Golf. DuPagy Tournament 

h«»e.»dg.«,|.i«p,„eUi,„rta.Ssat»e!^i. ^^ *""" "" *•**' ^* » " 

Improvements for cross-country 


The tm crasa-couiMry team ha* 
run three inviutlonals this season 
■We've been hurt by ■ lot of 
minor, nagging injurtes. but we 
keep unprimnK every time out Al- 
so with the addition .if Joe Kina. 
who has been out with an inlury. 
should give m a full squad " saui 
Head Coach Bob Nolan. 

In the team's flmt meet, the Dan- 
ville Invitational, the team didn't 
count in the team standings be- 
cause of the number of entries. 
I eadtng the Hawks uito the chute 
was freshman Jon Ijieielcr. fol- 
lowed by freshman Jim l^ncastcr. 
and Jeff Brydges who was ham- 
pered by a cold all week 

The Hawks ne« meet was the 
Waubimser InvitaUonal as the 
Hawks finished fifth oul of U 
teams. Harper had two runners in 
Ihe top W. Thii time it was Jtro 
tjineaster being the first runner 
for Ihe Hawks, right behind was 
Jeff Brydges. 30 seconds behind 
Jeff was Jon Uegeler. who was 
followed by Tom Hommowun and 
Mark White raapectivtiy 

Harper then travelled to the 
Haider Inviutional sponsored by 
Oakton College where the H^wfca 
were defending champs "We ran 
much better, we showed much Un- i 

peovement with this meet ■ said 
Coach Nolan as his team was fiftt 
OMl «rf 11 teams Ui theU- divuilon The 
Hawks had a good pack as the lop 
nve runners were separated by m- 
•y ** aacands Top runner lor Har- 
'"'"•• BfJ^lges who finished 
twelfth with a time of a tS for 4 
««es Right on hii Uil was Un- 
caster who was only four seconds 
Iwhind at 21 D ,n (inishing ISth 
Closely pursuing those two were 
faegeler at a as in ath ,^ j^ 
I' Jiia 21 30 ui Mth place Joe ran 
very good for hu first raM." said 
*'«rfan on Ham* performance Be- 
hmd Hi™ was Hommowun and 
White at «rd and Mth. 

"We have our bands full to re- 
peat as conference champs with 

only one retunsing MIerman. we^ 
can't afford any injuries I'm still 
opCimistic we can be competitive 
m the conferent-e •• commented 
coach Nolan on his team's chances 
m the N<C conference meet on 
Nov. 4. 

The team for practice has in- 
creased its mileage and is up to 
about »-|fl miles s day with two 
<lays a week devoted to hiU wort 
outs at PalaUne Hilla or Deer 

The team's nest meet u the Du- 
Page Inviutional which features 
some of the top Junior college run- 
ners in the midwest as the meet at 
Iracu teams from Missouri. Kan- 
sas, Indiana. Ml<4itgafl, and Mbi- 

If Hea 


Health Club for Men 

^^9^J»f«ryision in Condrtionimi. 
W«ght TraininB, and Body Bunding. 

HOURS -Mon.-Fri. 10- 10 
Sat. 10-5 

will*. Para Waia«*.iw»Mna A»,. ^ p,„„^ ,j S37-3m 



VOL 12A tio « 

r^""" """-' '""'- ^•°'"°-' "i-1 " •- ■ r „ 

'» 60067. 3)2 3<i>/ 3000 

PCTOBEW 23. 19711 

^1 ■ ■ S A ■ ^^ m^. M, m ~ ' ' — — — — OCTOBER 23 

I uition tax cut readyforCartP^ 

_ -'•■■'''■•'IBJIWtmdonljr* 
ffifcMil fatnnd ,|Im tas ciwlit vlaii 

Tlwit tlM Cwltoi* BntTBoce 
Riamiiiatfan Board iCEEBl 
•*W to tin cmftialomrttJi ■ atmly 

'""'"1 '" """W far anr tmim 
H CMKMteiMi an cariiar 

- {Mir awiiiwliij in the 

CXEB fapMfa .ahai, md »M 
••« rama)> lanirae had riaan 

2*!^ !^ "'"««« «»•» •«"«» im. 

«f IMyiNfllara 


• ootcam Puna juv« imh 

11«a caaBicUng mrvayi mti 
*•••»»• only tntanaillad the 

a«ar ralM »,„,„, (|,,„ 
•»»iJ.«i.m -,. Best It n V n n- rr » 1 1 >■ 

'•^J"*" Maa ••• mttkOf 

^ HMnNSNTttl AflSk|lH||R< i^igajli^ll ||_ 

"™"""« '*«l*.lHliiiw.t.h»i 

" "^^ -tfMml Ual U 

•'•'*'"* af tilt Amcnoin imbllc 
"— *— MUmi la, cmBtM. while ■ 
PM iaiiiBatM Uwl SI 
■"iai them, and M 
toaml Cartor'i Middlt 
.*l*i>lai»« n»n 
* *«i1iil. Ihoich. the Roiw 
■itf tlial M ^errant atiU 
tHa Caf*ar |ilaii. hot tliai 
"• ««»■••' .MMlanif had. 

h«« apitrmed a liffi jnereaae In the 
•tales maxlmam ncholanhil. 
»ranl for IlH„„a »Hege mmanto. 

The Covemw » actton in apftm- 
•m House BUI MM tutrnts dw inai- 
iniuiin award (ram I1.SM t„ n jj, 
lor e% Jhk atalenla who racM*, 
he »clial«r»W|> (ranu tram the II- 
""*"» S«»«« SchoUiraWp Caminia- 
•Ion. effective immedlaletir. 

■ TJMMe who wfll hcndlt (Mm 
thii inrreiie are itgdenti 
allending private collegea and 
«ni*er»ities. becaaw tiullon and 
feea at our puWic instituliooa are 
belaw the old maximum.- 

•Theae xranta are baaadcnltraty 
■> Use financial wed irf atadanla 
■*» are luimna reaidanla ae i 
TOllM Hume who need help Ike 
""aat." the Governor aald *"nie 
<f"f* •« tmtd at givtng all 
atadanla a rholce amon« our 
ralleitea and lanivenjtiei. '■ 

Tolal t-oat 0* the IIM Increaat 
will be tZ 7 inUlion (or ahout HJM 
atiidaiita who can qiuUMFy lor llia 
Mrm*- Part-time ttudaiMa bwt 
qnaltty lar hal* the maiimMoi 
fniH awaid lor full-time itudaala 
orirrs — —, 

The fund, an iiKladed In |lw 
B«ard <rf Higher Edacatloa'a 
aUacation of the G«,«™,'a rtoc.1 
ItTf boded. 

Jkmmn of Hoom Bin MB ,„ 
Rapraaentallve Michael I. Brady 
Wfaio, and Sanalar LeHoy w* 
I-cnihe. Chtaafo. 


Mp haap Uiair laala 

M' panant favavad m 

-• ajd at .all. It pMM 

aw nauanal fcfcj, ^(^ ^^ dHatmUdng the ■*""■ — ' •»* •« •all. It pMMBi 

Management course Feah^i"^ 

»» lliiaTT I J »Z .,!-lS! '"•••walion. and' .ni«Z« "*••■* ■■* mum Canity' 

««W «*W«i. of Iwai mm .»«»• Sr"*""*"- *"'''' •"«•'•»>»» 
""•"^ •»•»•■ *agiiiiita|j,ni.», ■"»■» will tic uialyMi. f,„ 

Mtellh indliil^, , JHudeia, wiM M-i«ri' " " * ■'' **«"««>■ 

'•""'• 'ontrada,, |«ia< and S^"*™"**' «*«dBled tm 

■ ■■- h-i (Mrtineal'la the ^-"1"^" '"«••:» P w to »: • 

""•••a and adminiKraiian: of 

■nd Mfetng' tatitiy 

narchiiilni: of (aniiiii*. cariMttNa. 
IH««ia,. and, ai|«i»|i«i. wm ,i„ 
Hw 'iMVila ftrrirn 

Piirtlier indarinatiiw on. thcie 
• ad oilier fsod tcrvtcf 
KMnafament nuiaai It atallaiHe 
at aat.Slw. 

-■• '*' '"— ■« «... and adi?ni;=-S TrST ' "^ " ^ 

Flu vaccine to be given 

■■-•■affcfiecin.a.ail.hlaal. te«IM!S'fc2Zftr^ *'' *^' l-*mm mvmmtm 

j»n.lMaliMr.alt|lMvaetfMM. ZJI. JT-J^T^^ •"""•I* 

■""'•'■■■ ii^'w— w fininiiiiiiiHl' n flhu 

**«««•««« MiM.aikadlaalB.a 
waiver falaadf^ 'Ikiaar CrilMa 
(rant rai»a«MMItly lor tk* 



Local band 
visits Harper 


As part of Harptr's H«ii«wiiiii« aetWIiii. .Il<i«l% 
mManmmmni «iM» the Jim SdMiwii html «l mffj"* 

1 tUc siwlent acii vitiw .tilftaior ataaf wW 

..rf' Ikwi Uie Program Board wwl in«« »•» 

iwivtiM'tor th« Jim Scluiwall Band. 

HHMMwiuar St drammar in the hand was up«et with 

sZSSSTS dldB* .-HI to I-rte« at all that nigW at 

-I— .attii >!««■: mroaa The concert d»a go on, nramw wr«™ 
mr mm f«y angry. After tlw eoncert «• P--** «» 
iimt •Hitnya and^ cake around the rooni ,. The cai" wai 
!!Zrf Mate cari^ amJ iin«lg«<l onto the walls all over 

WlMMvcr Mw3l gmHla eooie toHarper to gm omcerts 

or mmttmm* "Swatag room" it pwrtdad. by «•» I^ 

ai^ DimrA Tlia* do their heat to niifc* Hi*' ptcaamily 

may need while they are at »»T',^^J^^ 
warn of the people were very '^''^^^^J^^^'^J!^. 

all th a ailfrta Mwy puHarth it appeared that they ww<n t 

"TlSSdfflHt that the bands agent called and gave an 
-!!i!I. . and said they would pay for the clean-up of the 
rSwTjim Schawall. himself, apologised «nd. "'<!,'« *?* 
only the drummer who made Ihe mess and disrupted the 

nMMn. not the whola band. ,. . ■.. 

did, which was praaerve his group, so '»J«'f^"?i^7„'^ 
cancel their engagement. Harper would have been ma 
fWt Uiid U the !*ho« had to be cancelled they w<»W hj^ vr 
had to return mofiey to everyone and the whole evening 
wiMidhave been ruined. . ,. ., . ^,_^,, 

Ob Ihe other hand, what kind ofjmage i* '^is for pe<.ple 
to look up to-' There are thoae who look up to rock stars 
T V stars and movie stars, etc The people in these 
■mitioni must realize this and when they act in unbeltev- 
iUi ways they are in a sense saying to their lo'w*^" 
••You act this way too, in this situation People who do idol 
m certain •stan.* do exactly what they do and try to be 
exactly hke them Whatever their idol iloes » what they 
should do. in most of their minds This could crate a 
trndmr Bl diBtrurtive people if "stars" continue lo a«t in 
tm anoltal. brat faihioo they are now . , ^ ^ . 

People who do hold positions of public esteem had better 

tearn how to behave in the public eye or they will he 

largitiy naponaible for the society of the future, which they 

ullhafvabf* part iin creating.. 

Tocm on Mure' continues 

ssiLTrritrs 7:^ "-«, «.^.««. 

ISTtC^JZ-o t. d.-|ji»tf K» mmimft. io»«eil .■•* itall; 

'^ '^ Ttn^ mmZiUK rn^mm —m v^M"*-** *" 

■d iatlP' in naifMtiiii |,| m, {|„ m«|]ui oT cilMmm- 

itlMiyliigfliMnMlm*^iii <m Om Fulure" hm »«• 

) git HMl uma • )A nolaMi. Moews villi (wnidiwnu 

■Hi in iMinav aw pvcMi III tlw |„.t|M:aMi|.«|c<inll<la«:c-t>iiildiiifi. 

^MM«ll ImV. etmm^mMmHimUtm ami career 

Tht |»f«i«rMii'» pmpim l» » ptomum. ami niccesilul Job 

MiM mowR In tha irantfUon p|ag,BMnt Partidiwnt* luivc txen 

■ •••ri tna*»*nainc«- ananimMii in Uiair iiiiMwriatMn 

I'MlllliaaH miWl' <ht mHMI ^ ana 'Piltlvt mpom* tn llw total 

.^^mI' U M^klf auHWHitgL HHUnll'i HMT IpHmNw tfninniMV"Min 

•••k* in . "rtr"**""!! -roam m lb. num" t, . 

» lu _«M baM a* C li *«f ni *''* Employ nwm 
- . :-' "• ''*...'Z TZl!T nmlfwrtnlBfWw"* •*»>'""««'•«• 


What do you think of 
th« Hirptr radio 
station WHOM? 


Tutoring available 

The pre»nl»nt M a tocul «Mllp»'>J' 
IS laktm » buKines* Inp to Fr»n« 

ami ricwln » t "*<»'• -Anothirr 
i-«np»nv mjili.ii««mal« m 
»(vr lan«u».|!rt nenla li»l"s> "> fain 
the ■mwuiicKr* A »BJ>urtan 
nurtnl ■w<*il.» i.u'>"» '*<■ •""■ 
..teraefttiirv a(<d h«h **"<»' "•«* 

WHer* (Ml ih'K divcrw -" 

IKi-x.- ai'<l "Ih'T tutor.;.! .. 

ti.i\-|. Vw'f- jrr..i'iii-.'ii '.hr..Ufc:h Uw- 
Hurprr r.,lt..«r l..l"n.i.,'( ■■ntcr 

Tin* Itilurnw proeram »;<* 

,*irt«l fwK ]i«r« «R»t<> "f^"" '*"■ 

(>t Hiirper !»(,uii™ii 1.Jm< 

year the center re«fil«l mMiy 
g.OW itudenl fonlJM't* W thlrty- 
Ihree »ubjir(l area* In 1977 
lulonni! coordinator Afkham 
ODonnetl eitpandeil the program 
to lerve tommonlty reiident* atwl 
mrtiulry Wilhin om year we 
have served more than te»-<?nly 
pri^jle A» our list ol paid and 
volunteer tutors Increases wc wUl 
•■•■ !iWe to »rve a laruer n.iiinh«r o( 

iiimunity members.' ' Mid 

t Jonnrll 

Adilitiona! mlormalion on 
tutiiniiK servin-s ait't '"*•"■ 
rreistration profe<lurt<« tan t>e 
..blainrf (nun the Tuloriitu Center 


Tbty rtMli *xpn* H U i 
kranacullnl Ok* Trtta- *— « 

tar ■tanttMrali ■ ■«« 

Editor in-Chief •>•*'* TeicWte 

ManaKini! Killur SueConroj 

Editoriat Editor SueOmrof 

iealure Editor: Joan P«t«r«in 

S|iorts Editor Joe Koidi 
pholo Editor MlkeWendea 
AKiManl Ph»>lo Editor: BeUi Jiinw 
(.'artoonifl Steve Moakal 
RusineM Manager: TerrI JacohMn 

Staff .Jan MfWherter. Ten Kotondo. 
Jim Burthard Jody Saundar* Ran*» frili 


Tlie EUtBOiaBR i» the itudent pnWlcalion lor the Barpar 
CoUeite campui conaiiiinrtir. published »etMy_«^'*l* 
illirinK holidayi and tinal exams Ml opmiona «J£r""«J »« 
tbofc oi Uie writer and not MceaaarUy thoie •( we c»lle«». 
Its admmlatraUim. faeidtjr or stndMit boa». 

Tlw prtiiiary pon»" <* "« HARBINGER is to mtwni. 
tnvdve and entertain U» student body <rf Harper Collage, 
■nie tnain focus «1 iti M"t«lt «h«B he Harper reiatfd. 

All articles Mhmitlwl loc iwlillcathm mnat be tnwd ■«' 
doiihl.»ac«J.wllhia*«IBnt««3p.m. «•"'»•''»■•"''"• 
iublect m editing l.«tt«r»««Hl»-Editor must •«« signed. 
names »ill be held upon request. Advertising copy deadUn. 

I, 3 p.m TMlay prior «r**2'/B«,KrTR' WiU^ 
advertisini, rates, call or wrtU H^RB'NGER. W^ 
Rainey Harper CoUege. Algomium and KoseUc lummt. 
Palaline.m, «•«?*"•■"••••'"■** 

Conort Review 

UFO rocks crowd 

HARSINOER, Oelolwr 23. 1978 Pag* 3 

An McrHttnK tMttIc t«ik ptact 
lirat Friday nialU.Nw, it wain"! mm 
Workl .fanes or mtlier Sfilnka-AII 
titl* (raual W'luit tl mm nwld bff 

ipcrlflrally Ilw I 
U.F O. •«•»»■( tlw ac<iitMi<n% 
horrihlt Inttrnatranal 
AoiiMlwim. TMs (to* man was 


Til* !■«■* wit* no 'iwin Uiait 
tknt) qiiaartifni full, but vary llmly 
Two w»nnu|i bands plsy«d and 
amid banly riniah ttwlr HtU 
IwauM at Uw iMMm. It wa* UFO 
crawd alt the way and Uaty MMld 
tcttj* tor iw anf ato. Thte hmd 
fram En«;!«mt ii very hoi w Uw 
Anwricat: mark(« tticit days and 
ttm ail nlrcmely larft Mhnrlnic 
in Om Rudivaat. They'rv one irf 
thoat xrwaiia r«f«rr«d to ai an 
wvemlglil MHwaai, If y<ni consider 
•even year* and five aHMima 
■ overninht" A mere rair 
d«iKTi|i«Uw w4>old be a very 
talented rvck Kroup flnaUy getting 
the rectttiMtlaa they 

Airily Pariwr In Wti. 

Sdicnkar ha« been the deteraiMng 
ladnr in U P.O.'i rtae to tltr top 
Clanrly the standout, in a grwip of 
•icelint mtiiictaiii. MMel I* 

amaiiered. iwarlcit by many when 
it MMa l# hard rack lead guitar 

ARer a lolld hiMir of nm-alaf 
ruck n' rail, after the intenaily dl 
"Light! Oaf and "Doctor 
tioctor". alter the (anlamiC' |«m on 
"Rot-ii Hotlnm. UFO dcfiarted 
the Mttgfi They were gitne (or no 
more than few set'onda when the 
fans <4)aiil alV F - O lured them 
back to do Iheir tiiggest 
cammenrlal hit to date Too Hot to 
Handle". In my apinton Uiia waa a 
very fitting encore bacauac U.F.O. 
waa def inilaty loo hot lo handle. 

Which II :> pieaiant change m a 
tine when talentleac Rraa|W such 
ai Kiis cmi. rol the marlMt. 

In Ckicii' lor their forth time, 
lonly a irar ago they playad 
BcglnnlnjcJ in SchaumburKi 
UFO look the stage mth vigor 
Uptninic up with (our hard rocken. 
three ot( of the new ObMaaian" 
album and une oldy o(T of "Force 
it", they natly put the crowd on 
it'» (eet Nr»l the.* surprlMd quite 
n ffw !>4>"'>te by pilaying their 
' to t<ove" w early in 
!;;.--.r. u 1 ' 'H was the (IrM of only 
three tune* hey were to phiy idt 
their millioi aclllag i JgMa Om" 
ailMHnofay arago. 

Aa I nrnnli med •arliar. the aound 
at the Ami alheatre It prohably 
the wont oi any concert hall in 
CMcago. and that includes the 
Araiioit. which Is a close second 
U.F.0 was it cooatant war with 
the roum thriiughoot the show. At 
tunas vocal sines would toacome 
drmmed out t. . the rhythm section 
and guilar rif(s would become 
able But this dtdn'I 
II F O who built « 
■turn vtth each song fiey 
played The oni man who made the 
big dKferrncc tn the band's 
perfurmam-e was their German- 
r-boni guitarist Michel Schcnkir 
Tha criapncai .«nd precision o( liis 
laadi ware inrrediUy consistant 
all ni«^. Since joining vocalist 
PMl Hogg, baaaisl Pete Way. and 




Airline Past^ng^r 


STUDENTS Looking (or a flexible full or 
part time position? Need college cash for 
yourself, for the kids? It's eas/ as an Andy 
Fraln Airline Passenger Screener. Hours fo fit 
your schedule. Interesting, responsible 
positions available at the world's largest and 
busiest airport it's a great way to earn, and 
the jobs are here today. Salaries begin at $2.70 
per hour. Apply in person: 

9 A.M. -4 P.M. 


1721 N LaSallc 
Cnicego. Illinois 


tta e aaiidy la— at T i t awii * Ogtiy i 
Oct. M, II a.B. and 11 f.m.. fei Ma ( 
Carley have mp 
Hay have aaii i 

iiiii I III tm I iHi 




° for Guys ft Girls 


I Sale 

I up to 40% off 

"^ 1 Vi^^F^ FAC,T OF HARPF - 

ai3H30a3S AQH3DIA SdlH 3S0b SdOl 3W3V 











Clarinet-piano recitai Nov. 2 


in • bi* Jottnl ciariMi' 
'fttltal Mm. lat n.m.. 

•aril* by Srall'iii*. il«f*l, 

Tl«« lirtJriwioi. »*<« (>■•«« 

tiltMiti ami Iki 
r «f Bralim 'IMir* 
llltlr p»r»«r. i/.itiriJ *l: tht 
W'iil»rf' ■•'»•». Mr» 

MfCiriu'" < -1 ■! T*ia« 

WmiMl'* UlM.V-4TM> llilMl tnllU'IM 

{M««nlt]r aiid M ntCMtur 
prIMMt Hiial)!^ M Kcv Vitrk. Bm 
tCMM'iig n*4*ntmlt tnclvil* 
IMdtiMmti M 'llMi lln:t¥(>r«t>' (it 
Tci**. H'limtii Wtflf^an. 
lliimirilly «n4 IMc lliiiVfrMy <•! 
I'kmwr MiOfMW MiiiitiM al 


haper CDlege rriusic nrotir»e 

i*t,wi iKTrtw tvt'rii E\w\i. •»/ ;«'■;» 

\im M!« 


VAX MiHUtlxiN 





tX»'t'Ml>: \l>l(iN 




»Mv. ■■■ 1 




JltCiHT"* ATI 'H 

m:xf*\ UMMim 










WNENEVKR 1 CALX V< >l ^ t< 1 KM > 














I IMM fMllfll' tlli JUMUNIIII IMt itlfllliMil'' IH illi' 

W!" WHCM IS -BUCK" PRrWRAMM,iai' AS r<:nXI>WS: l-l* 

■m - Tup W l« «mi ■ II pm - Altaii Mtak 11 ' t |>m - Pwn i'iiw lw 
MttMc I - • pn • (Mr Uftoiint/ 1 It pit '" AllHin.' 

I tpMM' al 'prngraaiiiiiiif it thr raiiall of ■ murvtj ml mir 

ItW. ftotMAv*. I H&l 

i't*MckW.«lliril| ti Slack t.t* 








twerydav wiili 
Lunch PurchaM 



frMayt / SaiMay* 


-»»»wii.t»s,»f rhi!!*!! 

SHRIMP Mil tnici*" 

CnEMirtii 11 .45 IS.tS 


Livt Action Pintails 


•> .SdNaii: •! MmM' and did 

rt at NiirtttinMrtcn 
UnlvtMly and thr Parit 

Omaifvaliiry. Havutc tauKhl al 
llic tM*«rslt>' M Treat and 

CnlnrMlii UniV'ifnlty. tm m mm 
aM«>latir |>r(i(e<i*«r of muair al 
nilMMi Weik>a.n U'niV'rrally 

.HaflMr'i iiNini wmoliFr mln- 
i!«M:aft wnat arfll taaliire tlit 
OmtnM Early Hole BnacaiMt, 
Tally Cafamla. Jait 'piamtat, liir 

SlIIIM'rWil WMdwllMl QlMlllM. ■(»)' 

tilt WhcatMi Clianlvr Artist*. 

f'lkr wldHlonal iiili>.rfiiatta'n 
HwlMila iiu> call at . M- 






A Iv4i^ia.rl laniiB on IIm tyiMS 
and. MialMr al ana-wiilt wrlal 
Ntrf 'kw agcmc'lM •ill Iw al 'Nariiar 
lliMi fMimmtKn aiKi W«litnd«)' 
tlK'. •ltaint:4a..iM. tol.'tt' 

C»4|Miiiiiir«l tty Hnrpcr B:id (lit 
H.iirtli«tst Satwrlta'n Ckiairll. .(at 
Ci»mmiin(l>' Smiifm, llw P'liriim 
WI.H (e»tti» reprtHiiiiiaUvM tnm 
73 aRvncin Ui thr tnm al (rally 
fcrki<-*(. (iMm-ial aid nnuivat. 
hrallh rtflalcd Hrv.irta a..Mi 
nmt|intiiiiMl«>* menial liaallll. In 
wdiillliiii to a nwnai'al 'Himmmni aim 
aniW'tr ptriod, aftary 
raprmcnlalti'M wilt Iw availalik to 
ainvvr MMdiia.1 qiKWant ol 
f <m iMTlKiiNiati.. 

fm addilional MtannalMi ar 
wwiB ilMMiiiifta may 


ARnaiHlIaKli 11 to A|Wl] ll)-Madcrat» yaw- miaUona to prevent 
tempar display* and Impulnv .Shurt triiiii are poaatMe IDerrau* tenalon, 
WkIi cneru and i buay whediile cnuM lead fm Into icatterlng your 

#nerf Ma. Ttty to calm d»»n. 

TAtmra: < Apdl » la Mar UyOtm^m tma IlKHiKlita and loals Stop 
wasttnii limo. innney and rflort an lacaod li«t thing* Vein am Maitint a 
new cycle-take it lerinudy SamctlMiiii (mm the pait cycle may he hat 

but vtU tater tie nutorfd 

aCMnn : t May n to Jium »)«wial lile does not IntenMl yaii latt mm 
tout yau nhould make an eflort t<i he fneradly Some of ywi nxild he 

larturtng. "Wer a deciflmn la marry He hiinest and farthrwhl m ynur own 
hellrla. fJwi't gjv* a meeli tmpreiirton. 
CAMCCR : ( June 11 lo July B)-A week <i{ amimpllahmeiK when you art 

artivrly mvnhwd with othrrt (.iuard aitainK ovar-optimiam, and don't .K(i 
out an ■ limb fwam-w lly Vat ynur crrativily Nat the time to laan maiiey 
oT' ei»-«lKm tor aiMlher 

IJ90:<My a to Aiac- tt^-Slew down a IKtle and watch your health 
Vour n«ed to ili> your own thing could llMkr you teaji caniiR lur the iiMd* 

at ather* an may result m erron in juduemenl. '".■'» .■■■!( huaiamm 

aiMl be reallitic 

'VlinO:(.Aat.Sloaiqil.ltl-More lime and ewrK- ■ ' ^- , "Ibisfwc 
pr»)eclt in preceii are ready to pay olf. line your witenuity and energy 'l» 
lint an oriiiciiial apprnaclt. Curb impalteiKe. Good liiiw In aah (or a ralH!' 
If you ta'iw earned it. 

UMIA.:ll«i II to Oct. »««tn ■imey wmM be wM ipem on «wie 
type of fiohhy aqatpmrnl New pMftle yoi meet now 'may not nuiw a bin 
intprniun un ymi al. first tiul luini out to be valuable (rlenda. Takr ilnfk 
>■( your i^iwl* and dnanu. 

S(XIKPIO:<«M.. U to .N»*. nH'Ont-ra.nKC flM.b are mmai. 
mmpletnm Banit in there ami «>ofl« toward them., fay attr.rii.ioii to 
iMathl. be' firoiiipl in ken>»ll appoimnimt* and .keep career dl»ciiinon» 
«l ■ llKbt, 'fe'laaed level . (In to a part j if asliHl 

S*OITrAlltllS:(Na«.. a to Dk. ID-Eitcnd your eltena 'iwaed' a 
«»p«r»tl¥e., KBwp-iiial. »«■ u|>en lo <ithe« and their view*, A (rietul ran 
five you i:Mil||ht on a job mitter-liaten. Sel aaide fea'rt awl oprnilc with 
p<tiae ami dicnity 

CAraiaynN : < D«. a lo Jan.. lt»-New people you mMt now can 'Hiaiie 
)<>ii (eel c«nlt«rt*ble and al eaae Direct your emeruy to both canser and 
loctal h(e-«nJoy liewin m the «<> Uie wisdom tn apendinK money now. 
f'!Mw"l ttmliifffc^ 

AI]IIAIIIIB:(Jaa. D.lo Feb Ill-All siitnali are KO in career and 
pmleaalonal matlcri. k> give il all you've got ' Rcfiat tendency toward 
overly forceful altltwIis-W your pertantuuaee and record apeak lor 
itiell. Be ta<'tf al and pleaaant. 

ni09f:<Fak. II la Mardi M)-Vou're In lugb ipirta now and taclln« 
much mare independent Good time to entertain at home or attomi 

News Service I 


p^ f a.a.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaimtiaat JjLKJUU. 





Mon.*Ti»tt.»»:M. Wed. Thurs Fri.9 9pm. Saf.9S 


call for appolntinciit 397-0100 

Algonquin ?\&za 
833 E. Algonquin Road 
(Rouie 62) 
; ^ vCI^PON Schaumburg 

: . 



Reg.S17.00 •"^ ^^ 'V RpgM3 00 

$8.50 Ull $6.50 




Reg M3 00 


^'i" i »'i i '> i iii' ii" i " » n > I ' ym ' n 'ig - ' yy g yg g m i' |-»'i H I ! r i'i I rra'fa'rivofP. 






TkHuU ror the HariMir CtiBtm 
Studio Ttwatrv'a pmiiliMMM «( 
■'C«l»«rrl" will ({» ttri Mie 
taaginninit Ums Thurailsy lit tlw' 
Stndml Aclivilws iWitut, MM. 
Adrntalnn ui fur (he puWir, 11 
for »liiileot». ficuMf and s'Jiff 
'■€*tmm" will l)» purtttrmed Nm 
II. II; a,nil Son- U, It. nwl 1l> 
Sunday p<?rfi>rm<i«-« tm »* 2: SB 
p,n«. ; all others beitin •! II p 'in AH. 
p«rfantianr»» »r« hulil in th» 
Takvisun Sludlo. Bldfi f ' 

A tjierisl Dtnner/TtiBalr* 
|Mclia«« )* availslilc (itr Ihr Nov 
II p»rfonruincr A buffet dinner 
wiU mrvml (tmu 6-7 15 folJow«d tty 
ttar miuucnl at I p.m. Tickets m.u:!it 
be purt'lmiMN] in Kdvjviu'e Ht f'/ ^>0 
(cm- Ih* public ami PSO for 
st.udent«. fartdty and staff. 




HARSiNQER. OetolMr 11, ItTt tag* S 

Wallet can cause backaches 


Cuatndlai - wavkcntb, mil*, 
mijiimiini «•(• Call Mn 

NlltMS iMm - r^ m. ibA 1- 1 MA 

•imI Laundry, 
put time. Pliun Grov* Niamnt 
I3SM311 Mrs 

[J*N''|. WMilad Oa.v ntlilt T-lrHI 
rm. «tl]l loinr kno«lml||c #( 
■iiparflsl«a and mmlieattiMi* 

:ist-«an Hi*. Pala*., Ptim 

WaitrtMNt.. dayt or' 
Md Tdwm Inn, Mt 


4 Imurt 

|Mt4m. .i^Mfiv a 10 hoir a WMk 
avBltokiltljr obick inciiKkt 
wcakanda Pay training.. N» 

cipitiMict itccMaafy. Aff||' te 

fW IVIIilll % 

MM Nttftll Mlfwanhat Avi., 




ttwlcnl Wanltd: Male nr 
•Moala In dclivtc namtfmpm 
part-tlaM. awly nawning «rilb 
mm ear. Hannwar Park art* 

ON snip! AnMTiaan. 
Mt ovurlaiicf 
Cactlltnt p^ 
WwUwMi* trawl Smnmar jntt 
or canw SmmI H.;!!* tar' 
mfurmaliiin. SBAFAX, OtfU. t- 

4elf' vanlad. Parl-timc mrfe 

-xMira ami dajn In awil fW* 
'<««*. i-l days tm ■•*. M.«* 



TMifMnqr paM>lli>a fi l a iM 
- hnurt tA-Mpm-l-SMm and 
lam In 7am BoU) pliyiiial and 
citrical poiilion* will be 
available Excell«nl starling 
wagci. c«)utd l«ad u> iwrmancnt 
employment with company 
paid twnefiti Apply at »t!t 
Piper Lane. Wheeling, in (he 
Wllknn Park Shapping Center 
Moo . Tuet . Wed . »-l I JOum 
Man only I M lo 4pm Equal 
•fifartiinUy amplayor m > f 


WEDDINGS, Sage, plays 
everything Very reatonable 
and rtpulablc Call Ru*i 41I- 

One r«nal*. 1.1-SS to share an 
afaitaaiK. wlUi same in IMfaht 
Omm, Can Cailiy. dayiv Moo ■ 
FH. , IW-mi, Cfti., . Sat.. * Sun 

fiir rent i llVi a. i 
Grove area. Call: Wr. 
7-» p.m 

ranl-kitdMn (acilttifa 

rOf SAM 

IRS Chevy 30 Van ruslom 

. p./«.. p/b.. 

y. Mnrg»tw Kanmi.- 
Smitb Cariina lypewrlltr MS. 
cacellenl condition Tbree- 
«h«et handicap Schwinn bike 
tin. eit«llent condilion €■11 
anytimeaflwtpm aimw 

Chevy m* Vega Ckiod 
Winn. NeriBt. M.MWinl. a 

tun "fkiaalM US HMD stM 
mitai Kn: cnod. tllW CaU Hob 

«N roreM.Pablinr 
Bacellefit location lo schools. 
■iMpping. services 1 bedroom 
* 1 bedroom in finished base 
ment ibulU in boakahelvcii, 
storage. <te«ti in basement i. 
Extra large !'■> car garage ir 
door I Sewly n>derorat«?d 
tncliailag curtains, levelor 
floors under 
g, vaah-dry . dtsb- 
retrig. double oven 
1 window a/c. kilcheo 
windiMir ciiMiial Ian, alum 
sidtng %aliiin. •torms i9 yn. i 
Deep kit with large Ireet and 
private back yard Call 3Stl«n 
forappl IM.MI) Must sell 

Dodge Cualom Sporlnman 
Mailwagon Van-camper. li>n. 
IWI cm in., »/t, new rubber, 
TEC (arlory camper «.onver 
alan wtib pof^lop, ice bos, sink 
(water M gal > stove, closet, 
dinelte-btd and 1 taunka. porta- 
potty, an/fm slerao caaaetle, 4 
speakers, etMllanl 'C«adttioo, 
musi sell lit* wnutd cost 

iiT'TiCT'fi'" ■»!' ii-TTrTrr- 
CiilTass Supreme 73 a 'I, »/c, 
p/b, f!\. amim, rear window 


tm KnwMnU SM l^troke S- 
cyt Klectnmk Ignition lO.OM 
milcit wee shape tSTS CaU Mike 

im Caaiara LT Silver wiUi 
Mack iMpai, black cloth inter- 
lor. air condlttoning, (lit wheel. 

pnwer windows, timed glaw. 
A.M/FM slitrtD/cass.. S.OMI 
«nl.,]W4bM..pi>M. «ipd . <new 
cNHidl I new shocki Must tee. t 
at a kind Call Bob «1 aUSSTk 

n Ptymoulh Cricket, «»pd. 
im/tm, l&mpi, mitrs, 
low rust, MM Call Nancy at 
WKNIiol .m.S&pm 
m bataun h-^ll», tiftUck 
AM/FM, 4 apd. hoity ruM 

AllhiMigb an overloaded wannt ia 
■ problem moit coUeice students 
would love to have, a New Jersey 
doctor haa daftemiined that thick, 
heavy wallela can cauae health 

Pr Elmer l,uti has treated 
H-veral patient* who sulfered from 

back problems throuilh a very 
unusual mrjitcal procedurr. He 

removes their wallets awl they 

eet better 

Lull's treatment method, which 
aliffiinatn. nui.ny costly i-rays and 
tests, invulvM havinf; (Ik patient 
eafry hi» wiiHel .in ii diWerenl 
porkel to mm if the pain is 
alleviated. Usually, if the waliei is 
the rauM of th^ rMtlent'R pi-obli^ni. 
the pain ckarw ii.p <|uirkl\ 

Or Ijiti stated in Ibr Journal of 
tiae Amencan Medical Aaiocialion 
tiial this treatment cured a nwn 
who had sulfered from hip 
problems for 14 monlhc. 

Annther man, who had hack pnii 
tor « years, was also cured wlMn 

his inch (hick wallet was carried la 
his jacket pocket. 

Moat of the wallet related back 
problems are cauted by many 
credit cards and other papers 
iThirii Rive the wallet Uuctineia 
and weifthl Also people with 
occupatinns that allow (hem to sit 
durlni much at the day are 
•usceptiblr to (h«" problem 

The neit tune you have a 
hackarhe, check your wallet 
before you <•« to the d«w,"t*>r 
CollcRi- liiKCirt 


•HJW Call MS4M1 


Btfore committiiis 

a career 
Of comnuimciiia 

Mayba that means giving Central Amarkan Indians 
tha pownr of the typewriter... standing up for 
human rights against a repressive South American 
govnrranent . consoling the widow of a Chicago 
polktman... providing leadership for a Perth 
Amboy minority parish Members of our community 
do work like this 

Out of our experience with the opporlunittm 
open to young people undecided about what to do 
with their livw. «»e publlih a special naiwilMter, 
WCMD ONC describe* the challenges ol social action 
and religion today. It tells what's happening arotmd 
the country and how good ideas are tucceeding. 
We'll gladly mall it to you free 

Sand your name and address to WORD ONE. Room 
S4] .111 Wait Madison Street. Chicago. Illinois 
. No charge, no obttgaUon. Vou can ahwayi 

The daretlaiis 

A Raman Catholk communMy 
of priviti «fid brathm 

It HAIIBtNQER.0cMlMr2a,1tn 

Generally by 
Speaking... cwyc«**> 

KvcryiMMf IMS ptej-wi' • !•««• »«m.liii» in t^ W«- Tlwrt nr. ilmoly 
„g^^ ,^ f. nunilMfa ol g«ll»i •»««■* to (Wirrhne. Iwtt tlm»«> <.M 
.jiMMliMBl :ipiim I'M.** IWWt* <*w™il ■'*" ■ *'■*'*■ *'••"*' '■"" •*• 
MM lilt. i( fm malm Uwm up Tmunwll 

Mf |!»iii« ■ enJW SuiWTOirt Frctiiv Vou wmn-t tave to |.un:lMi« « 

_jiiirti. fm wMi'i w»<l to "*»«* •">■ '■'""•' • *'"' * "• """"* '"™ •* *"' *'"' 

Mala rtlti*! J»< f*' '" ><"•' •'"•■ "■■*' '" ■»«"'•'"* "'"'• 

THe wit* •«• (jmle ainplir ■ B* »i ruilr •« y«w c«v ='» H"** •• >■«»> <••"■ 

j4.|n' to m tmmittmm for wUhto*. The first lHlmit J" »«■»« nmwmlitr 

|» hi* III '|»i* yfflw e»*. Trv li> it«l tjut ipM* <i|i Irial. ■renen'rit («r 

npiiwl |Wi|*' *»«" w l™*» •""»• >•«"' '•«■ ■'•■ *««»«■«'«'''"« ■"•'■*' 

y«i park ttat Ui))f aUnmf, UMmt if »« !«•*« '•• ■» ""•** 

9|iKm tM iDOie |»or cri|i|il* mtU b* iBing. St«»! Tw pulllltt 

|M«rtii« a» **»t ttimmdi ■>«>» iMgJ"! dMr!. «n. te wiertiitmBit 
mtm Try Miicfclug j-mimt ctolldfeo Inm «<iterinii Iwtor* you. Vow t* •in 
lit to itiliir* <ill ttiw ••«• <■«"• »*>■*•> «""> '"'*•» "^ >**•■ '>«' *«1> ** •• 
bMta ml tlKir h»el$. thnwlmi! U»tm "« *»"««€•* ■»» into ■ i.* iif ilm* 

Oi»» iiiwul* thf .tor., grab • curt,, fiat iimt wj' cart.. tte «i» from 
lllc niMKIl* III U» buKli Ow.* to •« If tl» •(»•»» «rt mIIwu fr-'cl) 
to (wp »hf«'l«t •» yM rfmtiBiie *<twf »tm^ >'»• you're re»dy l«> 

timrMril «il»|fie«iw •« 1* lo <«*>r •itoWlJi liiwlmie^t far the meit fl¥« 

Mfci anil tiMi tliw» ImM ffl« it bJ »•» in»|»ln<r mek Ainjnwe h ihe 

■CMHler •( lb* «|H«1 Hi mmad, iribhmg l*« »*» «* tbe Mrt to brace 

•nniineM HriMi lhetlBtl» • iefiwbtoil h»lt m '»«'»■« l^<><*ini( «« the 
BwwUa Bre«il Tht bfwi i« »U «ver Ih* floor Yoy «ll <• «l«* bof to 
■9 tlM HUM*. Ttio IwUlWi • The name I* renlly m ymir Mood mm 

inOM: »w«rBl' people »(>prachm(i the roimter tn «et a immbef to be 
Ma an. ThfiMi Uie fart Into reverse, ami knoek iner Itie ihrnrt btoml la 
nine Burple mmtnm Alrlichi' Torn pmnii* Now yeure ftr»t to line Crab 
UMI number Aik l»r U* V«<«*^ «* »al«"'- •>•" «* ""* "'"'* '™" "■* 
il pttrtmn H «■• alrea* bMli allml. deniaml Dial ft t"«ii»e from the 
of the »lac*. Get 1/* l>««™i * h«Nl»a. «««"> ■•«■<". "watwarnt. 
IniB. BiMi. he««« fheeie. Jiial beliire tlic |trl •*«» it up, a* for » 
f rn --* llallaBi'Oliwei, ««:»y •» «» !«■" " »"">• tn»™n*«<"e«<-e«i her m, 
■nvpf »«» icmred •nollier Iwe iM>lriU Here c«iie» the fan part Dump 
the hiBthmeal in between Ihe pagM t»l the Mwkoi NueiJIepoW »Mi 
-Karale Man.," Make »ar« that aabml* no«,l«» .yw *ila«, tN» pa« o« the 
K«me AW«ht'T«op««nl» , , .^ 

Netl mop. breiHt •«•- Ymt )* «" be to tM the Ireilieft loaf in the 
■tare, B««to by iqaeniiai ecefy nmfle laaf. To *> thl*. enert a «t,le 

F"^ lire •iU> the thamb and todeii linier •Kwnil die lale* «* each taf limeen come •«« ll» otHer tiid of the plaitle. fou knew that It 
was » Ireah l«aif , iiiid you «li» kiww that ,»-« mmid ne»er bii,y anything m 
thai mmlltiaii Ht* one that me ane h«» eqaeeted tienUj |il»» * **» 
^awcart, Tiaa'paimii.! ,, ^^ 

The fhec.k-<i«l HM la wHere yop can (MiI1» icore imiie' big polnto «,>*! 
into the line f««T»««l H>f elKhl lleim or •••» « the canhiee tell* »i>b to 
mnvc jail tell her thai vour motbar u dying In Ihe beaptal and yoo »« got 
|» .get' «,aiag. She belie»e» you' Four potot*' Try to ttkle Ihe pop b.jttle« 
■■ the cart, ,*» U» ciiihier turni la paekufe the gfacirlea, rtpirfl • 
paetegef o* breath minli, 

to' lean over ber Ihe entire llnw ike ta tilMCinc up jroaT 

Mt her *> inaybe nhell forjeet to notice that ilab o( lurkey 

tar lhi» toMMiw ThankigivHif When *e ringi «ip the 

Twimklaa. icimiit In her lace. -Thtf'n m .aale. two far II " Try 1« make 

tr err or caM Inr the manager, tf yon tan *. (bin., toltan, an e»ir» two 

'On itar wai aiM. if ah • ample dniaii (raater bact hecawe Chey eonw 
I IMI«. TM'santliwr Im paMa for you.. Tie gaipe i« almoM over, but 
gt uHil ftMilMI'lWir (ace with the •aroptef «t chaeai .and crachera, 
i>aall''yiMir ««r Ihtnnfh Ihane pane-glaa* <hMCi .a* fait aa y«m can. Go 
throagh the parktaf lol yalhng. Maee II or loae If Ate .voa dep«lled 
all your groceriea nto voa car. let Uie buikel go I1y»ng -town MU and 
watch It hil the yeUew UiMrabi CaiiimMllal That » another eight ptants 
Yau're really on yoir way. ,. , . 

[ CM into the car Ob ms God" There'* a tauli In the drlw » .ilde ■k.r 
iMM't there when you Hrel •tart.ed IM» name. We now liihe barb all of tht 
|l>lliilniyiiilia»e earned Ihaa far Yoa' 

School discloses hidden cafe 


Wtierc can lacnlly . iitaff . Msilora 
md (ludents haw a tjuffet style 

lanch on ca.inini»' In H*' * 
lucked in a carmer of tbe »e<:«>nd 

floor, thai'i where. 

The Dining (tooni. open Irani II 

a.m. to I » p.m., when m-hmA m in 

ui ran by the college and 1» 

mt aerved by a private calerinn or- 
ganiiation. The facility u opened 
to everyone and according to Betl)' 
Ijewl*. In charge of the dining 
rt»m, K i» prelly evenly med by 
everyone, "The student u»e. 
though. h«i been groieing latoly." 

Tlia prtew la llie dintni raoin are 
«nlv itigblly higher than in the 

caleterij becauae "you pay » btUe 
more fur trrviee." taid Mr*. 

Even Ihough the dining roam 
may be hard to find. in«l«le one wlB 
find cuahioned chairs aiilt taricM 
table cloths which invito ■ "near 
capacity " luncheon eepaitl of 
faculty and jtiuJeiiU eaeeir luixih 


Women's Center 
offers workshops 

"Ppr Ihnaa al vau «•■» m 
I'M proMam. tiara it 'It 
on inMant iwplay " 

■■Tramaactlonal Analfiia" and 
•■I've Got to Gel Organiied!", twa 
all-day wortuihopi. will be oKered 

Pal Rearlmn. coonaalor for the 
Elk drove Town»hip Vouth 
Servicei. will lead the 
Trannartional Analy«l» Jeminar on 
Tueiday. Oct M from » am to J 
pm. in the Palatine I Jbrar> . SM N 

Reaia Travor. coordinaKir of 
(iarper'i W«men» Program; 
Audrey Inbody, aaiociate 

at Harper, and Ann 

fanner edWar tt Money 

Managetncnt Inatltuto. Hauaetwld 
Finance. Chicago will lead ttaa 
■ I've Got to Gel OrganiaadV 
workahop on Thursday. Oti. M 
from 9 am to J p.m at Willow 
Park Center. Milwaukae and 
Palatine roads. Wheeluig. 

Tuilion for each warkibop la !• 
and participants are asked to tarinli 

To enroll, call the coHege 
adnilialoni office at W-3«». eat. 
Mil. Tlie programs are being 
■ponaofad b> tbe Harper Collcre 





hyCalhieC Sadler 


Be on call to help us with 
light order picking and dur- 
ing peak work loads. No 
regular schedule, respond 
only when academic load 

Call for details 

Elk Grove 

Daytime openings are available 
for students who want to work 20 
hours a week in the exciting field of 
consunrier finance. 

Part time personnel are needed 
for Wickes Credit, a rapidly growing 
subsidiary of the billion dollar 
Wickes Corporation. 

We offer on the job training in a 
modern environment conveniently 
located in suburban Wheeling. 
Schedule of hours can be flexible. 
Please apply in person or call: M. 
OlSOflr S41-0100, ext. 22S6. 

Wlokos Credit Corp. 

3i1 W. DundM Rd., VVIiMling 

Center aids students 

HAWBINQtW. Octofcf tX %$n ^ap T 

tt llBffcr ■• l«r hdn ID 
lrtiM*iri!ii|. n a Awr^f mr adtail 
mm^tltm tar a |«l>?'Na. aM m 

•I tfe* ■•'•atapM'. bm ttm 
riafaaani aid Caretr 
CMalipiiiiiil Oaaltr locaMd In f. 
in. viicn Mr..rra<l Valavll and 
Ma, Karbwa Ma^lkruik «itl Mr 

'la Hit In 

coac tyft., aa la «>»«daii»tl<mal. 
and IT tlia adMMi li iwlfM ar Mai* 
ran." •■pialnad. ValavU abmit Imw 
()■» VMwillck VfariMi. .All Iht' 
inf oma'llaa' U an laria ear^ and 
la nlatival* iliMila'in aia. 

Par hnkiac 'tar lata' 'Ma canlar 
cantalna (kt Dtcllanafr al 
-■ >ITiaaall.O.T.TalM 

m&f hMk Iw in a parton durlnt aa 
MarvHfw " tiaMl Vniavil on Ui« 

andio-ntuei iiimkI «f the oiMar. 
Tht nnlar 'piila 'dal' varidy lAa 

EimriaynMmi OiwattanHy :lMllalin 
H p»H and rutl-tini« 
I ThcbulkUnutne 

Legal Aid 

Umk lar a mrtata 
<■ (llMtrWaM. and. kaw la OM aU 

•aM: Vmmm JM a '•• .f um 

Tilt renlar vorki wiih 
raaaaalart and pracram 

enafdinatwa m wtmt Jakt am 
I* ■» vkat (Mda Maay 

la. talara«ad in. lila aMant' 
kMta U IV In ika DOT and Dtali 
ilB ao.T,. munlMr.. Tka .ttatal 

Tba cafd tana Utt Mndant type af 

jah. urim a Maf da«.-n|illon. lyiw 

rf daina nctdad If my, mlaty 
aatf aapirianca aaadad if .anr. Tin 

Tkf emMm ka* imitrtal m 
t amf (Mwiiaar k««iI m tkt 


1 tkt* nation.. 
••W» can (Hit atadcnta in nnlan 

wMli aliiMat.aiiv actaal' « any Mala 
far ulaiiMiiii. :i||i< :|i ana af awr 

■nid kuw Um ranlcr can kcl|> 
.rtadcnla vho lalan in iranafir to 

Tka otlMriiclMNila. 

Tkt Milar aim contakia a 
vanMk of Mtarmallan on OwA 

4ma of 

••a m m (Maf* Bntcanca 
Via»iiaci., n can tell .ntudmia 
rta*!!^ tk* i.i«ll«g« ilMii fit, iiMir 

of Lakat. Ha 
■M ol Ika 

ad la MH oat ika 

l*a MHIar vaMia oM. tka 
faMKr .<« ika dmBMl IMda an 
'"•atwaltan on Ikair IMda at 
nambcr <a( ffradnalaa. ikUla 

and wko art tkt 

•^•■■ksaliana. "lUt itudanl fUtrn 
kla'arka«"Mdaf aMi. «k> Mdan 

"Alaa at Ifta cantai ' m kava a 

'fafawmcl dcfiartiMnt kc.adi m 
kaatticai tirnu and aafcnl wkat 

Maral. Tka 


Tka CaUaga HacaiMiit Annaal. 
a kaakM in Ikt emtxr haa 
ocoilMUanal and imwraiikkal 
llaUnut at Mm Th* booklat 
•■ptekia nrkal kitid of job it is and 
Ika tiiMt af ' da«n«i namM.. It .alaa 

ana mlilil ka aakad and 
oikcr amenl inforaiallmi on all 
M ol tkia Is iraa to Mudanta or 

iWAiklBa al MariNrr and tkay are 
ana aatai ad lo taka (all advantamc 
ol tkia a*rv:l<a akick cmdd .haihi 
tkcm tka raal al Ikair 'M(. 

ky E-J, nrmtan. J.I> ^^^"■"■""""■■""■""^ 

<». Wfra fnrtaat akoal oar lawypr'n randaci aatildt Ika caartraan w* 

tiiti: rt!i:J?T *^*^"~' '- *•• ''^^ -" '^'-' 

m:':t^«'S** """" ""^"^ --.'-.» «« and 

J"^^ " •"•." •* «■"•■ »- •' ka* «. pay tki. I.wy« m. .f ««. 
"TT ** "' ' «" •*' "** ™« '»*»«••> •»•■ prepared fc> aw are- 

tiana la«y»r I fcatk ««• Orta am... I*kal can »» da* 

A The Cadr of VVvflHHllW^ llMMMHlliUtv of Om Anuwii-aB tt»> 
AMma,tm, .EC toe. mi aa,. Tta^T^UaWikg TiST iTI 

IhWanandatkedltnilynnddKMnjmofthaproceadiniBi ■ 

«. W» taaacd a (itraMr nam af atancy aad rMwivad a .nal* nklck ii 
MM> .rrarM Hy a r«ar ««uia niartga«a. Tkk raal prafarty b kilka 

BEtiU' m Wg||lJ|'|||g|#||. 

^'I'jn*^ •*•' '*» »"'*"» ••» ■* »rtag tMnik la (m^tf anr 

rafrri::*;'"""---'^*—^-'- — *• 

A y«a. yon ilp^ Tka eoiin will «r«t tkal any drfiat remaininR aflirr Ika 

""^J' T.SfJi'* •"""«* '"^ ' *•"<■'«>'> i-«»«ni«il r«r the 
anmnt still due f Cttdt «l Wath . Sec 12 (OT - 

In Dthar wordi. tk« l»rrtwar lUll o«ea Ika lull amount of Uia nola. avtn 
tlMURhkiscollalaral won't cover It 

«. I*f kad a tad f cprrleacr wttk a •tackbrokar. I am 7». aad I pal my 
tail lr«« In lkii> nan. Ha advited me la |Ea lata tana rtaky Mock (nvaal- 

prolret mr. 

_ Eac* u», I kaiM ar laid aa Ma advtea. ka« aaalkar cont-laaan. 
■M ■• .Macka ka kangkl dMat pay. and aaw fv» hwi avarytkia(..kaai 

Can i da anylkln( ikoM iklaT 

A Tka law <Aro. Jiir M. Raf.,- A«ency iBndmni Sua. mm) mm a 
krokar ma fiduciary with napwt lo matters witkin tka wope of kii 
■pney Ha i* r«juir«d lo Morcuta lh« utmoat good faitk. htyaltv and 
haneatyHiwardhuitinwiipal . j y «ob 

To recovor y«Mr loaata in court, you would hava lo prove Ikat your 
hrokiir (aiM la •idiibit the akova ctaled qualities in kia tranawlliini wjik 

yOilTRMMICy. ■mmm-w,m 

CampunDilleat IMew» Swrlcei 



Triis Ticket Good TnruOct 30, i»78 
with coupon 






Ur rradvpiwllkaliwa 

Lecture here 

Mr. fUckard t. l*«r> . Curator of 
UmOagir at. Ika lllinw State 
Muaeam In Jprkiiifiald will prcMti 
a ■lide/laclur* to tke Qaolaiy Oak 
and tka pukMc On. » al T M pn 
in DIM. 

Ht' aill dtaoMa Ike yarrtmif 
ttrrn *t .plknl kiaaila ka kna 
XMMta^iNMn. a .Umaalona quarry 
nnar Rock Inland. Ill over tka paat 
wvaral year* tka lecture will lie 
kinkliihled by hU propusol 
of arkat IlUnoia 
Ilka m oiiUian yean ago 
an kki rnaMMh al Ikt faaaM 

I ana ol Ilia 

in iiji# 


I tbaaliidy ol "Canl-il|a" 



OPE N^ A r J A M lo 10 P M 
' tSAT fc SUN 



Itarpw's niird Annual Toor 

April 1»« 

Cost: $619.00 


Round trip air fare 


Continental Breakfast 

Three Theatre Tickets 

Full day sightseeing tour of London 

Trip to Hampton Court 

and Windsor Castle 

For Information Contact: 

E.L. UneaMar, Ptlf, ax. 417 or 
Mary Jo WIHte, A13t, ax. 4« or 

WaitrasseSp bus boysp 
hostmsiis and cooks 

Aunt Millie's i. now 

axparfancad paopla or wHI train 
caUant pay for rli^ paraona. 


or apply 

. Ex- 

Hawks football regains tie for 1st 

■MB m Wrt^. n« •••«*■ cw 

— _ -- i^HM 

TT " vz^-- .|, itif - mm |' r- --"' ' ** " 

^ , .ta «rtl dtoffc . Hi tali. JMC u*^; 

Women's Intercollegiate Gymnastics 
Contact Mrs. Schrammel BIdg. U 

Defense is key to win 


In Criinl of * '•<•'<'• •">' 
rnthusiMtic homtcomtag crowd. 
th<- HiirfxT (iwlMl iMm pu« "»•" 
nchl tuck >iiti> tHe N4C ronterenee 
tulf r»T lij'' irtMimimii the -'"1*«'< 
W..K-« M-;, 

Tlw de(#itK «■• the dimimiint 
|Mrl of th» game »» !>"•>■ '<»■"''«' 
in»n>' .JoMel twmwern t« tsive the 
ttfemt ««Unrt fleW pfflitton 
lalintwl every lime they BUl «* 

LM<li«g tlw «»•• In <it«ni|iiiii 
.loliel w»i !«»• Iji"n»>»»n »'«» 
him>el( ac'coanted It "»e 
drftimt'* tonrWown hy hlm-kinK a 
Wffllv* twiitl •ml recwerini; il m Ihe 
end torn Mm IradinK the iharRe 
Mn Mtkr Schell. Paul Pa«MKl«»' 
Brian Scott. Frank W»n«rh«. 
Mike (.awiMMi and Jeff Cnrrado 

The offenfe w»« led hy 
quartisrback Neil Schmidt who 
tetaM M yard* ruihin* and 76 
yarda pajsing S<-hmidt «itli Brian 
Oeuelman. Devin He«»te>. and 
.Iim V»««reUo filled Uie gap left 
bj rannlKK back Dave 
BodiKheimer who was hurl early in 
the (jame &hmiilt icored three 
Uiurhdowni lor the Hawki. 
Another Ha«k who (»laye<J a majoe 
part in the •coring was kicker Mike 
Cuaack who had o*ee a fnurth oJ 
the of the Hawta fmiiala. Cuaacli 

WMM peHeH fwr the day as lie was 
four for lour in point after 
louchdowM and hit Iwo field goal* 
Of at and .12 yards 

The Juliet quarterback tone o* 
many i felt be »m* to the whole 
atlernoon with them diiriuamu 
pmlttles and what ni>l in the Joliel 

The Hawki eiploded m the 
mcoihI quarter for H point! a* 
Schraidl Kored on ran.i of ei«ht 
and B yapdi. Ijenahan s lilocked 
piinl and one <rf Cuiack s field 

The Hiiwks linished off Ibelr 
5CorlnK bliti in the third quarter 
with a one yard run by Scfimidl 
and Cuaack't mwoikJ field goal «* 
the day 

Jollet scored their lone 
touchdown m the lourtli quarter ■» 
the Hawks already had the game 
out of reach. 

This win coupled with Illinois 
Valteyi loMng now gives Harper » 
share of the N4C conference lead. 

Harper has two games 
remaining »» Wright anil 
Kennedy -King 

The Hawks play conference 
opponent Wright thU Saturday lot 
Harper's final home game of tile 


Mel irffMi praellec la 

ftafaratlMi far Uwlr aUaapM la 

"' ' lilHiila rrtrt rii ItT 
•apMa n lae ajlaa 
■ IV. liuMMal TaanaaiBl- 
k fcirtlM u aiii MW iM. K am ai 
mrm b Ik* llMli aa Frtefe mt 
■ raeger teamed ap ta *«!*•« 
teaaBBlei Clatfy Saras *mt 
Tanay McCnll«a|k. The ••■• 
•B Ife* ran aa Ifcejr •«■ 

Opponents walk off field 

-in all mm f—f •• «<■***•>■■. 
(•*e ne»rr km amflMng »e ft." 
Harper soi-ear e«acl»' Saiidor 
SxaiM't reactiiin to Mml w»llitnc 
off the IMd aflcr leading I-) dunnf 
■ sociw match w^llll tli* Hawks 

nm oliol* ««iilfiM>»fil' eealerert 
•round a Juliet player towhing the 
I the 1« yardUne wtth hia 

at Iht •ame Itnw tliat 

affpar ■ciwen 9^ it wna 

■mi* ewailad or iim 

I M^ a i«all)i Ml. t« U* 

•■Wf wim preiBiing. They were 
getting tlrett frooi «ir dribWlng the 
taill. and .hwl iiiiM Mu1.ed arniiint 
tor no reaamii aiailnil the ixnalty. 
becaaae * tin pumaty was taken 
■way ItiC goal wouM count and tlw 
fMim would he tied, and then Ihey 
started arjuiiig ■m«i»g 
Ihamaelvcs II Memtd to me Joltel 
tmt dtdn't want to cmiUnnc. " tatd 

Tina ewMia ll» team's re«*« l» 
1-1 THe Hawks flay •«•»» 
TlMtraday nmlM *»•«<«>•««•■« » TrWan. 

Ibt twnaaeM latalkv ■• 
rMiaiT ap was Oakua wtth I*. 
titm^1m0m play. KHs Krwafar 

p, JaaliMs a«* CWy ««M "aii' 
Ik* faartaellaals. T»e l*a« kas 
Iia4 aa anlslaailaf seasaa aa* 

tapaa la caalfeM* H at 'NatlaMla la 

'•■••. Teiaa. 


Harriers run to 7th place 

bgr Jaa Kaaaa 

Harper erois-eounlry .mcentlf 
plp«iM] seventh oat ol IT teams in 
IlK tough Milwaukee Infilntional 
Md in. Milwaukee. Wis. . recently 

tn llM) Individiiirt resuHa the 
Hawks' top fWiHer was J«M 
Mryilaes who placed lltli out of 
o»er a l«» runners. He wai 
foltowed by -Iim lawaiter Mnd, 
Jon Lueneler »Ind. Tom 
Hommnwun Mth, «nd Joe Kiiia 


1*. hmM i»«i won by Milwaukee 
Tech. Willi Wright, a learn HafpW 
will lai-e m «>• N*^ conferance 

nerformame but we re hoping to prepare, for the K««ion IV me. i 
Sinir (owth and fifth men this Saturday in attamptog lu 

CMch Bott Molan » hi* team Ch«mpaiKn thi.-. y«r 




Health Club for Men 

Wa had • P'««i •••* 

We offer supervision in Conditioning, 
Weight Training, and Body Building. 

HOURS -Mon.-Fri. 10-10 



Park Plata Milwa««i)t »»*. an* Patatfa ■«. i3T- 

Halloween -- a laughing matter? 

. -.- r«*M«niii«ifir<««M«»»*i*™* 

■MM ht Im**«€ » «•» •tart' '?..** ***• . *: T?? ^^,-- m^,. 

t ,1, III ■ ■i^iinaini'M OTr iimnif '•"'•i'""™" '■ ■ ^""■~ ^^ 

in ttrm Ynrk. vWI (lit 

|iil» Jut ••ailllii !»*<«*- 
- . «™. «— ^ . Ml mmm 0:|l<Mft li*iirtt» f«M«« «'« 

Maul MMiai (iMiiiiB' ■ "> ■"— " MMiaartaiii, MMl'laill •*•« >»«»iiil«»r' 

•tan »i*' ■ 

mih«Hlwu<ii««n«m««if. ■««* 

AlMMt mt t*iM in WW? iii«M«i«t ""■ ^^ -^ .^>t^.|.. M , iM 

A iiwak'i nmj I* calM ■ alMMt 

CiMMiS clw« IMMl4l« itiifn , 

Whan, ttm mmpire* p»n for Uw 

Iral tUn* ««■' maf ■•)' K> Uie (iU»r. 
• 'Ifi l»«n nice 'PiaiWtnt jm " 
On HkllnwMn vamiilm M) («>r 

Cl«rf. piMtiianiilMrt we tk^ 
aOtm to'laK* wMnrci- 
'Wliani inliil Kniai Ihir mmn. a 
•amiMrc ■all* m ■ Wood' veMci. 

And to thuik it tl •tin't (w the 
•Miw ntltixw mm <i( uld w« wmma t 
tat teltbralinn lh«f t»»tive 
(K-cniuian <i( hillwwrm 

Hundndi of ymn a«o in Oau) 
and Hriljun. a (i;«ni|> of prtesU 
calM Orarfj tearetl IhM 0K>m, 
•Ivat mkI (arlei 

came ool t» harm 
Halloween T»wy llmuilM caUwW* 
raii»rnaU!d tw«|ile wlio mmn 
tmUm, pnnitlMNt tar Omtt ovi 
dauigi. M*iiy o( ciMH iicllcb wc 

in* idea <if the Jw-k-OUntafn 
came frum nn old Irinh tale about a 
miaerly man namni Jack Brcauie 
vt beifiK »<> t-lMsap lie couldn't no to 
lieaven. And becane he ptayad 
practical Jokct an the devil hi 
cmildn'l go to hell cither He wm 
danoMd to roam the earth carrjrinf 
hit builem until .Iwteement Day 

Ewen thmigh mir dayi of trk* 
and treatmit are over i»e can iffll 
entertain the myiter) and horrora 
of Halloween wilhmlt (ear. AMir 
all ll'f all u) mir minda. nr ia if 



WHLon, »0.m..v H»0.r Col).s«, AlflO^qo... »"d *m,Mo«d*. Polo.m.. Illmo.. 60067 312 39/ 3000 

V0L12A NO.S 

October 30, 1978 

Tuftron tax credit plan droppea 

WASItmCTOK, D.C liiait»»i* 
«lc«i«r>' (« l*r»»i«liiit Carter. Ilie 

Mj. IM pw 
the |,»»'erniii.e»t"t Beilc 
EdiMstlanai Otpartuaili OranM, 

thafiriliimeevw ilvaraite r»«'«»' 
ta fniniUe* earaimn IW 

TuilM t>i 'CtadN 
iMcIl VMM haw alliMwd. 
10 dadiact up to tlW i» taJlion ooata 
tnm thek iiKome taaci. pM»«d 
liDth the Hotua and the Senate laat 
«eek Ai nriuinally inlrodm-ad. tUe 
htU ln«»«d«l the imllao coMi fli 
•titdanta in elementary and 
iecondarj wlieoU »> »ell 
faplnical nip»*MKf di«uii»led 

jMMl cmifcreiwe ceminttlee, 
aevaral raproMnMlmt insiHed on 
alta«Mn< the eleroenUry and 
proviaion In It 
I could not he 
reached, and «Wlc the Ui nil Mil 
age. the tuition tax 

went « 

to it 

[ncomc Aailalanee irtan. I couldn't 
tall ymi if it ftiiltion lax credUa) 
•ill have the ume piuh it did thta 
time." ICoHagB'PMMServlcti. 

Mon^y offend 

Arts Council offers 
$5,000 fellowships 

mil. •hieh Ml ■«» »ai»«l m «« 

aiiMndnienl to a h»t«rta« ciil WU. 
Huuae and Senate yenwoni of Uie 

, llMiilt. «erc dinerenl. 
line MH. ••» relerfwl tock l» 

The U^. GypMun Scholardiifi la 

Cleapitr the roncurrenl pMuaiie available for tuition and fee* at 

o( the Carter plan. t>r Albert Harper ColleRe Selection «U1 be 

Alford. aMiatant commtaMoner toe iMaad on financial need, 

kglalation at tbe US. Office at Pr«(ervnc« will he given, bat not 

Bdiieation. eipacta that tuiliom ta» mandator]', to itudenta career 

Cfidlta may make a comeback In arlentaled toward the US. 

Cangrcw neit leiaion "lf« » Gypaom Company related field, 

■lal bill," he obacrvet. "and Application* are avatlaMc at the 

ihM niiite a l*i» Financial Atd (Mike, AM*. 

1 iMcnd la «o«Hr ONdUne for appUcatlona to Nov. 

one afaln. Ml ■l>*>' t^ Mlddla u. 

AM CMniei haa 

,. new pronrain. o* 

felhwahif* for paMitdwd tiluxil* 
rr«ati»e wrlteri. Two 'il.m' 
•Mlowmhipa, will be' <i«B«d In. lHa 
pilot letiiiirt. lehich may «t»w I« 
im-lnilr other w«al»*« artlsU in 
ri*iire jawTi- Tbe prograiB w»» 
unantnmMl}' approved at the My 
'mMting al the litliMu Acta 

l*C AltMti- Program Coordtaator. 
r ol the program i» t« 
rreativ* wrilcri of 
nccpllMal achievement and 

by ollerliig 

Eucharist mass 

All faculty, «taff »ik1 
arc wvtled. to • Eacbartalie 
CaWirMkn naon «<«ln«*.y ■» 

The OTlehnuit will be Ihe Hev. 
Jach l"l»tb«»»li» from St 

Marcrihna Partth inSchuuBburt . 
The M*« « l»l« l««>M>n^' '"' •• 
CMhotic Campaia .WnMlry Oah. 

aiwlatnct to wmm In F»»* 
Ihcm with the opp«rt«Uty for 

further wrttlnd," 

««Mn are ellgfUe II they haw 
piMtihed t:w# or ntort ihort moriea 
in two or mor» literary maf aiimw; 
or pnWiJhed a yrfame i>« ihort 
fiction: or putillthed ■ novtl; » 
ipitlflllhed ten or mm poema in 
two m more Uletarj' inagaiinei: 
m pttHMhwIa volume of poetry -. or 
piiMllhed a dramatic acrtpl 
I mclading perfantanee coplaa. ) 

lor thli program itudanl 
publiratiani which publiib 
prtmartly ilud«iil work, di» m>» 
qiiaUty aa lilorary magaalne*. 
Wrtttra muat have been ti» 
naM«ic« in tllinoi* M ImhI *ti 
ennaaciHtve monlhi pnvlaua la the 
•nniteBtiawi HI anlar to aiwly- 

ror macllte apflication 
procedurei and further 
infncinatlim. Hudeiita iMJ contart 
Jcnniler Mayer. Art**' Pwtram' 
Cnordinalor. Illlnaia *«• Council. 
Ill M Wahnih, aili«i«. Il-'' 




Lett^m io thB editor 

A :«ii--^^-^*''^" 

Be concerned, vote 

Columbus Day 
bumped for some 
very good reasons 

Maybe tht NotwccImw got their revenge after all. 
Mayoc ttavy have eonnertionji with the Harper Colligc 
Baavd of Tnutees. Well, if not they certainly will he f iMlte 
hMW thai the Board has elimtnatai Columbus Day at a 
holiday in tbaacatenic calendar foment V ear. 

An il Uh Ifaniltiiiiia In the academic calendar wen- 
maittar vaelfle rcatons. Each revision was made t<> help 
in allliar with the bodget or the state requirements and 
f. Tht hoard can be commended fur startjntt 
aa soon as possible and not wasting; any 

Tha eanceltng i»l Columbus Day wa« only one of the 
dHMta mad* is the academic calendar for the 1§7»J0 
■dImm yaar Changes tor the tall 1979 semester include 
llMlliif on* wack later than it did this year and ending six 
iayi labr than Ihia year For I^bor r>ay . sttidents wiU get 
lira i|fa oft inslaad of the one. Veteran's Day will he one 
fmm. Hm wmm m Ihia year. Thaniisgiving vacation' will 
IM lia aanw himlii aa Uiia year also. 
THa .reaiMi Ite Board .gave for sta^rtine the firiit 
late wai to tacraaat the length of the summer 
to 12 weafca Im amminer session is when the 
I of its money. Be^^ause Winterim ends 
! money, the entire program has been 

I to haa been dropped as a holiday (or a very 

1. Bacauae the school is required to have 7S 

■1 days per semester in order to get state 

_, Columbus day will now be the 70th inatnictional 

iay of adhool for noxt yaar. This addad day will be a buffer 
III caaa^'adKMil baa tackiae Oman uneanectad day on the 
accovnt of a« enMraanar. This plan of thinltim ahead will 
hopefuily prevent tao acwol closing late in the day leaving 
■tiidcnts liranded bora. Students will be infamod thfwu;n 
the madia early in the morning if the school will be closeo. 
This will be first time in the history of Harper that 
atmlcnts wiU not be having Columbus Day off and the 
■diaal will not be offlciaUy closed. In the past, the school 
iaa not'piannad "buffer" days in case of emergencies to 
— I aare w wimk Vm T5 day limit. .Aa a result, students 
yo«r year will have to wait for' Veteran's Day on Nov. 

t any Norwegian he'U tellyou that L^ Eribon 

America way before Cnriato^r Columbus 

fit bare. Since they did pmmlie a revenge, for not 

I My racofnfied aa the diacovertr's of America, 

la HMf ataiM mifli Harper and are trying to get 


hw 'Oay abeliahad everywhere . 
■ diriatopher Columbus will probably be turning in 
vn neit year while Harper contues college life as 
aaiiiL Periiapa at first there will be only a (aw students 
adM wii foqiet about Columbus Day. Tile netl year more 
* I will (orgal, and in the years to come. Columbu.s Day 
awnaliMlatliiiigof the past. He won t mmd though 
laahefnowatlMthisday is going toa worthy cause. 

aaiuS. V 

Letters to the editor 


Vllh .till* v'id* «ttctian.i 

appniadiinil. all citliMw ^tmM 
tMllic th« impoitMWV of llMf r <Km 
and Imw nccvwary It i«. 
Political |>artiri|iali«ii In 

Amrnlra hut bean <m iDc dccUiw 

im Uk pHt Ian yaws, laacciaUy .in 

tali Hit only real inipadanct, art 
awile mMafcam. B«aida tha (art 
IhM all palltK-al oftint art tl 
parttnilar imporlanec. alalc 
■wvarninvfit* naiiallii lia<rc more 
lurl«*llc(lan i»v«r (hair own 
eitttcni. than tht fadaral 

candMalm Socnt candtatatet may 
even be Irnn Uw town you live In. 
Alei Selih. who Is oppotlng 
Incumbent CliarlM Perry for U.S 
Senator. It (rwn SchaiuitbiirK. 
¥tMt> Vrmt. Vm iwmt US 
Reprcaitntatlve for !h« 1 1th 
diilrid. u from Mouial Pras|i«rt 
and Slmron Sbacii. a rvcrnt Hanter 
■ridnal* la ranning lor Socratary 

On Nor. 7. m will be tlaetln* mr 
(ttvernor. alonn itlth U.S. 
Hofireiientativt* to CongrcfS, a 
ti S Senator, ptuf all of our stale 
and local «ni«aU Voting i> not ■ 
diflirutt tliln« to do. and by jitit 
readliiR the paper, iralrhliig the 
nem or by even lalkln« to Irtomla. 
]r#u can be Worawd an 'the 



If givca yaa ■ iiia.itce to gel 

up llie may yaa •aat !• 

(atMr^m rarhMI 
U-i AU laiMa Hay ' 

Sandir K»tnr> 
ilk a npiMdi Hiiiht. It Kl«r« rhtMren 

a rkaace la get ant aad let aft 
(leaiB aai gel taac taadji Ihai 


Iff tnw mat one penon'i eole 
caanM change (be outcame of loo 
many elertlons But that one 

pcraoii doe* have llie pmrar to 
innutnce oUwr> and to mpport the 

candidale of Mi dmtce, whoever 
he or aiM may be 

niiiwia u etpeeUni! one of the 
lowest voter tuniouts ever Ulii 
year and »i.-v*.vs indicate, lint 
yountj peopli! oday arc not taking 
advantage of the vote, m they were 
a (ew years ago. Don't let votar 
apathy be the downfall of your 
Male election*. Renrnmbw the 
raaulti It had on lltr H|{P*r 
refarcndum. Be a concerned 
dllMn and vote. 

Slwryl Reynold* 
VP PoUtliral Science Oub 

Jounalism student 
defends McGrath 
on referendum 

I>ear Editor 

1 was qiiilc diKurlied after 
nading a "Letter to the l>:dltor" in 
Ihe Oct III Mttloii of llw Harb- 

Thr letter dlaraamd tlic referen- 
dum and » here the linger of Uiinie 
fhould br p«int«d 

The article 'f lullMir, Tom Allen, 
tItougM Uiat PreildaM Mcfiratli 
■aouM bear all the re<p«nalbdlty. 
He al«i thought that it was 
probabt) MrGrath'.* first 
rnnfrontation vtth a major 
protaiem He ■lno UiougM thai 
M(!Crrath would have been given 
■II the credit if (he refereitdiun had 

Mien iliuuld ilup trying lu Uilnk 
ao nturh It atem* to afft«t Mi 

The faiti arc that even If .iimmy 
Carter had atdimed Ihe 
presldentaliip i>f Harper, the 
referendum would still have laded. 

The faru are that ttie areas 
where the strongeit OMMMltlon 
occurad, were the towns that had 
|u*t iMrurred a property tai 

increuw of nearly JMO pen em. and 
•here the average population age 
was well into the SO's McGrath 
hlnaclf admits thai tl was bad 
timing to move for the 

The fads are that when McGrath 
etme Io Harper he bad the budget 
problenis awaiting hun He didn't 
cause the problem, so why blame 
him I swlely nonetheless i for them 

The facts are .MK^rath was the 
dean of academic affairs at Ci(> 
University of New York. He wa.s 
responsible for the acaderoit 
program of the syslem'i graduate 
•choc*!, cifihl lenior colleges and 
eight <ommunll.v colleges So Allen 
can be aasurrd that this was not 
our president's first eonfmntatfoii 
With a major problem 

The facts are thai Allen sdiould 
get the farts and get Uiem atraiitht 
before he trys thinking again 

Joseph WFurlln 

A JoumsUsm 
the right facts. 

^ haRBinqep ^ 


Editor in.Chlef 

ManaitiiiM Editor SueC«iifoy 

Editorial Editor: SueConroy 
feature Editor: Joan PMeraan 

Sports Kdltor- .loe Kusek 
nwto Editor Mike Wendet 
AanHant ("hoto Editor Belh Jonas 

Caitoaniit: Sieve Moakal 

analMW Manager ; Terri Jaeatinn 

»«« J»n McWherter. Teri Rolondo. 
JimSurdunl Jody .Saunden (landy 

Advtmr:'. Dsrachynnivaiit 

The HARBOKUn la Ow alMlant publication for the Harper 
CuUcge rampiu I'ommuidty, published weekly eicept 
daring holidjiv s and ftnai risins All opinions expressed are 
ttuae of the writer and not necessarily those ol the cotleae. 
Its administraCMm. faculty or student body 

The primary puqMae of the HAKBINGBR Is to Mom, 
invo,ve and cnlertatn the student body of Harper College. 
The main focus of Us content shall lie Harper relatad . 

All artlctei iubmitlcd for publication must be typed and 
douHeipaced. with a deadline of 3 p.m. Monday*, and are 
•Hllitct to adltinft. letlers-to-the-Cdltor must be signed, 

nainas win be haM upon request. Advertising copy deadline 
is I p.m 'Taiaiay pnor to Monday s publication, for 
aii««rlWi)(! ratas. call or write HAHBINGEK, William 
Rainey Hsipcr CoUme, Algonquin and Roaelle Roads. 

~ " ~ :. ia..«0«i7. mmm-mm. tax. m. 

!' JiELifcltaiiiuK 

Oclater30.1t7t THE HARBINOEII S 

Peer Counselors tackle student problems 

MlillMliaii '' Maratiaii ■ it the 
■MMit 'Imilat. ■ iKMiciil fcntor. 

m mmmkmmt itt the Haqwr 

■alMliO dnband IM Wit a |i«t- 


JtocwoMMn 'Is ivofitliMf liwAnli htf 

■■Mini* irlowv 4l«crv* Her faal 

la to h*r«mr a |itiyiisican*a 

JaeoliMii ii a* maim 

tar III* HbrWdinir. Sh« ate does 
val<int*cr »<irk al Aletlan 
Brallitra H*dl«-al Ctnlar 

kn Mijr 'MI3 

■Ml tlht 'itay H apwaiM. Rt 

••eataarir tia iMrtiivtn. tlic 

WMnaaliiri and uia 

ttady. "W* pwMt Hi* 

ONMiwUin <!■> " Ma^nahaxy ran bt 
tiiund •! tiM Student Senate «flk<e 

In bMi. A and can be ■ 


I laili af 

Sli't dlrectt ftidtnl* ta 

Tours open for students 

Harrt' IK ffianiwrlni 

Airway*. . 
by prlrate raack. Ii*ttl 
■ccvinadallsna. iMoal mania. 
. RmtiiMiM.. (MtaMi and 
MX. larliirw and' 
M bf aecaiaiwiyint. 

u J 

iMk. Afrll »a. IM 
i to the piKiiadit M i 

•tllM<ae«>nc i»«ir« <il ti 

ta mlaniMtMnal labia w ItM 
t ji a l an tngi ■■■tl In »« ay w bWit A 
an Tiaadaj li ■» not* «• ! (» m 
audi WwliiMdii '< I'nm I i tin 1 1> m 

4ii infitnmalr'MMl iiiintinic. otll tie 
' baldHew.llat ''p-m nAMI~ 

Ft* limbBr mliwiiiiiliiMi cuntiic'f 
M«. Mar^' Jt WIIHis. In AIM. ar M 
eii 4« or MS or Mr EL. 
ijMcailcr. Pin*, m rtl mtmim. 

A t«»'mlk iuur oi' til* ilMtlaii 
Met. » lel h" »*,»» »-*llia' t, 
TIM iMir wiil vr.ii: Ciinland. «ah* 
and Iralniat awl w* eaatill*. The 

iMl the mnntter of 

•IB be Ittnllcd tn «. 
mmy lee Ma. 
ar ttt falnrla 
■inltk-narM .at tllt tibanl Jlrta 
MiitiiMltanDi Mil alM ban fnw' Onrlidaii. PSl. «t III 

S$$ NEEDCASH? $$$ 



«Ml pwi laM ia jnnt off 'laiwrt ai ■ <alei|>efiiMi' ■• jKxir 

■Mi 'liiliiiif »i I m *I i t i a i i i i i « 

'"'PlPli' ""■ 


•;,:.^ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 

in lake advanlaga al UM 
Fwr CtwnacUnc lervli*. 'II la 
anvlaycd irllb |M«|ile •>«» 
aboat (be mIkmiI and lAa can 
aliaut lite Mndentt wtn attend It 

WMi fW JlpHnf W WMF 

hcipcr (Diege nrujsic rrxxtiine 





Join the 

Michigan IMountain 


Come to the 

Ski Club meeting i 

p.m. Tuesday in D231 ! 


U'Vt: SK'V 

NK.HT'W \Ti H 















lilh:i AK.S 

' ■ ■ ■ \ER 

:i 1,1. 

HHJ \ .liiEL 
KIANi l,.H.i;i\S 











The aliufe iaUai * ranMljr a tvpaaiMatlmi nf (irafrainmnR on 
WMII. tltrtr <iinlM> duan. wal refbMl the amounl of' atnime of llir 

an T«|i « ' Id ain. ' 11 pn. - Albtiii llbsii- It I pm Prnireanw 
c.i I ' • laoi ' Caar 'liitanMC/ 1 tl pn 

The abm-e 'iy«<eni o( prngrammuif it the reudt of a nurvej of itu- 
dml* tak«i h) WMCM WE fLAV WHAT Y tH WANT Tl> HEAR 

< fMg HARBINOER 0«to*w J0.1tTt 



Skateboards cause "road rash 


Kverymc' ixnl* iii<iwt . rwM"" WfU mi itty own tiinw'. I tm* (ban* 
•ritoMlvr rHnrrli uh tht- Mli)«t <■( nun*)' . I tiMikMl tnr (lir •hiii. ■'tiai. 
iiwjl ham nl mokuitt moivy fhr iriQ a wry (Uiifit* Wc n#«il iwm»|' to 
airtlm (imw ■» ■hi' >l.(yt «< (:rii#ni: rwto (or ii itklt •< Mw iir « iMink ml 
IMirli.. riw wha I* viT> iiK'iptr .>)».> I iilt-«iKl| iMiainil tllit <|«M(UMi. 
rV'el-yaitc n<w«l* miaM) . Ti>|i runilivn immI iMUMy. tim kiMptr* IWMI 
niano) . aiMi: ctrcn raileitc .Kudeitii iiitaMt iMlwr. Hw MIC l|lMlltllM. tl ilM 
ItiM . Ho* ikt «• g*! aw ■«<>■■«> '" 

if »'«i'rr ilM>' inMlaclMl IViIk. ytW'll ftrobahl)- md up wwktni! twhind x 
liwk. Uic rent of ymr lifr. On 'llir utter hanai. II you're Ute t)|M. Iliat'* Mit M 
MglM ywll iinitaiMiy cni <i|> tnrfetng tMliliMla itali, Miynar. 

TImm day* pcuiilv Nrffi'l Iwal Iwililiia for 'OrdlMry •nim*)-, tlitt •■ml' 
llMtMi iMtt'kt. If jrmi'rcMutiif'UMswiNniilir. ttKndm't l<Niktoa jnbtM'liu 
I inciiliMiNl alMiwc.. fkm't wwrrh out a job m n (nrtory cHlicr Don't cm 
l«l<itiM*|MiUllcian. What . • - ' ' :saJ(ll)inawn•lMk" 

'♦ b* 


1 'M'jk'*: '4iv 

J,4 / liaiA »i 

All iiaa ncvd Id dffl a to write a numlMir <mc BK wng It'* lielnii dune 

•very day. Even yoti. • men ntudMl. can b«rai» ■ lanM-tnitriHi, |Ki(- 
fllthy-nrh, miMi-wrtlcr. milllaian m )uM a l«* iluct 4IBi. 
relMiigii>( waann*, or «v«n alml y««ir rum Mfll actunl 
I don't iMin to he nuklnt tiw t-ha.rU anyway Instead. 
[ «« can ali niMe la Try wnlini; about ymir tint 
Utif •■> • matttiiiii. etgartltt. or tlH tuiK the copi teat lit your head, or 
IMW fow Iteat i!«i iiol im by a tnMn. 

Don't worry about the mutlr that will «« with tike aonM- llial'a not your* 

In tMnlt atmiil. Somvlndy m Holly wiml will bw!k you of with a round of 

'Hunt. da. iHun.' ' or d you vnb^i. ' ' Hsti, m, Meii. " 

Wtm 'IMi may be tMt a fktoua' riwiiiuir. iMt I IxNird that loiiM t4 ttm 
iMn. «■«■» were vrtticn while luiiilliig glua «r «Mi>Mn( 'tilt Waiitom. 
Vmt worry atMMl. rhrnunn the <nil>M •Jtlwr. It** nallgr an <wtloii, 
•nttrely up 'to ynu . Try m throw in ■ Wk 'HI ii' tmtum tmm tt kaepi' Urn 
MMMn heigtnii (or iranalattaii and inlcrprtMlona. Sai' MMliilit 
dMf ' t. Frvncit or even la Lalln. 

t* allow ywt I'lM htm (uiconi|ilica:ted the lyrM»t»» •mt «■« ta. I Kil 
atletrtpi l» »rii» a ,waf wiUiuut lli« mmi ol ii dirttonary. ttewurii*. <sr sin 
RnKlU tcratmnar Imiihoall.. One HiIhk t« keep in mind wMIc wnunx » 
mm. 11 to krf|i II 'Up te dale with 'llle eurreitt lli«iea. WM wai owe, " A 
Btryrle Biiill For Two" is now retllled wltk Ha «|H<Hlal» fimiai calM 
■• Vmi l4>w M* For My Maaeral." 

to write a wine alioul peart lit the WfMIe Eaiit., I 
alMNit ERA. With all the heat ERA ha* hecn nt«l?lii( 
alwullt" iroueail.*Mllt'liitpiUic'haimi and gel ddi 

1 1 don't 
IMnk 111. write • 


I ncvcrwBifcMiiu«eiA,MUIIiiial)-ou, Bahy. thai lalaf^ul day. 

Van laWMl m lung. alMiil Inaiiaii rNHitf , I naiad :iiila y«iar cy« ali muH 
ViMi 'iM l i UM r il la iliivlll atait vallllin and war. I niual admit, Batiy. 

Vaai dlaaimcd' the nallon'i mail .■> wlic., Baby... Balv. I loee ytwr Hf 


Mir ■MMnma toM mt that it'n not ntht. tout how atKiul ■ date tonitM "* 

I mm nrvar keen on ERA. till I taw you Baliy, that latef'ul day 

I dm't want to ko to war la tl||ht, But My y mi'll ico out with me lonlght. 

(Xi'Ilaliy. bby. it'»i!»tllntlala, don't bt anltanied I aikaij youfora dala 

Oh I iNthcve In ERA. EHA, KRA U. U. U. tJi. Iji. Iji. Im. La. 

Van Mttt4 atamt Uk oil erancli. pleaie lay yw'II ko with me ti> tnnch 

Bt la tai d a mc. jou'll go (ar. But, naon Hun. net in my 

Tmi. lagr fwi ftal tmmr- ■ 

a. hat .aacllan' II «f ERA .nri 

Oh I hetl««t in ERA. K.HA. ERA. La. Lji., L... La. U. U. 



> ^ '" 1*1^1 1 




012) 317 7212 

In l*r: mtn thai) :rfo,i 
were mjurrd while ridinf 

DkjiletiMird*. ID tht Untttid Slates 

This n.i)tMl iilui.|jrhai.i.rdlitK tn the 
fourth niMl (laiiitcrwii iport... 

TTirrr are many daiUiias and 
spi.ll« aioaf t.lir road to 
akjilvlmanlliiK «iiti|iti<ent?t 

AttiMMt everr liateboardcr hat 
iKolhK 'road ranh ' . the ipmiiil irriii 
fur Ihe taimi .rweired wMt- the 
iikiii 'MiraiHM •minst the hard 
|caiiri«tt' Tlir l«.ttn.:.> fm berwiH 

rt nerliM*, iadudiw .iirakan 
Ihines, iiilenui) .iiiJiurtM and ewni 

.''/I. rk 

■•■ ntitsr nf inan.v 
' "^ • ij y 1 1 m e » 

i>lial,*.|K,wrile|.|t will aiwot iwt of 
ilrlveways and' uit 'tfi« .ulreeta a* 
areat l« practice their 
skateboarding leiihnligjuei 
A.rcide(itt are raoied when (he 
ca.l« and ukaleiMnrdrr collide or 
wlicn the ikateboardrr mutt jump 
off the Iward to avoid an accMent 

Skatohaaniiii' areldcnt will alto 
ntcur ithen a rMer who la 
Ineiperienced atlempl< a 

,0W people cmnplicated 

manuever Many 
have tried their 

rhild't « only to find 
that Ittr trick their rhild performed 

which looked lo easy, really la not 
aU that easy 

Many pamils have broken 
llonea, at well a.i broken 
.■katet>oa.rds, in the tnteraiit ol 
leeuiit If xkatelxMirdlnf ii a aafe 
ifwrt for their ditldren. While the 
aiwrl can he sale If it .i« practiced 
e.«re.ftt.lly ander ronlroHtd 
MMtHNini, ttie ma|ority of people 
dM'l NiallM' ttie ron!m|.ueM:e* or 
'rMii'iif ■kalalna.nltnii 

Jelf .Maialhe, a tMeenlly of 
lllinoia .gkalelManler aald he 
"learmxi .tli« leiMom Uw hard wav 
[ hive the iport. but I'll only do it 
where it li nafe tve broken my left 
arm Iwice. berauae ttiat'i the way 
I always fall Now I wear pad*" 

Weannn pad* does cut down on 
iniiinet. becauae thty da prolMt 
the body Tlia]! mat between fit 
and tIM for a ramplatc Mt of 
elbow, knee and bark padi. Paddaa 
■tiorts are alao available 

Meat akateboardini; parks 
require the use of these pada in 
order to prevent wrioua injury on 
their counea Skateboardinii parks 
arc ranaidertd the laf eat place* to 
practice the lechniqiie* of 
akateboanling. Tliey conalat of 
la.rf|e nmTHe ar«na.t. with tewk. 
dipt and .tpirvb to provide a 
challefve to the ikatebanrder's 

'IMorr aCtcmpttni! one «>( theii«f 
eourata. the skaieliiiarder sh>«M 
havr pra.cticed hu basic ridtni: 
lec-hniqur in a lew dltflcult ansa 
For tlie ikatetmarder who nwit 
practice mitxide. the hcit wa'ya to 
ettnuiwtF daiwter are to uie a 
larue. (lot are» where then" will be 
Itttle traffic f'arkini! lots are an 
ideal |)lacc to practice 

The area ihauld be cho-ked for 
irrtKuliinties and broken glaia. 
atleks or other obstructiotts The 
moit important leiaon. however, 
and usually one that it learned 
early, it how to fall. Fallinn safely 
will make akatafaoardhig a mach 
man cnloyalilc ipoft. 

Display case 
now open 
to clubs 

Student Activiliei haa required 

a dMpiay eaae w.birh will be. 
avallnMa, lir reiM.rvatlon. to 

diiplaf Infotmatian and evenia 

IM are rtlaM lo pi.rtirMl*r 
eluha or orgMiliatlonx. Tlw caur 
l«. located in (he a'Od mat 
l» re»erv.ed (or a week at ■ timr 

ClulM UilereiitKl ilioultl ,. uolaci 
the Madenl Avtivltia IXfue. 



Paddtor'a Bmm n' Brat 

Earn eneellent pay. en)o* pleatant working conoiliom »nO 
(le«i|Me nouri *e are )oo*ins 'O' responntile ma.viduaii. J1 
f r§ or older to ioi n our Matt 6 vening Wittts available mm 

G^Ma rOwW mntKWt If fsMr 

PwMlar's B«*r n' Brat 





■■l,iiiltaaaaaaaaaa«a , «aaaaaaa«»«tna^... .^ll ^.tju. {* 





Mon.& Tucs. V6;30, Wetl. Thurs. Fri. V»pm. Sat. 9-5 


Jcall for apiraiiitnciit... 397-0100 

Algonquin Plaza 

833 E. Algonquin Road 
(Route 62) 

CSOSJ90N Schaumburg 



Reg S17 00 




Reg. M3.00 


$8.50 Oil $6.50 


^ 1 1 ri 1 1 n i -| I I 1 1 ■ ■ ■ t rr i I f 1 1 ini vrw » ¥i i **i»i»i>i i i k-» * i-»-, .-»p 

||,1f7l THE HARBmaEH i 


by Quia 

<Mar<rh II In Ikpril iMt* nntl'iil nM (■vartcMatd fwiirwW 
ttay otUi. hwlairt .1 <wuicrvallv<! <IM •ml • lov RTiifi)*- OMVk Ml 
rvwri'htnit Muro M-Um M II. Pay HIb. •llaiMi In alitaib •ml' malt yiwr 
ptam. i'w »r* trhilr driwttg 

lAlfKUt: i A#rU »to May W-H* li>ta«Ml awl ■mlMtMiliiit.atMMt llw 
•MarlniiiiiiiMt* tt • Kwwl' ««• c»nm amttm* pmnpf. I««i>*r m""! 
wMtatMmi. b?' (filnTtaMifiii rnrwl*. C'lrli Icnltiic} IMnnt Mm-rrarUtia 
lixnfiwr irritaluM. B<' ii|>IMusli<' 

OEIBMl ' t Majr 11 to Jlim* )«*■ V'wr «itf u more ntllMl w!.» R*m»«"f 
Mmn. lli|i|iilMi» JHI camr .imittcn Iwik iiniiiiiMiiit. SMirt tnainiii trl|M 
.■t«':|MlllMt aiMl. iiU]> lM('«mr • rwiahf |iMt of yiinr |i* in IM tiil:iirt. t.j«* 
al ynVlMitl-liii;!! iMn* cMlm 

CAHCBR: I Jiil» II III M}' tt>'- ('-"!' 
■.viakmg ans to"(»»il. tin* ymir .rr.'.'--' 
!(tr«n«r)i«iiiHtiMin«l» 11* »'■".' ■ 
Kiw ait am^aliuMlkiia iwft ;> 

Ijaj: lJlll;|Bl«A»Mt. 11.1- Wora lomi t» nravy aml«« 

KM emU bt l<r*hm i.ita of pfoMir*.. Kami twUMg^ilipniaiiil, aMl'illw II 
■n yiMl'Vt RtM. Hml ruit la. maiM* in llwiltii 

Miaa ijlUfpilll allll (ttl'- 
' -nwrtolii, mil j'l* 

'VnoO; i Aog. nutScfii^ at- Rmmm* aiMl Mwlal Ilic •r*"a«taMM and 
•pm tmM bmnmm »«r» (xiptitor Tilit the IMw M |«rlanii' » <«iil» tor a 
iaiBily ntmlMr Yon are altrartlnii aMr«iatv«. ultmulatliii |Mn|ila and 

I: (imi. tl'laOlt. W- Hair «« f 'aar (nlMRS and Mp andllMt tn 
UW' 'lala if aiilltaal. Kcap ya«(' mm aWalrs prtval*' and (tiard raur eradlt 
raUiW canfuUr Kc«|> fwm tHwnrM .poaitlan iwrfaiil. and lti««« in 
ciwaarvaitvc wa^tonlv. 

KXHinO: iOcL n la Na*. » >- All atnitnailt art |a. Miwt «il. tmm* 
tmHtlim •■>' ainM^lOT. ICm(I' ynur daalliit* ilralglittarwanl and dIrMt. 
tiam't rnM wliatcvar Uaillatiana art pTManl-iiafli iMll ■MUli Itwm 
t'Mn't ate into <i*t* mm 

SAHrtTARlUS; (Not. ■ la 'Dae. » h Cl|«MMaMliai art anaMil yna m 
ckaiiual ,r«iir tugk tBtrfj' l»«i»»il ■ cwoiiwaliw, leant allan,. Yob cam 
I oMacia and' btgm ■ mm pnttei tlial irUl Imiure olheri. I*t 

CaHIIOIMIN: IBw. n la Jan. »t- You. fwl m aad I»a« Ui yaiir III* 
'naai'. Canar ncnaiicr* and I'W ahouM lit 'happy Ml' jmr daawitle IM'. 
FarHaim tun .and kiiurc-UnW' a(:tiirit.l«t t'ouU ia lM»aai«d la talam-t out 
fiwr ffarnMCtlw Mlar. 
tuOmimai <Jm VM'rafe. in- V«ir .ntatpaUnii Is tagDiand yw. art 
. Van lum gtaal |ira«liip « cancr-lwat dant imilito 
ran. lO'. 'ranuulalt a ^IMliil Miilnaii .liudaat. Raiiili a 
■avlnil* Vfagram fuu ran. Mirk ta . 

maB:: irak. » M Mareli »> Curli a raalliig al' rtaUaMiMa .and 
.dlaiuwl four Mgft mmrtf In pmdurlw* waft. hlttM ii. am nnm tad jfou 
f eartfuNi tetorc cltancmii inba. Taka Imintiirv of yov 
( and'Wt.. Ihipn mato n««t«l C'b»n«t». iCannia* lUitisat 

Join Haiper in Guatemala 

and El Salvador 

Dec. 26 • Jan. 1 

'509 - '528 

Depost is due now! 

See Marthe Simonsen 


Huifianfttos Crsdit afJtetite 



Animal friends offer contest 

A national mm)i CMtaat. 
(nruniiK on lb» aie of awlDiail in 
rcaaarrti and rduratlim iiroitraiiiii. 
• aa aBnoufictd l>>' Allrc 
llartmilKm, prrswdetil at Frwwli of 
Animaia, tm. > FoA i ririi pmt i» 
:tZ.nai|: 'Tluir*' oill Iw thrwr iioardi 
liir senind plucv at II. W ctfb and 
■<■ a'vanlK (or IMrd fiber tn IIh 


tit tiuaition «<ir lh>t j«ar-» 

(•aniiMl la I W(i,y nlnnM thr 

C»ii«r«i«' Bid: hudim. oi t. !- 

■Ml' •dueatlofi' iiroarMn'. >)'>'>' 
iimilw Ibt ml* (it' »piiiiuiiiii iiwi 
diwrl' tlliwK lliniti tJi allema*l»» 

f|l« .'■. iimrrt at 

Phi Phi 



iMUMlin 111 tlir nu PW Oiaidar 
it nu TUcIa KanM anil be 

'llMraday al 7.JH »..■. in P«». Itr 
mmm CaWn aiili nwak on --Thr 
SItrrotyp* ot a Scholar ' 
Ratraahmcnla »lll b« iarrrf alter 
llw Utiliatlon 

MM Th<*a KipfMi l» a National 
Junior ColUgr Honorary 
rral»ni«y Tlir mambm arr (uM- 
tlnw iludenli who h»v» arWeifnd a 
.11 fradr polnl B»«rai«. I«r al 
Wmt (wo cunacnlilic iMiiiHalam. 

im o«»c«c» lor a» mi-w >«»r 

ar* «.oh»r«;::""&n*ju)' prealdenl; 
FBtnc'la Kimrli',"" vkt iinuideiil; 
CalMa Co«|*r. lacretary. Carol. 
HMrllias. tr«»«a.r»T; 'Palrkia 
Diclliiianm. rouncll of rluha 
rtprcMnlalUr; and I>ormn 
|ir*«*. at«t«:Uaaelair|imiMi- 

Ph:i Theta K»|>i>a ln*ti»la» 
im-l»d« Ih* folla»tat H«i|»r 
•«.ud«nla: Karen Adiner«». Marj' 
Ann Balla*. Varleri Braot». 
KalMwn Uorarw, tlouf Boenaow.. 
Chrla Cald.cll. Sandra 
<:a)a:nwr)lk.. Fanwla Cunnuithan. 
SIcM' Etadiam.. KUaahctlt Craial. 
Xrvin Hill, tinda Jrimaon. KOm 
Karp. Hckn Klrkls. Kalhcruw 
Kllnnrnbrre. Linda Krainar. 
Siglrtml lt.m», Cayle Kntter. 
KImor lorkoaiki. K«l>»ri 
Ijikowafel. (lavNI MurpHy. nulip 
Marrat. iamat Pyr. IJanna 
RaauiniMWni. Joyrc Raymond, 
Marrui Heich Clwry^l Baptoifla, 
Karen SanirlU Ingrid : 
Mtllmla antwn, Ann 
Clftwrali Tokari, Karl Voai. 
Chriala WrllhauM-n. Sandara 
WlUlama. and Ron ?*mk» 

tilt ctuii nioraior i» Mn. Il«rll|ni 

(liiVH \\\M IJN ( Ml It Pi 

J 'iJlL-'f' Ik,. I *W-tA J <!■ II' H Hl"'l , Ad^ill l^k. -I Hl''l 


Airliae PasseM«er 


STUDENTS LOOHtflfl »W • llWiWe tWil Or 

part time pMiiton? Umit coHtfe casli tor 
yourself foe tli« kldst tr» Miy as an Andy 
Frain Airlint Pa»»«(»(|tr Scre*ntr Hour* to tit 
your tctiadule In1eri!ttinfl, responsible 
positions avaf»«l)ie at tt»e world's I»r8«»t and 
busiest airport it's a great way to earn. . -tnd 
m* totos are Here today Salaries l»e«tn at $|./0 
per hour Apply in person 

ij 9 A.M. - 4 P.M. 

■^HWiHlla W w PWWI^HIRl •■WW* 

ll»lt» U»S«H« 
tlwawo. iHinoa 


«nc(iara.|t'm,K Anwrk'an Uailonts to 
help m Iha: drvrloppiBM. of a M« 
alhir 'lor tHe tn-atinmt of iumi- 

In annnumem* the wmleil, Ma.. 
Hurriimtim 'HiuI. 'Humans have 
Btifd .animjilii (or thrir owm 
puriNiai fur .tlwuiia:ndi of yean. 
A* «. 'nnnll. «( ttnorann and 
'iNmmiitUe itlf^iilcnMt, w* lutvr 
dwehiffit ralinr deap-««iil:fd 
itWtwIn atiini. 'inr rtlallomhtp to 
nther «piirn"» Wr h»vit erecled 
•ironit rn'HUniaal, (i(««op*»ira.l 
■'Ml Iet!»l li<irri#r» thai r«s«r*« 
rthjcal ropdillon* 'mty far 
.ooritl¥e». ■' 

' 'Tteat« 'baclmtnii ui 

iltaiMlvc," nlw eiMlnuad. "K<i» 

in'tmidugy pmvida* allemalivts 
la Uw titpMalinn al antnuli lor 
food. imalMla'la. rtiwareh and 
rwreattoM. Wa newt to rvvww Hit 
pnrallnii ayiliim ol 'hiuman ratuci 
and Mhiet .and aiKvuraitr a 
hroadaf aifeeplanra of the notion 
that ottwr fomia of lite arr rnutlad 
to ethli-al riKiildtraUon " 

itpfill(a(ian.B arravaUuUr at the 
Fr'irndl (i( ^nmal.-i Inc , 
hiiii'd«|ua'r!rri. »'r.i '• l^.-H'gina 
Raurr Frank.- nh..' re l-::«»»y 
(*iimnitltee.. Attn. -Imiw* Ma«M., 
Vice-President . Fritnd* af 
Annual*. Inc.. 11 WmM Mill .Straal, 
New York. N.,y. IMS 


oey s 

A trip into ■ rafrMliing 
nmv wofid off hair dMign 

Precision liair shaping 
Corrective hair coloring 

and perm waving. 
Complete family service 

1007 5. Arlington Heights Rd. 

'jblk.S. of Central Rd. 
Arlington Heights 


Call for appointment 




Th« catMlla dacli you'v* twaiMd lor. 

Accu Biat is exclutlwlv Onkro's tne only adiutt 
able biat m a two tveao caiwttr dttk You gel con 
lmui>u», variable bias seinnys, noi a factory 
average. Winch give* you Hat Irequcncv rewwnse, 
leaat dfsloriton and beat S/N ratio. 
Onkvo't e>clu*ive Accu Bias left you let the pre 
c<>e Wat ti«nal your casaette demands No matter 
wtiat taiselie tape you use Or wtioat Without the 
proP'tr bias sig'nai, either tne hign frequency 
becomes wealter or a pead appears in the hiQb 
trebuency signo'l 

Accu Bias in ttw TAaaoO gives you KM. aoHl on 
normal tape. )0 II. OOHl v»ilh FeCr ana CrOi 
"Mot* fapes give a SStB S'N ratio, gomg to *MII 
inrtlh Onkyo's builf in O ilby tHR system 
iioo iwa.tino ana star listening Come in »na see 
now simply (wautiful >nkyo manei It with Accu 
B>as Onkyo a step aneao ot state ol tne art 












• TNI 


Many jobs are still 
available In Illinois 

Aerwrilinl <• Ik* V.» 

IklMrtnmnt of Ukif llM« an 
many iMm ■vMlaM*' In till CHmgw 
imatntiohlan and wvrllivtal 

t-aria bandi mmk amiiMttim 
apamla tnelinl* tmall parti 
aaaaaililcri an<l prmlacllan 

Mm 'vIMi lam a Mgnlfleaiit 
Mumbtr «r apenlagi ■<> 
|iral«tatanJil. lechnteal •nii 

■miiatailBl on-apaltnna ara a« 
loUovi ■ anoHMant. CTKW'rtar 

«lMtrann technittan. indMlfttl 

»»lin«er, manaecr traina*. 
mwlia'meal 'dtallar. 

In tlirical an4 laitt 
aeeupaltiMi, iola mlK ttm IwiaM 
niambcr iil optmnii a»«: 
accomnllB* cirrli dtcliw"""* 
duplieaUiiK nadriaa 
iMMtMulal el-<ft. key- 
IMMtb aparatar. oritar clark. 
rtriptloniit. taUipirian 
harit»«r», »hlppta«-rt<:»<»tnt 
Clark, Mbcttar. itanaKranliat'. 

In ftnrtoral work i 
llic tarKMl numbrr al jab o 
■en (or rlarctrofiict imclwntt'. 
municipal icrviee labartr. 
imalntcnanc* tlertrtcian and 

art tor 
raUraad truck rapatran. 

TiM IhsIhmM payi«c ocoipatloni 
rrm|iwnU> IMcd al naorv than half 
of all jab bank laratlnn* ara tor 
baakktcptri. tniurancr 
■alaipanana and iarritu.r>*a. Tlw 
lawtit payiRi jobs wire 
diBfWWkar-partn-. mok. liHal- 

iMora tatoortr. maMnal hanllar. 
nitn* aida-onlcrly. MOirtty (uanl. 

aide tab -mm a*»Ual>la 
NoBtroai lob apvalail in 


show off 

StudanM' IMn llw dcMtai krifm 
profram will nMdil eloMwn Irani 
nm Caiual Caraar adn J. KI|Mln||» 
'Ham WidiwiilB)' in Hit IMf- A 

Thare aiin bi a pwHiaaliiiial 

•maral *m prUia w« bt «rtti« 
awai ullick incltide «lfl 

RifrMbimMt* will bt Mnr«l 
alter il»' Jaliaian ika* and » W 

HM' MiiiMla arc hnvint itiw 
laHilaii ttmm tn ordar Hi raiia 
miMtT til boy X-riiv badicci' ant 
fcnd ti»« «>ii>«> » » danlal 


S11W. McDonald Rd. 
PrMptct Hcifllits 







inm al Edmaadi b « arley rectntly viaMed Harrer Tbey i 
m Salarday St0it live, (pkalaky Randy Friltl 

Uw iact Uiat iiM> wiU 

Walk into the incredible true 
experience of Billy Hayes. 
And bring all the courage 

you can. 




mia •• • umiiw * m* «•• *» •» .««»■ «•*• tax™ «» ■n* i«b »« iiiuiii >mm »-»...»««. 0^ 

■iMi;> •eua m hmhis] 

Starts Friday, n/3, Bremen, Diana, Century, Woods, Hillside, 

Crossroads, Yorktown, Deerbrook, Bolingbrook, Cinema, 

Evergreen, Showplace, & Norridge 

Campus ministry; 

not just for Catholics 

M.1078 THE HARmNaER / 

Hm C3MMIC Qmwm MnMiy 
»r(«ii(tati«» ttn't (bm I'nr 
r» tar 

'It'* ■ mrlnl rtab." taM 

Halm. iMWMlait «( 
'II iMlfw MuttontaMcMlf 

■•••■to alM a ••?*»» di*." ilw 

■niueutar dyalrnnlty dano-a- 

mauls far Iha fMwti. On Satwiiay 
llwjr iNft la have a IwyrUic. 
aqwatv ■ilmna and Har-Mt and on 
rndar Chere vill ta* • Taolaic RoU 
Driw In hmmtH llMr rhildnn at tlir 
Miaaru-ordia Honic f<ir ttat 

Th« rlub Mda lis mcatlngi 
avaiT ndwr Tinaatay In AM. 
Ani'lMdi' ti wc'lcamt (a 'Cmna and 
lain m aar tlmt. Aflar 

Umt aiiMlUy fs dill far 

Ttan an pnainlty W or II 
w m i l in n In Ilia dali inchidlnR- 

Vicv PptaMStnl' Ray SctaMfcaa: 
Graham and 
Sfliaatgta. Tha 
isMi la tMitiallT ran by SMan 
PUgy Hvannan and JiiUt riyim. It 
•M dMn*t liww llwy awn nan It 
i W il d bt lia:rd to tell IweaiuM Uicy 
dMai and I<mIi like the reM of us. 
■■•Way are raiUy friendly." Haloi 
aaM. '"Dity talle an Warnat in 

.■nya 'lllr name ml (he <:lul> 

—llini i l aenrta pmpit ••■y. 
'^Jl^ "JlMI. iMCaiae It'* a reUimua clab 

_ , , iMtonlB dini'i »«ml to join- We're 
""""' Oi«ii«l nalUM My milera or anything." 

Halp WanlMl 

Citticidlan - vH-kendk, male, 
nitntmani' wage Call Mr* 

.IMtnci lidi* - n. 01. jdiin 3 
wiiiiraffi lan-tnn 

II Ml. 

M«»efcee|M'fig and La'tiMtry. 
^rt. Unw'. Ptimi Cnvc Nu 

IFH'* vanlad.: Day uMlft 'M" m 
p m «ilh aoHM knoirledte ol 
.M^ervtatHi. and mariiealiwnii 
IM. Pain*. Pluin 

Waltreaae*. days or mglWi V* 
fldd' Tn*ne Inn. Ml Crociwet. 
Mi-WW. Palatine. HH-lna, 

aiintntiMn -l hirart 
puraaB^'i. PirafwaHnaHir a waafe. 
ataltolUDty whleh tncMa* 
•■aftanda Fay traiaing No 
anparlaiKw neMaiary Apply tn 

SW North Mllwaiibe* Aee 

Worldwide tra««l !i«iin.nMe' Jab 
ir career Send CI..W (or 
HtaMHiaii. llurMl.. Daft, r 

II Wanted Male or 

tmnmt* In deliver nrwipapam 
pa:rt-t)tiia. earty nomini. wifll 
awn ear. Han«««r Part MM. 
CmB lit JnHnialhHi IV74ttTI 

Addraaaara Wamlad iaiite- 
dta.t«ly! Wark at liama ..- nit 

•■WCTienca nacn»ary 
annllaiil my Wrtle Ameriain 
Sarvlta. mi Parli, Suite 


Hali|) Hamad.; Parl'dnw irark. 
hMtr* mil dayt la lull ywir 
fflnuli I'-'H iliyt aif vaik. ti..ll 
•H'liNf, riH Bmm .it in mrr. 



Peddler'i Reer a" Bral it 
■iweltint im train • jjeriMii far !»•■ 
ina.i»|«r'a puttMn at aur 
ttnwll'ield Mail .tacatmn We are 
* rnpidly exfianding chain iif 
Ca*l loud reataurantit which la 
Wtini lar iadividuali who are 
aMa la .advance inici hiKher 
inaitMs m we (nm 

If you have ndrainutratiV'e 
ca^ctly. unlinilcd amtiiUM 
and a •ililngneaa to learn, yau 
awe II In youncif tn gel the 
details on this oulalandian 
nptarlunity We offer cxcallant 
lay unii all comwiny hanafUa. 
Call John Kolltr at »MBI 

For Sale 

ItT!) Chevy M Van ruslom 

intenur SSa. i-bar p/t, pib, 
baavy'-dHy ahadha and ballary 

l^vy m* Vaga. 
cwxntian.. m nut mjm ml., it 

MM. MM 'PI can SMM 

Itn Yamaha ILS TW-'IO wm 
Mln Bt cond tlTSO Call Bob 
ai mmmm 
"11 Ply mouth Crwhat. '«i|mI. 

In* mM. MM. Can 'Mmey m 
mmmutt. in.M»Bi 

■I, m— Mw. Miaeli. 

.AH/ni, « i|MI.. bady .niM 

Call: W4M alter 7:11' 

p m 

Oa4|« Cuatom. Sportiman 
Maitwagnn Van-caniwr. tin. 
MA C'li. in . a<l. mew rubtier 
TKC factory camper cnnytr- 
• iMii with pnp-tuD. M hoi. Nik 
1 water a ■■!. i ■Mve. elaict, 
dinciia^'toad' snd: .1 biidiiii pufti- 
poltir.'itiff«'.«iiaMi». 4 
tpaakers. e.aeeUe«t cmMHIMM, 
mutt tell Mew waiiltf cnat 
tii.Mi, AahMNt nam. mt-mt 


• U Pornl. Palatine 
E'xmUcnt hKsllMi W nchoott., 
•*«ppin». jerv'icei 1 hedrnom 
• 1 Indmm tn«lHnl'tw:w 
.nient I'bm. m bookahelvw. 
•Inraiia. ehaata in .haaiHieaii 
B.i:tra large 3'> car p«w ' ^ 
fUtors under 
, wa*h-ilry , ilixh- 
doubie oven 

ranfr. 1 window a/c. kMdMn 



OMf loi wlHi larfe Iraat and 
prieaia hwh yard Call m-iim 
:ltr.a||lt.|MJW Mualnell 

rullats Suprcin.e 7.1 *..'t. a.c 
p.i''h. p.'»., am-f'm. rear window»MWBarfa 

lOT Camaro LT SUirer wtlh 
Uacfe ttrlpaa. black cloth inter 

liir. air CMdillaning. bH wheel. 
|»war wUMlawt, UMfd glaat. 
AM./nf Haeaa/caai.. .ll.mi> 
•'l.tMKMM .|mii.«ii|ld. (new 
clinch I iww ihocks MuBl lec. I 
III a kind i:*!! Bob ai «»-»7l. 

I«n Kavaaaki Ml l-ttrokc i 
cyl. BactmnM! tinition i«,MI 

miilaanlMiliapttsn. Call Mike 

Smith Cariwa typcwritar-Mt, 
eietlleni condition Thrae- 
wtic«l handicap Schwtnn bike 
•in, ciceUenl i-ondillian Call 
•nytiin* after Spm av-lM* 

Rnow* to ml lltn a monlb. 

Blk Cmve area 

Call mr. 

Schromer 7-» p...m 



:i|ao«. lor rvnl tactMlaa 

'W a weak «».*iii» 

.UM'T - Ui4las omega wrisl 
watch wbitc gold 
wi'ih W«ek nyta hand. Plenw 
call Anne. Harper XIII. or 


Legal Aid 


CaHHiaiyail 'OUimaflc 1* ncngnitnl as valid in t number uf sutet 
itatda vllkll duty vaMty a( a common-law marriaKr recoftnuc the 
vaNrilly of weh a marrlaga canlfactid in another ttale where it la valid.. 
IMwided other reqiwrmiHiila are mat aa <akplaliiad in tiM foliowint Q. and 

0. Ii a eaminm-lav marriage legal In Montana? We ate boUi M, 
InciiMrly ranawaya fnia our home in Pciwaylvania. We met in Graat 
PaUa, Mont. , vhara we new hm t a g atl i a r wiUMot a mnrrlaga Ucama and 
a earamony. We Mh agtaad la be nwrrM. On oar )ab i 
wrote we wore inarrlad. and our minlalar fcaowi we live l 
bniband and wife. 

A MantanH law i Code Sec 1g-l 14^ III Mont. MCI recogntee* romnxin- 
law mamaKC as vxlld if It 1* rreatiHl by an agrcemenl in prp*enl-nt>w. nnl 
in the f uturp-tir the parttM and oonaummaled by cohnbitatiun followed by 
a iKdilinR <>ul to the public, uymididan yourenipl»ymcntappUeatia«. 

Camni«m-laia marruKc ii rK-ngntied at valid in Pennsylvania 

Q. Ii a life eatalc owner of taal proparty required to pay proparty 
ance? Or do taoae who take ovnr alter Iha ma owner diaa have to pay 
Um inauraiK* We live in California. 

A Thrluw Am. Jur 2d fUf. lifcEitatetScc Metaeqiaayihaldarol 
a life vdatr rreotnl by deed or a will or by itatute hat ( 
Ihe real properly may leaae or rent it In another (or the lite of Ibe a 

SiM^h owner during hu life ts required l«i pay the insurance coverage . 

Q. My huaband died wllhout a will. He left ma with three cMldrea by Ml 
two by my tint marriage and two by oar 

Mow wltl hia titate be divided? Ha laaiaa a i 
hi biiaineai We live in (IWahoma. 

A The law ilkt Slal Sec MS) tay* tbe cbddrtn of the half-Moad. 
yiwni and bit, by your reapecCivc mamaitet and Ihe two fuU'btaod 
children by your tecond marriage wdl ibare equally In the net, lwa4Wrda 

To yan, the iwvMnt tpouae. wMi two ctaUdren of lb* praaanl 
mnrrlago. will neelve one-third of hit nel estate (Okl. Stat. Sac. M-IMt. 

Q. Mr aunt died with many tavlngt certif icalei and laid ma Uiat m hir 
will I wooM gat about one-third of their worth. She ihawad nt a 
baadwrlllan wiD wtlh jiiat her lignature Now I am told that tbe Alabama 
law wbare wi live aaya auch willt are not legal. Pleaae check the law for 
MM. I laal Malted warfe and can't anord a lawyer. 

A. Becauie Alabama Cwfe Src. tJ-l-JOi requirct that willt be 
wUnetted. yoar annl't will would not be valid The etiale wtiuld paai to 
her immedlated kin at the utatute of Descent and Dolrihutioa preacrlbaa. 
■I Code* let- . 'M-a. 1-3 1. .( Campus 'Digeit Newt Service i . 

WaitresssSf bus boys* 
hoftotsit and cooks 

Aunt Millio'S *• now hlrlna 

pwifil* or wfN train. Ex- 

'C aW an t pay for rHiht paraona. 

C0'll iMRmMIIII 

or apply 

Arlington Hgts., ill. 

~"' ''8rl0VAMHM% ^TFatlUtUt^ttwHtk JBRMIMiMIUHldNil^ 


Tliurs., Nov. ♦ 1:00 p.m. 

Sat., Nov. 11 8:00p.m. 

Sun., Nov. 12 2:30p.m. 

Fri.rNov. 17 0:00 p.m. 

Sat., Nov. 18. 8:00 p.m. 

Son., Nov. 1» 2:30 p.m. 

TV Studio, Building F 

Tickets: ta.SO Public 
Tk 11.00 Sludents/Staff 

)^ Tichen«vaiiabl«in Student Activities Oitice 


• THEMAMIMOeil OMt*wSK.ttlt 

Women's tenniscaptures title 

t*»> »r* tkr RfftM IV. 

Golf team 
takes 1 St 

AHm mUmtitf. m tmmti plum 
■MM d tlw wuMw Mt HariMr iM 
I la taf ' tnc «l UM 

F lo mm. ttm m: iwiMim 

.J«»l« aal DuPaip IM iir nm 
Im Um tM«M» cmraiMtWm N4C »M| 
*<1««Hk»» au-liMi twurilt' d' IWI, 
•M Ho Hairtb tltlM «. Mr 

• W. 
iwwi In «««riill 
"Wt Mn'l pla;,r anil early m Hit 

Jftiif , aad I Mlcvc uMl tKMlilMnal: 
•wrfc ■• aimiM im,, ,« m 

mmtkttlmnm mm 

Hariivr »•• m«| «■,« m,. 

*••»■ •SMliig all-canfarfiM* 
t mmu iml4m t^tatm 

-Our ffltlwr $la$wm sm* J«lf 
CThnintarhiiii itllai •■• pttgiMl .bj' 
McMtManor ■« ,»«r. ami Tlini 
^•iaitmitolt KtM mm m ■nmaia imt- 
(«iciii*r. aii«i Vm wiil* Iuidi><» witli. 
I«i» mmk*f i>ta.f . " MM BwliwM^ 

In III* JniiH tB«iMMniil: lit*' 
tmm tmmt m lmt„ iMr hm IWi* 
•II tmmm mm fipktimm •ml I'linJ 
ii>i**n« tni|*j' 'hmmn. taidiliif; 
mil aud M rMpFTtiMl): Ttketatm 
lUtkcit Ml al Ika rirmi ttttPf 
tnfil* ■Ml iMaMlWiiBl DwflU*. 

So^ .SlNatman (Hi wt In d»-. 
fewl |J|« iHial* ITMB. WMt Maiii 

li«ltt«*l wMi -teiii, m MlniMl)' 

«» •>< !!»•• l<i|> iwllin in ll» utai* 
iMi j»»r, wMl iMt iMt rwht nwuuil 

■lUialt to »M. iM uiiliMiMaW)' 
lUatalaw mn't mn it. 

Tl* mum turn mm. yma *imM 
*m very iitnn« •■ iicf t Wim4 wlw 
Itocli**! latlk •« MitaMy He mm 
i>f th» top iioMm km tlw ital# i>m« 
jr»r, AlM rftareiBd *« *ltk» 
SuliMwfe. Tim K*ltan|. hkI j,» 
•»«*«»*l. ■"■nm cwuilM Mill tlir 
■irwilli. .rf lli» a„if tMinit • III* 
■ma • a'lHirc « »n> iHiiiiiif to|M*ii. 
■IP • Urn ntim*. mmM agHn 
amkM m wr>' unimii m omtlmmie* 
pla»/"ianl:~ ' '"'■ 

Krueger-Frick win 


Tlw mmm'i Icnnit luain ntaail 
OM an alniMK perfn-t Maami at 
IHtf m til* Kegi«i tV KcKimal 
TaurnaiiiMinl lo rUitin Uir lUliuiii 
luninr rnilait minm's tennii litlc. 
and head nmch UtrUm Lym Bait 
" "'(jiairlifflfllMfyear," 
llw Icsm wai Ui* 
■ ttmi of Km KnicKw 
and ilMair? ' BWi rnc* » Itwy addtd 
anmlur dnilifaa rtempKmAip to 
I li • Ir many I 1 1 1 of 
The t4tani «rti aim Uto N4C 
e»nf«rtnc* cHaapianii. 
dcvaatatifiR rttry opponinl on t(a 
wac to an ■ind*fcat«<i mnfentnce 
rtKotA. Til* i*am lufEered Its swuy 
toil lo nun-coitfcrcnM 

Til* Wain ed4|cd a clAacly 
iNinched fi«ld an Haipvr cam* out 
an Mp Willi Dpven point* Mloircd 
■Ur Btllcvlllc. who had sii». 

The team advanra to th* 
National Toununnent brin«| Md 
Uiii jr*ar in Waco, T*iia» Th* war 
Uia wometii tcnnta l*ani haa been 
playlfi* the Hawks otHNild fiKMli 
lugli In th* nallonal Mawllnaa, aa 
alie Um douMcs Umm of rrirk and 

Thr aquad cloieil out Ike rattular 
Maxm by detealtng rritoB 7-1 lo 
tak* Ml* paaacMiMi al th* N4C 

The team baa had one of tbe moal 
•«ie«»arfBl Maaom (or any Harper 
apoct and witt many freahnian 
returmns;, iMrrtnii any unfoneen 
prnbienu. Die team a«alii be a Inp 

Cross country 
prepares for N4C 


"Well dm our beat, and «« allar 
Wright who 10 far taai lo be lb* 
laaoi lo beat, ' luid cruaa coiHitiT 
coach Bob Hialan at lb* Hawks (» 

am la 'defend their N4C confcrmne 

CMe rui. 

pa* OB a eantoMfa 
Jair Hr'ydfaa. Mm 
m ljia«aitr. Tm 
md Jo* Ritca aa 
Hariiw haa won lb* n*C two out ol 
Ihre* yca<ra. 

"WrigM ia the defkille fatarile. 
hut If ■» can get our fooitk and 
Mb men. Hammomn and KittM, 
l« ninop will) Ueueier w* could 
cat pail Trilon for iccond place." 
Mid Nalan 

The lean ran the ItaPag* 
Invllalwmal laal weekend and 
really liid not far* loo men. aa the 
Itnnlational had loaic <>« Ihe lop 

Th* winner waa a 

from North Carolina, with WrtgM. 
Ihe favorite. In th* NIC piaciiig tai 
Ihc lop five 

Individually Ibe tmi briifhl apola 
fof the Hawks were Jeff Brydgca 
riniahlne M aal o< IW runners and 
Jim Unrasler cwninit in «. 

"Jeff could definitely flniih In 
Ihe lop ten or fifteen, if he run* a 
K<nd race." said Nolan on Brydgca 
making all conference in Ihe 
upcoming meet this Friday, 

The team flnuhca out a rather 
diiappointing seaiwi rnnparad to 
Harper teams of the pait. but with 
five out irf seven runners returning 
n*it season to build a solid baae. 
Ihe team should l» ready to bring 
back plenty of hardware lor Ihc 



<• W. •«s*a A»«. I It s. I 

'\t klack w. M «. t) I •.! Block t al 

>i Sloclc M. al Rt H I l>alalhi* Head 




IW^^BB a^R 


I tvervTucs.f p.m. till? 
* 1/3 price drinks 

everyday with 

i-unch Purchase 

Free popcorn 

Friilays/ Sundays 


Cnildren «Sc 

Home made 

"New Bite Sue" 
Cnrldrcnll a 



Live Action Pinballs I 

the »oin«v Horp«r CotWgit, Ali|o»K)ij>n ond Ro*ellellDodi, Palohne lll«nDu 60067 312 397 3000 

V0L.t2A HO. 10 

NowmbefS. 1978 

Food Service institutes /i/7ce 

nwlMr. Vlc« rrnUrm rf lM<mt jHfalfi 
t nmtm Iw Uit prkt Mm is U» e»l»l«»to 

r«Mn •! * hrntt mtMhtg. Or I'lwlirr uU 

•I Iht »fkt» •« •« »f ("*■«•• 

t IkM kav* 

StuijCTiti ftiMV iKit.ii'» a Im-k <if 
vtuiRBr i:-iri,'iiljit)n«; m .tlwir piifkrn 
Hi Ihif focKi pncTS K<» i<|> in Uw 
Harper cii(iflrri;» (•«! dlnlitu room. 
TIl*i i,nfT«». wKich ta'CMiii!* 
•Itetiwir trulay, mm »umiuiif«l 
lalt w'ttk h> Vict Pnaidrnt ttl 
S«u«li?nt i\ft«ir* Dr. tJiierU 

Thi» pr'ie* (i»« ret>"'»'"'"l» '•* 
first im-raawiii ni0it mmiltui himI • 
mntinotnK rttrnt to hnp Itoriwr 
flii»nrlall!r liable TUt IomI 
iurr¥U<« liuditiFt has twM plaKucd 
writh trouble* and the price 
swrllinf Is an attempt tu put an em) 
to thr ini.!M iWleil In the DudRM 

■'Tlw average pri« mcreai* In 
the cafeteria i» between (lve-l« 
centa and the tax buflM tn liw 
liininj! rwifn will increaae by IS 
tents Not all the lirt«!«» wtll 
im-reaae. )itit the tl*roi which ha»e 
in(T»ai»«t .in tt» iiii«afcle inaHwI.," 
FiK**r mid- 

Th« defeat tl tht laa liwrtMt 
referendum SepI If !!•• 
noceMillatrt serwras bu«lit«« eim to 
keep the bu<l«et balanced C«lleg« 
offtcwls are «reitltn« witfc 
tMt.wm «Ucb ncvds tii be 
frwn Um current budget. 
reducHooa. in Ibe neinhbodioii* aT 
IMKi.hM, may he nMaatair ■■ *>■• 
boiinl pr«i>«it fur lb* xvmm 

A third political party to start? 


DETKOIT. Ml He|»r«i«i*itl»«i 
of M'«r IM labor, caminunttii aiid 
pnlitli-al arfamtaliona h»»e 
•Kreed ta eilabtuilt • -cwibWMm. et 
roaUtMW" b» mi<*-N«enib«r to 
i„'<»nter organtred ritht^winn 
^fiivltj, and tn preaiure 
Demwmtr F»«S' *» <«* 

m rafiraMnlatiMa #f 
raiiltiig tram lite 

..,, MMl U««a Ganaeirt. 

mmtmn Untan l» Om Stcrra Ovb 
have aullwrltett ttnitcd Aula 
WiifkOTi Unimn peisakleii* linuiilaa 
rraaei tn act up' two riwinMaaiMi 
141 wort m* details of t>» ne» 
cMWlon. The caiiiiiiWHiKJna afe 
npMM t» »»*«. i» i«j*«ii«i»iiH»r 
■Mtf lilt oWidat aniKnieaiilnil «l 
Iha HToup'* (nrmatlnn and nain* 
«lll he mad* (hen 

The OMlitwn was axreed on last 
rnnralh al a rittrott nwelimi! calW 
i>y Fraa«r who tatd ia hlj 
muttatlM, "'Thi! time' has «in«., , 
:tm a vtKWoua cMHitaraltach 

m^mm ma r«gl«(-vta| Mrporal* 
tanm and' ma paliucal Dntaw 


da.t coMlefeiMii tncluiW »l labor 
unlona, aitd «>*«■ TO uroupa arttve 
m »u(* d*»»Tia' •mea »• cIMl 
ri((bt», •ainen'a rigbla. 
onvirMtineiital Itauea, social 
actHwi. comumer rithla, heallli 
rare, bousinii. but rrfann, artan 
problems, econoinici. senior 
cltl«<n»" rW'hls, emeruf reform. 
RtaalM'. n«lils nC soall famwra. 
and proterttoa for Ibe 

•laa attoadad. lnela<ll«g the 
American Pederaltan 4if Tcadiani. 

National EducaUai AaaaetatMMit 
American Aiioclatlon of 

UMversHi' f^nrtaaan. and Uie 
newly -farmed United Statei 

.Student Assmatian-tbe fMull of 
the mericer between the National 
iitudent Asawi-iatiMi and the 
Nalioiial SItudciM I jibby . 

'me cnatitlon'i two pnorWiaa will 

be '"an aflorl to devdiit and' pmiiim 
I la Iht aaclal aad 

ewmmnUr neada altlit ptapte." and. 
' aa ellarl to imp^o** the 
raaetlaaiag ol the American 
pmlKical ifilaiii and our political 


Im naWy. »» aaomd pdarlty 'is 
an attempt to prrsatire the 
tle'Biot-rati'C Party -The atraleuy 
we prop«i»e." laid 'fVaier, "'alms 
to mafce ttw l»eim«.T»tir Part), m 
fact what in pnncipte it has 
praelaUiMMl itaelf to te slim the 
Haw I!ieal-« proRraialve partj' 
BiniMbni! atainat the rvactkman 
capitalist mono' power ol the 
llafMiDlteaw to tranaf arm America 
Ma a fair and dacsnt •ociatjr . " 

ta acveral eaaes, notably lalw 
'law retom and Uie enarny bill. 
defeat came at thC' haoda af a well- 
arRanUtad and well-ftnaneed d|{hl- 
wlns tobbyinii drive that reached 
of the Conitresaioiial 
led. Ttaia 
In Oemocrallc Party 
tad many conference 
l« luiuesl that the 
I I>*rty was, as 
Indian Movement 
lit B.. "a 

aiala, cMlerae* 


The coalition's first taritet is 
likely to be the tJemocratic Party's 
Mid-term C<»vcntwn in llecember 
where policy and platform will be 

delialed Accurdiim to Praser. tile 

new aUiantT will demand Ihat tile 
President and Demucratlc 

members af Coniiress keep party 
plattonn coramlltments, support a 
move to aboltsli tbe Conuwaalonal 
ftlibuater, and sal ap a party 
rafortn laak tatee im create "a 
ttnmer. niare accoiinulil*. mam 
ideobiRlcal party. ' 

•Power reniainf with America's 
elite and not with its people." 
Praaer ctoamed Time and aiain 
in recent months wr have «een that 
power eterciaed aeaiJisl workers. 
Ilw p«Mr. mUioritias atid woman, 
younii and old. and even tbe middle 
class In our raunlry America 
loday funcUon* by a set i|( t)§m 
virtually giui,rante«d to rcauU ta a 
now too familiar oulcome-tht 
-haves " take more, and "havt- 
not*" Mel leas Those riiks aiitf 
ctaamte and wt miiM devalop a 
alfatecy to change them." 

Five committees have been 
developed to study feasible 

iillprnattves to towerlni Uie coat of 
operoting the college. Specific 
eommTlte«w tncliide enerity and 
'maintenance, continuing ed'uc- 
alton. adverlisinft and college 
publications, the lecttnd campus 
site and the extenston buildings, 
such m Willow Park rcnUT.. where 
addl'tioMi daaaes are held 

"The eaiteM aran In cut It 
advertising and collage pitl»- 
ticaliona. but if this it cat yan 
may loae students and Oial maam 
revenue This is an area I'm 
partuularly interested In," Harper 
pmsaidenl Jamas McGratb said. 

Another recent cutback al the 
colleKe is profesaional travel. 
Virtually all travel etpcnaes 
accrued by fscidly members and 
adminlilrators, customarily 
picked up by the ooUtfc, ha«« haan 

"All travel espcnsc* m«l anir 
be approved in advance. The «nl|r 
eipenses the college will handle la 
that which Is absolutely necessary, 
Imtances where the mllegc has la 
be npresented What Uiit does la 
cut out travel eapenaas tar 
prufeisionsi development." 
McGratti lald 

The faculty senate and board 
members have become involved in 
the battle with the budget by 
•ubmlUing plans lor poaalMc 
budget cuts. One mgRcMlan board 
numibers have introdiiead Is a 
closar look al telephone usage and 
poaalble coat reductien in this area. 

The Vice President of Academic 
Affairs. Dr l>avtd WlUianis. la 
currently iitveiligattng tees 

Harper charges to studants. audi 
ai library fines and application 

fees, to see if coat increa.Bes are 
warranted "These faca may go up 
if ttiey're not In line and that's 
what Dr. Williams Is checking 
into. "McC rath said 

The sale of the second campaa 
site, a in-acre streti-h of land 
teatad at Shoenbeck and Palatine 
mads, is also under constmctloa. 
The land was aquired by Uupcr In 
IWS for R 1 millMMi. after voters 
approved a bond sale. 

By law the income we would 
receive from the sale of the aecond 
site could only be aaed to build 
t>uildin«s We would have to hold 
another referendum to gel the 
voter* approval to use the money 
lor soroelliing other thaa 
conatmeting buildinga," McGralh 

recommendations concamlng Ult 
ailing budget are eapertcd to be 
announced al the Nov f Board id 
Troateei meeting. 




tudent vote 


•....•I !••. .!..«.•• rtiat time linHCI'MV tlH IMMnl 

Well, rt ataw** «1»* '""*■ „-«iii:ta.,fc-di.|««ii 
flMtimia win «(t held wmI vnryom wll l».MI»ffl.i» I" 

Ji^flSr percent «« Ute peopto will vot« m loc.1 
Sioos in the pretldential elections » twuher percentage 

!rSpr« will be expected, approximately 6Mfi ptttmat 
t S^lSiXm ^e. T Jpr«Wential electi— «t «». 

'iSl'SXrrJe^lSW .fd when r..dl««: «P « 
t JtSrt^l l«r«cinct r««r*i a steady d«- •"««»*« 

olfk-e in the Unitwl amm can only draw at the miMt. «i» 
percent of the people. It iattoe to do something. 

The fir.,1 step should be t« encourage P«Pl« '.» ^,'^*. " 
everyone reallTes that their vote does count, and that whM 
S^yTve to say reaUy d,»«y »«y erence U^^ywO^ 
w^e inclmed to ,«rticl|i«l«.Jf P«pit «^^ '""^'^ ™^'^ 
tfnir id«M and opiniowi. rather than being shoved a»«e 
£SJr the* »« either not rich enough or not pop«d«r 
Sir lo13l«e«e others, the, mmU he more .ct..« m 

"^'*™n«iplain about Rowmment *o«ld be 
tJSwiy e«o^ragid to get Involved If they only realixed 
SSTtSw .« many facets and channels that are open to 
IhL to change the flaw* in our system, many of the 
2S-lx3 he .olved by now. There are many acti«t 
SwoTthat are constantly looking for interested. 
SSJl«pk mtm art willing to spend •«»•"'««; 

!r^ bowmM. Of mm vmrnM to «■«« !•»• mA 

vwy imo^mH In timnmmL AmMm way m suupiy »«• 

-J. It In set the public infonwul. Onct pM0* '<■'» 

T — I KaLig involved, it's vital 'm* *V 'fctw ■»•■ 

JSl^iKtes. and propoMila m they «i» wW 
uSiMitly Much information Is at hand for those who 

wtUlwkitup but for the peraon who '<• '>>.«"'— »..':* *"*.^ 
go iMt of his way to becw JBt^n^ ; ^^SfS^^ 

iL.M».« man .avaUable . If all imWte pl««» Mm . IlBranes. 
SSS^city or local mmmmm biiWings were 

^Z^^ Ili vnh leaflets. Om*.. mi iMim>OT»ef more 

-v back to 'lit days o* §!••* p*lilK«* mwresi- u 

, 'tMf lit « •«(■ iii#t »» • "«"« r;: izTiii 

wMh ivlw to laing *» wmmrn 'ttwni. and under what laws 
thev nHtoiiMnMA- Kwi'lliiy cM^ailw rMlU 
don t Ittvt' t» weniil wnfylWnC tlMt^ la #*«> tw 
.do h«*e « aay . a powtrW out- 
Ultw« to Editor 

Advisor commends staff 

naliw Hint «lfl»<im«»« iiii<l«fr«Ui(l«0 

I J'iiii tinwrUn •ml: 


Are you satisfied 
witii Harpers 
career pragram? 



lirat twain •rnwiiti*. 


One intelligent 

responsible person 

to fill 

news editor position 

Contact SUE room A-367 

-Ptnlit Ht- 

rytt.llMiaf p»»fr.inl. 
•til »•* 1»« 

m HMn Mi. «( 


OMtfStCOfilfllffflS — 

eofifinii If norfglnal 

cwmiHtcnl. human*. ««"t») 

t bf • H»n»€r C»n*i|» 

IMC* «l<i«iB» their tnniiiii 
t»fvk-««'" *i«i. turn ^enmlfw 
mtiii* like J#»«t r«ltr«iiii'» 
.■MMIt «i Jin* rmi* m tut 

jf rwtlrat »rttrkm, €•!*»•»■. 
rallMr llMiiii (rum i»w««»l 

KotuilHW Banck.n.t>..t 

ttMm: SmOmrw 

raaumbttor: JwuiPalanMM 
SporU Editor JncKuMk 
I'Imto Editor Mllt*W«i«te« 
CaMMMiM: sieve ll«*sl 
Biwliitwiilaiiaier: Ttrri 

Sl«H Cindy C»r»v«Uo. Jim 
Btirehard. Jod) S«iind«», «■* 
Frtier. Brad €••» Randy FriU 
DI»lri)>«llon Editor Cindj CifflWill" 
Adviior D«niUiyPi»OTa»« 

Jhr HAimmorat ti «i* smdnH |i«ili«t««*iMi *«» "* ^"9** 
CaUmf cwni"** fomni unity. puWiahed w«My eiwpl 
Juring holiday* and final cxanw All optalnn* •■«>r»^ •" 
tljoie rf t»» writer and not neceaaarily tl«<M* of ll» raiilt(«. 
Hm adnuiuitratioii. tat-ulty or itml*nl hody^ 

The prinuMT prnpam of D>« HARBINGER if to Inform, 
tnvolv* and witertam Ui« *i«d*«i« Ix* << Harjwr CaUaff 
Tlif main fonii of ila nwtort ihall tia Harper retolBd. 

All «tk:l«» iulwilttwl for nubteatem must be typed and 
douMr ip»«».irttli»da«l»li>*ii(»l>-«»- Mondays, and are 
sitbiaM to edltin* I*tU!r»4o-th*-Editor muat b* BUSned. 
nanui* mU be held upon request AdverUiin* copy deadline 
li J p m TiMter prior to Monday « puWleaUan For 
advcrlMiK ratal. t»U or write HARBINGEM, WUUain 
Rauwr BMtptr CoUeg*. Al^onqiiiB and Raaalle Roadi.»mm-mm.ti*t.m. 

N«Mmb«r t. ftrt THE MAWttWOtW >-»« 


Om (■•tarae<nran«t. 

Workshop Center open 300 grants 

_ . _ _. ai. . 1MM 

Til* Wmam'* Prwir»rai >» 
altttim m •IM»» niitlulwp 
enlHIvd. -Mollitri mmi 
rteugMm "Hm.t ttma » •-» •■ * 

pvni. tn »«■ Bwant Hani*. 
TMlMi' to m.m mA 

mi AmHllitcr. 
innter. wtil 
am ■rnnlnw «IMi «ttl ciamin* 
KM. nWlMilU*' UiroMb <«•■ 

To •Tirffltl. e»» c»ll»l« 

Adniiaitmto. •H tM. CIWM «•"•• «* 
a ta« laa<nllal*'al •■•■ W' 

SIU talk 

A aofrracmi nxmon vm 


Dw •wJ M«nt Watam iMD bt ii> 
cannct. • p m FrUUiy. Mew. IT ki 

y<«r jclmtoralilfi. •"'^h ■* '«• 
tll.«lia Tht iiwjonly of ««• 
KtMlarahip* •«! bt a»»r«le<l V> 
■ImltfiU mmi«rtm «n math. 
elMHiiilr)'. pliytk-a or coKtiwcrtni.. 

atadanU not liavt completed 
■WW cowat In plijnict and one jrcar 
01 cakruliii ami haw an overall 
G P A «l C * iirlwtter W be eHlHito 

Naval ROTC tdiolanlllpa *a]r 
tali tuitmi iMMtk* and tcaa. ploa a 
livlnt allovance al im a mmiUi 
•nwj> ran «» iia«l al over id leadm* 
nlleite* awl uiilvctiitiea ui Um 
Umt«J Stale* 

ror riiillMr inlamiatMii. call Dr 
rreit A. Vatovil al «M- lit' 


Tl» Harper apMclilaaai li a« aa* I 
aaa.acMt*H«»ann«fc««a"rtf>__^ . .. .„._^ a.... n^^^. 

.Ity OeTll aad U WkMrt *m mt>—mm CW> Cara.eOa aad Jtaa 

!>■*«■• I pktare* abate 't»EBl«Ttatain«lSp»«Wai. 

Tea. i-e-b.". "-er Ibe dtreciaa .1 coacb Macia IMnwU. wM Iraial 



CNlHn CMvpelliw were. Jae 
Aalla Scbatter aad Marilya Hat*. 

ft4 In the 
Ml. A. 

Mf«t NMan. A-MT. •*!. HI- 

Evangelist S 

tte OMMM tUOmt DMan hi 
MVMnUaf Jia Oib>«a. ■• 

iHlrall— e<ni«alM- Giia<*> ■* 
bt al RHvar mi Nnv^ II. II '■"' » 
tramt pj*. to t-.m mtwmAML 
^WiloM ta ovan la all 

■araay-a vifl be aeallabia Iba 
tmak of Nov. I ttanMik Paar 
Cavnaalora. Tliair ara alao 

ln.lli*fniHtMl9ilbUt. A. 

'^^ Scholarship "• "•"'" 

The 11.5 ilfwm fchiila.rablp ia 
availabte far tiatUnn and fmm al 
'Harper Oille«e Setectimn «»B be 
iiMi on financial nerd 

I'MaraM'* artll be (Iveo. Um. not 
inaiMiatiir}. to itiiidtiiis carter 
orwnlated loward the US. 
Cypaun Coispant relalad field 

^pl>t)caii<mi are avaUaUe al ll>e 
FlB»ni-ial AhJ Office. AJ*«, 
Deadline for ■ppllration* la Noi" 






call for appointment 397-0100 

Algonquin Plaia 
a 833 E AlRonquin Road 

-• (Route 62) 

- CO**?ON Schaumburg 

ljl( mm«« i l lH ««Hllli«B mnnntt l f 

mi.a» i i«i i ..p. »■».■- 

Atm .1 miniiiium tmir intmil* relalion»hlp 

BIIUI I N AN'i ivvo VtMNG 

PEOI'll wmi lOM 

T<l tOMMlNK All 





I II 1* 


Xov> (ol llM- til'.l 111"'- 

\ t(.ini<- wnh«w»J- 

m.. m<I<v»ltll!ll« <"a<ri " 

lilt ' -■ ■ ■" ' ■ 



ry^t«'. i ,n'..i ,.. M.,ll,-t Hi. li ;l ill 

\\> i,.< » i|> i<I-I.\II(>N.nHII' 

M-n.( i-.TS |*,K TW i»Ri.itfr .M1.I (..«i.»in« !.■ Vim 

.irut Ml' l>Kitlii<;ts 2r.J I s.n]iti ii.ivv~..n w.iv 

rO WW 3IOIO. Aun.<t.« COHOHl 

s.iii»lii*'ii<ir» itiMMnMwl M VI H» rTiiim-\ ti.ii k ^ 




Men's and Women's 


Reg. '28.00 Now MOO 

i ^^^^B«!^B^iTiingCusfoi wers On ly , . 

»-»-.. -I 

Re-elect EUGENIA S. 



VOTE #121 

PMM Nir Iv mt Cmmm^nm *■ ■»•<■<« C"*!** *— 

im... ffiimiiM rt mr- twt- h. ■■ nift ^iwi'. €»- 



Speaking... *»»<^'-»^<=--"« 

Tht' iiiiiiliBili HI Mdif'* 'fiaiitir )■ tt t 
■Itrartivt. In mtm lai btmii* ■ nwri' peittcl "rM". f m mmi ta tmy 
oaty 'Um* earti Ml of Mni* brtma iMrauty imiliKta. 

If I'iM'M fMM rmir ImbI dnnalwM' laltl)'. MNn l'«i> kwm ttat 'Hit 

c)MMfV4l'''||M|-||iM|| |IWii< ml fliMMil 'HMfeff p^ :v4lh. «Hlt f Ifl|p4> hAlldWl 

Tlw M wi i iil Bi im iii fMWi '«! nmtm, illMiipiMw. mnuttwailici. 
toaUwatlaa and wot niri* bwfcon you Uke Umjh Imiiiw and try tlmn 
nit lor 'Mic- 'Thv iMfn t« lir ■crcanitnt ■( ymr Uwumgli (Mr lilWt 
<«llafliwi»«IMlmii. ""Bwj'iiic. tnymc'" 

BiM. tata*' fot ■» UMb' hjrflcrin, MteKUiiii onr ynur rhm-klmok, try 
IW rmiiliiimtiii' iii i i i i i' (I .Um bilaviBiiifi nimiiierciak ynu a« laat ntlllll. 
■n I winiMl. dry., kt oAy' Uw I flniini •! 
iBclaM, ar |wii bjr cctiuin «p tn lit* manlilt'F 'U 
Am nlM. iMtDat ar aHa a W t feava oniaiilM' a 

Tahr a dood Iwik al yoimaif in Uh; ntirrar Hn* do ytm Hack up tm 
'Farrall m* Muhamniad" Who irnraild «v*r even Imik at r<H> Ml your ^Mid 
Vaiar iMir daann'l Mt ffl halancad. raar hroalll i* la« niMj) ;. 

• iiani wU'tmta^el rnmufwm'a llit. can. Iw quit* Mcky. 
Vm rtalty tiavc tn naMl irtMil jrw'r* pajniw to. Many ill tntay't 
■hanpiMM »itl not «ilf ' tain a» an .raiir Iwad. but aomt at ttmti dautile 
.■■ Hiiiti praMii lircaMBil MalB. Riv |«ii em rip' 'DImii your ahavtr 
DUflaili and bt Itavimc yiwr Iwliliat M tht Mwnt Smm •Ith a IxiUle nl 
"WW CItafTy mMmpM." "fMdiaa Md Cnam" or avan "Lamai 

CwMlBraiila can' ha miaiaadtaiM. at'llnias.. Many pcoial* danl nalSia W, 
M ttrnim ia a < ll lla i 'a m » Mwaan a dcadnratil ami .an antincraoirant.. 
DaodarafllB fnal. M«ar wf anpteaaani adurs. Iikr licrtei-wenlmt kitty 
Miter .AMliwriiMMIi iMmiy hecli iw your »«aal Rlandi: Uley're 
tliMid' l<i uic it you « . l l li mmi MMKcouc wttli y<Mir alHtily la mitrol 

atraady knn* (ram Ilkr (all-fMilt iqiraadi In 
Om and ranllir Ofcki, any ■«)(' ■(■« dwa* in iiw ■ 
dcndaram Uial inwllji Ilk* niaaa la a aliw: ts' »a llrad' Inni Hit Jab at a 
marlMranalnatiian itiirkar- 

MiMiUiwaaiMs mwm to pronuaa m taallli, kapfanaaa «n<l a war 
'•iwirtarar in ih« dnvavay Will yrn cttaoat Hat ant UM will iiirt you a 
data «Mli .that' dynamila cttaartoadcr. i Mni Ra] ) ar da'.r«a Intl. waM la 
lIBl tH •!' Hial aiaM "maminR nwwlli" 'liM. MaM la ilaait Ian m • 
p.m. Ha'CataM nal la avallav any o< ma 'liiMlfc'dUlilNlaal.tacaait 
It't iirttty hard la aat liraafelait wiliafi' fiur itanaali: iaiS' tlial "luW 

all <Nil la t»iy a ntw pair «f M«|ill Jaana la Imtima 

•fey not j'uat in««M 'to' a UlUa labt ol 'tiaat 

'a Ifec miiatla taaUipaala' tiat iiMMn Ilia ' 'raioiy" 

la'aH' i llMf' aW 'liaaB'lliat -'tlagly ttcltna ' " 

ani'' acne aire. y<m maat ita|> hack, laka a ilac|> 
braatti, ani aih youratlf " tMi I vant to amk it alt. Krub n aH. rl.|> It mt 
ar arraft it air'' Ma'y'bt yau'tl ekaiiat Smc .unan ilaali lluit yau. 'to?* ta 
•BMar Into fwry p«r« aMlt jraur kfaUMn ami Malara iMnt and 
:Mallaaia«i' aiaa 'laal laaak 0«» yw annl l# 
!'i"|i — i l iiad:|«t' wiaf dawn at )ra« Urn layart 
af tliln '•■* 'HM' ttm aMrttcatMi* !««.■■ nol tola* abnal tlw M-td'<ka8t 
claaaaar' DM: tiMald Ka dtwrnntlnanl a rtddatttif.. Ildllai at Mcnai 
■nany ■ftaiild.ncmr. 

Taka your liim in 'itarMlit <">ii>''k *>* llM 'mawr pvular 'tiriAt* you 
•III Iw aiMMltiui' lHa iMl af yaar lavinpi an.;. t>iMl M my iwiliy 
oMa'rmarui «tit!|.rr }«u uM' .iiiat:liiil: 'Bay .Mltli pmliaiaa no tbiniti 
you ac't'iui.!)' dan 'I nni or nMlljr'Caal mm. Vmt tm M M m^pti*. Urn 
imdiart a 11)1 Hat tawiaal iNKkaii' irtla«antaitiai*:H 

If advtrtiatro artn'l lyinii. a'ttaat iHalr laiaMlcr' larwlMela, 'ntarlt 
iar«li|Mi IfaiaateiiaalMinB, Ihao ll nlglil 'b* nail aarcit the 
y<Mi. naaka. Of 'nnmt.. I •aaMnl Wama .any'M'ic tm 
ma' 'al Ikiat aiillii||aaiua eWiai* Itwy iiialH' In «• a*' 
■I ln..nM|P*lM«-- Tht anly lliMaa. Hull 1 11 mmr itwabt lif tbat 
.fatBali'i|'l>aMli.a«aiawl..laaa'|a<t«tr<M« "'HatiiifluMy. " 


Legal Aid 

Marpisr Cnltowe l» •|M»aarUi«. 
•dwaltanal tnun m |lie Brttiali 
UM' thilt iqarmt. TV umf. wbleli 
art anaa la cnlitit .itudanta and 
adult ctHMiwnlly randaiilc aaay be 
labM tur llbtml aita or liaiiianiUea 

n* limdan tour ati) be dunnf 
Eaalw mtttt. April IM.. llJt. Tht 
liaishafft Indudro roandtrlp Id 
iramiMWtatKin. flrit rlaia holala, 
eoitllnanlal braakfail Ihaalre 
tirkalit and <0TOpr»hensiTe 
sMbtammic liHir.'i <if l.«>dnn al a 


An informational nuntlni will lie 
WMlnaaday.. Nov. It al 7 p.m In 
MIdit A. Haam 1*1 For further 
infnrmation call Mary Ja WttlM. 
mn-3Bim. r%l tM or nS ar B.. t. 
I jincMiler , r«t. 1*7 Of iM. 

« two-wKlt laur a( the Mtilii 
lilet Entland. Walai and 
Ireland i is act for May 14 - Jane I, 
IfTH Tlw caal of IMM Includes 
round trip air fare, all Mraund 
tr»nii|»rt»Hon by prtvMie luiury 
ooach, iMXtt artanimwla.l.i»na. 
niosi nieals. ■iMhliteiag. 
iratititlei, healtii and 
inaarance. It'Ciurai and 
M by BWompanylmR' 

Council "ni 



The Oub and 
Council rtMiffitly clevtad Ma. aaw 

Elected were Helen 'TiinMr., 
(>r»'»iilent. .lanet Foater. 
tnsaiurer. Sue Pcich', Itcrtlarr. 
ami B«'V Mger. (wMIc rtMlMa 

the diaiinr cantsni' af the new 
oRlMn !■' .Mattinii mare eliiit ta 
•end nfMiaanlalMMa' iu'CXm; 

C'ikili amd OrianiiatM t:auiM:il 
'n-fimiicida all 'the nti!0|tMMd dMfei< 
J I'll) orKaaiiatioM' of HariMr 
(..'aiicNP TlH' council atio aialalf' 
cMm in laUMiiliMi. .aad. .(mnalliiC' 

nx' nifali' niinlMy in 'tht 
.MMlnil. artiy'lUe* office 'The nail 
•Mwllnit !■ T'ueiwlay al 'i |i''n.. All 
'<i'').'iib« anil (iritaniiatiofu art; 
eBciiiuraded te <e'iid * reii'- 

All 'interciltd sludamla are 


H. My wife It bitylnl tipenaive tUnHi tQ oaar tawn wnii iMr i 
eMiilwhllea«rdlwareei*lnprDciMBe<iettlafnant. I've laid all the alana 
MMI I won't |my theaa billt, bul llaay tall me they will honor her cards at 
loitf at tlia baa thain. Sbt nf Maa is #*« tham up. 

HlMC'data Hat law aay mat I eaa da'T Wt Mm in Arinna. 

A . Ym nmy advartlae tn local atatipqiart of dally drctilallan llaal yau 
and your wlfa laaac acparated and that .you wlU no looiier be reaponsibic 
far her debit... 

However, the court In your diviin'r ( dUMilution • settlement bat Dae 
power to determine prnp«*rty divtalun and lUspoial of debts. 

Arliana law 'A.R.S. iler 25-.WIi. like that In moM itates, layt tiaal 
wlitn liiviatiM ia madt of juint-tenancy property and other property held 
ua cuiniiaan. tht credH card rharces may be lubtrartcd frain your wlfe'i 
fhare Reduced alimony payments also nwy be conaiiSered by the court. 

Q. t Head irtlli a wandarftil («iy for tlirat years In CalUomiB, aiad «• 
weia plaianliac ta bt iiaarrtad. Twe yaara afo ha leak out a lif e laaaraae* 
poUi^y and aamad fait naoUaar haa i a Hc i l afy. Wt afrced verbally wttk Mi 
moUatr lliat It anyllativ ha p pa at d In blin the and I would split tiaa 

Ha «aa kfllad in an aeddaiat a lew waaka a«e, and hia aaoUaar hat lakas 
tht liaaurance nuinty. our van. and everything etae that wa* In hia name. 
Do I have a lacal claim lor my share al his IntunuKt and piittiasliiiit? 
fin ilMililla aiad 'doaal laow where to tm to. 

A. Calllaraala law aays that, in the absence of a writtaa ctntnot 
between ■ man and a woman living together in a laoia^iaarttal 
relationthip. Ike eaart should uxguLre into the poaalbtlily of an implied 
contract i Manrincatt. Supreme Court. It Ca Reporter llSi. 

If the conduct af the partita dattaonstrated such a contract, the court 
may employ the doctrint of quantum merit icaiuitable remtdieti la 
divide aaatti Advitt wUh a lawyer Voiir Catt would be anaiait year 
partntr'i parents. 

4). (3MHIr 'idaitiM iwanli la Utah riwv I wat adi^ad by nay 

I hnaw fat kitanded mt to share In hit aalata. [>o I have a legal right* 
A. Utah taw I Cade Sec 74-31 1 says children of ■ tailalar, bom or 

afler hit will it made, may sliare in tht ailala. tlaty share in tht 
pfoporation as 'whan na iMIl ■ 

tht spouat's ihart la paid, 
adaplad child wauM staara aquaUy In Oat nal rtnaalndtr < Utah Codt. Bee. 

Q. Do owners of real atWa ha Waeonain owe Wlacanafaa itaie .haaMM 
la« on the bacmiat, evan though IblT are rctidenis of PlorMaT 

A Yea iWts State 71.1111 An eacepUon la that non-residents of 
Wiii-omin may exclude such ini-ome if their home stale allows a similar 
eiduaian ti> Uriicansin resldentt who own property In that atale 
I Campus Rtgeat Mewt Sarvict I 

I Come on over. We're having an 

Post Office 

sets letter 

•tgtnaiag No*. M. new 

Hanilct. Mt lellaes aaMparlar 
Inch tu or iiiiallar miiti It' al. 
laaat >*i lachat' 'high, Ilea uichaa 
'taig, and MOT Ineh iHck.. 

The change' lakca ellan before! 
the Chrwinaa nwilt. therel'rart 
'tonaiiiiMrr» ahaulil be rmreliii when 
baonng lliristmas rants .tny oiail 
taut afler the Ko* Si ilaadliae that 
data not mid the (ntm.imuin mic 



'■■■iBmff ^E 

A trip into m rafrsshlng 

'Precision hair ShAP'tng 
Corrective hair coloring 

and pfi'tm waving. 
Coraiplefa family service 

1«07 S. ArltaftiNi Heights Rd. 

% ML S. 'Of Central Rd.. 

'Arlington HoighlB' 


CMI: inff 'ippfflJHlmert 

•linday, Nov. 12, 12:30-4 p.m. 

DePaul University 

1323 N. Saminarf A**mM (at Fullanon) Cbieaco 

^tnt' am 'tspandad new tmco'in P.rii tsmpui Ntati ina ttc- 

uHy. 'Laaw 'thoul our scadem* programs. AH ttra ipadHlonal 

tindtigiaduala oltanngs i<n ttm am snil •oancas. music. 

commerce eOucstion .and drama -wi'in a triandly, 'ptrson- 

atfxad aii'ieranca 


P«a-law tliiaMa-Oevaiop IM knowMOO* and afclM' naoaa- 

Btry tor iix s'i(cc.a«a!u> S'ludy at law. 

Cawianmleallana'- 7*ta Oepartmeni o) EngittK and tlW' De- 

piirlment o« Speecn and Orana co'lisboraia lo prasanl a 

miindad. pfoS'iam m all ataet oi commun<cat>ons. 

Pi a i lad-ima alt of DtPaut's piap<«iass»>nti proarams, 

■•ra-Medieai 'ttudiai am rigamut.. wiiicn may tccoum loi 

•Da tuecaia al lit oradualai' M oainina idmmicm to iha 

nation's 'inotl ptatligious 'madicai icImxik.. 

HUM 'MaaMi'llaMa'- Fully xxted'tiad p'ograma in Nursing, 

•Radical Tachnalogy. and Rtdiclogic Tochnology. 

Mutk Tnt Scnooi ol Mu«>e is canitred In maoii'iflcant new 

autriars on Ida Lincoln Park campus wM t distinguitnad 
aitisl-lacuily. Did rou know thai Haniy Maiar aatociait con- 
ductor 9i ixa CHicago Symphony Orehaaira.dHactsOtPaurt 
•ludant symphony orenaslra"' 

aaadaian Schoal al Dtama-Oai>aul't newatt scnoal can- 
'llnuat * S'-yaai irtdKron ol pri9le<iS.ionat Iraning n 'itia i 
ol IhHlra an and crsn and adorlionally olla'ii a 'i 

-• 'Raw dagiaa pme>mm in init aapladlna 

-an opponunlly lo aapkna ina klndt 'of 
I'Mngs you can do wiMi your daaita, lagardtatt' at your 
matOf' We'll help you make yow DaPaul aducalMn work 
to* you 

roiaaaM Mdt - Vou can tflons a OaPsui educaiioft. Our 
nnanclai Aids prograffls naip studanls with rasi need, and 
WaaWd shidants trraspacl've ol need Spacisl helps am 
jMifflalBkl lor Sluiaanls el midnncoma tamiiiac. Last yaar %B.* 
Matjina wa* awaraao lo T.»% sluOants through a vanety of 
pfOgrama, Approiimataly M% of our ur>dare'adualas i»- 
•aiva aomt nnandal aasiaianea Talk to our counaaiors. 



Mulack visits Harper 

t90Kf^ Cook. CbWRlV- iu iMSBUiV 

rm • mdiniictii Off •««»i •'«*«« 

(«r im. not ma MciiMg lo mj 

Umit Wi tlMIMNi Oar* «••' a 

If Miiteek alM IMs •tallM ■■ 
MM ti€ »«1 tinprw't roirtK 
,««ifirle«». JvOar J.TIt ^••pte •«* 
Ml tJw ilwrlU* ullle* tJiilf 1* el 
llicm WW*, m Ihe fttak atrvtum 
MCtlon Thtli re«Hy terrtW* (n 
III* IHslH of tl» f»rt (Jim U» FBI 

coin* coninilinwd m u>* «iwif*« 

« iwt cwK t|. cammHiMi 119' rNni. 
tn.iiiglt:*' IM iaU. "!*<> taiNpr to M 
the piWjr «llim*; «»» It'i Hi* t»r* 

cMlal'tlitvaMrtliinMdiMl. Ii ■•■ 
■iHml. WMH Hut 
Ml ptt Mai '•( ilw RMfk M' CMfe 

H* ay* ti* «ml* ta iraiirainc tlK 
Ciwli Count) Jail tytUm In On 

ImH cirM yawiUit MM of kaciWiit 
crlni'tiwit IM* nM 

'W'hmi E'IiimI fifil 
thc^' mtn iDciiding *'•* • day V 
I Uw e«iM» iaiJ. now 
milMf 'lli«IA a 4m^ ffiv 

■»« miadl tl Hla fiila in CWnaga 

ilamiicfailif. Ha will, ""niajr could 
■■ra l<M' U ttm l>a<l' ■ Korttla <in thr 
tMat, llMr don't car« lMt« 

nay ciNM' uol. and: *ala that 
mr»ii0t. danwralK- IKkit' Thal'i 
0ttf tlMir'v* al*a.lfs Mwn *i>la *" 

Smokey and 
the bandit 
come here 

Mo*'. I al Man 


Jacktc Otaaann and Sally ri»ld. 
Rarnold* fKandHi imial gti. i 

ie "ll'k an adioM,. lami wiUi 

lit MM Willi llMtt ilBrltaii. 
hmt In Um kii- 
I and O'lmwn^" Tha fillii 


•ponaoTMl liy Uw Pngraai 


S11W. McDonald Rd. 
Prmiwct Hatglift 







foMad aul. "Om ol 
(lie WaaM prablaiiia In Uv tail 
tialay la Uial 'int kam tka national 
'nword iof Uia UflMat numtxr r>f 
lail Imaks and aaeapaa. Ii has 
became ■ revolvinf door EtRlHy 
par cant of the ^roft* today tn the 
Oook County }8il are npaalan and 
have imven UmI crtinc la a sajr of 
III* (or tlMin " 

Mulack hai ■ degiw m finance 
und law and hat a minor in Social 
Ha (meUcad law lor 
.raafs and afaa Oi* (ormar 
^aaalalaM. allorney gentral in 
.chame of conauner fraud. 

ThMy^la yaar old Mulack i« 
hjr Senator Porc> 
Thaaipaon. Att<>rnc> 
General licolt. US. Hati r oaa wl atlve 
Crane. Chlraio Aldtrman 
OtMnman at «f*U aa way ather 
polltKal ftnurat. 

He Ml marrted and ha* Ibret 
mall children HI* wife u ate an 

alMi>c)r In iKtvale' iwactlee. 


THE irra ExmtEss 


Revised bus RNite serves Haqier College. 

693 Harper College^ 

•il bill wZWtm^'**- --11 *> VfX^ir 


1 *■ • 


►c.-» _'.:-i:— 


Th« jtudefiK of William l»i«iev Mar^pef Coi'i«ge 
w>!i' cortifiue to wm '•8«li' Otjs iervite to school' 
Tn* mf-viy 'evKiiKl 603 'tws Mfrves w« co«*9e ts wrt 
is Nc«H'we'H CommunitV' HospiW and. Mtudowi 
• ■•'•(fff lo* th« M«indK:-*t4-J«l Students wno commute 

i. fKXJl via IIA 11 N<xtti Western commuter iervite 
.)-' catch thirlsiis « the Arhnfton Hfctgws. Swmrr 
1h* nwp below shows yew th« route of me 6«3 

bicxpcmivt Imnsfcr provkks 
travel in six counties. 



■. ^'- 

^ <9v 





(Mirtll tl la Ayrll Ul-Kxiwrt the iinctitvrtMl mti thaugh 
■rtWI* anil eltmiwt nmtm tt hart to c«iii-»tilriil«, cveni* mw UniMrlanl l« 

ymt (tttur*. Vm cmIiI: lit in tlw UinaiiilM smI rmm aalc* aUUlf .!■ Aup 

tHUIIta; (49aD«tellliraMeiwtMWHlMiaf<nla.iMlaMiilia 

I MmwrKy If lillB^' Maciiiffit 

/le/p sc/0ftC9 

toy Twi'i' ilay 
In (inlar to aicl ctrntentt In aii' 
ind'Cfth itudy i>( the tMinaiM 
■mKimi}-. titc Bl#l<i||>' OtpmrtmwM 
iilMa:lii«l An eailsvcn vhiclt tavc 
bMa iiic<l tor dtmoHtratlaa and 
iHniM^tiiHi^ In IlK !■■■ 

OEMM: 4:MiyaiaJtlMllt-V««MiiilielMrp'f« 
eaf«*r by nmrfcinii il*a<lilv. and lllMi timBm ■ tfMMlatiig 
tim'l lM'akiH*-lt-aU w r(in««rMlliMt>fm<Mie«ttittraMaiid 

nt cadamro, *hli-h an kapt in 

•atifM' |M4la<jM Iwtft in DM, 

laadi 'iwi' WaynfrnMltiallaii. 
LEO: (Jllv B la AW. SNMIw 4Byt ami qultt rvenuigs arc (avorwl 

MM. G<* Hnw •■cnlat and yan'U IM Mlar . A laved ont cmM ilUMr ran 
UM anlMil al Ua-ir hir aHMlM •■« « iMa yaur *aMa ta mt. ramilf 

wmimm tm •tfnaacannil. ' 

■mpalat buylnc no« 

UBMA: (Sapl. BtaOct-S't-AnnldlnvtctnUiMHlarfaiirllMaiida 
IMS ramwnc* may Uliiiiiiiiiii tw. Tin dwtea faali Ik dillcvll^ Oaf««r 
Mallan Uiat Haw baan KaltMaM' can to* ralw^d nmr. Site*, lo yaiir 

agmmh ion. ■ •■■•t. •.Hfan am handla tht rtl lBg li ae««rrtnf 

im 111 iiniiiiiililn tiiiallni fflilnur 't -*'— " — *•" r— '•*— ■-'-^ ''-" 

an all yawr aalMHvlina la aaaM aitravaipnl uniMilaia. May aoat and 
dnn*t. talm iiamcaa. 

MimiilllllS'. (!*>». Bla D»c. 11 l-l«t»» t-h»ll«ii«n» and oixiortunitlw 
ilWitt bain |W iilllMltaiiitr and oiiUmMtir V m roukl ti« eipaiMlmii your 
r Macaal* and gol i raise or prwnotion. Gaud lime lo lake a Audy 

traalcd iillli a mixliirv af aOianal, 
ptienwl and ethylene, which ia a 
tnaliir niirfdieni inanlitrteaa. 

The flrat cadaver wai rewlved 
in l«n Prior to that lime, (elal 
pill* arere uiad eiclaaivtly 
aecMrdlif la Mr. Jokn H. 

The uae af llM eadavtn hat 'laad la 
(iril-hand learning thai If 
I • tendon in 

tha lawer arm. l*ro(ctiar 
ThomiaMt call damonitrale ho«' 
the (InKers could to* flexed. 

A dcmamtratiaa <■( IhlJ kind 
cooM nut be pmnlble •IIImhiI IJw 

ua* al cadawen. ARtid W-K yanra. 
the imaenl cadavara aU diad nt 

I (hafltonlns tt Urn 

'GUnUCIMIN:: (Dae. a la Jwi. Wl-yoiir vitality la hiaii and cat«cr 
a twtaimy. PenHMial tile lake* on a na« and ■InwIiMt 

AQU'Altlini: (Jan. ■ la rato. H>-An aelWa i 

toraak-Uiraacha in mfaer and b* racognlmal. Vanr ■<aaatli«» li amianiad. 
ani yanr abUity lo MMnMoitenia. Cambina •toaalnina laltli plan«if»-iat 
I: (rato. It W Mareft^ W'htM out mcially a«id' haw tim •«• 
la vork on ymm Imat* by buylnt ehlliBi and' 
am MMilwad m cnllwral pMiiidla and 
MlSilkctiial imareata' Uaa a*«-ililcWllm an Iht lab. 

■ CHmpu* niKext Nm Servtee i 

Degree helps chances 

Nt« York. N V Hrrhert tae lite ivnaaurai ante as w 
BlaMnth. «to» diferts the US. Into the MTa. iCaHagn 
Mflalaa al 'U'bor Ratialica' ServM-ei, 
Middle AttanliC' Mbflan'itaff. Nd a 

City UnlveraHf «f Mfl« VHfb 

The 'ttoiMnatralart' AaaaelatUm 
of Illinois, a non-prolit 
arnaniiatinn atlablMhcd by Che 
medical tchoola In Chleaii«. 

provide Itoc bodies m various 
imdieal schooto, Ko iimnay l» 
Iramaacted m the |«tice«s; all 
'bodlM are donated on a (reti»lt» 
tasis before daaUi- 




ai2) 397 7292 




Wlbuii. nut H Riy find 

N«Wn«. a lob ate Miniiiy arrang. 

BiMalack ralanaad ■tallalics 

have an iillHIIIH|itiliyiltfitf rata, af U 

■im the u 

rnia lor all 

I'ht'ltuTh. itn 

.Mate cnllai*' grwlnalas had a 

Isilsss rate ol IJ parcant. or atoant 

a IHid ol the rate of sU inalaa. 

raOMl* craduala* had a «.l 


n6«Q Art 


"ttot «n« 
atomit callage alt«ndan<!#." 
m«nat04;k sraraed. •■•tooald 

b* viewed olth 

Jobs open 

tlliwn HMMNplaynimt. [liciaras. 
dniiiptd III S;l ;p«r ant iMn tile 
Auffual DMIliliir al I par' itanl. 
anroHltnii tu the lUlniMs Kureaw ol 
KmpJoj'iiiiriii fcorlly nl *• 
flllMila t>*partmMiil of Ijitair. 

iDilwavenwilt In iinaniphwMMMii. 
ilffwai m the ra« lb* *«Mnaf 

■ tO'.>Cl 




We cany » complete •*»»• of ■"naine biand" 
matettals lot the Artist. 'Designei Archrtecf 
Dratlsman Art Sludeiii and Art Toacrief 












Tlw c«*Mll« tf«ck yHu'vt arallad lor. 

Accu tiat It eoclusively Onkyo'i .me only adluW 
alM* Mat in ■ two head cattatte deck Vou gel eon 
linuout. verlattle blai teltingi, not a factory 
average Wtiich give* you flat frequency retponte. 
lc«W dltlorlion and bett S/N ratio 
Onkyo'i eicliwlv* Accu Bias let* you let We pre 
cite bias tignal your cassette demands N« matter 
wttal cassette tape ymi use Or ivhase Without the 
proper olat ognai. either Ihe high frequency 
becomes weaiier or a peali appears in the nigh 
triiqwartcy signal. 

Accu Bias in Itw T A 4300 gives you JO li. ooHi on 
normal tape JO i>. OOHi wltn FeCr and CrOt 
Hot- l«pes give a SMB &.'N ratio, going to MdB 
with Onkro's built in Dolby* NR system 
Stop waiting and sfart Hinsnins Come m ana Me 
how limply beautiful OoHyo makes it with Accu 
Bias Onkyo a step eneao at state ol the art 

•Dwl*» t*» ir««tw«r* of Doi'Dy L«(wr*iuf .M. 'iw 

A-'«aa«iyouaiHMCMiioTHNi' ^^ 






Slop in arty of Itie Aulosound stores and 

prestftt your Harper 10 and well give 
yow a PHEE TBK or AAaxell planlf tape 
iystlorstoppino in 

P l lffWASH E R iNbMOREi 











m Mar'a waemi Itt U ht eimmit. tmti im4 
t» kMNliit • MM* iMdMl *-yM" . fWB wmi tatmy 

II' f Mi'M aWM fwr iMHt 'ilnilWM Wall'. Om r«i tumt llwl tlw 
dMlrM Uhi «aww fM o*n ■taMMK <!»■•«• !««». ••» mt tmm 'ImmM. 

I iiiiiiBiiitii ■ml ii-iii irirn luittn tt- Mkt IImjii home sri try timm 

on ta- tlH. Itmr «■■' !• 'te MfMMmil ■< iw thnucli (Mr ttlfic 
c«ii«tban*'«liimM. "IMif ' int. I«r iw! " 

Mat iilMt .fiM' •«' IMW InrMarta. ■wMtlnn mm fix* rtack^ba*.. irj 
Iw iiiiiililliiiir MUM ii("ll>t IdavMon €«Miw>«rtMto fm «•' <<»* "'M'X' 
aail Hun ■* .roiinalt Am I nam*). 1I17. «r oiiT" Do I pttmr* •! 
I. irtHk • t!ta». lit 1«« l»» irtUiit «w i« «li« mmrmi ' li 


"■MMapNiMl mpmtmll In ti» mlnw. Mw« 'In rw 'tlaclt « In 
ramk « MtfUillilwl'' WW smM wtr tvnii 'M> M rni ta ytuf ' *ad 

«Mt'? V««r lM» 'diMtii'l iMk 'PW' ttalaiiMd, .r««ir bNMh to loo Mnljr ; 
Md lir • sw. you lift dwMMlt Mta • ■!«]>' 

tl» timil Mtllt Mff ot '«t«fywM'> Ml. CM' !• mf M*r " 

rwtaiK <>»i MlMMmfMrlMriilMI at »■ iMnt'MM wllli a twltto«f 
-Wild iinnr anapw." •••••■i*m tmi Ciwtm" » ttwi "iMmm 

A« yM ■mrthMM* ■Inwly kimir tram Uw tmi-iMiit 
mmmm'» Om mi rtmUg CKclt. »m im •<««• liaMi «• ww • 

Mil • mm 
k'UwAlmmif ."m fm oImmi Hh ■M'lidt «« ■« im • 
ilMvMllk'iNt dfMMHccliwtbWlir, cRa! Hal ) wit yw i«l unimi •■» 
«M rid Hi tM awM "WMfntng nwMitli" thai mmm toflagH' fm ■! S 
r^n. Ba cw«M iwt In iitatla*' IM» il Ite brtath 
(I'l prciiy tmni u «at Imalilait mtai jmar .i h— ibI' mh » 
liruihMl (iMlinit. " 
tuMm* al iiMMc al Ml la tar ■ nt* .pair al 'UgH IMM la 

UMI ipcM MmMM:. altir ixM juai tniran m a Hllla Mm af Omm 

baMi»" Tlial'i ll» mtrarto ImhHimjii. ttol *»•• ll«« "ealatF" 
rawpl* ■nim««t mt la • raarwit (irafilM* M tiM Maaat Maatf Sn 
L<idia.:|)iiMi«'llMir latUi la'aM If lli*i> «li4liav«tlial -tiailjr hfUm/' 
Baltmim imtlmm tm •*»••■ tmm, jiaii ■mm'tltf fe«*. latur ■ ilM» 
ttrvMi, Mtf 'Mb yianiil; t>« 1 ••■« to 'Mai a^alli 'Mnfe II A 'rip « aft 
■ •«« Uaitt raull «iMHa* IMc iinMi italli 'dwl y a«i Ma** Is 
'MW' avart patt' vlillC' vMir ImllWf • ami aMIan iwM, and 
inal Itolttwiwn wea laM «••%. Chi yM^ «*nl la 
tay tile !•*• iwt liM.'« ipMnnlf**! la ««ar i|ai«ii al li>ail It? • layen 
af iktii win lt» tint applu:altan"' l«l'« nnl far|ai almit itut atiil-lMw 
«l«im»r IM. iHmH I» ilitraiilM'Mfal If rnManiiiK. tleWnf: at 

TiilM tmit Uhm m (luclillat «'kKl) tit llw anan)' |ia|wlar teanill fw 
wilt to tf«a«ni' mt laal ar I'twr .■wmh*. at.. Iiant M amr 'pailiir 
pHanwMM lachar f «i Mw 'imkMi. mr laaWi oanteMa. on iHnga 
fMl iirlualtf iton'l «a<ml. of rt»H:» caal «••. 1t«m twil M. It la-pfcell Hit 
IwaiiliKl «tll> But famsla* pa«"tai(H or tlw aw »ft tl»# ina* 

if adiKfliiiat* aniil trim alxMl iUalr 'araaifT |m)ila«t*. nlrMla 
MMiaail iBWir-niiilit iraiiilaniiatiaiii. tHwi, H uiliM l» ••II •«« Itii 
nn ntak* Of fmm, t ■Mlilii't Ham* aiijniio («• 
tm <d iimmr Mlrafiaiii' t talina limy naha to iit mi 
i Mi. inaaaiiMa. 'Ilia dhIf IHi«l IM t'tt mmmt daala ai Uiat 
r ■■mill ' t taint iiOiMwii "t'lpw **"*■ ""»'* llxWl- " ' 




Legal Aid 

wInntlnfHl town to |1* BrtU* 

litai iMi ifrtuf. I** laara. »*«* 

Miiili eiMMiMilr raaMMta may ka 
lailam lar lllMral acta at (Mnanlllat 

Tlw liunlan taar Kill b* •tartaa 

I'jiMer •♦«!». Aprt l»-tl, lOT. Tha 
(Mt-haK* wcliMla nwndliip jai 

IramiMWlalMa' f"* •'toai ■hatola. 
rMtitnaiital draakfait. Mwalw 
llckali amU c«inpral»»a«l»a 
■iiiMaMtnil: laaii «f l.«idaii al a 

Am Mifaniiallaiwl inantinl «Ml) Kt 
IF. Mm. » at > p-oi. In 
_.__ A. Haam m, ror lartlwr 
liHiiniiallaa oall Mary * »BI»«. 
M.MIIII. ml. M or W ar E. L 
taiieaitar. aat « arUt. 

A iwwwfck tnir M tht HrltM 
ltl«» 'Eni(l»"i<l. Walat aa<l 
Iralamli ii f»l lar Maj M - J'ana I, 
!•». Tilt «il »f »•• l«cl«*ia 

U-BiiMiiaMatlaii I*' pmtt* immn 
roach, holal acraimnadallem. 

malt mtalt, iiuMntlaf 

icnMitlci. hcaUh and: bampia 
immranc*. I«clarai and 
dunMiana M kf 'amanpaiiytoll 




TliC' iltili and 
CouiK'H rac«ntl,F riactaU, 


q Mf »!■■ ** liarliit i ll— <■> ■ llllagi aO aaar town wtUi her cndlt 
carta whtla »«ir dfrarca H In jfocaaa af aaUtanwit rw« told aU the ilnrei 

Ikat I won't pay thaat Mb. hot IHty IcU ma ihcy will hMMC hr canli ■■ 
loat ai ilir Iw* liMa. She rcfiaaa la (f«8 (ham up 

miat dMt tha tow mr 'UMI I can da? Wa ll*« In AiiMiia. 

A You m«v advartla* In iBcal nawipapan of daUy draidatMn'tliat tm 
ntul rmir wtit h»v« Mparatod and »al yaa •111 ne loaiar ka rMvanailiit 
tur her dvMa. 

ttowevor. tht «w«rt to f»«r Otmtm («ai«liilloiit 'MMtanaM haa the 
power to detormlnr proparty divtolon and dmpoaal of dehte 

AriMiia tow 1AR8 Sac S-aiii. Ukc thai in moat itotoa, aaya Uwt 
whm dlvloion ii OMdc of |otol4ananey pmpartj and ««har prapatty held 
in ranunoB. the credit card ohai«aania»' It aillllfa^dlrem y<mr mitt-t 
ahan. Re<*BC«daMiiia«FI"!™ito"to.^":iiin!''l>tc«i«ildewdb>- Uic court. 

Q. I Mvad iMHl a irandartal wgf far Uiraa yaan to Cahfomto. aul w« 
•«N'flaMdi« to tt iMfnad. Tm yaara aga he look aid a Ufa iniiiranee 
paltoy and named bttt nMlMr NnilletorT. t»» agreed vertjany with hl« 
Riolhar that If mftHm i MH i f* to Wai *e and I would ipUt the 

InwiiiiiHiKa iMHk 

MaMMHM ban aecldani a law I 
Hit II— ailHimillil)" aur van. and •varytMni' I 
On t lMWallfN!.ctolm for ay ihart of Ma i 
I'm liididii ■■11 ilnn't toiow where to tuna to. 

A Callleniia tow laF* that. In the ahaencc al a wHttan eortiaei 
halwtvfli a man and « woman Brinf lagalhar In a naiMBarftol 
rvtolNmililp. the twnt ahaold Inqtire tola Uia .pa Mt ltolWy af an 'ImplMd 
riintr^l t Maran ciiat. Suprwrnt emut,M Cfc RaVMlar IIS I . 

II 'tlw M»n*ie« of the paitiea demanalaMBd' aMh a centract. tha caaft 
may amptoy the doctrlnt af qaantan) merit Kqattobic ramadlae* to 
divide aaaela. .Advita with a towycr. Voir Caaa wouM he aaaliiM yoar 

q. Cowty aduMiii racaeda to Ulali liaar I wna adapted hy ny 
id .Ha «■ llMte .b tMI) daaa net 

I toiM he totondMliiia to*Ma to'«toa«aw. Oa tlwwa fefdlalilirr 
A Utah tow lOade Sac, 7MII aayt 'CMUren of a to«aWr, ham or 
adapted alter hit will ii made, may iha:rc to tha aatoto. They ihaia In llMi 
•ama prapocatton aa when no will waa madt. 

, allar Ihe 'ifaNie-a aharv I* paM. Ihe two natural chOdrwn aai the 
IfMU wmild ■ equally ui the net remaindar' 1 Utah Cada. Sic. 

las on IIM liiEaiM. e*an dMotfi they arw r 
A. Vm tWta, Stoto Tltin An aacaptMa la thai mwH-eatdeiito of 
1 may iBatade audi tocomc If Ihetr heme aUte aOowa a siinitor 

ila Wiaeanato r«Mda«ila who own ptapifty to that Hate . 

< Cjimpua CNMciit N'cwa Service ) 

B'lattMt wart IWeli Tm 
prctldenl: .Janet f'oilcr.. 
lni«iur»i".. Sua Peich. ie«T«tary; 
atiil Bw Matif . puHIr rclatttna 

'The iinalaf 'Cancarn al Bit ■••■ 
irflliwi m nellini iH'or* duhi to 
Mml rapranciilaUwca la OXT. 

ftah and Orwin*»ti«i (.■ouncll 
raprBan-iita .alt tJm r«ci>ii»uial i-lul» 
Mil arnanliat'knia •* 'Harper 
CtiitaiP!.. Hit couinil alao aaaiati. 
rlMhi IB pl«mta« ani priaiUilMi. 

ate mmm tnonlM.F ta 'tha 
aluilri'U. iirtlvitir* atup*' Tha nail 
.tlt»i«l.'liHI i» TttiBKto.j' al .1 :p m. All 
fluba and trfsnuatlona Mt 
•Bcowiited t» itamd a wp- 

All l:ntrrr>l<-(t >tud.»iil* arc 

Corm on omr. We'm havfng an 


Post Office 
sets letter 

Bt.ginnl..mi' 'Nat. 11.. arii 

hP' inalltiilad by Hit US. raHal 
■anwt' .Alt 'laltom on^ijaariw 
iMdi lick «r iimillar' pmH It' at 


bwytot CMalmat eardt. Any niai 
ami aflvf Ihattlaa'. It'll 


.^■k. jjtflllk nil Mi JMMlh 

Atrip into a raffrmliinfi 

'IM«V itfOffM: of iMirilMiffi' 

Precision h»tr shapino 

Corrective hair coloring 

and perm waving. 
Complete family service 

1007 S. Arlington Heists Rit. 

Arlington Heights 


Call for appointmeot 

Sunday, Nov. 12, 12:9IM pm 

DoPaul Univorslty 

mm N. MiMlmiry «ii«mm< (al PuiaflMi'l 'Odeafle 

Taut tm ••.pandad new liiwi** aa* ea««pu«- Maai l»ia lae- 

■«>. team about m' aeadaaita piosiama. Ati ina tradilkmal 

•undaftfiuuala oMarinipi. m 'int an* »n« »cia«^oa», rau»>c. 

eo'«n"*fca.. tducalwin and dtaaia-witn a inaiMHy. peraon- 

■lusd dtnairance 

Of »P«a»i WTtUffT; 

Pit4aW' 'aiudiae '"O«»e>op iTw knoiuMdfla end 'iklllc nacaa- 

aaiy'tai' *a iucc.a»»<ui iIimJ'v o' 'a* 

ileaitona'-Tha Deoa'-tmani ol Engliah .and Wia Ot- 
,1 al Spaach and O'tmt coi'iapoula lo p«atanl i 
I .pfDOfam I.B an a<oa> o' c«Mnmu.Btca«lon». 
■ I,. — .l-Lma all ol Oai»auri pfeprafatiional pnsflraiai, 
aia<Ue<ical 'iiiidiaa a'a rioofiw*. Whien ma» aeeount tor 
the lucicaea f*l' Ito .araduaiat to aaiitins .admiMion to Itia 
nalMfi'"! miMi .piaaiiitou* madtcal •choola. 
AMlad HaaMi Hatda-Funy aecradiiwl pfopfania m Nuraino. 
Maelicai Tacimiogy. and RadWoflic Taeimotogy. 
MMte-Tha Sclwol ol Muttc i* canlaiad m oiaanMeanl naw 
aualait on ina .Lmeotn 'Pan uawut. wM a .dMrnouiaiad 
artiil-ticultF Dtd v<Mi know »al Nan«| toaaar, .aeaaoaie con- 
duittor '0* tna Cxicaoo .Bynpnony Orel<aetra.ditaeta Da.Paul'a 
aludaM eympnony .orehaitrBT 

.■atMnan fahaal at Oiaaaa-Oanaal'a nawaM leliool ean- 
tlnuaa. a U^aaf 'tradition ol praMattonal training in IDa araat' 
ol ihaatra an and ctall and aditWonaily onatt a ganatol 

>-a naw dai«aa prasram in tMt axpkiding 

r ' Ca anaalla a a n opportonHy to 'Viptora 'tha kMda ol 

imnpe '«u can do wtm yaui' 'dagraa.. laoardlaaa ol your 
nato' MX help you maka yMr DalW^adwcaiian woik 

tor 'r<M., 

iPhiaanlil Mda - you can altoid a .DePaul aducailofi. Our 

fmanalal Mto progtanw naip aiudanto with raal naad, and 
lalanlad Midtnia iitawaci.iM 'Ol naad. Spaeial halpt am 
avalHbla to* atudami oi mt<].incoma lamMai. iaal y«ar IS.4' 
■Mian waa awantod to : 8«S »tu<»erti Ihrouph * variely ol 
pim n wilt. Appwatmetety «0% of out undaigradualai ra- 
oaiMaaOfne n(i«n<:.4i if,'^tii''ct Ttiii 10 Our countaloia. 

NmwmlMrft.1t7a THE HARBiNaEn ^*9» 1 

Marathon dancers rock around the clock 

ttm (act Hat only Mt «t 

ittmmA lip (w tl» (M. » 
II «■« varjr 

AWMiiliiK to 'Uw <laiK»- 
Gaant. MNr tI.lN 

• ra^lMd:. 

H«lp Wawtail 

da'jf* or lltglll■^ Y* 
OM Tfflwite Iran. Ml friwpect. 


'intnliiwtt 4 hmmn 
wmilmt PraftraMlNMirawMife 
avatlaliititT «liic(i. tiMlndin 

W*y tratni«| Nn 
Aivljr to 

towwuiry Sertlet, 
T« MhiIi ClucaiD. Elmli:iinl. or 
MM Norllt Mllwaukf* AfC 

JOK ON SHII" Amarteait 
fomgn Mw •xparnicc 
llaquiriMi' Bn«il«nt pmy 
'WwUwMto' trail*!. iMmiMr Jnti 
nr after laiH|: Inr 
iafofiiiatiaiii. SRAPAX,. Oapl. F^ 

StiiiJemt Wanl<-4) ll«l» OT 
trmmSf !• fciiver iiir»»(>i,perfi 
IMrt-tlMM., «rl} nnrmug wtih 
iiwit far. .Hmhiw Tmrk area 
Call: Iw infiniatiM m«- 1 

awMlllitn Ho nait. '4I.IIM mi a 
MINI. wn. in. Call i»-«iMi 

l.«77 Yamalui XS nt-ffi Sl« 

mtiai. El. MHNi.. nnn. cm m> 

IWl rh*»j' 3« Van cwtlom 
li.l»r»r is«. «-li*r (».'». |i'l>.. 
Mcavy-M.) ilMeki uMl M'trry 
BxnilanI comiitiiiii. PtMiM* Ktt 
tm. Maii^m Kanitcn 

Cuitoi* Suprem* 7) *'( ii.'c 
.|i..'"l>, |».'t. am'Im. raar wmtDv 
matgm. 4I:«H>. im'«m Harli 
>»S IMim B-.1W., imtat*. 
*«..'rM., 4 ifMt. hcKly nnf 
rtii«a,ni njrj- gMd candiUan, 
•!«» Ca.M MMMI an«r T'JO 
|i m 

Aii4m»tn W»mt«l |iiiim.r. 
i»ii«#h ■ Wiwk at (MH»« ■■ iw 
t>».|>rn.ffK:f iwcvnary 
•MWltiini (My Wrtl*' AiDMcam 
SiniMv mi Park hmt, smte 

tm kvt- 

m srranfMMiM:. Vtitm tlmlim 
with mmUj Bt|.|ii efanMK 
.Kmiii' aMt iMMiiil anil Mia-ry 
PIkMW 01.111 ll»-41ia ttvfiir* :l 

M MM fomiinf 
AJf «.iei. no e«.|i#ri.«ace 
iii!««a»a.ry . no Iw, need; wrilen. 
l<chittciii'B.i.. airtan Xl'ttS.? 


'II Ptyamrth Crirkel. 4»im1. 
•.n.'ltn. Kmpg, 4».,M) nila, 
IM ratt., MM. Call Nawy al 
lai. ]n,i'S|i...iR. 

t>«l«<> rus'ioBo S-portsiMn 
MMiwsfin) Vai»..oin:|»r. IWI, 
Mti CM in , •'(.. fir* ruttftef., 
TEC lat'ttiT)' camper fomter- 
ttm wiUi paip-top, let tm.., iM. 
I valcr w .lat ii itovt, elaiM. 
iliiwnv-tKd and 3 ttunla.. pairta- 
(nt'ty. aiR.i'fiii. alenn eaMMte. « 
■pnikMii. •«c»IlM.l cwii].iuni. 
mumt wl.1 New wati.l.i tiwt 
.tM.m. AtkiniKMM^ 3H-IIIR 

»N' rDr«i»,PaJ4ii..i:M. 
■liiiipptat,. iwryiim j ticitraaii 

w-« ea,rpe«m«.. wart-*y . *!*• 
waiter., ralnc.. dMibte im 
■.. t anrnkm a* Wctai 
■liaHli (an. .aliin.. 
tiding It .atam.. •limn. >! yn. i 
I'Jeci) M Willi tarp! ln«i anal 
privalf Iwdl. yam. Call lirim 
IwaMM IM.,S«.MuMart. 

DyMniilky pawler iMd.. if ii«ii-yaa.r 
old' Bntmtm SuMiit aliippcd liy (u 
II.IV*' MMMF «M«niraiii>Kiil to tUe 
ilanCMrs.. SmImk Uw )i«y mad* tlw 
wMto ^BMraaMin mm «<irtli*hdc 
■■r»in«*ii'"» imolhtr »»»ii.»ed 
werybody that ll» motwy Ihey 
•vrr ralxlni; woold 1:1) tn mnrh 
mor^ tiMjn rv^can ti Slif -uiid tt 

|ni\ Y fiTf tiiJTapt 1 tf't! tira< «*b 

riw i»« (■ra»ni havr tu be Fdird 
rarh tlmv a chdd ^mw-^ and cost 
tl [Wit 

ITrilin IjiriKw (ram Stodio lit 
J. 4\ ^ div-n danrir trmims an<i 
c1 !■ rnanil ra t KWH 

MK>ut hair utii lhfx»uah the 
dantr WWKT % i.r*i Hr«»ii .nw 
Mil 11(1' ^'^nv tti livrii ltiinK» liP » 
'1**1* < 1 (;i\*^ ijul lrv« rrrord 

I fn I' 

H«5»cli firottii aludrnt 1U ^ 

Idaytd miBilr and ikt" thi" ttam-er* 
n«ii»K llinniiitoir • •'■■•lira.. 

They wtw ft". Ktn 

Bmwn. Hainty rnu anu Jiiljn 

Many .Firue* dawa.lcd hy trartoiia 
».rt>« mm*jint.» wwe nlvim away. 
DttiKoli Grrwf and Joan I 
•Mt prinm for tliif Mat c 

fllicvy IMwitar Don (li* artind 
pna- 'Of ■ new Ittnlth pirlalilf 
tetfylMn srt for raiatnif: ft* 'inoit 
nionty Utrongli. plodgoi. Oari 
Camblr «IM weond priet awl tjura 


|jnl*»'il tlTttnn • like tint, acf 
ol !l d:rii.«n»., l tnir* drum, i 
cymbals., ftaitd*. Mat tlTS.M' 
or inBl'«iir«r. Call l»Tllt after 
i.{i.n. AiktwUndaor Gary 

im Pard MuitMtii II ' bnmn. 

(Ilia ni.Ml«1, 4 «pd.. V.«. Pll 
rt'dlo, csctFlieitl cO'WljUoa. 
■.Ml nilin. itwn rail B<>-T4it 


■n Gran Tonne . Man wlweb 
AT, ■tarp Sll -SJIB. 

TransportalKiii Spwial' Voivii 
tMIT-144' llC!|l .(IM sNft. Gomt 
n.i.lMil> CjII Mk-ita«( Rrown al 
Wt. 4M. 

ifW l,T Silver with 
Wm* ilripMi. black ctalh lutw. 
Kir. 1.11' cmdWomng. tilt it/timi, 
power windowi, itnlid DIaa. 
AM/rm •leren./eani. ., )t.lM 
m ., .JIM) 4M.. . pot), 4 ipd . i mm' 
dutdt I new liinclu Muai •««. 1 
III akind.wa Boll at 4J»-SS7I. 

in Kmiiiki M I-itnkr I- 
«yl Elertmlc Ignltlim M:,lHlt' 
mtltinlMiltiiiit'lSn fall] Mill* 

iWii im rwt.fcildi#n fafitlMrn 
W.a««ifc m-mti 

■a far rent ll« .a nxnUi. 

BIk. Crwe «««. Call Mr. 
fclir»tn»r T.| p..m *e«*diy», 

LOST Ladies ome|.a wrinl 
wileli Small wtiltc gold eaac 
wl'Ui black nylon tia.Kl. Plecic 
call Aitne. Harper .XSl«. m 
:|Nine after IM. M-1«H. 


Need your Irrro pa[/«:-r l)-jied'' 
I'll type a.n)1hin| Call fhra at 
SM^aw; after ) .» p m 
'Malt Kef metier - Thtnk ymi for 
•lMn»M| an imeraul tn WHOM 
ftadio. Wky don't you slop by 
mit of Ace. ASil, or call ys on 
«t «R We wmild like i« hear 

Hnntbra won third 

The Patette JC'a dawtad (lit 
■HMiid *yxlan. tlial ara* iiied.. 

'Thv iitadent ActMUo Offln 
paU fa- (h«! uie of the rafutcria. 
pnhUe mfety and ntaMenance. 

Amonn food, donations were: 10 
Yr nid Tnwn Inn plmat; An llallan 

I K< .1' thre«'-IOot loot). MibniannC' 
s.<.ijui>i Buriter Kiai l> 
ImrKPrs MM:t>iaia.ld't'iilft driidia.. 

Jay« potato chips, OooUe Faetarf 
oookles and Mister DonHt doniitl. 


The dan« particlpanti hope that 
their effort* will bring the 
Muaeular Dystrophy Aaaociatlon 

one "dancv step ' closer to findhv 
a nire They msb that loroeday 
children like Brannon will have the 

prtvjIcKe af dancing with othera 

.iMtoad of hatinii. 10 watch. 

rrad Water* was pecenll'y appointed 

vtMT tat Harper cnlligt after Mng 1 

■a Uie new Student Acthritlaa Ad- 



AffnifNMi tTumniYt 

Paddtor's Ba«r n' Brat^ 

Earn.n.teiien1p»», efijoy pleaMoi workinfl conOidooj an8 
(.|.«»i.w» Hours. We are (ookinsi lor re^powioie mdiviaueis. 11 
»r» itr O'lder 10 lolnoui- viaif EVenmfl !ini«t>iai,«[i«b[»r<ow, 

CALL fOa imEftVfEW 

i*«fdl«r*s Bmt n' BnM 









Pa«>t THftMRMNOeil 


Hawks stomp hapless Wright 


Alfr u 1m 

etimu at 0» Harper tontliBil lawn 

■rr r»«Hy payini «« In • !>"«• 

Torry Teraoka 

qualifys for 

II «aa Mack Saliintay tut ttm 
Hawtai. mm iMin. aMar laadlMt (Iw 
titm m rriday llM' Ha'atka ttmm 
•am UK tit* Ml'Mi ItallnaiM t» 
atac* thani' Uth tm Om ftefun IV, 

After til* (iril ri>aii4 «f 

camiHlWan' Ite ttaoka M villi a 
mm <•( »«.. To llM Haitht 

Hiamr A* ttit' laciiiiil rmmi ncurat 
mini op 1(1 dnp tlw Hawks onl «( 
•IM runiUiit (Itr tlw taain tillr.. 
Ilnfaaa «ta* iIh ittiMitr a< <l)f 

rt ll*at 

day. vtiicli «iu in* carna* <■( <Mir 
d«:iiiitM " mi* emth Rwtcr 

Mr Sit Miiir. tlw mailiMl vIiumt 
lr<Mi TMmi i« tUt (IM dwr laad. 

•ilcli «nHiM^ Iwt niada Mm 

I tiM jraan w • n«», aa «n 

-nia vaar toM cauKt Improvt 
Ma tail yaar'a ilwwini «M 
•••lliar periiintlai."* »»M 
BwMitU.. aa natMiate woii't to 
aMM Jmw and art Ixiiii MeM al 

Qriif Clwt 



l/apr*e«tfr lulls 



tvwirOay with 

LuncW Purcl>«a« 



FrMayt / SunMyt 


CiKlorvn nc Of 

SHRIMP »4.» »-"•«•»' 

CK.W»rfn»<.« Sl-M 


Live Action PinlMlls 

Ihc Haithl (tiMWd WrigM 'CoUagc 

Tlw Hawks iiol oH M a (lyinR 
alart with N«il Sduiudt'i |Wii In 
Bill »rawii «r»io look It M yanla all 
the way fur a kot* TIm kick by 
Mik<! Cuaack wai unod and Hanxtr 
quickly M 7-». Tlw Hawki kickad 
to WriKM and IM«- attcnwt* In 
move tlir hall agaiiul tlw ii>t«My 
Hjiwk* defcniw proved t» tw fiiUlt. 
m the IMII went a«ain to Hatper 

Tlw <ifCinistvc lines wlatondlnil 
<FW««rt conttmied to (if • Sdioildl 
Uw tuiw Iw (tc«<M to makt k«y 
p»»»e« and imin tlw Hawks were m 
»i-i«hri lffl->»r'd line Brian 
(.•-ttelman carried it >n lor the 
Kott and. aiHim Milir Cosack's 
kirk was g«id makinii tlw xvn V*- 
n *Haiii WrigM tn«l to mow the 

ball but Harper's defenae lead by 
Mike Schell drove IJwm back, 
Hivinx the ball back to the Hawk*, 
and lettiiH! Harper up for thrtr 
next score - 

This time a pitcbout to Daw 
B«edi«hetnwr. wlw look It 4] yarda 
all the way for a touHidown, Uw 
Hawks UMn went for the two point 
conversion snd were unsucceaifui, 
leaving the score 20-0 The 
combined efforts of Getielman and 
BcwdeKheimer with H and M talal 
yards ruihinK gave tlM Hawks a »■ 
<l lead before the first half was 

Some of the highliitMs ol the 
aecMHl half were a ©.yard field 
Koal. kicked by Mike Aevcrmann. 
A M-yard carry by .lames 
Varcaretlo and ■ 4»-yBrd carry by 
Brian Cettelman with iJine 
UBrun maklni; a key block on tlw 
pljiy The final score was JMt and 
the Hiiwkx left the field CoNfarence 

On to Midwest Bowl! 


The Hjrjwr Hawks cUnclwd a 
ipol m llH- Midwest Bowl as they 
defeated the Kennedy-Kin* 
StjitesmcnJI IS 

The Hawks will host Uw bowl 
name on Nov l«. and it will be 
played at Palatine HiKh School at 
7 W p m Harper will face the state 
champs from Minnesota 

Tbii was a must game (or if they 
lost they would have to depend on 
WriKht to defeat Rock Valley 

The Mawfta came back in tlw 
fourtii wiarter with fifteen poinia 
to win tlw game. 

IMenic was anain the key as the 
Hawks did not allow Ke«nady-Xu>i 
a first down the entire second half 

Costly tuniovera hurt the Hawks 
in the first haU as Kennedy-Kim; 
capitaltied on them and Hatper 
found theidselves behind IM. 

In the second liaH the Haivee 
detanae set up a x-qre when the 
defensive rush 

forced the SUtesmen punter to nin 
and they nailed htm at the line of 

rrom there Oevln Heaaley 
carried for I« yards, that with 
three Statennen gave Harper 
eicellent field position. Neil 
Schmidt hit Chris Jensen In the 
endtone with a pass to puU the 
Hawks within one. MOie Cuaack 
did a nn thing as he missed Che 
pojiu after attempt 

The Hawks took the lead when 
Setanidl threw a JO yard pass to 
Cuaark The twoiioint attempt 
failed as the Hawks led )*-13 

The Hawks defense nailed the lid 
shut when Ralph Florents picked 
off a Kennedy-King pass to end tlw 
Statesmen! hopes lor a comeback. 

Mike Ciiaack then kicked a M 
yard field goal to make tn final Il- 

The Hawks finished the regular 
ieamn state champs with an t win 
1 lost record and were charaploaa 
of the N4C conference. 

II » .*ii-.r Haad> ^)i tries >• gel away ttwm a Wright tackier after 
l^eeeeftkn a piwa. Helphn«ills Jelf rarrada i«i- 


hcipcr Qotege music nrxxttie 






THE WlliJ 


































The above playlisl represenls an average days programming on 
WHCM The order doe* not necessarily reflect the amount ol 

Early registration begins today 

''orvviMiily tmralM MI'-Imm 

■MIHU I tl ttmn or 'imrc> mmi' 
pMA ill MR ■nprnlntnuml in fiffMrn* 
cat* ttam Urn Mmmimm CNIk-t. 

Abo. tMgl 
Ucv*l«PMNl tacully 
•rtU b» fMlMMd miliMt' IMr 

dl^wMmial •fflm to Hf n. anii atiM 

(i'lMtanls wtui IMr 


Tli^)! nn It awMlalilc 
tlMiiatt rfi*»' and. Now. IMtt 

F«r UMM wIw don'l 

l>»Vtl«|Hll»nl Center or »oy 
■net. on whieli (I* 
ni'UK IM (lar rlaaiB* h* 
inlmMli Iw lake the nctncjlcr h* a 
raanateruiK lor aaul • liat ol 
Umlattve cteiMM' Mr cnav (akt llw 
IWnwliiit jicar ■( Hitrprr 

A|>|M>ii>tmrnt corili l«r 
rsKMrMMn at tllv niuiiiiltr 

ImMnala' iftH Hr «ivM only' to 
H'mlMils itMi .iKnMi Mtorattenal 

■vailakta rraim the St-uilrnt 

•IB lie ufwii 
I Weilnealiiiy fMni • a.m. 
MMoniiiKlltoiii. m ll«ifi.itr«lMM> 
•t llw temiMli Hill «oiitlMw 
TtiiiralaT ami f*n<lB>' anit 'K«* M- 
•}1 at file u.m« lunti m 


CoraiHiter (irint<«il» wtth evpit 
ronnw aMl niertion niimlMn are 
malaal: otlMil* dl<ni.iam offira* and 
m the. Imniie lo h*l|i .atudanta make 

KeieintrBtjon (or rwrviitl) or 
tireetwualy en.roIleil pan-ttme 
.■tmleiiti ( II .Itonrt «r lc«*i u to lie 
<ton« 'l)f Icleiitonir 

Part'tlDe' atalanla mair rati Wr- 
tlH [Mm-, .f or i I to T p.m.. to 

SI'Wieiiti KMiltnf asttftanM 
f mil StoiliMt IknaloiMitenl farullf 
neittlten may contO'Ct then 
ll«fi<la% tliR>Mh TKurs4av. H:.!) 
t.m to < p m and i to * p.m. 

Frliajr from I :' HI lo 1 p. m. 

Tiiltlon mtd lew (or an Miataila.. 
Ml and |«art4lnw. (or tlie Sprtnt 
IWII jcnwMer. are due in Uie 
.Buaincaa Ofrice by Cite . l« . 

andenti «lio neied Mii «nih 
renlMration may contact one of Itie 
(oilairin« Stiatenl llevdoiMncnt 
(■(■ult.v ineiiil>er» 
Studant Dcvdoiiaiant C«<itcr-AM7 

IlefinisBrfikkr rut, .MO 

Mai .ikl.eit. Ml 

Jov 1 IM 

Jovrc Mt'vffn. i-si.Ml 

Ha). Hi'iainter., ««», »« 

i*uilreyfal>irf)',.o«t 11.1 

Bill Kelson, at. 3ll 

Engineering, Math. Phyaieal 
Phil Troyer, ext Mi 

£cll,tskii.ext. iUI 

PtaM Aria and Oeai«ii-Am 
Janet Pnend. exl 4W 

Ubaral Arta4>lSl 

John Papandrea. eit «3 
U(« and Heattli Srteiic«>01ll 

.Steve Calltn.exl SIS 
Francem Urantley. eit S.1S 

•odal Sdancc and PtibUc Sarvlea- 

Bnire Bohrer. eil. MI 

CleteHlntiMi. e«t 3M 
Slieclal Servicw-FIM 

Nim-y Fojo. Ml, .laS 



"■ ■ " . .... A.l(io(i((uii'' orid .RoieUt'Rocidi. Po r ■ ., . '.r.o.i. dOiia./ 3i2 3V;.3000 


November 13, 1978 

Students protest purchasing South African stock 

KVA.|«am)K.R.. riiinil«.lhe.M3. 
n .trhMl year, tlw WiidMit .inowe- 
nwnt oriiini luiiwniillat la <ll«»al. 
: telBMth>««. of alm-k .' 

•iiM'. at laai. a iMl.niui) tore The 
'TuowiMiaiil tl mil ataMui *» f*am 

•r llMi ■ 

ttMl. aHMUied 'the MklMaii Ctaii- 

(enimrc im ISnlversiiy and CoriMW'.. 
«l*. l'(Wol*'rin«!« m .tattti AlrM»' 
lian ihetr »uf. pratcsla wHl loiiii 
tie e«:-a.|alliM., 

aiMcMiealt])., Om MagaMf. tmm 
irhaol* ki MiaMipii, Maiwrl. ill!' 
noia. otuov WimMin<. MtmmmUt, 
ukf Iowa arrived here to map 
piam for a rtiiional inlormatlMi 
iieiwwk flat wmM .halt roonlui' 
ale tlietr »Br*iil aclhrilta. They al- 

■■'■•■ ■>. "!■ ><?>■;■ <- "1.11 lie »nr»m.(( 

».Mir%tiwrly lowar*! a '"national 

mek o( .adlMi agalnH: niiiKlihCMl ' 

M,arrh l»-«, lITi 

Their effan.s |mlialil.y reprcicnl 
(he. tint atMinpli l4i. huHd. • 
.oMikiMil pMtM. Mrnanitkaiiin lite 
lh«i anci that ■* eBerlteely re- 
snliiialiMl raniiiB. anl)..-«ar pn- 
leata. <liitlnit tUe lata alatim' .ind 
mrly nvvenlici.. 

Ainmmrlalely , lh«i, ronferaare 
arnanlmr Heull iMtiried al the 
ttnttemily af Mkrhitan (oraa» 
the. <»»w miiional rain.iiM(tet itar 
Mm -reitimMl ilaiiMaflroltoiH to 
Mill far flM. ■prinit aruwttict "" 

..At the hc«rt. al' Hie lane. of 
("utirw. I> iiiilvarai.y arnicnhti) of 
■tiH-lts m ronipamle*' vith mo lor id- 
raiitinent* id .tait.l> AMra. Sla- 
ileiHi an dmaaiidmi' Hi* ontver'-. 
•I Ihr 

rtix-k iivirui iiwnerihlD i* 'hath 
.symtalw jiml i>l)|.B«:iwi> suiwort (or 
th« faiflil wline tiuiwrtty noyera- 
menl of South Africii 

Trimi»««. at lonir whooli. bum- 
ever, an inntMaintnn (hat rtthcr 
uitt-eMlla AmU net toke ■ 
Mt iht li»iie, m (hat (,' S mvest- 
MMally help Haclu iii 
.Atrtea. Rolh these armi- 
weim aihtroHMl aiMl *-.. 
iMiiiked' al Itw eonferewT b\ .• 
••net of itwakeri 

'Tito Uark* tttmfH. Irom n» 
tinord: (oreijn lowitmeiit iii Soolh 

Afrn-a. aihed Orike Keik*. (oon.- 

tlvr at the niaek .Allied Tradr 

Unloo moyrment •" "■■•" .■ ■■■'- 

Kiikm rrlortrd th.. 
tian «u .atiMrd . ■ ' . ' 

nom. of the veatlh .Ihal tlwy pro- 
■ild Koka 
An-anlln*!' la .Koka. white 

triiil •■ortt*! earn an mrtngt of 
t'lii per tiiantli •htlc their .htorli 
r.uu:nten)ii.rt» mm only I7'i> In mm.. 
rn*!, (h** Mt^tiitrf* ore t-vrri wurii- 
nam Koka, with wtiite inloer* ea.rn- 
m,: iM wr rnonili to the Hiaek's 

ii..m .in rrrm*.*rm'i* nod<e»si:«r .it fir..,.. m. 

tarhad .|ii|t K"*.- . by 

»-tpf:»irTn):' 'h,#i \ .:i . m jn'i ,nu«nift 
. iini:..' '.'... .. ih.i.;.: ..i.|c|ierre.nlof the 

H uT'kr.. .,...,, I,...i.| ir. South 

!ro.)*i * 

. 1 «Nv r.Miiv*"[U.!* jilt».u«Oiv 

'.. ihaLuncwM " 
....... :tiiun. «:ho .|w.* Mlhored. 

.irveral iMioki otaiit .South ..Africa. 

added thjit mm a V S amh».iMi- 

(liif to Sioutli Air.; 1 . {:■ •■ rfijortrd 

(.'hot blacti.s If «'".'' ' "'LdM,r'> «*.i*nt .1i. 

¥»«titii'r» t««'»i.i:.w thi'v see myeat- 

'ineBl.* h\ V .S firm.s (iroppiW '» 

Ihi". * yrr."nl nH'R..i.r(tv ri..(.;4me Srid- 

^ cori»r- 

"..'l. line .of 

' ' ■ :>d|KK>n.liw: the 

■'.'..' r>>.-rit Ihal tlie:* ■« 

yanely of hrtilal imeant to : 
r<>s.> the ttlark majority. 

■\h II ri exa'mpht of the myih of 
I' S Finii.a ■sBftloi: blarka, Seid- 
mijin <.-it.f(i TnaM. Inc., which tn 
(hr paxi few »'ea.r» has actually re- 
if aced tiir pen-eMiige of 'Mack* In 

"'.Mnjiy wtiite «i|ier>-tior}' per- 

lomel an- t-ncouraited tu becoaie 

mmitwrn .(»f South .African coiti- 

mawti:'' ufiilii whose .role it is lo pr«- 

ii'T'l t.''..S. eorpiirat* p'roprrty m 

..!». ii( a hiack uiwialni." laid 

..•iflmmi who prodimd lecrel 

I ■nieril Motara to ita 

4u.twutu.ry (» tiaek 

Seidn'ian urKHl itudnM* to alio 
preasure Icicai haiiki toiitot> aelltni; 
SoMli .Ali-icim |ioU Kriutlirra.nd*; 
and .|(> >oht>y to force the U.S. 
if>.venvmenl Id cut ttff ail aid to 
.Saiilh Afririi. and itop all lax 
•.Trdtlii to 1..'..%. (Irani doinK bosi- 
no'S* th»rr " People tnuit reaiiiF 
thai, f:\-ft \ i!«'lUr IS nuini-v that 

t'M. Sopp". 

i'< ' uid 

New drug test used 


(tl lllinon. toMcoi 

la BMr I . Far mare laformaliaa and • Uiratre 

tani lapagt I. iPkalaky Mike Wenricai 

,..,;;/■;,. ■ : 

■..ilh iti 

, ., Mh'. '. 


.'iK^ H«*r' 

i.wiJ|jrr»»Uii)i.: th<i'irvrn«ii(^ urnifr ihr 

■ «Tj»<.Mi«tri 

inllurm'c uf m«ri|iii'inji 

-in U» %Vlh- 

lite prKMVtJurr ijsc»d is •iimilar lu 

Ihal prdpnneil b\ lelcvisum'si T>r 

' * ■ - ^■hn'u he u«tA tor Ihe pm- 

■iruK^ ustnf a |^ rhrtuna- 

,..(1,, r.*-rh.f . ;.'■ . 

■ ■:■; and m-ass i|iHt"trwcn*ter A 

■ ■ .ne |wlj*'c i,*ri.»ri'' 

\ut':. ymti 

Miwl Mimplr iSi pi.'M rrl m the 

««lMi<llKMri>(<ii* ineC'hJinum and a t:nm- 

■ ut' \ir4'S>- 

imtxfT reAii-oul imlirai«'?^ the preii- 


*mt«f q{ THC moktmUtr vnmpountfs 

!,,, ;, , .^ „. ...^ 

.'■■uive iMNpri 

m Ihi- blood THC. of cours», i» the 

avj:iil;4bli* f(»r flrvvnl 

yrn'im.. tna 

mtive chemical m marijiu*rHi 

thi« li tUt ttnt timt II 


Cull«M« Prcis Service 


Registration . . . 
confusion and 

fM manv peapk ttmm mxt two weeks wilt be th« roosi 
(■onfuttnx (k thetr wtK»te year ml Harper. The rtJUM for the 
ronlusion is nrKistrutiiin. 

Many people say that hemg rtrnggrf ttirough « tonuM 
ctomber *i>uU tx' less upsettinij than srheduUnK. and lh«y 
are rii-M Those who have had to ko tack five and si* limes 
to re-do their schedute because classes either were, filktl 
up overlJippliiK. or non-emistent. will vouch for this 

There are basicallv three types of {ull-time -iludenta at 
Harper Career program students, transfer students and 
itndecidcd students, make up the majonty of Harper's full- 


To start off. there are those who simply follow one of the 
career programs These people have their two years of 
■ciMWI mapped out for them and they don't have to m 
throuRh the dilemma of deciding which courses to lake. 
They have their own problems though, one of which is be- 
tM "able to Jti«gle all of the designated courses into the 
.m i llf l^^ m tlMlr appropriate times If someone happens 
ts Da In oiw oltlieiwi populated career programs, he will 
(tad that tlw vmnm art olfered at one time only In this 
caaeif lhelriia«m«el.aiimetliing has lo be dropped eom- 


TImmk who art in a program, but plan to tranafer are in 
Uw aaeond beat position for registering. However, becaiiat 
tlieac ptople don't follow a strict curriculum, they do hate 
to choose their own courses. They do know what area they 
arc interested in. so they can just narrow it down lo a 
anecific field of classes. These people are transfer students 
of one sort or another and most of them have to meet tlie 
new universities requirements for admisaion. as well as 
Harper's requirements for graduation This is when good 
lUKKhnX and the aid of a counselor comes in handy The 
most important thing for these people to reroemt)er is to 
keep checking that they afwi't wasting their time lakin| 
cnuries that won't help them graduate or transfer. Be- 
cause university standards change frequently, it's very 
important to keep double-checking with a counselor. 

The people who have the most problems are the Liberal 
Aria majors. These are the people who are commonly 
c«tM ■undecideds " These people have no idea what they 
want to major in, so they spend the entire first year taking 
«B the general education requiremenls 

During the .second year they can be best described as the 
people with the very worried look about them. They don't 
have a major, and as a reatill wJien it comes time for Ihem 
to choose their semester of electliwa - they panic. They of- 
ten spend hours looking through "the book" to fiwl some- 
ttrtim wwtliwhile lo take. They usually end up Uking one 
if t H Um In each vocation and are totally messed up by the 
tliM week because of conflicting classes. 

In order to avoid as many fatalities as possible, some of 
the important dates for early registration are listed here 
Students should be seeing their coun.selors either m the 
halls or by appointment by today After seeing a counselor, 
students can take their signed educational planning sheet 
to the Admissions office. A 213, ami pick up appointment to 
register cards. Computers are open this week from Wed- 
neaday to Friday and neit week Monday through Wednes- 
day atudents may register by phone on Dec S and (i. if tor 
MKM reason they can't schedule now Tuition and fees for 
i|irin( icmester t!*79 are due by Dec. 19. 

Students shouldn't be scared off by this, but they should 
reatae that the best way to handle this complicated and 
confusing process i.* lo be aware. Early planning and 
•cheduUng will prevent most problems. 

Editor's Notr. 

In tha Nov. 6 issiM of Itw Harbinger w« 
ran a story on Fooi Service price hiltes. 
In tha alavwilh paiapaiiH, tha first san- 
tanca sImniM rw* **. . .Is also umlar 
QiMiaidaffalion." .]|||||||i ^*^ mistaka. 




What is fife? 
(by Milta Wandas) 

jmrnT'""^'^ '"**!• 

Tea tover upset by price 

(Mar Editor. 

ir» not vpr> biK - m f»rt «'» w> 
liiUMfr itwn a Imm* ol timtchei' 11 

s«>'S rmthmn, never t*lk.s tack; yH 
II run (tiv« j-nu m mudi comftirl 
Md tend)! to m»k« nm the ■"'tuird- 
nrt" rertplent iwll undrr to »p- 
Itlipd mitiiritMii ! 

■ft nlwwra twen am; of mom's 
Imme r»iti«His»: alw»j-» giMid ant 
Iff cutiio on K M day. ami rvan 
l«-«t<T ..n a rotd day wtirai fmr 

It ■» HI <••*)' to line - iKWer tmkm 
a meil ami y«t - atwaji rrady to 
rel!l«v<t roil «i thouf tmiith day* or 

«<tstatn you thraaiih your "diet 

A small nunrhalant, niin- 
coinmittifd abiirt twcame a 

STAR" muw .<iuddi!n(y no Nov 7, 
whfn tlir price of tea raw from 15 
rents - sm/lri! cup lo ai rrnts sin 
and m cent* Ii-k ctip A lae imvent 
increase fflvrnu.Kh« 

Wow ' If the prKTs riM (or every - 

mint elw in the caletena as fa* 

and aa htuh a» tea pncen rose - Ihe 

M.iM plus deflrit ihould be 

cltarvd up m no Umr m our food 

«rvl«' .. .. ,_ 

Bea Mmpht 


••eiOtJ Bodien-" \ periad In whteli 
wan animal or any other llting 

creatnre tpeiMit U* time MkUc «• 


Penkata- A ikawe l» ei 
and enjoy people. 
• and the world arnand 

lUlllW'-lii-Chler D«MileTa»cl*a 

ManaRlnK Eddor iiiw Cnnrey 
F:dlt»nat Editor: SueCimny 
feature Edilor .Inan Peterion 

.Sjuirt s Kditnr .)« Ku-seli 
I'lwto Edilor Mike Wende* 
Cartoonutt Steve Moikal 
Buainaia Manaifer TerrI Jaeitbaon 

Slaff. Cindy Caravtllo. Jim 
Biirrhart, Judy Saundi-rs. Mark 
Kraser. Brad Case Kan<Jv Kr«M 
Distribution Editor Cindy Caravella 
Advlaor tJorothy H"vano 

The HARBmCER is the iMudent puMicatiim for the Harper 

iv>l|«.(>e rampiB rommunily. pul>li»hed weekly except 
durinii holidays hkI final eiams All opimons enpnsied an 
tlKise of the writer and not nnvasaril) Umw of lh« cailaKC 
lis adminlilraUon, (acuity or itudent body 

Tlie primary purpoar id Ule HARBINOER a lo niorm. 
involve and entertain the situdent body of Harper OdteRe 
The main (octm of iti content iliall ti« Harper related. 

AU articlet ubmittad (or pubUealiaii muM be typed ami 
double spaced, with a daadiiM of Spin. Mondays, and art 
sub)ei-l lo edituin l*tter»-to-lhe-EdiUiT muil be signed, 
munen will be held upon requeal AdvertlsinR copy deadline 
IS 3 pm Taaiaw prior lo Mooday'i publicalion For 
adiwrtlaini! nUa. call or write HARBINCEK. WjM'— 
aauiey Harper Cotlege, AlKonquin and Hoaelle Koacu. 
I>alatlnc. Ill . MKItT FIhm m-tm. KA Ml. 


Legal Aid 



^matiitg. Tilt 

•n ««iMiy .inllat to iMy tka MUtWni. laiwi Mnapamr'* 
. 1 iliiitlHnit, to 

r 'llMi4: fhf sMiw ami' *ii*il<l ilka 

' V 'Aiflnial k • apiiiMii 4l iwiipriMlaMn' itowihipMli 'lif ilw *A><>' 

; > lil^ RlMtllMi HMt ■JUftM III' III*' tf ■MmI ittHlHI. (I iOIMII* tte 

I •■mnmm lii«. Aw (rf'Sl taair prtMinlvi * mmmt in IlK nm 

■ ifily m taW: !■ jiflur mm I'or^iiiiiimii tiir iwrli twiipiiM 

niurl rf iniill} »tll iirt to vtmt • innllllflla-flr •! iiit«i<m> 

,,, ...I,,...,.. .,. ..i.r...» wn«n((ll|illi:*m«>l«*iHJ|P»»««"t "■•'«'•■•»« •■»■'■ 

!rmj»1 f K*rT 

from rlubf or orgaaliatlon* K»rbln(t«r wiU bt ■«• t« i»«p ywi 

K will arvc » m M«i(dln( wait*. praatnlaliiHw, li*wia«l «i aB »• cwltaic *»«*•■ 

iliMittm .lulilc. WomaUMi m 'iiiMliiwii «iU ww «« mOtt UUa MMl m—i 0» 'Imwapi*^^ <* Mr 

m4 turn <*«* capMl*' ai hmMtm- ff^ '■* ■"*** liMiqMh »<ini aad 

Amy MliiwiitliW' rwMlfail W'Hi lliii iMt» imtlMMl' Un t— mitciwwgt. 

ikt'iMMi'toiiia' eMCflfll 


In ^pjsvM ► , t f 

\ 1 ' ^•^ I* 

«J ir r'cl ami iwnwMl proprrti ui h«hl in iwnt timanrt m Antmu and 
SouUtdMiiia ^nf ""If*'! r^>— r in. •urvivur «K)Mwt probitf <*<>iirt 
aiimHMatra i ■ 

K ^ f *if ill r»i 'fii 1 I iiNt Ijjith > 1 Mitli t*)r I 

Ilt:f* 'I- 

Tlw S|>ir«a<l-K»iil* Dki Qiilt urn- 
iipiiliani • iiwrtBt lawvlr aail ikl 
IV ■ M|m- 

w il t D m. im 

Fmnch Club 

Anj-lwl) with M (itkllmt •! 

r»«ii«* t» •ek-nBi* III a» anh 

Kraiwui, rrmcli 0«b Tl» dub 
nwM« fWfj. Ti»a*if •!» Hit m» 
mwliHI. iMir nf Ma ealM«rta (Mn 
a Bi«l:.ll'|iiii...lla<liMtaar«iK|Ml. 
to mai* IMr TutMiay tiiM* tteir 
Frwwfc'lnmr' *J 

jijittoilMi •iimnif *«iit»ui firotiiiiii- I'min .iHininHmwiniii • 

M.. ClHi"te'r«tiilMHl.«a:iHMltrHr.« tii 'isf fannt* iMatMiiMl .> ;.;.:... 

tmtmt >— Ifclitf' illiMll)' altrr w* «t» #f'iiir(<«l I *fc1i«J 
I aatf 'MMMkntwIi to tlac' lamitf HitanM Hit iHwam-f 

.\ n«lllt.Stl)|!|lla' ' Sm •>( 4-I > «•:!!"• IIHM tfet aiMMMl '•!' ailMMmf ilMlMail- 

' ■' '« ■■» M iMMnmal IN- 'ilMMaiMl' %) wtlat tl tli» '«iaff 'Ulitm' riirriiiB- 

.ntw ■■•llMancHi aMMf «lMi«|!». mw. alaai tit 'iMftia* tmm wfmmt 

t lilt tmm. turn Mtm'mmt clwaipaiiiiil' •fteli ilwll nrclm i|{'llM-|Wiip*l> 

laimttf IMH atfMPNI <lii»iii«: it* inaimaKt 'l«: 'fttir ••«». pn»f»ll> 

<<l« . li « :Fr«i«t lit tlMwr narlj' ■«& raair Uw nan t» aiiar III*' 


',> 1 i m. l>H|»'p<i Nn> N> ') '. I 

How to save money 
on nearly anything 

njK Mai]iiii EwaniiaM 

RMHI Wlkm a«l Malt' MlalKin 

I' >iwan phwimi IMt nMiurt nM 

-' ■•*ia|Mt •• purctiaaiili 'pinur .<il 

'- Hai«|«a«nilMr"t4Mai 

1. 'allaift ilwliiiii' mm. inaMtiilarli' 

.Hani hi li)' (Imit 'Wcimfure* 

•mw* itim 'mm 'latiiBtl)' oerk Mlt 

1 1 ttw tmly (w • {■'<■ iMMIIli: 'ill' tM* 

-ar TiMtir bnlitirb an itttMlnfn 

Mnni maiit!! 'IM mmm tmmt 
•.rnm rail 'ilii' niicill 'Kmaierd ln- 

.. iwlaal <* •iiMM'' (Mtl'<rM|lMl cato'i 
.'i 'Iroiwi.-. ; ■ - .'iJw •ill :|lilp 

THr »)■•"■■ =-'>'"'l' f"'*' •'" 

Imtltm '•■(KSB (lo'C'ii'iui' *i»'*t(i»fw, n. iv 

^Iki|» tin>*iMl te'iWf ii3uM.U'f'f sm 

'« CSItB thti rail t» *■» 

••mtm ((*« toiiio' Won! 

I''.. .'■'. '-rat lii:||iii *n 

1' ri.l...i, . ■■• " ■ : . '..l.»)l irtmteB illl' 

iihf i'««'»'inji«i«( a '. i(jml i»hK:'» 'In 

.•lait iwfetna lar IwripilM 

Sahm ■■■ otlirr itmt arr iimmH) 
w*mwmT*l tfi t^^" ^ir«iL,H". <'"4itM«wi. 
ftMfnnniiMi'r'i .»ijn..<-.i '.inrrnwiiB 
. .«%'* an «l «w WW rf tlMTM iiili'^i''i.. •« 

■ iHrii taniaii* <'•■ ii* kimM: 
Ml) M'Hl 'Hum <in« fliin' »r 
amAliM' a-lll 'hiMi'.! ai'lt'iM'aB 'i*in 
'k'oii iiMNt. llMiii! Itir tatNial'iia liarr 
■itiFii tmmtt .malMF * iM <>> •twi 
rirfoiii'liiktit tawcil! anil whurt' 

TlHi IM'-IMfcm)! MlMmi'iiir wilt 
alM' ml Aiiaii <m wpfialiit ta'ttnn 
Tim»"ii'lll naw imwtj l»wa«i» <■«••» 
MaiMi ImigH 'HI' ihumIii! aHiMil lo 
the fetf 'W 'Will' M: M* mar* aiKt ar* 
(mnd! not' iti lit watM «liti> 'Dm 


iHHliiiii fiw tfvtitywui^''* skMI fHrtili" 
man ftllftf^ Halm, l^iwuiteii of 

ii^iilliii' iM. , 

TMctila ■» «•' Mlt in tkt Mdi, A 
tMngc 'tniti III !■ II aial B In I |t.iii 

.MniUalait to It {Mr imimii.. Tk- 
hUl. may aim Iw 'iMirrluiiiMl at tlit 


flariHr 'CMlag* ti 'in (Mnplaaw*' 
'■Ml flactltm IM al tht KctialittM*- 
UMt Ad. at mj •Hrh' Hates tlial 
"Ha otlMniiat. ((iialifM. Imiil- 
MlilMid iiMlivMiid. u dlt UoHail 

I ihail. loMy by raaaon «( hii 
Imiitwap, b« •xcluM (Mm th* 
|iartirt|iat)an m, be danM the 

bencflU <tt. or be wbtaclcrf lo <Ua> 
crinliMtltm inuler any |)ni||r>iii or 

activity reixttliiK Padtnl Stum- 
da) aai iitaim 


Ttw LI S Uyiiauin ScboUiralup la 
avatlalilt for tulllon and fees at 
Haifwr DiU«ct Sciectlnn will be 
1 on fliMinrlal ncml 

AppIk-aUeni are availakia at the 
Fuuin-'lal Aid OCfte. AW. Dead- 
line lor apiiUcatiani la 1 


Ail Ilit WHk WHCII wilt 'be (tv- 

in* •*•> liM>(<iir>«i* ukaUnc 
^cMi la fha Waadfltlll Irt Arena 
e«prt tatW'. temday. mCM O'lll 
tar aif'M( awif tMMi nweit tor 
aff amr 'CHcvga 'TMn-Chiil nma 
al llie Flum 0ffiiee Flixa. MiiA. 

CCM danca 

Ikwi • m i. |*.:lli.. n Hit Bldt.. A 

tiHilMI All aiK WtllfWIIMiH. 

••tit 4mm pmUaea In lie • 
I (Mat 'i* 'Mm lliainila.r Oya- 

MiiH •raak.t' Nitariow'i' f>aratfv 

.Oat*: Sai'itrdav* Novttnlivr it 

Tim*: t' 

Plaet: H«rp«rCollef« -Hldf. E-IM 

C«si: tl 00 in advance - M.SO at Mor 

PrtsMtMl Oy Woodfitw Jewisn Day School 

Call ■«! 7J«S lor tickrf into. 

r M, MiiiM M > » Ml B > M ,■ M IL.M, ,■!.,»,■„ ■, m m.M m m :B | iB„M | JM| 'B ,, B | ..Ji,.M .1^ M || ,B..».M p.,B :■ m..M.. .^. J ^ ^ ■ ^ ^^ J ^ i| ^UUL 

ail'wrljiinl in Om tmwmftitmM t» 
mm Ihr nkarrttamtiiir i* 'riaii.)' 
i#frr<l it » naif' price •■d 'iftH (liat 

.CMbcr 'ia:f'i lit taw iMiaay at 
|ilirrl><i'>a''> .>r>" MiriMiglt' tile' '<■« ill 
iMlk t... . > ' ."... \i tliai* CM; bait 
hiitii' <i ....!::.,',.■ 1 . jiiR be poMliaitd: 'Im 
iHiualil:) . Tbii* teilwNpe ilMiHl ila 
raccMt) wtd !■■»■■■< fll«B II' Hit 
Kcmi nr*. )i|Mi«M: .«' wmImI Hat 
lirinf |nrr mH a*!!! .lam gal: 't» '!• 
more l.h«.i> Iht »iii<(W' il»«i'' mifr. m. 
ibr «t.*irf 

W'b't|.» tn.l''..-"'ri(!' •Iii'.nv. . 

•Idi'I I'..-.. ....i.c ih«, ico 

•rB'..*' ''Jif 'itlwiia 

.Mflirr apiM-'Ui MMI1C 'iniiifei It laiMT 
liripct' Itak NMIiMily' atlwrtliaNl 
itm-m. nitfii ■mt iiiml* net '(lar 
-..■I :. !'>...;! <.i':... ikriiaiKli arelul 
. ..ihi' ir'i..iu...i, , ,,1... ite mm ba;r|:aiB» 

|M> 'I'MIHl 

ll'fct'B 'l>i»m.|! (h.i>n* *f>iH-wl: 
bramjii. ht rariftil to t'beek Ike 
'H'liiililii .Mid «(.r*"K'.f cmntrarli 

liellrn..! Ih........ i.rMl:H-N .*Ollle 

bTll.l'i. .:... .1 • '! I»ick 

tlWMr .f 1 .... i.j'i.«... . an rf 

gmM i't...j.ii . ' '■>'.* ' . ...aipa.j»!'E are 

fB*-r'.-'l'. i.."::l. !'-.'"'.;■■ 1 :.: .1 fllllfll Sll* 

ai'Kt '• vM I pri.nii;l». mny ntlU'llt 


.% B«i'«} waj li! .|t,iii|.r»inli«« III* 
i]'U«M!i' >:>( libe fmliK'li. bawcM: '1* lift 
bo'v frnnthr rriKjInMr mtwlianti... 
wb<. • ' -.i!iM|. hclmad 

lb.- i. II" tbe 

m.ami'.u. iutr.r"i mm i BfliaWe 
itlur** «-« be |.oaiMl<lliriMi||h.«llllMI' 
ad'viK .■.Ml ilviHiNh a Hieaiia 
'r«lal'.HM«*liiw m llw gall aillk the 

»Oltaatll > ' t .l a Mlt«' 





AAon ItTor* «* », Wed Ttiurs Fr, 9»pm Sat 9 5 


call for appointncnt 397-0100 

Algonquin Plaza 
833 E Algonquin Road C 


(Route 62) 

n's and Women's 


Reg. >28.00 

Now M4.00 

n'lmy y it' yn i' y irii' i ' 

For First Tim* Cttstom«rs Only ' 

i'ir wi ' T * ¥W '» ¥ii tn r n mt* rm n 1 1 » » n » » » I <n» • »■» » --tV 


to quit 

•HI* fnakliitg. TlMrDla) Nov 

TlK AnMritM Cancer SmM» a 
HiK||Ml.lni lliai MMlicrt all ■»■• 
(IM- land aluMidon ttair cMiaMtai. 
at ItaM Iv IM ilD!r and HairiwT 
•111 l» partici^ttnii ii> lliii cvail 

iJtM ytm Ihc Aawrfcan Caimr 
iC|i' Mtonatat Hal marw tkm S 






tnitafrltM'a fasr, iiwiialiiw toonch 
iBMcy tlmi t( tavMt. rituM 
liicfiait'llit ImiIiIi acmuiti ol hum 

tark-a-day »»ok«r tD«niia 
Italy raw a jraar Mf ' Hit 

Peers help students 

TMa la Uw Mcond part of a acrWa 
•f artkic* abuut Harfwr CoUcgc'i 

taaa««l«r Ra<l|tr rall*r 
Mr a talar* la cawwallaa m 

I iralilasiM ami ilNinciw lift 
arcwnttiuc In tllc 
Ancrlfan Caimr SoclMy 

Ptr rapHa »nMiii.|ittMi «f 
rt«tr«tl«» Ita* Imm steaMy 
(iavtlntni^. ImtkatM a trmmm 
trtmt t» qatl jnnofctm 

On* lociatlj' uroniN'tiil 
^fdlMrltl ralM tlilt trniai 
"caltaral cmiwioiBiMSii " PrttfUii 
an a«an tiM cttairMM niMkiiMl 
to b»4 to tiMM' iMcaltli. and il't jMt 

HImiiiIi WMMn aaad la Inl lak 
Irani tiMg niatw Inkamc ikc 
daalli rata oat Inw for vaiani 
irailllMtiit mub Ihal far im. Uua 
pMlltt la lieitnrMiig Ut ftmnar 
•ianmiaicSr.. Tha lamate iimf 

tit* nam III y*.m TlW' nak. 'UT daaWi 
Iram. lima' cawwr (or wooMn wliii 
•ft hm^nr tlfantla nmikara ia Hm 

nad«* eantf am avaUrit' in .tka 
LHwary. Hcallk ScrvMw and 
•tniiat Adiviliat 'Klflw Smokars 
ar*' initil: lt.ilP'« fiMl and giiw K 
a tqr tlMniitr ikiUii 'ika OMai. 
Aniaticaii .Imokaanl and lafea a 
daf a<t Irofii iimkinfi 

Ismt Mtk tilt HartHiwr ran a 

iMcliirt naar tUt iliiry alMMil the 
Matr^iilar r))rmii)|*y [)an<!c-«- 
llMn. The (Mritin <m nM ka¥« a 

Una, ||. aiaa a |M(.-tart of Dantal 
MyghiH raaklaii' aknw and .not 


911 W. McDonald Rd. 
Prospect Heights 

Ml IK I mill 






C'nnifnrml to but year tht peer 
rouiurlinu pnticram Iws lirtrnm- 
iM-atli rtpandmi llurinit tha Wt 
iprMw wniralfr. tlw pmtrmn mm 

tl^ffeii b» «wn counfelBCa. tkia 
wmrsler ii ha* « reowl meiiiber- 
■•(np (>( ihinnm reBnmflori rrilim 
(iwr ( (WMwbrt Koiliter Fuller ami 
Mr* RltM. I^rliM'iki aifree tlial 
the iiniKram prtvldea • neccaaary 
mmct to Harper studenti 

rulkfr is majwmit in lilwral art» 
•ml l» alminf! Inward a future In 
•rwufwelmit « public relallmi In 
addition to pear coitnieling. Fuller 
plax dvfemiw end for the Hariwr 
(lawki. and ia active In a ywitli nr- 
f anialiMt known a* Siwi City 

Mrs lj>rk(wiki uafuU-Umaalii- 
dent. najsrin« in liuaineat 
mnaiRfiiail SHe kit «aln«d ad> 

mitiance to the Harper Iratemlty 
Phi Thwla Ka|>|ia 

Fuller firxtK it lanciiatlnft. lit- 
ftirmln): and anutinfc fellow Hn- 
(Irali FreiliRien Jittt don't kwiw 
emuth abuul Harper and atiat It 
has lo cif fer Uiem We peer •r«nn- 
iiflan provuje infMinatiim ahaul 
the «itle(i» in a verj' (linear* periKin 

'People who are tmlla'ble lo ll»- 
t«>. Lnlcrpret. and aaaliil fetlow 
slud™t». charactertie 'peer coon- 
»elor» III II Ut. "lays Mrs. lAtow- 
■ki, We provide an mfomiatlve 
and Vitally important »ervl« to 
Ibt students. ' ' The reaion for Mn. 
l.orlni»«kj's amorou* attitude of 
the program li that laat year »he 
rec-eived a lot of advice and nnder- 
■tandlnK from many of the former 
peer coomelom. She can be con- 
tacted throiiRh the Womcn'c On- 
t»r irlilch II open « am lo i p m . 
'■MmOaf throuieh Friday 

To find out alxNit the peer coiin- 
telini; pnwraim. mntaet a Mudenl 

cminaalnr Oiratwh the ewnaell 
center In btdie A or the Women's 
Ci>nt«r In P 117 

l»e»r roaaielar Mn. eillr 
Larkawtki n alH involved wiik Uie 

Women'* Crater. 

• plMlakyRaady Frill > 

No««fnbw1S,tt7t THEHARBINOER P*9«S 


Students visit radio station 

If Qlns 

AMOtS' I'MaRii 'B tu Aiwfl m-Reta. mm ci»ll««l 
ilMft •wmlMiB ll fMitailiti ¥'i»ii c«i» •«•* M • calm •■■• Ito"!* P»w. ■- 

•ilMrinx athm 10 InUnv ytmr ImmI. (iiMd time In 'fiRiMlii. jmur MM* >m1 
ami) nioiMrriittw Iwlp 

TAURUS, i Aprt^ ■ H> Mar Vl-Vw cam rMilw • maltor alHint 'irhlrh 
rwitawta Nllttnxli emiiwtoiiH- A fwmlrwtoe nmwiwch «lll •ttow »o« 
Imfllllllywir iteiirw SudM We tt f»»orwl w««»i <»■" iwipl"- »«» M-tw*" 

OSMINI: "<Ma«' II tu Jim* » 1-1*11* tMati •» »»><»« ti> ■■ ■!>•)' <*" <*><• 
%'iiu II :r<w. cMMUmt l» <lu yw mnr Ixit- Work to 'craalc 'iMirt 
unl»ritiiiMlii« tmtimm pm aal 11 nuiwrttc paWnw . lliMi< fair Uiivf 
(IwtMv-nuiliv fKiir iMallM ctMr 

CANCER I Jima a l« Jalf M (-C«iiiiil*rict l«l»ip <if i«Upil> by tmm 
trnrnmi fnrntt* •ml cimnUiwi )«mr M«««Hm« ' h *m>t»lic mailer ytm'w 
Iwta UMltwit «« «•««» *** "»" •"» «'"*' «»eH»XI» <•* •»"'■■■ •'a'** 'I**'- 
IwaUll ami tn m» of n«.. 

UBO: aatylllnA«t. B>-0«l j 'ourmimt «)«t ycmrielf Itydolmdililiiiilor 
ttlfcen (iMrt »«>ii«;lilt»f»rf'fuli) , l>r ctJMJrurttw «ne! nni|>aiiillto.. timl 
atkm ••iMiaiv* Micial M« to »«l> ymtr enrrites A ww retallci«illl|>'nHiH 
cvmC' Inla yowf 111 k noiH . 

VniOO- 1 Am- » «»a«Vt- n-Mak* cmlnMi-Maft ■ mm prmmn m 
pUm • Wip. Diii'lalliw (lay dftawlnd to tntertrri- witli jiaar •fflcJancf mi' 
tMc je*- M** • •■«' "•"• '"•■ «"*•"« imiwrta* *r»»inni. K«*|» ikkW Hie 

UBRA.: iSmfl. a. la Of*. ■)-ei«tort> laiiiily in«n»l»r«' « Irttiali. imi 
ne*l v«Mr altiim*!"! it«» *a ■«« ttimd « nmiaiit* «miM ruafptar and 
" 'thit m IWmc" may mil M' Iter* . Take ran of I 
t.tmtm« m mutt HilfO' |ir«ilitoni» tol»r 

SCOWIO: tOlf. II 10 Nov. lll-Takif a Mat on Out mOebtm mm 
c»i»l«By nhmm Om msmmm at i>lh«r» G«rf ttiJuf to "tinly ifi Ihe arw» 
wtMfv l»»iw* ilUll to nmMirinf <m tht |#l» T« ilaat Iwm •rt r<Mnpii»t»n. Ixr 
pnsniMm tn y»iir llimfc»ni|. furtJ liii|»» mm «»»*»«aiii,iiii»-iiiB»» 
^(iiniBW « rumimttiwMit >■<• rmnitiil i#t|i 

SAOITTARITO', («»». » *« I*". llt-(>rn«ii»» ymr mtrk «ftl 
f«iiii'»n»r»l.> Ml eHH-wncv ruml. altii* pleaMr* ■rtlvttet.lB talerftrt •illi 
<M> T»k»' c»r« mJ iJoiiMeflu- roaHers, wrh »• 'ntpiiri aad iiMUnliniaiK-r 
K wnvm wMKtnet ■ttt lainily w»!iiil>rr». 

CAPmCOlN: itHK. » »» Jam. »i-V««r iMifMt mA. *emm» n"M »>f 
.■mitt BiiwitliMit »l tl"» tmw Y« m** »»«« ««• ma** ami !•■ rtM ■» *»- 
Ltctm) »ll»t • !«»»<l «w Try to !)• mire r»'la,»«l tMWiiiMiily«|X«t 
nllirr laoiik't apwnKina. 

MJOARIU*: !■ Jaa. ■ U> tm, mt-Tatut ran nt tai<ti|*l niaH««-»ai« 
itwl hilla r« UUnKf artiaiid tl» tmm Itat y«i " w l>««i putimt <* Try la 
aniTC' diiai{,re»iiiM«l» wift \mt4 ««•• *n>iiiH« «V«« «»tae«i»M» aiwl reiW 

i'>n« ■ol ttw nan abjwlH-es <il tUt 
Hariwr CtiUan* Eluclronlrs («l»- 
cram t* lo ajuily c<mh*|«» ai tiMjr 
relate to iinJnilry' • <■>" ^"v 1. U .Ma- 
denls (nun Dr. Hiehani Berti- 
•lrtn'1 Kl.T MB rlais fiiili-d the 
tranimHter hoimas of WMAQ 
Ituilin in 'Mwrdy BtaitnMiiiidak 

Tti* iMir nf fte (■eiltlie*. *li«.-h 
<)ai* hiirk to III* aarty HOIl'i. «*»" 
a ««<UntCliaiiil« Csntianr e»ptti- 
memul rtalKm bniiKlfartnl (ram 
the «lf . inrtuikd 1 (allmiil ihelter. 
luirwil umlrritrMind tat br<jail<-»itt- 
mii (luring an attack . 

W"M AQ't Irauniilter su|K>rvimr, 
Kan aaininiicr, nt|>taintil tmm tlw 
vnrlau* rampMitiili al Uw <|Nn- 
lliin, aach a* tlw arliial trananittar 
and UM arolanna i«tiM« atandi 
mmr 7M (I talli. apply tn lltr ron- 
eapli being tan«|M tn (Im! Hartrnn- 

Hnal ol the itadMilt Iwwl tlla 
tanir unite mlercMinii. became 
noit tad nrrer realned wtial «ien» 
Into lite arlnaj bnMdcaitWK of 
radio. THe EI..T W €»••» ti a 
»«riiiid yaar onine in tlie Electran- 
ir,« T»rlin«*if y Mipeer prof ram 

K«i Melatnf er 
ilarri«hl> pmr 

MM Ad radio <lar leNi and llr. Riekard Brmntetai 

WMAO'i radla aateana »lUi Ike electrenics ctoM. 

1 pkata ky Tom Scknrrke I 

S: frak. II lO' Matdl ■>-¥« nay twv* many mm m ike tire. 
M ymir aiwrity i» Itlgk and you can «*» «' .Single I*iin:»Biia tmM begin a 
nunanct aad llMwe mtm are iiMrMd riiaaM MM Hit iMWlallan to m 
llHolvad' in an na.«i«t ■itaal.lon 

I CampM i;Hge* Nenni. Stvttn t 

Like writing? 
Join The Harbinger! 



!•««. ••»«a»»e I »*. 
|.lt.WC«W.alt4.N| '.'1 tMCk S. af 

mi rtoiPfCT I patATim 


fT«i«i.» p.m. Wilt Prt*i»«/$iiii*«»« 



•warvAiy wiwi 
ttinct* l»wrcli«t» 

PrM popcorn 



CntMJren 'Sc 

i.^B.t.i.i» Country 

SHRlMrMlS tmeiian 

CMtdranllaf fl.ti 


Live Action PinlMlDi 

Ii iiirii.*"- ' »■ 

»• TM« MAWWWOEH Wowmte«r n 1«7« 

'j Speaking.. 


Cabaret opens here 

Thmk (J* !»•■ ii»w mm* t«i' ham tmm lurrBimeil b» >«»r taniK wtlli 
a» UttJr tUliiie.* HiK tJwy wii«i« In «*«> «t y**' I'll* nut talking alwut bre- 

tjil fornr i>r (*.VMMl aliiiii* I'm rrftmnd lo tlwir aw»iinW(C ubiJtl* «« 4a 
ihmm t'tal r«ill> irt >«, «*» h»Min«i Ann ,|jiiiili»r'» roliiroii <m tl» n-- 
(riittrrHiir mtten thryVr ture yttuTI «■« i« t«-f«>t» ■MaeUmg tl» (ood'ttat 
■ K'MteUMincKk 

Mil* M ft llial •««*' linKr y<iur mwttivr <» iollicr 'nadii li«r cmliiinii. tliv)' 
jtiMMMUratlr liiiillrf »i»- l.ii»l*ii>l «if .nkiiwtjr ■rtllig yau lit W**! ter 
rnteirm, tlwv («' CWIUKlW ••" P»««' 'I «■» t*" nrlmrrator •mnnimnleil 
«i.lh J um» »>(» «|>«-|»U) (.,.r V'li f'lfju.- r.-..,l lhi« .lotaiiv, I.<ivif, 
%t«m t-,:v™ tUtmuIi ttW)' fffiliir tv..» i< d»«iisis > .«»- ilwv JiHiUj her »<!■ 
viw fcir all l« »» « I'f 11 mm ttw Amrrimn FUk fi ran »»| ureltj' ri'v.ilt" 
(UK It) ht iHibtectftl 10 hiAint «< Wtrr» Ukr l^nfly m t.*ii«i»uii»«"', or 
\ .rtm «ta" rvirr> urn* >i»u ••)»: >«n >i>urltili-lwn 

: ■.■ ^ <m ever (wl itat Ajw « twr •««. ttiMir AM»., arr nnmi. 
(I. ir».»»uii:iiitt<"t'''B*'>''l«>lll t'w "»'*» ptw(>l» »i-luiilU lake i>" 
I. ■" • ^.> nmmml}. ., II yau'v* t«»r tmiknt m Mth*r ',■, 
ihcm .:,« know ttal UMf>"H «« Irt)' tfll > "<•"'•>"'"■"'"■ ■ 
lutrtwi'ut tiot >hr» '11 alM l»H im hrm mmv ..-hnir. «ii». i... put, •.n liir still 
Olid )»« mtii-ti iiU'l-tlrf ftiwl 111 IMF. 

;r <iit :it]|-craiiMi>irl«t»»'r(lcs>n(»r'aMiwitii<Ml' 

t mul Wtk ••nlriil" Tl» lifltw ii:*t» imcier with 

,.. .,; ilnnxiU'ititMti'niitMil loi re»ti aiif (orttar Ttom 

r««TOf» Wi« ».lvii-<- TO* tent fnrrn .,.( liirlh etintrti ti 111* pill, ..tic* it 
M«t»t«ii rtmr trxi. ftmiki drinnnni;, ih» i«wr. confineil (jiri tm her fiK*. 
tNy f ni«ii*lf hilt ■miiMwir t»li»l*i» l«i« «lr|-,i iwrMlii te l«: tlmtti. im oil 

Hr*i» alMMt tjM! (IrnmaMl. m-irr»clK« (iru('-4l«|MMhal mil •hii'i nH'llit 
vrnr (If cttfitintlinii suickI* and all the advice tlM iMt'CMt'lPl !• In eamM 
* nhyitrian if tmin(,i itiiwild «•» wtwae , Whs can telf hnl Iwwomit ciintiiMd 
wlwn «im«ji» l»Uii. >« !«• tow more rM»i«fl fur >-«i«r p«ir«ila t?«n. M 
llwy di> taat >•«« every H'mjIM jml (m th* »m» •« H "• 

It f •vttiiiK to Uie (Mint lliat i( Mm Iclli } iiu it's rude l» Icavf th# dinner 
'lalili tn'in tlHMigli you )iiil iwaltoattMl yMr lad rtntarl Irni. llwn you'd 
Mlar fuat ttct up lUHtl ynu'v? f tnidlMl tluK latl M of (nnte «i your piste 

Vau may vaul M iMk at tl (ram Am iJiiKlers iwinl >j* view Maybe 
■Me * jufi urk a»d Hred ol |»eii|il» btndiiii her car with tiMMr trivial (»r»b- 
leni Mbr. WJiat dm y«» d» with a iimther-in-tain tlwli « yeari uW ami 
iittmi; mriing'" !ty iwinn m abaurst niJiitiiina to mir (iruMani. ,*nii IJIOT- 
dan and Abby cmld be lelling iw ta bug <i« and fiiiurt It nut m <iur amn 

Bui Iben anam maybe Utty id ■ r«al kick m* of r»»din« atxwt »ome- 
iHMtF elae'* iMQielMlIc tacaffaite at fmiled up marraiie. Perhatm it's • 
lanii of antcftalaaMiillarUMnt. Try lo ptetwn yourielf a> the alvcr of ad- 
VIM' If you. <•«■« tapattawtng praUafU* of your own, wouldn't you iMt In 
raad about »«iineb«dy elw wbo ut beaten up every nttbl by Ibelr dnmkaii 
ipniiaa * It wnuld make your worrica <eem ao trtle 

If fliat'i the eaie. Ilum ' Swlde Salty ' had b«ller ItNit elacwhere fiir 
Miw prartlral advire on l»w t« oi|>e witli twr life or iht'll newr ■mount 
taiHira'lilaiiaaitaiiin taanaiat'OiiaiMnMiw'a refrtaaraliir door. 

Service planned 

tn ma MUM' tf Mwiwr Collaca 
fVtaidMl. iainca Metirallt wal- 
miMi all .MudcnCi. farulty and 
■tan b> Join m a Thank»«iylinc Era- 
nwnkat Service It l» a lime (or 
IMopla of ail tattha to gatlwr Uy 
HMIwr as on* Mmidimily intiK 
tiMinki awl praii* la God' for aU ot 
HIT blenintk 

Paaturi of all dmnliiiiHltonf 
from, lilt cliariihm of Ihc northnaM 
lulMrta ban been lavtled to iiail)- 
ripale la 'ttie relebration. 

Th« t'ant-ert Chotr, undar tlie 
«r«ft.ioo. <i( M,r. Jerry F , tiayidMn, 

• ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»*jj« 

• FOR 

will tie prcaeni lo u tt tmm two 
fele«-(Min«. Ttw larvlrc has bean 
liianned by Mct'lrath. IlavtilHin 

from (he Maw Defiartiiicnl, Mary 
Jo tWiilM Irani the Drumt tkptti- 

inant. iluil«nt>' Faith (Mncli and 
MUie Nairn, and Campus Mtmsteri 
Smiaf' P»iaj Brennan and Siaier 
Julie FlyiMI 

cm Urn. » il 'mfiilit be WMd l» 
take line from your dally roulln«* 
to jotn w the Thaakaglviiii Eru- 
nwaiatl CeleliraltiMi from U-il:V 
A.M In P-W. RaltialMMiiti' will 


'if lua'Cmroy 

flir '1*1* neit »»ek certain 
IMrrfornaM'ei will be ttlvcn that no 
MM< nhrnU rnisn, but anforlunattey 
•wmr proplt! 'oill 'ban la. 

I"i-er)i nhowiiiii of 'Cabansl' at 
Flafprr t* Hid out frtm ufiewnR 
itijttit No*'. * lo rl«m«; night N« 
19 . "nw' tact that th«" play w Mild out 
already ., i.» •«« iia,y of teBing » 
truly dmervmif ihow. Atlw lecjiii 
(he prndwlmi anyone will nate 
that the Jidow ii truly sinK-tafuiar. 

Tb*. plai lit let in Berlin.. 
WeriiuiBy during the >ear» HUi^iW. 
.|.ii:«t iwfnrf ihr rtarttnii M the third 
!'■ :. il : >ii. nuKler ol rercmmia.. 
iin ^•.■■1 .i..,i.* and rtninge i.» played 
fllfjiiaKarilh tn Brian ("row Hr 
s.t.arts <»H bv »*!. uminK us to Hit- 

i'. in I v«twri- cverithini! u 

■ ;. .!<-rful ' Had «ituatioM. 

ii|..l rvrn marrwiite arr 

hlly by the (M'op.le m the 

■" Ihr 1MU« 'brromr 

i'veryone has -i 


v^*.. .ftf... tDi-d introd«'»d tr* ^ 
.•trmimtotn: A.m««n.CBH iiulhor »h" 
Hws traretod Euro|M> eileB»tw'l> l" 
(»i4 the |iro|ii'r «irrouml.inits io 
wrUr hB mwi't. The flril. Herman 
Iw nwtrUt takes advaiita.i!< uf him 
ami «»t« the pmce lot the re»l sd the 
>« mm'i enwiiinleri. Pan 
Crowtey pintrays the naive yet 
iinwre CllHord Bradshaw. who 
«eta 10 wrapped up in the eirttimi 
liloKlyle af Berlin thai he ne»er 
itii.rtt hi* now) 

Sest we ar» imlrodueed to the 
lead'tnti. lady, if yon will. .Sa.lly 
Bowlei Pegicy tlirr i» thi» Niarre 
wiuiian who Ihnves on the fantaty 
lived by all the memben ol the 
rabarel The perloraiawe la truly 
unpredirtabk and. unbelievable, at 
one (.-an never be aure what the 
rcrentne female will do n««t. 

Alter the introdirtlon to our 
main rharacleri a wria of eventi 
begiiit to fait Into place IcadtnK to 
the Nail lafe.e-cirer of Ceriiia.ny- A 
Jewlah-nerman enftafement ii 
iamied and then abruptly ended 
Bruce Weaver and Citberine 
(rump are able t« tear citwUona 
out nf the audi€«cv after thttit iliort 
but dalialitfiil romance li ended. 
all becauie of Uicir conlllctlnM 

A lady ol the eveninc. or the day . 
<r the morning, or whenever she 
feels like d i> played teducUvely 

The m«id and the aettinK o* the 
mualcal drama, are a* real thai the 
audience i« pulled lhrou«h each 
icene by all the intensity and emo- 
tion of the rharactent. becauae the 






Two whiiewaii Mac 
laren snow tiies-Oura- 
lon Prtmium 57B'%, » 
ply. including rims, 
enceiient contlition, 

Call Mark at 





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lifii "1 1 

012) 317 7212 


suspense never eeaaea. 

For thoae who have tickeci la 
this perfnrmance. enjoy 

For thoie who don't tlET 

The W«Bien'« I eater'n Wedii. ...-- .- ...ii proKrani moved lata the 
hallway W BuiMlliix i' to mikr room far a demoaiitralliMi af .lapaneie 
Floral ArranKinit itivrn by Ma. Akiko Tonaka. 

Thk Hrdneoday't tuiK-k program will center on "Waiaeii In Traditional 
tIccnpailMit.- a diiica**i«a haied on recent article* ia Tine Magailne. 
The Nov , II •Mttan wNI lealnre an apea dtacaanlan ia the «plril ol Thaaks- 
living la Pill. I phoia by Mikr t» eade* • 

but hanhly by liada Mueller 
later aa ahe Joins the Nail ranks 
with Ernst l-udwig. a ihlfty 

•muMler played by Harold 
LeBeyer, her ttern tough 

tppaarance inakai the aiatience 
clad that they are In. the audience 
and nol on Hage coofrontug her. 

Through ail the trouble, deapalr. 
and hearta«-h«s. the mailer ■()* 
Mremiwin »u smirking near the 
stage and unts that he i» ".Silting 
■Pretly" •■hile everyone rtae ii 
(ailing aparl' 


oey s 

A trip into a reffroshing 
II0W wortd of hair design 

Precision hair shaping 
Corrective hair coloring 

and perm waving. 
Complete family service 

1007 S. Arlington Heights Rd. 

'■2blkS of Central Rd. 
Arlington Heights 


Call for appointment 

Airline Pass«ii9«r 


STUDENTS Looking lor a flexible full or 
part time position? Need college cash for 
yourself for tne kids? It's easy as an Andy 
Frain Airlme Passenger Screener Hours to fit 
your schedule interesting, responsible 
positions available at the world's largest and 
busiest airport its a great way to earn and 
the lobs are here today Salaries begin at 1270 
per hour *pply in person : 

* 9 A.M. 4 P.M. 



1331 H LaS«ile 
Chicayo. Illinois 


Mm C«M( OMMrMntir Iwiali f r im/f 

New course 

begins soon 
at Harper 

MmagMMnl and initlntcniiiu-r 
<il mt tWinlHllly liKtatn' will >>* 
Um tmwt of Mw mm emmm at- 



•im at 
' at U t.m 


HaflMr ln« at rartsua Unl*«falll*a. Ai a 
w Iha BMiBter «( Uw Aiaodalian (or i 

m vamla a 
4milaimm In 

lliii|>iiaM)i tJio aMi Riak 

Manafatml" mUl aurvey the ■•• 
Kal ayalaiD a* anriM to 'llw haaiil- 
udWgr Maidir- HwdaiiM win esa- 
mJot' MMimeU. Inrta, and vanana 
labnr law* p«'run«il (i> the miti*- 
tr> Coat of imuniiKY «v»nnK 
ftrc, arridmK, urarkmrn't ernnprtf 
salMR. and «n|kl(i>'»« Ijabtlily will 
b* .Mmljntd. Thr eaurir t-arrirs 
Imr d«Nre* crvdiu and will br «( 
ftfwd on Mnndayi inm 6 it p m 

"HMpitaMy FanUly MainUm- 
anet." arhcduM lor Wediwaday* 
(mill f:S p.m to i*:K pm , (a- 
oritaniiatum dulM* 
of raalaarant 
bcUity matalanaim 
Can and maMlcn- 
ancw tvdiniqiueft arid purrhasmit of 
(iirnltiirc, carpcUiiK. Uiwiu. and 
wtU hr diariaaatd TiM 
carHc* thn* d«|r«c 

caMurt Mb B.r Jl. (ran Ola fMmr- 
mt at amvn m^ hm mm mt 

Uvpendabl* student villi 
iMttlcIt (ir iiMnMnc nmmiafm 
rmne la ■ariFlniitoit, 
Ne«mpap»ri |ir»f«H'til', iw 
ir«>ll«:lji<f/h>n»w<irli. fr* liain 
Mm ' Sat . ttcaidy part-ttme 
Eitra m^aiwy naant cilra 
thtngi Harrtnglait K*«t A|pn- 
t-y m-mu 

HI NT'^l R \VT HI ti- ■ llalHM 

•■Ml i-oclttail »»ry»n UI»rB:l 
kciwflta a^iMl' lalary ApiMy in 
pannn at Victoria SlatMn. sn 
Mall Dr . Schaumhuni Biiual 
Opartunili Eiii|>loy«r 

Sltler DMliMl - ] wm. • wack. t 
girt* aga* • and to Pa«ail>l« 
livc-m iiliwtHiii CatI 

%aitt«ia*a, il^jr* » mghl*. Vt 

(Md Tnama Itm, Mt Pnmipwt. 


Addmacn 'WmlMl laiair- 
dlaialy Warh al tton* -'- m> 
ttpariance nectsury 
nmllni pay. Wril* AiMWKait 
S«r»ic«, sm rm 

1Z7. Dallas. TXTUIl 

B«l»y»illw in rsctangi' lor Im^ 
m arrangmmt Prttrr studttU 
• iiti iBiMlly night claiaw 
RiHin and iMmrii and Mlary 

I'Iraat rail lt»'«M:i Miir* J 


tun Cmam . m €1, MIy and 
inlmliir In tmS iMa^. (M Jeff 
at ■nmm allir s p m Prim 


MM' VW Sue. MiMk/lMt altrr 

antikk tm-mu: 

IffTT Yaatalla XS HMD Ml 
milaa Ex e<»d tITM. CMI ■* 
ti 9a»«m. 

For S«to 

Uidwig I>runi« ' l.ikr nvw, .tn 

oil 1 drum*. I uarr drum. S 
rym'lialit. 'itandf. •«•( tlTS.W 
m teat adcr Call 2ll»;i:w( «(lrr 
i p m Ask (or Ijnda or ijar> 

(fit F«rd Miustang II ' tmiw-n. 
ghia »«d*l. 4 %p4 . V-«. Ftt 
ra'din. ttcrllent candilioit. 
.mommiln IIMln Tail &VT4l<* 


71 Gran Ttirino " Mag «)wvl>. 
AT.tharit Ml-Sim 
TranapurtatMCt Spn-Ml Valvn 
IMTIM hcyl stick »hiri (iuid 
miteaft Call Mlcharl Bnnm at 

im Cainara LT Sit««r with 
Mack flfipca. black ckNh ii>i«t 
m. air condltinniiif . till wtotl. 
iwwr wiimIdwii. tinlad ||«aa, 
AM'FM slvnw/caii.. mW' 
«»..»» -Ittlil . pnai, 4 ipd . ' new 
dytch I at*' Khncks M'uat sm. I 
ill a tmtl. CaM aobat 4W-M7I 
m KawaiaU M J-Mrokr t 
cyl ElMlronic lunitinn W,I1M 
mill* liic* ahap* ISB Call MIkr 

l*TT rwd Muslang II Hatch 
hack »a V « enone. Mpd. 
piiwrr hrakn * i«»»rin| 

am/ftm tapniwk. air drltiir m 
twiwr pkg. ntaf whwl* 

•marilil grven *< white In 
teriiir. ls.Mii' mllca. aie. enn- 
dltlM. Call (M-titi tak. tor 

Baiilwiii conswlr |iuii»>. itylc 
U*„ line yr nld. Call .MH7»'i( 
lam pin 

*•» OM* rmlais 4 <lr a c. p h . 

V». »t„ am-'lm ilert* with 
lafHdcck. («Mid iiMMiUoii. Siww 

Ur«a on «ha«b. WHn.w/olfar. 
CMImit miir«l»«l«'alll«s 

Nova - • nUnilir. fnad 
M> latilanlw pwi 
■MMI. mill aOmtpM. 

For Sato 


41 NFnriNtl, Palatine 

Ideation to 

«lMi|i|Mag. icnricc* 2 
• I ticdraain m liniahed haie- 
mewt •hiillt in hookilielveii 
HiN-agr. ckiaeti In bMcmcnt ' 
Extra large I'l car iarage 'V 
itour I N«»|y redenirated 
including rurtaini.. Iev«l«r 
UmttXi hardwnod than, under 
w-w cariMfttng, waah'-dry . diili" 
waaher, re(rtg . dauMe oven 
rainge. I window a/c kitchen 
•indaa* ntha.iBi Ian. atum 
tiding A Stan alomtt < ) yr* • 
t>i«t> kit wftll ia'tge iriTs and 
prnalc hack yard Call X» 1072 
(iirappt M4.alKl Mutt tell 

rullas* Supr*m» 7:1 a/1, a'c 
P''h. p''*. Hi-fm. rear windnw 
>iel<)«gi>r. 4ifiS<i. km tKIS7 Barb 

l»;5 fhev> J«;i Van ■ cuslom 
interior IS*. 4-har p'». p it 
heavy-duty thocki and liattert 

EmMtta condltidn Phone iSi 
nif . Margaret Kanlen. 

Oiiilge Cimom 
Maal«a«ni V»Bca«n.per, H72, 
Md CO in . II 't , new rubber 
TKf (actorj camper conver 
•iiM wtlh |M(»-t«i(i. ice box. tirik 
tw»ter 10 gat i smve vlmfi 
dl:n«tte-bcd and :i bunk.s. poru 
potty. »n».'(m turm rasM-ue, i 
«peakeri, e»celk>ni c-ontlition 
niiiM »ell N«» would c-iiit 

*m,m. Ajtfcingwwi.m-iiin 


Boon for rem kitchen (acihtics 

Mawtotk I3IMMW 


RATCS Call Pat ader « and on 


NMd your term paper typed? 
I'll type ■nylMng Cat) (*hri* al 
S*t4»naRerS JSpm 

(Nk and MrHp WjiKuii Mill Im- in cunrcrt IhlM ThunMlfl\ In Ihr I olleKf- ( en- 
ter Immkp al«ii|| wilh .Strtr Wade. Admiiii«i it 13 (or Uudentt and «ta((. 
14 (or Ike public. Tlrkrl* man be p<ircba*ed la advanre at Ike Madenl Ar- 





PJIKY-TIMI / •Vnill 


Earn eiicellent oar. enioy ptaatant wnw-king condition* ana 
•lenibit i>ouri jom the sta« of owr iWoodtielo tocallon Dai 

evening and ««»ei>en«J hour* available now 







ThacakMtlt deck you've iwaMad lor. 





Atcu B<«s .^Mciuiively OnHyoi meonl»»aiuil 
aoie 0<a* m a iiw neaa catMiie deck Vou fl«t con 
ttnuou*. variable bxi* ietiina* not a factory 

tNmmit WH.c«i 9ive« lau Hal ireijuency reiponie, 
lea»« <*i«lorlifflfi »nei omv S-' N ratio 
OnHyo'i e«cli/*iv» Accu Bi.>» iei» rou wi We pre 
ci*e 0'«* •■anal »oi»r cis*ett» oemanoi No matter 
what t»»»ette laoe you uie Or i*ho»e Without tbe 
Ofope Biai »ana , citner tne n.«n frequent » 
Betoma* weaker o'' a peak anpeart in the h.on 

Accu Bias m fne TA«wo n-ve* you JH IS. ooHj on 
norm»i tape. 10 1», OOHi wiin FeCf ana CrOj 
'HOI" tape* • SIOS %-'N rat.o. %omg lo tldB 
w.t« Ookyo'i built in Dolby- um »»siem 
Stop wjit.nB ana Hart nienms Come in anp 'lae 
(WW limply Oeautitul Oikyo make* it wltn Accu 
Biat Oonyo * M»P' anead of »t«te ot the art 
-B»»iBw.**»**ffl««i»i*'mHC»iwttvii,w«ir*ii>f«*H 1".- 

A ■■■twit TOW nmcamoTiow ^k 



•337 SKOKH MVO. 









md i 

our Harper ID and we'll give i 

CE TBK or Maxell blattk tape j 

Opping in i 

B i sewAsfiri|":''ANbMORE! 

Sptdil Ourina Novwnbtr 

Slop in any ot the Autosound stores and 
present y 
you a FRC 
just for ttopp 

r AQ# m 1'TWK 


Harper Hawks host Midwest Bowl 

Hut pawwM Haok attmmt M hy ^/mUm^mk \rU nrMila tn III* ItMlKM llMil M .l»Bhltii* H.S, thMt Mat. M 
liclkMM. kap* l«.pM Uw IwMiaU !■ to p i p y plac*. i;M| <|MMii*ky MiwWHrittJ 

IIW ItM ■PUfiii, flli MM" illl'WIIB liMW' t Idii'lll' fflMiiHI WHll" 

Brydges finishes fifth 

nt Hjinnf ctmi-c-<»iiitr> Icaiii 
««W iti •»«•<» an »n uiifomlt «• 
(h« luiuthtil lliiril in 111* Mi: roil- 
ItmilM r»r«. Omui: Mlii'ni t» Trl- 

I<II1' K •tielW IMMIlt* lit tlM! tlllltic (OT 

w«<*wl. Wrlilu t^citt rM ■«■>- 
«:|lil llw Wlf M ttmy MaM B 
IMMi to Trtluii'i 71 tml >br|»r'!t 
Tf. Sam l%tktuii of Wrti|t>> w l^r 
MilvUual •'UMiiar' maruit U>« 
lim-ntta CMnc in IS-U. 

Jrd flfif*l||M ««• UK Unit man 
!<« iter Haipis ■■ IW' ptooMl Uh 
rnnlLtaK al)-cwil»r«M-t hMMn. 

'h ■ Miiwii* » M Whn-D »<-ciir«J>' 

iMiit ruM of tilt year . 

Jim Ijiwiralar and Jim iJaiaiar 
ran ttmir bait iwaa far ihc ymir. 
MtHI) Mmwl)' ntaaai iiia<Uiig. all- 
riiii(i>r«ir« 'Mtlt Jlni (WaMnc IWl. 
and inn IM> «Mi ■It-cmfontncc 
tenia (Ik lull lim tjuuraMcr's time 
atat IT it mill IjuKtlrr ri«til Iw- 
Mtiii •! 11 M:. 

''■>* tilua r»B» tn »l '» M <i*il 
" Sin] a^ml I'iai^ Mmmmmnn 
.1 «l>f(t J!l|)i «rit>i • timr 111 It i*^ 

Wc ran a i«mm1 ran liaiit wiM', 
t( «» muM hmr fiaim 'Itaiiiiio- 
wan a titll* fartlMir uf wt 'ini||M'*v 
takm Trilm.. t rrally hat* tn nm- 
'iMtmcnl tliic lca.m an hw* ttey |>»- 
Haniri' lir rvtrj rac« Tteir |»nir- 
lirr atiMatfaMx wm cmi]. acid ttef 
wark«l liani nary <!■>'.'" HMl 

t'oaeli KalM iwM mn tteiuili 
Hrvtims All na( qualit) (or 
matKinali Dm year. Iha race ilill 
IKwai: tatn aa Me «{ 'tlW' iMtUr nin- 
mn in IIK lUtiF. Nalan fMures him 
tii Ik <mr of the tef raiMiurt ia Irark 
in ItK 'LSM anl MM lactart 

Nolan U>tn vcni an Is akmit 
tlw stilwr inili«l<liia.ti tm tiK iquail 

' 'Jim ljiM>a*li*r vat iwr mimlicr 
ton man all Mami'. ■ tttmtf ner- 
rarmcf and nest fmtt tktmU Ik on* 
itf IlK lafi It m It' timwri M: Uk 

"Jiii taactilcr. Ilhr Ijinnalar. 
Iiai tlW' inliMitial to b* In Uiir iiifi 
M A •caiwin of riimiKlltMii ilwiiM 
lNfl»l:lM!inrtr> litiKft, 

'.}«! KtiMi nmSt iHlpil (tin 

Inlll . Ni M * trMIMMtoH ]«ll 4MI- 

vpflmiM t» nmtr ran 

he wai th» junwr 
rallifviilslt clwiiw m wrnUini at 
III tto. lain .year. 

■Twn Humiiiiwaii »■» *i>m»- 
whiil tnc-«niW«*. m hln •«* 
:Wlmlvlc ftmlMiMy wan t lartir H« 
alMMild taw a ilrwitw lra<* iwa- 

• Mark Whitr itasKTv** itkJII for 
ilk*i»K wilh It and c-uald improve 
grrall.t nrxl taaaat as Ik did n«l 
hav* ■ very mtmm ««•■' iMoUi 

("oiu'li Vaulan ni>« la imiiartnt 
lor tte ufMnnsing ind<Mr/(nld«ir' 
Iraek icaun. "We liavt a M i>l 
Iraok latent in Itie wImwI." miiI 
'Ntilan. at Ik (iwla Itw Iram tliiwld 
Ik siriinit in tiK mnmng rvmla a.nd 
liKld mrmta are alwayi a quciUim. 
vipMially mm m th* team Inil an 
all-american wolgM man. Ha to 
liiifiliw tlw team will te faetor tn 
IIk rMilvrvKT and rrgimal WKitta 

riierc »i:tl tit a niaillnil. (ar'UHfC 
mtrrcnlnl m track tiarly In DtMm- 
tor and Madcid* tlMNiM vafrli for 

Basketball prepares for season 

tali Imilll IT'iiiiiyiilgg 

' : ' ' I'taa'te tn'Ukflbill idarti 
' «■•(«! in Mil* (i*«r a 
•■«■« Mill (wad I'll*** Kmift Hmttt- 
l»M liat miMi* final piiitcr rati 

TiK l»-»i' 

Mia, h>> 

riwn. Tli» .>ni> r«'-' n-uirnmti "" 
ihu year'i *«iiad ar« MB i:ta.ii>- 
twrkif I a)i4 Ran Warrlw 

TlK ml if llw !■■» nrnntMn 
.ir.' rciiif C*i*i(»ii. Bull t'»«iri»f»'„ 
Jvlf M.imn*!., JoliB Mwaffl. Crait 
IU»lii'i.;i. 1k:im KavtlM. 'Rtad tin- 
tiair llrian Wacllin. Hiin l;irsk« 

"Wt alMMM IK ■ tittle <|«lcfter' 
llian. hm yaat. ai 

IkHirdc.. ' " ui.ld ItM-lMU. a*' tm. »ltl 
wtirk bu itimi to lifi|ir«** IlKir «■!> 

'TiK lann 'Plart apiimBiiiialiFlF 
:» «»m«». O'irf whU'h »r» «l I 

and tlie Irjini |>tjt>« in im twima' 

riie iniii pill) I 111 (iral la^iiK al 
the year Nu'V 3 v>.. {laMaual' M 
ViMlor. «> III] tii'iiiw caoiM an and 
thrv ..'11 jturt »t (. ni 



Health Club for Men 

We offer supervision in Conditioning, 
Weight Training, and Body Building. 

HOURS -Mon.Fri. 10-10 
$•1. 10-5 

wiliini ^ark Plata (laitKaakaa *•• •■• faiaitne ■* SITMM 

Defense, Offense ready 
for big victory 

by Joe 

Harper t faolliall team 
ccm'ulde* their miial fUcaMful 

MiaMn Ml t(i hiMory when ttey tae« 
IHe flate i-hampian from 

Itlnnmila tn the Midweal Bowl 
ihu iiatiirday al T-IO p.m at 
Ttie Hawk* ended the laaaaii 

slotir i-liampa and KM' ctmrercnet 
rhanipinna «tlh a 7-t rccard. andt- 

The Mawki tiltenae 'imt nn law 
than awmiDv aa they averaited 
iim M pomti a Kanw and rolled up 
tttW yanii in mtal aflenae. The 
iMrnne held their' awn as they hfid 
Ihe ii|)|xinl>(in le lit pmMs per 
■ante 'The iMeniK had two 
HhutMU ti> (heir credd and hud 
Itirf* aajiKC arhcrt Ihev «ave up 
(W'ly mne TD. 

r<»«"hdo«n li'ad'i"r!i for the 
Ha'W'li'V ^i:-rr ijU'iirierback Ned 
Schrnidt with ninr lnlkm-mK him 
Maa Brian Geizelman with $e'ven 
ani tttvt BadiKheunvr w-ifh five 

(jeadine iireuiui italners for 
toriKr we're; fletMlman WJ nmttm 
tat Ml* yeard. a«e. H.l. 
BodiatMr'ltner U niitH* for S12 
vanla. an. i.t: [levin Heaaley 17 

Schmidt in I 

ava. 2.4 Sch 
I Itw yaiilt, I 
i>f his paaaai. 

TtK t««m averagad JH rarda par 
ernme wliile the Hawk daAMM anlf 
yielded a little over a handred 

Tlw Harper secondao killed 
many drive* as they intercepled a 
of their oppwieats paaaea. t^aadiaa 
the left rind waa Handy Ny» with 

A ret- ap o( the Hawk* gantci are 
as fullows: Harper l4-Oiihii4ae 7; 
Harper I-TnUm « i forfeit i ; Hatvcr 
W-Rixk Valley It Harper 17- 
Thunilnn ; Harper :I1-Dii Pane II: 
Harp<T I9'.lllmais Valley M; 
Harper SM onnirdla: Harper M- 
J'Cliel 7; Harper »-Wru!ht 0. 
Harper 21 Kenncdy-Klni 13 

A victory In the Midwnt Bowl 
would iiot Kiwe Harper the lunior 
cntletie championahlp, but would 
put tliein htKlt In Die national 

So rememter your lait diance to 
see tiK Illinois iiUle rliaiii|i* IMs 
Saturday. 7 M pm at filaline 

Next Issue: 

The Harbinger honors 
all-conference athletes 

men's and women's 

hcn^cr (Dtege music mcxtThe 




WHO ARE vol 

• \1 Kl MS • 


MMri t:s ' 









NEIL ¥01 NO 












Ttie above liM is martly a r«|ircaaMaUaii of programming licsrd 
on WHCM Th* order does not reflect popularity 



V0L.12A NO. 12 

Williom «o.n«.» Hgrp. r Cotl»ge. A%onqu»> ond Roi«ll«Rood», Polottn*. iHinoi* 6006/ 3t2 397-3000 

"^ ^ Ill I ' 


Building M nears completion 

Allar wmal ymm nf i 

■•Mt IT IMNlllll. of 

llarptr'i ti,»7i,»m alhltitr 

iimtdiiHi. ia-hM BiMMutf M. is 
ntmnm H>« imiJ ■!•••• if 

(-ompMini. TIM' <vcfMMt of Ihc 
■tlilalK MUltr k il*M< tor lalt 

1 M. vliMi eofora fl.W 

tm mnilcr pla:n to 
rainiiiag ronilruclittn Th» 

.itriMTliir* mm mriiiiMUi dMljinml 
Its tMfct Mfiralt Mldingii. M 
■■vUillt of 
• .'MlMB. 

\ fnr ilnirtiifr For «« of Uif 
builitlnit hr Itndam*. (acuity. 

1 to aliiKirb 

mam nt Mb •■^•■im of operaiiiii 
MdM M CKimatca (or yearly 

»IMTitl.init mtti (or Uw nntcr 
■■ Imie ll»»tlnn-|I7.T»«: 
■ ■" ami water and 

I wtairslral fttncaa renter 


«t.a« ilifflitrejwl bf (Ira on Jwia 9. 
im. TIM tarn «ta* a ttmpitary 

faclllt}F iMd' M tmOfet pliyiical 

iMilii team apart*. 

"Mariivr'i inaufanca eanfMny 
heM an inncatlittliiMi. ta datmrnac 
the (tana* nf iIm (In and Omy niM 
(Mil an«n. Tlw (ire waa ll« ntaitU «l 
){MM|juMHiiaa nmlNialJiin in the 
jIw) n-ttich vt ujcd to Jture 
equipmeitl The entire lnuldlni! 
»•■ deilrwyed. nalhlng vat 
iMi»eil^" laid t>r Guerm Fiachcr, 
vtre (tresidml ol ittiMtenl mUmts 

A* a rtault of Um taaa. af adawMla 
BlIiMir (aclliliaa. Hmrpur rut 
naacntua phftirai edueallon 
roinet and liial nuuiy atudcnu 
interested m the |>ro«rain 
.%DI»>i»iiiiialclj n (Mnent nl Dm 
(>h|i»Jeiii cdwiitinn and tatraimral 
ornnrain* were ra»reU«d 
Securtna nlf-cainpua (ariUla* ««• 
II diKlrull and lime nwiMnnliiff 
taali (<ir the aUiielK- department.. 

' ■'He* having ptaptr lacflitlaa had 
» dtrett eWict an a«ir |pni«rani.. We 
had tn (Ind oM-cniiipia (adiltlaa 
lliat met Mr need* and the IMnta 
llIM i»e maid uar them .|ilac«d a 
hanWilp on the caachn and 
pla.ver* Thia' diacouraoad lamc 
itiadrnis (mm partlciiwtlnii in our 
pritMran and on otir ifitrti 
leaBia." aaid John Celrh. aaanciale 
itMin ol (atijiairal ed uration. 

After several years et 'mafettic 
dai' with available iitaM and 
aiiuipmefll. the athletic 
depatnicnt Is preoa.rii>ft t« occtni)' 
the new bulldtnii The itall has 
rujnined proiranii at otlMr 
rolletas and reviewed r«i>orts .ii( 
the Illlnmi I'limmuaily Co 
Biiitrd and the Ittitwij 
ol Health. Phyiirai Education and 
Rrvrratiim. Eaiattng coitraai and 
future ruirunluin ftum arv 'beuii 

Physics) edursLian eouraaa 
whirh will he uftered naal (all 
inrtuite arrlMry. leolf. Iwwiinit. 
hadminltin, teiams, modem dance. 
i-M-quettuill, tiaifcetball. weifhl 
iTunam, ai|ua.tin. volleyball and 
trumenus olticr classes vhieli arc 
.St 111 in the pbuiniiNI ttmilf*- 

Facility schedule 


Prtorily »nd allticalei] times for itM ol the facility 
are designated »a follows, although schediilinii! 
adjastinents may be m«d« when sucti chanKes are 
detenmnc^ to tjeinjj the best mterests of the college 

Instruction -Q-nlil 

Mondaj thnmgh Thursday 



7 a.m. tulOp.m. 

7am to7p m 


IntercoUcgiate AtMetics 

.Scbeduied in three-hour time blocks dirithiii these 

hours : 

Monday throuKh Friday .1 p.m to 7 p.m. 

-Saturday W am to 1pm 

Intramurals and Oi>en Recreation 

.Scheduled m twivhour time blocks within theiie hours; 
Monday throuKh Friday 8 a m. to 8 a.m. 

noon to 2 p.m. 
Monday Ihroufjh Friday 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

I rontinwnl to fwitr :i 

Hm ealranre Ui bM(. M. H nearly (iBishrd 
Ike farUitln provided by Uw baUdliii wUI be 

caatta. racf aetball rowts. a woigM tratalMii raai 

ti saolyniplciisrtwinimiaiiMMl.TbebniMiaf tseapect- 
leaals edlahcdaaebicBrtysprlag.<phalaby MIkrWendca) 

Harper txwni member .Shirley 

Muiison said '-the new building; 
srrve the colleice and members o( 

the rommunity m a recreational 
iimj cultural center, as a la.rKe 
auditorium lor such (iincttom as 

I'ommenctment. and as a 
competition cenlw (or sports 

lYimarily , bowever. it is dvugmd 
to provide Uw kmd nt Inatrucoonal 

»pac» th* rolluice has laclad (»r so 

l(.ini{. and which la a nereaaary 
clement o( s comprehensive 

The ma.s.'iive structure housei 

numcruu.» educailonal snd 
r«-r»ational (arllities The larueit 
lemctiinn statKin m the ccnicr .« the 
.muilli-iilie .g>mM.sium which is 
■"urrounded liv a Id Up mile Iriick 

Nets c»(i lie dropped (rom the 
• ■i-ilinii; til .lertiem the ijym into four 
icperate modules FtuMinK lour 
iliflerent »ctiv«t«» lo be held 
».imull:ane<>a»l> Spe<'tatar .leatinK 
will be uvaiJable (»r 
ap|>r«Kiniate).t 3.;iNl p<N>plc. 

Aim im-luded In the»lum 
1- .1 MiTin..ii.fiit itan*. desl,(tned (or 
. «".rir..'rls ami lectures, with over- 
ttind liithi* hcHAed iiUo the ceiltiiR. 

■fhe ••tinmmt; p«»l. which is 
lirated on the (irst floor of the 
tMi:lUin«. stretches scrms IS yards 
iimt fan be »iewed through secund 
floor wtudowi. The mwvesble 
biilitlicad m lh«- .■wtmmmij pool is 
ill! iiption which enables the pool to 
Iw coflvertwl (rom .yarda to meter* 
f.-r '»'{coinpcUl'l<in.. 

The swimmmi! pool with the 
t>Mllihead is a real plus (or our 
uvrrall recrcatlooal ne»ds It can 
move withiwt any pmbtani. CJelch 

There is a toUil o( U dlHerent 
leachinw stiiltoni Each room or 

area is destKned In he uaed (or 
several dt((er»nt activities. Thtft 
arc seperste Uwtructlonal areas 
(or wre*tlln«!. ifymnasticn and 
weight trsmuiD with s dance studio 
Iwslcd <m the second (toor. 
Hultt the men's and woeoen's 

locker rooms art (uUy equipped 
with shower and sauna (acUiUca. 
There are also six indoor tennis 
nmrta and six hand-ball courts, 
two which have spectator seatinK 
(or loumatnent play. 

The value of our (aclllly is Uiat 
wr have so many thinus in the 
buildinf; We have an adequate size 
(leldhouae which enables two or 
Ihree teams to prarUce at the 
same time This Is very ImportanI 
to the athletes and psrammuil to 
< continued to page II 

Building M h 


rWIUTy AM) < 111 KT FEE,<i FBIt BLIMJ 




Si'udenls < iNiidactivilv (ee > 

'1 (lH'iession 

Health Club Mem ber»hip 

.\o Charge 

Tennis Courti • Indoor 

General Putiilc 


Students \ paid activity (ee > 

6 110/ hour 

Health Oub lUembership 

« IS) hour 

Tennis Courts < t>uldiM>r .< 

General Public 

11 (ID hour 

Students i paid sctiviiv fee 

Health Club Membership 

I iM' htJUI 

Kac<]iiet ball Courts 

General Public 


Students ' sciivity (eei 


Health Club Membennip 

r>(i» hour 

Weight Trsininii Roi'im 

Cenrral I'ublic 


.Students > paid activity Iw 

1 Vtl hour 

Health Club Membership 

1 IK! Imiii 


M. 1«7t 


ITIvfl ft If CM i Iff ft #v 
I flaflflaulrffiy* « ■ 

a ive/come brealc 

Tltc: iiilpliiia Ri^uat lave kiMnRi'. 

That's the only answer wc can came up with. 
laiided on Plymouth rock with good ole 
CMiunlNas right there to Kutde them they miial I 
M iwriMMw. [lone what your asking " 

The pilnriim and Columbus must havt known llMt 
Mlidtnts all over the world would need a vacation rlKht 
Mart dual cxanu, m tlMjr purpoacly planned their 
dicfctng day and landMl in AiMiIca on Nov. B. 

Wc ilMiiM ftU te vwy tiMinkliil to than f or IlilnUag ao f ar 
ahoad of IMr mm ■mi glwing all of m a hraak. Wltliout 
Thankaglvlitfi vacation tn the calendar, the poor studonts 
would have to go ihrouKh the mass homework " WMka 
and riiilit into finals. The "maat homework" VMin an 
llioat three or four weeks riKht Mm 'UmI •MMH wlMro 
the profeaMffi awldeiity' rrallit tM tlMy Immal litmi 
enough quloMt aMlaMiMiila.. pwjtcls, w tMta^ l» praporly 
adminiiater grMiai to studonts. In those tail ~ 
many o( tte above tortures are given out atpamilila. 

Studetfts handle this in different ways. Somo : 
become totally tuned out and wander around in 
bccauae th«y can't figure out which of thoir SM>M 

The opfioailo of this is the student who tncs to "beat Vbt 
prof " and do all of theac-nt onee. This student is the one 
who is ninning in five dtrwtiOH at the same time. He 
■Mally gets all the aiii|niliMl*....Mf done and then m « 
nervous breakdown heeaiiaa Mi gmAm say he has 
arcon^lished nothing. 

W'ith Thanksgiving vacathMi in there we can all have a 
nervona 'hratliloiin because of the "mass homework" 
wwiks. tieit *e can recouperate for four days, then we can 
go into finals, and have another nervous breakdOMn 
ete It is so much easier this way ' 

So when you and your family are sitting at your dinner 
table on Thanksgiving day about to stuff yourselves wtlh 
your favorite holiday delicacies, remember the pilRnms. 
They are the ones wlio made it possible for you to be sitting 
there stuftiiif pur tee; lust think without the pilgrinu 
you might ht'inadiiMl at this time ! 

l!:^*Ai« U.k 

M * r t u 

■fllWUfct r-PIWHf 

The Harbinaer is 
accepting applications 

for editorial and 
fiportorial positions for 

next sematter. No 

journalistic experience 

is necessary. 

See Debbie or Sue, 


■^^j*. */-.--_ 


Do you thtnk 
thai early 

Ltttdfs to Editor 

Fine Arts Dean upset 

I (iwt lliiil ym slunilti hav« yimr 
.tljilf rim-li mil (tiif ln<:kf nuiKl tit 
.iwwaiMiiKr mtMa ttal maji tie 

'<liina,itl»| to |ir<iir«iBi. tlw 
'nMVMV ••( oMrh 'ili>|icrKi« m> 
MlMlcnl nirollnwnl 

A Itltir imtiinic would twvt 
■linttt tIM tilt twdiiiiM md 
prtntnm daim u on targti. I 
in\>i<- vnii ti) do an eviiluativi- 
(fsiiiirr slur: »>i ihv praKnm on 
whKl il u tryuifi to awixnpiiuli and 
»Hv II i» ovcnwlMKTi.brd wlili 

lipid tciiiiu. 


UrbsnA Thobe. 
AuociaW [Jean. 
Ktmr Artsa'ndl'teiien \ 

The above la niiiinln); i 
m the .piKito npMm i. 
(he Nov ti iuuF of U)r HariMniger. 
The question that day ira* "Am 
viMi aaUsfM wiih Harper'a Career I 
pntKram"" All reapimses to the I 
I'hoto Opinion are entirely those of I 
thir person interviewed, and not [ 
tiMir of this iM'per 

WarMie ltM«ftii*ki yc>. 

kacamt' ymu kate Uie rhsace I* 
talk ikMII a eannelar ahaal yaar 
IIMiir* and jaa em. take yaw Uiiie 
hi iCkeiaUag ottimat tay 


Ma:naiK(ncedllar: SucConray 
KiMonal Kdltor SucConroy 
Feature Editor Jonn Putarwii 
SfMns Kditor Joe Kiisek 
nolo Editor MikeWendc* 
CarlaaMM. Steve Moskal 
Baslnaai Manager: Tern Jai 

Statl: Cindy Caravello. Jla 
Bunihanl, Jody Saundcira, Mark 
Fraser. Brad Case Randy FriH 
lilslrlhutiufl Editor tTlndy Caravclb 

TIN- HARBINGER i* the (Indent publicallon lor the Harper 

Collefe campus conunianlty. published weekly eitcept 
dunnn holiday! and final eiams All apiniom espresaed ttn 
Ihtae of Uie •nter and not nx-essarily those of the collcKC 
itt ailRUniitraUia. laruMy or Mudcnl body 

The prltiuir> pwpoic ol tlie HARBINGER is to inform. 
involve and entertain the student txxly of Harper College 
The nuiln fwus of III eonlent •hall tie Harper related 

AU artleles MlaaWlail for publication must be typed and 
double a|w<-ed.arlCiadeadlliwof] Mondays, and are 
aiblcct to editiNK l^etters-to-the-Edltar muat lie sinned, 
•wewa «ttl be held upon request AdvertLsing copy desdUm 
la 1 p.m. t Vliai l sy prior to Monday's publiration For 
ad*ar(laiii« ralm. t-aU or «nte HARBINGER. WUliam 
Ralney Harper CaUa«(. Algoaquin and RoaeUt Roadi. 
Calatlne. IB . 

Building M 
nears completion 

ffiiDMl attiMii: Manw." OM ! 

Evirntull}! a cardio 
ruiMiat center vill Ih InatalM tn 
(r<r iMiUdini Tliif wntrr was 
im-lmlMl in ttif earlier plam {or Ih* 
tiiiiliiind M because tit the 
rnnrnuMn eipuiae umlvaii in 
iiTiiiMliiliiiiltiig liii |Wil|6VM1] H WSl 

Wt Ktilal iiMd • ftiU Urn* 
•lirertor «hii' mm trained In 
phfilnliiKjr ami tt vootd alio 
require clwc imdiral luiiervlsfiin. 
%niir of the e4)iuiiinent ui ■vaitaliie 
ttow but our tMirfiirt can't ahaurl) 
the (•ml <if the proKram. It is a 
For twn M* I 

CiiUiae ollMal* liave received 

the nmmunNy la aw the hnildinft. 

inflwlini! the Olympic* for 
I'telartJed Clttteni in the Nmrthoexl. 
Jluburhs mii the loc-al VMCA A 
riimpniKn aill beKlfliixin ttt infcimi 
the cwiimunrt)' of the wnters 
urailabihtv for rental fiurinii the 
apruiK an open hutuc will be held 
fur cnachc* «t area tl«nien(ar> 
and awondary sdimila. 

'This center ui am <tf (he beat 
■warencn efforti with riffani l<» 
uur l«;al htiih K-htiol itudents 
Itecauoe <>f a full rurrirulum wr 
h«De ta ice an irarreaa* In ftudents 
in the phy-ftcal edncaiUon praiiriiin 
.and haw 11 rarrj' o»«r In tlie alhef 
pr<>ir«ina.'"Flaeliar .laid 

Harper bands perform 

Sport facility schedule 

< 'olll tr,,ii; I'JM 1 

Instruction Non-Credit 

Continuiriw Education classes will be scheduled when 
ll'if\ (tfi nut conflict with other activities Times 
Menerall.v aviiilable: 
Monday through Thursda.v 7 p m to IB p.m. 

College S{Kinsored Special Events 

Indoor intercoUfKiate athletic contests: 

Monday through Thursday 7 : :w p.m to 10 pm, 

Oudoor activities, 

.Saturday and Sunday as needed 

Musical events, dances, etc. 

Friday and Saturday 8 p.m. to J 1 : M p m. 

Community Use 

Community use i non-studeni funrtiowti on « Fee 


Friday 7 p.m to 10 p.m 

Saturday 1p.m. to 10 p.m 

Sunday Ipm.toSp.m, 

Monday throujth Thursday - at times facility is not 

Ix'ini; uiied for colleite-sponsored activities. 

The Harper Cwllege Wind 
.Knaembb and Jm Band' mil 

pmeitl II nmevrt an Tiiesda'; at I 
pin in the L.«<nM»\ bid*. A. The 

pnMrain la lopen In the publtc free 
i>f charge. 
The Wind KnaHnMe. directMi br 
I. Or Riiticn ntlotann. will featiirv 

I WW ariatMiii «Mlu for wind 
iMtnuiMiili. ""Cnia" hy Piiher 

TiiU. iMMi "Itotirlr Oancci" by 
NwmiM Otiln Ma. --Crede". 
nrKimlmd tn a trip« (ami., la In 
Ih* nature of a profeMlon of laitli 
.'mU "Saline Dancet", 
iMiiuaalaiMHl .by lb* Twim s( 
< ..iK'iird, MaaaachHietls. te 
coraineiTwralt' lile. Rtoinlainial id 
rrra. iialk 
a e«aiedj» by An 

iiwiiidt an an 
.Itranet til 

.>»ijcTi«cl Head Now Wjiunded" and 
■ Mow ThanJi We AH Our rjod" 

Irdin "Three Chorale I*tel.iide«"'b» 
WiUtani ijithaiB^ and "Twe 
Marrhei for Ute Sudan Abdul 
Medild" h). (laelaiw timilierU and 
Gloarcbina Hoaaimi 

'The .J.ii/ Band, directed hj Ro> 
Vnmbrarli. will perfwra Iwo work* 
(rum thf Counl Daiie libra.ry. 

MaiTK Flea" and "lii'y Burner". 
iav (.■.iuiltaw»jr'» "SupcrlMtne 
tamu the Badman'" at raenrded 
by Marnard .Feri'iuum: Gran 
Tippa' arraniieiiient «f 
' ' Carai>a.ii " ; and I w u 
amniMMiila b»' Kn*- VornhnH:!!. 
at "'CM fwl' ' and ' ' M.lnar Bluo" 

Him ennccrl: l« one in a Mrici of 
pnticrama mail* pmaiMe tliroiaiih 
the Karper Callese Mumc 
C)epa.rt'ineiit Further inlormatlon 
I* avaUabie From Ut. Til 
m-nma. eit w 







w - 

WwmberZO, 19 78 the HARBINGER Pb8*3 

tour dates 

The (lam for tlarper Cmllege'i 
« 'tiruiitmas lour to Central America 
davi' hiwri channed The tour will 
n.m Iciivi' Ch.ica.Ko on Dec 27. not 
t>r. y. ,indretumoiiJan.4, 1»7». 

"1 lit' proKram includea « day! in 
<.<i,it<-iTiiilii and :l days in El 
.SiilviMior First clan and deluxe 
lioii'l iK-camiTKidatiani, all air and 
rround transportation and 
■ u'htieeini! to Mayan riiilit. 
NrianiKh t-olonlal .tites. nioiinta.iii 
\ Mvamn and laken and Indian 
iiiartu-lt are all included. New 
Ynir's l-:ve will be spent In Ula 
Mirmy city of San .Salvador 

I olleKi' studenla may earn credit 
in humanltin Non-credit adult 
}>dr(iripanlA are als« welcome 
I ".'I of the proKram is tUtI, with 
<lt-luKc a c'cnm modalioni 
Ihnniiihoitl the low avaUabie for 


.Stnrv space on the trip ii limited. 

'iriplirations ihiMild be submitted 

soon as possiUr Ttiey may be 

iired fnim Martlia Sunonatn. 

; ihrral Arts I>ivlsion. 3S7.SW*, tl*. 


tHe •( die new larlieT raofli (• flwwn as inea ilraggle 
MliliMi IMg... m m Omt > pbMa by Mike H'ende*! 

I Birthday! 


I (suiprfs*) I 

yiiit tl i HH„HH.l.l,iaiam«aaaaaaa«a«««««^«4ffa.^p aH ^jtxt r 





Mon & Tues f « 30. wed rnurt Fri ftpm Sat « S 


^califotappolmment 397-0100| 

AlRonquin Plaia 
833 E Algonquin Road 


f LUamfit/te6t*Hpufo 

(Route 6? I 


SHAPING*. |r" ^\ f\/ SHAPING* 
Reg $17 00 •^ ^^ /W Reg n 3 00 


$8.50 OFF $6.50 



«eg M3 00 


IwOV ■ ll£wf Calf C>9l|.i1 

Main Street Pub Presents 

Live Entertainnnent 



<ii i' s i m »gs m ';'.-g nm if n » > ' i '' t Tri n rrn rr '»''i "i w * '■ "■ »•■ 

Rambfing Rose 

25* Beer Night- Nov. 23 
Free Popcorn 

We also feature pizza and dinner menus 
Every Friday night - Fish Fry 

Air You Can Eat $2.85 

Main Street Pub 

East Main St. at the Fox Rivar 
Carria. 11. 

(312) 639-7M8 




l-:vfr\«inf kiiru it n.>uli1 tepiKn SKKHKf «r tat<T. Th«* 
traitmimal ThanksKiviiii; Day turfceys l'tn«ll> made Iheir 
I'lMHi! «iittcip«i«1 hrenk (or (ri.'«l(im. Pidured iiljovt. » the 
l«i<l*r «l tl»f t«rl«r>», who illilni quttr make ii etean 
ucli'wuy . 

Ijist riiBhl lliiTr Wiw a vi<»U>rit outburrt A the Ptintiiic 
suir Kuttntimi Outer for Turkeys II seems that the 
iurke> 4 hiivi? been ptanniiiK th» est-ap* for months, 

%i continw to tht; head KuanJ. everythmtt was quit* tatm 
until iiht>«l midnisM when all hell broke IcKwe, 'i was 
mjikwK my usual rounds to see if the »urke\ count was 
Mkrrect." lie »id. "whrn iilt of a sudden I heard what 
nKWintil to be a loud chewinR niOMc." 

ThJil toud ehewing noise was the anny of 3.<)0« turkeys 
who were chewiiw their way thrauuh the wmxlen Rati- that 
kept them prisoners for so loiijj BaUstic* reports showed 
(hat there were over a million te#th marks on the jtate and 
mi the surrounding ports that held the (i«n louethi'r 

U se«m Unit tlw turkeys knew that this was KOinR to bt 
ThaftkagMBg: week and they wanted no part of it. Only Wi 
<A the turkey* could not make the climb over the high 
retention wall that sum'unds the enlirn prison It was 
ta>l.t«ved itat tbe tufiptea, are protably half way to 
C'lmada by no<w. The National Cuiiird was alerted and 
riwclbtaiiks ««ne set up at all major inlerwctfons s,nd at 
llw stale tines. 

I manaited to get an exclusive Harper interview with one 
iil the Turkey* T«»tfi Turkey, a 1>^>und IJutterlwll was 
very c«l|t«»tlife with my questions, I was especially 
iiitere»l«I In tlie rmmm behind all of the turkey unrest 
Tom deemed very ai{«ravat«l with this particular 
queatinn and began to m on a rampage. We can't put up 
with tlieiie conditions anymore. The pens where they keep 
us aren't fit for piKs' There aren't any recreational 
faciUticw and the food is just terrible Our main stjuawk is 
that every year around this time, this place tunis mto one 
biic bloodbath Thtnfts an fealty fouled up" 

Tom took the time to Infitrai me that for gtnerattaw. 
turkeys from all over the U.S. have been brouKht to the 
I'ontJac Stale Retention Center for Turkeys and left there 
until Thanksgiving week, when they are merclteiMly 
slaughtered, plucked, and deliveretl to supermarkets 
acrosa the nation only to become somebody » mam courte 

But not all of tlw violence waa <m the part of the turkefi 
the guard* brutally roughed up most of the turkeys and 
th«n nent them to the head of the correctloas division Th> 
Buards were ordered to put the turkeys in solitary 
ronf JnemenI until they are certain m to who mstiKated tlii 
uprwinK The turkeys will be allowed no freah air. no clean 
cells, and no bathing privilegeii until tnrtliernotlcc. 

■ later (wind out that Tom Turkey was removed from his 
tell, handcuffed and Imiiillil downtown for an indepth 
mterrogation to ««t to the bottom of this priAlem quickly 

CMfirials finally got Tom to spill his guts about the whole 
operation He reluctantly revealed that the escapees were 
not on their way to Canada, but they were on their way to 
Washington to put the pressure on Carter to support an 
Anti-Turkey Itey bill, which would make buffalo the 
official meat for ThanksgivtnK This would, of coufk. 
mean that Americans would have to refer to TtenkagivinK 
as Buffalo Day instead <A Turkey i;>ay 

The warden at the l^ontiac Slate Retention Center for 
rurkeys commenteit that he hasn t s»en this much trouble 
since the Easter Bunny riots of I»b; where SOO rabbits from 
all over the US burned their Kaster baskets in the Civic 
Center Plata to protest bt'inw force*! into 'paintrnK and 
deliverintt eggs to kids they didn't even know , 


^^^ ^^^1^ ^g^ jm^ JHh .^Ik JtA 

by SenBtB 

H* I mt% i H'n'rlb 

\ Ukr piith ttal •nulfl Mp 
iitri,d<ml> It III!) n<lr tiirir Mkn tf> 
(liiriiiT •II* pnilKMiAl l)> llM'' 
. tJitiriiwK •**! Ilw* tJ*»* IwmN M thf 

irw,'rfil m*'. ■ 

*liiiiilri*ft» liH, ..»,.!..■. ;, ...,;., .■ 

Ink* li> «rtMK»l •rthiiul luiviini til 
Inwrl iiBiuile rtmili »wti ii» Km-I«l 
rr \l:4;Miq,(|tR 

\.:>l onU w«itt,M, I'lww pwlla M|i 
OKI itiiiTwr ktuiltiit*. but mtrnt' 
rNr wUo l'riK|t»«ll» (iMf Iwiy r"'!"*- 
itmiU IM- »Uk l« iiMP Miem »>•- 

\ ji..(ttlnri it<l! t» tn ItKr IHKIM* 

■ wher*. fctmki'il:,* 
'. tl jiind ifo in t«, 
T.'rm (u iru" ,r»tt,L(irni .S#nMl«H~:i tttl«Kll 
tlH> IMW Mr 'pMh 

.;i.)m mlltltur I'Uii'r i 
,.f (I* Ui:i* forr* (■■ ■ 
M,.ii',utw,i>, , I,.milii Murtlrr. I)av<- 
Flr«-h« «iml IM*I» »;ar»lcr will 
,i',a- •'(•ttijx'iuit- Mliar wmimiuiilm 
Itiul .ilrrixh txivr iMcyrlr iwttei'dii' 

! m it*Uli'i>, 
: ir il*«« H**i [,- 
* .-{imiuik^t V 

.%|:u(l»iilii »r.;- utsfil t" mukc 

iBIIIi»HUimi irl r.trilllWlllJl "II ttU.< 

f|,rii|»#Lijit ^m ri»mtii«rt'ilh m 
a.ld'ili.mtil iilcjK (lioulil be 
wlmittixl i;> ihr StwIrM Sciralr 
('(Hiri' iMi till- Kurd fliHJr «f tjllJtt ,* 


The HatWnoor Christinas issue 

willlMDec. 11. 

Sttidents wisMng to tubmlt 

oriQifMil prose or poetry for 

Hilt Issue must do so by 

noon :Doo.^ S. « 

AKIES ■ Hutvh Jl U> April l»t-V<»ii run Inkc c:ir.. uf \uui wui* iivrrldiul 
In ,»ii-,;'*iji^mii^ cluiir'" jfjul imitlmtt in m'i^rUUM ■ , ■ :.,itjnnslui** i*r«:" 

itm-iih'fl Hf i'Xjirr'wn'' amlwJUtn Willi' im'#«'l ■ ■ ■'U'rtaintnw in 

^ nnr tiKHttf 

TA'liRUS ( A|Ntl ,M U UaryVthMm vimki 'Uf mukuuc ana r«Mvini{ M> of 

i,r,U-i>li«'i>r il't ill ruiiiiTiimicMlnii ,»» MCfnlnl Trnwl lor a '«|irc-ifM' 

liiKlM..- I. ' .1-...-.I K."'ii.i ti-m|*itmii l«> inwJill* >'t i»lh»r»" l,|vi-s May H 

rtrtl***i.t K.-i't *r t"-r'.. 

GEMlBil t Ma* ,11 to ,Jaii» JH i4MII nm:n«clf out ul ii <lni«;ontrm«l mi'wd. 

ur jmi i»ijlil •hiIbiiiim' ywir cjrfrr i»»<t!im Kind » lu*lij' mlr rest to lake- 

I HM mtml nil I'mmitlaiBli ,\ltrnil lo wiy hrallli (M-otiinnn Itot may ariw 


CaMCEH iJaiw II In Julj' ttl-Ynur «»«>■ lu»ri » MkIi «imI both 

• .u v.[,(H.K,. jiiTui i:]tttoe.ft»c' iiiaUi^rs HIT iiclive Ftna,nc-n rmM takr a lurn tm 

irr iji-ttri iMil itwi'l l:» tTO'ifittt) lowaril i"»lr»vai(»nc'e Yiiu ca,n get im 

,..,, , . ■.> ith a ttlativr rum 

I : :.i lu Aii(. Hi' t, :-'■'•'•' III!'" t<i tirsaniit! your work Inr imrc 

■',» wl lifr ,!i|iarkir'i ,>f'<,l > mi haw a mil mt fur tlvltiK Sklinc 
iiHl|ij»l,l««H*,>n«) ',» riMX-KMrv l>tcau*i! of health m,»!t«T^ New trwmts 
f<imriiila>oiir lih 

VIIttK): I Aim, S to S49t„ ai.&H:(al life jnwrklcn tur you wiiii lots of 
rtitertaiillim Ton tm »tif«n|>lifh Itir tiHtaw l»«ii«s yua liavr lo do if ,r»M 
« ' '■ 'viliii and takr (hviti oni; at a Iti'iit', <,>l roopentim (Fcm otheri «nil 

:,',', \ .'Stpl, n (D Mrt n i.Finantfs an> anvntMl ami ,yoii llKwU ,Krt 
rwdtrr invatinK .■iM up and itay sltli a lavintes pr»K,rsni 
1 , an Ik vrr\ IwfKftciiil !,(> you by pottmK ywi » tcuch wtOi 

..(.(,...ri;iiini. ■«,»:>• 

scon I'lO I Del. S In Nov tl i-Flai* ip pn)ed* fm itaftMl earlttr and 
.ihlil tin- rfCiniiKt t<iu<:'IW!ii, Connnmnratc wirh Tiftallvw ami l<iv«l'«Mf» to 
itrrnctbn tht IxtMl* Mvcwn you <>ivr lomr nuld ttou«M lo ways to 

IIHIII..V.' |i*l"«Tfl>niWlH» 

\.;« II to llBf. 2liJ. 

; rntito' (»lnri» (oir liii 

,.,:,, ' n Vmi I'OUltJ 

CaFRICOKN, I (.let-, C lo Jan, l«)-A busy titne «lien sonal and ,per!H>n«l 

tritenf!iil,s tni»' liavf l,t« >» put »«ulr You're on .your way "lo the lop" m 

— ■ ,- r SI. itrrst, well to make a Koixl imjireiMiiiai , An r«pe,(»e for am elderly 

n% iul,M:"r init\ brnerrisary 

A . ■, ' ■ 1 1 ■'^ ',-.r- 3t to Peb. Ill-Stmetr ,»,quanaiis rotilil mret a future 
,r'H- troin the past ran mldenly rM,p|>ihii ,and old 
f : ' n iou<"h with new a,ssot-iales f,kei:"]awn& y«iti make in 

> .»t'.^"r mjiiMrr * *«iM'"<'nt ratal effort 

PISCES: iFcti 111 to Marrll lOl-You leel beUer almil y<m jofa and ran 
(•sfl more relaied Iheire. Take eaiw at any hoallh nisttet' pnimpUy. 
('tKi|M>rale ailli niale «r partner on a mutual iM'«)er< and the results will 
tilnaar rau ■irvalt.y 

t Canpux Itiiijesl Newt Service i 

<>[ past 


euKeftatuns »our 

Mat M Imttm 


on Ring Day 

I $59.'^ 



And firm quality Ultnum rings or YaHow ana tVhtrv Gold Rings 

{ 9:00-2:00 ) 

WHERE Student Lounge WHEN: Nov. 20,21 

N<»*«n.l»»f». 19T8TMEMABBINGER P»fl« 5 

Newsbriefs —Newsbrieffs — Newsbriefs 

Point of view 

tmt ttnal •m m Vktvm. A WM il 
Hte gMwral iMlat lor the pmHOm 
■Mjr te ipMikai ip •! tlw Slialiiit 
AcUvttitii wdlct. AJJi.. 
AwUcatUiM niaii bt mifenitllml tw 
'JMunw Panluiilm In SIvdant 
AcMUm*. mr Or. BMialMtti IMt, 
FSltB Qiialit)rali«n* and 
ttttrtntt* must hm slicn 
Afplkallana iniiat it' in hr Nnv. M. 



T«a fnw MoUaar*' «■ 'Ml^aKliig. 
•01 tit mm^ Mr ilialma IMC' t 
tam. 1 :IM''p.itt. to C W and :ilK.. « 
InMn T:1M' fM. to &»■ Baad 
'RaMM' i^lkM floar ol' Md*.. A > 

The inp H <i(Mn. tw Hadiinta and' 
comniunitf rtiidcnti All 
raamailHMia art an a Wnt-cwmf 

• PI l iipi al l .. TlH' 'halanca af MW' 

HM? I I:. 




"'lllM'iMS'il lltll nV pCWdUEfllllfM] Jit 

ilirpcr !>«;. I at • p.m. Hi EM. 
Madtata aM admittad tor n canla. 

tlM' KIra itars Hanrjr WMUar 
and Sally I'tcld in • ilary «l a 
VMnam virt*nin'( raorfMMnn 
ma iwiftT wha •!<)«) Ui* way 
■Mala and taUi In km wtOi an 

•'"Tha twtJW' fliaim." "I 
jnm. Alice H. TnUaa" and 
Royale" vlU 
Manner Uili Wi 
a,.ni.. In I | In AMI. 

"Tbt (•elm OMln' 
by Mel Braiaki and Mart Ob 
Latia and M*l Brooto. "I 
fan. Aliira B- Tukina" flan 
"Caalno tayale" 


In 'Oi 


me (ani tf ntnd K. 
br ifaiimiii Itaant. 

Bloml drive JZ 

AU UHaiaaled Miidents arc 
Imltad In (tve Maod at a Mend 
drive Nnv 9 tram tarn to i p.n. 
to AMI tlM donation •ill raver 
both tlw donor and hia Immadlate 

• all eiNht werki (MPlorcn 

Over If .Me iitnUi oT Hood are 
(mmidiacd. in Ihe Unitnl Stalai 
avary da'V-ovar T.IIM.IIH plnla • 
year. The need (or Mood kccfia 
Incmamfi and llie only way Urn 
can be met t* ihrouih an 
Uf increaatng numlier of 
•rUve i-oliinteer Mood donors 

The North Suhurban Blood 
Center m the afmry that will be on 
eanipiu (or the drive ThU aRcmry 
pravidas tha Mood (or our major 

Oawitf Ntirtii and Wmttf Allan:.. 

Ski trip 

Harper Col.l.«(a Stodant 

AeUvlliaB omen' to ipamHitlmii. a *! 

Mp II Uw CanMikMi KacMat' iMDft 

•f Banff . tan) Jan.. t-ll., Wi. 

Tha trip McMci nwadMii |ct 


> «l 

and ato ilnj't <il W tMeta al any ol 
Hm Unae 'major iki ana'' iJike 
■ ViUati* and Ml 

TIM par ptnon price IMUV.U tor 

to^Hiiti * * )|ii|i * iC id If * i» * * * 

• FOR : 






Two tMtiiteMidii Mac 
tar«n jfiowtires Dura 
km Premium SJS's, 4 
ply, tncluding rims, 
excellent cortdition, 

Call Mark at 












^.* 4t * « # 4()|i « 4t «.]* * 4t *$ 

The donor muflt be to inod 
kaaUti, ba batman tha ■aai' af IT to 
I at 'laail tM 

VanuiMara are abio needed to 

•llh ra0atratioa. For more 

ithm Mudcnts may rail eit 

Ml or inquire at tlw Health Sanrtce 

alliea, A3tt. 


Wlwt can ynu do vhan the peraon 

]ron*ra Hdliil wtlll has conaiMiad 
eabol? A Mm on the 
"tMnfeing Drivcr-What 

Could Vou IJo'" oil! be ttuimn 
Tiiaaday at noon In tlw louncc 

Natiiinallir, aince ivn, Ihcfc baa 
baan a S per cent incrcaae to lb* 
nmnber of alcoiial rctotad trallto 
tovotvini the driver 
I year* of axe. A large 
o{ traffic acridenU are 
abM> cauacd by Ihoae penon* over 
» yean at age •bo alao drtnk and 

Don't beeome a national itatiatic 
over the Tluinlti|tlvtn|{ weekend. If 
you drtnk - don't drive 


All ftudcRM. faculty, and itaff 
arc invited to the Thanksiilvinit 
Ecnmenicai Service al 11 a.m. 
todaf UiPm. 

II It a Uime for aU (attha to «ill»r 
loattliar ai one communit) niving 
and praise to God for all oS 
ReCreahmetda will 


Car Rental 

S11W. McDonald Rd. 

Prosptct Heights 


Mi IK a am 






KBINQEN Mvmmm 20. tf7t 

Legal Aid 

r'e actor visits Harper 

Q. Oiir nnr-teU' »ctc f>mll>- bomeslMd in Callfanua ■4|tlllt"ltMl'(Mll 
■vnwg*.. Our pmati tmOge iltKliU}' iivrr bin Mn tlw «l|ilmlfi( ItoM Wt 
art oniliMis t» knMi If IIW' innicr' of llw nalil SMI «lMf <tMa <>iiT iMdse. 
X I.aml tMiinl*r>' qantions from ■ttloifiliig IwMl' wmicrs f'r«>qii«ntl> 

■ (r|).-,.r in MMrm«l 

r- .,11..' ftm 'buitf. tt» nimmoti lum lAM. Jur, M lt«f , IknMidlirtM 
Wt ;'.'lll|j oirtn uncrml «■;'« (if nrtllinii: tmi«rl«lii i)*ii>>>li«r)i ItMi: 

■ I ■Hi «-t|'iii«ii.«niW' <■(' •■liialMnft tuml (>*Mr» irlwr* Ilia Itnr siiail IM 
mutuAllt' r«iM«nMt<l I* imM tto Iruc Um. itiBoett uwiwra alis nwity mtt 
Hu- tm» hv a wrlttoi mmtamm. »n»*f'aiii*». m m anl tttnetmnt il ll» 
liw u in illipial>'. 'M wch oral •(■WMMnM. tm-imwi mwlimv* mI^ 
UiiMMl tKv ewiwr* mkI IImmv clji'lmlniE ttndrr Ihrtn. 

rinallT. iC » court »iti«i » (i'W lo esulitali a IJiK «« nii-flrt,, fiCtiif 
aillmMiig mwiwr fun tik to *)«tl«i «■ tmpiMi. Bmm itttm la** • 
iiKMulwrF iitiMtiliirt f w Mch ■ctimw- 

Q M| ImMitr dtwl an Jim* 1, WW My to«l»r» to the atimiiuclrxtor ol 

tm* Mlal* an lUiaiumtraiL TIa Mk at Ma Mtatt vat (tald in the miminar 

aHmtn* wmnm ■>» .!!■■■ hU l tf ■Mi ni ! Inrailf all aa my hrather'i ilMcr 

hut »h» i« no reWlM at iB li'.linit Hi MM^inaiiaiml to rm hmMtM m liw 

VnaWan of j<iiiil lanuW and' hawltclwy . WlMI can hto f oUu da '■ 
A. M row hr««l»er »»» a rtudrml of Ftoruto. hl> •ttal* nfimlil he 

■iMninMmct 111 lt» etmmy tircurt cmirt. prwtale dlvuim, m the couiU» 

•tar* In Uv»d Thi rlert (If tlie twiit will Infonn ifDU, ltt> •inter. ii> mtumt 

htfCMal* ••■ diatnlwIMl i Pla, SM. .lee M. Illt> 
Vtxir teller sialet pmt hnnher •■■ "TttorttiJ aiMl luiiiewhiil 

Itliierate." ■»! the heir to hit •alale u a 

hernW a* Ma aMM: it prmtd, the law mf* the 

trtliemw aiMiMliii* l« tniMl »toii-h glwi the «««r* it* |Mi««r to 

mealMate fmr Imlher't trfleM. < AM iur M Ket. U'Mtue InOamee. 

' "il" I hujuin ' aclor l*.iiul 
.N"fA'ijv.k *|,-.r*il Mifrw timr lirl^" mI 
HiiriMT with the deaf ittMlmls aixl 
<.« lilt) 

tMramj'" I* the irji* ,iu,iirj <■( 
(iiiMiiM iMtm. » Met deal mutr 
who » MrfOieil i>t muniiTim- .. 

imatttUIr title ti> ' 

«"«l»iHiinK-ate in hi;. .■ .. 

IK <leeime<r Iniianitetait to stiii>d 


l4fi|l. a fartatr fhitittlnit. dtx-li 
liMiler. eamiMilnteil with his 
Idtonf wartcrs *>■ umjile nenurei 
«* «|ififi«ii i» .nnn Uniniaiie 
lieramw (jiiiii ladliMt any early 
IriinwBt; m Sinn iMKMKr and liaaf 
.-.iurjiimii ijiVjir Rurt.i>n (wrtray* 
I.J.IIK in the tarn to he ilmah 
iTKnii' , K-lieilaM la air cwrly neat 
'M» run CBS 

.hhirvtno. »!» han Jlarrml in "Cifi. 
«.•«»■' HliKK) Hnilhera'" and' "A 
Tmirh 111' tlaaa." (Mrlnyi l^mwll 
M»rr», |jini|*s deal a(H>nif> 
Mv«T> let* em hi cifMwr the 
rrivtratlMi anl tUacraiiiiatiim the 
iteaC mini amliire tn Imlayi 


Artor flat 

'iialcarathaMlil|(uk.if*M«ci«irt**v k.. wka 

"^ Paper aids Journalism majors 

•tM»a * 



■ ■tilmit 

• aamy 

mat dam fhc lav lay ahmK lltia.'* 

A The dead, haaidea yaur Jninl: 

■ a .taint tmrnntf "M iha liiM •! 

ttaiW' .yuiir lawyer ehaek thc' law an 

t KlMm It maS' intended 

I brtnr* ymi ran claim 

» eiMirt admUatcallM i Ha . ttm. 

lananry br thanMlntf. 


.Siiire (ir<il'eiitcamliii(i u the hey 
Uf wrresf in Ihe buatnesn ararld the 
Ha.r|)cr .liHinailiip Drugram !• 
imta-kinji many daart tm it» 
itiideM* UiriMMiti (ht VMcta, a 
talilMd newipqMr fiihlMiad liy 
the Ctmf Keadlm and Bditinn 
rlaiM. It 

«:|)«rl«m-t tfl all 
neieipawer prudwllan. 

ttiMlenlj •rite new*, (eatuw aial 


«1C«. 'MMtt - I:«l ■:«» p.lll 

Mnndlir tl*r*> Thurtday an 
tcfenl $ar» «#. Ooad puf and 
tawAlt. law Fdatf ttrvka - 
IMMafAartwIiett in. 

i;«)Ll...El.;E REP WANTED l«i 
•tktrttatc "'Studant Kala' ' (ui>- 
•cnplkiii 'tardi at lllia camps 
C«»d l»c«Mt. na licDtng in 
*i»l»ad Far Inlartitatiwn and 
aiittliraitant writt i<i TIHC 
IMC. Catltic .Btiraau. ■«» .Bnat 
St rrankim Part, tlliiwia 

t'ompiaer Tyijui 

CnnaultlnK firm neeitu a pari' 
lime uidlV'idiiai In amnt m lor'' 
lini. itarlnM and uixlalinf mm 

CMiiiMitartiad niajling till [Ma 
proi-eMing ei.perience 
IJreferred, howet-er. tyiiinji 
•ltillkareaiaeiilMi.1. Phiine Wl" 


weeii^n'.t ' ' in 

I'lfivrn'jv ..,:. ,.,.„.,,., .u.i ,.-r 
vitf I. »ll .'M m€i ll*(»et-n » III 
amor .1 "linn Man Frt 

Tyiiih*. I«ter»i Hfio- w»irh. « 
'day* per werk, tt'» hrnin.. 
■Mrnint*. Mwi ht aiaid lyiMitt 
W»nde» EngwweriaB and ran- 
traftint Servn'iri. kik (Irm-e 
Will 71 

Femal* rnaininate needed *» 
mmm m ptiaaihle. lZS'm.n per 
penm*!. I hedrww apartment m 
AditiMMl.. II . >l wn itrivi' (ran 
■ichaal Call S«l' Wk eveniingit or 
hMM a inatagc far Sue llai 
dM.y at Ihe t>ental H>f wne' CM 

Itl <*f 11 H \S r Bmnn 

and eachtail tervrn t-i'lieril 
henafila and talary Apply in 
pemai at Victarta StiHtw.' tn 
Mall 0r . JlelMiinilWri.. Cwial 

Addrenseti Wanted Inini*- 

aiatel.*: Wark al hnme ' no 
fiperitnct naceiiary 

I paji Write American 
• Park Lane Suite 

WaitMiaaai. days ar nighla. Ve 

Md Ttiai^na Ian. Mt Pnapct.. 
IM-IW».Pato tine..l»fi-]tl n" , 
ialiyMter in eit-hanie hir )i«t!- 
tn arranKMncnl Pnrfer itudcnt 
with matlty night clasta* 
Haon and hitard and salary 
riaat* rail S»«M9 ttclcirv s .. ™___ 

Depcndalile ttudeni wttk 
vehicle far maminf ne • iiMiicr 
rMa.le In iarringian 
Newipapcn preralled, ma 
rallactinWj'iMMkiatirk. few ImmM 
Mm • Sal . Mead)" part-time 
Entra Bitmey meant (lira 
thtiigii Harrtniitan Ke«> Aim 
ry ,l»t-»»H 

Foe Salt 

:» « kniam Z a rnn»e. air. 

pawer i»tnd«>«». autaitiatir. ilH 
■*l»e«l. iiwiivij |.«,IM nil 
KM) M mi *m c*eiiin|P and 

ttm «Si> Vanaha iwid eim 
dltian. mwt »ell Call Julie. :«■■ 

t»» Muslanc F*»lback pJb. 
a I-. a't., main, eicellent rnm- 
dilnn. im. ("■IIMi-ni*! 
B-flal tenor uuptiotie tlW, k- 
ftal clarinei ITd. B-flal tiirenel 
Ml) i''atl alter ipm Ml STH 

IW!2 t.:anian w: €1. trnty md 
interiar in iwid * Call Ml 
■t OMTitJ Mm S p m Price 
tlWi m 

\wm, VW: Hug. t«W'lMst atler 
cm RKk ztP'Snii. 

m* VeiB ■Qmi 
•mdMiim Nanau ii.nMnmii s 

■*i|...-im* MC'all ISMiMg 

KIN Forest. Palatine 

EweUoit locatHin to tchmia. 
•happMig. wrvicat. t 
* 1 iwdiuuiit tit fiiiiiMd 
imcnt I Inuit in 

storaiRe.. ctoMta In ttaiemeiili 
Estra larfe !•« car garage •»' 
dMr.i. Newly 'rcdcearaiad 
rurtalM, levalar 

hardwand Dinr* under 
w-w arpeting. waih-dry . dnti- 
•ailicr. relrig . double oven 

I windiiM' a 'c kilclm 
eahauai Ian, alum 
■IdinR * aliMi. ttarmi >] yn i 
Deep W with lane tr««B and 
private l»ack yard XW-lim 
to' ay nH.fiBii Mu»i_»eii^ 

lin Fnrd lUuMang II llalrh 

back - in V-a engine, tapd. 
p«iwer hrakei It iteering 
am/fni lapederk. air, deluwin 

tenor pkg. mag wheel* 
enierald green w;«|»it.e in. 
Itnor, M.dOD mites, e«c can 
di'i'Hi r.:.ll mt (s.iiw .nk for 
Mikrti! kiir;i 

Baldwin i-nnsole piano. it>'.(e 
M, one >r olid, fall Ml -fTB al- 
ler II p m 

'm I lids t "ul lji.» t (tr . J . c p b , 

pi. »i, aMi.'Jm. Hereii »-itl» 
tapidei* (iimd cimdltiM. Smi* 
tirct an' wh«ali. Illll>..tliywllcr 
Catt act i'» ar mtmn after s, 

t'heyir Na«a ■ « cylimdw, innd 
rnnditMn. aaw eamretor ijMm 
~1l'aftef«p.(n . 

ap«»rl. itiirle* «id edil all i-mpy 
They wark in puiilifiiy. c-ir- 

<. iilalHin. phatniiraphi . adwrtuinK 
■ind layaui 

" "TIW Voire u a tuUqae leanMnk 
ripi>nmi-r' " fa'id Saaannc Havlir. 
rixinlnidilrii iif the J'ouraalimn 
iTiH'i'iifii I kno« of no (idler 
culleKe «r u«i\-i"rsitv m the stale 
that uses ihc iatjoralory 
newspaper a.i a learhiof 
leclniiqae Sludenta are able to 
tinir-h alt aspecti of new'spaper 
ppihtufitlon ■■ 

.liie Purlin. fichatuD'hurit. laid aa 
promotion m.ina«er. lie it 

rtinddent nf he riimpiiiKn which 
inrliides icivc aitdyi uf ' Holilo«:.)(er 
Specials' ■ from the Playiaay Remn 
and c:ountr} Club in Ijtke Geneva. 
"It's a weekend varallon al Um 
r<>«ort. aicluilinti free food, lodging 
and iki lilt'." furlin eapblna 
And it's only the heismmnK : " 
Many Harper journaliim 
students have lieen »Ke«Mfal mmA 
lis. ,l»hn Watkina, (ha 
(lirwiM of a jian FrancUc* i 
itation Tlw lead writer far tHa 
Bamev Miller shOM. RMnhotd 
Weaite. la one of Ihr ten l)i|(lM»t 
paid writerc in Uir country and a 
iiractuatr nl tlii" ProRram 

^iT'm'wwww^w m • w I' 



(312) 397 7292 

I to iriMt-kitehao btdltieit 
MDawMk. CM-mis 

tvpim; reasijsahik 

HATES Call Pat alter n and on 

'Heed your lerm paper typed" 
I It i)|w anythiiig Call Clina al 


tin V'atnalia'xs n».ib %m 
iBita Ea. eund. tlTiW Call Hah 

Jlirllii* Pmu99n%mw 


STUDENTS Uookino (or a tIexiWe full or 
pari time position? Need coMeg* cash for 
yourseli for the kids? ifs easy as an Anfly 
Fram Airline Passenger Screeryer Hours to fit 
your scnetJuie. Interesting, responsible 
positions available at the world's largest aod 
busiest airport It's a great way to earn and 
tti* lObs are here totJay Salaries begin at 12.70 
per ftour. Apply In person : 

A; 9 A.M. - 4 P.M. 


I7JI N LaS«llt 
Chic«90. itlino^i 



NovcmlMr 20. 197S THE HARBINGER Pag* 7 

Basketball has new coach 


TUt MlFiitr ColliiMt 
Hsukattall laam will Iwgtn 

wamw Muntiaf. Ow, I _, 

■fnlift . I •: « |i.«. ai «., Viatort .Hl«li 

UM jiti»r'» ncuM mm M. 
AecnnlliMi: m hMd 


As «f mw liitf* an 
filartn on iMe laam 
HniMi to liav« al (ran It. TIM taaai 
n ma* a» «r HMiatly ln«uMn nut 
M a taw imarv 
■M lM«t and 

T«*<;lin«r hioptM a lot al 
tpeciMtan will ilMHa up tat Um 
e»,ni«i, •-!( It !• like anythlnc Mm 
the boy ». to (M IM|Mii|ila(Mii ilia 
l«*." IM Mill, ■•eioca «t .p« Dm 

fMlMIC* iMf* t •MM Mt to Mt 

Piiinil pim$ .pIMIIIIiliiilu^^ lo 

tlw nwn't aaiMa haiMnii iiMt 

lM-(WM>n tlM> two urn Mujil ^iK « 

Mtic bi'l lictKr rroMl." 

Wiamcn'i DaaMlMll li traaM 
llM latiM at tlx men't The tmth 
ramimmlml. "Wt tM Uw laiiw 
DTMIeica llMy do: «t iel llw 
••mt travel arranKtmcnts, 
■MitonM an as nice lllitnkim'rt 
M MiawMltaMfaallify an. -nay 
1*m • ttm liiHii |i—iiii Iban va da 
iMii UMt'atolW'Wiiniand. " 

CoaeMng Wnnwi's l»ikall»tl a 
a arm Kzpenemr for ttaetumt. "It 
tNould t» mtcralini." ht laid. 
■■fm- am rt|M iw» I UMi ifa 

»«l»rliiiM>l to iroe," He laM iw ii 

trvtme to trrnt tiM' iMm In tlw 
uiiH> li«l» m tM WMiM a inc«"i 


TKirlimr «|mc«i laia Injurlts 
with ttomcft tiMn with men -r 
(hink tiMiw's ■•■■ coitart in a 
wonwn's name." he laid, "Thty 
.ilav awajr » little ttil liettar and 
uren't aa amtrciive or defrastvc as 

H« alao laid 'aot of Um 'Mmiaal 
prolilvm* u ««tttnft «im« of the 
womrn lo take the wame acnoinly. 

iM. "TMa M a lirlaua 

eame and N Mn't all Jnal a aiclal 
affair •■ 

So tar thl* jrear'a reliifliing 
tniilMMnarei are Sharj Doane. Jody 
I. vim, Jem .Schmuhl and Gina Neri. 
Freihmen include. Tina Harrijwi, 
Kaiemarir Carroll. Val Weldnar. 
I.vnda Sn>lkl>ne, Mary Mctimiae. 
Tern Groenlniicr, Karen MocUmc 
and Kim Bufhette 

Any women inl«n»lcd in trytif 
out for the team can contact 
Teiirhner or Martha Boll. Women '» 
Athletic Director, thnHigh their 

kno« wlial to ei|MMt turn of imn 
•«1 I think I know how mucli to 
unih man in AMtetlHll Where 
•Ml vonwi. n mm mad «t m 


^ i» 



Health Club for Men 

We offer supervision in Conifitioning, 
weignt Training, and Body Building. 

HOURS Mon.-Fri. 10 -10 
Sat. 10-5 

Willo* Park riaMMUwaokea *«e. aiM Palatine Ma. S37-1M0 

I l«KATl»C*TWIWI:ai.aBi 

$ SAVE $ 

QA/e buy. gpi^. t^ade. md 

kmi mwid^U 

Please phone first 
after 2 pm 

Unde AHmUs Racords 

123 E. Davis 
Arlington Heights 

timmedialely tovm o» railroad irsck 

Hext Issue: 

Coaches of 

file Year 

John Eliasfk. 

Martha Lynn Bott, 
Woman's tannit; 

Also ali-conforanca 
golf, era«t country 

t ■tech W. al ■!. il 
'itlackN.afltt. 14 







«v«rv Tutt. f p.m. fill 1 

1/2 price drinks 



everyday with 

Lunch Purchase 

Froe iMpcorn 

y OlipMlPki I 
< OniiyCnM ^ 

£ 'A' SllrffMl PfaEB # N 


Fridayi / Sundays 

FBV $2.M 

Children nc 

"New Site sue" 
CntidrentI 45 

Home made ■ 


Cawntry S 

Chicken I 

tl.M I 

CHiiarenJSc ■ 

Live Action Pinballs 


woman's tannla 


hc^Dcr Qotege mLBc rrochhe 


« Af jD| 





,'M.S • 





















Thf above list is merely a represetitation of the 
programming heard on WHCM The order does not 
reflect the popularity of the selection. WE PLAY 
AROUND HARPKR rffi I gr.ii- !«; W H C M ! ! ! 

Pagta THeNARMMHeil 


Fall sports end winning year 

iMi fiMt KCbhiIi, 

Ttai tol. H»ri«r iitl«t«!l.ii- ttm» 
•tfK' • ilim*lwni« twcf m Itimtm a 
th* Havk* h«d <••> *l>l* 
chainpMH*. » »tol« I»»IH' (|ll«li|)f 
(nr nnUiitMil. an wkIivmIimiI mmm4 

Mm* OiiMI«im1iii« Plaftf *« 
min<»i»" ill to »«>«« •»«• 
(iiiitMM4 lor 

Th» ^ r-- - 

quanarlwdl »•« Si'talMdt who kd 
am Hmwkt to a N« amltwtm 
tlllfl and a ipet m llw ill*itit 
:llwvl. BM Iw dm M)t do il alait M 
•*Mrr MMriM* al m» mm hMt 

■■■ t i i iii Um iP 



-me IMtell . 

imt'interB an flr»l «««in' •«- 
canftrfnc* tttil Schmxlt, 

Huartarbaek., Hi!* SchaH. 
llii#lMrktr. BUt C»«»|>r»:tt#ir. 
iirritiMlw Umniiii, ami Mail 
(Mnlnnaii. nHnlmc ^mtk. Ihv 
had tMt Ml ■acMHt iMm: WS 
Jtrami aiUt iNwalvcr. aiMl Ra^liili 
FlifMW, daitail** iMinwck . 

I KMOtlao vtrt 
■Ba, 'RaiMt>- Nys and 
laiMF Imuran Tlw ttam had lla 
■iiMt ■umtafttt i*i»am> war 

Till* yaar'i Itam «aa' mad* up <■( 
maitty frtalMiHii' aiid' a :IU|||li 
larnoui. ncit laaaiM ««idli kaay Hit 
Hawki at (lit l«|t 

Ttw Mher «tat» duniaKn waa 
Uw no l«M titan cievllcnt wmrnn'* 
Ifimit taara a* ttmj roared Umugli 
NIC anlcKim |>l«y aMMaatad. 
winnmi Imth Sacttonal and 

KaitMMal HcRwn IV tixmamcnt*. 
Ilw taMifi' to riaint Uiw Hate rrawn 
ami dmW f lor iiatMinal* (Ilia Maji 
W Waw, Tritaa. 

Tha dtniMaa laam t>» Mary Batt 
rrtrli and Rrii Kruawr mntrr 
iinitii|ipali)« a» thty went ihrounh 

tiK' aaaaim trittKHil a loss and tonk 
tlie nfnanal Utl« tii bccomr itat« 
duuMci <:hani|i» t:oa*h Martha 
Ljinn KhU waa namad ■ Coacb ot 
ttm ¥t«r ' ■ t» cap off on* of the moat 
autttaaf nl Mtaaana lor any Ba'nw 
atMttK team 

In totf Uw team did not dw ■§ 
mil at in paM ymtn. but SnXI 
Spwlman qnaWM for national hti 
i«co«id year tn a nm l-a«t year 
fcolt ■»« Jiieo itat* rhampton. 
liua yaar to aaala finiilMd in Ilia 

t<t|i iiv* {or a lri« trip to Odcaxa, 
Te»a« Ui» apring The team a» a 
■«h<d* mdad up third in Itw highly 
c«inpiMi«i; J**C vith Spielnuin 
■nd Slaw Ford ntakinK all- 
cunt cpanc^a 

Crma ntintry (and ■ rcbnildlnit 
■aaann, taut Imprwed with every 
nwM and {iniilied a slronii third tr 
th* NIC owrierence meet. Jef 
BrydKes wai tlie only rdumtnt 
Mterman Irani laft yrar. again 
made all-c-ORlrrcnn honors aa he 
plwwl Mlh. bill failed In his 
aWempI l# niiaWy for nattamsla 
thia year a* Uat year he plarad 
IKh in the nalkmal meet 

The iffla<?hei of thelf rtipe<*l»» 
iporta have devoted much time 

and effort tii their teams and 
ahoold be recofniaed for their < 
outatandini! efforti JoHn EUaaik. 
football; Martha Lynn Boll, 
wonen'a tenma. Bob Nolan, craaa 
* mntry ; and Bauer BecMold, gilU. 

AU of (heie people aim maeli 
•pring or winter sports and ate 
already makinK plans to prepare 
those teami in hope of a 
conferenoe title and accompllah as 
RUK-h as their fan cmmlerpmta 

With these teams made up tt 
mainly freshmew. and hopafidty 
many will be retumuut neil year, 
watch for the Hawks to be a mator 
power in llllnou jiuiior 

All conference football 

Neil Schmidt 

If MIC needs to pick mil one 
person reapaosible for Harpers 
•Mil ■uceessfttl season ever. 
Schmidt would be the only logical 
(hiHre He atone accounted for 
i»»er ooe^third ol the Hawk's total 
aWensiw yardaie wilh I ltd yards 
.piiMing and over M« yard* 


ik-hmidt also led the teem in 

sn«nn«! wilh nine touchdowns, and 
riasaed lor ten more, m totally he 

atcouiited for 114 of Harpers W7 


liefense after delenae this year 
found il lough to slop him ait be can 
run mstde or outside eicepWonatly 
well ami throw scoring strikes 
from cither the pocket or on the 

There aren't too many award* 
left tar Schmidt to earn as he «paa 
first team all-conference and 
named thuatandtng Player in 
lllinoii" which Is abiwl as high ■■ 
one cmiid ftt mMiderim all ol Uic 
tunlor follegaa and all of the lop 



You might nal Itavt .heard hi* 
nam* inucli over the loud-spealicr 
tat « WHS MiU CiKipreller who was 
rr»(»twi(>lc (»r ihoM' hole* lor 
|tn.«(i i.ctirbiun to ma tlirottiih 
.iiui II wiu Hill wh« kept defenders 
iTom d'Umpintt Neil fc:hmidt on his 

bach dmil PMS plaf s. 
Bill ptoytd an the oWeneive tint, 

a posllion where one mvw leortt, 
I (he h«U. iir mil the 
iinaterlmck. Itul Ms 
teaiiMiatea and coactos reatae 'Wa 
important*. Because wilhiMil Um 
nffenive line the team does not 
■a-ocw and docs not win 

Bill trwm bt« oltenaiw tackle 
pnsMon nas the key making llM 
rtifterenea if a ptoy went for * keig 
aaln or a big loss Mo«t of the time 

It was for' a big gain He uliliied bis 
ttuu,-fcne«» 10 «t<ip opponent wlia 
•err usttall) ram* iarg« Itan him 
and IMS enaUed him to apeit h* 
In which a truck could tn through.. 

Kill wM. another line of the few 
returnees from lust ywra atuad. 
II nd the coni-tos art glad tic did as 
ih.i.» years Itoe was made up of 
moitl* (reSihiuen 


With Schmidt leaving neit year 
Coach .lohn Eliasik is gotng to have 
10 search near and far to find 
soiiMvne to fill Schmult's shoes If 
ttiey can catch Iticm 

kept Ms teaiitalts ready to potince 
■ ■n iht ball When opposing twll 

' .>rrien were hit by Mike they 
knew It and they also know there no escapinu as he stopped 
rinning back slier running back 

liiir Ml gain. 

■| always try to be leader with 
Heltons There Is a dlffereiiiT from 

tiilkin..' about running wirni sprmU 

hard and leading them yourself " 

Mike bad the responaibillly al 

deiipliering the coaches signal* 
Inira Ihe sidelines, relaying them 
l» hij t»«ji»le» lor every olay and 

mukine the necres.«ary 
ffliljuslmenti 1.0 stop many a 

itir field one could not tieip bui 
(it.ttff •31 beinit almost 
everywhere at once, "rbat was 
Mike ."irhell. defensive captain wlio 
ntc'hored the Hawks defense and 

Balpli Florema 

You didn'l ie» mm* ol .R»'lph 
■hiring the game because 'he was 


iMiiiillv at ttie botem of all tboac 
massive pi.le-up». wtilch opposing 
runmtig bucks tac'td every lime 
thev carried ag».in»t Ihe Hawk 
itclrnse llalph will the one holding 
■ .11 to the oppusitm making 'Sur* he 
H ml no further. 
||ih liiiln't make many 

... .t;.ruljir pUys Oil defeuite twl 

I <.. .ttilti'l make any 

..,i....i..kf« »» opposing leami knew 

. t ,. .11 1 Hiilph as II* WM alwiiyi near 
it.t. (will U» wa.i » ileadv 
l.«rl.ori»*r nlwavs knew where the 

I...11. »«» JltMl »J1". .ll*il'. ■< ili'Tf t" 

.|.:.(, It from K.»<'«:, :i.» riwrr 
*h«'<i * b»e mlcri-e|jli«t «■»» 

neadnl be rtOttUiiUv uiiing part, m 

II. eithr lipping the ball to ■ 

Immalc or lakmg il himarlf to 
ileal an<gh«T Harper rictory 

itatph should lie relurnmg ne«l 
wiiMin iind will be » nuin.ttay an 
Tl.triwr ^(IcfcivHc 


When Harper nenled a quick 
l..uch<lown or laced long 
'Utuatiofis. Hill wH the mu Uiey 
l.><*cd lor as the speedy wide 
receiver catiKlit lu touchdown 
[).i»»es and averaged an 
..■.hiiri«ttioc ;n :< yard* per catch. 

Krlt wjw Mit:' l»«dinit rn-Mvcr lot 
i.t"' Hawks with catches and could 

■-.l.-h almost anslhing near him. 

Mike Mid hi- 1» ilednitly going to 
rimtinuf pUvini! football, which is 
had news for many running backs 

who have yet to face "the every 
where alo«-e«;K." 

Brian Getzelman 

Getielniaii waa • somewhat 
iverlooked member ol the Harper 
backfield. but whan the Hawks 
needed lirjl down yardage he (SOt 
ibem (leiteiman was the team* 
leading griMindKainer with over WO 
yards, averaging 6 J yard* every 
lime he carried the IwU This 
might not wow some of you. but 
that's a first down every other 
carry, and J-4 yards is cimsidered 
Kood for college ban 

He waa second on tto team t«r 
scoring hooun with a tout of ei«M 
touchdowns; seven rushing and 
one on a pass reception. 

(ieUelman U nM big by football 
standards at i'l" bul can break 
lurkles as If he was IV and < 
in a while showed break away 
spocd as he broke one run for 79 
lard-i outdistancing everyone 

In the receiving department he 
caught eiglu passes aiid averaged 
I It 5 yards every lime he raught the 

Urtiebniin should be returning 
nest year, and if be does it gives 
Coach E:iiaHk one lei* position to 
worry atmut 

as lie made many divmi!. tumbling 
.iilchcs to k«ep Hawk offenaive 
lrive.» alive 

A Iwo-year starter and captain 
(irr thi.* year, B.1II tried to kiwp Ihe 
icMm ready for every game. "It 
W1.5. l«ui(.«i 10 get the lea.m up for 
every game as the sea-son wore on" 
but he miuat have 'done a good job 
us the team was ready for every 
•. - . . .iirnnlia or Wright. 
■ .-.iw Is somewhat of a;.inc..' playing a larg'er 
scbiMil m be does not lit the 
r.r..i..u w ..i j» wide receiver who is 
,ind fias httidtets tor 
I ., ;,.iitton,ly y«"b«t use*. 

h» siK'Cil itnd quickness eMeetively 
lor constalantly maklw the long 

cam Hut hope do go down tu 
Southern for spring practice and 
» ilJi a good showing who know* as 
h^-'s surprised many people 


Fall teacher evaluations eliminated 


Db> 10 ■ c 
pvkey, HiMlcnli 
oppartimitji t« 


iMr M. im 

Aecorilliiil la 
Wtlliaaj. ¥IM 

Dr Oa*id 

|»rMl4«nt ol 

muM tat sciM. twck t» it* <iiuv«ml)> 
lo te labulalcd after Ux adadmita 

llMMitfi* Wllitti't Cl^wim 

«Mawl« itiM M emu ai 
•l,W' per jwir ti> iMiTtait tilt 
•mdialliin (arm* ami lalHilala tlM 
Hatiwr wM 

Wilitain* ftatad that ttw farau 
net uamt ai a mxhod al 

■chari will be 
•n la laacli, liul an 

fltfaffwa bacit In ailMn a ^i^ealian 

iMNIt tin CTMlillilty Ol a 


I Uic rafanndimi saa not Hm 
for caUlnii out tUa 
aaiiiaitcr*a ttaiient/taachar 
•vilitaUon. but kc addad. It did 
help l» Dive Hi* Hnal noali In 
eUnlnatUig it 

In comiMthaaa to Harper'i 
Miidenl/lcaciMi' evaiuaUiin, Uw 
•valaation utid al Oakton 
CMHHuiltf CoUcfc la actually llw 
baala (or dcrldlnx vtHdi tcactan 
iriil bt •limiiiataij frma their alaft 

■I UK Of mc^hard Jordan, vtn prmUmtt. 
'** "*<' af rlmdatum and inatnictlan at 

and inatnictlan at 
Oaklon. ftalMd that the evaluation 

I* aaiMclany Mpfid In 
dadatona about part-time taaehara 
who are eaplayed try Oaklao. 

The Miidenl/trarher evaluatlan 
naod at Harper u also employed by 
Kigin CammiiRlty CoUege and 
aome of the schwila at the 
Vnlvemty of lUuKMa 

AKhoui^ there i« a poaHbUity of 
the evaulation forni 
in the rutur* tt'» a 
valid, mll-reaearchcd tmtmiiMiit 
ttial ii uaed elaewhere other than 
here It » not one thai we have 
developed oundvei that arould Mod 
ta be difflctitt to liiatily Us 
ealldlty." WiUlama lald 



V0i.12A NO. 13 

DECEMBER 4. 1978 

Snow Slows down building A repairs 


feritatrs Ti'i ttic riMt iw IMc A. 

■ riphKed 'ttm 9. 

•■ li»«-a.ii!i» lit r» 

ii-rm mil* i or niiimftii Un M el tin 

repan to Ihc mnl. 'IM baiaii' M 

ihe mrt!i:tl«. <i| CMahtr. are hIpmiI 

i-i>ciiiit to I'tr JaniMt 

■' Prttidenl nf Mlniiiil-' 

■. .,' ucrTmet, ihe detaj- hai r*- 

'■ (nun '■•ftan wit beiim. NiW* 


Mr. ttanaid Mini:', the ttirn-tor iil 

(Mimaiia lertilcw. mul thai lh«' 

»r« niol Kill rati. jilxitN IIM..iMI' 

l"h.- iwMiev at raifiMa. tn«ii Ih* Site 

' vnairiiclMn .fund. vImcII: m 

"4 Ihal; ■«' eamedi tv boiidit 

' '^" line ol liMiitMirlMiii 

"iir. .titer Iht mil' m^ 

^ . I iioMiat and. paid' fur. 

•■jmintti mpiw> 

I' •" tm4^ !» br n?" 

P,Ut; 01.1 

.Kvirn itXHiii'li tb* r<M)f i* only pait 
■ay c"<Mi|ile«wl.. Or. lieiT)' «U, It 
111 ttrtiri .:>« j»» way M ia rnmt lliit.i! 
' * i<f' w'M'heri^ beuait ta 
! ^t - : nut Maal.iire ••* 

•ecpiw. tiirMMlt ami the iniaMlM 
'lial. lie* oNdDnwiilh the .md '«••■ 
•Himled' vbirh .(W mm help tO' 
MMiintii*' iHMt or In «orv* Ua put' 
IMHa m» II nnf, (■err)' naul. Hie 
'■rairr pnNiAnit that hat been laid 
dn'iMi a tile (tr»t utrp <tl Urn nipairt 

The nea rant, dfilliied by Erifk 
mm- KriatiMM,. and HlhaaMth, it' 
divMnl intil UmriiMcllMi mid: eatli 
.!u..-t....i .-III have ••! mm 'drtln to 
!-• ^ .Liitaite pmhIciM «t- 

).«•' 'I'lrpaiit. AcronMnd.!* 

Ml Mim I I'll" »rrhil«-t» believe 
Itol lhi.» r.K..i' *M l'.»- twtler than the 

ciKtHnnrted al Hairper. Thej- leere 
nwipieied .pi Mil al • ml m M 
■illtliM. Mam^lim to tlr. Pern. .a. 
riHif DhoiiM taat almil It yean... hut 
the f mil m mtit A 'baa laMed. wlir 
win? ye«r» The ■•rranly m. the 
rirnl '•■• for une' jeiir milir and 'the 
■'■.rmt 'hr the an ni«r aiitlhe (or 
Ove t-ran. Thr (ita.l:HniMI IMIIitilM 
ml' iHwi' tiuii l-brper tmild aal an) 
aailractnr le ■'•rriintv the rwd 
wai liir fi¥« >■««» 

'the' wn not mil he made out <il 
ijtr paper, tnaalataon. and aaplui.ll 
It i> .■■•iiuiwiti- ntend to •■. "afl- 
■Mibrr cnte " It *ll he made ifi 
.III ieverwl .b>'er% Im^ mKMFr perfur-' 
liwiimp "ll(i(iel':all>' the new roof 
■III lail IS t<. m it"«r»."'' n«d IJr 

B 'tbf'iiwi. 

Mtmt wllh iMMniCi 
• . it'ie Itr* til be 

Speech team places sixth, 
duet act takes first 


I mlft al a tMiCMWicfil MM at :m- 
I nt>i.> 0«niiiiiini')i ("(dfclie on ^m 

'WVl-r 11.1 ■' 

in the' 

'lie pla'i'. 
I .iiriMllMil 

MM mil 

i'i:i Hprj«hini" .['irrliripaintft in unt 
rvmi art' ,:iirn ■ tellll 'III' 'lifaili 
I'lnnuln u pniurt and deliver • 
.iHie«!di<in.»l(ip'i' . ' • '' •' t'n-m 
Tile Ki^iffh'T !;».'«■ .!r.' !'''i".F"rf»m 

I John Ijifri 

>..yi .lliilrbiiaMiri 

W'.iltiiipiian TMmpcrfanii 

■•.lilt ■ coilnhiiraltM of ru; 

tuiES trom thrw nepari'l* ■'«>rlt» i-i 

lileriioft. wdb one c:entriil lliewB" 

''ituw'i wnn"!) .fair Iralh ' ' . tndiidea 

n the nerfomiaim vert (Mta of 

nMdWn dure ptrlmitd hi IJi 

nalrhlnxon ml Kay t 

Hmmi 'TaMwn '■!■«> iiartic'Iptilid Ui 
I>iii't hcdtm Amt. wiHl Jlie 'PlllIlP, 
i-i< ' ''-mpomiMiit 

:■»! hihrtnt l« 

. f i h n fi (" I 


i ^ ..i*.. in .*. t f nnra in 

l'rn>tiii«i'r Kpeahtnit and Paul 
Harihteriier M Alter 
VI nlcrtalninenl . 

t. A have bee* flawed dooa by Ihe mwh . I ae 
'kaee pal Iht repair pra|ect hth t ad tchcdale. 

^•S«3 THEHARt«NOEN DMMlAar 4. ttfl 


Harper athletes 

This year s Harper Hawks hav* had a very iUCcesfW 
atmon so far. and only about one-fimrth ei the ■tinteiita 
probably realiie It. 

Harpers athletic teams dtterve a hearty round of ap- 
lor their excellent performance in the N4C con- 

I battles. Every Harper team, despite lack of 
and cheers, came out their best ever this season 

Not many people went to the Midwest Bowl and en- 
couraged the Hawks football team, who battled their way 
to win a state championship, and were contenders in the 
race for midwest champion. Even though they didn i wm 
the bowl, all of Harper can be very proud of the team who 
iMd tMr bm Mason ever Ito fall with an 8-1 record. 

In wldltiMi to their N4C conference title Harper football 
atao iMd evan more honors Quarterback Neil Sctimldl 
made first team all-conference and was named 'Oulstan- 
dmg player In Illinois ' Three other players made first 
team all-cwatamGc; two num made second team . and 
tlirce playiKI mm Mmi as ^honorable mentions 

The women weren't left out of this display of excellent 
•tlttetics at all Helping the team along was the unbeatable 
dmtlles team of Mary Beth Frick and Kris Krueger who 
became state doubles champions The women's tennis 
team took the N4C title by being un defeated in conferem-e 
plav The team won both Sectional and Regional Regjon I\ 
toumiments. making them state champions This May the 
team will go to Texas, with Coach of the year" Martha 
l^f wn Bolt, for the Nationals 

The Hawks golf team ciime m third m the N4C confer 
ence Scott Spietman qialified (or Nationals for the second 

time He and Steve Ford also made aHconference team 

Wf congralulatt' the Harper Hawks and their coaches 

for a rtn«»«li««« and l»I» they wtU continue to re*ieh Jiuch 

1 \ rfj- rj 1" 

.M ' 


Legislation agaifist 
abortion ciinics - 

After investigations by the Better Government Associa 

lion and the Chicago Sun Times, finally a legislator iN 

going to start action against the ahortiou clinics tn Cllica 
go It IS very unfortunate that it took several cases of cruel 
and dangerous treatment, and even several dc;i"" • 
prompt action t)y government officials, tiui at lea- 
being done 

Stale Represrniativf Eugenia Chapman will introduc-r .i 
bill to the House of Representatives which will allow tin- 

Illinois Department o( Public Health (IDFH -r- t 

abortion facilities any lime, either announ< i 

nounced The IDPH will then have the authoi ; ..:=e 

diattly close a factlity if the safely of (he paiH-nts is in 
jeopardy The minimum number of inspeciioas will be in- 
creaaed'to foiir to sw, times a yesr. 

Representelive Chapman s bill will also require ammen 
ding the *^K1^tlOfl Law bv requiring that alt abortions must 
be r : tti approved facilities. Right now the only 

ref,' ■-: atari ion:- is that they he performed tn; a 

,p,ti V .. ■ - .-ncc IS made to the tyjie o( U i: 1 1 i ' ' '' 

i:ir>- • 

.' itiir Jit* ol the bill will, force fmancmi and 

awiiei:*i..+.- u.«,.....,ure8' to be made by facilities, require 
'posliRg of licenses and of any notices issued b>' the IDPH 
coueernint suspend"!" "' ■ license, increase 'iienaliiet for 
violatwiis and r«ju .md renewal licensun- <«->., 

After five months -: ... .'>tig«lion it looks like the Sun- 

Timei, mfd 'Uw I*ett'-i ■■nment Association finnll>' got 

throMfbandro'" • • t«»ple that the atarllon clinic 

is"«r'«' import.. 

'.-eatlosi-. ■ ■ " 

• ■■■-ingof *••• ■. ■ .:. ■' '.' ■ ■ 


Have you 
started to 
pmpaie for 
your final 

1 until I imlfJIir \<» 1 hiiw s 't 
tiif MiTH iDMlfrliil to rtimprrhriiil 
brfor*- 1 can reiW-w (or fin«l'» 


^ hapBinqep 





.,, ,•„,„,., 

<.... i ..r,r 


.S[.i.rt... l-..|il..r 
I'll..!..).. ,Jit..r ■ 

Tern Jwotmw 



I ra.»t 

1U.,.|I its. 

!,,.!1.1.. |. 


l>btilt Teut-hltc 

|:N«tnl>uln»ii f.:.Jii,..r i'tn.H tanivrtln 
Aiiwimr.; Diin»t*i>' Pmivwiw 

Tt»»lHBIIIC«R»ttHf»lwl'-nTr".^. ■ ■>■.,,. Harw 

foWiinr cwniiWi racmimivii-. pul.'h.<h>,-.i .......f;.. ■■■\. ••p' 

il«i.rina,l>BlU»!|.-i.aii<lftnillrMiiis .\11 !»tii.riii'ii.. ,-»i" ■--•-.i "'• 
ihunr <>( ttii- wnlrr <n«i mt mnsmniy llnw ol 
,lti. ■*iiim*trjit.|.M.i, (a.ciilly (>r.iitii*Mil bttly 

Th.. prini..f. rmfT>n» "• ll» HAEBINGKR i.-. ii. iiitnrm. 

1 . "! .^I'Mill ljeHfflr|,w*r r<'t«l«^) 

.*ll urtirliw. .»<ltaiill«» f<w ptiWicnUon mu»t l» lvp«,l jiml 
rt»l>l<f »(>»(.'eil.mOl»«to«lUi>»<if.lp '" ■«'•"<'"•. " .v.ti «t,- 

wibifrt to i!>ilil««j I*ller!H.»-Mw.! 
nurw. xiRlu'Wft ii(iiwir'i'<)»''«t ■\.' 

K;.ir:....> 1UI"|.«'|. 

.fViatiiw. IU..«N 

». ,*ft^ , i it v.. 



a t# lit' jnlijr Md iMtetiiMtair il"* ttiM Ik* flul Mamt tm^ 
Ai miKlt m «t> don") lid* n. tmmf til ua mm fml' imnictvts ili «M' a cate 
alilmilil*'piM9iiii<«inia or tnplt tirwnrtiiln 

LM's (»«» H Ntlwjrty l*<» tw tw «»fk, iwpw-talt)' «f >>«iu'v* cran* IIMl far 
Min III* iMiMstM- (My iiiw mat* wMk M at tlaaaa* anit than .yai can 
iMvt ta iMt iKk inttHi prtvat-y al' ywir awn Imhi*. Tits ii ttw itni* # jnar 
wtai). < M of (iM|>l*°]i aitttudM Iwwanli Uwir MhM Harpar ttudnMs 
liaf in 10 c)iiiftK» li'« |u-i:>tMiMy 'lacaiMi wuryiiM li lalMni w imtMUw 
iibMil ihnr mim kmMt- WMinar yan. haw, mbatf ttm mmm w You 
rmltf (-ail"! Hanw 'diMM Ikr Mjrini away traw' yau if jxw'rc tick. 
.iMM'avcr. IIMM ■it:tMMrfa«fto«4la'actiwll|' flitmt a( iWr way lo make 
ytmlml m awaillMl ai a IB aanapac' Irani' Ih* mtmivr-carv want 
Hhm iwlMic MniMi ■» to intf. h^illii lo Mtk mn and tutnai their lil- 

Iff nai iMfd: tm iIhm inciwlh' pm^' m piim am UMiMont !«•• lor- 
tunalt llian' llMMiMtvta. HmM' ""'vmiM-tit"" pai:itiils usually M« anund 
ant at Iwo boiica nI Dontinicli't Urawl limua liccaiiM* il'i the dieaptat. 
kliMl. Thty'rt alw ih* unaa thai hear toaUiMiiic ranhat iioaath 'IMr 
maMhl hacautv u.«i)K Dominklt'ik hranil tUMM la lUu; laliif a .ihMt af 
WMtMr Ian M'MJitaper im your (a<<c 

AmwtlMr <t(«il gi«v away to • «irk (wnuit m iht wty h« or ihr (.rnellx 1 
4m't OKT ham many hat »hi»*«r» yuu lake, it'% » r»»l Inek to fmuiivt 
lnyat H»au: layat al Vlela Vapar Mult. Wm Gay and Hamiitnlaluiii 'thai, ha* 
unpad d n i iniiO yniff nonii.. 

Aajtam thai: iMl Hanltf ht at Maui* mmihiimii iallwa at ckiekan miiii 
ami: tig(tl«i nl harhlluraCw. Hnl Mnct nobaity lUia* le chyck li crtdit 
hatir* of rathtnc oul Ihr W'Mnw. wc'll (tratialily tm wHnt ■ W uI efiirp» 
ltlM>. w'Mc^fat-Ml. iljrry''«y«ij ilialrals r«M' itar )u.llt lyriiif la h«vp 
dnwfi tha ducheit UMp they tHMgM (ram IIW' mmlinii mat-MiM*. 
«]•» tfmk m 6m tfmimmm af Niri|IU Hariwr liuctonts, itaiM b* to 
mfnalalilt aa '|Miail>i» IJ'nfiirtunaiely. HtcKan 
I who mil malU' tl ««ry difficult (or an ailinc Mlow 
ilinlBnl M lati M aaa* whittaWandiiig thla lait wwk tH ctaiara 

Siwri'liiiia tha aifcft thnai vMini ■«•«■■• in Bia. m... mimt barharu! 
irmhiF will mikiiat* la makr it a puni lo buml out m tte mMMIr o( claaii 
wtih "Cuvar .yiMf maulh yuU' iM. we don't all want ta ftl tick*" It 
nt flMMt I'lam a tiM mat yaa already haw tla layefi' al Prmt af itar 
1 1 ad: araund ya«ir tan to inmire • ctoiile aUnofiilicrv for all 

TMctara ar< iiio pitlly af aliiiaiMf. lick iMalaiiti You can alwijn find 
■Ml* ar two laat. 'lera who will tnalat iMat you i:ll in the ImkIi. oI the nmn by 
the fire eatlncuittier until your ttcalth anptmtt, or until you slap trriUi" 
ling llMc raat at the clai* b) sucking on a mouthful of jimith BroUicn 
t<Plgli< dropw while he i.« trying Mi exphun unusual mating haMti. af the 
Blllo»tlc])tuint<i <iln rtMim tlie jun^lia, 

A tuA Milage '>lude<tt can gel: vary drpraaaed: by all the' preimitai that 
: ' >' eaartad u|xm'i Mm m hile In the 'lemeitcr The adds are raaUy aia:lnat 
- ' -u FMple are making tats as to him much longer 'you'll be able to hold 
out rrlendaand dinttly maimbeni nddenly begin to ihuii you. b«:a<UK to 
them, you're no more than a noae-driiifMng. gul hacking, germ aprcadcr 
Everywhere you go. you get anhed thai all too familtar, ndlculaui ipaa- 
tlcm. "Are you wk'*" After the' thirtieth perion. hm (npfitd thia ipMat:Min. 
yiou may pm lash ml m anger and (ruatration 
¥wu really don't need, all (bn •ggrtvation In fact, if it waw't the laat 
1 1)1 claiaaa, you'd protaaMy be in the tioapllal W'lth needles tn your 
a, a UMmMNiMter nefllcd in your imuth and an 'Oiygen mask over 
I ymm titt*. IMead. you have fin 3,lll» word etaay* due by Pnday . two 
mainllai lo give, ymt 'rniuat diaicct and Mel aU tlw parla at a 
I bMiMfiy by tint anmoon mm! In top it all alt. yoU' fill] dUn'i 
I vMttlMI ■mwMtilM. "tile hat bean m good to mt.*'' 

Ua wauMIt*! itnik M had' If your daw «aa functianinf and ywir throat 
•I'idn't la«I tffea'iwiiebndy' got at it «lth a buldMr knife. Since there it no 
r Im the CTiinn».in culd, you' r» uliji-k 

.iiX vm matler huw mincrahle your life may leem, ha«|t an going. No 
[ nial'lir IMr laar your htad preMure iiia:y be, ke«t» on wartang. No niaiirr 
I'MtlMtoyiN. kaff '•n«n.iilng. As liar you people who an- 
<1ntng ail Hie haraaaing, ymi'd .hatter rul d out., it's going to he a haig «>»' 
■ '! .indyouirayht'Mnt. 

0M)Mi*«r4.f«n fHtHMmHQBIt PHfCl 

'Lord of the Rings' 

CffI CrfJICJf laffffffl| vCff lUUfI 

|P^|P<V''<W'"V"|||'''W^ ioodt 



•£■11' Dm 


012) 3I7I2I2 


MO'iiy crititti ho'tre nKoiiii'. ■ i 
i-itM' the' new aitlailed filin > ft 
MM of J. U.K. Toikleii's "The Liinl 
(i( Ule Rinilii' ' tm beInK too nwf u*- 
wti and 'Ml ha<V'liiK any audience 
«|i|wal ctoapl. til die*hard 'Tolkien 

Having never read ToikMn. < 
went 'to wm tM* Mm ndlh i|iiile a Ml 
id' aDpnebcnaloit. What I taw 'wai 
•me o( Die (ineat aninu'ted fea'tum 
thai 1 .toll e««r newed, ranklno 
nr.hl up there with ttie bed of the 

Ski trip 

The Student Actlvlliea ORIce If 
aponaoring a bataieen-aenKaler iki 
Mp l» BanH. Canada from Janu- 
mt Wl. wn In previooa yeara. 
Mpa la Vaa. 

I Jal tranapattalion via 

O'Hitrt to CalgBfT. Alterla >t.u- 
danli ■« be picked av al the alr- 

paft .and taken to BanH. where 
Omr «ll mat ■< n* Vajrager inn 
'Clff'tlftfll' ili^lla. The Vayagpf Imi: 
hHiiHil af an auldaar haalad poal 
and' aaana.. StudMta will be pro- 
eldad with lia daya nf till ticketa 
laahie at any ol three nujor afcl 

Movh Review 

''.irt.«>>» M>' fonctiuilon 
.. ».^ m-v«T lijleii lo the ..■rltlcn' 
Hatpli Hnkshi. thv proilucer of 
TIM? l-i;ird ol the Emus." wh<i«e 
iTedil* MM-lude "Frill the Cat" and 
'Wiurdi.'". has really outdone 
hlmaell m thin picture He bringi 
Hi Me the cbaraclern of "'ll'iddle 
Earth"" in a litolly untijue laahion. 
hrvatdim to the cntiri. the nun- 
take HakM ma.ile m prodacuift 
this movie wai iticklng too cloeely 
with the .ilofyl'ln* of the hook, and 
therefore allMialinc anyone who 
huan.'t read tlw book. I lay thIa ii 
narbact ' 

Tlie dory la a(!lHall.v » very 
iMur. one tM Mood versuii mi. the 
kimhI .hcin<t the elderly wiiard Cao- 
datl and the dwarf-Hhe crealaraa 
culled. HiditiiU and the evil 'beuig 
all the vile crealuret .and iocla of 
Middle Earth The pM coweema 
tme H(>til>il in pBinicular named 
Frodo, who ponaenart <me maitic 
rini! and ii sent on qiicat by the wii- 
ard Clandalf lo a mountalntop tar 
away. Th'l* betnii the one and 
ptare 'Where (he ring can lie dia- 

imied of without falling Into the 
wTonii hands Why don't they keep 
the ring if 'tt"'!i magic you. a«k" Well 
It leenis the tnlentMM of anyone 
(Miiisewint! the rin«; always turn to 
cvit and beuiK good little dwarfs, 
thrie Hohbiti want lo have nothing 
lo do with It There you have it The 
itood Kuys have the rinit and the 
bad K'uy> It It'.t as simple aa 

The point I'm iryrnn to Jitreaa la 
that sure Talkirn'i iitury li deeper 
and more iiitpreitinK than my brief 
r'Upbrialidn mJKhl nuRKeiit. tntt you 
really don t have to be into It W 
a:|>priTiiite "The liird of Hw 
Kitix.!. " The way in which Baklld 
iinaiiKuilively translate* the Mnry 
into film M the real star, The bean- 
tit ul bill liKniund layout* and fluent 
anmwtinn make.* Ilie moTie an ar- 
llstir ai.'hicvemu'nl 

The Uird of the Ringi" la firal 
rate rrilertainment. It'« a great 
lilin III loae yourself in for a couple 
iif twiir* and I defimlely re<oilJ- 
mr'ml il But don't listen lo 
me rcn)ustaentic 

'•I una lia intMad in the par 
|«IM 'Ol W*-* wad. 

Tkia lt%' il opan 

and (anily may alaa 
. HcUeoplcr ikluig and 

e aeall- 

'aea' avallabie in Ilia 

lOlfk-e. ASM AH 

art on a riral-rooic 

m ilgn op now Minimum 

ia 175; balance la due by 

Oae. 4. Qmtael otudont activitiaa 

lof mofe inHieiiiwIlan .. 

}} ' ■ ■ ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 IJ 1 1 li lili 1 1 111 1 1 1 IllllilJ 




Earn eacetfent pay, enjoy pleatant working conOltioO'S and 
li»»'»l» hours. Join the slaw W our Hiioodftelo location Day, 
eveoinff andwaelieno t'liHirs available now 


Paddlar's Mmm n' Br«l 
WoodfMd MaN 

l 'P'l'PI TI"yH ''lfl'ti'f' M ' l" l 1 ' l ' l ' l 't' I ' P ' H ' H '' H ''l' FI ''l' l ' W 'l' H 'i' 





Sura. iM w IM} tiodng. alndiiinc iiaid«. but al Honaywat «w 'raoaaniw 

IM Our lueoMi depnnds on how last 'our peopla grow* Ont ol our 

piimary oOfCClivMi • lo be Mr* your education and aKperianoe will ba 

dnmrng/te mm MaigraTiiints that m»«i your inleiaals and caraar 

'«Mls. Wt taiiM openriQi m in« loUowing araaa (wtiich naad lo Da 

liHed enmediaMly: 


dngiw » tquivalafil. enptnanC'e >»4i qualify you lo Mat. 

tm tm ditiug comroi panuls used m our products. An 

undemanding o< di||iiai etocmnioi e reouw^ 



Fteijuned • iwu yiiafii ol mmmit v. equanitont OKpenanee in nwchancal 

lyaietns Wih ui. yDu''ll 'iwi ami awakjait new mwtianicai isompcmnnis 

wMcti malie up 'Our pnwmaiic tempe'ature oontioi ayawma. 

On Campus Interviews 

December 5th Irom 9 am .» pin 
md 7 pm-9 pm 

villi 'II mmt m aaoallant salary, comprahanwwe benahis 

"■-" ■"■"■" "tfmftursnmnni and tlw convonasnc* ol 'Our 

' ;,..•'! up an .("itiffvww contaci 'Ihe CoWnja 
li' 5end a ftWiume cu .9 'Wef outlining your 

yu»niK:.aii..i'iit - iiwmtfalor 


iWO Mf DunOM noad 

Moiflion MwgMs II MUM* 

»« taua> Ooooounilv employei Mi-f 



Newsbriefs Finstl BXBjn schedule 

Art exhibit m» eauttm I* | of « amm. 

"ll«aMM*ac«t tt Curti*. «>M— fl^ Iwr Hit Ompm mmit' 

mfim§.Cmm niUMH* itiat* Immm David 
Nagncr tam tilt llunl lUftrM will 

I Mid iMlI taf 
aiawvruiK qutallaiia Irwn 11 1« I 

I ma- put M ma 

I Mr. 'Mm Kiiiid-' Anywit tnlarMMil In attmidut* la 


KI'M' ll-'M: 

iWOMMiaf II 
Mi 1 lot 


M W F 
M * I- 

III' (11 10 m 

M W r 


OwcaiiiibtF i3 




T H 

'1 .'■. II) Ml 

M « r 

I.: (Mr 11 M 
I R 

J » • 4 III 

I)««i!mbtr 1 .1 
M W I- 

• '«••:» 

M W-F 

lliil II Ml 

M w r 

w w •••■? 

«:«NI"1 M 


Mwfmlwr 14 

I R 

• :(l»-t:i» 

T R 

1(1. :kI' u is 

1 R 

I III i: -)•. 
\i w t 

J ii«i .; ''"I 

[Krfmbrr 1 5 

M * r Hi 
T R 

n « 1 Ml 

Ecologf Club Mtg. 

CbiMnn*U ThMtn Hacpir'a outdoor >nl Kcdoclori 


•til iM'Vc an oriianixatlonal 

forUwHariMrCottoca m m tUm "» Timraday Ok T .in 
CiWtdnifi'l. Tl»tl«»'i fro- ""X" H»J» at I p..Bi.. 

of "Tilt Miiiln .Mid Um TIw cW » iiittrciMi !• 

Ct^Mta it ilit aciipi ai* t^ t* _^^^ 
aav^t tti'ilW lHC< 

I (!»»«« iMrgmniitg at 4 ' Si p m or aflw will tttltnat IM* rvrning (ia« wtit-diilr 

I Monday ttiraiKli. Thunday tvmmt claiMs will iim> the »ml( of DtcvrntH-r 1 1 for r>nal fxammation* Thr 

KnalflMiuld luil te timtrr Ihan (wo < 1 > h«Mr% 

t. Friday iW'minK and Saritrda.> rlkiiM* ntiint lioM Itw* (mjiJ ruminalum on i'>nli> I iitcmla-r i.'> und Siiiui 

day. Ilflcantitr' l« nsptriiwlv 

final iriid«4ar» da* BalalrrUiaaMiiHi:, llrtvnilirr t«larrlai«n flt-lnKnannxm Hrrrmlx-'r il-ll. 
F'liia) Rradtt lor rk.ain> utt'ta ■• tl^vnllM- IJ * l« >rr iliir an ^ondat . Il*rr«ik«r la. 


D«o«mlMr4.1«78 THE HARBINGER P»q»6 

Students plan vacations 


WKtt the (inl mdm^ af' tlw 

winter mcwilicr i^un Uk navtlMni 
wrru <i( the country RUMiy roUaii* 
aiiidmta. likF Itw hirdi, are 

l>l»nmiw, tin Miml inifntian 

Chriitinu uxl sfirtnK brtska src 
an tcleal time (or atwimla tuMcaiw 
f mm tlH* buritmii of clMict anit tlw 
harsdincia (if mmttr l<i » wvmwf 
flinuil* Tkntiicli' poor (tlanninit 
ttiMlmt* Willi ikmU like to «• *■> 
FlnrMw over ncuioit nminr mull* 
il Hotel n«nitiiim ami travfl 
plant Mrn iituit iw nindr iiKinths 
111 ailviinrr la otitain anv 

Stii*nt.ii. >>(l«i •!» rwrrer Useir 
iiironw tat rftunii ciwck cmty a 
v.«'li Worn v»c»tl«in linie (tnti 
I h<-mi«lvri witit enuuKh itiunty (or 
I hi- 1 nil but arr atatii* ti> Ktl nmiii. 
to in. amt rnniequcMly Iinw 
Mil. Tttm}' «re tac»<l «tli rHununit 
iMiniir III- Hit wimr mid wM-lhrr 
Ito-y li-n 

In tmirr lo iniurc ■ 

< .itiii»i'i. pLun^ n-niJ rww 

:j1iI tM- made rnrty in tlM ftm 

.41..-II hMltl mffrvattom nn In* 

iiiailir immlta- tn iMhrann> tii 

(tlM-IIIK a MUl) lltpillll (Ml tlw 
riKim Ho-lr!i in .Fluniia and ttii- 

tarurr hk.irl -: h.iin» oRen haw tnlt- 
(rrr nu-nitwrs M>»l run he- cmUmi 
when re wrvms nmmit 

'Ilii* r« save tlw rtiadml naaciey 

iMvaitie lie 1*111 bn catllnii *l ttie 

'h.'vti-ts «>s|M"n»e ami mon't have Hi 

■ ■ - !-iill to il hotel Kut IS 


wnrn rewff'iniE Hit ranni nwke 
•life Che imilicr dHtes an iliten 
hwrawe the ram will lie liirfMMt 
t( nut rlauuKl m limif Tlim art 
iilwafit p<>i>i>le niliw In iine Inr 
nn-elled mervalMn w anuUiar 
rmim olU he hard I« Find 

AiMitiMiiny the initial drfwalt ■■ 
usMlly liml tl the rwstn u mil 
rlaimed B* »ore lo (mrt iJUt the 
tnlalf |ioli«-y c<jnc'e-n«nt( Ihi; lime 
the rwnut must he claiiiwi by 
Hi'lala vnii'l hold the nwota more 

tlUHi ■ fmi iBlnuIci alter llie (''hark 
ttine M if y«Hi are Maycd «n We 

raad toe auri to ca-ll and Mora the 

-XftiT rt'itervatliMii h»»e been- 
inailc Ih-c only oilier pralikniii 
rontrantiniic the it'uiient u a methfut 
('•I tramiKH'tatnn 

Th-err are several popular 
methmii Tin- limt is U» car. Thui 
ctlle-n the leaM eMfiensive berausi' 
Ihe coit i)f the ita* ciin Ix* si^: ' 
he«-*ee-n srveral proftl'- ■» *el.l ,. 

\rit on (he lint ts tlM alr|tlaiic. 
<..;i!nerally Ihli iiails iiwrt Ulan (he 
ol.hrr wajim. cafKtelty dinHiM the 
imirut leaami.. naqaln alrtkins 
imd charter (Uicht* are imortli 
<in'«ti«atmi, howeeer.. 

l'<iuall'v (here armliiii baai and- 
(r.iins wl'iit-h wnrice inany ol the 

major cities m FInrMa. Tlwte 
wan may lake the kmicM, hut are 
not ai ripenMve as flylnfi 

Travel aitencics odcr packaKe 
deals iin both the room: sml 
tramiMrta-tliM to many u( the 
ptifMilar areas m Florida Some iif 
llHic tniic Include meals which 
are (imtiatiiy tiw most cipensive 
rtems -on the trip, encludlnit the 
hfitcl riMim. This can be a nMwey 
■.:le¥ire tor thoac «'to» are 
.<n<t watch fiM- hidden coatj- 

>M->roc collen-es also offer!,e 
dMb aiieh as lh« tmes ntwv.- i.. 
jKiHleMlK. CenvniU) these arc- M a 
Inacr cott than the other types ol 
(imicrani. There are- many options 
oiMn to the student m lonit as he 
plain aliead and takes the time to 
' -CamiMia ttiiesl Sews Service i 

Airline Pats«iif|#r 


STUDENTS Lookirig tor a llexible full or 
part lirne p-ositton? Need colt*9e cash lor 
voursell lor the kiOs? its easy as an Andy 
Frain Airline Passencjer ScTecner Hours to fit 
your schedule (nlerestirrti, responsible 
positions available at the world's largest and 
busiest airport It's a great way to earn .and 
the jobs are ricre today Salaries bsflin at $1 JO 
per hour Apply in person 


I » A.M. 4 P.M. 


>31. N LiSslle 

Chitaso. iHmoii 


hop^* Qoicge muse nrxxJine 

• AI-Bl'MS* 











FOREIGNER * S«N'''> •'^ * doljblE VISION 









The a bo VI? list is merely a representation of the 
prograitimmR heard on WHCM The order does not 
reflect the popul.iritv of the selection WE PLAY 

Ski trip offered 

Harper College Student 
Activities Office is sporaanni; a riii 
tnp to the (Canadian Rudilas resort 
of Banff from Jan 4-11. If1«. 

The tnp includes roaattrlp J«t 
traiuportalion : scconwdaUma at 
the Voyager Inn, which bauta of 
an outdoor heated pool and imna; 
and six dajt of UtI tlchati at any of 

the throe niajor ski araa: 
I^ouiae. Sunshine Village and Mt. 

The per pcnon price IMM7.1S far 
quad, tmm for triple or tMI-S 
for twin occupancy Helicnptar 
ikUng and doeiitd or sleigh ridai 
art available at an addttlonal coit. 




A aamhcr of aMinaw are balMB 
offered this Spring in the Sacf*- 
tarul ScMnce araa Thci* manai 
arc dealipMd (or students loakint 
for apposianillaa to learn ihills fur 
fllfiGa iliiiiiiiy'Baiwft; for 

la a 
Iceal; for Ihoat whs wWi to 
up on ihair AUIa In aniir lo 
' the warfcint world or for thoac 
'»> )a« wiab In Icam how to type 


•ani pnccsiina and spcciahMd 
e«anet in the niedical and legal 

secratastal fields are all being of- 
fered during the day and evemng 
vtary Am MIcfciMi, Cooedinalar 
tha Secretarial ProHraiKia, aaya 
there la an Incffemlng. dankand foe 
(ifftre help: Ml: the- Moethwaal. 3«biir- 
-'--in aran. Bacauae iif the groat 
n-ibae at h«ialnaaa«i moving into 
-- Haeper area-, job opportanltiea 
-<• wIMMil on alUiar a pait^hli* 
"f luiMinc'bBiia:. 
roe iwrthar information on any 
I at the nKreta-rial rtasaci. studtnia 
I may contact the 


faVit TKI HAMIWOCW 0>cwnl»«r 4. if Tt 


ami' ■•tillt tt ima* *>* •»"' ** 
ani jtw ■« IP" «"» 

• to iin 'iilri-l. iMiW * liirU to itli» crt rf pmm 
, It Dull ■ii.eil«»ll*fiiiti* *■»"<»•*♦• »*•■ ■»"*• •*• 

^^ - «, *«. afiwtt to mcimm rmt rt|ii«ilmi mi tiictil 

iralili* tat 0* IrhwIUlw |h«n tojmu. 

*ill«»- .*■« n to Itofi.. 'ili-Caitli i|> • •« ■«•* ••-"•)'■ ■■tojJ*«'J» «»•' 

tiHigw to nut lujir* ii«li«f 'i taHni*.. 

;^rtoXr.rM.« '""~'''^r't«rL:«'s:«'3 

««||. Accapl aNMtMm CnMi ti»km 

«'OllPI» »■<»«. » to !«toi. II t-A r«tl>«i» iwrtk ieltoiliito c»iiliiiii». •*•■ * 

jHh »iiiit«fr«ir> liHW. Hill Iw »l Hrrrt vtrmnmy ii i~ 

Tutor/ng service 

HaritM-'f TBtorttid S«rv»». laa»- 
Mrf til rm. is tM« W Bnjf *tri<J«<it 
iiBiilltd In any count Student tu- 
tara tmvidt rmncn Mp w «»r W 
N. Vary advanrad or 
■ aro trained and. ui 
■all tmmt, \mn tokan tlic raimm 
liay Mar Inmi tlic prtncnl in- 
■Mietor. Many d li>«n have bean 
ended by toe inHrneUta. 
I. to 

■M HMuM lit e«pewiii«« ■>•■ to ■"•hur »t air " •«< 
■ al 


f 4miClllt«:! tltot. a to Jaa- 1»> -Cm* Unto' - - 

with a daw «n»«er»ia|» iiivtung a retolt« to tliare «*» hatidayi willi yau. 

* (a<«tof d elm «d irealw «lt.Iacli» *m Mm* »» «»«■* •>•• "«»» 


••faetoily enallw at ttit immienl A trip wth a 

Ik '" 

„_j to ecftoto rabfect i 
Mi. Cntftoh- Any itiidento neaitol 
help and/or prootraadtog 



'OtpuMtaB and 

l0 iiaai ' mw ' t a 

Maia tototinBltao ta a»altoNt at 



has the rock-disco band 
for every party. 

Let us plan the party of 
the season. 

Be the envy of everyone 
on f rat row. 


«r«b. ■• to llMh at-mitta jwur |IMtoM«lto:al aWlitoiito 
ii«ni*fyt«w«>tuttontoi>r«totoliM>no» So€n«ii» youniaat mi* «»«iM Wp 

yau fuirui a HKi|;-to*J dreato Ttlie ttock ai where y«u have been, wltol 
VIM iwn aMMnpMwl, and ti? a(ato 

■ CaaiwDigBtl «*"«»* 

WKrochs K Bientanos 





1,1, II rs f«)'TiSp«i vM"' 

wk the hc*»y viult, l(w, 

<, ...n add re*' mMmni la y<m» 
iifr il you 'rc4lly undentjnd 
I hem CLIffS NOTES win 

r,»« 14 vcjf\ 
/, 411,1, i.,»j<,j mm o* p*pct 

Krochs &. Brentands 

-it.i, , M in r aaiiiiim»n i n «» " Aj*tAjar 






call for appointment 397-0100 | 

AlROnquin Plaza 
I 833 E. Algonquin Road 

' (Route 62) 

t " > - Ci***?©!! Sc ha u m bu rg 

- towMt Htm '0*m Qwf.Wi 

RegSi/OO ^^^ ^^ fleg 13 00 

NOW /\rr ^No^-. 
$8.50 O il $6.50 



fleg 13 00 

rm »i ■!»»»» *"* _ ' jjr « ■■■ m il II n r ri • ^ • -t 


Legal Aid 

''< rigM* to a rhild >nm out of •nlladc'' 

Q I aiHiM lidr my dauKktrr Ui i-onir litr wMli mr adrr •)>* fluUlira hrr 
gr*4r Mhool Hrr mollwr mtnvr4 • man ■(Urr I Irtl. ■nd he »»«ii( In ap- 
pi«r all (kr ingiEmliaai I makr abuul my ilaiigtilrr I have t Mppur tti kcr 
In all Iter nred» aiMl miirr. Kladly . 

A CtinmuHi i»* parmtal nghts AM .lur U Kef Pamlx and CfalM 
.Sec »I LI" ■«« vmicd in thv father alone Modern tendam-y. however, w 
toward equattialton of the rights between (ather and mother 

When the quealKMi of cmttid>' between (ather and mtither anies. the 
lourts pfinur) reaton is to determine whether the child s best inlercM 
will be served hef<ire the }u<)ie orders the rustody to either parent (X- 
ten Ihr court will atk the State Child Welfare Organitation t« invectigate 
and report what is fotind to (he judge hearing the eucstody matter 

FilneiMi to have cusliidy of a child become* the issue 

H Mr <um died ieavtnK hi* wile and their three hnyk. The latl hay was 
ham after a«r man'i ofll wa> made l><ie« the law «ay be. km, can taihertir 
«w daaghlee-tii-la* I* deiMKiltaK In i^arate accawiti Ihelr ahare far 
their ediKaUan. Me ii%e In iricMa 

A Aniona Statute I JHw l4£M(Ii nays a pretermitied child— one bom 
alter a will is made receives the same share in hit father's estate a* U 
he had been im'twled in his faUieri will 

Q I lived unmarried with a man l«r I* year*. We aecaiiMibited Hmie 
real rtiaie It* la m; name lUM I waald like Ut fcnaw wh« iahfrlla M I 
ihaald tan Ive Mm? I live la CalHaniia. 

A From yotir letter, the taw lU Cal Reporter UlSi sayf your legal 
rights to the firoperty actummalaled by you and the man you lived with 
unmarried fur 10 years after he dies would be determined by the agree- 
menu yiiu had w ith him atxiut ownership of the propcuy 

The fact that a woman lives unmarried with a man docs not ilMlf In- 
valMtale agracnoiila betwcwn them relating to their earnings, property or 

tiarprr ^mrterfeark Xiel !%biiiWt MH' I«m* a paia In aaaaaU'evcrwUliaii 
the MUwfM Html Th* H>wt» \m» la Ike HMkotWr tptHaky DeanKiUl'i 
f'eHwwiarlet* i*-i:i Hariier emied lit mmi •■teasM 

0. l>mner*fclp of our home panted la me when my haabaad iM. We 
held II in jolnl tenancy aad there wai iw cowl admlaiilraUaa abaal tt. 
Naw I «iN>M llhr ta «ell it How d» I arrange la have H af record !■ my 
name tlnnr" I live In I'lorMa 

A File your huittanil s deaUi certificate with the county recorder in the 
county where the home u loralixt ihiit should clear the title in your 

i) M i wife and I are Iwying a home, the flnl one. I hear so muck abaut 
« II li^i <teed la the hoase. We are n« lo gel Ibr deed until »r flni*h paying 
fiir the hiime. We llvr in f'ktrida. What i* a trini deed? 

A In rinrida ■'» Fit MS' and m many other states a trust deed ii • 
s«-unt;« •-■.—---■ ■ ■ mortgage, h-'ng » conveyawe o( land to trustee to 
secure • nf delit with th< [kjww to sell the pmfwrty upon 

tWjuli .■ . ■ !■«■ net pro»-eed» lo j»ymi; off tbedeht 

'"umpustnge*! New-. 

Health Club for Men 

Wt offftr sup«rvi$ion in Conditioninf , 
Wtiflit Trainins, md Body Building. 

HOURS Mon.-Fri. 10- 1© 



M<i'«w ratk F'lJMiMilW'avtiw A.»<> in«)>aialiKll<l SJ7-1IM 


3 ailEAT iOCATIOM* •■ 

II tW. gusw *«•■ 

t ■locll N 01 R« l< 







ev«rv Tubs »pm. tilt? 

J/2 price drinks 



I ,j.ji.;:»: Pti' ■ i-.i 

Ff> V. popcorn 

N ga|j||g|, 

Crispy Cniit 

£ ir Smffid Piiii A 


Fridav* '' SuiMWyi 


F»Y S2.9S 

New Bi'»S><'" 



l.ive AdiOR Pmb.' i . 

Help Wanted 

sill. ' ■. - .. r 

Help Wanted 

vl I liKN'f". t- n while yon 

Sk ' 

For Sale Holds 5 

VI. . 

•. ..-1 V,. ml! ■ n .F'or inter- 


.;^ poles. 

Ml. . .Tl 

h t. ^. . . ;i.ii^ '^ t"K'tw«'n fi « 


-.■■1 ,; months 

v.; .1. -'Hi 


1 *■ ■ ■ 

11 . .■■i:i.»i.«* 

■•■■■k up Irucli Call 

W.iiitr."'-.. .«:-. iti, or raglib \v 

Builidttig A or caii .i'i.) 

tm i:..!wmf Inn Mi Prwipert. 
ftc :i:;i*>. Patottt.-. SHJElgL. 

U. .-ri. IT. i-i.' |.^. nl . Slrilght 

■i..ii-' : !■ ■till'.- :::'i r. age m 


,:■ 11 Hatch 

.'. -Hteering 

Typing, general office wnrl » 

4l*v^. (>rr wir**k l"v.*0 tiour.*. 
n'Kirnrniiti Mu^i '■»■• t;.wMl ivi»i>! 

*..irnjr 1. ,1. 

1 I" .1 * ■ ' .' 1 u 


k. air.tMuxem 

W.:t . ' 

rr-.-ji^ wheels 


.. ., f...,. in 

■ " i.'on 

%tmr. ■ ; 

.-il-. ...11 .:i,,i. 

. f (01 

t:,rt'TS.i>t, ,■■ l,..<-a:'i". 1. ..lili.s.'Trpt.'Ti' ■■■ 

\i:1.1iv. I, .: •■,•, 'tni. i-.i" 


-.■h....ii 1. ..i: il ■■,",.'., ... .'!■' '.t 

;!.«),.ilin(. ... 

..if puino. style 

i." . ■ ». ' '.:,■■: ,,i^. :.i' N.I.. «i 

'...' .r--' hi. 

-Id <..a!l,S41-47nar 


■■■'■■' •■ ' ••■■■ l>fii!li 

. kiii-i . ..". \»"i . 1 |.*bon*" '*!*] 

->■! :.., 


1. . -ki% 17« 

WrsT.Ui'HM tlKI.I' Hi.i-.(-r. 

. .. , 

-—■k $ii(). 

.;llu,l . .'•: K f.i' '. H r'l. i ifi'': i 

.til .i.'M-mii) 

t,M,'('*«' !:!,.« .,.i!'..l ......IT'S ,.\i,i.p:;. in 

For ..>ale 

pTKin !it V'tcsoiia .SULiMi, «7S 

..I 1' ..■ :;-i. / rrui!-' 

t onip, iSS cm. 

l|.all f'»r S<*ti"'ibo.rf IVfiMil 

.^ . ■ ' !i'( .!Uli>m.aij 

' )Uitc bindings in 

(ipportunt'.i !• ■-• 

II). MO ifii 

..■fi.,r,Vi 1 -i-M.son 


t-venlftgi. awl 

t.iT 1 1 iKKly and 

•, |. . ..i 

tfiKi*: . 

*nafif 1 all Jeff 

^ r". ■ 

.Ill ..lull' '.'' 

:> m Price 


i.klhack 1 ■ 
• rctlen' ■ 'I'l 





rf»rrial" Giv«» a 

1 111 

li.flal <■. irif 

\ pri fMirimii b\ 

:' ;m artist 

.1.1.. (:..i . . '■■ '•' 



.... 1 1 . , . ■ 

UKM' • 

' 5 \h 

\. ... 

». ha- 

ing edge 

.nr jo' 

. .i^f sealing. 

Call :> 

i" ■ .*nd inex 
1 ill 25«>-aSfl: 



'irandk, at 

It THE HAMBmaCN DMiamlMt «. lS7t 

Basketball wins 
first two games 


HiiirpcT tHiokrttwII ha* uknt ;■ 
i-iMf tnm tl» fall cwBilenmits toj 
'MMlmi itt Dm IKV itanw* m 
iwnvMfiM failom 

Thr .nanrlu Kun their h<im4» 
■ii(iem*r, tnminjwi! Oafcton !lt-«», 
Th* «9iin> na* Mh ttaiiw uT-t-oW 
ifi It* Ix-Kinmni! as iwittwr leaiti 
nMi*f a .(h«l 111 ilurw* (hr first 
>f'r« mtnuli>« HMrptr'n (Irsl 
i-«k«rt (I* llw aram itax a »nlr 
:'in» bv Miphoramrr Bra4 Sinclair 
liHi liiirint; «(i« fini(, telf 
Mr<i iKiih tiffnislvr ami 
twictBH't tmanln 

Harptr iwtin- tniiM: Irmii Iten 
iMi Tbi* Hawks huill ii|> •• alitttil 
lead 'JiirviH! thf fir^ ball ».■< 
''•■-iv! . ■ ■ nr»me»(I tlh 

!■■:!.!. ..■ Hawk* ih. 

at'ifflsivc si*arfe ihr> n<wdt«*i a> 
.liiitiB hit his firm lour-tiut-ot-tivv 

•.Ixrt'i Th." f'lrrt half i-ndwl «iMi lh<" 

In thr >ri'<«l)lj Jialt tht' HawkB 
liimKi II into 11 lauuhrr iis 
Irrxhiiini i.'u;in1-i. ,Irt) V!jrtm»ki 

.lln((,ir..: Ill' tlM- 

llaklon , . .,1 tJlc 

liaskpl a> Ihf> uicd liicii heinJM. 
M)'VjiiUa:t£e ti> kiwjrk awnv Onkttm 
pa«Mn •'•Ml tvii thcin uilo i-on-l 

At mw t>m« IlitiM'r U-<1 In nvcr 
tltirli |wtnl.i aiKl jiM <-'<< ii' <i 
m-'iwim ncolrj 

Hrwi ("oat* Kaetr .BwMaJd 
I" ■ ' ' iTnon? «nt»r l<"ii 

**■• • ••«»ll«itiletVti^iv 

t>i.n in snijinniii «(f t)iiktan'i« hlKti 
(lout Hi* Horwv alMi rime off the 

h»"rL< h t>, r..i:.{t u.-ll '..>..{ ^.r..r.. 

All conference golf, cross country 


Scott Sptelinan 

St;uU a an* of ifw jjreiiitaf 
iwlfm tn V» italf of niMM- I jM 
vnr hv mi limlnr c«liig» iMf 
rtanilMiit asl IM' yaar lit m* 
nmrr^tip... TIM it Mt' iKiaHl yiitr 
III • twm U> 4|iitltf)' far natianal* 
•■I Mpa ta Hnnniv* Mi finMh 
iinifil laai year in Wan. Tnaa. The 
VMtlicr owM lM> Itis aiil> MMlcaU' 
Iwniiat nalMmal an iiat 'luiti June 
•Ml' Ml H' at Iht nnrtj" of llie rnml 
I umMB •••llMr far pnctk* Ikiia'. 

tl» tf ti»i>4Jlilc NIC Mnlcrcnrt 
i tvaimiMin ami IUi» flMahcil •ncunili 
in manill i 

Si^all alsayi (MilHal .naar tlM 
Ian ii) aliMiM tftwty ImiRNiMiM: ht 
Ulavwl in aiul ti nlvaf « » thrmit ta 
lakr lafi .knnan. in any mwl. Ciiacli 
.KiMMr Uet'hIoM salil fcoll i» o<w ol 
tiM IlimM Kttltart te '« mcr raaelint. 
■■■I' Im|Mi1 Beat! can nmiitw* 
l>ia<:ciii|i, lar a liair year xcbnnl'. 
wMiif !fii Ik ' .uMtoulMiiitl.)' vitl ai lalanf 
llkr Ihli » MW Iwikitij' arar 

Steve Ford 

Sieve waft tlw itaflllMrr Iwfl fcN;>ller 
Jill M'aain bill: 'IM'i Mi tMi Iwd 
fomiilertaM. •hai «•■ miiillwr t»* 

Utrmt M writ M ail <il liar Icanit 
mcwta bat raa% IMtlicii mi slmiii! 
Mt h» iilanii Mil in Ibe NK' 

nailcfcmce iiiaat ta lake atl- 
cMilmrnc* hnnan. 

M«ve I* iml) J Ireahman ani 
fimrh Ita'fblnW « e»|>e«"linf mmr 
bie UiiniKJi aul o( tiiin ai Iw ttiaic of 
Itie maM biglil}:' ralnt Ircabnini tn 
iNrincriiiaiHCll eainimtliw \4i ' 

11 Sieve tM|>ra«>at nest ncMan at 
nxifh a* li* dill IM* j-car na rca^aait 
a^hv he aiald mil take amtther 
inhVKtaal Xair illaaiiiaiihif) (o 
llarwrf's athteUc (inicrain and 
Irwl tbr Ha'trki itoM learn la the lof • 
«>f Ibr fi'H:' »h«rr Ihev li«;l<Wiii 


Jeff Brydges 

Ml has Njen liu- rmintM-r one 
rannrr fi>r HiirixT -. crow cuiintr* 
learn the List i»n »ea»oii» and 
lijNi wM led yfwm to a rtmferenre 
title ami ii tiiird [ilaie finish in the 



I !v vi-ar 1» was the onit 

. i ,' !•■ ..' i,.fi,..r-Tnjm tmi slill led an 

111 a third 

■li'lt hiuiMtll pUiii'rd Ml [naknK it 

Wrestlers begin 
trip to nationais 

RuMM ttf iMiliif is iiad torMtt 


(loian In iMaiit h) » <raf« «f X-tl 
Tke .nrpnaiiMi Ian* In Istm CiHuMf 
Ml tlK lla«k< .•liiiiMiii.. 

i: 'ilarM IMiifi* «f t m l)w 
I tall wlUii a Hcand. iMnial iwi- 

H.' halt hiMm wtiiMlw M t »««> U*» 

<4rnl on to iMRifttllj' pin hit 

Jar WiMl 
ntnl tm to mftifoui* 'hM' «iWBii*nl 
•mil' a llMrt (»rK»* iwt: after a 
ilMk* ilart. ,*t •«' ff llwTiW'i 
lllPW nUinuw MtHiaal oaaWlcn. 
MMm nmif m* at 'bis phfiical 
CfMiWMMina Mul n'lifrirMt to 
HKk 'l# »tm Hih Mmr Utrpn an 
#«fl» . tail ihwi-trt'-'f i-iniil IWl 

F'rethiBia I'. '.■> i 'I'ioi awl 
ll«|llln»liUr'» Tini .■>.'! • I ' (rtipiMKt the 
iw*t lw'!> bouls f 
iJelaah reiiiwHln I 

'MtflMir »e*<ain*M «i'it! .• «in Dv 
nalMMiail «iMlllA«t' MIkv H«ll. tn III* 
nialil* kcaiilUiitr bmit IM( nil- 
ritwatMl IJife* Diiwt>''s J'eH .laiikui* 

alua a MUMial <|ualttlef Is iMrk an 
it arm lar the Hawk* 

(In>( Mttll KiMt'i aiiii Gaw 
Hatfwiauil • WTi iMti siAkmi 
iliilcalii. OTtlt llall aMiiii ilaviii b<|i a 

TNc tmt two bmlc waiU In |j>k* 
Cawnlt' ("la a tiirfeil al 17'* and » |Mit 
i>*'»r Hariwr's J'efl Rirharl 

11l# meat emiei'i cm a:n up iN'ite fnr 
tke Ma wis a'lth (res'bman 
hrav'^'ti'etiilil. Sean Miaal, wiw 
li'tnMNi hli [jike t'kaiil)' aiipHiml 
B'lUw third peimxl 

Fi'»r> Head ■ iii 

Lareilare «a» anuei ■■ uss 

hill '••• • reaanii' tm ai#e. 1 rrall t 
HnmiM wit caalil •« dant to'ltrr if 
Wrlwr tiad' •mCMI ami .!li«iiit> 

haifciil ,«<il haft, Welirr wil! t»' 

■ni'liil'Milr iinlitt 'arct 'MiniMlar. mkJ 
a.'s a reiar'niiME MUimiil li«allller 
t'li'H ,i<fiiMi"n« e is Ml 

f t'aaf sl-ttriwrf k% 
■ iMii-ntetl ■ I sHauM 
lk»^-'" stimt*l«( ttutl worm abve " 

The w'mUina! Havks ha|w to 
towiMw iMK'k al the Whllrwaler 
Ins'iljtliianal Ulis Satariai 

(Meeting for all 

interested students in track. 

Dec, 7 - 12 p.m. D-196 


Contact Bob Nolan 


'kc't up their sefunij 

' WautKmsee in the 

'Tit a» the Hawks 

i'li I!..,.k- tiad 
I l.T a 

'nil ■ .lus Ma-^ Jeli 

^t,i!' i.rad SinHair 12. 

i .inU .lobn Moran 10. 

.impKiriship uame tl» 

■■ inlA' inmtile as they 1ml 

10 ihe pi:.«er(ul l)uPii||« 

fhatiparals «»«. I.eadiiit; srarer 

It'll' the Hawks was Jed Martjnski 

Hith :1i. Hrail Sincbir had Ii. am) 

I Tiiu: ItiiwIinshadH 

'I'l'ie Ha'aks neiit l*«> aame area 
.:<wai . m* t'he\ pla> Wniiht 
ii'iiiiurni* i.ii.i Ihornlimoii Fridav 

;.)lllrn The 

.,. t..iii. 1^ i>i-( \i 
iui..ii,iii at I p.m al St. 

III. I «,•! oridiearmaroiiihewasalli 
.... . ... 1 „,,„, ,^^,^„ iip ^j^,| 

'tMHiab. .ptacini.: 

'Ii' did mx iiuki' It 

... („; «... t 'innpenKl tn stilneM 

KKl iriiiioi iHiuries earlv in the 

'■ ' ' ■•' ■ 'ikeh he attCTdinf, 

II II llonh be for 
I i) 'elf ,•.>. tiimmhl 
fM»l ha\e time with elasst-;. 

ruat trark and ctmch 

- Ill IS espeftintf a fmug 

it.H. k I .mipaiitn from Jeff in the 

»ti'«i;md I.iimilmifters 



planning to 

must meet 

coach El iasik 
Dec. 7 3p.m. 
BIdg. V. 

If unable to 

Coach Eliasik 
atV. BIdg. or 
call Ext. 467 


V0L.12A NO. 14 

Willioin »oin«y Harptt Coll«ag. Algonquu. and BoftlWHoodi, Poiotint, IHroon 60067, 3I2 3V7 30<W 

DECEMBER 11. 197S 



students can't 
evaluate teachers 

J t tier ev»ti»aDi»«»i k*m. htm eliminateil The rvmstm 

, -. ..n WM that they «it li» «•«>>• T»» vice president ol 

(i«i*y each year by tlJiiite»tin|{ the purdWiallMI ■«» «>»■ 
■ulatinitol then* form*. 

!U diini«iUiii{ th* e««laHoi« ihe *atnl« a« wdl » 

.! c teachers are beiim denletl » pnvileKe It wa« said thai 

facttlt* mmtmm have been mnplainmK thai the ev4la- 

..I wii imm mmi at Harper are maccurate and mappropri- 

tmmad al (IrwpinK them completely. "•'*«'''* f^" 

n «, ttw tmm imd by Oakton. or some ol the other 

i,.«H With betl*r evaluation pr«edurea "!!I!,.'w 
„„.,y tHntenta and teachers who lake the forms »«^»»W 
a.rid «!« Hnm c«n«trortivel|. Thtae people would lOte to 

TaadW •tUliiiiUoii Jomw ■« very important to mm 
Awimi»ma%mi*Mm. _ . .. .i« ^ 

Oh ntfiii' tlMil »»» f««™« »«"* ^'"T 'mp''^''* •? *J* ■" 
nntiW'DMt. la prmidmA tot the teacher by havlns their stUr 
SrinS thTTA teacher will try harder and preg* « 
better ctaiaroom procedure II he knows that each ■*««»« 
will be tradtai him at the end ol OmamtM. ««»»»**«* 
tMc^hcT' wttl try to mak* th« «•«•••««» appMiint ami 

Aa ■ ruaiill of the linm 'Mni' eliminated, we may iM 
'tiwAwi-ilMtaC <l»«i> i" ttM^' >•**' o< teaching. Tlwil»w- 

da:r(l|. of MmMmc may be lowered hieaiiM tli« *••*•"* 
will: knii* 'Hurt. 'II" *«««>»» won't be ililt lo «) innc" •■»« 

' AiHllier' reaaon for the evaluation ia for the *iid«ill. H « 
,m y|^^f > ij, unfair biased, or preferential in the treatment 
«f certain ftiidwiti, other atiidenla have the right to try and 
make th«' iMdHT mm* .bI hli or her misbehavior. Stu- 

M what i» «oin« on in the claisroom Student! 

(ii|«ctive about the situation, than a teacher 

nm Hh 1mm teliig. mmimM W«*« eiiii '«»J5"«- 
or hcgin to, show preferences fir cetlBln, il«l«w. 

leiiXU wont have to "^^ ^^^'^JSS^Jl 
mmntm, Inat their favorite ■liMtato. All itiKtaila »l» iwt 
SX-i-^uality of education. . . 

Om ■ tH wr raMun for the evaluation forms is a^flilll. W 
flic tti ffw — ' Wmv teachen do like lo look at th# wiljl- 
jtiiMM ami we llitiii lor h^ttC'ring their standards, of leach- 
mc ami taaefcw w!» •» interested in providing quiO^ty 
JmtKOm for tH atmtent*. will be interested, in leeing: what 
tl» atwIefflU think ol them. 

JuM tacawe tM ilMdanl/teacher evaluation fomu have 
bem eliinlnalad diifaii't tmm students won't have any say 
•«ardlne te«til«. It will iust be harder for students^to 
mvey their fwiitin about teachers If there is a teacher 
lat is damagini! In his way of teaching, or commendable 
•r his methods, student* should telk t« tliat teacher first, 
.en if nec€aaa:ry. talk to Dr. DavM. Wlltema. vie« preai- 
•nt of academic aWairs. 


a W0fciifii« break 

.uma. -«i»» torw" «>*» cmmmm pmmm mf •*• ••» • «'"»' ""» 

.« •<«. .ttty— *.rt. Iter «.d <!«* .1 'r "*»« , n Trt^rv 
.a,-«. Itej hi,**. .nd.|»l.ill««ll»Oirl*..« «.!« to tay ««*««^J^r* 

..vk .,.„<1 ev«7«w maltwi «»M llwv ili-iW»'t *•« •«•*• wilU "1>» 
II' httwrorv •*■■•>• to MJutitiMlytnt. 

,m.M,.m» inm •• .■•••>'" "•«'•*» ««tlW'llf««« •*••«« "•^■«»«'* 

- „„er >»«ii » • t«w -"w '"« •* '•»»-"« »""' '"•"I':* r, 

:• ......uU .«» «.«■!> . Kvw lh»««M tto urn. *•« no bT v«r> «"<;«»•»''«: 

;.'*jrj«f«r •tm««» «»rly m lUt Ik..*. «-» -m *• « •»'"«» <* 

■ -n* til »««m|rft«ii wtryMimi Uwjf •■*•» ««»■ 


^*^^ 7^ 

I V|||| JIt'Pf l^ 



Lrttf to Editor 

Peer counselors In women's 
center upset with "Voice"' 


Front Cowr by St«v« Motkal 

Wb the - 
tuMMMlMa 'Halt of the HailMr CM- 

l«ct WoMwii'i cmnw. iwh »» •■■• 

prrnn ma dnptn««i>re with III* 
arlirta titW H«»n»-i»iy inim 

(t«nr," wlrtrh ainwtrwi li> Uw 

Nov !W, I* J'. it»iie "' ll** 

VtlKW. |>i*t>li.»li«l !>»' t»» '•i*'" 

of tliMtaiit* m JoumalBui « . 

W» tin** »l>er« thrw »»iiwiil»r« 
.iitt«'raplin«t to .li»i»ll tlw im««» «• 
IHt WrtHiMi's Cmlef »» l»U* "»" 
(■clnm elwtf Kwrjinit l» «el- 
(MM fa ttl« W:<)lliun'* Ctlitw 
- Oiw *»• I* taw »» '* ■• 
mmmm; mm tn wttamml: m 
(He!,, mt •« ««fMM«i* tm4 » 
Mlt ■»••* «*aiii*r m mt * *« 

" am *» ■« taw HI *» ■ ii»ii*«t 
•I Harrwr: .•«i»mi» Inun 111* <:«•»«- 
mm«y *l !.•«» *« wflfwi*"!. 

Oiw *ws nm Imvv lu b* ». m^iirii- 
iiiit !Mu*!nl; »U (I'WJeiiU ire •«!- 
owiwl N* di»» one im** lo •>• "- 
caiiliMt Ita muiUc I" tlw *«<•««"■ 
<«r iiiiimt*:, iirwrtiwiily. «"•••«' I* 

4» like It 

Ttw Wiwntii'i OMiliir It .• •ip*-'*! 
ptarr ttat flU* «|H«Cl«l IW«*. »"*' 
ii.iy.w cm !!••• tiWW m^^i 
trnmlt. Til* irtnliif . In tW. fflW«« • 
[itarir 1(1 to*t colli*. «"i«npwiioi»- 
■lilll. c«v»rMll<in. » !>«■« •» 
limn tlie m inA truiini* <il l««- 
linil »n "A", m tlie mmfvaiaUmiX 
III diMiW wune. » |>J»t« lo "n** "•* 
(riMidi ««« MiMunmeinent: • 
Dlnce to •* uuBrtioiw •boiil the 
tiitkti* •«! 10 r«etv* iirfornwtlon 
atxMl eamrim. OTniKlerrliil. telwl- 
iilimi. etc 

Tti* 'peor coimselora ta« luen 
inMMl to hi iood l«ten«r».. 
irslnMl im Ita lultwrmy uiftimii- 
tiiin •lK»t Hlitp«» Ciilfcitr. imiiiwl 
m iiftiw md ftm* t» nulie r«f- 
ffonto. We •«• not (irol*«iiMimil»; 
«t HI* mwleiiM |i»«« l*« "W* *•' 

Mr mnlmii. Imt «*« •► •»»»• •■»' 
iwlhy fiir thoif whii (tod m In Uw 
Wiioieni teenier, no matter who 
ttiey nn. ami lltat t* wtial cmtntt 
IK* raiiirt Ttol i« "tal make* tli* 
Wimiri)'* Center, lor litiiiy. • 

Karbara Baker 
KIM* Ijirkim ski 
Ignore Painti 
Hanier C<»lle«e 



Killtiit-in-Cliiel ..■ 

Maniiitinf! KdiH* Sue C<>nni> 
Eilltonal IMltor Sue Conro* 
Featur* Editor .!»»« Peteraon 
SlKirta Edtlor JoeKiaek 
PlMtoEtlilor IKteWendes 
C!MM«llt:: Sieve Moikal 
fciatneiafcnaner Tern Jacoliifflll 

SImH Cuidj Cara**llo. J™ 
Burchard. Jiidj Saunders. Mar* 
* raser. Brad Caje Handy !• nn 
tliatrlbutlon Editor Cindy Caravello 

Aifmr: tlorothy l»lri»veiio 

Thr HARBINGEK I* Ihe iluilenl puWk-nUon lor the Harper 
I ullcK* ^•ampo* «mniiii.lty. puWiaHed »eekJy t«M|« 
dunnK Midayj and final «Mins *H upu.Hmt ««preiaed art 
IIIM* III ttM> writer and ruit necesnarily ihmie of the cMlam. 
it* BdBiiraiitraUon. faculty or atudenl body 

W* uriiuary piiriwae ol the HAMUMCBR li lo liifann 
Invalvc and Mllertam Um- itudem body of Harper Colleiie 
The main loeiis of lU eonleot shall b* Harper related 

All arlK-le. lutwiiltted for puWieatlofi muat be t)r|*d and 
dmibie upared. with a deadline of 3 p.m. Mondays, and are 
iuilliect to editii* I«tUri-IcHlhe-Edttor mu«l be »iKn«<J. 
nsBWa »«ll be held upon request Advenism.5 copy deadiuw 
Im 1 ■>« TuMday prior lo Mondays puWicalion Fat 
"dwm..n« rales. «U or -nte HARBINGEK W.llti.«, 
K(.i,n.n HM.-(*r rollep.*. Algowjuln and Hoscllr Rimta. 
Pidatmr. Ill .««»; pbmm»4mn,mM.m. 

/ •♦ 


Do you 
like the 

L«tt«r to the Editor 


Rebuttal to Voice letter 

IHmj Urn Wdrtek: V«| I 

fkiur Editor. 

I V'tMiid >ik« lit Ttply li> tlw MIcr 
from tlw f)wr CfnuuHkn of tlw 

■■Wcimen'i Teirtur" r»|CirilinK Ihe 
article I mnitt in the Sflvuni'her 30, 
tun wur <•( tlw - vmcE . ■ • 

Hmnm vMcd 0» muttt many 
limaa end iMvmg inlciirleoivd Uw 
ihrat aMimlim: Barbara Bakar, 
Klllv I Jirfcnirifc) and I^iMirv Pktr> 
lU. indH'MliuiU> in the cenlcr. I 
tnual lay the pretence of men oaa 
■triktni by their ahacncw ' And shy 
mf After sU it tf die Women't 

Center ' I am iure. from twne to 
time, tlw)' have ■ male ifiealur ul 
their WeduMKlaf meetlnKi but 
when tme male ijieaker was uiwMe 
to atleml - he lent hut wtte a* his 
Mbalilute. That waa « Movcmber 
I. WTI. when Hartier Colleite Preti- 
dmt Jmiwt Mt-Crath was repre- 

C'tmn mm . It i« not the ' Peoples 
I'enter" it u the "Women's Cen- 
ter" and It serves a vitally needed 
fimetlon on rampm- 

As tor II belnit avaiUMe to Uw 

eanmunit> at large • 1 1 
so, hecauae Harper Is a rmninanttr 
eollece and all servtraa are avail- 
able to the rommiinity However, 
you will find it i* used by studcnla 
nmtinuiitK or complelinii their cdu- 
ration here at Harper 

As for escapln* the hartl roe* 
musir in the louncc or cafeteria" - 
that was a direct ()uote tram one of 
the women enjoyinft their "honie 
away froni homr " 


Pat Moore 
voicx:" RepiMter 

nracv wrtflUi I Hke ta iaali 
kM l4n1.|»eM*l*e la II, 

Faculty salaries cause suit 

Mr Oagm: 

ra • 

When .lohii HeddinK. editor of Die 
Weber Slate CoUe«e JMcnpoal. re- 
quested a liM «( fa<nilly lalarlet 
laat aprlm. il didn't seem like an 
undue request l» him Alter all. 
iliidvnt.t help pay for salaries 
throuifh tuition and tai dollars, 
and it 

wauH tike to know 
taadurs at the Utah roHeRe are 

ilcaidc*. Utah oftlrials had prw- 
riaiinad sw-h m-ords public Uw 
preecdinit ttmmer 

Nine months and many repeat 
raqtwsts later. Raddiiti realised 
tmly tao well it wasn't tost a matter 
of niurae tii net the aalan liatlnic 

Since IWarch. school admliiMra- 
t«r». backed by state ofTiciala, 
steadf aatty ret uacd to releaae the 
salaries (or publlcatioa Thus. 
Naddlnii tiled suit aRalnat tlw 
vhM>l and Utc state. 

Reddinit'i suit Is the first of its 
kind filed in I'lah If the suit is su(> 
cesatul. the Utah Slate Records 
Committee, which ludRed in July, 
hit;, that - all names and salaries 
<•> all slate aniptoyaes at all state 
inatHutiona bt retained as public 
data.* will tompell Weber preal- 
ilent Rodney tlrady lo releaae the 
KeddMiit, in turn, ia waltlnii fur a 

Dec Zl tnectin« of the Recenli 
Committee The public meetlnf 
will hear views of salary diachwure 
in hiRher vduratton. and form a 
ipectfic policy They'll decide if 
they're gmng. to follow the law they 
made. " Redding notes with irony 

School and state administratara 
have never denied that tbe uifw- 
matlon was den«iuted "pubtic." 
The blKKeal problem with releas- 
ing the salaries, as PrealdenI 
Brady put it. is that H would 'dia- 
reitard the civil liberties and in- 
vade the privacy rights of Ihe indi- 
viduals concerned. " 

'asiaias Riiiil*: I ikta* K't a tal al 


you doing 
over winter 

<by MIKKWKNiyO) 


\ few diis's afiii the nitieestidn 
!>..i, pofvioiBly Jocatcil al the «- 
Umict of tbe »er»*i« area in ihe 
catelcria.. was lorn off Ihr wall A 
Irllow ibMleiit was obvlomly volc- 
Mfl Ms npinian toward the concept 
of a •uweat.MM bos or poaaibiy 
ewn llM? food «ervlce Itself. 

Some of the less vtolent nan- 

i the tios ifK-lufle lower 

prices, a larner variety of bakery 

lioods and pteta and chicken iiKire 

lift en, 

Act-ordtoit to Mr. Cliff Wener. 
director o( food service, the suK- 
ursllons ituit are (inaitcially tees- 
able are marled upon "l.ower 
prii-es M not erne of them I suKKest 
thai nimpbifils he sent to the Pre- 

Idea box fafcen doivn 

•ident as we are not in tbe position 
to do so al this time," commented 

Th« ttKKi service 'MatH docs not 
feci that a larieer variety of bakery 
i;iK>d.s w poiclical hecaune of tlw 
litrnr selection now wflered. which 
include donuts. sweet rolls, cake 
slices, pie alices and cookies. All of 
the bakery Koods are bakad each 
(la y to msurr f reshiMSB. 

Pte«a ami fried chicken are now 
offered every other weak becaiuv 
of Iheir popularity. TMs is mw •( 
the sutiiiestion* that was dvcldtd la 
put in action 

Sludcjits are encouraKed to ex- 
press their sugitestiona and corn- 
menu by use of Ihe suwestiim bos 
which will be naiM lecurely back 
m pl»ce in the near Future 



ItW. Buss* Ave. I 

ii Black N. el Rt 14 I 

)H.Nsrlliiii>s s tWWY. 
'■> Block S. a< 



Health Club for Men 

We offer supervision in Conditioning, 
Weight Training, and Body Building. 


Mon. -Fri. 10-10 
Sat. 10-5 

Will— Park WaaalMhaualm II— . aw* Palatwia Rd. S17-3MC 

tvery Tuts. ♦ p.m. till T 

1/2 price drinks 


everyday wit^ 
Lunch Purchase 

Free popcorn 

^ OriginilPw 
< Crii|iyCnKt 
gir SlufM PilZl 'A' 


FrMays / Sumiayi 

FRY »2.»5 

cn.ioren »St 

"New Bite Siie" 






CtHldren »Sc 

Live Action Pinballs 



Senator talks to political science class 


niMMl atalcStailor tmrta K«f- 
IMT (rami m* IMtil lUHnd. rM:«'nU)> 
i|Mik» m potitilcal utimm itudmiti' 
Inni. ■!■% Wmilc'i. SalwrlMm. Ur~' 
IHII and: DM* Govtrmnani riaw. 

One: nf llMr Ut*vt l> talkid aiMHil 
•u wli)' tto taiilatarv vrntat Uw 
«»y It *»t». ■■Thefe aff a fwupl* 
raaKHis nally." K»' mmI. "inc it 
niifeaciiliiii! Ilw ranMlnciKy ant 
I tlwir f«tmi{» are mta many 
I what i» ntiht for «l» st»«# 
Itt iliin'l jtisl takir offk-r to trpn- 
icnl our diaim!t. wu u pr aaa i it !)<« 
■talcof niiiutt." 

When ailKd aboid tlw pataanal 
pniwfly Us t—at. Sa-nator Etilliar 
lald tm nUtd rt*iinttHc«aultlial 
on Ua 'imm mutt b* 
I br Mardi lOand aM Dt. » 
at aeaa »i1ll«i. Ui mamr ntiia- 
pi<|wrs. Ttua M llMailMi' UW' tot 
aacanmnl* <» p«r»«iiai pnnwrty 
are mad* AprtJ I. "So » simI* «( 
wtiat is HKi. we don I have jut 
lhre« aiMta <m ha*» Uiriw nMntlia 
and »ret niwli* to work on it. ' ' he 

ilanaliir Kapwr aM Ic vnM' na 
am ti» l*0«laUV'r |My raiia. He 
(■M. "I have two ab)«<-lMiiia to a 
la^ ra.lae.. one W that it wan done at 

the lannit time. II pcaula am 
la puih a |».v raue timj ihould do 
it durinii a rvKular teMMn licfore 
an vhKtMD and lei the voten km» 

how thty fMl I llunli U'l atMolul*- 
l¥ trrotiK to do anythin* fmf ralie- 
«uc m a laine-d:acfc Mmlon." Hr 
aliM said he didn'l Uke the *ay il 
wM. done m qiutrkij: lenl 'to the 
(lovernor where he hiuTied <i|i and 
vetoed It t>y iihone ahlk lhe:v 
stayed there a.nd waited to oy-er- 
ride II He naid that II the awenior 
h.ai1 let 11 wait for a vealt. il would 
never tiaye been over-ridden. 

Amither reason he voted aiatnal 
the pay hike ti taeeauic he dMin'l 
think there ahould be iulMlmt legt- 
■latora. lie tali. "Wlwn t (irat mrnt 
U iiiiriaiiriald. we had three | W i i |ite 
in the hoaae' and mit perion in tha 
•enalt who deelarad 'Uielr ptvlm- 
■Ion aa laitlalaiar. (till time Today 
we have about K) in the icnale who 
d» notttinc alae cacept leRixlate 
l.wik wfaal'a hlMMncd to runKm.t 
Kith their anemllne Imblla the pllr. 
frration funrnt and 

tHirvaurt.. . . -I ihi! fart thai 

we're there iiU the time The ftrnl 
of the year, the (tnil seMion wt had 
B dajri in. aesaitn tii « l«>-year 
parind and the state iit.i.ll (wi- 
ctiofied. Now we have I2II-M day> a 






aa Karfcr'i lake receatlj aad 11 wUl • 
caa farfe Ihetr ear* aa the lake aad « 

■ be thick 

a 'I have «a 

AMiiM PaM^nger 


STUDENTS Looking for a lleKiOie full or 
p«rt time position? Need college cash for 
yourself for me Kids? It's easy as an Andy 
Frain Airline Passenger Screeoer Hours to fit 
your schedule interesting, responsible 
positions available at the world's largest and 
busiest airport it's a great way to earn, and 
the lotos are here today Salaries begin at »a.70 
p«f hour. Apply in person 


'|\ f A.M. -4 P.M. 

Itli N. taSaita 

Chicafa. wmatt 

tannni lb 'Mraelvn. " 

The Senator utd he vnted no on 
the Vfleram tan ekemption tttU be 

nunc he did not Ihal that all Che 
fioiits were non-profit He said 
fome t-imlalii money makinit bars, 
slot machines and pinbal) 

He also said hr lelt Uial the news- 
papers were not domR a well 
enouKh job covering issues in tlli- 
noia. He said Ihcy Just covar the 
emotional laaucs. 

ad Karl Nehiaa are •maag Ihe mialclr 
I Mdf. A far Ihe raaaer* by la eajay. ( 

sladralk at Harper who prarUce their playlB|| la 
by Raady FrUi i 

Halp Wanted 

Female rmtnimate needed as 
soon ast possible, llS/mo per 
person. 2 bedroom apartment in 
Addison. II . 20 mm drive from 
school Call M] 71M evenings or 
leave ■ measage for Sue Har- 
dnty at the Dmilal Hyiime Of- 

and cocktail servers Liberal 
benefits and salary Apply in 
person at Victoria Slallon, 67S 
Mall l>r . Schatimburg Equal 
Opportunity Employer 

Weekend Help Service station 
driveway mtendanl. (till ser 
vice Call M«i4S twtwe«n * 10 
am or 1-4 pm Mon -F'n 

Dependable sludenl with 
vehicle (or mornlnf newspaper 
route in Barrington 
Newspapers prarolled. no 
cotlerling' bookworfc. few hours 
Mon !iat , steady part-time 
Extra money means extra 
IhinRs Bamngton Newt i 
cy .wi-aan 


STIDENTS earn while you 
learn We will train For inter- 
vww call ns-an between M 


(or nationwide iintttuUan local- 
ad In Arlinctm Hts is now ac 
cepling applications (or full or 
part time employment (rhrlcal 
word pnx-essinii typuig. and 
admiiustralive pcjsitions are 
open Equal Opp Emptoyer 
For further Informalion call 
eat JSJimMaslanka 

full time/Delivery man 
part-time evanlngi Call Jack 
Mt-MH afler 3 M Cloaed on 
Man Schaumburg area 

fiam Money In Voar %art 
TUne! Poaalbl«tao«ll/hr pha. 

No capericncc necaaaary MuM 
hava plaaiaat piMtive attitude. 

'aitrtaiin.'days or'nlihts Ye 
Old Towne Inn, Mt Prospect. 


Fof Sale 

'TB CamariJ Z 38. Cruise, air, 
paw<T windows. aulamatK. till 
wheel, loaded. lO.BOe mi 
M.7«w«« ait 44WI evenings and 


ma Mustang Faslback p'b. 

a-'c. a..'l. mags, escellent coo 
dili<m f IKW c:all 9H-(II!>I 

B-flat tenor saxophone tlM. B- 
Ibt clarinet ITS. B-flat coronM 

m Call after Span.. 141 ;Sm 
74 Auilin Manna MMM miles. 
the body like new. has snow 
tires, needs engine job. only 
CBIt or beat offer Call Ml 4T» 

after ȣ_in_ _ 

i«H vm 

CaU Rkk 

Siti Hack (or wiaJl auto Holds s 
pairs of skis plus poles, 
Barrecrafler Used 2 months 
IMM Call 253-WIN 
ISM Dodge Pick up truck Call 
Mrs Ko«ke.lin-«227 

ItTT Ford Muatang II Hatch 
back 3«I V-« engine, 4apa. 
power brakes ft tteering 
am/fm lapadack, air. datane in 
lerior pkg. mag wheels 
emerald green w/white in 
lerior. 3a,<M)0 miles, eic con 
dition. Call U4-41M aak foi 

Mike or Kara _^_ 

MawingMl Freestyle skis ITD 
ca. used only l week. IllB, 
mail vahKorgM. CaU JSMIM 

For Sale 

Rossignal ST Camp. I))5 i-m, 
Solomon SS> EquHe bindings m 
eluded $200. used only 1 season 

IffTI Caman - 307 CI. body and 
interior in good slupe Call Jeff 
al 43JMI7KI after S p m Price 

IWe Ford Tbrino GT, p/». p/b. 
a I 31)2 ci SMIO call 4»-I772 or 
exi 4«l ask for .Mike 

(•OK ."iALE Two •*hiicwall Ma- 
claren iinowtjres. Duralon Pre 
mium S7«s. 4 ply. including 
rims. Excellent condition, tso 
Call Mark at 377 14S!> after i 


( hrnlnsst Special: Give a 
"unique gift' A pel portrall by 
an award winning artist 
Heasonable prices Call 297 ifiSS 
ur IW-MiO Ask for Tnbi 

Mkl Tuning - Flat filing, edge 
sttarpening, Ptei. base sealing, 
hot was Complete and inex- 
pensive ski repair. Call 2SI>-aSa7 
or contact Steve Petranek at 
Student Activttiei. 

TYPING-Fast. accurate, rea- 
i.SfMno after Jpm, 

FOR RENT-4 bedroom split 
level house In ArllngUn 
HeigbU, 1>4 bath, garage. Day 

For Renl-Bkmmingdale Town- 
houae. Workinf girl b> dure 
with bachdor Full baacment. 
central air. washer and dryer, 
clean, all appiiancea, OOBmo/ 
plus yUliliea. CaU 

Christmas shopping hints 
to help out consumers 

D«c«mb*f 11, 1>7» THE HARBIWQEW Paga 5 


Om ol tl» niwt eavoMtw umm 

of Ike jmt lot uqr AnMHam it 

J in Ibit liin* «r 

1 1* nflm dlfftcutt u lime 

wiU liavf iMr antlm Hat of mm- 

I atailaMt thrangk iMr 

Tht pna« an M cumiiMittvt •■ 
«*• tan* npilarly mM mm iIm 
onnilar and altan tl is catMr In 
pick out late tacaiiac (he wMe 


*f««liit'(«niMfe ii»| 

Tll»» are mam ways Uw eanlW 
■Mr can «a** huiuelf milij . 
. aad l^uairatlwt, CaraM 

Catalaia ani atia available 
mnnigll lyaelalttjr itorea Miitng 
anlj on* Itne <»f merrhaadiae 
naae (trit can iiiually be mmiI 
*'^ l»_lli» reciptail. prewaM^ 
"^ ■ " 1 of ■in urappMig 

ia IIM itare* Thit can retail in 

larfa a ariag a of mamy alao 

(trtata aaifil Uw taal Imp. 

Manf pM^tetaaM benefit from 
tHia igva at *m$pmg. bm ii muai 
he lioaa l« laaure the items are 
<l«livere«l on time Often college 
•tiKlMits will UM) ih» mellmd while 
Ihttr art al honw during Thanki 
0vlnf vmmUm m they can avoid 
aimmitni al Mchaal and ibe Uat 
alUHlW' «ra«da nf the uarci at 
CteMmaavkiallHv rttum home 
rnr Ihnac who will brave the 
: IliaK art tUII wajn la a««M 

Thia la ikt imt 

i» ataU Uh liaaaiH al Omu. 

la a eravded deiwrtnraM 

ITwaMy the larger 

Ja^fr uitraiiiig. 'aild ba avaiiad. Uaaaily the diaaar 
■P«*i«tlTO 'il i iwl i i g 'Imr anal late' alaigM .ate Ihebwl 

Shafplng early a Hit aaaaae will 

aton help to prevent fnntraiian 

—•■ -— win |„ n,^, relaxed and 

Ihanfere It will ha 

* gaad aray loaavc bam tinw and 
maaejr in 'many ttoraa a to avoid 
IhMr lift wrapptaga dtpartmrnit.. 
''*••• *I|IW1— *» can add h>ng 
y*j* '•■fiw afeipplng at well at a 
hilly Mil'. 

Oflcti' the wlcarleift can ptavUa 

ho»e» al the counter for yno to 

place the gifts m Then buy wr»|^ 

|>in« iMper and mmr ribbon and 

•rap (he gift* tn your fiee time at 

Iwime In many caseit the time 

•nam <*e gifti «i bum* » 

Ifcaa the time ijienl having 


T!ie ta vlagt tlilt provldei is often 

very wekome at an eupcwiw time 

•i»ch ■■ ritrittma* The other 

tavtnfn in lime and m«ney will 

hoptMly malie the' bollday laaaan 


' Camput Digest Newt Scrvice'i 

AMra: (Ilarth a to Aprffl ||»<s«» y^ l«rt«et before yno go hirtlday 

JlSjtZS r^ "^ ~' ■" "P™«*'t««-^'» l»'"»t with an mdJ- 
eitive mand. EMInc and ontaniac yoia- career ambittona and actlvitin 
Move ahead aiilhdlacrtiian- ' 

TAURUS: I Airt » l« May ll,.lJ«it try » lard to ple»» otben and aat 
an ..ampk_ Relai. be yournif and allow other, the »ne privUege So- 
.-.a) life m brigbt and y«i cooW be tb. center of alt«il|«. Be pati«,t wtlb 

njtnue'riHDm , 
GRMOn (Mar a to iaat m-Canor bringt comfort and fulfillment to 
CT" i*T*; ■"**■• •**- 0"«»«""»y yo. « «rl «.m. quiet 

mtrSl lilT " "if"!.'' "*"™^ "• '^"« ■* •-* y^ '"""•'^ 
ment with other people hat a pragreatlvc noto to H. Pr««urei wont 

botber you. and thiniia dial were previoutly bogged down will na« dva 

way New Iricndt can becooM liii(Kinan( m your life 

Si. '^L " ? *1? "'-'^'^ "^ -«"'«« «« aamaralion or your 
health wuld autler Take care nf bualneat malMra and dMit procrattin- 
ate Voo could lie larladad in a -ipaclar trmm mm. an dreaa well and 
look your heat t^irb*i>lrav.g»nce. nreaa weii ana 

!!!r°2^ .'^"f "^ " ^" °* ■^"'* ""• •» •"■• ««*«-<* aad lake « 
eaty Maintain a low profile and go along" with what othen want Ular 
In (he week voo luve rneruy to get work organlied and take care of de- 
tail* nuickly and efficiently ' - <w 
UBKA fScfit. n to Oct. ai-Voiir clear relatlonihipt with the OBpoalto 
sea are mtenaified now New people are comtng into your life too and 
^r-S!!!?!!^ awwnpMitotonto cauld be of great benefit to you- 

MXmnO: KM. II to Ma*. m-Vou coald accianiilitb an Iminrtonl anal 
now and auinrtalag evenla may be connected with the venture. Concen- 

^Z^"""^'**^ il«ittor..nd gH Ibem rollini, ai{..n Keepa tong- 
range vl*« m mind ^^ 

SAOITAWUUS: <I««»toDae.awWenlmto«,. project and dteiln- 
ate luiierfietol aeUvtIia. dial «,tt« ,«, energie. Cooperate with (gben 
'«r*in!S^ •«*»l«"ahilieiit Curb Impatience end thort-lemper Hold 

CAPRKXHIM : i Die. Zl to Jan. H »-(ialancc out your hard work tn caroer 
»<th enxwent •lUtobl* to the Holiday laaton in the evenUigi Overcome 
feeling! of reientfnent lowanl a chMe relative and ihow them love and 
affection I isten to your mate 

AQl/ARllJS (Jan » to Feb «) A fnend from (he part could imitor 
y»«r [If,. If ymt past e«on» have been prodiM^tlee, you could reap gmal 
rc.'«r,i, i;„„i«:. th<«. wh.i can help you 'Wi;h :ne» ldca»«mna||y r»- 

PISCES 1 Feb 19 to Mareb Ml-C^^erate with othera in toan wm*. ven- 
tures Nrt 11, i,m,. ,0 CO it alone • or tiart a l^gie pn,j«t. Con^plato dMail 

wk-ecl ofKaiMd ■ ou mma omid come 4 agaln^ caretal reaaarcb 


fCkmpat Ogaal Nai(a.larvtof i 

> baa a Ride Itoard avaHaWe to all 

■r af bMg. A. Iky Ikt MteiaiMii Ike 
r f^aiiiittaii and iladtai Itaaim |i 

It It lacalad aa Ike 

la tatMorvrf k« 


m«n have aarnmi 
the world s most 







Won * Tues • * 30, Wed Thurs Fri v 9pm Sat. »S 


call for appointment 397-0 1 OOl 

Algonquin Plata 
833 £. AiRonquin Road 

^^,_ (Route 62) 

:C.O**yOj| Schaumburg 

An •xdushre broadcast 



toy a grant Iron M| Hocfcwwil hHwTMtlanai 
(Ch«ch yotir local Natlngt) 


STviiNG ^mW y/f\ srniNG 

«e0Sl700 *^ ^^ /W Reg 1,300 

^Now ^^rr NOW 

$8aS0 Off $6.50 




«fg 1300 

„.„, BUT -nrnt CUS TOIWEIW OWLY , 



Thoughts of Christmas, 


Wan. It'» flMh OMfc 1 Mafftr 

inaleiid of npirwHiW chmt 

I v* bouKhl no nifts and luuiK no holly 

I w pH M cram for Um- Ub in BMumi 

"NolMgntiain|M>"U>l>uy tnwl 
r»« gal t» "•««" »n F.j|Mn<i( 

S«nw ■!■*■■•• twvv a CtarMmM 
eauM wwrythiiii » don* 
Ttwir moth*™ hake and dtaml* 
Sa kkH tan hav« their Inn 

IM. «• •<«»« liM* at H»r|>ar 
iriw by age ire mom ■ malnrw" 

Ham M wait to do UMlf ilMiMHiMI 


Tlial't »*if ■• hNk an ' -wUd«f«i" 


II 'a mil <nr mrmlm me ti^tdalt 

To iMi. to taaka. to dworal* 
lU' n«i one will romiriain' to m 
Ttai €hr'i»tma» |«al )• n«( tlU'iaaia 
Mim ^ ■Mom'i' 


How tall you are Mr Tn* 
Vour body io itron* and bold 
Vour bark may loK pacrcs 

Whrn Uw wind inarlsat you 

Vou brnd luat a little 

But ilowly rcMaln your old alance 

When llchUilnt wlilfw at you. 
Tne» to beat down on yo«i 

Often you may ham to crock. 

For itnUiMtlon I run to ymi. 

Hide and (land iinder you. 
lt»a yau lor an fma woith, 

I've leen you channe Mr Tr««. 
Ne»fer utaylnft the taiuekinise 
For anyone to »e« 
J u«l wlMt kind t* tret yoo are 
Mr. Tree 

Nancy Kacli 

Deer San«a . ai I WTlle IhH note to you . 
Pla«iat«ll m* what my (nendi lay. ain 
Th«» K* iiie that you re not real. 
Tdla year. my iBfta, IH ha*e to itaal 
Vou M«. they caaiiht me by luivnae : 
And ««t me down to iemwnlie. 
A brand new twealer. hat or rtnii 
Tl>ey told me Santa, you won't " 
i need m many thmwi llUa yaar; 
That I regret thcw thinio 1 haar. 
My We ti Jiit a mate at Mill : 
Thtf ehaine ao much theie ilayi lor I* 
Thfw Joha IIioM at present time: 
Dadwct Ike laiai.. I 'vr mt a dthw. 
y»u see. that thlnw* are really tlgM: 
Timiilht ru pray with all my miubl 
Hear Santa . come down thai chimney 
I beg you on my hands and knees. 
1 need a lar. lowirance too; 
I ■ m not [Mcky . tan make il Wae. 
No need to wrap, fiirtet the Irak; 
One coat will do. Iv* (M IhccMlt. 
Ilemember me. Santa, cauae I've 
Kach day 1 study, like I Aoukl. 
A diK-n album would be me* ; 
Biilht-track ta^ws an turd la 9il« 
■wiiaj HUH riTir -T-i't *- "-■"-*■ 
TIH OOT liMl *ow* Travelu 



Please brt ng me Frye boots and Cachet 

And roaybe a plant to H*en my room 

Forgrt the games and aU the toys; 

Perhaps a Macao M make loU ol noise. 

I need a draas f or ««l on the town : 

This lime. Dear Santa, don l make it brawn. 

I Ihink my order now u made; 

What day this week do you get paid' 

If you should find some cash to spare ; 

My bank account is rather hare. 

I hope my liM does not seem long ; 

Or that the things I aak are wrong 

Now write me «»ack when you have time: 

i)T rail me up Jind use • dime. 

Perhaps I may »«m awluUy bold; 

T.) ask lor gills at l«»-ye»r»-o»d 

.Just bring roe what 1 ask from you ; 

Deliveries are Irom nine to two. 

Don't be ctwap when coming here: 

I'hristmat comes but once a year 

Vou'll need to know where 1 will be. 

At Harper College, Building C 

The Mb. It IS the date; 

Now dont lorgat. and doBt be latt. 

If prices should give you quite a (rlgM: 

Just follow the K-klait. Ilaahiiig blue U«kt. 


school, fill our minds 


WIMnt 1 nMNltHIHI 

bM ime ll'lini*«ro'fc»<'f Ha*. 
WlMii t Am iBHflM'af MiiMilffaNdlMwiy 

When r wmtrntu/mtmrnkm*^* 

but my «MI. k iMi Md my •]■■ ait Urad, 

and I »iMMltr tf Uiay 'U f vtr c 

wiMn uii 4MMl'iif mv t 

TlM'i OK tim* I cMiw tack kMw U yw. 
and I Imw mr driama wlH «««■ tnia 
and idlh aU my lifaft I law jnM. 


In a imaU cwrnvr «( Iht wnrtil 

nla a •null rhlkt >o innomil mmI pv 
M«r Md fact crie< out (or belli 

ImI im <■«• tMiri >i«r plita. 
Har Mara tm t» irr aiiatnM her tec* 

and Har 'Itwigr trmiblMt *iih tmt. 
Vtt no MH'.tMm« to tan. 

I, ilar laili tirad and' naak 
will ailnwit In 
l)m:tiaall|i Iwrcflw fu « 

■■ iliC' MMRhci llM' anirH lor a caring ha 
Hw cMliM arc lam and latlarad 
and Uic yiKuiw t^M' Nwka w anly l« an I 


Hmv niM on a nmir AacMl day 

HMn tiMir laarld ma amiMy and cwdv 
■ al vfeat miild !■* iMr aay 

Id I H a h 'toi' i waald atvcr (row old 
rthay Mlarad aacrat Uwugtila and tocicthtr 

of a llfclmw love MM with brlgM itara and ■ happy m 
But loo MOO she (mmd things «reren'I whai tlMy aeoMd 

and aiw haa« iWr lave wa> all wrang. 
Stia *aa laoftiat lar aamethinii hard to Had 

and |aal Maidat ace it in him. 
In tfea baglialai a paffacl love «•« tmprinlad In bar 

iMt llM canld laal Uw glowin« IIrM benui to dia. 
Sh* tried In every way riie rouM to make lUm cm 

but he couldn't hear her and he couldn't lec. 
So the dccMlad Uaat *ay of Uvinit vaan't fair 

and an end to Hiatr !««« «aa the aidy way II caoM IM. 
Sadly ahe IMI the t*eUn« drift from her handi 

and rilt bagan (otearcb (or the careful words la lay, 
Sha iMvad and ^ayad he anuM tinderaland 

ai At faM Mm her alary one coM Noverotirr day. 
Aa Uiay tiaad wtth kurt and cwiliauon in their eyaa 

■ht ma it l wd bar mmI and triad to explain. 
Ha laakad 4bmi at bar and aiftad bar cbe wiiya 

bat all' A* omU aaa waa a maa liUad with 'paJn. 
And aa iha leaned down to kiaa bim Koodfaye 

har handa bc«aa to ihakc. 
She hxdMd'iMn hiatya* and felt her heart baitln to die 

Noar Hwy'n halh Iryiai to lariiet 

■ to help htm on his way . 
r IJmca when the two wish they never met 
but ahe hope* hell find true happineas someday 
The pain Uiey now feel In their heart is real 
and it's a pain they may never riae ab«««. 
Thry tinow only dwindlinn time will heal 


As she cliili^ias bar 'IM' w 
I Jfc ravahna arauad bar and 

The worid la MInw and aUant 
and her heart is (Iliad iMIb'a 

Ha one seams to car*. 

shaMoaa unnaticedi 



eyea dart back and forth 


one (amWar fac« wS aaflk*. 

seeinit 'iMfie 

fidiictinii bexins 

papers shuflle, hooka nilla 

•can-hin for somethmt In 

omipy the time 

In walks Teacbar^ 


friendly and opan. 

Inviting as to open ootadves to the olhan. 

M catchos so 


Ihe facas seem familiar 

looking forward to each aieallac, 

Icnaiona will ease 

a casual hey there ' 

and canversa turns begin. 

and aoan friendships begin, 

aa cloae as thry can be in a aiWni 

not prone to f rwndshipa. 

lOart 0ve in to wHUngnaas 

lo learn and cipanancc 

to help osiers and to be helpad ) 

and you are thanklol 

and wonder in i 

that such a gnop cotdd be lomwdk 

so randomly. 

but it works and (eels so fine 

to be a part and a member 

of the lathering 

the people, the mood the setting and the f oan 

all common to one another. 

Ihaaa allow it to be an enjoyable paaaing of time. 

ralhor than )ual a rlaas. 


aa it comes to an end. 

you regret that it will not go an' 

and aoon iboae now familiar (acaa will tada 

back Mo yaatarday. 


memories of the time 

when KaUiermg was a Kood thing 

and you remember Just how good it naa. 

and wish il c«ald be again. 

knowmg that il ran never be- 

and hoping that it may 

Randi Ijcvln 

We >vish you a Merry Christmas 


We wish 

iiiii I I' 

I i 


V {{ 

« I r" 

"Dreaming of a 
white Christmas" ^ 


m a Meny Christmas ••• We wish you a Merry 


Oh Christmas tree 


(photos by Mike Wendes) 


Love, hurt, falling snow 

■Ni MWAir If A Is worth anything at aJt 



JlkuI' Mill 

Ttryuw »iafe«' iiiy niHi «« tf alMl I 
IMIlM'falii «('■■' IMM to itlll HIM*. 


'TlMtMllMli. dMrMamllMy • 



rar Uw ■M' nw In my taal 


How slowly uHl tallljr ymi <•■; 

At fint VIM iirciiagli 

But Uwn bctomt nony. tnit to 

I, IS Map 

Mow Inc €MW tt' WMWi> 


faapl* ram ow y<M>. 
Plo<r> iHir aiMl dM» M y«l. 
MocmliKht beauUfy yntt. 

Ml Uw earth ap. 

for the on* (hat took y«i from ny lid*. 
They uy. it u better Uiii way. 
not la know |j«e pun of Umgerlnc. 
Bui (or our invalvvmenl, 

nl » riNtl II M • HmgIi W ma. 

I anu^yanriirtKCB. yaarbcmly, 

Mid yw were my UitM ««erlai«in||. 

Our l«*t M wai (resti and new, 

it waa rain in the ipriiiiittoc. 

•nd Iha colora el autuiiui. il wa« a raac 

it waa evtrylMna. In'IMa wwld taaaliliil. 

bfinn'tnc ma elaair '!• gad 

and to our pioiile. 

and nrver to know the fear ■«Ealn. 

Rcactunit for new eiiicrtencas. 

Iiladet of fraaa and ninriowcrs 

And I InariMd. 

wfc ijafd haw i wafucda 



law* Ym and la la«t nw. 

Vea finally me. 


to accept myteK «> I am 

Vou lauitht me that. II wa» eaiy with you. 

nut now you are no looter here. 

to Kttide me and to liiDW me the way . 

And I have lout it 

I am Murk in a mat*, a myriad of pOiailMllliea. 

but I cannot find the iwth hack. 

to the mr I wa* om-e with y«NI. 

In desperation I itive up. 

Cam-el the learth (or myaiW. 

For wtlhoul you there !■ no me al all- 

And Mill I alt alone. 

Myaelf toifether with me. who ever that may bt. 

And wonder. 

If It la worth anythint at aU. 


11. tan THE HARBINOER Pag* 11 

I •■ iMHHiy BBfTyi S'WMH fl WKKl/r'tHKM 

Males vs. females 

Wiilliivhn, D C . Wboi 

vUh M.4 pertani vl the women In 

U* wcwl WMncas. the unemiitoy 

( rata tar aiale dacton au ow 

mM esni man. •BuMft I 

IMI. •ttllMMa. cwn'piM by the and Mo bacfielar's Itve) chemitis 

■MfMMr OmmibHiliM tmpiajrcti by mduxry protei- 

imai'tM.IMtAiat' ciwiaJ' »oiii«)i't .lalancs «crf 

int, whilt tlw Mawl» anrinMia aw^HtiialMiigiMl'miiriMcsM 

■ vwagml only ITWW And Ilia trvary aga. evary dagnie leval. tn 

conuniMiimi'i nvart liwwail tliat «*«ry field and with rrary type of 

I (he poaltioi tt wanwn 

ana MMwrttica la aiJ Uia pvafaa- 

IMirtiiiiity mandate* dad contrt- 
tauHd to a nikarp lacraaaa of traniin 

all bi|Hi|ii| Hia laaia .■ttHWMMlV' 
I't ttti allMiva to lit !■* 

> and nia,|iirlt|r 
Ika Npart riiidi. tn mutl paiaad 
over tar )abt, and tllgblad tn 
■alary and promMtam Thi*. Iha 
raimrl «ay*, bold* true tn Ilia 
govaramant, acadaaaia. and Ike 

raaalaaaUy-lraliiad vaman can- 
'Umm la to tva-lo-rive time* higtaar 
Ihaa tar mcB in Ilia lame f icM vllh 

IIW UUa IWMt 4f 

gap In c riia a at 


g^MBH a.- n..— * a -^ ■» aa ah 

■Ma«-aafiapMal> caataMd- 

•Tba Itderal govarninaat, i 

alia apfaara lo dticrtmi 
Wanna a( alt racaa still lag apall 
baltiHd Uwir mala coiinlerparti k 
grade IciraJ, and Umm aalary r«r 

alMaai ITM MkralMalaglato. nf 


grade of the mea u II IT 
la 11 II for women, traa- 

M average aalarlaa of 
:flthaw Ikr man aad tll.lM far 
«aniaii. For black ■«•, Iht 
a««raga grade ii ii.ii aitf Mr 
nn. iranaMiac^ ta' 
avaraga 'lalarlai af 'lll,m far man 
and |li«lBS far araaiait' 

•While cmptoymenl af vocnen in 
Mghcr education hax inwn (lowly 
Uwniigli ibe mn*. tlieir pragriM 
up Ihe academic ladder if ilUI far 
babiod that ol men Among 
■pitvad l%.0'i in 
Ilia leil am' i a and anglnaaring wbo 
aanad Uiooc Pb O'l betwaan Um 
and lf74. 4 4 pcttant of the own bat 
only twe parcaM «f tba waoMB 

Music and Movies of '78 


Once agam. the tine baa <«MM, 
lo look back on the accan^ilab- 
maali (or lack of i of the anlarlaln- 
meM iakatry over the paat yaar. I 
have compiled what I (eel were mp 
mod and least tignificant ran 
tnbutions to the motion picture 
and recording ficlda in I9lt. 


t. Nailaaal Lampaaa't Aalaial 
l l eait The moal caaaiitenUy enter 
laming film I viewed, and probab- 
ly the cheapeat Bdushl and Co 
proved that a little creativity can 
go farther than a lot of money 

2. The l^ord •( the iUagi-A ipoc- 
ucle al a movie, this animalad (aa- 
ture of Tolkien t tlcry i« aa crea- 
tive and enjoyable at any cartoon 
or any other movie (or thai matter, 
that I've Men. 

3. lieavea Caa Wall- Prafaabty the 
bail thing Warren Bealty has ever 
dona, Even thougti Ibis nim is a re~ 
make of the isso's flick "Here 
Comes Mr Jordan ". it's been 
brought up to date m hilarious 
fashion and ranki wiUi the year's 

4. Ike Driver- In my opinion the 
of the year, this movie 

I Ite'eaptoUi af a prafaaalona) 
gMaaiay drtvar Mdi yaur inlaraM 

I. Deall m Wm mi- A fine cast, 
exotic laoMiHB, and an tntrtguing 
"whodunnit" pint make this Aga- 
tha Chriitie story first rale entcr- 

1. Sgl. Pepper's Laaely Hearts 
riab Bsad- How such a album 
coidd make such a lousy movie, is 
beyond me The annibUatlan «( all 
this fine muaic by tba likai of Palar 
Pranvlaa' and Um Bat'Ciaea. hope- 
tidly Fn««d!'|a.||MiiiMH.«tial little 
ta,lanl Ihar actaaUy i» piaaen 
I. Tke Gaaallel- This ndlculous 
movie should prove to Clint EasI 
wood, that he's a modi better aclor 
than he is a director, be certainly 
prawad it to me' 

1. Ifea Fury A hideous, confuaing 
tale of the supernatural Direclnr 
Bnan OcPalma who gave us the 
superb "Carrie", just doesn't 
make this film work at all Color it 

l»Ma<li»l«tamo*taaataM In CUca- 
p (HW' aHMr 'being "The Pwy" i 
lam aul la be two of the year's 
vorst, but this sequel to "The 
Oman" la • lalal Inaalt to tha 

1. The WIM t^eeae- Had potential U> 
be a fine film but decided to be an 
inbecllic glorification of Mer- 
cenaries instead A more appropri- 
ate title would have been "The 
Wild Turkey" 


It wai a good year in the record 
hiiainaaa, with old favorites like 
The Rolling Stones and The Who 
back on top with fine albums. 
Boston and Bruce !>pringstee<i 
finally out of hiding, and Just about 
every significant pcrsonaHty in the 
industry making some kind of coo- 
tnbulian But if I had l» choose one 
artist who dominated the field 
more than anyone else I d have to 
go with Billy Joel His albums 
The Stranger and "SJnd Street ". 
have both held Billboards number 
I slot during the year, and are 
currently ranked number 1 and 

Joel is not a flashy performer, he 
is basically tha same man who 
played the comer saloons in Brook- 
lyn a few yeans back Hr has not 
changed his character or commer 
cialiied his muaic to make it to the 
lop. and that's a i«fmhing change 
tn this day and age If you have nol 
guessed by now my choice for 
musical artist of the year la none 
other than. Billy Jod. 

Choosing a top album was tough, 
because there were so many good 
ones, but I finally settled on Jour- 
ney's "Inrinity '" U> a* the year's 
beat- After rqienlad lialaninga ' 'In- 

Gonililiaiit rock albtim. I have haard 
this year The material is strong 
and the muiiclantfaip tight Roy 

Thomas Baker, the 
producer, deserves alot of the 
credil for tlus, it's no coincidence 
that "Infinity", the first comncr- 
clally successful album Journey 
has come out with, is the first 
Journey album that Baker haa 

Picfeiog out a mint album ||hi 
much easier I had the grcM f||i- 
fortune to hear sane slop egHI 
"Devo. Are we not men^" My ally 
reply lo this piece of garbage is, Na 
Devo. you are not men, you arail 
even a band What you are Is fee 
the moat pitiful eicuse for Mai- 
cians t>iat have ever walked Ow 
Earth! Heedless to say, Devo lafcas 
the honors of most annoying 
album, as well as worst group, 
worst new group and anything elac 
bad that 1 can think of! To put It 
mildly, I don't like them very 

That about wraps up this critic's 
opinion of ISTR in a nutshell, and 
opens the gale for |»T» Among the 
highlights we can look forward lo 
over the Christmas break are new 
films from Clint Eastwood and 
John Travolta, and very likely a 
new Led Zeppelin album. 

But the big talk around town la 
the new "Superman" movie, that 
cost a phenomenal amount of 
money lo produce and is supposed 
to make an ever more amount hi 
profits If I recall correctly, exac- 
tly two years ago this Christmas, a 
film by the name of "King Kong" 
made this very same claim and 
was s total disaster Let's hope the 
'man of steel" geu a belter break, 

in early January 

Raglstralioa fur spring aameslsr 
deRree credtl courses wfU be Jan. 
:i. 4, y II. 12 and U Oaaaes togln 
Jan a 

Telephone r«Kiatration lor part- 
time students will be Jan. 3, 4 and i 
from I a.m. to l-.W p.m New stu- 
dents must file an spptication and 
receive a letter of acceptance prior 
to registering Potential students 
must can m-UM lo raglalar by 

On-caapus rtglalTaUon far fall 

and part-Ctaw sMdals ■« be haM 
and Ulraml 

a.m. In I p.m. and from *:M p-ni. 
to f p.m. and on Jan Utromtajn. 
to noon. 

Individuals with physical handi- 
caps should call est. MO fur ragi- 
straUon times. 

This semester a registration hot- 
line has been establiahed to pro- 
vide aastalance lo polaMial stu- 
dents. Coaagc counsdora will ba 
available to answer qaeallana and 
aaaiai arith registrstion protatama 
Jan. 1-S and t-W fmoi 10 lo T 
p.m. at est. 4n. 


11. itra 



On* Hi Ukt MMtii pMUama «««ti'<int t§ iiMf. 
what t» tmt tMr tamlly and' Mamdi Im- OitMiimm. Ike. a ■III it i 
■I Mm* we kmm it. lUMt IhM tiM hatf bMMr to ■ i i lfi — i M i If 

• ntltll culr lini* rardi ■WmsImI. MMNcMlMa' 'Ml* mil 'SlMt. VM'd 

Mli^ Mngi Ml iiilM liii ml ii cMMrjr MUiid Iht' Mm cur- 

TlliM"a raaHir m> ntait to 'tUmta > Mir liralii fw Uwa ■! iiM to haf 
■tHMii. DuMi'I mtrri i( y«i bmigltl mm it l l lm : 'UHt. llH|r 
i"l MBtfi. Ym imiw*I ta«« 10 <« from nlorr to i»mit iMikliit lut Ihat ip»- 
I MMMUlillf MlMT. % n»a t'ini sliniM ruliw tluil \t <l«aMl'l inaNcr 
■1. .)Mll:tll|(. Iwl tm tamaWui, anidlwit- 

aM alM'a iaaMte* ll't lilt gWtery 'naftr wMli <lt«ar Hltla ■cfnai< 
lllil fwnni inr hii llial raafir iiralM Uh cya 

iMk at II UMa awf ' TlaaM' naatl)' wra^MWil' liMNa an laint to liava In aW 
uMlar Itit ClirlatiiiM.lfM'fteal laaii a 'ovafc., imrlc maK:. Cvatytaw will 
tor MM-WK Ihf wawplim jMfW mora lliaa UM' ittn. ■» iMiii nal nulla tita 

A nwn'' ttvnd... vHrMi Imb iaAMM%' nam 'lal.,,. 
11ila'««iiM|« iilllclllMa tafaMlaMiairil:ll« Idaa of wM 1 
iipMaila|l..aci<in* Mir nallHi. Railtti-A-Wrap it a.iti|tly t naam at mil' 
MWMeallail to III* .|Ma* olial tlw ilflar iiaa ptirciiaaH] lor i><iiii or Iwr IMa 
(IvMiMa > tlw ttnur It 1)1* an* aiUa dnaa Ik* giainf ami' 'UM .iMa* la it* 
aw* 'lallii itoaa all Hmf rMi«i*iiiii: . ■ 

■oppM*' yan aiar* la aaivria* i«ir toM gWlriaMl' aillk an *n«a||aaiMil 
rlMf/lwr HMMmiH lliiii.rga'it anal .iMBatlllffli: lHal tafU laHact lU* ■Mail.' 
tint at iiMfMii*. yaar' hum*: toiHllMr. anal irlial II «IK kaM tar llw 'Mil tt 
ftm IfMI <9 a rail' of U Kancct-'il-Wriip wranpimf paixr, {MfataraUr m 
HmM pftt *r Mm C«t (hr an* Uial ttuma Om j'ouMi «hi|M* KTaainini al 
tadi alliar, aiilami on wtHia* lun u to ti> tteni*' lir Halw't wiM 
iHafBft.. *liila'inlll*toirliKrwnl''tlMr'ri*a<-'alC'. II III . (twHl}-''«lwiil«l to' 
ItiM trrtmt art ifialkiNi' a «*■• «illl tiia tattk it iatiMiIti ■II: **ar lit wa 

I in iiiMl DM Hif *ni|i|iiHl iMpar ullaillil rallart III* 0li iimttf, 
•(* II vw «■■• Iticiire iMt an* 'Ml whai tciie «f in|i*r aaiiW ym iii* to 
•T»() fimt liitl»r'''» «•• pi|M lliiit \»u buiutlil tor Wm li*c»tii» !■ hai nalji 
911 'Eittar'i" I vaHlill auitiad HimiiMiit in mt mtrtbt ImH'. kiwii tway Invn 
iiritiM. Imlv ealwi. Qcl IIh an* UM' dapkla • iraiiiiiMl' Ml at imcii. 'Piff 
IMt ««'*»i <m 'itwir laniMi ucai ppai wMte Milwf • an aaniiltiiii aiMl iiaiwliiii 
'OH in* tlick, •MiMi- air. 

.■Mwn a'fc-vcrt' tav ta 'Imi')' p-iMiili hir . iinl iutt tmr m aiirwi.. Ttal't 
I (MM dIi* can raai]' 'pM. to cimmI ■•*. Vaa 'ImII>' htvt U' mt hcf 
I ar flMi! all I!* wiiiliiMn ■ill Mart niMn 'tlxwl >im. TIip|"II 
Mall* >"•« Mat), ilk* a cktafalUto, JaMi imIi* wr« lint Hi* apran Hat l<ifiK 
f iMKli tlct-air 'ilic' tiMI' |ill 'iMh* fm tall* <i ImII. 

'Ti* 'MfiapiMit :p*iMt'' br te ■t§mm iluiiM: I* .mimiIiiim iliitaUa. Vm 
'M>l'i |i*alMilil|- vaiil. awMUmiai IM' ean Da 'UlnMHi M"lli* »miIim" aiki '#)'** 
llai apail. il*n«fl>Ar«Frat .liat. cam* «il villi a 
r to Maoail*' green tllal b ilM-aralatl ailtt Irrtm paia. 
rah* fflalaa .nilaliig hwli aaili alter lilicticn)' lyp* <!•<■■« TIm> Kits Wilnd' 
iMm i m n piMg pm^m MM la Inwaiil' Minwlililiii 'llM nuiilMni (laaU ralal* 

Tri' to' haifi aaai' trani' Hi* 'camvanlhiiial \yp» wrafiMiNl pap** wilt pat'-' 
MIHM •Mtaa. fail«aMNl nilii*wr«. ar inMlt»"«M|i*<l amsato. WMcwr 
f<m <to. liM't urn ran and ipwm. papar. it'a juai. tw Iac4y . Panpic imiii to 
tw (nl a|i vin tl>i* lemc' aM Miic f tat allir yaaf , rad' anil irata. Tliaj 
waitl 'KimMliina (W*r*nt. 

HaiwMly. xaw'ra 'mil mib' .(f llant lllal makes tlw laMafc* at pracrat- 
tiita'tinii Willi jraur amnaal' 'urapplnii ftufwr sh»tt|>iait ipra* Van hnoar 
whai tiB|ip«M viHa ymt anil inHII 'laul nunul*. Om ilay in* alalvat' ar* 
jam pactad wlUi anairttil vrap*.: and tiMit. tap. Ui* flnrk It ileplctxl In 
.iccamlit Caclt year, cktrha imaM turn aaay 'llwutaticlt •( rryliic cut- 
l<am*r«, laavinK 'Ummi witli. Mily iw*' att*mall'*>*-at* III*' Sunday cMiiir 
ttrlpi ta itTaii llwir kISe 

Tail* 'IMt a*a lal nt taud Irifiidlf' advim : «• aal andi'ial laar Kadnii'- A- 
W'rap papar tmnt H* tar* to buy plnt>' of il Otnit natty .alMlit tov'lac taa 
naclt., ymu can atataya aat it <iir n*it y*ar"» Hillt. Kvan: biltir. f 'a« can al- 
way* wll 'II ta yaiir MtlKldMii if Uwy alwiU nicr< ilMrt S*i It to llMtiii al 
dnaUt tlw pr'lc* ta 'KM yimi'U' b* aU* to lak* i» itaila a Ml] praf It. 

Tlus ilmsinia*.. don't f«ri«t «lial aiir .haMay Mann ii' all .bImmiI.. Tan 
manj' iwiifitr ({*t camtM op tu tlw l**ar of gtk liiirllMI ■mft wtm ttm nal 
inaaainii d« ii all . RtimmtlMr. il'i MM aiiitl yaa kin' —n i — i ' Mr Clirlit'- 
laaa.. in iHlal yaw larap .il Mi 

Chicsgo bBiik tfMins help 

h unlq«i"**i 

("vatmiit pntKram 'It liHn« Mndar- 
Inl pnntly toy th« C'<inl.ln*ntal Bank 
ol 'l,1iicaii« and the Sacratorlal So- 
me* Daparlmcnl at Haivcr. Tlie 
purpna* at Hi* prmtram it Mat aid- 
In trail) Ind'tvlilaab lit III* ua« at 
iiwdani ward 
inant rwrfanlly aaad in 
■lay and to **q^ ipiallfM Har 
per «lad*iils and Inral miilailt* la 
ptaparv arlaal wnrit lar Caidtoni' 
lal Banlt in • tatollU* ward prw- 
raaHiic c*«l*r tocaltd In niX. 

H^artl lYKemmt at vl*a>*d Inr 
iiMti iMMpI*. la iha an* al aala- 
laalu- ty|>*wril.rra arilli vidm dlt- 
.play i*rmtnals and allwr ram- 
patorlMd tqaipinanl to maka laal 
mliami aaaiar 'aHlaii praparlni 
typ*«rW*n' Mian and nparla. A 
mat* .arrin-al* datlnlUom la tlial 
•'unl pracattlnii la ■ ayMmia ap- 
pmarl) applM to Ih* lianillliw *f 
idticr paparwark thai 

Ward PraraitliMi it liaing aiHd. to 
•11 iliai tf Dlflca* «k*r«v** a 
lam* ndiiun* 'Of paipo-Mirk maM 
Iw rampMed a* qairUy at pats- 
lU*. Mamiavlwrliii twnpanin, .1*- 
Mat aWrta, I w ipH a li. .ami innir- 
amo*' eoNpiniM ara nnly » toa ^ 
'Ik* Miwr naan ^ ■'ant pniraiaing 

MMy Arm Mi'i-'kina. rmvrdinatar 
«* 'llir .S*€ir*l»n«l l»ra«raim». narf. 
' "MaviMI 'CanlliMiMal '■•■*. m rani- 
pai. «ltis.<al an:f|ipMtiiMly in tnm 
.■tadtiila m ttm 'inatt ur*" ' 
«"'.'»»! !»f<w«itn«' iN|iiipin«iii 

ll«iir TsaW iiMl. iillk'i 

' iiMaivamiiriitiMlr'i'^ 
■ r'|iii.n>nuniil')' la .Icam and W'ori 
pirt^iiiM'twMatllM'iain* tin>' 
»« tnnlMr' iMteMia Ibnt titr <■:<■■ 
irr iiaa hwi .iwaamnaitil Itai Coi' 
iiitMlat .ptoH to' dauM* Ik*' apara- 
Ud:it of III* Ckntar ncal ywi'r 

.BKcaaiM ill 'tk* Kraal dciwMid. to 
Ika ilMh markri far word pratwalnc 
uiK'faton. Karpfr ka* attaikllllHd 
1 t .''t ! r'TiKTicmii Prattram tiial 
.:.-. 1 '>.'."• iraiiuni an Ik*' Ijttitnm 
V (.drill >"iK ixi'WpniaDl pni«-wi*d ky 
Ik* Batik u well at tk* IBM Ma« 
C'^ril I and 1 1 Twa nea caanM* arHl 
lar otlerid tkii fipriniii-lnlriMia*- 
tli» ta Ward PnKTWUia iSEC IWI 
Hit Miaday rnnlniM rram T » 
p n ta I » p-Bi and Ward Prw- 
caiinR Dittatlon aial Tranncripllan 
'I MX* in I an Wadnrtday e¥*nnM«t 
'" Is* Mpm 

**lmilt to OMiliMIt 





A(«a*iiln| 'to ll*l)**ca MetMigk-' 
tin. Word PnMMilnii InMmclar. 
■rtmn ii a nrkkt iMd' 'Im mm4 
pmroainii panwnn*! to ImiiIimM' 
tuday. Marc and marc nanpanto* 
arc ImtollliiK Ikii type of M]nlp- 
■iWfil and ar* Inoltinit far traloMl 
parannnal. Tkarr ii a dcflall* 
tkodaitc. and .)al> nppnnttiililat ar* 
un.ll.mllcd an alilMr a parl-ttma ar 
tsiH-llnM kail* mlk *'i.raltal 

Jamco Mctiratk waicket a 

Ik* Waft. P>a««**kH,l'>ati » m ' phal# k> MItr W'enileii ' 

taper ootege music madTie 












Tk* lj*li*nnMi 
Tk* Beach Boys 
Perry Camo 
Elvis Preiley 
Jackie CrIeaiKat 
Henry Mancint 
Frank -Sinatra 
<n and Hie Chipmunkt 
Varipiii Artiats 

l.rrriKSAINTMCK IW. TheBeartBoys 

BLl'E CHRISTMAS '1!»»^ Klvis Presley 



THE FIRST NdEL ■ 1J«' KrankSinatra 


SILVER BELUS < IMII Alvin und rheChipmuilte 

JINGLE BEIJ-RtlCK.lWIr Bobbv Helms 


an MwK af tke entire slafi and miinaKFmenl of 

wttcm radio, happ.v b«>lidiiT!>: : ! : ! ■ 


Th* above list is merely a representation of the 
programming heard on WHCM The order does not 
reflect the popularity of the selection WE PLAY 

11. 1»7t THE HARBINOER fwgt 13 

Legal Aid 

An. a«rt«nmt l» oM a ewtmcl.. WHU nmntaiww wWi. t«w m nnitod to 
m»ltt»ciiurl. " 

Q. W* an aaPMl.*! •iMto.tHiiaimt to m, as^ 
■- -- _tl!l. 

•ir iailffia% T» Hw «iim, an ivnaMiii 

•••in ol (wt pKHW nniM-linf Ua trawMim of wmt r«(M 
•till a *tiw «( awtranini » «init«»l oW^allim. A twntnct a umiaUy ■ 
wnunt whirt niitata iMt affPMnMM of l»o partin idUi Irrnw and 
.-.mliHiiiw, iiiKt v'Mt-ti mrm ai iinaf ol tlM uMmatm i W U.S., m. t 

Nw* Wit' ba«r nMiitlr»ro<™i» of ■ nMit-MfnrcMiHt nmlTact t*m, Jur 
W R»l,; CantrarlaiSK t-w. ts-iTi ; 

-Miutiid aiMit. tlhr iini .aaxailam (il m» pmUm m^ 
trf ■miiKj, «rf aii'r. »r m iM,rt|f «MdllM:aaa carparala jmnm with aiatliortty 
w»«ii thmitli «fc» dtilr a<itlH«lMd.«ntMn 

-Mum prmidc (v a aalllc<kint. aMialitaraU«. ■ num. Intenal, or baiwflt 
BtrrattK to ant paitr. ar (omc fiirbfamiiH.-e. iMrtniMt. bu w ranana- 
IWhty i|l««n. 'aallNMiar'iindarMan hj tlw inh»r iwrl.)- •, 

-IVfttilka!Mi.lHrlll«ai|aiiiiraOgt'a cimtiwl i* vaM «h«(her ii u onltcn ..r 
mat wtth Ifeaa* MMptMina piwMM wtlh vamliiaa in tht Statutr oJ 
rramte in nmry ital* i Am. Jar, M Hirf „ U Ed. Sac. M.. SI1.MI') 

Ciailfart* «#• mrofottwU* unlnw mum iMfMraMliun or mtt ttitr 
is lit wrttini aanad «»■ the lUftini to He cl«arg(d. or aiwUwr prrwn lawful- 
ly aallMrlMii; iiKii fontrwts inrlud* tlunv In •htrh a perian undtrtaltn 
toaiiMiMr (or tim iMl. ami dafaati m mtwarTwii* of aiwUwr ; tiMMa not to 
Im pcrfomwd^ mtliiii .an f«ar Imm tkr tmUm Ommf : thow for th» nlc 
of iMd: thaw lor^ tiM' aaia of cooda and mmtt to ■■<«■ of imvifM valim 
wllif * nriai n> itw fialci' itatate «rf f rauda. 

-And HiiB%, roiitra«t«. coalrar^ to law. tnoralltF i» tniHie iMlln arr 
■llciiai and void. 

^. Q-OMall»IMa»ITailWoniiAi.liifmttaclbaiur«i«^i9iMM«'iif 

.% Tlia. Art ilac. KM) tMUma ■ :i|p«-«fir (MWrfetlM aairiyw «ail» Id 
niarnad eniplH.. 

fUt a«« lj« km riancnl am ffdcra) •■tat* tai rule for huibaMi and 
»i(» j«lnl Icmnla (-nutiad «fttr l»» Ifmier tl*. mm rain. onl.y om-lialf of 
the »al»i» t* tht tM-nptrtt t.w««l m jwiu trmwy u includaMr In tlw 
!*«.'■**■• iiraaa^aaMt renanileia wlurli Jtnm tmwnt liMiiMM ilw eomi- 


I Ca^mima Dtnail Nam iarrti»t 

*y ana* ca*«n4 lr«m and i^adrrl laivarlt. ( |ilMla fcy MUir Wairfcs) 

GEO prepares students 

ne Adult Haak Education 
ttctMniiMiil at Harntr wiU oH« a 
n«w i>l«tt-i>«a* imiMi o(. GED 
rliiuMs for tndtvidiuib pn^rinn 
for the hiffh scliool niuivalency 
ruminjitum Oiutwi will twnin 
«he »wk <tl Jan is. an and end 
ttif vcdt at Mar.* II, A .m-ond act 
af cIkM-kccJi cliaaca will Iw 
offwod fnini Marrli If tlirouf h the 
wt<tkorMa> II 

ria««e» in mallieinattn. EttKllili 
irammi-r. and rrading are 
avsiktile Momtay, WmbNada)'. 
iirid Fnday 

Tuetday. Wedne»d«) . and 
tlturadaj ««mni» Initnirtioi) on 
tiM! UntlMi Stalat and IlUnoui 
(^taiitittilini la olao fiven In tlw 
rMdinc ctaai. 

Baiir Skills rlaiict In 
mathcraalia. Etifltiti (raiiunar. 
and readtng dcf rlonmeol alio *111 
Ixf «ff«'rrd on Manday. Wedneaday. 
Jiml Friday iiioniin«s and an 
Monday. Tu»id»)', WaliKMtBy and 

Ttiumlay eveninRa Tlieai! daiaet 
Mr for Mwlefltf who have not 
iittmdrd high school ar for 
studMtx whose akUlt ac» iielow 
hifth H'hool level. 

Both (iF.D and Bank- ilkltl* 
tilHHiHl ara «lt<n-r<] frtr lo the 
.st.aileM alwe the tuition ia 
reimtxirned by {cdi>rat and itate 
Adult Basic Edwatlon tundi. 

RcKigtriition for the daiae* will 
be held on Jan III and Jan 1 1 . from 
»:M t« 11 am and from «::iO p.m 

ifiF)3T Students ihould albw one 

hour for registration and 
sliouldhrinii a pencU. their social 
securltj number, and their car 
lieemc plate number, ruitber 
informatjon is available at eil. n. 

'Who's, Who' now 
accepting applications 

•Since I9SII. Harper has 
Pirticipated in the -Who's Who 
AnionK Students in American 

Jumor CoUeges" proiiram. 

The Whoi Who" iirofrain 
prnwdes national reracnltlnn for 

selected Iwo-year roJkite students 
m well a* permanent reference for 
prospective employers. Only 
let-ond-year students i those arlia 
have completed a mmlmam of 34 
credits t who arr enrolled in a two- 
yrar curriruluni are elcwiiile for 

Criteria lor selection are 
acadeuuc standinti. participation 
and leadership In cnrrlcular and 

co-rurricular aclivilies. and 
community service 

Students who would like to be 
roniidcred for this iwoKnitlon 

mmy aputy through the student 
Activities Office. AXW.Application 
(inms are available now. but tlw 
dMdllne for spplyInK is 4 p m. on 

.Ion IT. 1<I7», 

Applications will be reviewed by 
ji coUege .Selection Commltteeand 

.ipplicanls will he notified of the 
Commiltte's dadaimi. 



■oott>*> fill looO olace We iratgrt a unique 
Celifomi. iivl* wtlmg. unua»« SMtood Enirm 

wa a retamd aimoaDteri Mi ar< part ol a 
oatwnwMSa chsin ot aoauty ■■|.<iaiMi mtsMranu 
otlwins vou lilt owonontiv lo« • rtwiseairw 




aXMtS t3i«/HR BUS BOYS S3.00/HR. 


Wt ollw • wfy comoaltliwe tnr^ brnefitt oecli- 
•8S *nclud*nB P*0 "SCation InlarvtiNvs d*«<¥ 
Ijetwaen 2]tlo>nafid4}Onm,a> arrangM to lit 

ifouf Kholult. Applv m panoD v call. ASK 





■ tSa I 

rmref I 



11, 1971 

— Newsbriefs 

Hawaii Trip 

n M nM too eariy to nuke trawl 
ptaiM for Sprinc Brvmk. I*7f . Mar- 
p«r CoUen* will ipoiwir a vaeattiii 
Mp to Hawalt. (mm April UM, 
Wn Dunne thi* ti«lit-<la)f. mrnm- 
trip, partiriiMnta' ladgfni 
[ IM M nit Braakara. a lOMlr 

Brachura and (urtiitr iniaiiiia- 

tkm art avajJabla tn Iht IIImIiiiI 

Flu vaccine 

rk vacctn* nil bt avMtekit In 

lU Balnrday. Dacaiatar Mk. IMa 
raccine will bt tffactivt tor Um foi- 
lowtn* vinitaa: Hang KIuk A A B. 
Tmaa and Raaim On. 
11« COM far Utt laijactian trill be 

II Sarvtca fram I : B 

ftttKt, and (ram I to 1 p.m. 

an Satardajr^ TMa ia the laat m«k 
far llM tacctaa-ncl your Iniacllin 
torn and avoid tlw R»I 


Harpar CWIaia wlii affar a 

cmmt m Sccralanal Pneadnrat 
Ma aptlnii for indivMlunla lilat«a> 
lad in rttumlnit to vock ar (or cor- 
ranily ew^ployad oClkv workan 
•ho wiah to laam or rtvlair iip-li»- 

TIM Saeralsnal Pracediiraa 

(alary - paal, iirtaatit and 'Marc. 

Tlw aouna vlll be «nar«d <m 
Mandnja* WadMiaadaya, umA Prs* 
difa Inimi t to )• an. or Ml to It 

••HI. ar an llMndaf eaaalnia (rom 
•ta to • ClaaMB bafta. Jan. II 

by lalavhama, W-IM, an Jan. S. 4. 
and 9- OiMampoa ranMraitlon wtll 
bahaldMiJan 11.11, and U 
For (aftlier tafannalton ttadanta 

■Mir canlact tta Baalnani Dinalan 

Circle K 

"Cat* and Caral aUk Clrda K 


Cli«laK.Otain tamberl. 
dnSaliifiday. Dae. ■ Uley art go- 


Jane in ' July H. The taw ia open to 

Harper Kadanls and c«iiniui»lr 
raaialanta and may be taken (or col- 
late ctadlt. This trip miU attvr ipe- 
dal opportiBiltlea for ttudr ■» tl>e 
flald at eidlnary aria. Incliadlna ap> 
Uanal giMiniiel dinntra. viiila to 
I cnakinii acboolt and totKa 
nf riandl and German wlnertaa. 

The W7V European tour wtU lie a 
aaqucl to the tnp laat ninuner Tlie 
pMkace price of MM* inclttdn: 

nand tnp air tranapoitaUaa an a 
nvnlarty achadolad air Unt«. hotel 

all fraiaid tranaportaUon and (ra- 
tHillas. aa well a«. bangaiie and 
ParticipanU wOL 
Irat time to piiraae 
liMir mm apacial Interaata. 

An lirfannathmal 
Md an Wad., Jan. 17 at T in 

Par IMIIar Mbnnatlan, eonlaet 
latcxt. S7I Partici- 
panta will be Umltad to M, ao earl; 

Revised bus route serves Harper College. 

wWrnrnW SmCWIIlS 

cwnmim VM DUSe 

Tlw HuOents ot *'.ii.»m «alo»» H»rp«f Coneo* 
• •" conh«u» 10 eriiov regiuiar t>ui wrvice to Khooi 
Tiie newliK reviled *»3 tun »er»e» ihe «»>*«« « iw#<i 
H Morlt\we»f Communif* »na Me«Oowi 
Center tor ihe Han«>c«p|i*d StuOents who commute 
IokMooi via S;T*'»Horm Weslem commuter service 
cart cafefi t»*e bu» at l(i« Arlington Meiflhts Station 

Tn# map balow tlwm /ou ifte r out* ot iiie *t] 
Tne but r«t»i el convenient times weekdari. 
me fare it only JOcentt 

Crte tcneoule* lor twe«»3 may be obteirwU by 
•ntif»« RTA. P O Hot vm. Cfttcego. IL »fl«0 Or one 
ntaycati UTA Travel mimrmalion loti ireetDO tn 7000 

For batt lervice, calla Uiouia be m^ade in ibe evening . 


_ tmMi HI six coiinlicSa 

••or an (MWIttMtnei a»me. iiuOentii «no ottier at* 
Mwtoer»m«» durctuseanRTA Univerul Treniler, wt>itn 
is good lor trantportalion on mo»t N T A am lervlcet in 
tne ti» cowntieto* Caek. take. (»el«nr», OuF^agc. 
Kane and W II 


win meet 


- % »mt I 

Thn timpm Mbata tmrnwrnl' umiM' to kt a lunttir nMinit' tM- 

tmrk fnm • iWksl ImI iraak to oaiarhait. 

nihtM % inlwiin mm « fstHila, »ii|wrt» |hmi. M|ar .MM IMII » . 

iiMi ■n——i"l iBiiii .la^Bjilllll. iihi_.^iiL„. ..^miii-aj _ 'HiiH ... ..». ... .. u ■■■■ 

■a....,,,,. , . ... •• •■ »«»ni«l'l*««i«i»fii».. IMUKiiito 

"!?■"• ■•""'•i »1*. (• a wry nniHtiiiw •vmUw Ihta 

'HMpit liarMlMl M I. n IIm M is )>inr tmr tht Hawks. 
»•.. J« Mia mnmta a niry Tl. Itovka (MmmI at. W u.. 

ltirinMWilt<i(i|MMMi.aiidirniM«iil -MV .MtMMI. ra 

vKII a )M win. Iliaa atmmm "••^lUM IMl Mai: 'ly i 

•Wwfe cMMMIiMimc tn Ma Hart ■fCfHlpafMiBl.. 
(iMMilM wmmy. nttm tut a wuet Stuwaiiitr tjnia 

hmtaiMliit««rlaallliattoiliM:Wt van- imprcaiw In kM 'flnt i 

tM^ Orr BaMf Han aai aUwr tak 

IT airt » M «:» at ikt ArttKMa Ice DipMlfw. 



on tUc mi In a 

»tii- Coach. 

Tk* Haadn arity taavt aoi 
M«M <iiiiti. Wim aadi ratonw ^ 
Nan* Mm* H».l Twii SMHli. Jw Ktna 
and Ilanny Wrher. Coach Uivtiacc 

iMMy or 

~ John Eliasik: football 

Martha Lynn Bolt: 
women's tennis 

Caa«li .BUaaHi .kaa kaaii Uk anlr 
IMlMll oMdi Uw Haslia tew 

■aaaoM. iiidint Haritar to a H 
nwani aad am lUUutls atato 

l>t»*HHia la lltal he 

•UlMliea al 'Bmnm. m» hai lo atao 
urn atmm Martha i..|'nn B«ill. Ms 

t tB aionm'i 
IMMii. a«l mmima Tllli Ml .ilic. 

f«aciMd Ihv awciwm'* t*iHi.iB to a 
.*•»• .i-tiani|HiMiiihi|> ami • tmrOt in 
lh« luttXMM) loimauncnl. U» mm 
miwnrt ■■Coai* of th» V«»r" to tap 

alt » leaaiM In »hM-h my Man 
•wiM (iwl nWlh-iitt H. ina,irli 

She I* mor* it. a (rami Uiaii a 

.■•iiet»." IBM Krii Rniagar vhO'hai 

,'Kij|»il WKltT Coach .Ball tiMi toat ti __ __^ „._™... 

fiHirhrsatilM well* niiMUy on the 
mowtol i»«rt 0f tti« iJiBW ,*Ktr ail 
•«i p«n:»iil u( »iiiniii«| icbrtiK iii«b- 
■ .1 It* |«r»|w»r»il. ■■ cmr- .ii«.nt<>il Mary 
lirth fnck on <-oii.i|Hmn« Ma iMI 
In. oMmt otaehaa aN' hat tad'. 

■ . ■ 1 1 piMR-he* ihK (atla (Unda- 
m tiw mam miMilaiil. "I 
-'•>rfc mt itroai: 

... ., - ! hr 
iiwmtol aapicl of Ihv name. " 
Coach Boll fatCD Iht i 

i iMn'i alhMlca vllh llw 
Iw»-)i»rtiinio»»r lli Mfkntt to 

rrlMild you may have a aapcr 
l>«a>»r a.nd. r«a% lUirt MirUnf in 
the rine (lolnti o( har gaoM and 
ml jrrar like ia gmm . " 

Ml. Halt fuchi irary opiliniilic on 
her loMi).'* chaim tor a fine iho*- 
tiiK .in nallanali.. The laaim haa ttmm 
mmmu hard « uraetice. We've 
•el .HMM Roata and mt'n norliinc 
.|o Much Uwni. Duriiit. uraetM 

mm <•«. are wirftinit on (Mllahlnii 
their ifcilli a'Od wnrklnii an dtHer- 
iFiil flraleelcji SanethlmK we 
(lliht'l hate • real good citann to 
«orh <m dunnii tiw aeainn:. 

'The iMm mil (day in. a i-oa|>ie of 
mrtchn ihu iiinnR aiwi cnach Bait 
h«|>** ttw>' can (iractwre aumnal Che 
mem''* teani betore galnii on lo 

Millie HliKkitoaT-iilBle in 1»7«. 
Out awdd have to •ea:rrli far and 
•Ide far anjone with better 
I'rtilMitiala. aa. caadi Eliaaik iraa 
caiHain Mt aenlor ;^«ar al Souchcrn 
ItUfww and named to U'« "All 
tecade" team He did not ||* on to 

■nth I 
»n^ '■ 

■"Ttai amaan aa* very, eaiy 
larprlainf. tl toak a lot ol 
fharat'tor to coiim hack at «c did 

adiiar iiir aaand fain* (llt-7 laaa 
to Trilan. eiiawtMl to i-» torteli 
victmrv for Ike fla.«fca. mtmt a 
Iriioii player «a« (oanil 
ineliffiblr > We didn't eipKl to 

nearh aai-h helnihla.." EUaalh aaid 
lo.okii«.|| hack an thif very 
tucTfaatuI acawn. 

This .team »aa aomairhal 
f'lffemnl Ihc.i otlitra.. aa they ner* 
rwt M rah-rah lypr team, hut ra.|Jirr 

ChornaMllnaldanMtiiwatiaa. Hhey 
knew what Uicy had to da amU 
•««*. and they went aiu. .and dM 

Jwnlor iMUace isoachaa liam 
IMrhapa the touKhwH prmMaoa In 
tryim to bulM » winnlnt 

aa unlike high achool 

coUeiee* they doni have four yeara 
to «»rk with a player, bul only Iwo 
He feels the talent of the players 
Kolnj! to Hamer la uii|>nivtnK. 
With four year achooia limited in 
achnlaralilpa aome of the (leopl* 
are flltortnc down to m. alno 
eapifrience riglil away at the 
cnlleiir Ixrvel I dcf Inttoly feel Bldit 
M wil] help uf in ■tlrarlinc players 
at lack of farililies ha* hurt ua " 

Coach EUaitt haa no real ptois 
on leavtn« Itorper after Una* 
aiicceaaful seatom in a row. "W 
afould have to be a real i|o«d 
K. I've aaan the crowing 

limtrain. dreaaoutofotirc 

Congratulations to 


namedto 1st team 


returns Jan. 22 




has the rock-disco band 
for every party. 

Let us plan the party of 
the season. 

Be the envy of everyone 
on f rat row. 




oecBMacii *"'' 



&*»"«»• tt<w#r HoMli. «i..T &rwv* i^. .« MI f 


»t »«.>ac«wi'. .«»*«« Wiwm. Wl W Wl»ll 

M(i«»#v.»«fH'«it*.«.i»iw.(, w»»##i„^ll 11,- « Mf-Mi 



••»um«j|r«»i.. «»«.».« ip,,",. .1 ..tai*.*! 



** tm.a«a. MMn«i»..^ >:.. « ^ » v 

la M 





Miday season 






Thr llarbiniipr nlitorial iM>ard.(froml. !Sl«>\r Moskai, cartowiitt: Sv» Canitiy, 
manaKinK rditor/rditorial editor. Debbie Teschke. MiUiir-iii-clli«f. J««B Prtcrton. 
feature editor: Terry Jacahi w . Mstacss manager: Jiw KM«k, sporti editor: Mike 
Weade*. plutto editor. 

iplMto vy Mikv wmmcsi 

tItTHf HARmMm 


eue/tyone a dappy ^ 
fioAday seasow 






Tli« HarUngwr ttfltoHal lKMird.((roail.)Slrvp Moskiil. cartooniM: Sur Conray. 
inanagiiig c4il«r/t4)tiMi«l editor; r>rbbir Trtchk«. rditor-in-chifr. Joan PrtenMB. 
Icatar* rditor-. Terry Jac a h w . Nnlncw nuMgcr: Joe Katck. iporU edUmr: Mlk« 

Wcndm, plMN* cMtar. 

(photo by Mike WewiM) 

11, ItrtTHE HAR8IN0ER Pt9» IS 

Rlna, Prtlstlnn. Rrtf ttaf 

win meet 

Th« tl«.ri»er 
twck (ram * iMimI laal »Mk l« 
MIsMc WriKM CMtitr. Still 
rkldM (>> Mttutoi and a vmtiiabi* 
imiiMitr Dtlll tiwMtlbk!. Hvpcr 
l>iil an a aininK ilutiirliii icatnil 
WriictM. «infiuiK..M-lt 

Harfwr (arfril«4 at I tl DM At III 
lt>s Jm Rina mrmlMt a vtry 
(rtrm'Mlsliilt OMNO*)*! and OHM 'M«. 
wiita' a IM win. Rina *lia*«d' 
aulMrb ffaaidMMiilJW lit Uii lufd 
(noilM tkUiry Rtiia gat a quick 
)mmI .and naiwr .km. tk«.l itwt an Ni' 


to Ma i«MfNl «lm nf tlw 

At m tto. (*Bi>l Pr«iaalnt 
wreatlhiN np a f*» wtftiia »«a 

fiittad anatnat a aucli laaa 
rximimMnl artUlar.. PrvMalnc 
(ma up • wwd lintf and amU ania 

ra»nt liu Mvand (*i at Ike nartjr 

iMvtlmer (wli iRaU tat all tlMt tool* 
•mini to Itr a .Iwiliir cnilag* all- 

A( IM ItM. CrpK M>itl wnaHlad a 
■ttim-ur iMwt. After Moll MU v»* 
■nealile i««l .Iw aenl an to milatar 
a accniHt pcriiMl pin.. Moll .kioki to 
te a vcr)t' campcUtive wnaUtr lllta. 
T««r fmr the Hawks 

The Hawkx furfelted at IIT ItM 
.Ml Riciiwrt raally puiM hli 
•clglit Uiit oaick In m^onltnt t 
Mcaml iicrM (all. 

Ntmimitr 'Ijmi Jaaapll «a« 
wry M i ni i wm ii in Mt litit mnlch 
in nalMiMnii. .HnriMr*! (aalMl 
pin. lei* Iltan two mlnutaa Inin tht 
match Jtwrph a Kridnalt uT 
brruiKtttn Hi||h Srhool. it a valvp 
aUe adttitiim In Harper's laain 

HaavywelKht Sean Moenl imlllic 
temtt on llie cake. I» dcfaatlnc Ma 
inrampelcnt opponent by ■ ttam 
I14t marKln and Kivtnit Harper a 
tim «ln in tlietr ain(«r«ncc lU- 

Allentlan iaWlj Orr BnMy Hall aad ather tnlcreMcd atndania la Harpcr't kactcy tcaai. TiTaala 
are Dec. IT and a at «:]• at tke ArUaflaa Ire lipeclnini. 

Angelw HaceMa 141 Ika. laal a Utter 

liar tJ-lt '"AmiBki raall) 

to he cMiiinR atwaid," 
Hand: Oaadi .Nntm 

' MIkalWf 
deaad Ma .ii a w l H i •■ Ike ■•y to. a 
nmip and e««Mliial pin Coaek 

The Hawks mirely ham 
M«kl ipala Wilh mch 
Mike Ket(. Tcm Smith. 
and t>anny Weber Coarh Lnealacv 
la eery m pt tmtat l e ahant I 
MWf al 

rE John Eliasik: football 

Martha Lynn Bolt: 
women's tennis 

When one laHta ahant •miieM''a 
iitliMin al Harper. Mie haa. In atat 
talk alMiit Matlha (.ynn IMt. Mi 
Ban. haa .baait •illi Harpar ainca 
the haginnlng and haa tmdied 
man.v winrnnit tMiw in wnmcn'a 
tennia and Kiftt>a.ll This fall jhe 
nHChvd III* wiMwn') tennis te a 
Mule rhantpunstiip and « berth in 
(he nalitnal Unimsment S)te was 
nained ' "Caat* o* the Year' ' (• eap 
(iff ■ leaann in trhtch am team. 
kt'imW find diKicull la natch. 

'■>'•■ •■< fiKire of a (n^fnd than a 
.lid Ki^ Krueifer w)ui has 
■ .mder Caneh Bolt the laat 

"jibe ii. different than nther 

«-<Hich« as abr wiirkj mmllji unlbe 
mental p«.rt of the ifanw .Wter alt 

'II penent of mnmmiu. i» beum men- 
l;il!> p.rep«T*d," t-tirr .ijentrf Marji 
Beth Knrk <» i-< Ms Boll 
m (ither nia<:hes she has liad 

1 .Jke an «roach«« ilw feels (onda- are the'innat rniportant, "I 

lr» to work on ilronf{ fumdaman- 
Ijila. and from there Ixiild up t alio 
lr» to prepare mf playart. for the 
mental aspci-t <if the itamc." 
I^oach Doll laoi the laine pnib- 

lenia as men's athletiei vMli Olc 

lwo->'ear lumo»*r 'il'tdKncultto 
rehulld You may have a super 

player and really Mart morklni in 
the flnc' potnis of 'her ■anW' and 
nest year ihf' I* none." 

Ms Bolt feels ver> opunustir on 
iter team s chances lor a fine show- 
mil in nationals. The team )uis been 
warklnK hard in practice We've 
set ioine goait .and: we're workinit 
to reach tiMm.. During practice 

no« we are workinit on poluhini 
their skill* and workinit on differ 
ml ilniteiiies Something we 

titdn't haye a real lood chnnce to 
work on durlnu the' season 

The team will play in a cnaple of 
matches this spnnf and coat* Bolt 
h<it>rs they can practice aNainst Ihc 
nit-n 9 team befnre unlng an to 

Coach EUaaik has baen tlia only 
loaMiall niach the Hawk* have 
ever known wtth this bein« Ma twit 
aeaton. guMm Harper to a M 
record and an rilinois stale 
chantpionihtp Preetous to that he 
M the Hawks to a 7-t stote in IfTV 

One would have to search far and 

wide for anyone with better 
iTCileittiala. as coach Eliasik was 
mplain hi* senior year al Southern 
Illinois and named to It's "All 
Iiecade'tcam tie did not go on to 

prn haH a* a knee intiuT in Ms 
•lath iianM of hia acnuir year ended 
jiny hopea. 

"This ieaiim was very, very 
surpriunK. it took a lot of 
rharacler to come back as we did 

allKer our aecond iiaiiM 1 3I>7 loss 
to Triton. changMt to l-« forfeit 
victory for the Hawks when a 
Trilon player was [ound 
ineligible I We didn't eapecl to 
reach such heights ' Eliaiik said 
looking back on this very 
succeaitill fcaaan.. 

Thii learn was somewhat 
rfrfteronl Uit.i al.hers. «» they were 
not a rah-rah type team, but rather 

tliey oaad bitide motivatian. They 

kn«« what they had to da aacb 
nd Hay iranI opt and dM 

Junior coUefe coaches have 
perhaps the touKheat probtema in 
trying l« build a winning proftram. 
as nnlikr high srhool or other 
college* they don't have four years 
lo work with a phiyer. but only two 

He feels the Ulent of the players 
Koing to Harper is improving. 
"With (our year schools limited in 
scholarshiiM some of the paopte 
are flltertng down to IM, alio 
experience right sway at the 
coUeiir level. I definitely feel BIdg 
M will help us m nitracting player? 
a.« lack of (actlities has hurt us ' 

Coach EUaaik haa no real plan* 
im Icartog Harper aftor Ihrae 
succeaaful seasons In a row, "It 
would have to be a real gaad 
situation. I've seen the gnnnng 
paint, as one aeaaon we bad to 
dress out of our cars " 

Congratulations to 

Nail Schmidt 

named to 1st taam 




has the rock-disco band 
for every party. 

Let us plan the party of 
the season. 

Be the envy of everyone 
on f rat row. 



returns Jan. 22 






:»w D.».»M»< c««:»»«. il.t«e« 


art"** «.W ««*«*. »tv«t arom *L ♦ »P » . ¥ 


m} Itt «] s Cownfv <«a«a * !i«iMi> wi « »«■ «A. 

w.iw«uhw*a w«rwiim« mmta. wn«»t>.i«. »i .-• new 


S:i U*».IS. «M™»#lw«.f.. U. •»»"« 

Weather delays bidg. M opening 

l|ir»lill'M> ttxr irt«ir-t lll» rrap*M4 «"«rty aifmtmti ol :M»r|i»r'» w» »MilMlc r»«-lll:l» iMtMtM 

■■It «taf» m* arair iMil»«tk», Ifce »«M*f» ••Ml M>»* »•«» R«iiiii««i»" "M' •» "•»" •» ^» 

Ik KlrirMothih 

riM pr«)rrt»il tarly 

<«rnln« «>( Harpers m«ml»« 
ttmtt mnplci. BiuMtnc M. tei 
f.r««*<i ti» be «»t( tarirl »■ 

aMtnactinn wiirlKn battle trtglil 
um(»er»liir<'» and Istatinn 
-■umpbcalwira uMiice«i«<iill» 

l>r Guerin Ft»<:her. vice 
urMUlcnl w{ ttiideM attain, »id 
I he rttremicly oild trm(ieral:uref 
.'x.mtm in the Ii.ii75.<i» athletic 

. i.i. [ matii- tl. iliffu-ult fw 

..ii-.irui:tum wnrlnTs lu tfonUlwi* 
K'llh their work 

■Wr can't put the wm Otwr m 
h.T«nsi' we need an emact 
iririjH'ratHre iti pour tilt Biff. The 
(miWiriK 15 v*r> cold and unflaln 
tliiriiH cjMfl Iw done twcaiia* ol 
Ihiit f'lV'brr 

\ :«• F temperature mml he 
numlained in Um huitdimt ta 
. .Mnplele the «»nth»l;tc nyui noor. 
which wlU be conatnwted orer Uie 
.ilrr«<l>-l»ve«i concrete floor I>on 
Mmc director of t>u»ine«i 
si*r*r»f*r« *aiid Itw fompletiMi of the 

Kym floor is the la*t thiitft in the 
IwiMiiiK that will need to be done, 
after all the other work is fimabed. 
Thif w so the floor isn't ruined " 

Mislr abo rited oOier reaaom (w 
the delay, such a» co»cf«t« 
sluictaiiea and difticulties netting 
Qualified trailesinen to work on U>e 
athletic center 

Maybe our pmitvUMi icho^tik 
w»s too hopeful, but as ioon m 
thmw start falllfU! behind It has a 
stiBwhall effect The plumbers 
miKht net tiehind schedule and this 
tlarts caiihinj^ up with ttie other 
iradesmeii workinu «n the 

Deipite Ihit setbaek Ftsdier and 
other otllcRe olficlals remaki 
optimistic aboal the complei 
openinn in May 

We still hope the buildinf! will 
be open in May for leradiiatiaii Mlii 
expect the buildini; to t 
for academic procram 
i-oaununlty lue In the nmn 
Fiacher said. 

vol. laA NO. 15„. Rn.n., Ha,p>. Coibn.. AH,om.>- ««i «.o«"el>°o^v fo^nUn,^ UUno.. 600 67. 312 39/ 3000 

Master plan finished in April 

- - • I1-... ..K....I.: ._j •!» .ManMr Thar inasieniiaii mat liima ai RMilari>lmt."lluehiiMiKsa'ld. relatinni 

January 29, 1979 



I cilic'Uts 

ir"i HBWf*. it' 

■iMi' riMii »!•«•• 'Ot 

■fh, M|:.MII 'p»»l«rt. 
•rwiMllr •ipetlBd l» cimcltide' 
IMS monlll. »« he tlwihed tii 


The illlijmr reMlt -I ll»» 

pntjatt will b« the 

i. •( a liiiii-r»n(ie pt"i. 

i ih* 'Vital plaoiuM 

f bi Harper. Theie 

■I «iir»m ful'tif » pni«»»ii«» 

tm attoeatMin,. huniaii rwwwrwt 

tantnu. f»<-ihti«» awJ fiwiinces ii« 

■IIOKiit whii'li' mi 
IB Itorper •» an 

Al'llie start o( the lnnillhy 'pruiert 
iwM rehirar* 'wv«>r:iil i*|ecti:»e» 

(or' nilleae off k-iala mi ttm Batw* 
'lloarti •! Trttalee't vf-ri 
iinMiwM-'e^ Swmilli^aKH imwofliiiicc 
wm :plai-eil mi' Hit dmccfloii af 
<:'<atlca«!'-w'i)l» uaues and. MneerM. 
•'» Harper ailiiiijniatMars ■«! 
Iruitees «i«til<» turmiili: (itanntnf. 
#ie*"Wi«m[« Por'I'IW'ti'ilore 

H , ' i. rit J'anjei' 

'\) '! I't ««rt 

in,,»., ' . ... ;'t'»»' '"f the 

fU',(l)|.- 'rt. ": . Jr.K ,." "' li f'tUfl 

i.i'i> Ihinit «'" ''.- t 'I"..' ■■' I'-' and *' 

*,» m t'i»ti«'iili«»' •• «!' iini'*« 'Milo 
thr Hi'i' We wouW tww» l«ir»a»il 
oith ))■> ilireiiiMit t( M dl<ln.'l la** 

.;:< IIHIllttr pilWI' ' 

i::iiii1«oti» •»•<■* TB»*l»'r (mlletea 
MiMil tmwe 'pro*r»i»i» ml Iturpet 
•itl be Hill*' l>'i' i»w -"'Wi't i»» 
lru.»lr« I'W' i- '■ ■ 

..I L «:' '!.» ni p I H 1' 

memlliiliinii wWI '»"' •>»» ■" >''*' 
.(PlirafMaie nilltte hHkihI*. 

Th<r iMilaiiplaii Wit liiew oi 
(■mi' fmm mt-m ■ttmmi0i t«l- 
il .Smiic 'pn(:|Mtlom mar eiilawl 


- In awite airwM' llW' pirn will deal 
with III i'««'r« fnni «« However. 
I here will be ,« live year 
I ••mmilriwnt fnr other *'.rea» 
timlMned' 'Kt the plan. ' loni|.-n<i||C 
plwiMii'it 'pntfM' OMiffdiMlor Dr 
.i lui Mw-tanart'iaM 

Tl'. Ml M«ni«r im lh» creation of '» 
i«.i>]it'r"iii.t>n. the b«a.Rl a( truatees 
npif:-'- >'' ' th- .t:t:)iitnit at a oMlraet 
last '•I. '!.!.•'. with McUaiila 
.%mM-i'iit'n iiir' . ii rniMrch and 
maiiaKemC'iK coiaitltmc ttrni 
hiuvit'in Wa*li'ini!tnB l» (" 

Tftic rnin'iiil. Imiellott ol 
M<'-Ma.m» »iU !:■:■ lu csaintwr the 

I ..I aMt rifMirn they re<»lw (roip 

■I the cMMiillee's 'aiMl |i«|*l# 

iii't'olviNl tn llie .pw|«!l aittl 'Iran 

Hint prepare a Ni«M'-rani!e 


Co«i«iittamt» fro'in MrMam'!* 
A«to«>ate» are also artive m 
project* aisaidned to tlieai by 
Muchnxire. Tlwse aanininanta 
from the pM)ect coordtnator 
IK-Iude lask* art) '•'• (atlierttM. 
pertinent informalioti (or rep«eti' 
and r«:-<uiiiiHnda.ti<HH>. pn|>arlnt 
'renofts t» ta aint to 'the cMlleil*. 
■'Ml adtliine 'Iwtividiual't and 
B'rMpa during, their nwiilvcnieni in 
Ihc prO'tcit' 

lleMMiiit AatociJlH 'diM* 'Mil 
Mvir Mm tile 'il«:laion niakilig 
pr«i*.ei«i Th«.y are a ftrna 'i«1»tch 
iwwitor* the pr'i>»irrji,»' ttt the 
pro,|«-t while iitfertn* the «lle|e' 
a(it*f-tive m&twt 

The board ci truil'»e» act m the 
filial authority on the ptomntiK! 
dec'islow TI» trusn** •"HI ituilie 
policy (leciiilons le'tm*' involve the 
'(iiture (l«r«'ti<i.n .4 Iht <-i'"tl«-i!c and 

v«n« w mmmw-mr r .'-'--"■'"'» ". .-'i™ .,,,^r,, ~^. ™.-™ ~,™~^,m~ -■ 

Task forces make recommendations 

The Ml I 

ftall i 

I'Ni'Vf t 



ptWMMII lasl !.'«■•■ • ■"•>' r."l«,|«d tlie»rie««et'i'»'c 

til Me Harder t>-.:>. > >'"< -'U'limM'Slcaltyr tanilly and 

«( reneiir' ■ "''-"• ■"■""'■''■"'■«l*ll«»» 

l«M.'llla:iiD ■' ■ "•"'• 

i.yttt'ltt 'M ••< 

i'.<-' carrMil Mil 

" . '. the ahiMy a( 

..■apithc'tuliire. Tli>" 

.WBfH'M* h''i' 'theT»'«li 

w IniitKtratj'i 
M'- nnUcgP' 
' i-i4lvl»' 
.<Kl al'iMlcmto 

MM' •♦'■Unite prr¥»cir» i>fl"--- ' ' 
•ad attK* approprtate le.- ' 

■['LH,tttW sC'i'l IN' '^e^'uoil .'HI" 
' r«-'!«ltl'WtT'.'i'ri"':lh..l ■■-I'lt.M' 

.i.i'.-Bl i»IT\li 

.. .'.rtnlmtr U. the eliWltliiiial ai..l phv '»i.' '"l »• li"i«cimi 'ol l»* H-iiletiti alotW 
• it'h tlieir inteitattiiial. futaral «i«l -*»l 4e«»liip(ieill imitmide tl» 
H'Minl mairueliaii prwiro'in Hie nwmniiwidatiupi iiiliiiilBed hv the 
1 1.,** rmvr m ttaimX. fcnrtC'e* .iwloite' r 

..tMrriieW' of Harper Colleite oeedi to hi' ,ilit«*«»d IIWilKlll mUmC: 
pn-'wnM'.H'.'«P "f all ffV», rrmmmr* ihenlM le' ftinn all liwUli' 'Pf m 

rewilft«im*i"lh««l4 be' renewed m order to deterni'ine 

v.ti.-tiwr It.'. .ii-<w>eiiaa'rTiiiiil./«ra|»pr'ii|>ruic 

•lletlitraiio'd priM-wtorw thoiild hi? «mimu»lly moiMtored m 'ordet lo 
aimiire thai rtiefc-nt nee* are mtud aden'Ua'lrly met . 

The mmtber .«d' ,inlewi*!leiti»le apiirbl for mmt ainpeari to lie adenuale 

... rt„-,.i rurrrnl inlerrtt Sporln for wonieii shou;ld he tmcrensed to bnnic 

=ito'4-oiiipl,l'»n<;» with Till*' IX reqiiirementt The Stiidenl .Servlcci 

'!.:■* r»c«am<'nd.»' Ihiit a«l*t»ffli'ial wimien » mtmru, ttmiM Ix- 

-',1 ...! 1.0 eipreiiied Mitereiil »rt<tiiv«itabl«tarililtiM.' 

rvoieram ihouM .wyestlitale the ptnnlMlili ■.( iR'"'' 
rriner esti-nl in order in'malnlam lew IiiIht ' ■''.■.•-' 
. ... .;.! 'i.'vr,lii|i an emeriefK.') nrv ii)'»t»ni tin '■..•-1. 
,," ' ' ■' !! huiJdinii i*««M be equlppnl with firil md 

. , . ' ,,i.r....,.(..r'..";i,.' hrKil .'H.i .lni<"»rdtl>»ll'Ull «lllltt»- 

' "!•• iini'l part-tirot' 
'I J*rii.te«'0:r 

relations with the Harper 

comimintty . 'They will also make 
fiscal projcctioas lor tin- coUane 

There are several addttlonal 
wroiips actively involved ui the 
peojert Preatdent Mctirath Is 
respomalkle lor implementin« the 
policy deci'SloiB approved tiy the 
(rtaatew. He must also funitih 
eSMnttal mliictniition so the board 
can makit rational declnona 

As pro,)ecl cootdlnatpr 
Muchmore smd be pmidea Hie 
linKaKc hrtBten Iht 
•drmniitrators. la'CUtt:* and stall 
incnrbtrs 'and McMamii 
Aiaoeulea.. As coordinator I Keep 
III «f the Kfoups vorkinit. and keep 
(I.. '.rnm.iiiJM»tl«iop«nH» 

.Viijrmi'linr UKBt alSO BdVli* 

lUcfimth on 'ijoestionn he rereivaa 
about the progress ot the pr»)*rl. 
atiaiiit in preaenlations to tlie 

Ijoa'rt). and maintain the fl#« of In* 
(..rm.«ti"'>ii iri'to the H»rp«r 
. 'lui'iitiiiniu ."oiu-ernind the 
iteyel'Mpiiienl of the pia.iin'lPK 
Ttier'c iirr BlBa si* Itu 

',>>onUiepr*|eft ITie 
I 3T- iMtrnctMin. 

\ student 

^. Mudcnt 

Acc-c».« JUKI i,.i3.iii.ui..,.i.-i .Sup(ion. 
TlMS'Se 'gTO'Ups have studied 
'ducstiona and concerns pres«.nie4 
to them by adinimitrators. faculty 
ami stuff •Jiewi.bers. it'Udents. 
I I rommanity memlNsrs, 
.'h'kI scv«-ra,l tmsjnesses m Ihe area 
Cont 4 on page J - 

I>r David WlUiamt vice- 
prmideM of acedimie aKaln 

haa aniMiiiKad plans for the 
dayi lout Incaaie of the wnom. 
C^imu wfli he held mi Luicoln'* 
tiMliday. which i* umail)' ■ 
boUday. and final exami wMch 
were to be beUl the weak at May 
l«-ia wUi now he May l«-II 



Big Snow makes parking 
a probloin 

■:rm W a r * •««• mm ihhm-**!* i»«*j«iiiii ihii •■•* •ii«iiii«i*i*i t» 
H-inifr ■***«» ■•« <»•» ««••« ■'"»■■ **• •■"' "" ■«'»»"«»»*^' «•*««:"' 

TO. mm MM taw ta.0 *«■••-» • illwttw •«-. ■•«'«■ •*"»■*• 

iirliil'NBkW>"'li>M' ttiilPiiil1ii*i< . J 

"IHf awai nmmi vmim wlWclli itertwl: ••• -—> •• '•«♦ *"•" *■'*«'''■ 

ilkllMIII' til »*»•« iMHn* Wi »r* otm. » HpfWf*' iw* 

. * llMilr «..r mm .i lU. ...rli. »»«••* ** •**«««' •«» •"' "l'' » •"■"'* 

njlaiitf W:|>. ll»e |»»rlnni« W.» rtuxto « .■!••. 

'('to MwM Iii»' U» «iw»»' <"ili."l W* tlillfrij' •« •• .IIW»-'IW«' 
.'«M-all«> 'tlw .m*!!!!. («?«»'. Mil «»« ■! II* «*«•«• »•» t"" ■• 

""llKIIW IWWl* •'»"» j"'*"" "> '» """ "' ■■••'*' ■*»' '^* ■«'«'»' ""' ■•• *•'" 

(MWltr ttml ■•ff'imiiiinl''m lwl»*ti» eii»«l««li iwrfcnl «■•" '»•'« <"' «•• ''»"' 

'" SI* wTrjI**X: „,^M ,«„,„ ,p,A,« .«.. »!*. «a«i 

6, ttmm <ta.:ii'ii«l.-.l •«-■• ." ' «"'' »'•* "*' i-*'*" ••••«« *!. *''."»«'• 

.'.a III,' If ■«. ■« «tfci- »*■'•''«« •' '■'" *> ''"'•' •«•""* * '* "* ""'•"' " '■ ■ ' 

.i,il,i.-*»i-» *P"1 '•*• l'itr.bc»t prrmtl " TN» '|w«»l»' •'H* <•>•■■>'•' "'''•'•'' ' 
,.«*(«»• iBi*<I ttmtt t|i«r«, •ltd il' iWn rwrntrt '*• iwrtim; '■ < ' 
„,,. ,miiiM »i» ami' tti'Miii all "•» rnuiiil. n* tmit iHmt «• 

l,:»H||"l'l««llll'll«in . .... 

m mmmm m* ... <- ' - »"» '•«» "■*""' ' «■• ''•*'♦ """ ' """' 

,r So our t» mm VI ."".;.,(.("- ..r tirl («*«* lr««n miilk""- t" '"'■" 
■ ;'.uytiii!'. 10' m mmm. fc Jn '» Im«'« «» "««impi>^ 'I»'"' 

- If t'lKIM>' whi fM'D) 'IWMlMlwm " 

*i.«.«l»»r ■» * u. rdww mm* M Ok pnMmm » 'I'l < »ri«"M 
. -w (iwl lrr#trii. or (rftow d«im»«l*». H"! Il'*"# iwrtu u.n.l h., 
.."Hrrtuir «< i;to«*t. 4fliif!ll«t 'l«' «"•">«* •'»«•« •">*'" '""■" '"*•'''" 

.%„<M« MMM li' ll» WTA l» M'-t "' !'•»•■ /T*- •J* «* ;,'"!S 

.( MlitiM *. •!** « » «"'«« i««»"<*' «« '"'••WW' *""■■'■ •'•*"■•■ •""■ 

v,rr'» ™*.» » ««* <>' «•"' <'««iUil»r'ii« •■■tarta. »« i>" «»"'«•' 

.itiB'<lMirtif«r.»ii*iHMl«mi.i'K'»»"*«l»"-"»'f'* ^ ^, .^ „ , ,. 

Ri, Mliw-M lte»*' *iini«liilli».«i«<« >«*"««i« «»«••• 'r>r«*t«;iit. Ihr 'ilwlwil* 
cun'*. Ili«lf' f«rt II. tamtM •"•hi* •«»«•» *•• "•*»* **"*"" •"''"■ 

Task Fore© suggesflons 


COC helps Circle K club 

• . .1^.^ u> Klilh <«U<ailinlitIlllMll Aellvllt 

j'„„i .ft.,,-.,. .'» lummmi tai.«l»ei«iiiiii»l «l»««» "^m *•*■*«» : 
rtenin m-km Uw wKw*"!!. •«' »• w *«•«"<* ««'■*» ••« *-' 
™iw«l *.if«*l|: «l UK* reiWdiiilt lt» *'«"'« "•l«rt.« '|ir"i:r.« 
Tlw' l',,IU»tii« B.« t«tWto«iiiliiii««« to th* T«* »'«« on Inslrart «< 

'Hantr «i<tW » "tttlFiiit to H'yiili.t4iW • li«l»m«l .Iwlml (M.|..ita'li«., 
.cii..-iv nmmm trim • "riirty (»( m* u\d mim-a trmm m tn* 
< »iam'iinlix »i»»«i at "IlK'lttHiii im^ «»«»> «tw"i»««l*- Hi"* •« «**"■ 

S^f '.Lid m.Ji«l.l. . l-l-»«<« Wm«i«..l P'WW. I '-Km to 

.invf to pw-Mr quality ««l*-«Ui<» to ami* thir .<wir<li> <it w «*ter. (wrt- rt™*..l vmMmn .«1 to m-l- iOlllAlliW flnital* ..rt te"**.* 

•f «ii.tlil» -'N-ii prmcUfl At llw ■.ftwr u».. .1 (.•<» to n«ttm«i«' to '«•<■ 
aMiH}- taiTf iil*iif««t» •«! »'«»"«"' pKitmmi - 

•PwnwilllK* 'ni«««iii« ««f F*""*" ««»••• *»*•■ *» »'»»«■■»" '*'""'« 
rK.ii:ri&^«i|*ftiil.»» *««»«"•■»''*»»••'* "f"""' . , 

•T-H'MiiI wrlliin* •*•«••»•' ln«lilliil»«»'<w»lW «■' I* *«"*I"P'''' 

IW imk r«m* <"» PiiWi" S4m-M'#<. »>ifi<l«l' bt l<»rin«' mnmt ilwli-ni 
fcoO !»•«'«. »• «ti!r«l#.J m Kiwitiei Ijiiil «»er t»««?ini'tii«y n««b '•"J 
,«»•*. TII.W «-t:i«l'l« wf» ew«ilBl I., cmimii.tdf u. H'»r ».«l»li.' "w 
rrwww. *«l cmpiW«l'i#« •! Il»c««li»ll«. <"' "» :l»1«'« 'X ''"l*«*«l •» 
nmr ii«*l;i Tto .rwwBW^Mlitioi*' Inim Hit T»* ror« » rnWi.: 
Sfnwwipc'ln*.. . i_ Ik,. 

*f Nf «poUw(» :*••«« pwmit .ill ••«»■»<»* ■»« wmnm *" •»"■ 
liMHMi rf*i«>l«m»mmi| III.. f'uM Si«"yH« |>ni«r»ro »i Uttpn. 

,Th^,o|:|,», rtwiW |i«rtic'».t.' m r<.«t i*iinin«.-*i|xW'it'H'»« m iirilrr •<. 

.-«» .ilMiiM. walniil*' •■MIna ««ll»fH»il» '• ••«« •■■'>' >••••»' *"'' 

'•'U'lml* rf BiiMtiw M' ilMMM N' e»i*lii«lj- nKWiored "xl «»»>i»ki4 hi 

"l-talMi r<.n-«««>St«i.liiiil Acpw*. >»«.l«l m t:H'r'«;.( Numnic JMB 
I . tlr (KmiI* Witt (irliv.t»» ttal »r» mv,<tvr4 m oliumm* iind t..'.l4in« •Ho 
.... ■ K-r.jit»bk *u.l»'..t Iwtf' "'** .l««r'»l>i'- ••'■."■' —«f«j, »«»*■• 

...'".*«.<■ q'»ni '.».«. .1*1 ...i.iii»i#.. f; ';iT«;!l 

jiMHi."' .»hitn.« «» reiswHwi****"" «""■' ' ' ■ ' ■' 1 ■"*»"*'■ "» 

SluiJiriH lp«»l.llWlllllt' , ,^ •■• 

• Hw «iJte«t ilKidil ff«-««i»'» 'lh»t III Utmii "I ««i»l. iniiHliiim Wr 
'.it„irii |>i>|iUiliiti«io i(f»tt»i ■»«•' "» AiHrtfl ■•*" "■•••' " """' 
:,.. ,.',tciH:n»m>»fi'ntl«i»lM«*ri<il»«»'i>r«l*r. 

•nw ei»ll»«t miBit. miilw iiBi**'* •«*»•' ''" i'^*''* I*'*'* ■'5'" ** '"" 
u •»•«•'•««•»» ""«« '•■«« '■**•■■■ "^ "•* ■"•*■ '*'*■• '*** 

'""!fT"f««.«l'f'. il» .ii«»»>iB'»> •»««« ''•«"1'' ■•■ •*" 'f*""*" ■■* 
V nrrtiUy I'^KifiiilMiiWiI f«'riin,iii*iil pruunnt ™-i>,.« 

Xhr Utk r<ir«' urn A«*«ilr lta|ip>n. •"•••O <»'' '^''•»« I>™*"*» 
B,ti, WMllwn. i» i;.iir«n«l. irtlli m»mm ttal ■« « •*«•«•''' 
„l,mtl;,' «|i|»«ft tm « ww'i* tta *<»' !»«•-''* l»««»»mi' H-wrt*""- 
ll.'MKit •ml' fiWile ««■«« Ttair r«.:*imii«.f..l-ti'« i*: li«'»«' 

.•n» pi>l««if «*i«olil •"■•Win* m ArtimniJtmtve S»n-iw .M*wori 
•!" iiiuwH tn h, 't'«|«iBJ '«rf rT|»r«r««t.vM tnMll.«ll mtlim «• Iht ciilJ»«ir 
,.«l to. iw «4vi».i«rv i» tJ<» ^ ice l'r»»«il»«l <jl ,Milllilillat»t'l*«W"*i 

M 'II I'iijli orwmtxiio'i ' ouhfil. 
1 I H .".-rriw mrmlMT- vot«l In 

■,Ui.. .■ilr Jl<'«l »o U'W t ifl'll- K t'luljlo 

twin ihii'u .11 llMfir riftirt W mmiKW 
a ikal«i-lliM> bnirlll l«r C«r»tal 
f»bt\ thiit •"III tm tuM on 'IVl«r.+ 'W 
•I till' riM** "•>»*'' "'""* '" 
'"''(mum hint. 

• iBii iJimhfrt. |>r«»iiil*nl «« 

., irrl(>'K.iir«,»iliinn»l>*f»<*Cf^"' 
jiUiw.«ie I'll* ll» mtxmiimrr' * ^f 
itw tmnh ««t tlw' u*Mi 
thr roller rimli 


itsM ttui* ilmte-*- 
M tlw «MiM tmvt bmn 

Wlwn jiiwNikiii* ••>«»« U» iMt 
tluil t«i»iil» «.( U peopl'i!- iJunbul. 

ultl. -Oiir jMiipcMie li »»rkm« "It* 
(Koiiile: cuntiit »t»«« iHlMsr peopl* 
A'in't "■ 

Mtn !.('»' mr-i'tmil. Ijimbert *»>•* 
r r.,„: rir €«!»* 1» td W 'IHWirfe I« 
,(!..» u»r<irtlwilH«t«-«-tlio». 

The mamy »Hik»««I to Qrd* 
K J iMsneJE *•!# »«1 "ther club 
pnijocts fmiM Iv COC. w monty 
<oH«i«l ff«ini *ti«ler«ti "l U* 
tocrmninit of *»<* ititicitBr •! 
rf"k:i!iIriition m lh€ ffflrm. fl* Stwdillt 
AcUvlt> trcs 

(Ml y»»r H«f|>«r collwrtwl 

tlM.minStiiilenl AeUvUv Ices>rtind l» Fred Waters, 
student arli>lti«> ndviMir. JlOO is 
iniide available to eacti dub on 
varmna that ■■ naii-T««rt»ctive if 
(ts inrmbti-rnhip and prnmotc-. 
Harrier In mine may 

Tht» year. CXK has • budget of 
tl.m> that win «» to dobs »n.l 
.jrftaniiations that are >n flnaadal 
n*e4. and there w alae t4m in 
starter furals f« newlJ" 'oondert 
rfubi to )(et them on their teet. 

Water* alio Mid thai there u a 
limit ol VHH Ihat i>an be lUocaieo 

'knovn to rail* a* 
Iniir hiiiari 


• . .1 itot ««• believe* 
rir, , :• ,1 ' »Juil*.||-th<m will 

l» 4 t«:CI!i»». 

Master plan 
date set 

I (inCd tramwH**!' 
\ltt< ifH'»»ll(!»lll»'« Iheie 
f.i*«rat. .MHl thr mtfci oJ 
iillefiBitltr ("iwrse* of »<in«. «•'«* 
'UlI'Ii )ori:»' bus rwitrded 'lis (mdWK* 
HI reporti whtrti hjivi- been 
iiiilimU'led 1.. UeUmt ,\«w:-wte« 

" 'The •« giwip* art (irdtj unit* 
I'iMtml •Itt Ihf'ir )i*. Htdlil HO'* 
lhr» nr»d • cmitilt ilai'» -f risit. 
oHof jII ttMw hardi »«rk they could 

„ ii,,.r' W»>al we art 

u.. « IS !i»rtb»<* trom 

.,iid JtaK on Iheie 

■'ill nsflert on this 

■,'( incorporatr H into 

■Murhmrtrf s»iil t« 
r»(ii;>ni 'l*'f 
Vr»#KllM4'.. k 

ii'ii. 11 t ilral'l ft i-K-olu- 

meii*»IMHi «itt tie fW'""!"!! to 
virMani> Amcocialm tM » hnE-' 
i'..i'ii'r masterplan will be 
,.w«tnirted Tlw (dim will »• 
I'lrewnted to llw board al trmXMm 
lor Uietr anoroval w April 

K4iuir-Mi-t**t(. • 

ManaitmisEdltof itaedmiiiy 
E4»lorlalEllttor SueConroy 

FMtmEitltor: J'oan i^elenoii 
JI|l*t»Ed;lU«r, .KieKuaek 
piMHoRdlliir MilteWeiMki 
OirtooniM Steve Miwkil 
l»u.ilneisMa,na«er', Tem Ja<!olM«lil 

Stall Cindy Caravello, Jim 
Burchard. Jody Saui«»rri. Mar* 
rraaer . Brad Case R»n<>y F* 
Plttrlhillloi) Edllor Cinily Carawello 

MvlHir: .IJmpiiUwHro**" 

The HaBBIMOKR >« this student publlcalMw for the Harptf 
Colletie t-ampus i-ororounily publiahed weekly eioept 
Hurlnt hoH<»*yi and final eiami All opinions •■'P™*^ "* 
ilMe o( the wnter and not neceaaarily thoae ii* IJie <M«m- 
m iiiliiiiwiilr»tl«n, (JirBUy « •»«•«"' *x^y 

The primary purpose ol the HARBINGER Is lo inlnrm. 
involw •r»d eniertatti the student body of Harper Crflege 
The warn Jotui of lU content shall be Harper related. 

AH arudw wtaMM (or pubUcation oual b* typni and 
amW spaced. irtOl»<H«lltoe<* J P-m Mondays, and arie 
fitoject to editlni! Ij«lei»-tlHhe-Edilor muH be swned. 
naiim will be lield upon rmjuest Advertismc copy deadline 
la J pm Tmmlay poor to Monday s publicaUon For 
»d»ertl»tni! rates, call <«" «nt« HARBINGER. WiUiam 
Itainey Harper Colle«e. AlKonquin and 
Palatine. Ill . «00«7 Phow IT-JIID. Kit. «!. 


Newsbriefs — Winter cheer gone 

jMniafy2»,1»79 THE HARSINQEK Pagfi 

Pf^inc9 j2tsrs 

ibf«iiiunicii m^ 

.. ■ (iiMt day on Feb W. ItTl 

Iram M ; HI M the SIU runpni 

Hit objective ol imal day la to 
0im madoM llttiikiiiii ol trwi*- 
Mrriiit M sni an onMrtnnlty l» 
vtaU: 'iki mmtim and oMata w^mt- 

Wmntm MonnaUan may be ol>> 
tatmd lir fwiUcttiig Joyce Nokii. 

A<MI, or readtn« the bulletin twanl 
onWMe'Of tlieoHMiaelinii center. 

Legal Exam 

Prior l« enlertii* U» I,^»l Tecb- 
Pntnm at Hufiier I'otleKe 

It yM mim 'iMweliinii. mam tat 
iMMin «i: MMl. wearini imt iindir- 
»t«r and Jiimpini ym«r rar. Iben 
WMMm't your Kiwi <i< neaiian. 



Vou'vp xol Id admit tluit at ririt 

HMO can be *eir>' «««««., Schmil 
ra canretM ai (be Uny lilllc Hake* 
(nil tmi ntiittifil»' ■till ew:-b (MiaMnit 

minutP Thaie .thiiiy rrystab coal 
ymtr trwil tawn htnrtmt yi»«* to *»»■)' 
tame and take It eaty 

Ttiw a ymir itnind iif>p«rtiiiiiily !• 
» ,.t. h All M> Cbitilrt'n ' ' »bll« »o- 
l.iiii' (Ml J (.up ol h'i'l ■.-occM in fr»t 

f «# IjiMtfoii, Iflfp ta 
'Cauft aad Wndaor 

atam.. The 
Itanbif: to 
omaf IIM ataf twn dnrinif tbe Wl 
Wt aanMaler li t|l*en on. tbe rouftlt 
Thnraday il aach nMmih. Aokimi 
Ulfaaigli J'Ona. The neit nam wtll 
be held on Thuraday. Pabritary M 

Altar compietinii the Harper Col- 
laga admisaion a«i|illcallon inter- 
aalad. Mtvintuailt iboaJd canlatt 
tiM OMIait TMMic Center, eil. M. 
I» nfMar tm Ihc mam. On the 
aasiadltM tail date. aM^x^'x** 
a srlttan' reiimc and 
of «:«rter noalt. 


• anavatiaMeimUie 
eliiwiariiai AJd Oilice. A3i4 

I tor amillealloiu it tin* 


The Hariwr Caltoiie Initini* Itr 
Mamaiiement Drvelopmeiii ba.i 
■elMdMled five all day aemuiars (r r 

Falwiiary. W*. Wfenniis mclude 
Manaaamiciit By Obiectivei. Pel*' 

riary I and ». tW. Su|>ervl«MT 
SMIla tat Mcwly AH>oM*d Sufwr- 

•Mm. FMniary U, H. and a. 
•Mi. 'TiamaaclMMtal Analyst* lor 
Faknuirv 11. tT». 
lOMarlal lic*i«iimi.bil-' 
IIM. Vtbrmrf S. M: and' TIw 
Woman *■ a HanuM*. Cutiruary 

All aemiruirn will im held m th# 
Hoaed Kn«m. ol illdi< a tanbon u- 
claiM' ImrlMMM, refreihinenti 
and: ad 'HMlMir matenak 

F'ar adiMdWl inlnnnatMw call 
ll«e KariMr InMlllda («- Manane- 
(iicnl nf*«lii|MMinl,-3t(<IMH. eat 
M m W. 

ToenMll' lit any ol the «*n.. 
call. Ike ConlMiliic Eduealuw Ad- 
imaBt«i»OWH"e.:ilB-«<nii, •«! «»«» 




ol III* cracMmc firqilace. 

DtpraaaiM Hta Hi *lwi »m 
rralixe that yoo Inatlle Map 
iiperas. hot cocoa makei yoa III. 
and the cluoesl tbuif you have to a 
fTacklinK llreidacc la a daair tiir- 

Alas. Ihc thrill ol »Mer la ifoni 
out before its time. Vour lantaiy 
land crumble* and reality hits pm 
hard m the tace; yoore mowed In' 

Cabin (ever unaiti al your in- 
•ide*. The only (icofile youVe i-oni- 
municated wlUi for the |Mit awek 
»re your darllnii brnlhers and •!•- 
,,ler». MHIni! (MirrBH and (God 
(tirbld I iiKiwed in relativea. 

Tiw tml the holiday cheer was 
Innit Kone with llie lait piece ol lefl- 
wcr Criiristma* turliwy Suddenly. 
*very«ic u cranky and irritable 

VtMMi diipa ftwn every mouth. 

Simple aPMtin«s like. "Goad 
monilng" make you ninch and 
take pot ahou at family tnemlien. 

Between the travel advUoria 
and bliztard wsrnmnKi. everyone 
la wi the edKe ol committintt mur- 
der Every new inch of fluH that 
fallD means another day or^tm 
that ymi wUI remain a ahuUn. 

Thoae very same people. Hpon 
whom you adorned eapennve gilti 
Juil one month awo. have lamehow 
become the one* you threaten with 
knives, forks and Krapelmtt 
spoon* while dininii lo«ether 

The bliniard of 79 Just Koea ts 
prove the ok) aayiiiK. 'the family 
Itial pray* together, stays toawther 
and win eventually drive aach 
other up the wall " 

Students experience the UN 

li.i-l.irr « (>((«'rin.i! t»<) Cuimc*! 
.Hi-iM'irc tniJS IMS ipriaii tu 

5lwd*nt» may apply fc'r poiniioni. 
lit the Harprr itiiifciK <1 ,:■ !.■.!■ it wn 
to itlirn^ II ^' 
\(.« Vnrk < 

\-ir.r,, li" Mli'-n. 
.. ... .,! .! Linivi-rslllrt wiU tte re|l-. 

rfsciiir.! I he iliiilrnUi •■111 talw on 
in.. ri:il» i>l VS il».l«:C.»le» 

.\ liinitnl mimber of MutaMi 
•III !»• selected and «p(>llr»lioM 
nrr tivBMHc in Ihr Studeiil i^ctivi- 
.• if.dimiDIM, 

jitions are due Feb 9 

Harper Collenc lullion rtfunls 
Err now avaiflable 
Sluiaatt MMt rarniah the 


• l*»ymenl made with rasli tt- 
qMfna paid rcreipl 

• Payment ma»le with a personal 
rherk requires a three week wait- 
inie period until the check clears 
the tank or proof of a eteaffd' 
cherk from one's own bank 

• Pavtiient made with a moiNi- 
order or a cashiers check rtqmimt 
a copy of thIS' iiwMcy order or 
ceahian cheeli 

t%eck 'rednids will iMl be |ira> 
I'CMed until alter Feb. II. 

There a » IM percent refund 
l^rior ti'> tile liriui ilai* ol the'ie:)ui n |6 service charge 

There m m> Hipenvd rtluKl Ihe 
firil. week ol' achool. 'Ttwr* Ui a W 
pemiM: rdiiiKi lit*' aeconil week of 
.lehMd: andi. Ibirf ■» an raf umk af- 
ter the wrwn"! week ol m-iainl 

CPR Ciasstfs 

The C'laai »»l Wf'J. m wm ••< n> 
rlaat tiR to 'Mariier Collciee,. 
alltwaied miinie* lo llW' Bealth 
."Service to tie idmI to 'purehaac 
>n<inlkin« far CPS cla.M.e:.i 
Beraiti* nf thiis Mill. Uie Ktallh 
tierwr will Main bt' olferlnii Frw 
c-laaaef diirtnii aurint .Semettei- 
lOTt Thcae clutain wtll he held, on 
Wedtamlayt Irom 1 1 .: » a...n.. to I : » 
p..l«i.. diirinii; rehruary. Marrli and 
Aiml. nuilmla ffl.iul atleitd 'tlwte 
conneeutivc rIMit* m order to 
i)ua.My ai a reitllM reiciier. The 
finl sentiion df IMeie daanet will 
taecm Feh. *. lletiiatralioBt will be 
WI a "ttm come finl $»m" baaut 
and 'Will ha iake«! in III* Haallh 
ficrfht'e. AMI or by- rallMR Git. 

Fu.illier mlormatum may be ot»- 
laincd bj «lltn.K Sheryl .Reyndldi 

In r»rh .^pnl. Harper Colleiie 
-•^irtrnl.H will >K attewlifiK the first 

...■:'. nlen:-oU«'Oi.itc MtxJe! Illi- 

...I-, 1 i.ivcnvm.ciit in ,->j»nm;licliJ. 

The mcHlel will involve itiident* 
W'«ii «.ll "ver llluiois far the pur- 
iwir of enlwhtemms the MMicnti 'Of 
llie limrttonlng of' oar stale govern.- 

Tlie itadcnts wilt hoU a Oeneral 
tasembly with ciimmiltoe hear- 

inKS «>d debate*. .SItidcnts wUi al- 
so learn first hand from (ovem- 

metil official*. 

The Hariier deleiiates will repre- 
sent the actual legislative disirtct* 
that Harper encomiMiiisas, There- 
fore, the sttidents will he able to 
v«tk» an opniM an Isanes which 
are importarrt to Uiematlves and 
their «mslituency 

ApiiUcation* are available in 
IMIM or in the Student .\ctivitles of- 
fice Interested students may call 
Mtke iJivanway at i}7-3]M for 
mure Information 

The Clieli al t ahkie i»ii«i iatwn .il i iin »it» ret-eatly donated liaa |« llanier't IMlol 

load lervlre %tadeiil». 

Working Abroad made easy 

Hundred*. (>l VS. itudeMt wtti 

find folm in France. Ireland, tireal 
llrMiM and New laalaiMl Uu* 
■wiMwr thMMiili IMe Wiirft Aiif<oad 
iitdiRam nMMsifed liy ifi* ConiKfl 
iin tnlertutiunal Educational 
Etchainje > CIKF > For the paat 1« 
years, thin (irtmram has pnwided 
sludMla With the dirert eapertence 
ol livint and: w'orkinc *■> aMMIw 
riMintn' and. al Ihe latn* dm*, 
heljied them wiiiice Ihe cost ol 
tiNi'ir trld. Th«' Work Abroad 
(iroimm virtuaily eliminalita the 
red laiic that .stitdcnl* fac«d l« the 
past when Micy wanted to work 

Pantrlpanl* iwial (M their own 

jiibs tml will liavc Uw help <»( 
foHpenilinii student travel 
•wdanuation* m each country In 
Fratu* the) m«y work durin« the 
mmmrr; irt (iresl Briloln they 
may work «t any Ume ffl( the year 
Uit up lo »i.« months: im Ireland 
lliev may work at any time of the 
year (or up to lour months; in Sew 
/ealaiwl they may work tor up to 
an .niMIIII* Il they i>rn\.> tietweeii 
May land Oct. :n 

The |ob» arc uiually un» 
factories, defiartment stores. 
hotels, elc. .SalarM* are low. IM 
studenia <en«nill,r earn cnouKh la 
pay lor tHdr raam and thia:rd wMIe 
they wort A typical )<il> would be 
that of diaabtrmaid in a ImW In 

l,.m<lon!s West End. But last 
summer one enterpriaiiut student 
found work a* an apprentice 
)«kev for on* of Ireland's ractnK 

To nualily for CIEE » program. 
stwient.s must tie between the aiHS 
of la and :■« and must be able to 
prin-e ihcir ntudenl status To work 
Ml France, they nitut be able to 
speak and underaund Freneh. 

For more Inlormation and 
appUcalion forms. studMla may 

contact I IKE flept PR-WA. 777 

lltulcd Malions I'taza. Mew Vark, 
New Vork 1«I»I7. or XK North 
Santa Crin «1H. Im Gataa. Cal. 

>4 TMttaWWttPt J j HWumitW 


AjUES' ittutik a u Htm •»-* 

kind «« "(xi^iOT* at iwial" »<»» 
willt tt» ^oMlMltly of nwuinrc am) 

tnrrcMMl: Joctal l*. In** c«rw #• 
'P«|aMa. MqulrtM' dmfail imrK. 

IMMtt fM ■!• mm tmn p«tl«m simI 
UUiii uMWl. Vm I'lwr arMlic 

WUROS: tAjrtl II m Mi* ■>- 
CMcanlral* « enriw smI ImM KOHPIO-. iOA ««• Mtt. Ui- 
■# .M« (iniJiKW c«rrt«il «*« (mill Vtnir ■nw » i» hili Mit j""" cwW 
. Calcli up M> n 

■ Oi 


LMMU: tSifl. n U Oel. m-Viw. 
nn nenfniiiiali' HMWIlitnii mm 
lliat iiiicri!««J» !»>■<"<< ywx" ''«"*»' 

eifwiatKUMi- Ttin* m Ut vDM *4 
r Ik* piM. V'oia 

•Ml rm» 'iK'iptil'Oh' 

pilililk;** pm§k!.. Cd niiviihiMl' In > 
••• artMic iiut*>--lKi«* (Mi' 
Oamfl: I M«f a In Jaa »M:i>- 
nnttnat*' .raur pmniii i 
murk <«iip*ra<Uvel)! 

telMnit art* and am rmt mm 

law a la Jiitr BMiio 
tr maHeni •*!* •" 'T* to 

liw iMllMk wilti nHimw-. 
.lAOIlTARIW! (Mm. » ta D«t. 
ai-ViM'rv r*rlinii rwitnl a'twl: 
itraltfMMl oitll yam tttt: M dun'l 
iMHisI atornl jiwr vwturw*. Same 
iMijir Ik mmmg timt nMiilfw«'aiid 
It la a iiiMHiMil .Mfatimift.. A ftrif 
.|«rt fm flaiMll maw caaUi. Iwliic (a- 
ttin DraiitiCT and mm)' 
CAPRICOKM : <Dk. Sta Jmi. B}- 
Ttim m grml. •■llatactM' In ywar 
worit. a« «tlt a» a iiaaaiM* iMiniia » 
fMmn Iwak !# I 

(MMaria •** War ad'»erti«iii« and 

oarniniMlratMMM nwdta- Vwir ncr- 
.«amaW> i* vtWmi. 
tjm-. ( Jalj »lo *ai.. U>-Vm are 

"I raar 

tiwt a 
and iMHlla aidluictllM lactfuUf .. 

vmoo: iii«. • la tm. »- 

'Dan*! nadi <i 

fflHwM wtcii vmur »tttl 
AaU.ARIW: I Jan. ll'laMt. H'l- 
Vimi could (act fraaltaM t^m ca- 

<ifiCT>lnn u inMm aMi' faa «■>'' 
Mil KM agrwMOHal an »<Mr itlana. 
Itan^l ffffica ttia tiini'^ 
1|' agiwaiar 'and ea^iat a Ojilit. 

MslMain eaalian and f aar aaaal 
tactual aiadyna •«*« nmkmm da- 

•acially amy bt unixinaal In iraat 


naCKil; tWwtt. m to March »>- 
Otall'W td*a» eaem U you <ww »'- 
lar annttar-mtil* tta«n *wn' 
Vttli an rnmm dlvana actlvltM 
f Ml nulii meal yaariall fimiM, 
and' *nln«. n 'imanttt ro«ir tun*. 
Wark map by ilti) Uwird a (aal m- 
■taad tt laktnK on* tniK* lca|i 


Snow creates mess 

m «l )■ and. Iiaa Mupmrllf 
rtdimd tUt eaparlly nl Mr 
parfctag Ma ta alteat 79% al llwtr 
KiHrnBal cafHtrdi Ptnannal tram 
Itif Kaadi and Qrotinda 
l)t|wi1iMiil ara mtUm nry 
Itard to mam Uw mm and. 
inrraaia Uw ca|Midt]i al mir hua.. 

Aeewrtllait to Ke»in Kiai. 
Suparviaor <rf 111* fyMke Imttf 
tVpMtmad. Ilum art Mina wr* 
ttmt mrmymm em M0 rmtm* 
|MMrhli«« prnilaiw hi eampaa.. 
'Tlity an m totlowi 

•l..«avi lanir a .llitia carllar IMani 
mnaal (o allair (or catra tUiM to 
find a parklnc »fim* and laail to 

•Dm bU avallaUt Darhlmi lata 
Wa And ttot llw mi)ot iHtriuntl 
prntiiaim art in Sludaiil l^ola 1 and 
1, whirii ar* dirrcti) aaaUi ol Hie 
a«lmutiitratKiii IniiMlnil. Aaia t«o 
loti. alm-ayi fill ii|> (M tiling In liw 
In mail, eaaai. paitlflg 
I. art' aoaiMIt in Hit allMr 


fwm Itllo" »tiid»ii'U Park ladjr In 
Unad parkinf tpieaa. 

VelirlHi UltgiJI'y .paHwd •Hi 
r<!«i»» Wlala. .and .«»* t» to»rt 
»l tlw (innar't aiiwnM >(' tll»)i' am 
pBrhail Im such a way ai to 
tnHtrlv'Ca V'ltti tha norma.!. Ham af 
iraWh' m. n 


Polnl ol Vi'tif . « lilxrarT i 
ttnc Im and lit- the atii>l«iMa.i)l Har 
par Calleic. ia. arvafimit lilerary 
•ml art amrk (ram any iliidcal- 

nti maffatliM ini-lialia ittart. 
iilMrlw.. jKMiia, .plaf'9 pMatrawlia' 
and. adier artwork 

'l>Mil 4d V'trw ollan iliidaMa tha' 
MnMiiit' anporlMiity ol haviaa llinr 
•rark iMlHMcd 

.Ml liMamry ttip* xhmhl fx- tyiwl 
lilliiiiil'<Mlli*nil>n^"" "'<i-il> 

Hull. F IMB, toy 1' " .1.1 

'lla* lar ail a'r*i»o'ri« i™.'i.«itoig 
itnwMi* awl pMoiiraidii. » Nl>- 
nitirii' 'R. lU artaiafli. .iImmM la lub- 
Mtlwl'to Mr . Mi Faait. OB 

hope to 
on .500 

llf Jaa.lCaaafe. 

White 'Kioat '•(' ymt arrr enjoy wt 
Ihtt a"miink.rta) wintrr l»r»k i».B.(> 
ill I: lliB mcr wh'ite fMly iluff. tilt 
Harpifr tH>.«kdMl tMOi k»p( tmav 
m tbe NIC foinKrrrm-r (>tay •• M» 
Mawkt 'played H gam** o»'»r 

hniario has played a najar iiBit 
III wtinr f4 Ihc Kaa'k IMMM* ■■ in 
IMIM caum llw Hawks onty had 
•«r»on .iiwH'. Ev»n mill Uw latliai-k 
'Oar Hawhi played inia of their beat 
In iMlnit to Parannial 
PaMrtftumiW' [>aFafl*' SI-H. 

Thf> flairh'* can* bark la artaMd 
U'lMdat bit Ibrir dt'lrnM'** 
r<meent1!«thin iKdn'l an drfrnsiw 
■|<ir|i«mdn«ai larnad .iido Wrifhl 
pw.nti. and a wl»ti|iiji'nl II-IB lam.. 

Th« icainc' oat dtirnhid byi head 
ai'isrh ■i.iifl'er' iarhtold M '"oar 
v'OT'it pardirmaar*' of Ida f cur. " A 
■■<:n|ila af hriitM ipatts mm ti» 
tetmmg of loiihomore r«nt»r Hrad 
Si.iii.'l.a'ir and (orward CraJie 
likwlni «h«' had U itainia apiac!* 
iMd alia 'Ih* rctorn ol Ml 
Mart.imk.i aRar t-ominK off an 
mtmn .lalf cam* iifl the banc* lo 
llim« in 1.1 paMit*. all in the lacawl and atasnat a.ll cMiiInt «*a 
lumt-raniif comar Jumpatf .. 

The loM put tlw Mawfca at .W In 
•HU: play wHh ■ M record .and ..m 

m'trM at M. 

Kart«rr hat only Uira 
KMmmt rtnmminn. tliair next . 
'r>ir»it>.t ixajusl detendinii 
rhaaipiaii Itafaicc. at t>u.Pai(ie al 
'7:111 p.m. Thr Hawks nrxi home 
Hanu n on Tiwtday. ¥eh. 4 al i 
f) m vs. ,fi*bH j,«n<1 tf; iti .St Vialtim 

t*n afllit«prlB||a«Mnl«'. Mtcrsaaa lalal eaaeart 
I'M al 12 IS. Th* praRram ntlll akrn (ralarr aa 
the taalramrali and aiMlr In Mr !«chnirllekap( 

la .|ka HrtI caB> 
caaiaiealar} an 







Health Club for Men 

we offer supervision in Conditioning, 
Weight Training, and Body Building. 

HOURS Mon.-Fri. 10-10 
Sat. 10 - 5 

««tllaw '■»rk riaia milwaaky ava. aad ^aiatiaa »a. S3T- 


( I in ■% mm s pui yi* >n 

siji ilu' hrjyy il'Otl l*w 
iwiwch. Pl«»t « pi:'>C'mt itrjl 
Mil «)d rr*l mi ».<nn !■. vm' 
lilt' •) v»u nally unckniand 
them C. Lll I 'S Nfttf S nn 

Krochs 8w Brentanos 


1IW ■atM*«* I Ml' 
Vi tiack w. ami. n I i> •lack t. al 
■•iWacfcN.aiRi i«| 



< -0 

»• flrininal Phi n 


eyftryTuet.f p.m. till? 

t/2 price drinks 

everyday wi't* 
Lunc'fi Purchase 

Frtc poiKorn 

f ridsys / Sundays 


FRY $a.»s 

•Cnildrtn He 


C«>lelren»l *S 

Home made 



Live Action Pinballs 

*» « 

Mother Nature takes her toll 

■I walk m* Millard of 7* 



Harper Pre»lil*nt. Jamci 
MettraUi, la loakint i«ito additional 
chiniica in Uie l|mnit SciiMtttr 
k'ImmiI calmidar »hith iwtd to b* 

maile tmcmwm i-laaaaa on Jan 24 
•■r« ' cannlM vhcii .imiir clngaMi 
'■MM* ind caniiwi parkuit tola. 
• Will Ham to took at ttM calmidar 


MrtJrith aid Uienr nint Im a 
lutal of iS days, irf rla.<mM licid in 
ocdrr for Hariwr lo rften-e atatc 
aid... m aiM Ihal tli«r«f wrrr '"I 
days taiil uiio the nilrmtar to 
comtwnsal'' for my day* Imt dw 
to weather ron.lrti«ini, but ««« 
:'| .'""i;; an eiiUre >«e|i pint auUicr 
I.*', ijifl Wrfnenday. loncUiMg; 

rh» dct-iaiM mm mad« tu kctp' 
Harper ciaaud only until nmn im 
Wedn.Mda)' bccaaa* weather 
lorei'asti pointed toward 
randttion* In the attemoon 

Radio ((alNini wen annwunriiiii 
ItorpwK decision to r*«p«n at 11 
urn . however, after Nmnf no end 
of the mow in unht. it wax dc<;lded 

to close the campn* until Thunday 

McCiralh lald it would have ham 
loo daniteraua to a*k studenli and 
faculty mcmhcni to venture out in 
the ireachermiif cnndilioni that 
prevadn} WedncKiay. 

The parUnfi lot ate iiond » 
prolilen lor tmfom emainit to 
Harper hecaute a large 
pcrccfllaice of ipacea would not 
have been svailabl* lor ears lo 
liark, iwMid 

•Hank Kurowski. acting direi-Hw 

of the phyaical plant, aald he ami 
his men have he«n plowinf maw 
dally since Dec a. 

Since Harper haa only two front 
end loader plows which can not 
ketfi up wit)] this unusual wnotml 
of snow, now renioval scrricei 
liave been calM In to help relleva 
the conRcstion in the parking tots, 
he said. 

Tile CIrst corapaity to help 
Harper plow out was Plole 
Eicavatlon Coinpaay. 
I Coaillnued «a page 1 1 

At 4 a.m. when you're in bed. . . 


Have ymt ever wondered »h<> 
itoc.Mat III ctoie down Harper's 
camiiuK wlMKi niMMi Mother 
Mature tm looac wllti Iter fluffs 

Ut'ell. ii'i not m easy m you 
thmk Great minds itet totiether 
and discuss Die situation befnre 
a decision u made 

Hank Kurowski, acllntt 
director of the physical plant. 

w'ho M uaualli' on campus. 
checks out the raada around the 
rainpus a»d the parking iott. 
Kurowiki ihera calls l>r liavid 
Williams, academic vice 
praaident. to lee how thuiKS are 
cookinH around Crystal l.ak«. 
where he livea, 

Williams m liim calli ap Or 
Jani« Perry, vice president of 
administration, lo inform hun 
' Cantlnued on paife 3 > 

V0L12A NO. 16 

j;;^^lK;f»jQ»^eyJ^^ Atqonqt,,,. and Ro»«lle Rood.., 60067. 312 3973000 FebrUBfy 5, 1979 

Facii/fy, administmtors eliminated 

Board okays $700,00 in cuts 

The board met in ipcetBl iiiatim 
Jan S la vola on me nKbadia. 
■Uin:lnatort rrain neit year's 
eaame oHiMiifa ware the madlcal 
labaratory teehnlcian. 
architectural transfer and 
asaaclale in liharal sludlas 

•la not be liilad are: Dean of 
Imtrurtioiwl Scrrlcat; Dean of 
Contlnuinx Education; Dean of 
Student Service*: Aaaoclatc Daian 
of Special Serrkeca: Director al 
Bvaliieai Sacvlna: tMrador of 
RaaauTM Servlcae; and AaaMaot 
Diractar of Mmiiaiona. 

AdnUnMralira paatthmi lo be 
terminated are Aaaoclatc Dean of 
l.i{eion« iMtning: Aaaociale Dean 
of Social Sciamea: mrector of 
Develpment: Director of 
Accoonlinfl and. SyManw: and 
Aaatalant Olraclar af rwad 



of TfMAiaa nuMlv ffe~ 
tmMf to lay off H taeidl]' nani^ 

hen and' two couaarlor aiaade*''' 

• al' 


Oollaa of the above personnel 
have bm rcaaslnncd to other 

faruliy and eounaelor aaaodMe 
poattton* to be terminated inclwle 
architecture; art; Molo«y ill; 
criminal Jualice; learning 
laboratory: library: medical 
laboratory lechnictan: nurMnc: 
psychotoicy: refrigeration and air 
conditioning, aecretarlal science: 
sociolocy: and student 
develo|ioienl lone tacutty. two 
OMUwelor aaaociatea i . 

The colleiie dining rooBi will be 
ekaed which will reauR in the 
lerminalion of food service 
personnel from varlout 

'tear Marti Jidf I lai caM iMal be 
mnda. 'OMiar aula la addHlaiitt. the 
fari?MlKy lay allli I 
Han ef magaaina 

Harper tor four' yaars. aald Uiat be 
alonf wttb' ell other M-ttnt 
laachen were made lo stga ■ "Iwr- 
ally oa.tii" prahibiling 
**i<«' lee. 

^K-itwafti than said, "l^oyally 
can't be a one-way street.. " 

Schwarli. sayi that 'what the 
laaaNy bady naada nglit now la 
aiipiKirt from alt laculty mcmbera 
and studenla lo tiKM the action that 
the Boant haa laian. 

MeOralh .lald that ihc tenlty 
lay oflk' M*e' 'made by "hMUng at 
ennllnieiil Inndi. part lime/fnll- 
time ration, and cost of 


By making these faculty lay ofls. 
I7M.IM* will be saved Una year, he 

aaid laaflala. wUI bd' 

The action was lafcan aa pan of a 
rollege-wida pragram of owt 
reducttana •hU* will incbide the 

recoininendaliaiie of tutk fufcea 
and conmltlcaa Hudying the ••«■• 

education, energy and 
maintenance, catensiona and off. 
md Minnatlon 

"It la with great rcgrM that we 
make these pragram and 
pcraonnel cols, but Ihe beard waa 
left wiUi no alternative." said Joan 
Kluaaman. board chairman "The 
roramoat commitment tt the board 
of traalees and administration 
renahii to provide the hifbaat 
quality academic program 

In compliance witli board policy 
and Iht (amity master contract, 
administrators and full-time 
faculty memliers who will not be 
rettirnlni for the nest IfTMO year 
must aprieve noUlication by fob. 

rhe board of (rualee* Dec I 
aulhoriied Prei Jamea 1. 
McOnth lo convene a roUega-eride 
rtdiiction in force (RIP) 
Pmni— till lo I 

AMMKIATK PROrESfKIR Hcw) Raepkn espretsea ki. »n«taMMa an 

lacallji calbMha at Ihe Harper Boud ef lYiMilecs meeting Jan 2*. 

iphato by Alaa BergMraail 

began with II years age. 
Currently. Ihc coUefe has one el 
the lowcat rains, raiddng ITIfa hi 
the state among M comnuinlty 
college districts The college has 
the aecond highest student toition 
in the state, at $17 per credit hour. 

In addition, while enraUmeBl haa 
remained stabile, the numhar of 
studenU taking full ceucic loadi 
has decreaaed. Also, inflation haa 
taken lU toll on the college and 
state reimbb'seniem has not kept 

and prepare 

regarding panonnel redaction. 

Financial proMema at the 
college have reaultad primarily 
from the inability to increase the 
tas levy, according to college 
officials The board went to Ihc 
voters In September H7« 
raqoeaUng approval of a 7 S cants 
par tIM asacaaad vahialhia tax 
increaac (or Ihe oparatloa of Ihe 
callage. The tafknaadam was 
unauccaaiAil. Iiathii Ihe caltaga 


Mg*t THEHAMINOER PaknMrv 1 1*n» 



,5^'/^- ^fSi f0f tf*'/ 

Lettors to the Editor 

HarWiifltr editorial criticized 


Edito rial 

/?T>t spurns 
Harper riders 

We've hawm of Write ttal caWl fl>. cars tl»« dont run. 
awks llwl ilon't Hck B«« «>us»« »•»' «!»'» •'•P '*'" 

bmrOmrt. TWs the c»m with the RTA buses at Harjier 

( *ir||itiAfl'# 

ftocauM «l Ihe mow «nd wld weither many bus riders 
peifer to «I«ih1 H«de the d«jr« of bUR. A There are iilso 
peofite who «« to the faltlerw. by the windows, to wait tor 
the bus If they lunow Ihey will be there tor awhile 

For one rcupon or •notlwr there are nmny people who 
tniMi the hwMst •■nil haw t» *•« another hour to catch the 
next om W» •HmMmI' i* ve'ry tnconvemeiK for many 
obviim, re«lBiii'<!«M*if '.people to be late for trams, meals, 


Tht' %i f i t t «' tm 'MffftMsd' to wait for 'buanlert 'betwemi M 
imniites etch stop. The schedule is different throughwit 
the day. but the busesare supposed loSTOP 

Anywne who watches the buses c«me arid K« can see mm 
Ihtjr often dont completely stop Sometime* busdrivers 
slow down when they gel omr bUf. A. then they sort of 
iiMM glide by the tmMm liMiltllW'taMily around to see_^lf 
undone is there SomeUmes the buae« will slop, open the 
do«>rs and if know one jumps mside immediately . ihe> 
rloae the doori »nd take oft. Sometimes ihev dont even 
nkiw down The biiadriver* iust i«om rtRhl by the buildin« 
•f thei dont see amone standma naht m the road wwtmit 

Surely the dnvers must realiie tlmt with the weather we 
ufif taivinK ih»t people aren't Roinu to stand outside in the 
midiJle of the ro«d waltiniJ! Kspecially since the buses are 
a <»uple of mmrtes late al least, and sometime* up tu an 

hMif Me- 

The HTA hBB ««id that they hute not .recewwl •«»■ 
rumptaimt about this problem. They ■lio aald that ihe^ 
nswn t» the dmers rushing by ••• mtmm they were 
prob«i.bly bte and. off th«ir seliwlul*. m Om •" trying to 
make up the time 

The problem they don't reali** they are caustnit is thai in 

I heir ruahmn around to make up loit lime they sin- 

(oritetttnK that the riders are the people they are *upp«w«l 

!.. be mirttm- In p«.ts.uwi, by prospective customers. Ihey 

not dornu their job which is to serve the public 

■-< nmny people depend on the bus system lor everyd.. 
!i.M that these problems •« not rotnor to them.. It is vrr* 
latinii; w» the but w» by. when one is niihmii out 
.ilie door, taatw hand, to meet it 

Marbc If the dnvem worried •bout their rideni.,. »nd not 
•hniit beinit 3 or i mmutea off schedule it would help 
eiwnowe There arent many people who would mmd 
wmtinic the entra muiote* as Unm m they know that the 
IHiHlriver will atop' for them. 


T>.... iim'viiilKtr il rtinirinl 

.(•iltnt rv»liuilMiii III 

-. wnaitly m.uiin(<ifnw<l, 

■Ml ^iiiiiiiliiiMliI*'.** l>» «t« ■.|ipi»«til 


Thil I'ncuin l':v».lii»umi Rtntn 
I oiiimilic' comii«>»»<l '•• 
»iliiii,pHitr«.(.w». I..»f«illj'. an'' 
:ii;iwl»iit«, mil l:lif«Mi«liiiiH iM- 
iiir«i<»ii» Madeniir rtm- «'li«fit*<l 

•ti* ttirnltv wilh m»«illMtin«. 

sluilrml r»iHi»li<Mni<l««chmi{ Tlwr 
<-.«>mm.<U«» »iM"l«<lwl tWiil Mw 
..tmltfit »v.iilii«.lHtTi 'HvUfm 
I'l'MT'iawal m««t«il'» iKltiMUon »» 

Ttit liaclwniiiiMl iMiluw » tiiu 
I'tmi-lMlim t» .(miwinmi, ■ml. »t I* 
MfilMKiMlf tlui nw HaitAMItr 
miitrmtlv 4l4 iwl wvtMlg«lr 
'itiiilciii n-aliialioi** •»i'i ""»"■ 
r'.raif>it aniJ journiiliitn- 
OioriwulnH'a The •tu'lont.t «>« thf 
CMtimlltw |>liU#il tht jlurleiil 
tmlv MwwlMtiniitMi) . Hiidcnlf 
wttarkwl the rv«t«i«Mii' tyiiein. M. 

l».yii»'<l..' ' mi!.Biiinft»«»" •«"> 

■iiUild'" Thr ilMlcittc M Mil 
■■■irrcliile ilw ii]i.|ir(iip«ncnt mf 
inilrpHtHin »«•«. d» »*«iii«m» 
Mileni. liitl ntlter r««rt«I it. '< 
nil at m trnptj et«n*t.. m ■ 
UHla-oaJliiilt lolu! 

Vwir frilMlal ilHts Ital *mx 
the t««lMiiMii 'tm \mm ilwsnM, 

tiic standBr* m mtii*m n««y bt 
I«r#rwJ t««»i«» III* tiwulw* •i" 

«lwl*nli •<»'l 

.......hUlXMll ll"8ll<*» 

m.ate.iiir.1.1. rjimat tUMtd. *ttlMir 
pHlln»i,i|it'M-i»ll> <» KWiimi™!!*' 

|:M The Kafiiliiiaf cwtmll afif 
.MWllM-anl niHuiTli In ttiif I'wld'" 
IM n rand (h» I*«i««II reiKin. 
tiioeii 'in resrarcli »l th' Itariicr 
»».ti<-fn. |iu.Wi«l»«"l i.n College 
KnglWi. "Siimury. ICT, wlm* 
•n»lifmaln.-illl!> pnwird .D OmUKl 
..•prfrliil.uiii l.»li«*«n inflitetl 
.«!r«l.r» »»l h*h evii.l.ii*t,niii •»".« 
C«™i.»tnl>'. Tfce Hartmoer mswi 
m.>l IM- •rrtiii.mW o* U» tiitrnf »c«n« 
fH itwte ttmima. m tur i>diic»ti«> ol 
tm* MiUmt hen BM pertapt 
niort .lernMiily «rr<iii«i»«i m tht 
minliralM Id The I1arlijn|sr'*s 
•t.»l«»»iw Hint leiMriwri l««rli. (» 
iicwd i«r»<l«* ■iMl ilMit «•» f»«iilly 
«»<M"» mil tun . »n<l cure il««|il!' •!«• 
[irolvMimiliy. for d* wi>)««l 
nwltrrs lli«v tmi.rh, ami for llle 
stwJem* Tli* f«-ull> »t Haiper 
*lilier«lel* fhoif l» leart •! "o 
instllnlHict wto«* .ffinilui»«t« d» 
,:-.ommi.tro.»ii.t H> kB«»l»il»t 
im(>«rt.if<i hy teacher* iwl •Iwrwl 


The Harttinger tntulti tlw 

(•Oucalion |iritc*« ilnsH wlwii II 
ftrato alMut iMnclMTi iwil having 
III oiak* H>«ir <<win»» atipeal lo 
neWMit" wMM. The Martiiniier 
eil'iuilet iMh all Mudcnt* "n«t 
fiettliw Ihr tamv Qiialily at 
nliit-aiiM." T«*rliin« u 'iwt nan- 

innlu. nur ii learniiw alKay* (an. 
iwr ran It tvtr b« the nunc Uand 
la« («ir mmvmm. Tbr trafli»T» 
are Mlvuliiak. aiwl Utr students 
are wilivUiiialf , and Iru* learnmil 
iKieii not lake place when 
«erylKnlv jitii luii a iwil tmd 
1 1 me 

CenuiM raal Rood Otma Inr 
Ktudenl* and leartwn include 
maitcrlnK olten horrendoualy 
dirrieull matenal. <»i»rnmmatiii« 
mtfllecluall> and ethically 
between this tltenry and that, 
•eiirchlnii (or more <Jemandlng 
wavilo ralne iitnincanl queiUont 
Tho ihRuld not be measured on a 
rnmiititerued (orm. n« can it lie 
To ihink « I* to mlja awit* real 
KMid titneit 

Your teaehem do ancmirage 
respamttaile Undent reapsnie. and 
MUdents ihauld be reaponilble 
cmougli to prnvide ii( with their 
comments in an appropriate 
evaluation system But to diamist 
ywiir faculty's prolessional and 
panmnal integnty with an rditorlal 
»iic-h as llie one o< r>ctember U. 
evidencinil little reaearrh and lea 
tngic. IS to pertiaps Rive us tht 
timuesl itrade you could have, since 
il iK obvious that The HMtUnttft 
uditorial writer needs a sounder 
Klucalum Uuwi we may have Riven 

Karen Kerct 
WUliamB. roast 

Circle K looks for recruits 


V'iM'r* itamn ngMl I care, say 
Ihir rawniieni •« t3«le K Wliat do 
we car* •bom." Today's world. 
pMple mllr mnd l» care abom 
alhtr :|Mi«il». Vc M«d to let the 
elderly liiow «■• iliD need .Uium <<•* 
ihcir mitikm and eipenemeed 
Mlvise Weneedioletlheofiihaiti 
IIMw ihey art truly not lonotlen 
«« need to let the underfed know 
that m »l« Iwlp them so llwy 

«iM*i stant aNy lonipr. Ves. wt 
weed lo let all luc iwopie less 

ratrtiinale than as. know Circle K 

r.AK|i:!(* We care alioiil cvoryonc 
■nd we want Ui. help the iiMple «f 
the world live haippler live*. 

If vim Imve ever laid tJitsio your 
»eif then ym helonn with ns In 
(Irclf K Im ij|e«n Lambert. 
IVestdeiit <if Orel* K I'm 

vou whuiehrartedly for yo 

support and llw support of tlw 
entire tludenl body here at Harper 
Collexe We need people who want 
In care and who want to work with 
other people Please. I( you care. 
nim* out and join Circle K now ' '. ! 
Lei's make this semeitcr a 
.wresaful one lor Circle K and 
Harper Collvce 

Gian tisinbift 

Stuaents receive voting rights 

Wanhmglim.., O C .- to the oarly 

fjil) of ISTK. SI* itiidenis fttWB 
ITairie Vie* A li .M ItWiterslly 

.•namiMed !■ rf«Mar i» vnle M 
Waller CMinty. Tetat. DM. coanti 
retiinltar .lieHoy .Symm allowed 

nntv 'It of Ihe sludenlt la a<iiMft| 
voir li (ew weelu ago. the It S 
N.i)prniie Ckiurt riih!<l tM Sf'inm 
h««l 'Mrmtlr disiiiiatdM. many of 
Ihir 'filler «l.oil«*i. The court''* 
tteariaiM m MipMMi lo make il 

riaawr lor ^iwalenMi. all ixm ilw 
theji go to 

.!i>im>tl'.iraily . Ill* court «.M local 
nilrr rvcislraUon iiHicm caiMuM 
rrqutre <:-<itle<r flwicnli to 'mMt 
•l(l(i»rent rliNttkihlt nilCt than 
iltiaw lb* reii »l Ihe txipilliice muMl 

Tlw 1 ' .. l).iHT.l M .luSIH>l^ 

IMirtiralar crnue ' Muoenla living 
(HI nmiM* i.nd 'da* ptMSd an 
*«tr» Munlen <■ iheni iliat he does. 

Mil tmipoar m wm-^IMlenti '" 
%\mm refused lo reeo«alie 

viudcms as. ramitaits unlew Uwy 

provfd tliey owned profMity. had 

lamll)' in Waller Coiinly. or 
wi.>rkr.<l Tetas law defines 
resMlciK-* only as • ' 'filed place of 


The Kipnwe Cnuri dee'brton 

contlnned a March. IMV ruling oi 
the US District Court for 
SouUieni Teicaa 

Colkce IVaaa Seerlcw 

fidilor l.n-€IUef 
Kdlloruil/Manaliint Kditor 

l^tatuR* i!4itor' 



4ul' fMnElMCT'CarlonitM. 

Biliil'n«*>' nia.nii.ger 



S«i« Amimanil. Omdy Caravello, a.rad Case, Mark 


. SweCtweBy 



l,e« Ftieilndtsmi 

Sieve Moikal 

Terry Jacotnon 

I'lndy Carsvello 

l»orolliy 'Plrovano 


Fraser Beth Jones rhor Koln<»r Kory Horta* 
Man I'rmimaiif. Jod) .Sjiunden. Mikesilmkus 

Terry May. 

iiBIMSSK li «» iwdeni puliiiMltun lor the Harper College 
■iiiimmiy. puMlshed weekly ettept during holidays and final 
M.iitu> .^t(<;i(tliilon»«|irei»»'» are those of the writer and rail nec«*»anly 
II..'.. >f llw f«ill*>F M.> jidmlnlstraUon. faculty or student body 
v.|u'rii.sii. 'Irsdline >s rmmt Tuesday •"'<! cupy Is subject In 

..(.lirii \ i.,i...Kdilormi»lb*sn(n€d.iMmts will be withheld 

owMi r«|u» .; J ... u ...I tiimn rales call or write HARBINGER. WlUiam 
II..111I-. Harper Qilkigr Algomiuin and Roaelle Roads. Palatine. lU.. 
iiMK.: Phone . ff7 ..WW. ect «(t 

FtbflMiyS.mi TNEHAMINQCR Pagal 

Committee investigates tax hiTfe comebacl( 


A ui-mMiilMtr 
riiiTi.mltliw wMii rm'wmCJy fiirm#d lo 
tnvoMliial* IIUF iMiHil ot Uh .t*|>li 
■ bit r«(*rKaii|!iiin aiid |ir*|i«r« lur 
■- ,»anU« relurn to Niv miDrrH' in 
tlivMiirr. Haiyar Mtara rilwM 
» T.t tat 
Mwml to 

(III iirnaH' itt (far(Mir"i Bdiicitliiiii 
r'linfl Ion Scfl IK. • ila-MMilMr 
H*ltr«ii4«il CnmMttlM wu 
liftmud t* imwaUgai* tlw (WmI 
am |>f»|i*t« (or ■ piwuH* 
rirfirrMliwt in llic tmim. 

'Tlw .niaiii nitriMM* ■tl ttm 
rMIHIIUM:. M'tudt tuif twl *« 
liUMM iUtn tilt law. !• I« kt«|l M 
louctk «iUi CiMSll *Mliar ■mi KM lit 
iMur (tattii' mirt' Ml Hi ilw Miy Mi 
f-M* «* 'luiTt to •«' Mil fm- .■iwlhtr 
r»<»f»ii*ilH," Viet frtiHiiiil •! 
ttwltnl AIMitri mi. QariilNalw •! 
t>K KtlCfmidlW t:MMMMi>ir Ilr. 

TiMt' fMMlMiit ■ ra«)t«tMI 
viilMii .nwll*' Ml •ach of Hjinitr'i 
«f iw •cineM aoat' <liiKiwiini|. iMtirc 
rdkfswlMt Unite itmM UW 
ftafUcr diMnl al Tnalttt dtcMt 
.twXlMr rtltraiKlMii i* 

tut 4)Mit:liin nt KtMiltNrr '■■■>(■• 
•IwuU ■<> Iw til*' vottn (or « !«■ 
Or.. Mm 

(Mil IMlH', twmmHtm 
wtrt' llMwiitiM tn"iM»nMi>mi th* 
t'uiiM' af' tM* Mwt. Pl«!"l<i<"' ' 

UaHlt'CMIMt IK piMMl «>!)'•• — 

in «r«api •Meli '■■itllicwi n 'Out 
p •!' 9m 

fnHmm li> ennMnict .■imI 
lmJMtn«» M CIW' main camiHii and 
pitrc-liitiit » tl I nuUhw. UT-acTc 
itrrtC'li til tan4 m Arllnitton 

lUcllla. Thi* land wv |Mireliaa«l 

for lilt (MWiMMt «f ramtniriinii a ii|> 
latOMitciiiiipift. Ill 

Tht tMim If Hie ArUngton 

HfflllM* i!Mi||Mii li tmtf m nlltit* 
«frw:ali aUiMtKit l» aolvt (inawwl 
mblcfn* (arinii Harper 
-■Ineantwtbtpiiiit uivolvwlm 

iidattHtr 'rcftrandniii, lot havt an 

a iilaii uin« 


ID l!l7lt 

Thtra waiild be ttaim of ptoiil* 
rniwnstble lor one prtvlnct Ml an 
ami where tl»> live These leanu. 
miKir ut> of adminutratoTB. faculty 
mtmbcri and ttwtonti. imtiiM be in 
fharite pI making phone ralla and 
ttisurlbuunc llltralure in tlitlr 
aisliintd pfteliKt." Fiwher laid. 

Mp l» tilt 

T'lie '»t»' T<it»» it-.Ui I 
!R:Ml«rMlM « IM* Tl rcttrcMluii 
i» iht'i' 'did tft I'OT DM-wime iirf lilt 
iiMi-lataliwi pcrMd •• la'crt in t 
<'"«|MNri«l • M III "an" Mlai M thmt 
<li«lii I iM-rta« Utal miKiii, iii|Mi 
• iirainanKl lo lilt >#» rtlcreadiiin. 
riitrr WW iMl. a M of anaUi'i'' 
*i»tiini|' tilt m«er», " ' Fun-htr »»id 

Tilt prnpoitil Ut increaat «a» 
<im tBimm. bf a valt nl It.M to 
:i Ml. itWl mil} (I'Vt ptrnM ot Itle 
fnacMit ««ltn in. tilt Hafytr 
iiliiMrtrl vnlinc. 

Tilt etnimlMtt i* hmmm twtiart 
I • m 
t'n r«ltr«Mfaiii. VuMi' ap|Miwa«i 

mt. m\ 1% lalllag. tilt tk't I* laHIni . .<in»«-to«tii rati* upriwc Itak* in ilhe altcraalli af Ibe retard HMWfaOi 

MM rel.llng liln. Maktd Kah • Iiatr beea ttliea ito»a la atiiamni artam •■ t*.iiira«. MaMaiaare fmr- 
I lia« r keen krpt km* wlik nmrup •ptr>U«i% and tlM> leak* are eupccted la eantiimt tfera^» Ike Ikao. 

• k;i 

Board okays cutbacks Mother Na ture lashes out 

■'Mt to rwlji an. a fund kalanct to 

rtnipeatate lur in'creating 
tfMraMic MIk. lacaiM* ol datM 
n p —lliH Anlng. tlia lait llvt leart. 


WillHMt Ilw In 

made currtnlly. pr»,)tct.i'»ii.i 
tnllralt that tht railtut •Ulliatt a 
daf icil ol iwtr 11 Miltai br Hit tnd 
til (lacat jtm twi%m. atmrdliui ta 
(Milltiit (ifirtaib. .4ddlttona.l oila 
VIII he made durtiiK the hmtRtt 
prima*. Hit taiard has alMaitjr 
awp nw ad imt,IIM to tiito (rani' llw 
'll»» taidict m tlie ■!••■ af 
inppiMt. tmvti. puMiealteni. aad 

iCanl'd Inimtiattli 

llniart.miBltlj'. tht .nxnpan^ pill 
ilarptr "vary Iw* on tht tatoin 
fwlt'" 'betauit of tlitlr rmtnacti to 
plow <Mt Wotdfttid Slwppinit 
Oilier and O'Hare Fwld, Kurnnki 
Mid. flole mai rharidiift' 'tl>e 
.|!lilla|ic tWptr hour Inr pkiwinic. 

'Kiirnviki lator toiiiid a chcapar 
MintMny. Eady .I'lm 
wlltcli rhariMl lt# 

.Knnatukl said tlit W.MW hudittMi 
in tilt SMiw rrnnocNl fund had kMui 

to own mart pkiwi rather UMn to 

cimlrart witit oiiUldt 

KuTMifkl said Dial Iht last tune 
an) iMilsid* help had to ht called in 

•ki tfartt ytara aRO when nine to 
Irn 'Inches Itil 

Kuriwiskl said that It would bt 
rhtaprr n th<! toitg. run for Harper 

but he 

plnw to 


a iriMi 

AlthoiiHh Harper it UwkinK at the 
pnssiliiMy at tmytni! equipment, 
currentl)' tiiere Just isn't any 
intHwy to nuke such a purchase 


McGrath seeks aid 



fiE?iiiv% nil 









Jtkn *• FlbnmalMn o» Tomoma* in Sekltng ttw Wmakao oJ Todav 

Sehiink lubiBiiiifig ovm 1« haltoti i«i W tkghlt tar a dnmiliig: li» WW* a 

brand nmt, PMwH MkIww 'Iw l»itlr Sludein ActMiai Cantor 

Official Ballot 


But MMlMfPkltim 1978. 

■3(l»j'.in/kH?i t''»7»_ 
I FMbnnanct hy an lAcWaai. mi . 
I PiMGlnr Iwli 

Mi;4:irkth has contacted Gov. 

Jiimts Thiimpsnn scekinf 
(<fiimi-iiil a.i<l iii» Harpar*s funds 
to remi'ii-e Ihe snow are now ifont. 
Mt has also contocled the lUinol* 
Cominuml)' Collctie .Board stakiiiK 
help and ts waiting lo hear from 

Eftn thiwith rundll.iont were 
helltr Ml Thun«d.ay. Jan. II, sc:haal 
rnnatDtd out of watlai tMsnit 
only M percent ot tht parkin* 
■paces were usable.. 

Ekcii niiiht plows art shovtnft the 
siMiw clwer and closer to llw lake 
behind Harper le make rwira (or 
morc cars. Kurvwski said that cars 
wilt be nNAiving tickets for 
parking « the medical permit 
srtas and in the fire tones 

Mctiratli said that enninetrs 
were culled to check the condition 
of the roofs, but they could not 
niciie and instead recommended 
ttiat the siww on the roofs be kept 
umdar ali feet. McCrath said the 
mmm m the buiUinn't roots has 
Ven krr<l .',lo«'»' '" l»o l""t. 

Mc<::rati) said 'he buildings and 
(rounds mm worked M hours • 
day lo nd the loto and 
surroumlinK the camiHis of 

He said thai ■witchboard operators 

were on duty fnr II hours a day. 

jitoepinf! fanlilies were set up to 
the conference riMim In BIdg A and 
in the nunWK lab w> that workers 
could have a place to stoy durtog 
the lane hours. 

MKiraUi also said that ftied 
service prepared meals (or the 
workers while they tutiored to 

Drawings exhibit 

A collection of ball|Mijit pen and 
pencil drawinga ptais oUs aad 
watarrolan by Qui* RrniMta iiriB 
be on display at Harper now imtH 
the end of the mooth 

An instructor at McHenry 
County ColleKC. Romelo has 
studied art in the United Stotea and 
Itoly and was nominated (or the 
t!i7l Governor's Award in Art by 
the Illinois ArU Council. 

The eahibil will be on dtaptoy 
during r' -'ar o^.-'atlng ' -irs "' 
the college in Buildings L and C. 
second Itoor 

Further information Is ■vallaUt 
ataVr-MOt.ett Ml 

.Nun* dfVtMf School.. 

Closing school, not easy 

out and man. iiy Ftbiwiiv ISlii. Wn to 

R>C'.B Siudtiti's Oiciiee 
1 1 40 AiwniM of the Amtnoit 
New YwK. New Vnrl. )('«» 

Tlw SlMlr™ ! I. ':. 

i...'. P-'. . 



m the candltton* n Pahflne, 

where he lives. 

Perry caUs Marpar Pr agk l aii t 
.limes MrGrsth Hid they, loo. 

■lj^i-'.i. . thr ?n»...,ttI«Wl 

Mrttiiith nukes Uie .final 
•lii-'isi<m on whether tlie campus 
wilt reniatn open 

calls Pubbc 
Safely which is located on 
canpuk. and ptrsonnel contact 
various radio stolions to have 
Iht canceltotion announ<«d. 

The chain of phone calk 
. 'a>9 fit 1 ■ .'< when most 
people are blissiully asleep. 

Aiid you UMMHifal II was ae 

Concert nearly ruined 

fnUle aatm.* •Inw* r«iiii*t mtr ' »•>•»• •• ««•*«• •*•'»• '»«' '"*'*■ ""* WKuintir 
Mlltf •vmlnc )«t rrmt nilM: iniMlMl. » ai^iiH*! Ml mmm' •»•*■*• "T"?" 
•hmi ! !«* mj ymiwwtr •ilMr. tartlllt Mf t ii*iii«l. ill«l» "I"""' ■™'' "•' 


fniUe ail«» itlmMt rMiiwt .nir 

mhm t iMk my 

I>«ffij. to Hmptr fw ■ 'CtaMy 

Vim. two IMIicta tuckal IniUlt 
mm §mm', wm. g* iitm mr ruMaid 
not car siMt nwit' I 

'111* ■limn u 

I and i>t M MTMlvfa ta 

Ai «* at)|)n>Ktwi (IM' 
MW*. ■ "iwilllM' laMf" 
eanlrontvd tim fm tl. m 
UuMMcd. that «t laatw Iwcaui* • 

any <l«<ir indtraUnf Itiat m mm 
■Imutd MMir innmRii it<*«> 1 Md 

tilt rMHf !!»•• «•"« l>«»ll«» 
IWUWK iil««lM ht pill up ■« tlMt lit 

pn^lilic ••'Hill knm* wllk-ti 
tntnim *n m* aitil rtwh iwil lo^ 


laa* lit fwtili raftljcd llial |im|i1* 

wmiM only iwr tlwm dwim iTSK' 

Tht iral* man In Itti 

into tlw Wimantjr nlH air. Ik trwiJ 

to nemt m* miltidt Uht a roiiKnan 
CTtniinal i»»m Kad )«i« nKiwHttrt 


ljM*tl|. Iwf dMmt knock out mj' 
rnwt tetO* ••«> »*« WUjr eliili Iw 
••• aniwd wtm. iif uiw ■«» • *«* 
Hi mac* m tt«« f«M 

FiiiaUr. tte tniM-iM Mio* 
callwl (wrr (Wk (d In* ifotleagaai 
htc»um I itniml M lit IMM llMMi 
Me i-duM IummDC' 

Aii»fliar "paktir lately ■* 
Miplwt* attm mm lo »l»«f* •• 
•rtr» •iB.wUmi . H» «*«> *o ••* nw 
llchM* ■Mek I pniduetil ■MmH. 

taiclil oy tirlwu Ui ailvaiw* 

MM Mi ckcut and IraWmJ Uwl *« 
cm MMIdc tmnicdlalcty b«:aiM« 

MS h»» *»» fuclM*!. (ual la 'kt mm 
flKy vcnn't (*iini«. 

I iraa a iralcfiil he mmt umM 
Ikal ■« at 'kack <MiMlt; I *aa 
■«lnf lo Mini* *"><<• i"" I"*)' 
pnkakly mmU tmm pnimni ■ 

'The mfflral of Ott *i*J 
walk thnugti -lixkatr' 
you mat' )»■> kav* to da 
MiMda aim Hart all iww a«Blm. 

Health service open to everyone 

<• -,j. . ... .—-^ i»_ A nart-tlint ohwlelan li in Uit 

Maui haiaMi lanlcaa ate avail- cai» dlOfiiMlf and lfii«.|nw«. Vaa 

A (Mut-tlmt pkyiictBii li in 
HaaUiiartict'llMlMI . _ 


Aims <Mareb U U> AlwU 1*)- 
Mrive (m more ekjectiwtty tf a 
injed that you comidered ■your 
haby •■ Jeenia lo be •Unti •IrtijM on 
III ami A career matter couid 
came up a«alii and rwiaire a mm 
potnl «l v»e»-ke caret »l "ha yon 

TAURUS lAjidi IB May »>- 
Omt overlmok •the toreil tor the 
trw« '-take the lamer view Ymi 
ewtld ke railed iipon to <l««l •»* 
tineiiMvted unuitional cvanU. w 
lakr tJwm in itride tn ymw iMia) 
caliii itwnnar Facm an kanie 

mmmi: (Uminuimi »>- 

Bulk ptnnnal and pwteMional 
areana* ai^ acWee and caU on aU 
fma natiiral daaterity to handle 
Ikctn ll«eallll.(ilan.«r«aniwyour 
tune and Kiek to ratine Enerty U 
tunh-yMir eftoclaare pmdiictlfe 

CANCER: ( JilM tl to JiJy »>- 
Set yimr heighla hlKh-you can 
makt K! Hay m top of tktoiis and 
take the mitiUative NeRotiale and 
compromiiw where ytiu meet 
appotttton 111 ftnanc-ial itiattoia, 
HIAInc to your h<id«et caa allay 

UtO: iMy II to Aug. ll»-Tk« 
pace II (a«l. h«l y«m «n«Ky " W 
lo It-Halay on your total Oirtcconit 
laty allttialaa. Mate any !•» 
miniile ckaogea on a prwtoet Ikal if 
culmlnatim« no* Enjoy tfce 
unwtial tn »e» perioaalUy 
'coalaela-katp yaar ••••• i* 

laota. iiwdl<'atio«tand iprays 

The Health Scrvlet la MalM by 
»«l(la(ered imnea and part^-tlmt 
pkyatilant Cwiriea are nffered in 
CPR, iMMiM kM' and other arcaa 
of Mtnat ltl«a*M tU and have a 
(■ruktall and mnl iMiie help, atop 
in the HaallM StrvMw. ASt- Tkelr 
door la open. 

vmooi lAiw. n m stf*. my "on tke tat" wlBi to 
miwk to d» and kard wwk to 
accomplM* UuUte your noftml 
calm and eMlcienl approacfc itr 
twal rcaulu. Gel tke hmM 
relaxation and ntt attf Iht 
weekend l« MmM wpCMitnl 

UBRA: fSapt. a to Oct B>-Vou 
may be feelmn a atroog need to 
travel and get away trooi it all, H 
yoa can'l vacation phyiicaUy, do It 
mentally Good thne to plan tor 
hMBc tmprovemenU, redecorating 
and the like Get aetlwt In fWir 

SOORPtO: (OetSlwNw.llHf 
aomrone in your workinf 
•nvironment ia not dodig their talr 
•hare, be aiire your obUaatlona art 
met and than dont accept more 
re9aiialH]lly than is your due 
CMMn reipaad to your ptrwiaatve 

SAcrrrARius: (Nof . n ta dw. 

n K^areer M accented. RecoRMM 
ttiat aU pait eapenence It cead and 
reHect on «rhal yoii have learMd 
Think careJully before reacklng 
concluatooa-realat Impluat. Oatd 
time to entertain In an ategant 

lli-Cuard agalnal Indiacreet 
impuUe Financei improve and 
new eicitement coidd come nto 
your lile Indulge your creative 
oriKinality B* happy. magneUc. 
and enjoy a newneaa In your (tie 
without rtak 

Nol the time to laxue an ullimatum. 
Your reaiatance it preatatly 
uncooperative. Wait lor a mora 
opportune liraa. Uwk wUhtn to 
your own rttoarvat and itay wllb 
your aenae of what ia ri«M. AdluM 
your approacb. 

PISCES: (Fah. It li MMo*:'!!)- 
Your energy I* paiiMlliNl> '■•If* 
your «»n imiaigrrn. ▼•■ «■■ 
inllilinoe fl«iai». but dont count on 
MonmcbeoaiMraUon Dootbtan 
iMiMkinlsl-give other people year 
unMiiit idea* to conaldar 
Cwnpw DIgMM McwaSarvtiia 

Artist copies others worlcs 

— -..^ ■ ^- OaarjaTharocioad toaratoyoureyeaorlmafalnyoiir 


■■ MmmMtacMnmrnn 

WiM.I«iaa««a- 1 >■>* 
l%MackN.a«M. tol PMi W il ■— I 

•«T, rtOtriCT I l»*UlTIWi 


«kBi da yon taiitet Ivoai a gradp 
caUcd Tfct rabokMM Paadhi, Thty 
cMiM be anything from put*, 
dlacD, even vttanariam- What llMir 
are though ia an eseKMg new twM 
to gaud oM nich'n'roll 

■•Mr. MIkt" haa • very 
dtallndiv* Wlia tlavour to it 
Towniiend-likf guitar accent the 
ehoraa and power chorda 
barkgMiuid the vocala Thty all 
aaeo to (It in aome violin, 
o( MM Ifea 



tiineti PigrciMM' 



rilYt2.tS tASAOHl 

CntMlrtn tfc " 

- CtllllMTt 

Haw pnw'aiaa e*iai^naat 

CMMf«n* •*••» I 

CNMranflt I 

"Tit PhMagfapbar 
rMitnda mm of aomething the tarty 
nnfta wouM ba«« dont. A vary 
ritrhy IHM, 

■-Mirror Star." t iwtar Ihia tang 
comra rlahl oul o( Iht "Wm By 
Nambara" IP Thia aong 
inrorporalea many Iricka. auch .aa 
the rrowd yaiuig, ■man druma, 

One iwatn i*y iw i-f- aounda 
ao mui* like the Who. ia hacaoae 
■he producer ia John EntvMUa. 
Keen on* of their •»«• haa a nWa 
Monty l*>ib« flavoc Whai la 
faulty MiMrattinc Ihaugh arc Iha 


'Nat 'Onan data an artiat rtleaat 
■n aNMin Mtally made up of other 
patplt't nalertoL But Thorogooa 
and Daatrayera pby tnnct by Hank 
Winiama. Wtlhe Diaon, Browiie 
McGee and Ckack Berry 
'thocngood doaint have any •! hia 
own aong* on the I..P . but can he 
pit) • 

••Move It On Ovar" a real hard 
rockto* ryhthm and blaea nmg. la 
luat Incredible Openinii with a 
very hoane vocal, aome allde 
gutter in the middle, and riniahinit 
With a paiaarftd cUmai. your body 
aetaallr wala to aet up and move 




"tiM Sty la Crying" >a the beat 
aaaniple of hia abibiy to play alule 
guitor Some rtal Ikie aiark It 
reconlMl hart, to good to (act. I 
can imagint bin playkig 

di ability to 

pMk WkUa t haard Ihia oar I felt 


taara to your eyta or haapa In your 
Ihrnat. 'It waaal Ma" and "So 
Mttii Troobtt" are typical rythm 
and bluea aanga. but done 
eatremely light- 
Each aong haa a difftrenl 
emotion or reaction to the IWantr. 
which all good muaic dota. AMtr 
all iant IliM what good lanMe M aU 

One pmbtom you may h«»t la 
finding the record. Itoundar la 
independently diatrlbuted and nM 
many atoret carry it It's hard to 
find, but well worth the efton ' 

Mr Warrtn •WarawoUa of 
Landon- Zavan ia beadln« back lo 
the New York atudio with producer 
Jon iJindau to beam work on 
Zevon'a upcoming album Zevon 
«• ]u8l tUthad datog battle with 
a caae ot akohallim, i which 
eventually led him toto a Lot 
Angelea boapitolv and a lamily 
vacation in warm Hawaii. Bfli 
Ciitti lln II alto out ui the HawaUaa 
lalarnU, only be la on hoalneaa. 
making a concert movie A 

couple of other rock Mara are 
movie. Eltan Jekn and 
will be collaring m a 
nim about two rock atara i 
la America for the HrM thne < 
<JaC Lac' R"" ***' ** 
RolUng Stonea ti m Paru, Praaoi I 
mtrktog on hu firat aolo album | 
Roy Thamaa. And I 
li aal t( hial 

■PBi Jaal Yoar Oaad Thtag" a 
btaaty ballad which can brtoa 


Pt«fll«yS.1t7t THEHAKWNQEN 

Wally Phillips calls up Harper College 



itmy mdk mm « card in *Mh Ihtir 

Welly inilll||[ii,taii mail iHim. tlmk mtm in iht 
Mig' radltt. eaifi :liwipir ft i mm - Dear, nMtvad tmt 
Mtt, h* dldnl •■!« t» toft lo Prait- Mil. 

IMIM." MM Mrt. SnwtaMM. "It 
'I cwan MMind Uut htm but 

I to ilarM rawUm; dff Ui* IM 

"fcJT' " ^."^ '' ^l'"" ' af' Wfim far oa* ta iiiri frwwi I 

I' in I 
tanttr M* Iw omtart 'her. nfinx he (ItlUrrai* CTirMina't fund. " Umii 

la ordar in qnaWy for III* 

pn^tM. 'Thtf tfi c ldai l la eantiibulir 
to' lilt ImmI' imlaiiil el having a 
""Cral) ha«"' far Chrliiaaa 


'Cmmmm> the pacific 
nnmrc? (bviung othkr 



SEND A IM tiaap t# 
'■UITC M't, HOV'ITVM. Tx' 


<ta Mlllng in- 
Far tBlarmatian anil 

•pfMcallon orilt li> TIMB 

mC. CMhgt Bwaau. 333) Enal 
St.. PraiiAtUi Park, llUnnla 

Mel; PAO: PiiW|iinilii. 'Inc. • 
Fnaaatc A«a.. P.O. Ban Mt, 
PalrflaM, Ntw Jaraay < 

WNCM. Harpar't atudant radio 
ilatlan ti imanalMl in rrcstlna 
■ nnara taam Journalism 
Mudanta in- 
Of by ramn 
AW ar caU i 

itlaa far 
'matlvaioii >• 
divldiiala hnn all (koala «( 
raaiaarani oparatinn vMla ynn 
•art. »llbln a fon. pta»ia- 

lull and part-tiint 
•panlni*; t ttrrtfic money 
■iakar Ikv midaiMa vl'lh extra 
Una. W« praftr txperiancad 
parama. 11 yn or older We af- 
ter attractive alaitiag •••■*' 
and ancottraga i 



9:M)PM lal:MlPM. MOM- 
SATURDAY t» A M la S » 
(Ml-Mlll Shop Or Nile*. 

C«iB|H.nlM hir li yr aM «Mla Ml 
wheelclMilr. teyltMa' 'Imira 

only. tS.nan.kHr 'CkUalMr'l 
pa tw-mt. 'Elk Grave araa. 

I m» a Canriiar 
(pMiiBf up ada. dtll*artng 
eic I »hile taint ta 
Mint have car Mltaaie 
■il Mlary Hauim are fleafMe 
NO bMvy liftlnt Cone in A 
lam to IK 
"ty^trvi". FalaUBt.W.4lia 

For Sate 

Om Bean tliidy guide lo ac 
eanf«By McConnel levenlh 
adHion « M Call Sue at W 
mi or cat «l 

1 IS.M. Can w . AMI Iw 

Obaui Scale Harvard trip 

balance., lin^c baam.. 1 kg cap. 
I urn. Ilka na«., m.« ar 

ttn Volarta, Iwo door fporl 

m nti f k 1I.M nlte, ipadai far 
tary law-tone ^Int. mn raof . 
AM-PM lapa^'Mam. All-poawr. 
air coBdtlionlmc. |3..Nt. fall 


Need any lypiai done: 
eaaeutive aacfalairy 'will do 
typing •) kmm- Accurate. 

'To Mie artm «l t radcar aililcli 
lild Into my parked tan 
MiMlang m tb* circular drive 
beMsd A Building on Ibc 
evening of Thunday. Janiaary 
11 I I'm Mire it you look, you'll 
•ee MMne of my cart tan pauU 
on the drivers tide of your car i 
Eateyourcontcienoe' Help me 
pay tlie repair bill! Call Jane 

A T"'(ao( Robert Radhird potter 

••a klitnapped latl week 

Bnar n' Bnl. WaMMMd ptaaae aaalact J 

Iha Its poatar*a •fetrvabouta 

1 Hunk wf ■«iuld have conlrib' 

Hlad anyway." laid the Admia- 
■lilli' iitrk. " 'hut the priiet helped 

In ipl '■■ nwv'InM and really di> it ° ' 

Mn. SiManna aaldilitmMr li 

one ta eaU radia Italian* and Ibe 

only thing ■!* baa ever unin in her 

lie itaa ■ Inrkay tM «aa bcln« 

raftlid'ofl by ■ .IManlDr ■dm.tba 

natal iebool.. 

Ammm Urn priMt Ibat vera of- 

HMO In elMi'hi. an abundance of 

iMwet. and wpt In Plortda., 

Georgia and Aeapuko. E*aa 

'UmmcM IHt'Oaarfla Mp iM 'l» a r»- 

:|Ht '««' 'MbM* PvNidtnl Carter 

lived... 'KtitpMMd' 11 '■>. 

Mn. I 

apptlaKm which UichMM- a re- 
frigerator, microwave oven, diab- 

-*l don't think my kitctaan will 
even bold all of iMa aluH," ea- 
plabitd Mn. Bmatonaa. 

Tb* SmatMMiai have been mar-' 
rted for Mar faan and 'preaently 
live M an afaAMMl. Thty luit 
purcbaaed a haute leai than a 
inonlb ago, and now they will be 
able to lurniah at la*«t nan of It. 

Nobody ever Uioughl anybody The Admiitaont dark I 
from here would win anytbuw. we working at Harper for 1 

|uttdidit.,"thtaild. the Admiaiani Office. 

year* in 

Harper employees get awards 

Stnket' aiaafidt Mr Hv* and tan 
yean of employment were 
praaented lo M Harptr employeea 
■ I a faculty-tdminlttrator 
luncheon in January 

Tbia It tlM lecond year tince Ibe 
colleK**! openint in 1M7 that 
Mrvlcet awerdi have been 
presented Latt year, lit 
empbyeei received awardi. 

Etaard of Truali* chairman Joan 
KiMwnann. who prtiented Iht 
awardt. Ibankcd Ibe faculty and 
•dminialralors (or Ibelr dedication 
and lervire Vour endeavors 
have established the solid 
academic reputatiM* wbich Harper 
Collagie iMinya Vour continued 
etftila sMH h* the viui Itnli in (he 
maintaiance and growtl) of Ihii 
reputation," stated Mrt. 
Kluaamann "On behalf of the 
B<»rd of Truateea I Ibank yaw tar 
your contributions and look 
forward to your cooperstion as «t 
encounter the cballengct of tbt 
future " 

R« Iha awaid include : 
Tan Yiar Awnrda 

Joatpb Ra'uer. 

Mt fToaptel 

tMane Callln. 

Glandale HeitMa 

MicbaM Carralt, 


Robert Nolan. 

Prancet Oionialo.. 


Maribttl Fiaber, 


James Helalar. 



Kenneth Jaurh, 

Arlln«toa HelgMs 

tetter Hook. 

Roffman F.tlattt 

Rlrbard t/irkwood, 


Rebecca .Met juighlln. 


WUliamF; Millar. 



Janet Savin. 


Marilyn Shaver. 

RoUInK Meadows 

Frank Smith, 


Gilbert Tiemer, 

Arlington Heightt 

Jotepb Robert TilkilMin. 


Robert Tytl. 

Hofhnan Estates 

Georiir Voegel. 

Haffman Estates 

Donovan WachUn. 

Arlington HeigMi 

Joseph Yohanan. 


Five Year Awards 

«il.. Itl. 

Sand your Vafentim 
a pMiiiiial hnre notel 


only ^1.00 

Drop «« in tlw HarMnflwr off ic« by 

WBfl* PBD* f 


Klh Grove ViBagt 

Nancy Pota, 


Henriette Gebcft. 


Marc Scott McMannla, 


Carol Neuhaaatr. 


Roy Rnak, 


UU Smith. 

EDi Grove Vmata 

David WiUianw. 


iKsaBisiiii* li— 3 ;'-i 

»• fNiMARIINOER F»bf«Mwy 5. tIT* 

Newsbriefs - Newsbriefs - Newsbriefs 


Hat to liN!.l«iiciil ••■llMr. 
, Mm rililaM!*.. trDl ht 

f. at IMMMI, 

rijF. Hk b Mm ovMor at 
nMflc IrMkt. Hi turn 


■•'Aiwntoan GnflW •III IM 
■t Marpar ■! U:lt p>in. 

•ir In AMI. SIwIiMb m 


ttlt mMi ilttfS' RidiBnl Drvjrfmi. 

■anqr 'Hnawd ■nd' Piml LaMal. 

"Anwrican Cramtl" cm* liadi to 

IfB. to tht world «( kwHImiim, 

Mania. M nxla. toinii 

Mi»lli MMlaf and WolT- 

nayfair u t 

tw p« to 
Adniaalon u ttm. 

T«iiity (tropin art nBMM' tw 
bdp al Play(«ir . Tttajr mult iM ■•> 
m a ««r1uilMai> that ■III 'train llMHn 
Ml M^ null the aanc*. 

Mafaalad ttudciila majr aiiin up 
in Ha PnOTani Board oOle* 


Tlka Pragraib Boanl liaa laaaail 
ibt OrM Hollar mult. Iliiwtdar 
tram 7 to ID p.n Aitmlmtm t» ttm 
In tht tink: ikalc rental aril] lia ^ 
cantt. The Otm Rnllcf Rink ia 


Tbt rUiB. ratad P G . ii 

Ntwtlljr PraRram Board 



1 f ivt »U day wmlnara lor 
rabriaarv Otfrrlniii include 

Manapmanl. Si Oklactivaa. raH- 
riiaiyS mmI. 1. tM; 


AlidlUMia far tliB Man>cr CoilcDr 

SImIIo Tliaalft'a pnidacUon o< 
"That Scwiniiral Sca»tn," a 
eoniadl' bf Mnliafa, will to told 
on Taoday and Wadntaday. Ttb. 
U and H, 7 p.m in AIM Copica of 
tilt irrtpt will to Tucaday 
Aiiditiona are open to all Raipcr 
•Mania. racalt)>. and. lUia. Ttaae 
Inleraated amy ■•« Mary M Willi*. 
AUR, for addtlinnal Mormatlon. 


Tto ttadant Sematt fa iwtaiitliig 
rancUdata* tor tto poMUon of 
Senator r«pr«*enta:tivt for tto 
Litonl Art* Divlatan IntereMed 
atodenl* may <-nntatt tto Student 
AcUvttiei Office to dcclan tlM* 

Volonteen an needed In mmUi 
with rcitiitratlon. More 
Information i* avaUable by calUnt 
•at. !M0 or rrrnn Ito Health Scrriec to It: H p.m daily or I 
at Eat 340. Your cooparaliM aiU 
to appraclalad In tMi aOUrt M 
oircr anottor Mood praaaure 
icreenlof to the coltefe 
eanunailty l^*t year'* effort 
icteeiMd l,wa ,perioni and «ai 
accompllahed through the 
cooperation of many perseaa. 


Tto North SHburton Blood 

eanlar will hold a Mood drive 
Wadnaidaj' tnm I a.m. to 9 In 


ilaaen 17 and' 
at laa« ll« 
and «all alllM wteki 
donation*. Tto donor'* 
.|!inrairafc irUl 'to for hlmaell and 


Ten collrgei »lll be 
parttdpaling in the aecond annual 
Inler-Campui Retreat given bt 
Campu* Minister* of th* 
Arvbdioceoc of Chicago Tlie 
ratrnat. for colleRe-age aludeals, 
will to Feb B-K at Aylaaford 
Retreat House in Dahen. III. 

The coet will to tM per person. 
For thoac inlerealed. brochora* 
are located around Campu* iw Ite 
tMilletln board*. 

Ptarttor detail* are available 
from Sinter Peggy or SUtar JuU* 
any day Irom 10 a.m - II a.m. la 
tto Student AcUetlies Roam. 


tt, an hoar' and a half «t 
a«»«MIIW«ll'tlve game* for 
flaiiaUl liimia* to Harper at U: M 
yjD. Taaaday 





■j! J -O'O cQu'pfTi«ni ii youf 
001^9* No invffttmant ai- 
prnenceO sWi M'P »"* <"■ 
cen1iv« proQiams provided 
Q<e' 60 top ftnnds SuOmit 
'Biume O" CJH 

Se'ioui insumts only 

AudM Outbt. bic 


Room 21 7. Newark. N J 0?107 

(7011 622 3260 

rcb. 13. M. and IS, tm-. 

Ttaoiactienal Analy ai* (or Mana- 
gara, Feb. M. *m; Managinf Seoe- 
taital .Ratfionilfailttta*. Pah. n. 
IM; and The Waman A* a Mana- 
■ar.feh. B.I7I. 

Ail aanHnaf* will to told In tto 
HoardRoomof BIdg A Tulllonln- 

dania OMi i»U. Iltt Harpar iMtltata 
for Maimamaimt DeveloiinMnt.. 
ast. Hlee'liK. 

To enroll In any ol tto •eminan. 
aliidenU may call tto ConUnalni 
Bdncatlon AiMaalaM* CXtka, ast. 


Tto Harper Program Board 
need* itudenu to entertain at tto 

^nmlBg Caaino Night ". March 
lt.ttoiaM»wtocan da.nce, aing. 
iit. plBjr an hWrument or «and on 
amif toad may vWl tto Studant 
MtiflllM Ofllec. AIM and fill out 

Tom Mdiuinaaa tram SovUMm 
nUnal* umvaralty iSIU) ■« to in 
Uie atudcnC lounge of Mdg. A today 
tran 9:» a.m. to Z p.m to aoiwar 
laUt to stBdaot* 


An informational meeting fir 
Unaa talerealnl in tto Undeo toar 
on April lf-ll will to tMa 

Wadnaaday M 7 p.m in AM. 
Thoae wto tove «lgn*d m lorlh* 
tour and thoae wto arc Mta r a i lad 

laMi Mp air hre. hotel, 
continental toeakfaat. three 
theatre ticket*, fall day 

tour of Londna. trip la 

Coiirt and 

Por furttor information i 
may contact E I.. 
Pllt, aM. HT or SM or Mary Jil 
WllUa. AIM, cat. I« or Ma. 

• Winter Festival 




I'laylair. 12 ispm 
.John FaljjJince magician, noon, luunge 
American Graffiti. 12 15pm AMI 
Holirr Skaling, 7 II) p m . tirbil Roller Rink 
FRIDAY Corky Siegel concert. 8pm .lounge 
I For tiirther detail* on thaaeevanU check N«w»bri«(» 


DaadUnc for appllcatioaa I* Pah. 



On Sunday, ataff mamben fmni 
Waitcm tUlnoit Univenity in 
Macomb will meet with 
proapectlre atudent* In the 
International Batlraooi of tto 
Conrad Hiltoa Hatal. 7» Smith 
MicMgnn, (Mcago at 1 

the tallowing area* of ifea 
uMvantty will to ttore to anawer 
linaallona: each of tto *ii coUegaa 
at VtU. financial aid* ofllca. 
houaing oirice. etudcnt actlvltl** 
oftlc*. and college tranafar 

ThoM FTD FlorMtraaMjt 
fltt around. -for you! 

iouquat. umalk *v«il*bla lor IM Hun UtM. 

. . Vka. muelk/' ix-i^te tw le» ih«« tl« «. M m 

Maaandani hMimmtnmo. each FTLi fkaim •*■ Ma own pncai. Sai- 
wtwchaiflnanldriMntvnavtoaddMonal. MouFmFMWKCtapi 


Vimlar aadil c 

For furthar inlonnallan atadanli 
Bay coolact Hay Hylandar in 

heart uay 

Ramaiabar Haart Day t* Feb H 
Al una tima Iha Haallfa Scnrice wlU 

a campuB-wid* Uaod. 

Station* far taking blood 
pemaar* will to act up at many 
dtttareni location* througliout the 
eampuatromlrMa m 
SIttdcnt. (acuity and ttatf 
imhinlear* ara n**4*d t« tato 

Cwfcy Eiletel win appear In caaecrt at Harper PrMay. at • p.m. la tto | 
CMkii* Ceairr iMage a< kldg. A. 
A faalHar figarc In Ihe rhicag* hl«e» «eeae. Megel'* dehW togaa la the I 
«•■» wtth tto f I— rgewr of tto •"-gel/Sc'iwaU toad, cowidered by manv 
Mha\* iwen ti.. jeni bij»» nauw -i tto i axalry. 

la Itll •• JUeiiel panned « tela career hh ityle ctanfed Iroai tto raw I 
eaerg* af S»eg»l/Seh«.ll lo a mare reMralned Bad naarved maad. Ito | 
manic it aew ««re •Implr and direct. 
Ai iealiog 1* limited, lickel* •haald to pwehaaai la advaace at the I 
■» stodrai Activitle* ofllce. PaMk adahnlaa la B.M. for Uarprrl 
, aad tUfl. II M For farther lalamiallaa. Madeal* may call «i [ 


Mood preaanrea. and art wttling to 
aaalal in thii prajn t . oleate alaav w 
tto Haalth Servlee and voliinlaar 
your aarvlcca (or a Mock o( lima. 
SIgi) up m A-M anytime from S: II 

Harbinger needs 
News Editor 

see Debbie, A367 

FafefiMry i. tt7» THEHARBINOCR 

• <iil<i «Mm4 Harp*r In ■tmnmn. 

iptalak) ((•raMlar <'a:ro«cn»i 

Checker twists 
away the night 

Hgt ilw ttnm ymt rcaii tM* Urn 
:«n wli law 

■Mcndani. tail to IImm' ■! 
tlltr* Uw ' mmmtf tmM ImI • Waf 
link* Altbwwgli tMt CliiiMi 

win Minii iCfaw 
M Iftia (lay iml: 



Alltauiili tiK iilMi« am M ii> • 

(■It .lUrl I IS mUMilct l» b* caarl i . 

I tif Uw now uh (mi oi mi ww 

taaaet, •ilii an «i)MnMf pu nan- 
tmt Im wrM iMit ■«<<■ ai. "Ilm'l 
!Slii(>' I iMkiiMl il mrnuM m it Flcwl- 
I wmt Mae .hail tiTltlaii II for lUn i. 
■'IWUiaa: Villi 'tut rtmr- and Tk- 

llaUw** ihnMili llMf lint 

"-'f'ClMklii' m a .Uvtna lanmiiL" 
■•M a elM» IflciMl of OmlNtr"* al- 
Ut the ttum ■ He toifw |Mi>|il»aiMl 
t» kntm mry mtiuNr t/t tttt nwl. 

And iw iMUir. OMchar ■■ .luai 
hieUM affl a ntw vtrlil liHir mtiicli 
oM tM4wlf' (lita at tat' awat ai 

Uurwif tlW' ■!(«• Oitctor toM ut 
•uMi IM' cut hn mt'itf trait a wniman 
fuimftt Mm Dirk Clarii wlwi had 
'wairlMfd htm d«> ui^ unilitMn tif 
Fiiti I>MiiM>. ' "iil>* adud IM! il I 
halt any nHrknamc* ami I Hiij . " he 
rMtUiiHMl nlovU . ' thC|f ilii rat) HMt 
fWul** ■■■ 

Frwi (Mm an *ilh rclatiai to 
Fata tlMiiiM. B'racat Evaw ha* 
hmieaMiMl CkmUiy ciwrlwr 

British Isies trip pianned 

ft tWQ-KWit IMir lit UM IMIIItl 
I sin u Ml tiif May 14 ■ Jwm I, )«7t. 
WadcmUk may «ara endit In 
Honaiiilia* IB far (iirllfi|ialMi Mi 
ftm ppNurao).. Th* loiii' will vM: 
KnitlMld. Walcft, and Irrlani 

Til*' niil at tmn imMmi fWMl 
tnji air (art a>ira«i/I,«Mld« l»r 
MrilMfa' Airwap'. alt gnwnd^ trmii- 
'IwrtalMn hy pniralv luury tmmlii. 
hatti «waiMiniMlal:lam In dnulllr 
riwmi mat iitcalt, iu«tiiM«nR. 
aralwlin. 'health and haajtaitir tn- 

Sitm to Ik ¥iaiM In FJMdand in 
rludt Siraiford. the naHul, 
.iwdiaval my at Omtia. taitici 
and laaia aiaociated until Kmg Ar- 
Ihiir. Ihir Nth €anl«r$ Gmridaii 
nil <•( Batli, and TMani Atibry In 
WalM snim' Arthiaiaii iMfa stU to 
«i>lanid, a« aMU i 
Cacnartw: CaMla 
landH-aiit' made (amMi* hi I>irlan 
Tluiiiiai. The awsk M tr*l«nd m- 
("IimIm ftayi in (luhlln. Sllio. Gal- 
wai', and Killarae^' with ilwiHlant 
swhtamnit <>l tlw cnuittryitdt. a 
• nil In Blarne) CaaUe to kim the 
narnej' ttwi*. an «e«iiinii iit iradi- 
iiimal Iriih eitlertaiiuiHil. and' ■ 
plav at th*' AUM'y Tlwair* 

(■■■rticitaanl* will aliM hawe Irtf 
ttin* III iiimiie llwii won iittcnala- 
'QpttMial h«a and iralklnit taint, 
'Hiaa and Mryrl« einnlniH itill 

It'* Sarraitaie. aw at Ikr 'imrliclpiMt al lail yrar'i Narycr Mar af 
Knilaad. pamro oaltMr Hanipaa Caart f alarr. 

tar atloMd Callcfe MMtailx and. Far dataili 'lec: M*. Martha 

ntder adultt are wek-mn! to loin Siimnaen. ar Or PatncU Snaltb- 

Ihtt pnntram. 'tal the nuni'her of PwrmattheUhcral ArliDivialan. 

Iiartlrliianls Mill hi! limited Is m RISI.ariilMneext M. 

Animal House spurs series 

'W.heii ■ 'maliwi picture make* it 
hlw. leleri'ilafi ne'lw'orks are 
atunll'?' quirk In eaidt In bv cniiriilM 
llHF mov'ie Mlh a ttttviainn itfHi. 

And' aflMn' "''Nallnnal lanuMmn'i 
Awmal Hmaae" herame the 
MUtwt'f hmmI iMfnalar mm-i* taut 
tear, it mm ineTitahIc lital one of 
the net'Wirlts araiild .ilap l<i««ther a 
allcant an tralernil)' lt(e 
TctevWan pradia-era an leldnn 
III difwtli' npf a 

Bui' K'lH nwld have ittitaaed thai 

Jill thrnr netmrkB mnild tr>' tn 
caal) III <» "Aaimat Hixiae""" 
Pa'tttt'iilarly m midieasim a'nd 
wliile "Ammat Hmw" i* Hill 
nipk mnniE at the tam nllin 

It ■■ Mrtaidt)' imiinnadtfiW. 

S'W; riKniitlj- airwl -Bratheri 
aad Siitart'"" 'tar the tinl time. 
naM alter liie Biiprr Bowl AtlC. 
Ui'ilnit the lam* produi-er'* 
rli»rBrt«r» ami wnieni as ' ' Animal 

Mkiii*. Mil air '(>i>ltj> Hniise' 

httRliMinii mm Jan 17 And CMm wilt 
nll'rr "OEd Fever"" bewtlMUng 
Feb I 

Bniher* and Slilert" tonoaa 
an lltr adventure* ■■{ a Ma af 
fratermti lirvthm't and their 
mrmritv Imndt. '"C«»-Ed Fever"" u 
•'hmut « female caileiie thai beam 
etirnltiwi mm 

Then- m no lellinK tmm ettOam 
Hwlciila aflli rcnet la al) tlUa 
cetthrallM al rammai minrhicr 
and 'Mlitbraliwi Alter - Animal 
Hmiw" hii the lap. l««a warlias 
and pftiv randallan twrama the 

Wiih three lelevistim »I«m« on 
the air and »'i» "Animal Hamt'" 
,««iuel m the wwki, iliidaM* afill 
indeed he envied by the rail af tile 
'nalwn Fraternitiea and norarttlaa. 
wliirh tavr rn,.Myfd a raWrtt 
ti .1 1 1 1> n a 1 1 1 after the 
anliatabltihiiienl IurimI] at the 
•iilie*. are haeiMn,ljt( even mare 

Tlir lH«t Mnnrr. iMitdef aMtme 
■tiudenij. It) ttie "Aiitinal Haoac" 
siicren .hUm-v ii C«nMr>' 
c'lunraimicatuiit*. wliKh wnm Uw 
!^alional tampoon humor 

.'\.i a ptr«.ner with MCA In tile 

AniiTiiil Hnuse"" m'ovie. the 
«"(m'i.|Min\ i'3i enjaymn its al 
ttm m-er tM mitltm lite mavie lias 

niaile K> far off The movie cwM 
leia than M million l» make. 

The National l.«in|MMiiiti«: and 
MCA are' alM mvolved n the 
'l*ella Hour" televlal<m idiam, 
which will ue man)' of the 
t"harat'» as " Animal .Houiie 

The Animal Houie' prodiKWa 

decided t<> pnidiice a lelevMaa 
mnea haaed on (he movie heeaiat 
It did not want lose (lut on tiM 
polenttal lclviitiat< revmuc-wMck 
IS what happened to MCA wHIi 

Amerlean Gradlll " Ironically 
Mational Ijimpoon rldiculad Ifet 
movir and II* likeneai In 

AmcTKan (irafiiti" in it» popolpr 
Daerm) Sianda.v newipaper parody. 

Whether [Mta Houae' will to 

as turredlul a« "Happy Dayi" U 
hard to Kamte The Natianii 
lampoon ha» alwaya uaed morbM. 
unm and lewd humor tuoceaafiilly 
in It* ilage ihowi. radio ihoara, 
altnim* txiaks and ft* magatlnc. 
tMit the qucition remaina-jiial bow 
will the televiaum puhlu: reapondi? 

T)f/t producers of "Delta Houae" 
have made il riear thej will uae 
thi* aame brand of humor in Ma 

tc'lcvialon ihow 

Network offiral* enperi either 
total diaaater or widespread 
popularity lor theihow* If CUla 
Haute" "Co-Ed Fever " and 
"Bmttiers and Siaten" sucreed, a 
new iienre of sitcom* and a new 
itvie of tetevtaion humor will hava 
tieen created 

Cir It rould be jutt annaMr 

Campu* Difietl Newsliervire 

Harbinger needs writers 


Mot 9nough participants 

GhT? gymnastics team scrapped 


JiMt nttMy Haqw't ittrh 
■•v'imBilict tnn imi U call: 1> 
• MU «br III* r«il <il tilt ytm.. 
^nmurimt rtMii» pkd im to «"l 
ill aw ilMltainlliK «rf tte ««in»- 

•«¥»»««« ttal «oW toppwi. 
Ma|ipM«l." «i«* ii*i«' Ctk*,, Mnii- 
etott *«iii. rf tlllWis. To Wi *•• 
■HIMiliMMM U» wiiii«l««le I»1KI« 
In tlw tlrW m H»r|>«(r*» hUmf «• 
ijKiftJ iD'IW'dWBntiiwe*!. 

Ttier* m% mmn rmum. lor I)* 
!••■•» »liriip« eniltnK 
Uitttirt'iiiniMy train (iMtleMMtHw 
l<)ay«i.'a Wg («!«••■. I«iit««« if «» 
MKinal *« to titm plujwnt, tW» 
rntf "■ (MM: iMljr tod tin 

Ot»»T .MndWU' nntiiNt ><> iwrt'>- 
rip*l« fMWMl It tam •itlxr lnrcwuH 

1)1 Ht miMiiiia in* tiwtitwj ««•• 

or bemt. ttal th« ladltti ti» |ir»»" 

tic* aa. wm oR omtfui 

Kwplni in mind tMt nymmMt* 
a a two *«im«»««r sfwrl. tl» l»»m 
Imd iilreadj ci)iu|*el«l n If" 
ii:m»I» bufon It *ii«»l4«i. On t»«'. 
B. H»y »««>• » qiimd mittt- Witt W# 
srorent l-on H«b»r»r. l»MiM|. » 
(int 111 Ui» »a.-*rmMA and Bart 
pffll»wf» a ]i»c<imd. 

W(i«n M» «yn»w>idir» <!««rli 
PItrlllt Srhrammel. *•• •*•* 
la« tint li-am «a» dmns » !«r. ill* 
suid. 'wr\ ^:'hv1 ' ('"^'lach fcltTiiiH^ 
mK;l ••« on tuiav ■thelMiniit- 
tmii it* pnmM mmm vmM ml •«•- 
«l:» takM a icmii bm> immiMt ■ 
rirsl » c><inftf«iti!e. " 

■iotb rnacliM f«d «M (!■ ciM»- 
pMlnn III MilK M. inilnrtuwlc 
iK-ldMta tikt llii« iIumM MWtr 
hapiicn attaiii: 

Intramural forms 
available in U101 

If ymi ton* illy i|iMiUnMk 

cmtoct Mr. (Meh or Mr. McCtat 

In U-ltl. Eit. «t ar W. Thtr* arc 

It lam lor b«ak€tlwll, 

laniinWtall. tannAi awl 


Health Club for Men 

.&t offtr suptrvision in Conditioning, 
W«lglit Training' •ni Body Building. 

HOURS -Mon.-Fri. 10-10 
Sat. 10-5 

will— rurk Waia Mifaulm An. and ^alaMiii ■«■ SIT-Mt* 










IkteM.. .»d . vartcw M frMtrnt Ird W U. *tml»t WWi W4« M 
c«a»l«ltd ..»i »«r in. !«■■ •Ill *• tar«.d agala a« praclkt 


Basketball still struggling 


Hjrpvr'n baskaltiall team ta» 

Iwd iTU»r« ULps and down* tJian tht 
Turn of tiM Century" retlw 
cnaatar at Great America 

Alter ■ f«ii«what dkmal per- 
forniant'e mtalnsl Wright the 
Hawks esptudcd for aver a hun- 
dred Dotnti ai they t>le» out Thom- 
t(« m-n. 

Tten came a dtia(i|K>uit)ng laM 
wrniid toia to Kiahafaiikac «M< 
The Hawk* had ll»e haU with Im* 
Ih«.n tern .second! teW Craig 
HawiUis tad the hall near the 
«deltii» where a Ktihwaidiee 
, «:r casually talpwl hiin Utam 
Mt of bound! to net the tall tack 
• in tta final 

After Kliliwatilcm tta Hairiia 
laced relurniiiil N4C conf«r«>c» 
(htmpioni. the DoPage 
t^taparral! Tta Hawkj lad by 
Mhpmore center Brad Sinclair* 1» 
pomti. mfflut ill Ihoae comlni! off of 
retoundi. dank* and Juat molding 
hit way Ihroiigh, ai who would 
waiM to itop MHiaone it" and MO 
poufidi from ctarglng to tta 
talk*' Haiftr UiU tame out on 
tta loalng end loiinit again to 
DuPa«e by a n-anl three points Ti- 

Brad SlMlalr ha* baan tta iWMt 

camiitent Hawk player up to date, 
as Brad tas averaged 1« poInU hla 
last four games to continually I 
tta Harper scoring attack 

Guard Mite Berry has been a 
welcome return, direct tta Hawk 
offensive attock and keep the team 
always ready, another returnee i* 
Jeff Martinski. who attor coming 
off an injury poured in 13 pouHa va. 
1 Wright and now is ready to take 
over his old guard vol. 

Haiper la now entoftog Ilia bonw 
stretch, tta final part of itt 


Woman's BBall 

Wad. Triton (H) 
TtMin.Uli* County (A) 

Man's BBall 

Thurs. Triton (A) 

Attention all baseoali players. 

Harper baseball team meeting 
Thurs. at 3:30 p.m. lirBlvd. U. 

All students planning to try 
out for baseball must attend. 

Contact Coach John Ellaslk 
D297b ext.467. 

Faculty seeks legal assistance 


Aflar iiMintar* oT Hat nuvar 
Cultat* BMW* «l Tniiiwm uiniwl 
diMn ■ funvaml tnm WiliiMB 
MIlM-. taoHliir MMlt 'ftvMcot. ta 
f«i»»iiil U* mwtliMiliiiii Unan 
■MM la H nwMttaits ol Hmvm-'i 

SmMf* irtM* !»■ lit • ittm»mm 

Ml F* 13. 

FtaOtf aal iUMmiI taly nMi- 
:lMfl ttmmtA *v IwH Tltvntay 
■aHlN m pMIHl mt artUMi Ih* 

IwMl Mih Jtm.. S to tof ■>« tiM M 
• m «m 'tl. Uwir 

nil M»r« tlM tKMinl m rwnnMiltr 
llut WtMMt m tt mmm <* Uw 

the an 

otial waa nnlaiMil In Vut pctlUM 

ami inM the hamrd mimiltcrt llial 

tx* la* iMwwdltMi tmni Uw M- 
lime *•« iwrmtort in III* •« 
'Uwjr'f* Uw 

4HII. lillfll tiny tM9 in IIBiW 


Mllla laMt marruw to 


-II hit 

Mills laul tltf quality ofl 

a'UuM niM (it tlw wn« «( ; 
lai-utty iitciltlien wiiuld b* alliMwi 
l«. tokc III* fltaee «( fMll-tlim 


wintBni ruMl.. «K «l Ww art 
trwlmn at HliriMir, itoait ii|> lit 
fnnil iif the (Kani and IM Ihcm 

kMW tM* iliaaiiiMMiitml to ■•■ 
•tout tlK iHMRt'i tticWam to Itjr 

■ 'TlHtrv (NHllit in Ut .MmM marat 
aibltitaUon Iwf*." Iv MM. 

"Bvarr arnnuc lim not tetn *■- 
Hifinil." Vwmtt. latd alml (to 
taianl'i scUan to lny an laarity M 

Iiiewll)' •»."' to mill, "I 

ijiwiia HloWf a 
tun it'iiiiaM at ttotpcr. ilMMrad 

litwnl law iMlllMMis tluil had li 
aliCMli Mitnt tto iMard to 
.(KIM- '•!■ memn dMisiia. 

Ito altar It ttfcMad to 

Mrain. faaoauat nf U* ractnt muKf 
:ment ml«». 

Rlc* told tto boani IMl lilt hMl 
t-alM' up local public Krh 

fmind tiaat V to U 
planiwd Ml altendlnK HanMr'i 
an'tittcrtwal traiwIiT pta«tran> 
mrxt fall 

"Ttic Main pirpaa* of Haivcr." 
Rici' taid. "B to prnvldc hialiiinal- 
itv lr»iiafi!r proKraim " 

■"Wa Ba«f4 l*.pnivid* tto kind «l 

Millar M*r rvmlrnkd tto haard Tkh laraHj atnator If aac a( Ito laard al TnMW« nntiag*. 

•ir tto S luuicaltaM that tto 
(trdiKtiait in I'dfTV Canumlttoa 
• Kir I toi brmtht to tto Board'* 
altmlMHi to tolp radiic* tto defidt 

Harper Proiidenl J<un«a Mr- 
(Iralh infiimitd Mlkr Owl tto 13 
I will to rcvwwcd Hart- 

■Tmmikt oat a( tto 

laaa) wha p r at* * tod laM* al Ito 

I cute at aa* al Ito Marfar 

.(oan Kliiaaman, board diainnan 
rammenlvd that it i« Ito nmimiui- 
itv) riKht to >tio« up at tiM board 
mwllnti* to riprea* ttoir (atllng* 
and it t* gliad to knanr Uuit ( 

( p ki to by Alaa B i r g il r aw I 

Karen Keres. enttUah I 
Harper utd. il oa* unalHcal, Ul- 
advisrd and immoral for tto board 
to lakr ihis artion and Ignore all 
Ito rtcoannendatioaa Irom Ito 

VOL* 12A NO. 17 WiH.nm »cnn»» Hofp»' Coli«(j«, Alqormmn and RoitiieBoadi, Polotint, 

60067 J 1 2 397 3000 FabTuary 1 2,1979 

Bankers discourage student checking 


'<«iitort iMid' to Inofc at tto 
-»I«M rhacktnac a«;nmt m mt» «l 
tWIi «•}«: ■* a 
iwrwir*' provwlad m al dianljr or 
i'K an amnaMaari tanlM- 

H<il|i ptMiito nf tie* Mem. rrnmt 
(M iMtton that *(iMlral M-nmnl* 
letiwrally carry 'In* telancM Uiai 
ntft III* tonfe. too niirh In trnrtc*. 

'Ill* rtafUiy anmach ti on* 
.>k«"n l» Iht BmoIi nt iUiMnra n 
' >h« tarursl hank in 
1 u on* «i( Ito (r* 
iKtiim lit i.n# .tuir tHal mil ofltrs 
•iwiitoi uludant i*«-k:ina artooiita 
111 r..*..«i r»ir» «»• Amlnm P 

llartoiim. M * • 

(or Ih* IjM' 
,*ndr*» P,»»«. S*''» 
iiUirhatlM Mianatcr (or Ite Im 

naani 'that ilMlcnti 
piit tl Sd tiH' mn a etocte and. a 
miMf My Hrv'tirr ctori* of 'II on a 
twtanre iiiHlitr tllM 

W»"r» Int.." Barlitil' lay*. "*• 
ritn ■ttiMil to ataarh 'Mm* toiMa. 
All tto inuill hank* torn ilrappcd 
••til. " 

riMiiil* .Cto loaa*i BA locuri in 
•.rrvu-init itail'C'«t aC'COunt* . 
iircnrdine to :ilartaia. tto tonfc 
!(•«•)■ it ha* a tocial uMiplMMi la 
proirtd* •tadMt*' with' 

MM 'Ito hank atto 'btmflti hy IMa 

iimmM'iiiml.. By Intriidiiciiii tto 

' ■ ..(-coont mhrn h* 

.nd taRini making 

tn foaiinni t» HA. Ito Dairtnwiitli 
Watlmal Bank in 'Hawwrr, IS H . 
(rflrr* no iiwia! •rnmiil for the 
■luilmli at ncU'iliy ria.niii<Mlli 

Slidani* aic fubitcl lo tto hhw 
'rwffmtily linffwiimd lervic* rtorn* 
patil by i:h* 'Mil tit Ito tank 'I 
riuti'wwn •(«* al M on a taalnni* 
thai svrrati** km liian HW a 

tarMwath' NalMial. a mmil 

iMi*-l>rainch bailk, camat allonl to 
mibildit* Madnnto by oMarint 
thenii ipMial accoimli. my* 
rMiniIlt* Riiiwrt, the hank'i vin 
proMdmt. He alito layi tto tank 
hat iH' incciiti'iw to do ni'. Hnat 
MlMltnl* l«vt tto am upon 

.lmllti'm.K l»y (he «»mplM of 'BA 
and. nartmoulh IVattonal, tarfr 
tianki -by virtue o( their 

ciKirmoui Mneti can wflord tto 

dtodnl II lM>tlff isleal <m ■ rtockinK 
BiTminl than cmn tmalle'r teak* 

SoBl* pcoplr. ho'UTwr. mmM 
Mmtgrmt. im-ludini! Nrll Gendcl. * 
.Sm PrannK'oa'ltorac) and anihor 
'of il l!iT.1 iMHilc on tMw to ' 'Break Ito 
B'ank*'". putiltihed by Sa'n 

Praiirw-o 'ton*umer Action, a 
privatr. nonprofit orRanlistion 

CetHlrl siyt larx* banks like 
Bank of America tend to to more 

imt'ficienl than ssniall tank*. Larwe 

liaidia abMt ustully find II caiter to 
pan on the cost of their 

Ineff'ic'lenry to their 
than (o elint'inato )ti 

itaiall tonki are not anlir mare 
efllcient. Ceodelt say*, ttoy are 
more reaponsive to compctiltioii. 
Becaone of thit. ttoy are able a'nd 
maf 'Willing lo alter ctoaper— or 
e'»-rti free- chefkinit tervtcesthan 
larite iHiiihi. 

Students paid for taking electronics course 

fh» irln-irofin: aaamnMy ai«l «• S»h(*ct» COHWld ttolial* 

'.Ttioft toaMnV |Ml«fWII; al «X'i«l»rl«t wadMH,. •irtoi, 

! I ,>rper tratoa Mwiatk' ilai- aaiplaiii- 'inn., factory aaacmbly and 

nmwi in Hi* alectnmr aaaaimi'hly tioa oi eleclmMc pniducto, 

ifidnatr)!. Knwim a* tto Comiit*- of 
•".'.-rtaMf BiniiloynMMl aat Ttnl 

< ' CETA I EleetMMilc Pradnctlaii onctUeattap*: 'Tto f i 

.!>iuUa- Ptounin, tto -pMgrani can- firal«M -are twinlil to aatli 

■iito of Ua ••alls of' MMaaHia roam*, aa veil aa iliap 

imtmliiK falhMnd' fey lam iaaaki' VI pnprr ui* of handtoala:. 
- npliigmieal-'placaiBenl.. 

iaoaii'-iraimnM in eleKtrpiik'S 
tp to •HffUle lor tto i>rafj'ram a 

parann must to a rt«id*'M of Kuliur- 

Inn t'ook i'ountry , M teMi IS years 
(if «iic. iinemploy«l seven worklnf 
I'luvi or uiiiteremP'loved a-nd eco- 

'nom-iea-lly diindvantatad. 

Inlisrested pcraani 
tto (ETA Office at 

'zx. students petition for art teacher 


'I'h* IwHWi' ft** It-aack man* 
riMf t'lalil hmri a day. Muiday 
thru V'ndai' el eadi amtk. CSTa 
pay* eadl .pnHlclpaat' an alto*- 
anr* of IM 'irkm.. m dadncliato't 
prr v««k lor (uU allaiHlanc*- Tlia 
n*il leaaion' «U) toglw fell- It and 
I May II. 

Tto |iro«rani toe* to'yond 
•aaeimbly and inspection lech- 
mqaies in prcparina the*e for 
employnwnt. No* tn prMani ana- 
.■•H' lo aa am^torer, lin« to' groaa 
■wwarir for a )nt> intorvlew, how to 
•rtto an eltecttv* applMralion and 
MalMain citoctivt pais* durtoi a 

a( Mafyaf'9 ait 

ttoir dlaapfimval of tto 

*•* recent deciiloo to lay oli 

Riuaty HenuK. an* al their art 
toaetort, by paaatof araand ■ 
patiiUon aakina tto Baaird to ran** 
Hcnoi'* conlrael upon it* 


TIM paMlan algnad by HI art 
iiudmilti iiitiait ihal th* Baafd 
uaad: laaHy lay afli aa Ma ai Hi' 

flnt meaauret to rountoracl tto 
failure of tto referendum iMtead 
of makini! tto lay off* an* of tto 
last allcmalivci a* tto Board had 
* it 'would do. 

.ludy Robins, a coneerned 
■tud*nl tn the art dcpattmenl. said 
that l>y latlln« Itenaw to. Ito 
■tudenti would to 'loalnc a 
valuable (acuity meiBber tn Ito ait 
department ' 

The iMTtition also ilata* 111* 
studenli' aim?afii atoat. wlial iMll 
iMppta In. Ife* 'Ma>* to Ito art 

deparlment'* esreptional 
reputotion if HenoK fa tant allar 
Ihii .vmeator i* over. 

HcntoK referred to Ito aludcnia 
aa 'conaumeri" »to eapa«l 
*aw>eIhinK back (rocn tto school 
when ttoy come to learn. Sto said 
tto quality of education is goinit to 
to towered by laying off lacidty 

ato said, are Ito 
tosuffer intto 

The Ml 


m^i | iii |M | | j| i i i ■ r . 

l.#ff ft to tfitf Edff or 

Senators commend college 

imnM iiiMinilicn at tdr aiailMa 

ItlMI* WIMld lllll> to CMMMII Ml 

ItW' cdmKI'mmi of Uir 'Hartint lM« 

HuilMilit hmv* 'ftwrn ciwnptammt, 
alKWf intulfM-twil iMrlimii Wf* IM 
ilial llMrr* t» kiimI rnton (or ttwrnf 
niniiilaltitt- But. (h* Ikrii ari! Uiat 

Ihr nairwF dws not llat*' tlMMlgll. 
mmirv lor [Uuwtnit 

Ttie iuirltln« liM* »n H ptr cent 
«'k»r niita mm: l»»e«r. tilt mmw 
mnMniM. is l« iMtvy fwr Uk <rol- 
Inc't vquiiMwiit. Tlw' mUcr* 

vM/fh It III 

•ttemfid In clear Uir Mini' anil 

kmrk ilimn Imilf pk* 

The eollcfe IhiiI«cIs for W.WM for 
lilimtnt; Ttiej' hate ifitfil lll,Mt 
for ptuwiiitt. ulUnii. and wifrHin* 

We «»<»1<1 like «»fO'0ii« lo know 
itiat the «H»ii» If dBUig mirjthttm 
pouiM* that tt 'CMi afford to dn 
cofiMmliic tilt iiartliiit kit», ■»» 

Tlwr* llaw ala» hmm 10 to IS 
ti'T'iileni* »ii c-i«riipu.% TlH .,n ' I 
4r«l!^ arr <lyr either Ifu-Mn. !i*n-fj 
i>iK iMi (aitl... m Iwauae tt |Mor vut- 
liili(> *l interMxtton* due to plM 

Tlir oiilaRt la trying to turndli! 
th« snow MI ea«n|iux. boUi at litlar- 
seHtnnii and in the Ms Tlw •uoo' u 
iii»l KKinK 10 itMrH It i»tH mum more 
Ihts winlfr W(^ hope that the col- 
h-L't' wilj Kiiiltnue to do itas Iwest to 
rleur porklni! Ms and fidcoalka, 
and to eiiaure the Mifely of ilu- 
■lenta. facutt)!, and staff 

Jitudent Senate 

(ireK Heuder 

Alan BerKStroin 


Peter Mahabaii 

Public safety defends acts 

Harbinger asks 
College compromise 

in ttK procem of cttailMitiiix fJm.Om froin tlw Wmm 

bitdRct. catlec't offictatt hmvm alkmattd the Harper facnlty. 
lM«fnt»rs of the (ariitty iMivV'iMiMM'tlMiir cotnpUinlS' to 
their unl«n w order to prtvent 'tlw Ktomt' of tlie H fwulty 

memtwrt. aw! lit Mm **> ^^'e cmmuS wmt at tlw 

Thf liartitiwcer (eels the l»ciilly, admlntstriitta imI 
'bmr4 of' tmatacs taml work tacether iturlng 'this period of' 
f iiMMtet crlilH. lor the food, of the ■tudetits and the Marper 
Colleite comiii'iinl'ly as a whole. 

It 18 imperative Hut the college form close ties to pro- 
mote a ataUe atOMiplMft within the colleKe 

The farult)- Imgihw lfH« when the iKiard aiwowiced the 
dismissal of 14 tawMng poattions Jan. 23. before attempt- 
(HK the faciily fklt. to make cuts in other areas of the 

They te«» unllad In prolait. agaliMt the board's decision 
bv lookinK lUii • ImMli agalnfll the board and by riling 
cnvvsnce agliM tlw iMnl te not reiKitidinif the letters 
of termination which wtre Milt to^'the faculty wMch were 
la id -off. 

We belwve fiaqMr offers an ncelietil education tor the 
sladents and community who attend the two-year college 
•nd would hate to see litis Jeopardized by an all-out war 
twiween facull) . administration and board of trustees 

One way to prevent this would be for the faculty . admin i- 
strMtion and biMrd lo work toKethcr usinic the Keduction in 
Force committee which was formed lo eKamtne awl suk- 
Kesl ways lo irtm the budget Somehow a compromise 
rnurt be reached to lht» problem which is affecting everji 
student, teacher and administrator at Harper 

We would hope all sides will make every effort to work 
Kwelher and cooperate m the inloraal of kacping the same 
biKh-<iuality education Harper hM iMl (or more than a 


Student awaremts urged 

For a long time students at Harper have been accused of 
lnnriK apathetic and uninformed of the Koings on at the 

( iiiicKe That's why students (low. and not at any other 
rioint m thetr lives, shijuld take it upon themselves to be- 
vome informed 

Rapid changes are occumng at Harper at this tliiw. So 
we urge students to become aware of what is happening 
und voice thair opimons . 

if ytw don't do it now. lattr fiiltlit bt too Ul*. 

i irtir RiMw. 

ThM' u a f«i|MMe to an artlrlt 
'«rill«ii by Ciiid> Caravelto in tlw 
'V'MwpMiits'" larUon ol the Har- 
Mtwarof If'eb. 1 

III 'tte artlele. Mm Qaravalls 
•-laimRl thai the PoblK- Sa(et»- It*- 
lut-imrni ulmoit riiloed her evtit- 
'hul*>' ('ln"i;fcw con«ft 
like to mate that tlw Pull* 
1.. .SjiinU (Wif»r»»hol 
M'lll'i Mm Caravclto. and i 
lo l«n« tlw hutlilMu ««n afil)f 

entw Itai ImiUlw 
urcHic 4tum 'W'hirh were auMKiaed 
t.i tK lorked Ml dmirs to the ad- 
UMiulralian huddlnit am lo«Hwd 
islHmt M'o houn oriic lo coficwrta, 
in acconlancc villi. UuNrurtlnmi 
(riMfi th* Student. Mtivitic* office 
The itartlciilar dMn where Mn 
t'ltnvello Mtemd Hie taiiMng 
M*n> lofktd. hut Ihc toi-kwg dewiec 
mm HrfMive. allMrtnt ItWia >a Iw 
>i|m'<e(l (mn Ute otilttle. 

The oftmn art aiaianeii ■■> eoii' 
fcru for i^earlly and cr»»d eon- 
ir»t .•iK'l luvt'iinieri from Student 

..<!. rri .irea unl'ii (he .dourt ofti- 
i'i»lly opcnal'i pm- 

The oflweri wrr* corrtcl lit iii- 
inii 'he't 10 Ko havk aimide anIU the 
do<M"< oiiciieit. Thit .prolia'tailit)r iif 
Mim Cirsrellu betnii 'miiilfed or 
.luMolled in xtme hMTIbte wa^''" •■ 
ti'»- iialMl could hanDtn. IS alDiMl 
imit-eiutent while **.llini| III tine 
» iii'i all the otlier DMidc '*llo had 
>i< kriii lo llw coMxit. Nohod'y hu 
■ 'yi't repoHMl teinii: imuMed or' 
.iMMiilled at llariHFf CwDaat fon- 
t rri 

'Hitt Cliineello »«» not beinn 
Ircalod. like a cominun rrimlnal 
Ste «m(i)v •** \mnt asked to 
lillMit try nor rrilo'laliuns conT'eni' 
>w eiitrv lo II i-tirirert There were 
iHi .iiiiiu iiHilnl .m ihi- diKirt hiil 

Msu Caravctio. •* a HarfMC Col- 
h*ne KlwdeDI. d<:n Have the ohtiga- 
linn to olwt' lawful direiitvet from 
Itw Pulilii- liafely Offlcen Her 
feam o( havinii her lerlli knocked 
iwl or iMHnit mared are ndlculoui 

We have had no lenouii firol>- 
lenH at ranrerts or other eolleiie 
p'Mltlji thl* year SluitenU and 
Riieitt iMvr artcri In a priiifMFr man- 
ner and oAleeni haee only to take 
iwntnuit cnloKCHicnt at-lion and 
(ia«c 'MFVir .iiMt ntnMiUrka or 
nacc at • coiKcrt. this year 

^M « tuned out., 'and at «lw 





See Debbie 
inA3 67 

xtoln) in her artirle, Mina Cars- 
Vello and 'her futer were allowed t« 
rrniaiti itnide ihv (wlldinK by tht 

I («(! •" iff him her evening 
<,'i)uJd ha\ !■ iM'rn rumpil by requir- 
irii: that Mw wuu id an outaide line 
u )th thr other |ie»pie who had tK 
ket* 111 the com-ert. She Is incdrrwt 
<n tilocin^ blame for almoiU rtiln- 
iiit: hrr eveninK on I'ubltcSafct}' 

Thank v«t. 
Kevin Kinti. Chief 
KariMsr ftiWir Safel v 

Club appreciates 
donation for trip 

lear Kdilor 

We wiiuld like to uM the 
'■ |Ni«ei to publkally 
tlw HMan nub of WlieelM 
lor their rennl and nenerous 
donation to Harper's Potilical 
Sw'tent'e Oub 

Their donation, added ti> the 
(undnt .supplied by Studcnl 
AftivtUes and .money raised by 
club mem'ber*. will enable «even 
sludenti to attend tlie I'nlled 
nation* Omlerewe in .*pril 

^t the conferrnrr these 
utiidents, peiiretennm: I'hi- 'IJ'mlell 
^rab .Kmtrates. will l» able tn 

partic'ipair iii iSeneral Assemtilry 
|iro<eedini>i!i and rammittet- 
arliiins . iimilar to an actual United 
Nations seiaiun This will he a 
valuable experience, eapecially for 
Ihwit «tiiilenu planninu lo piir«u' 
futun ('iir>-er« ui poliliral or 
mternational iitf»irs 

lime aKain wr Uiunk the Kotary 
('lull for Iheir mntrlbuUon and 
support (or our rlub's endeavors . 
(he 1 IN ton(erenre (» sure lo be ore 
•>( Ihe hii<hliKhlso(tht'*<:iMinl year 

The PollDial Siienrc I 'lub 

editor m-CMd 

Editorial /MaiMRinR Edilor 
Feature Edtlor 

Sports Editor 
PiMrto Editor 
Anl Ph«l» lidiiar 'CarloanM 


Debbie Tesctikb 

Sue Conniy 



ten Fredrickaan 

Sieve Mtwkal 

Terry Jawtmon 
Oorothv PIrovano 

SlaK Scolt Arnimam. rindy Caravetlo. Brad Caae. Mark 
Priiser Beth Jam*. Thor Kolnor. Eory Kortaa. Terry May 

Mall PrasmaKr, Judy Saundcrk. Mike Simkui 

Tbf HAHBtWER <» the ttudcnl pitMicatton for the Harper ColleKe 

> xiTipiu I nmmuiiiiy publiahed weekly eareft dunni; holidays and (Inal 
i-H.imji All tipinimH eitpreiised are thone of Ihe writer and not necessarily 
ili'»f »( (be rolleiie. its admmiatration. (acuity or sttidenl liody 
\ilvertiaini: and "liy deadline ts noon Tuesday and i-opy is subiecl to 
ediUnn. All tjelters-1o (tie-Kdnor must be tlKned. nairirs will be withheld 
iifion retineat For adveruatnn rales, rail ur write HARBINGER. Milltam 
UiiHiet Harper Cbilcice. Algonquin ami Koaelle Knads. Palatine III . 
t-imi7 Phone Mr.StN.ast. 461 

P«knMnr1t.ttra THEHAMBINQEI* PagaS 

Who in the blazes is Alan Bergstrom? 

KwM Uwnill 'HiMlMr stnilaMi 
voM aa|ili«i>w>f! Allan Romslnni 
■I SIIMtciH Saiwlt PrtaMeM. 
at tltiin dnn't llii»a mwh 
liUn or Iw loli 

Btriitrnin mM. "TIic S«al»'» 
nuMn fob I* ln<ti(Mlnii llw wttvllict 
fund " Hb main la/b m pmtadMit li 

«re tiara lo l»t of 'Iwlp lo atiidmili. 
tlitir lianlt an pmiUnUf im' at 
ttmr >M* atif inii^ vali 

ilM only 
riicoiinlcrs ia MHUhk m Uidr 
imaitt in Urn ey«t or Uiclr 
toMtUuenU. the ntudcnu. tw laid. 
"Ttwy don't know macti almiit ii 
Thty had mne minora iwing 
anuml luM year (hat wt wtra 
alMiiinic moiscy whlc-h it kiwi of 
liani for ut to do ttnrr mt arc 
«at<?h«d b» the adminidratlon and 

trnatac. Ma Hkrtahaiy mat 
ntuilMt. MMMnci an wmm to talk 
to .nudtnta « tMr ofAcc at alniMl 
»ri>f lima. "That'* on* rvaaon our 
offiM li Mgtt ■« (hair by tha iMMil 
laMca." Hw iiIi'iiiii, laid, "My 
llmt' • MiataM tmtM Ilk* to amm 

A' mmma and huniMaa major. 
n*t|ilm>iti uid ha dor* not plan In 
ito into iwttiia tairt for no* h* 
enj«ys tmim Invuhxd In Miidtnl 
woviraniMii vary nmeli. "I raa% 
»*• « bmtmm Mt }<* it rwiHj 
.. 'i aiMl' Mng limlvtd 

On* of lla unilaeti the Sanata te 
working on kmm is a Mhc path for 
■Italmt*. "II man tak* fmm m 
Kllal wt'rt trymN la do no* If Nat 
til* itrottiid work diHM-" he 

BaaMet Miik ■ tulUiiM itadani 
and a audml Scaial* Praaldcnt. 
Darnatnim do** mtintrnanc* work 
for a huikllnc m BarTtnRton and 
do** a IM of w>rk Kith tlie 
imalaarlta ccntar at Hariicr. H* la 

BcrgUroiii MiaawMl lUat II ■ 
fliMknt had any itrotilania at alt 
Willi a laarhcr. the MMtail eaiiM 
cmm Ut the S*nal« for halp. M* 
atld h* irouU lik* to •«• th« 
iirlvanre proctdurc aicalnst 
t«irh»n madt ihoftar and ranier 
(or ttiidaiita Vaiavtl m carraMly 
wwrklnK «» ■trtamlliilnit the 
IMwadwa. Bafgitrain cblmml 
UkM Ikt pc af i f t at Ml*' aat i« 

I Alaa BcrgHraa nil* lo kalp Madaal* with Ifcafr 

( pkala h)' Lm r rt*kk*aa I 

Student newspaper seeks 
ptfiofifsl to distribute paper 
In the early morning (7:30-4 
a,m4 on Mondays. Interested 
pmwns should contact 

Debbie or Sue 
in A 367, ext. 461. 

TIM HMWngar. an aqwai oppodunlly amployar 

U.S. Commerce office moves to Harper 

Th* US nopartincnl of Cara>- 
nwrcv aiiaiilary offln ha* ba«n 
moved to Harp«r anm>iinc«d 
Thomaa d« S*v». trad* ap«vlaliM 

in rhanc of th* offlca. TTi* ofric* la 

rocmarl}' loealad tn ICIk Gnw* 
Vitlagt. th« auxiliary offlca pn- 
vld«* inttmationat and domeillc 
markctlnii information to 111* (.M 
' in Ihc northvcst 
In addltioa. a* ■ 

tic and tntemational trad* publica- 
tiona «iU b« avallaM* to ttiadcnta 
and cominiinity ratidant* and da 
Srv» will icrve a* a giMit l*rti>r*r 


"Thia I* Ui* faataal (rowing 
indiiMrtai araa in Uw Uniltd 

SMM," Mid da Sav*. "Our aala- 

Hit* of fK*. Ih* (im and on* of oidy 
two (och offkaa In Ui* UnUad 
Stalaa. wa* e«tal>llalM>d last yaar M 
■*rvc tut* uniqiM- Miaation." he 

D»rin« lOT, tltnois' HI IrilUm 
eiporl sale* placed It a* Ih* aecond 
largni nport stale in th* United 
Slates Hnwrtrr. de S«v« reports 
that be spends most of hi* time in- 
forminK companies about export 
poasibilitie*. Only TV of th* State's 
1.3m manufacturers ar* vaportini) 
product*, whilr nearly »% of 
everything is eiportable," laid da 

Dunns Uw pait year, th* trad* 
sfMciallal has established the 
Northweat International Trade 

Oub and oMpoiuorMl with Harpm- 
CoUen* an acpoft i 

'The Small Buainaai Maikat la Ite 

WhU* a mcinbar of the Mh^ 

national Marketing DIvialan of 
Gcnaral Electric for thirteen yean 
de Seve spent much of his time on 
marketlnK problems in Latin 
America. He joined the Commer- 
i-ial Exhibition* Program of the 
US I)epartinent of Commerce in 
imn and spent sis year* directing 
that itroup's marketlnc operatinai 
in the Far East. He also handled 
regional marketing duties for WeM 
(lermany and Eastern Europe. 
Prior lo his move lo thr suburban 
ausiliary oHlce. de Seve served (Or 
three years ad Deputy Director. 
U.S. Department of Conunerce 
CMatnct Office. Office of FieM 
Opcratian* in Chicago 

ViaiKliW.aiat nl 

H aiack N. 01 at. i« I riiiiiai aaai 

«iT paowtCT I ratjiTiMa 







£ w 

• N 

awary Twa«. t p.m. rtlt T 

1/3 iMTlct drinks 


•varyday iwltn 
Lunctt PurclMM 

Frat popcorn 


PrMayt / SwiMayi 



Children nt or 

"Mew Bit* S.J*" 5??'?!'Y 

SHRIMPM.ti Clilcliaw 

ChlldrwitlaS ll.tS 

CMtdran «Sc 

Livt Action Pintails 

|« TNCNAAMMOCR FakiMWy 1 & ttfW 

'Life in tlie food chain' rambles, roclcs and rolls 


W«|:|, migrmm iMit ttart itilli ■ 
■immI: mmm nl 'lUMKiiir hmI tittm Uw 

mg%g*M 'UIBrtAfC 
nv%#'l% YIBW9 

Mfllif IVSWw 


psHMit hwtiti Mkf «niii«iii Umm 
hnt*' mitt' imMIm: mim MilMa 
mmitt inMii' *. Baft. ^iMMt lit* • 
■iMlf cTWflM ItaMT iMii Mmni' wwfsff' 
(.tr* Ml Um PMriehaiii." Mm iim. 

Mill tit wml w i M il will y 
'■Mil oMt Hm «liiir«i nlMnilt bmk 
In tttlliNMI •IMWI. IW> ill Ite' wwn^ 


bta Jiri*»l lie ()Mnm>:-kl m IMr ik)! 

-I'unfc)' Wtiim CtrfllMttun" 
IMM: imm UmI RMtdHM' «iin tiillar 
Mi-tMii mith (lut At KM TttaMH 
liriiM irumiMN t>n<ili.Mi n «iMl MK. 
^Mt aliM ■■« (11 to HMiiMl* ■ 1 
wil In r mcti. »lw tt a 
IM Smm «l Arc. An •aamalt •! 'Mf 

■ rranitd llist «• laaliii'ii 
ffliiiMplim' nam to matim 

Tlw rannl •■■■ many imltilllllw 
(■■r Dhi HI hiu till* and along •M 

a 'iwr> Mcfitatmg |MMi,«r will 'IiimI 
llUy makm "Jan' an*' «( lit.|pii^ 
twciar atUart. 


•M t«il Mit 'riaini' fw liav* no 

"li(» [■ Tk* Wtmtdmkf'' la 
<Mfiinnt aiMl naUil ht mm al Iht 

ataiptr I IP "t a( (Ma muMMIi. fta)' 

It liivlwi iMititi iir mtm )mmI- 
«l 'tit* III thr pMNWlMiln' 
«M!l^' vnMT MumBMUaa Ifrt'irt' 

tB indiMl. la 
■Miatlr Hal at Hmt elmr Ilk* 

•mi' I a* fitliiiy. all Hiil, aiay iMiVi 
In Ik* atawt. Utt' Mafal 
ioinirMiiMI. la 
witli iitarmc a 

nl flM rml I 
t>M»ll M ll 

KlMfir ft lilt aina Vila IMflMo aiwt 
•IS.W ■ ilclNi tw aat mt itmm. .. 
.Vml McCaicaay ia. IMo 'H( 
■Iw. miy ht !• makMii ll 
McCartnri has )«iat miMd a 
HMilmcl nith CnbanAia iC8S) 
Rwanla. TlUa .miakaa kka ilit 
t iM' Hit IMk' 

iint ilnii,)* :ha* hem 
ftwm cN» allMiiii. tliat I* 

Vanl la Yaa' Wm Tlgar in a 

• (I'mn Ikalr 

allniini SanwoMi 

rcitaam <!i>inln|| vp mam 

lapartraMf > urkadalad 

dal# ll Ftt, in. Gawta 


4alaliaaMi rai 

^iM mm nmek mtt af «i«rir daal 



Tha raiwliiMn nf IMmi Mlft' 

:ia ta fungi aM' a 
'■fw .IfeM .aRar Umi (Irat «».ni at*' 
Vamar' aroUicn. mf 'ttm 

•<«#«» fl tit aiMM alMMi iriial: tw 
4a ■ III*' Ml ll« hadclialni 

Ua Uif iiail Mitll i-nu .||MB'«ai. 
• eal IHa •inia and ilaiik D» llna 

CrcattMiy i 
waff' aaodi" f #v at 'ika : 
aitjt iiiiiiteilt '•» any il (He i 
mllitr rala Hmramr, llM kf oat af 
Ilia aUniMa P Irarka a>* « kadtr 

•■4 Pataiar ara ««ia)rl*t 
"tatamaltt AOR/TM rail* 

WIM and Oany miy ai«M Marllii 
Iwa ttatn kM«d out M the K-Man 
nf •!««*. Alter mrelvlnR 

n VMIiBr 'lanfiiacc. Iht 
i<4ialn' af alnfaa Mat dtrliM In dw- 
cafltlna* sclKmji all nl the 

daM kaa yet keen dta- 
. Allmaiin Brnthar fam 
Iw iM ti> know thai the 
iMWid tl MP« MrkiRK on « mimnn 

albmn Jaaa Kraal Hamy itoUlns 

la kcalnnliMi MWk nn kia new 
allMiiii. innnt' ha* taai c«ni|>lcled a 
tm track Japanaar tour. Tlie 
niuea Bratkcra are enloyina 
luitliMiarlde MM i Album Oriented 
HtM* I and Top «• airitlay <«l their 
alhuin Briefcaac Fall «( Bluet Bat 
Nataahi. I think 

the busiiat {tart nf tl all «i the eo»- 

WEA revnrds hat aniuHintrcd 
Ihal Che IM |in(v nfthe nevcat Had 
Stewart album irill increaie $tM 
krtniiinc thr roit aii lo a Marui« 
M<M a copy BUUnard MacatUie 
nrfMirts tlial Kahn FUcetramcs has 
wnn appruval from the (ederal 
OniRmunu-attuna Comimaaian lo 
be«in teatinK Us AM atereo lyitain 
In New Vnrk Mntarola hni been 
eapenmentinc with AM ilerM on « 
Maihv illr and a Cleveland itaIMn 
Mntorola ii also ronaiderinii the 
ThiiaKd tlatlen WON tor 

Harper Culteice iMMige 
(pm Hft3 

S»t Feb Jt The I 

■ and The 

Ara«im Hallroaaa 

«pm t»MfttM 
t'ri Mar vStavhaaMUa 

Auditorium Theatre 

Ipm fflM/HiO/fTM 
Sal Mar loBlvlat 

AraKon Ballroom 

Thu Mar njwt/t 

f>ark Weat 

r.m* iipm t» 

Aur V«M«d#Watera 
Harry li«^*i 

Two for one virus hits s/ioppers 


Fwl yaiir forclMMMl. la « «>a.nn'' 
f"*ein t'hnnth you may mal ha** a 

In « iiaaii. A*«M a elaah af willt 
■ a iiBa. fan hatnt tola at ampin Bt 
Mai Po r«i«areh aMl 

TAimWi lApfll II •• Mai »>- 



'iMMat*. Mot the tm* tor •IW 
^■airalalMMi. EntenaM and antoy 
<Milttn' •■' laiHii to adntalkMal 

OmiMI: tlHaf 11 to iane Ml- A 
rattier heii.ic lime when many 
lliMta* rvqiiiirv your atlantlnn. Take 
(IM itanc* tint M a eala awl 
nT'iianttKid way Ihir IM* ranilla' 

•nlf Uloaa acliviiti 

yoU' havt kaaii i ipait l i i a «( IkMr 

aailini0: km. S I* Mae. ni- 
Cnad lime In aa oear ymir' 
iilrlaMivei and hMit«M||t unati. 
Mew Mhrnnation 'Caa ciant it' fm 
that h«l|N your lirMrd' 'pvamaa. 
('•«Ml tune In plan 'and btaalify 
I'mir domeal'lr mmandlniaiiantf 
Irw'nda will help 

•AaiTTAfUW: <ll«. S Is Jan. 
Itl-Vffl«ir pare may be m Iwellr 
•.nd mahed that ym dwn'l take 
•MtuMh (iRie <Ml. to rent afid retraak 
ynnradf Spmt mme tune 'OH' 
yiwraeU ttuy rlmhei-nngrade 
vinir pemnal appearann' to took 
vtMir yery heat. 

CArHlCORM : lOac. a la Jan. Iti- 
Vonr work will h* eeiier when yoii 

IW with a Icyer 'lliat'i ealW liW' 


At llhto tine nf the year, when 
iliifiaa iktiiin in ndmt. thttt end-af- 
tftt-year •to«'k.. millloat of 
AnMftrana 'ranir In eanlari with 

UfilMlunaMT. there ti no cur* 
Inr the two tor one irtr«»". The 
imly iMim that arlenllfla a^re aiire 
nl at the preianl time, i.i tlial Ihii 

terrible alHlcllnn run Ita couna' In 

Mfnrtinl protette Work ileadlly 
and pallciitly. .Ulinw your lino* and 
aMectiwi to mate or laailann 
rna) patlmr. 
UtO: lJalra'laAll|.a:»«KlasMe 
per:«aiMl itaMa ani 'lafca eharae of 
MMir Mr If yow l*cl nmlaqwla n 
nrtain areat. wek espait adW'lM 
ami daal be afraM tw admit, you 
dual know" Van mat k* ealM an 
tn ilwa nanHi on a ptnltat. a> it 

Cel rauaM. up M yiNi 
are rawly tor poMMc e:hanwea lhal 
ar* omrrttii, Don't art uotiicM ai 

fiminilan«*f. (iMtuate-ymt can 


AOtlARIUS: (Jan. ■!» n*. H'l-«l time ta 

enMMWnt. Oat y* 

taith beaaly«iai 

•T««tiv«' now. TnaM your miaillMa 
and looh Iw Urn (adan lliat aranl 

<>r <l*rwr nony wed allantMin lao. A 
■iwrial prnl<rt yon"** woitail m 
rmdd tttlmniale nicely 
ncxsr cr* it la Mareli ■!- 
I'Ihr'I he •« nl im jwur wayt thai 

mm natlMna. Saak Hit advice «l a 

'WU teal nm^trianrad-lhey'll be 
iiM' la lialp. i%«plt ta i 

Stare nwaer* *larl thli 

rnnlaiitnut dUMW by ailvartiatng 

nn the radln. T V . and m the 

nrw'>pn'pa>r lhal Ihey're bavlnn a 

two Inr imr Mle ' ' nn jeanih. 

'Tht "iHo fitr am" vinia warka 
■M: met It hits your brain, ywi'd 
Mter 'br rtadf (a .iptnd anni* 

Rntennic the dnan nl file Jean 
MtoWtibmrnl . ytiur e»n prwfc op 
111 the dism Mnind waves Vaiir 
hinnd pr^iiure aky rm^keti as thnae 
Mnnd eeaieb 'punp their tulcea aa 
(•■I a* they can. 

Tnu've <-anliK!tad llic d t i B ii * , 
There"! nn f Miif haefc nww' 

The Villajte People are 
wreammn oat the words tn 
"MmIm Han" and you b«ioN>a on 
M* the nKka. ami tacfcs «( lar^out 
iihiris until you're planted' in front 
A( the i-MTmrt waist and inseam for 
vcMir pliyili|ue 

Sirctfhiwi your' awk back aa far 
aa ll ran pouitily no. a aenat o( awe 
nt-arwliclnii ynu Mntd you tc«l alek 
ti> M«r •Inniai'h There'* tui:h a 



realty Itiat m.uch 
All artimnd ynti. clientele an< 

The plae* ha 
liimad Mo a makeahW diaro 

A wave ol embarraaimenl 
enk'UUi you as ynu raallae that 
you're the only one not. doin« the 
Kew Vork Hustle 

Inude the meaiter dreaiin« mom 
ynu try on Uir Jeans but tiMy'rr 

wayloalieM PrrfecKH' 

Vnu deride In lake the tuisnckal 
(ilinMr. Init panic lurno thnitnlh 

tour tMMl> as you realue your 
cherkinic account reads lero This 
Is when you rspertence the 
liaretied tnmtue lymptnm Vnu Had 
It ditricull tti talk 

Vnu find ll even timrt dlCfiCHll la 
put dnvn tb* )tmm .and fla ktOM. 
'TtMs la .as cead a reason, aa any It 
wrMe a ruiiiier dierk. 

rtoti'l think Uial scientists aren't 
aware <i< this sickness or thai they 
don't care about it. it's )usl that 
they'r* presently learchinj: out a 
rure (nr the red^ag" syndrame 
which strikes anyone with a bock 
in their pnrkrt 

tkildHy.ynuambaiialr and kaain 
lf> rar*at Die sil'Ver MlkMnR Ikat 
rum tip the side aeanw and over 
the estra deep iKMliflB . 

The pftee tag o yervldea your 













Briefcase Full of Blues 

Blondes Have More Fun 

The Best of. Volume I 

Grealesl HiU 


Touily hot 

Minute By Minute 

Grealesi Hits 1974^78 

Shakedown Street 

An American Prayer 













Too Much Heaven 

My Life 

A Little More Love 

Ooh Baby. Baby 

Hold The Line 


Somewhere in The Night 

Vo«l Don't Bring Me Flowers 



fdbmmttXWH TNtNAWMNOn 

Seekers search for identity 


liMlien a> mmt thin tiMt. • 
pw PaMitr. Mai 
matn putpam is. 
"Sccklmi lo lUMnt eurMit**. and. 
ttekliiR ((> eiptrirnc* a 
tn»aiiin(liil. ■i>|>r»|>rlatc 
(M and 

flMftani. m mgmumuim ilan«d 

•v*r •tKbt years una, it 

■wH M IMr HamJllM, (rtandi and trcaamw 

l» JoUt Ulc dMamil lawtb 

of llM elilt' 'iMkar Malt iBMillar. 
Katk)/ KtifmM»' aM Ulal a M «i 
itwlcnla jMn Um club Imwiuit tlaf 
art llTint In U te. Ttm^ art tryiMi 
l# ••tablifh a ptriioiinar 
rtiatfomhio villi Gad nrllli ttm Mp 
til •••kcrt Inalcad of • clwrt'h 

MMa< NeyiMtdit ajtid lliai altlHWMll 
many itMknti niuld like to flap 
ii> and talk villi ihmt for a vililt. 
iiMNf of tttm iln«.'t bct;aiiat' Uicy 
don''t van* to i>oniait llieinclm lO' 
anirlllliic. Himmttr. on* docin't 
lia«* to HKO or pminia* an;i>lllinc 
wlitii Itwy .HOI* by ttm biioltlalilC'. 

Talkinii with itraniicra kai 

lirlfwil lMt>d-ti|i rnnMimcw amonit 
tlM Swkar iBcmlMfri Smnrtary- 
Nanry SImim tald. "You 
■cani'toiiMll villi iMMpI*. 

uito|v(d in ticiifetfi' Itwy may nolo 
fSrowl'h Croup iltt«llii(t« rvery 
W«ln«<Jay from II lo US* p m 
■ ml Thtinday torn II.' 1$ lo l:li 

Then an ate vackly «il> 
raniMi* nt««> TucKtay nictili 
tnm T lotot ttor mpm at 11 S. 

F:<rantlon. ArlinKiM HvicMa. 
I nrar Mt PraiKCt Hlgll ScImmI on 

ISockan alH hold* nuMithly 
parties and hhb nlRJili Sevsral 
wTCkewi mitinni and rttrcata aa 
wril m cannnaK trips and a »«afe- 
iMlIt canoe lrl|i are Mmi planned.. 

Any HiMleniii MieUnii l« kaom 
Uianiialiraa and oUiers may atop by 
Ibv Seeker booMaldc or rail 'Paator 
t lM-t4& or Miss 

doe* deride lo gel ReymklialjillMWl. 

Theatre auditions this week 

AaHttran*. lor lb* Harper Collettt 
HlwttV Theatre'* pmdortion of 
Thai .IHimiwIral Scapbi by .Moliere 

vill to 'held on luejday and Wed- 
naaday. 7 in AM Thr ukIi- 

liilM are .apen to ail Mudrnt*. staff. 

.and (acttUy. Copies of the K-npl 
•re on reserve w Ibe I.B<: 

The play ia under the ittr«<twa ti 
sfeeeli and Ihaalrv matmctor. 

Mary Jo 1 


Ira and 'prodwjml by MaUarr In 
Mtn. The play M one of the 'many 

vt'ritlen by the rrencb' ptoyvright. 
w'hiiar play* have given the vorld a 

ric-b tapestry of romv thararters. 
Some of hia mail popular worka 
were tareieal and lued characters 
OMl tit'Uation* flnl crnted in the 
conunedta daU' arte, a p«tptilar 
l>l>r> III ihraire that (lounsbcd In 
Kuropv fm avar t«o hiwdnd 

Two ftitxtainr'nlal Ini|.r«dienla tt 
Ihv CDOUlMdla mre improvisation 

ami MPck cbaraciers. Aclori 
worked Ml a basir plot and llwn 

Tahoe Auto Brokerage 


up to 


Any Amarican nuMto Car 

*«WC I'tepFortf 
•oicli Ltntoli Mertur'» 
iMtMm. OlO'Wwwinie 
CiwwO'iei ^v^^^m. 
i' C^r'ffJer i*ti'mouth 

Call RaiHlv Oray 

1011 Umm\ Lan« 

Falal'Me^ iti»noit 

The ae* l>rerr«nasellag ITantcr Is 

hihMc A 

impraviaed diabmae and artinn 
Rarh performer played Ihe same 
cluracler vilh its ftied qualities 

and. (?Mt.aiiic. The Scoundrel Sca- 
pln la baaed on Ibc ronunedla 


Two wtaMiy bnl mmiy lathers 
live in the aeaport of Naples Their 
two tons do the unspeakable- they 
cbotMie thetr bridca witbool. the per- 
laisainn of Ibe fathcn.. The rest of 
tlw play coneama Mitlf' wttli the ef- 
forts of tbrir servants. Sylvester 
and Scapin. to vln over the fathers. 
This IS arromplished chiefly 
Ihrouteh Ibe runnliiK and the trlrk- 
<*ry <>r Scapin, ■ thorouKhly vin- 

Moliere's niitwdy vtll be per- 
fciraiRl in Die TV .Ktudio. Biiitdtnii 
F \ special dinner theatre park- 

oKe will be avaiUbl^ For the .April '7 
performance. Tickets will (o on 
Mle 11* the Student Adivittes Office 

in Ma.rchfora.UpertomuiM-es. 

Far (nrUMir information about 
the AlldltioiiB on rebruary 1.1 and 

14, conlMI Mary Jo WIlUa, .AM. 
rit lit Students who waul to work 
tm crews are invited to attend one 
iif the audition cvcitlniei or see 

I phala by Mart Fraserl 

Radar Ranger 

KMIar Ranftr 

run II 




Fm aiasi 
Campact Sits 


Oi»*t viwat and 
audilMe 'warntnp at 
n.t. Kanoomer 

aapff lni»ntai bands 
I inio I i<|M*r 


Ustprica \W* 

Worid Wide Amio 

P.O. Box 691 

Palafintr lllifwis 

Peer Counselors 
open new bootti 


The new peer coun*eltn« center 
i!i the newest atiidcnt service on the 
Harper campus It is a ccntralisad 

inlormatmn and rounaellnK center 
ntablished tbrouKh compromise 
between President James 
Mcfirath and rownador Bruce 

McCiratb saw the .need .for a 
Iwllcr uiformatlon center Bohrar. 
director of the peer counaolorinii 
procram .said that the peer 
rounaelurs nrver had an office of 
their own liefore. makinR it 
difflmll for students to locate 
them. The center was Ihe perfect 
ansver for both men 

This new student service 
welcomes those who find it 
uncomfortable talkinw to Ibe 
professtoiial Harper counselors It 
proviilea asalilanre lo Undents 

CMtemplatinft coUeije transfer, 
and throuKh the center can be 
found the location for any buihtUig 
or service on the Harper campui. 

It ha* an equally ideal setttnc 
beinij the first thinK seen by 
students cnterini; through the frwit 
doors of A It is bordered on ooe 
side by the bookstore and on the 
other side by the louime area. 
vliich is the moat popular student 
iialherinK place nest to the 

Freshman Kris SandberR likes 
the Idea of the new center. U's a 
place where students new to Uw 
nhool can find someone to laUt 
lo ■ Sophomore JUn Tilmon acrata 
with SandberR but adds thai "more 
publicity IS needed to mform more 
lieople ol il 1 eiistence " 

All interested studcnii are 
invited to drop by the center. It will 
he open from ■ am to ) p.m 
Monday IhrouRh Frulay 

DeLaurentiis produces a winner 


.Movie hmwuI IXno IMLaurentlla. 
popularly known for produnai 
nirh .famous turkeys aa "King 
Kimit" and "Orca the Kilter 
Whale", look.* us il he's finaUy pul 
hu money Drhind a winner 

"The Kreal Tram Bobbery."' 
iM'Heit m the true ilory of the first 
iiiajor theft of itokl from a mttvinic 

train iMick in IW. w Ihe talrsi 

i:>el.jiumnii»«ii.ry into the movie 
irwrket. and believe it or not it's a 

•Imnn good one. 

tde nw-wii for the quality of this 
lllm<. M that DelJiurenliii Irfi the 

produf IMi o( the movie in some 
V'ory capable bands, ooe of them 
Itcimi wrilcr-direi:tor Michael 
OK-bltw.i "Westworld". "Coma" I 
( ricbton is said to have reaearriwd 
Ihe slury fw 'two years prior lo Ibe 
f ilma producUan., and H shnva. 

Mis atleFlion paid to the smallest 
details, from itn Okie Kntilish pub 
l» a niid-Viclanan mansion, are 
painstakinii This authenllrily 
cwmbined with the tpedacular 
pboioKraphy of the late f^eofl 
• iiupemian" I Unawaflh. Is whom 


the film wM riKhtfulli dclicated.. 
i-a.p*ure» the niooil and stmuiphere 
lii<-kii'i|t in ntaiiy period pictures. 
Be Ihu at il may. th<! libn is still 

not complete without it's knockout 
caid iiean Connery heads it as the 
rharminic criminal mastermind. 

Kilward IVrre. who is retpoiisible 
for the whole ordeal As Pierre. 
fonnery sh'Owt wee what a 
line lea*»« man he ii . whet.her it's 
in Ihe role at a villain train robber, 
ar aa the irreproisible D«7, you 
always like to let htm came out on 
I lip 

.SurrinK aionR 'With Connery, 
(Kniald Sutherland, well cast as 
Altar, a ceckney Rnxlish 
pickpocket locksmtlh. and the 
heaaliful I«slie Anne Dewne of 
Upstairs, tlownsuirs" Came a* 
his very enlicmK mistress This 
ntmbinaimn creates an attractive 
mmiiial tno. and you wind up 
really wantuii Iham la set away 
with it 

Vou i!an actually divide The 

Oeal Train Kabbary" lata two 

parts, the first half concerninc; Ihe 
intricate planninft of the crime, 
and Ihe M-cond beinn the crime 
Itself I prefered the first hall. The 
audience is taken bark to llSt. 
combination locks and dynamite 
hadn't yet been inveiiled. and the 
only way to crack a safe was with a 

The process in which Connery. 
Oowne and Sutherland track down 

the lour seperate keys needed to 
pull ufl tile caper provides Ihe 
film s most entertainlnR moments. 
Not to downplay the suspense of 
the actual robbery, or the darbig 
ttutttmirk done by Connery, as he 
ducks bw bridges while ruiuiMW 
nlitp a mwvinii train But if Ibis fihn 
has any weakness, it's a aeemuuily 
rashwl. and duappointmit ending, 
thai lust un'l up to par wiUi liia 
rest of the mime 

All in all though. The Great 
Tram Kobbery" is top-notch 
entertainment, whose pluses 
itreatly outnumber lis minuses. 
Its a pHture book view, of a 
historical event. In a tune gane by. 
and It's release just conldnt have 
come at a better time 

l« THENANBINQCR FabriMry 12. 197* 





7h§ D—p 

I bf Mm Mt u fc t AclMtif* 
ClMaral CMn«M«c to t*t>UL • ».■. rrM*;' la m». tuimAmlimm I* tl.M 
tar aMI*. II CWMt IfT MaitMi. HariMr MmIvMii iimI Hall ar* ■tfaiit«i>4 
few oMi an to tr •«tl>il« tmt4 Th* fn>||r«n oUI ramlM •! ww** vl 
It, Rami MMlCluipla. 

Clll5 fllMtt 


Students learn to survive 

dMlUf wrvliM* nf thC' InUXulMwi 

•Ml til* intfMrtdtutt'i iMiInf of 

iwit of, l« Mang. M. lit :Mtntiry 
with Dm wuvtrWIy (liiMty." ac- 

n>n|.lnK <»' UN' Mtn nf Stiutcnt R*- 

'Is ITltiCalllf J 


early. B^adfkalijr far Hit atndtnl 
It imaaM iht rliiM inatltiitliin. Um 
rijlllt iiraitrain. ttw rtuM courac- 
•ntry level. Uw rlieM financtal aid 
(tackaic llic riRhl liatiainit 
afnumainantk ana lav rinM aa~ 

Iwr lii Hit lara af a liirWUac alii- 
<ial.pmiiaaiiliiai taa», 

A Sjffafiia* ltni«nll> ifimt 
«»icltHla<l IIM "Th* amounl o( !■»• 
famtal Maractkn wnli racalty 
MliMla' tlMT eiaaaroum and Iht da- 

^ Ml. 

liaw f^wiava 'in a ili 
Iw laa^vw' ar .iMiRy . 


ctellamitat than thaat vba 
iltaivatf aal. "Thii Uadlnt 'itrMHf 
Ijf aaniiaali' 'IM Ma'yari. wiwn 

Th* M'WfiM i^laatly *a«i thai 

(amlt.} nnal lnip«ftaMalll|.aa<l 

Miwlant rantat-l In ai4ar lacrt ll» 


"Th* lack of a ainnlf Irani, masii- 
imtM ralaiii 

■ad "Ito lack Hi in- 
to a ■arllivWIa nay 

■Mm in«il»*<l IM lilt Mrlal 
ar IM* Diiivtrmty." tin r»- 

iht Uaivfrittji 1 

wM lorm (hrmigli lia .nail • raan 

twdttirta. laii acnltaBlr 4l««tall|'. 
In* rtitareli. Iha paaaittia' 'hiaa at 
Iha 'Itmare wHmh iprrralvad as 
lif)i In aradtmtr IrMdan) i and Uw 

itnala. fant-cll atala. Tlia '"*• 
4m\ nallf hnaa a^r wt an 

F aw'ww aalfl: to.aia'Wipafi,. 
rtilaii to-laafW'.ar mt 

mtH. ti:|M«taUan ar 
*f n iiHil. imiMnaiM to mt 'iael- 
■mtm to itai' m drafi' aol. 
Pint alaaiaaftaara lay 
"'TlMi fmt til mnlui «n i 
jrv tiMF inoail n1ltt-al to < 
ii'iil wliPtlKt' a iluiltnl la i 
m»f ar Imim. jkadenta ■mmm at 

lUir MMNallani llHf aia inw, 

ll»r)' sr* haaKally Ay. Utty' ai«' 
.-tt>'<-<i bv (to* UiiiM ralln) unlvtr- 
»iy lyflta^twnlly. it'i hard (ar 
llMB M |M haoM Mi.'la ■»<>»■» 

'(liifl af llw te'iM rMTUlltof ImnIi 

fvaaaiil ftadcnl budy A dia- 

irmiUtd ■tudmit who Itavta will 

nrvcr rttura in iht hacnt canunan- 

iti' MrMR "I fbllad: ' rallier fat will 
iiutlmt why Ihc colNlt (alltd 
ton Thv Idaa tt the tatiaf M eua- 

iMitH' htMif lilt dtnrl aalaaman 
hai dlrarl aMillcatInn la Milar 
Kl'ui;«IMn." rtada Uiv nparl- 

■ CAMPiB mem NKum 



haper Qolege miBic mcxtiie 




Valentine Classifieds 

MITCH - Til* typtoal J'fwiih 
MAW. alwayi tiwr* In lime of 
natd Thank you Haivy Valen 
(tot'i Day l^ve, Dtbtiit 
GKEM Funny (aras may cnmt 
and ito, bui ymn ii Ibe rulal 
imt I knnw ' lla|ifiy Vaienlint s 
Day havt. f>*W>i» 
SIG 4 II, 4 (1. 4 0, txinny and 
Mant ahow. Sun f'lly. prtlly 
gaud (or a (>«man anowflakt' 
Happy Valtnline'i Day Lovt. 
tto hhit 



SATURDAY » 30 A M t« S M 
Gair Mill Shop Cir Nllta. 

Cnanpamon lar II yr old mala M 
whaeteliair Daylimt hoari 
nalsr I37S an toair Call after i 
pm.*m-7Vm Kit Grove ar«a 

SladtMi Part-Uat 
Eirellrni opportunillti tor 
entbiMiaattc •eU-motivaled in- 
dividual* Laam all latcta «l 
rntaurant i 
work within a 

liBinadlala hdl and part-Uana 
openings; a Itrriftc mancy- 
maker (w Uudtnta with tcira 
time- We prefer wprttiwi 
panona. ll yra or aljir, 'W9lt- 
fcr altraciive atarttag wafBi 
and cacaurage growth within 
o«ir eipandtng company Call 
Jalm Kollar at «S4-«M or Un 
Cardwell at m OTJD Peddlers 
Beer a Brat. Woodricld 

w'if TIME HEiF iSiwii 


Young man to operate a pan 
togrtph engraving machine 
Haura Monday, Thunday and 
Friday S .WP M to t MP M 
atoi kMcday »:» to I:1W.II. 

»l* Golf Mill !»i.i|) fir 
Nile*. UltmMi 
Full or part-time work (or 
engineering oriented alwleiil 
Eltellenl wage and hcnefiu 
Fairfield Mamilaeturing IITM) 
(Haie St . Algflnqiim. Ill fiH 

WHCM. Harper'* itiMkai radio 
alatlan la tolercaled in creaUng 
a newi team Journalltm 
•tiMlenU and Mhtr Mudtnl* in- 
lantted iiltould »tap by room 
AlSt or call euanaioii M* far 

MARK • Sprrtal months, 
•pecial days, ipecial hoars, un- 
lorgeliaMe momentt ■ We're 
going lo make it Happy Vatcn 
lints Day' Love always. Terry 
RICKA Than« lor being a 
wonderful Valentine U)ve, 


Driver needed lo pirk up and 
dt'liver uniforms (or full days on 
Man and Wed Drive our van. 
steady, good pay Clean City 
Advertising Studio needs all 
around helper Learn some 
light art and camera skills 
Willing to do pick up and 
deliveries Must have car and 
flexible hours Call Linda at Wl- 
im Rolling Meadows area 

JOBS t>N ships: American 
For«-ign No experience 
required Escellenl pay 
Worldwide travel Summer job 
or career Send 13 00 (or infor- 
mation SEAFAX. Depi FIS, 
Box lOM. Port Angeles. 




Work part time as a Courier 
(picking up ads. delivering 
copy, etc I while going to 
school Must have car Mileage 
and salary Hours are flexibte. 
NO heavy lifting Come in li 
talk to in 
" typalraa". Palallat. Wl-t ga 


'Naad any Ijviat daw! 'Farmer 
ekcciillve secretary will do 
lyping al home Accurate, 
reasonatilc rates Call2aa-3375 

To the owner af a red car which 
slid into my parked tan 
Mustang m the circular drive 
behind A Building on the 
evening of Tliursday. Janiury 
II I Im rare if you look, you'll 
see some of my car's tan paint 
on the drivers side of your car i 
Ease your conscience? Help mt 
pay the repair bill' Call Jane - 

Shi IMitt • RaicMt .Racar. :iiie 
7 RS «0 Call IBMIM Aak for 


Ohaus Scale Harvard irip 
halance. stnfle beam 2 Kg cap 
Model 1490. like new. 1411 OO or 
best offer Phone 3»7 1W!« 
TS PmlD wagon, 4 speed, air 
conditioning Good condiliun 
Must sell 11150 (10 '4!i»»JII or 
Mi-4«4S AsklorJerrv 

One Econ study guide lo ac- 
company McCunnel seventh 
edition tt 90 Call Sue al 2S3- 
T5l3orciit4M ■ 

fo^nimtttitn TMEHAMlIIoE^I!^ 

Cadet tells of life in AirForce 

Staittm «M •• • ctdvi «n Urn 
MM) SUlM Air Po„, ,„<, «am 
jP_** ' •" •rammnto imtjor. who ■■ 

J*!'. Il 'lafett list, •nd It iMik 

■»ij» «!»■' M ■mm iwt m 

T*f: w*"' »■• ■ *»y 10 ttil ami 

■** *• atlMM Uw A,r rwc« 

¥«•! 'HIIIIHI ftntii until j«iu>,, f^ 
••••%' '■upMnielna ••." .ilie MM' 


■ TT«V»«il(l' m* Jn«|, »,» ill 

•nuW juM dtwMwl mi fm ma 
»i«1 ihaMtoi •II thMe qi»itait» 
•ml Maf* you in iImf i««. ,i„ 

MlM Gliiftr. Only <*»«fitf.».||»|| 
•**» •««» tang in tmmm. *• 
loi hjl In ihc chaai whik fwlng 
througii ihe itliMacle cwirM and' 
"«(f««l a «»n>|M«<l lung ,Brf , 
il«*n inftetion ■ ■ I /tally tlim t 
•J***"*" pmail, hii tninflMitt.' 

««• Om«»r «r«l:Balrt (tmi 
KffllUnB Mfadowi Htuh JKrhnl in 
Ifn aa a pmniitia 
CM( TiM'Mr'inintt 

■•» Mtai Gioair «tlt _ „,„ 

tal*, .ro«»)f m racaiv* and iivr iwt 

nil w a kind M a wlmr* 
•**. HMa«lnaar«aMal>)MitilM 
H ItatninK tltai included 
I *■*• »ay Ihrmidli an <»l> 

"ttn liad »o take ytmt gnn wHlt 
JJJ^Thf ii|i|»r,»«i_. m II* 

•"Lalar fliai rmmn$ I wa* Itaviw 
irwMt braiDiinii and m iHcy lagk 

•n* dust kem hurmig and liiiitiM 
•itdlmnini, " 

H»r aMort tlay in ilw haaMat 
>mm mif Dm «ii|a. -niny mm 
I* flat iWi MM •■..aaan aii paaiittia ■" 

■alMsnc* Irainmc 

..A^ ^ -•«•«•» the flMwlttlt 

'■■■m (KiJwa rnrnn llw ■•(•«*» " 
»lw» ak<u«d tlHrir auiltorKy tn 

"SIT'"** ■*^'"* ***«■■ 

I. y«u kad i» Or ttand 
li« Vou. halt to Mart 

- .^-,-_,j(a«na«w:«ii»'-&r-|(' 
*««ltl*»djf achtd you a qiMaiiua. 
«*••• arafa Miy (wir rniuMiac* ' 
Vtaair/ "Mii.ijr.- -str. i danai'M- 
'imiiand.-and'mtaeiiw, ilr- ■■ 

Tha cal and dry altitude dii 
Vm)pt4 hy (kv Acadrniy le(j no 
faatu toe anyona t» try to say any 
iMm «IH' HmH' niiat ihay. ^^ ,^ 

"^^•••■••■P' 'Willi.- Mid 

•«i«a tiingar. YItt pwair that tlw 
a|W«rcIaMniM had war tNw 
laiiow' l«iwt«ia»»nitn was • 

«*!• mwidlatf «f( In ium om^ 

etaaaeaaitiNf Academy 

MaaMManaua .nMiint mm in- 
"Mliiil-BfarjNiiit'mimyit,, Pa,., 
MMl pnBBMiinni •■!» aimaat iwn 
t*H«m, ■•Vim <>mi:idn'l laka any- 
Mm «* ymi (;iri» nm (« hrmt 
m* WMlarclMto.. iMil Mhcr than 
ttat. yaatjouida I Itttnt tByihina 

Kurlng aummrr traininR Iba 
«a.(m cauJdn I even rtiew gum or 
*•« i-aatl*; Omm vera farMdin 

"*Vou Muldn'l wear cnniarl len- 
tm taeeauM thenr mm no ttnw la 
lake (are ,»l Ihem, »«,d M,„ 
(»'n»Br, a Icm aearer ticrwlf In 
»«eid. the wa« iitued a pair of 
renulanon gimtn tuH like tlie 
•» evtfy«me eli« »■»% wt-arini 
«•• &n«ef madr ^ ,wmm why 
•Be Nutdit I «Mr her regtiJaiian 
flaaaaa She lold o«ici*b Uial htr 
«**'ly iaaiied maaM did„-, ,j, g- 

«*■» tHey had hmfecB. "Tliiy're la 
nHV.-'Eiheiaid "^"■« 

■ The otwle Idea wa* to faring you 
all dmra i« the lame level, make 
y«> (eel like you re all the ume 
U«ey got you up al 5 « and ran y«ai 
around the lerraio a rouple of 
tl<ii«a(ial«fehreaWaM " 

The "lerraio" ihc eKplaincd, i« a 
h«ige wacrele patio where cadelt 
would line up everyday Ilwaialao 
wied a» a plaee to make cadets 
march around If they naadad In be 

" Yiw could never kmk anmad If 
fmy caught your eyec wandering. 

Uiayd atway* yell,- ftim Gingtr 
aaid referring to the upperclaaa 

ii»«fi who were lilting at the laMea 

. »._ -Tethrcidetawerehelnf 

Mlia CingM- latt iiM aailng was 
lot a caiual eveni to be taken 
lightly When yo«i were silting 
*twi» la eat. you ntuldn I talk For 
Ihe firtt quarter rrf the year, you 
had lont up v«jry ittraighi at alien 
liiin (0 eal Altar Thankigiving, 
they lei yau ill normally \'«, situ 
lia<« 10 watch your taW* manners. 
aheaiid LWnrlunately. the cadets 
itill eniilila''t lain. 

Keom inaperlHMi played an im- 
portani role tn everyone » life ai 
the Academy Each day a Cadre 
•wild iMoie in lo make ture thai 
the roMiia were in ahii^chap* or 

■ ■ Vi<i» clotet. alwaya had la be in 

regJiblion order, jm Ihc way they 

Ktld you lo set u up. «he'.aid 

I'niloinu had lo he spaced apaH 

•"enly. »|„. »,g„ „,^ g^^^ 

4mmr drawera had tn bmw up in 

• cMainway 

Academy regulatiun* »eemed 
ataiait impouiblc for any sane 
penan to <»nlorm to. but it was 
*>«ie Why would garbage ciMi be 
pal in the ranm* If they had lo be 
empty at all iimet" Thai » what I 
could never underatand. ' M>tt 
Cinger said Ii waa really dumb 

The tnlense preaaure lltal wan 
directed towards them, made 
jome of the cadebi brwh down and 

MwK Ginger kepi her iamiv bv 
• playing it like a game Each 
nighi ihc and her two ronmmalet 
would gvt tantntmr in their rwiiii lo 

talk out the day » eventa so that 

naoe of them would loae their 


A» bleak aa her life picture may 
Be painled. lomc things did go 
riglil for her while in Ihe Air Force 

While the wax laid up tn the 
•wapilal with a cailap»ed lia«. ibc 
<>•«■■■ In receive lutontig haanH 
frami her imc to-be fiance 

Just like in a storybook romanee. 
the two cadets (ell m love and now 
plan lo be married in the near 

Even though it was frowned upon 
oy the Academy. Miss Ginger kept 
a day by day account of what went 
«l tluriag the year she .pent ,„ 
i^Morado and now she plana to pot 
her diary into hook form to be puh 

In her book. Miss Ginger will 
deacribe the coldnets that the 
Academy seemed lo tie turrouitded 
by Shewillalsorevealsomeofber 
reasons why she decided (he Atr 
» orce was not for her 

■f m hoping that maybe aome 
W» ete can benefit fram what I 
fiMiniwl ahiim ■«» place." Ihe laid 

Milt Ginger it currently 
•tudying Fconoailcs at Harper and 
Hxi lo contmue her education at 
the Umversity .jl Illinois ihu (.u 
Her fiance. Todd, is a pilot at 
I^ughitn Air Korc* Baae In Teaaa 

For anyone who is mtereated in 
gniBg into the Air Force, Miss 
Ginger has some advice 

If you want to go to the 
Academy and you're sure that's 
what you want to do, by all meaM 
go." she laid 

Miss Ginger ii glad lo be back 
living her life as a civilian without 
the demands and pressures of Air 
force llle One year al the 
Academy helped lo give tome 
direction lo Miss Ginger's life and 
will hopefully be the »tan of a vary 


New Haven. C T - ■ T h e 
a(ii»«ph«fe„ araumt (he Yait 
•"»<"«il.*t«i«aaiiiaMt inal wat tMch 
w,Hh, oM'tw and comrovera, , The 
cowrlroom was jammed with law 
ttudanti. potitii-al activists. 
htmaawivei. admtnlstratars. 
•ItHiNii., (be praai. and sladenis - 
•>»«*» women - whO' filtered bi 
and out dunng the two dayi ,af 
twatlmaay In the hati ouMldc 
•»>«iMlh, the talk among the 
•fcaarteti waa maatly abaid Ilia 

iitiKihanta vl Vale'i Manse, and. 
Mftlmafety. about why Vale waa 
■oMC lo such lengths. 

« Ihe ontveraty i* found guilty of 
•Itowina and falling to provide 
udetjuate proeedoret for 
femedylnt aeaaal harrasamenl. It 
■lands lo laac all its federal 
aaalitanct. If Prtee wMa. the 
"■hiwl wUt have to te( up a 
erievanee procedure Wtiy.then. is 
Vale pursutnc this 'salt *»„ 
aN,M,r«aai'*cly tn me tm* audi 


Male ego." tgplained one 
Mlumniii The man with her. also a 
V«ti». elaborated harshl, 

VoMw got to remember that thia 
place was ali-mabi for M year* 
and wanicn were brought In 
largely la mUly Ihe aaxaal daaire 
of Vale men Its * racist, aciial 
Hla« Usammpleasthat ■ 

KiMime Alenander. one of Ihe 
original ci^^plamltfls m the caae 
ware dunahly ipecuiaied that 

mm in the beginning, and has to 
""■ep up thai prnfile • 

While Yale officials and 
attorm-yi withheld out-of-court 
mnment until the ease is resolved 
Price's allies m the courtroom 
evinced some worry thai Vai, , 

estrem* position' might have 

One vouni! woman, who. at the 
« ife n« • member of Yale allomcy 
William Doyles law firm 

deacrlbed heraelf ai a friend of 
the enemy." iiplned (hat aeiual 
polltin shouldn't be decided in 
the courts ' Neverthelets, I think 
this a a really important problem, 
hul ihis i.,„ t the nghti caae They 
ahouldve walled for a alrmger 
one What (hey need la same 
lilonde. blue-eyed together 
woman " She flounced her hair b) 
npprmimation of togethcmesa 
Pamela Price is black 


TMEHAMMNOtn rttoMryUltTt 

Basketball edged by Joliet 

Faltowlnii In it R«i Warring. 

If. T**** an Ikr nasi rrfmlar •*•■•■ 

< MarMngar lUr piMM I 

Wrestlers ready for nationals 

Th* ftovtr •iiallinf Miin mm 
mtmt am rmt part gf Om mamm 

m ilwf .iirfiMra' to ragMnal* in 
hnpn ttl. ■ (rip tu' 

ThellBittaf . _ _ 

WMl Mil Mmrtlnt: Miili Trltmt 
and MmUvtM tmniis to pmit a f Inal 


TM* HaKliii have tvo 

national wiaUleo ui Mlkr HtH 

ami Jo* Rna K«l wili 4r»p lo III 

ll». Iw III* ragtonal* and Hmm vtll 

•(•Ml* Mia Ha. 

CHadi NoiB. liwilac* !• very 
nnlHal tMal Rim aMl Rail wilt 
qnailly afiln.. ".Mik* hai r*a% 
ttnMl Ik* awiMir bwI iHiNilii da 
well la III* utionata." laial 

l.ov*lar« alto tacis Hina aHmili 
ilo ««ll at ngionabi ami nalumala 
■•Jo* «r<krkt M htri in prartic* m 
anyom Vn coachoil." comistiUcii 


OllMr Maaka una an itrang 
ronlMKlvn for nalional ipalilsfiitg 
tatithi. Ill jmumhtr Pant PMialiig 
Klio aaplM a IJ-I rwrarti ft» 'th* 
aaaaoii' and tank tm> lournaiiMnl 

(Tomi: II a good Wl la ^uaWy. IM 
'|MIIIMl*r T«n &ii>lh. and |MXiillil)r 

177 iMMiiMlcr .Ml Hichan 

■oilUl If a raUtriMfii Mlcrman 
anil dImmM Itaiw a varf Imm 
IltowMK at 04, aii<t Hirhari wlio 
haa tunwil it on Uw latlrr p»n of 
llwataaM niiM alw qualtfy 

Til* iinKlIng trip to utumala 
ilarti with tht rcKionals at 
Wautonac* Collagt on PrMay. 
ftb. II th* lop ihrt* placat at 
aarli wnichi advann (lar th* 
ffeallKloi* Nallofial TournainaiK 
h*tat at Worthlmtton. Mlnntaota 
Mareh 1-1. 



Men's B-Ball 

Tues: Moraine 

Valley (H) 
Thurs: Illinois 

Valley (H) 

Sinclair, Martinski bag 22 


To Hanwr baakclbal) Cam the 
Fla vlu are MHiwUmei Uw maaliTs 

i>( illusion Krtth their. •'Now you 
.«WMn. now j-ou don't" iihow 

SonuKimn they are the atsgnt- 
siv* ball hawking taam and o«lwr> 
ttmy are a team whM let< ttmr 
opponent* dictate the tempo of th* 
itam* and nintrol lite twards 

Thu raae was mont ev)d*nt 
aKainit the Jaliet Wolvea as the 
Hatrkt battled ba<-k alter being 
quickly down 12-1. to take IlK ImKi 
and then rIv* II riKbl bat<k to them 
evvntually liwlnn M-7i 

After lettmi) Joliet spurt to ■ ten 
point lead early In th* gam*, the 
Hawks tlowly battled hack behind 
th* ihtwttnK of Brad Sinclair and 
Jeff Martinaki 

The Hawka nit tl to lour ll-l« 
when Mike Berry hit a puU-up 
tuaip*r and Bob Doney worked 
himself iiwtdr for an ea*y two. 

Hut Harper went back lo thrir 

now you don'l pari al th* ihow" 

a* JoU«( increased their margin to 

*MI with leas tlian two minutes 


Berry banked a iUtacn looter of I 
the class. John Moran nailed a tr«e 
throw and Jeff Martinaki put in a 
jumper al th* (iuiier lo pull the 
Hawks Within (our 13-Mal the half. 

Martinaki was a an* man show 
keeping iht Hawks in Uw game as 
h* scored ten of his n polnia in the 

first SIX minutes. 

Harper tied the gam* 57-S7 on a 
soaring stuff by Sinclair, momen- 
tum seemed to shift lu the Hawks 
as Dorsey gave the Hawks tlielr 
first lead of the night bv canning a 
lumper from the baseline 

Berry then bagged a romer shot 
and Martiriiiki hit a shot from liw 
middle of the key in heavy traffic 
to give Harper their largest short- 
lived lead ol the night 83-57 with 
»• 44 left in the game, 

tn less than five minutes, the 
Wolves recaptured the lead 7140 as 
WoU Eric Ellis connected on three 
.straight shots to put JoUet back on 

Harper made one last surge on 
lushels by l>irsey. Sinclair and 
Martinski capped in it off with a 
three point play lo narrow Joliet s 
lead to una. TI-TH and llkat con- 
cluded the "BOW yow lat'em part of 

Joliet op*»ed up their lead by 
canlrolling the boards as they con- 
verted rebounds into points to give 
Ihemarlves a comfortable lead 

The Wolves then went Into a stall 
with four muwtes left and lo get 
the ball back (h* Hawks had to 
foul, hut they fouled the wrong 
man ax Flli* hit seven out of right 
free throws lo put the game away 

Til* team is now preparing for 
the tough Region IV reglonals In 
hope 1(1 advancing to seetlonals 
and possibly the nationals 

With aH Ik* wondardrisaaw. this may aath* tees anIIIJah Mnmrn't la 
lerrallriilal* saMhall starts *•*■. Mga ap al I' Rldg Meeting dale la b< 

I Harbinger file phota 

Hockey plagued by injuries 

Lcatn I* *«*rc*ai* evcrjr ahstaci* k W*. HmiMMa kU*r«at(4 la r«alk| 
— ■-T_lra«k. aivctlng Ta«rito}. aaaa. MM •* naiacl taMk Ba* .Natoa. 


Kat. t(l. 

y Hea 


Health Ciub for Men 

foHwr supervision in Conditioning, 
Wti9*it Training, and Body Building. 

HOURS Mon.-Frf. 10-10 
Sat. 10 -s 

twiiimii' wgm ^11 

A«*. aM Palatine ««. tST- 


Tlic Harpar horkay team liaiiig 
plagued with injuries and a low 
lumoul of players has completed a 
ihinl of their icasan.. 

.Starting the season with only 
twrlv* players iinrludlng Iwo 
goaliasi h**d coach Pal HuHcr 
l**ls thai th* quality of th* player 
he has Is much b*lt*r than il h* had 
more pluyrrs M Ifsser stMlity. 

Th* Hawka IrsdinK point man 
sophomore Bob Wodarciyk. suf- 
lend a minor shoutdar separatum 
and liaa iMiaed lb* laal Uwec 
weeks of Ih* season V*l*ran da- 
f*ns*n«an Gary Kenilis and (reali- 

sidiiUned with inliirie* and will 
probably be out for the season. 

I.alel was a nawconier to the 
team Joining Jan. tl and in his 
short lime h* scored fl<r* goals In 
three gaaiHa. bolli Kcnilis and 
I jil*l will b* sorely aiiaiad. 

On the Hawk offense picking up 
the scoring ar* freshmen wing*r 
Mike Mtkulan wlia has flvw goala 

renter Bah Mult la rIgM btllind 
hliB with lour goals ai 

Th* Hawks defense white ptor- 
ing ahorthanded haa been one of 
Hiirper's strong points only allow- 
ing (a«ir goals agauist them 

Chris Olson have proven to be 
great assets to th* Hawk defcna* 

Sharing net timr are freshm*n 
goalies Dave l^eff and Bill Madden, 
the mor* Ihesetwo goalies play the 
better they gel and this has rubbed 
■iff on the team as the Hawks are 
beguuiing to Improve greatly 

Harper icem«« started out with a 
Inugh schedul* as f ivr of their first 
ton games were against four-year 

Coach Huffer (eels that the bet- 
ter th* cMt^wtition is that you start 
out aiiainat. the batter yanr team 
win play. 

The Hawks will soon begin Re- 
gional adivitiaa a(Binat tlie tmagli 

V0i.12A NO 18 

:'iir<J» J\l(,| 

•..J 9-Mm ' I • ftoocll Ptjltit.n 

ftooo/ 31 J 307 30OO February 19, 1979 

RIF proposes alternative cuts 

%' fWTlTLtO 


IMC mm or iouumcm mt w»sif-a>uam 

I Iter Kll* Ch*M (Udrft CkMt) 

'^ ^ iHIMkf ********* «^ l«<^ 

3F lif» rtiarr 1 1 1 

In an rflwl tm gam •InimM nappMrt itKM l«»«fl«.. MM- FimpbIIj Umat* 
RwiHIw I'aiMnlll** •nllMirtini |.M. ^mmtm In 'kr «Ml*MMt aMNrt 
u* raiMlMi 

Women run into ftard 
times with cfeditors 

T»w .-mm .'.ir, 


I'uBSKhr li«r « - 

I'MHiillme l»«>ii»l>nii: 
"■(vftvifir fir!' ffH-iiit 

fill- . .)upi.- ^ . f«Wt m* tn '.. 
i'\ hu«t,wful'« nari'u' -■ 
■M:.r.«rt (Tmrc- 1 

- t(>l«>ril .ij-i ... .:..«. iijiii.i- 

ralaM ' liniC (lUIIIJll." 

« 1 rnertriirt Slid ■!» hul 
'f h"<« iwictl 

.'■!'• Mil •««' 
'I 1' WUS llftdt. 

■ Hrf (avmt,: 

. hiani 
^:< tfUM .Mlif liuurt.h fH .. 

■1 uti-Kmi. Tl»y ■probal.i' 

i.» rnmn,! tt»j <(»# acnr 

.:ia«e,. M rrrtJl w ji (MWimI 

i'h«r ■•valtiBtKin of > erMlU 

■ i':*ij. J wai a mai"4ff)i[iiy M\ 

■ mv M temlllfiil e'riKtil was 

■■'"'< It «ai! MI 1 tair iiiiiirBiMl 

•■■raaii- they dnlffi'l iMft rliia«l|' 

Halt VM tariMl dmm [or every 

• "I , Baitk .*(m»nf»rt aim* 

■<••»« mr h»r Ibrw tipin. rimltj'. 

■ijinli «-lwrr Hart l«r|»l hrr 

' ■ tlir vtnM »f:tk#r »l:r>ii-ti 


["W n« Ital II I iiIrIiiixI 

tlut tiaiili tiir • yiwr. t 

M««trr' ChurtlT oml 

r":*i:ln. r»'tim»i*i«i T\w 

•■ i.L'u . (-(Hill riieniiiiin Im a 

!■'■ ' 'J«*M"i(*" .1.1 iltti Jim«i" itii* 

► ..." i..i( «,:■ Mihl I rniilil nr-npiM) in 

..■ *<'»ir " Man. npc'iilb 

H..iri wn, • •tw 4iH><(|MWM>tl llir 

tri:nli.t'i .i| fiiwJiili'n: .t tlllw 

'• 'li..«I..-r..l [..,t (.■>....|\.trii.' r.r..-.(il 

hilt ».|!i.r t.«.k utiji wi-rncil I..A.f Ite 

' • »»•<• (*ll a «|!wl« til h«f 

■• ■'"■'; »<iiiiil imnr (lnwMMli'il 

'"..:.!■ iiirt.'ii(;(«l.l;Nr«:I#«|inicfi)iiir» 

..iiMi.iii Swiiiaiii. total niBiidtl loc 

thr rr-torat Tr, romnuiMtn in 

", 5 slw kaaa'f 

ii liirtwii IN- 

i.i,i..-tn-r in lac-i. ihr i»ys Dwt 

l»l«t«tm a iMiw dciMMI ' -miKltl nal 

(.»- tiK'h II bail wi.« ii|i «i.ari urttmn 

rrw won.! Iftmn Ital can 

1.. II person applytnic .f«»r 

<:.;.; \-\ MA Itaivinw a prrvii.u^ 

- I. '.Ill lilt- Frenurnlly .. wuiiirri »-tui 

.in- marrwd. m rewntly (li.van'«l 


The Kqual rrwjil UppiMtunltr 

\ft. paaaad «n Ctctoticr IMS. waa of 


I'lH- Hir' liWltM.tli(in III I • 

" M 1 (I un 1 ■•■ . 1 ....mpMnl .a f »j»i>rt i>i.i 

.'•' (" «.ii •..•.•■i.iiiK a f-iitltarit* i.ti 

III.- Hai-|»»r l>wil.|l«l a.i a.ii 

ilufrmatiwr u layuiit oW fiilHuilf 

I.,»«flll1y mrifllwr* 

l'h«- •• .■.•<l llj' 

- huUen., n-u cilaiWlllwl 

- uNifil ianiti HcCSntli and 
..'■n-ii .1.1 dayn to c*iii,|»lelt lite 
rupnrl (»rn»rdw« le Mrtkatti a 

r«i»-H>w (>( lit.- siilKKMUHIIi U Id 
l...i-mlHl» »-«.f>ll 

'I h.-r..- I'i..(... lii.urM : 
lfN.-*ii.i*' mimi *l;tl«leni» "vrr f-^jwruv 

wtol .nitbariu tlw wwiiimtltt 
■tFOtKiHi-i) l-'niinwtiiK a.ri> all t:i 
■".i''..v«'" .i.T>" itfiifteil 

111 It.... 1 

f- i,i.i. .*ni.ti HKU'ti i« fn:.»l *-tnn|)|.rli:-iv 

;■ 1 inip m<il Riiitllilt ai a wrMKl 
i.iii..-u.Mi( nhi.-h it Ml ii-(ii]i|>lii.irlv 

> l>raci all MliifalMial (iumI 
MtfiiMiiri <■( tatiwn 

.> > ;: 1 .iiniiiii 'laadr of .■malracl.xiFi 

I ..I . .;..,i •■(tn-imtnca* U httm 

tiuwr in line aritli 

.. ' i>ii.K n<.htr Minlter 

»• HiiM.' ski» t-.>una»%iMMl 

h> Mlmimmlt n*' MmAma-tt'uily 
.|»«d m latMirstwr)' ri>iinw» aiid/or 
M> iMn.i Id Ml*r HitMltf* 
iMimtM"r>.<i< .iliMtMtt mnwd. 

"> V^^*p ill! (WMii-'brr n!i.M.H-t.ii«'-n 

■ 1 "iK-^. !..f ^iWiM- latest ii.rUe» 
'"' '. '■' iM- esamtial In Ihe 
•■ -. -'1. f '-!i llir pinntfram 
'. Will** Park Onlw 
- I j.<-«iiid mkM 


II.'m.v ttuiMii- 

VI \:t »l.r.ri(i.m ..< 
fliculiv iH ,iirv do nul I ill ixmlion 
with rww liitM..rii« l«',j!!> ontfM a »iUi hiriHh) fnroUmtiil 
«'«> ierii»iiit> .wi|ii>lrfd 

U Ti»m DinmrjiiiB ttial mt 

siKnifffMillv abtivr l.h>- -. 

«.' hwiri nitcrred 

llflllli .•!■. [inrJofthlMf r.-i.u;jii umi.1 

■-' ■■'.■■'* ■■'j.'..>rei»l> l.l» 

1' ■"■' '■ ' -• -■' fatiu ol m iwrcrnt 
'u'l ' ■ ' rut furl -Iinii- 

!■-. ! M.S..ra..W lltflln- 

I ilwMat '\rts liivi.Nton 

' f»rri«.l i4 aw?vi.-rif finaneu*) 

n tt im(» thai tui 

' ■ hv «|i«BdriJ at Ihe 

<-'«|»ri»i> o( I.tic rcsl. .i>l Ihr roUeee II 
i> C'taliiieit tlut i:iiu vrar's badieel 
»».* .-ui b> tlMI.MM hy ni»l jipramtt 
M Build«n«t tkl*. mnnit. TlW'rafmri-. 
W'l: rm-Miiineiid a uradua! apenmii 
■Ml fUttHni (il M Butldmi! lo l«aen 
Hw (manrkal hiirdrn Prioily dir 
III ttMwId be Klven la 
' ' ' .ii-rlnita T'to Itanriat 
imiiai'l ot aiMtew {•c.ilitieii and 
MadliiR ilMMiU nM .be such .an li:> 
ratiiK* faoitu m nlhrr ureas lo l» 
bildaff iinl.' .. .. ..t:. i>HlH>at«l by 

nipidl\ d* r ■ . i.if.ilme-ntjt or 

cvlrriiieH hiiifi i,«nit .mis 

l< "■■' ■■■■■(• *h.i„nild "rsanm- 
»" -'. ■ ' TMitimt |:>f«i»i.r»m 

lor .. . ■ i .i...-iiltv iliould lie 
i.i«'la'««h' iin-o|:v'l?d 

.!.>. Studiei should be inuilc to 
«»»iti-f iM-optT aiMMuantnl ■«!' 
|jlarrm«nl ai <jii» waj- af 

». Slnemnllmr pnx-irdiirci (mr 
H.irr..-r <;rind Approval and 
impr..i.. Ml. ("ntn'eii for wnlwig 

IT ReilwT ci:i«l.i by cv-aluatUlf 
■ II V by peer*. StlNlcilCa 
■ ' lirci- jx-ars 
t* .Str&imlirii' numNT iind coal, 
of Nblicatlofi 

V.I Hemoye non-teacfilnK 
fwrtmn* .>! salaries fur fwd mrvHx 
rtaff from educalunal.. 

» WItenever fMnitlbir. retrain 
lu.'ulty in iiverataftcd diFpartineniU 
(it reataiKumenl inthm the 

II A utiidv should be mail* <if 
ways to mcrease nalunil atlirtion 
.such as early rcliremcnl 
mcentivcs, learhcr tfichanue, 
uiduntru! intrm.shirii Ifiives with 
iwpat iir|>arti.>I|iiiv 

n Kiilw* the current fM,«an 
tiudmeled sutindy lo inleri-iillrgliite 
lUilrllri from tte educatiianal 

n Only m a ftafi to avoM 
lavoFd m areas w:tierr full t«a.i:.hini| 
liiMd* are no totucer ava.ila.bie dut 
III declininit ettrollmefits. U>* 
tiicultt invnived cimht toe offeircd ■ 
tplit H'beduir luch a*. 13 houn 
duriiM! the fall. It houn durlnK the 
5i>rint( and six houn durinii the 
summer on a (contract which call* 
((.«- Ill) hoan.i. This would be In 
■?l(«l fur ottr year and would 
addilioiulK pnMtide the lucully 
mnnlier with lime In retrain at 

imir h-in II. Han Th» rimuc 
•■iwtiliiKi a wtta, al her rin).ue!«t. lo 

till a credit aci'-ounl ui lwl,h 
li«-r atitl hrr huJtM.ntls. namn 
.I..I.I! I tir. "inr..ffiwi,,v».uniimi7; 

.\l»itit! wilh ripamUnn a wife's 
crnld fde. I'XDA reqiiirei tr*M 
< ornimnm to tend wrllten reaMim 
with rcf uaab. Hm the vaicuenca* of 
thiMW retuaals wa* our o( (he 

l.'iri'ritt source* i:if Irustratimi td 
11.1 rl 

N.-mnait m-kiiowlrdurs Diis 
l.....| w hii-h shr says the FTf la 
I r\ UK !i. . K»c Insufficient credit 
iTterenc«'-i.h»t'» mw at the roost 
ciunuMfi rM.MM.. 'Insiiffinent" in 
M-hat wav-Mumtief Not the rinhl 
k(ii.;t ' Not enouiih credit rard-i' We 
nH ufiml «lMni they <irt Uiat vaitut. 

iSiiinHtmtii we fnreel that 

I ' 1 1\ vas paascd four 

. law entitled laa t« 

I" »'i> » r were turned down on 

. rcilii ,.|)|jlicatiun The (•;tX>A 
'.-HI f -..I. v.m hflve to be *:ivcn 
'.III M-u kn.iw iliil >ou have In 

I..I.I rth\ Miu wcrcn I ' 

iCont d onM li 




Letters to Editor 

Just who qualifies 

as "professional faculty 


' * / »,tm*t0«s./ 


Part-time faculty, 
are they no good? 

P»rt4tae m full-Um« (acuity 

Ttiis tot Uem the situation at torper ever ilwc the 
facultjr to,y-«lfs tagawi «i J""- »•■■ Ttic luU-Ume facultj' . 
iMlitag Utal tim *^ sufwrior ami irreplaceable, have 
maile Wm nail-time (acuity out to be mferlor bein«s 
irillwMlllIC Irains to teach. The amouitt o( classes nr Iwurs 
tliat itrt taugllt liy faculty m«inl>«rt in no way redects tlic 
qiMlity <i( tiM teachers 

•nie r«»»ns that some faculty memtani «» fuU-llme 
and some are part-time are widely varied In mim caaes 
teachers may be o( gttod quality but simply don't have the 
time to devote to tielng a (ull-time teacher In this case it is 
wim (or the person Ut be a good part-time teacher, instead 
ol a po«»r (ull-lim* toacher who is never around enough to 
help aitiMlents. 

Another reason that good quality teachen are part4iiiMf 
IS tenure There may be some full-time faculty who should 
be repl««r«d but they can't be because of their tenure 
Maiiy'tMKlHts who are better qualified are kept at a part- 
time iMMitiM Iwcauae some (ulMirae faculty member has 
Imm at llkir|)iif ' fiir i years.. 

tUM afMUMr tmmm for part-time faculty is the budttel. 
■l«:«iW"al HBtpcr's large deficit they can't allord to hire 
Rwny ItiMlRW teachrs in the same department. Because 
part-llBW twelian cml much less than the cost of fulW tm« 
(acuity M'lltcy m more ^economical . 

When the collede starts replacing in most cases will not 
gn down. The part-lime faculty may benefit greatly from 
tilt amiiKemtnt When the college realizes how much 
llMy netd the part-timefs maybe they will treat them 

As it IS now. part-time (acuity is not treated with the 
•HEM rtapecl. ami courtesy that is ittven the full-time 
Haeheri- l"ull-l.lnie (arulty memters know at the end of 
the spring semester what Ibey will be leaching in the fall, 
for e«ainple Thev have the tnure summer to collect 
.bwika, wriliS' c««;rse iuideltaes, and mate lewon. plan* (or 

l^rt'-tteie fawliy tm ionietimeS' notified as late as two 
wnks before flM' •(•••iter about an open class. If ihey 
MHil 10 !••<* Hwy can accerii,. if ihe%' decline the Job is 
ttttni lignlii and: iltain until someone accepts. If they do 
■CMpt. they iMve to research their course, for in some 
instances they may not know a whole lot about Ihe course 
Ttei they haw to accumulate bmiks, Kuidellnes. and 
I ptem in an extmiMly atiort ptriod of ttm* 
ivae part-time iMctwfi am nsedcd mont now, thni 
• maylM they will finally get the appreciation they 


l„«ti my way l<id«»* ftb T, I «»i 
.giwtwj' by • lenflrl. illrtrilxilwl li) 
oae e( ll»t)»cT'» 'pfaffsuNiMl 
(•««lii ■ THie leiCIrt mt^a ttw 
Mlliwiog <1Ke>:tMl) 'Farulty i>r 
{■rt-Himt imitftiefi'* E«»umI><» »r 
CilMH'' ' !i«<<fiiiwgt.y , ttw impliraimn 
vn Ihal Mily Ihe full-timr i i «• 
'|>rK(««sioniii' ' l»o»lty wm vapxhttr 
td nrw'MtitiiJ, Harper Blmlent* wilji 
»i|iialily rittmUw) Md ttwl iiii.i1 
iume" (•■cherii were noi mftm- 
ilNt oiiHKili at «iin!nl»nt eiMitiili 
In imVMk tut!h M MliinMim 

II iMr chew i|iim(Mi was in«wi 
M da** itllurr iittplicitlwM. tik 
aUtlHin »twl »»> 'Md lurl.lMT' On 
llii tttm taml. il my mMm «>» •»>» 
|atl)ei.w«icirrt«t. I Mrrnigl* *«((■ 
■en «hn tliff ■Iwep ™»ding tor ■ 
ICSMMI III i«»i«lc» ■ii«l iii«te 
HitiiiefMlIy, thry iitii l«f«rn »»«•■ 
ihtiw : .'iiHiiMal (ncuiiy 


To tn-isin "It'll, (he t»rm» 
'titoMf '!»■ f utl-lini* teutly' I 
l)riil'«t«l<ml tonilty.' an<l "tilwa- 
(imi' *r* wi, ciinlrary to Ita l«?«.i 
U.. iufceiitBrtly ivnnnvmmi* 'Full- 
limefacui'' -tuin 

•IsmliiiW *■ ■" " 

lM|:W<J <'«n im* nuinijrf t»C 
ipi^tal. ttac Hlwy Ksrwd 
tor leacWim thew n>ti.n«, aiiiil 
iiicii 1 hi BUS ** group wsurKMrt. 
IK* ii»yk nt: II 4ie» IMd »«•»■ 
iiiriily tilef lO'ime'* .nfcillty nr <:«»»• 
'IKtence In lenrh what he nr chr » 
w«M*im. WW tta* H impty itat "w 
it a 'imfotiMal 

Wheii I imi* «l ■ pr«(««i<miil 
t)n-ully, I Ihiuli "( iwrapl* "hn itn m 
i:»m,ii»an<l m( Ihe taic*! i»e»ifl«p' 
n«iil* i« IMIf dihwiplnw*. l»«<ple 
whn roiil aiMl 'iiwicnMiiMl ptDitiS" 
.tioiial jKiiriilili. Il«»|il» whu puMith 
bonhi ind/mr' •«»!«•. »i»'«l m»« 
liU'lmrlltBl al all. penpl* who tench 
ih^tr »<Mir»e» IB a mititieiUKw*, 
<«mi|iel«u and deiMndmi mamier 
wilh«il taslatditiiii the ctmlenl nl 
•hal they tiwch Thtm wt» mew 
lull lim« laruliy and pri»l» 
•Inai laeulty a* tyiinnymmii. *i 

Women get 
no credit 

iCkMlU tramw i< 

.ktm nettlnic her Maaier crharg*. 

llMt re-«)iflM and nir«t¥«l mrwj 
erHIH €*t4 •*• had hren 
lirn'lomly iltmed. 

"Smaller cmipaniM amMttmat 
Biv« ■tiliMiiatlr apormt as a quirlt 
••y «f •ciHWHiiKiilaKnn t-u»litmar« 
Mint 'tmm alrf»dy tirw cl>«i-fc«l bf 
maitwr'ainl* Uif :Haitilr CUarin," 

tit aMitiim (a icItlnK her' crcdll. 
tht m-inaiilh e«p«r»«ncr ha» 
iitliMri ttmi prwfcMoiuill)-. Mim 
an aaiwlalt l«Flia«r al CaMwmta 
Prtytaehiilr Stale ItiiiwriHy ai 
San Lull (Mmp«i, Ihe leadMS a 
r>«-».*««li MNifat an '""••iiiaii and 
I 'rnlii "■ 

I wiaiH. 'iMmen In b( anntt iil 
what mar be tiM. iwial (luatratinK 
rt|icfiMe« Hut 'UMjr cwtd «««' 
•nraiBilar." dw MfS- 

CoU«ci«teC(Wniim«'r Krtmrlhm 

rrl'erriiiK t" '>"■ «a"i<- cias-- ft 
people 'ami ItijO <-laM eiclu-wK- 
ly ■ . are guilty of the lalliiry ol equ 
vfflcatHin Thi* can l>r demur. 
«r«ted »imply hy utking m »tu 
deni* 'SBl|»»ln«n' Try II Vm 
may henjif|iriM<d' • 

Thrr« I* a M'lue. p«rt>ap». In 
•tiK* 'chum* i-an be u»«l li» rv»or 
to pari iiiTM- (atiiily THr manner 
M Which many id ihem are hirrd 
ipartieulnrly tn Ihe Dlvinon «l 
yiMrsI i»rt»t i» chaiMIr te My ilie 
UiM. h to *l»n(lard prartice to re^ 
■f«i»* • call, the Friday heltwe the 
Manday of the weeli riMum start, 
the aiihataice M tlie call hetnt. tto 
ttmmtt 10 taaelt an ■ a m claw •»< 

(Jivrii the i»«-d«y m»tice, one 
MMlld hartly enpet-t (heir c la«»» lo 
hi>,«i>yltiin|f twt fhatHif, «p«riaUy 
if Ihey have no prenoun lem-hmn 
ei:pnrieii<:e and- or if ttn"y have m« 
liatl Ihe lumiry of preparing the 
(Mne liver Itie itimimer In addi 
tiion. there is tlie («*tem of order' 
ing lK»oh». ordnr* W''h'>eh are tjpi 
cally pljKwl 'On rhe rrwlay in que*- 
lion, Thii (an 'be avoided, hy iii,tnt 
previously orileret) "i e depart- 
'menial 't 'htiolis. tmt Ihli "lien 
erea'iei, 'inore jitohletni than ii 

rorluiialely. the hewteuwe atalf 
•t Harper n a iremewlfflus help lo 

parl'^timrTs m Ihis regard The un- 
lortunate thmf 1* that fhr Kluiienl 
It, paying Ii7 pet credit hour 
rcia,nlleiii, ol Ibe atalw of tfieli tn- 
slructof Thi,« prohlem could hi' 
ellmmaled hy malting advaiitf 
arrangementt with prO'Speciive 
part 'lim'er* I gaimsl toy ie*vtiiag 
,eKperienee thit way a le» yeari. 
ago and concede thai thingi were 
'lomeW'bal ehaot'tc However , Ihm 
chaoc *«> noi attirthulahle in the 
fact thai I wai a part lime teacher 
but rather thai I laughl a course on 
I wo-ilay'» notice 'Note II woiild 
have heen inlereatinK lo mw what a 
member of the prolensional 
laciaUy' wouhl have don* under Ihe 
tameclrcumitaneeii '' 

H'lpelulK , the temaniiciil and 

..!•,. .,1 JiffH'ulin''S havi- been 

>»« I nould like Irt 

..iiiiiirn major con 

wrii EUl.: CATION, 

Havtnii lived «n fhe northwent 
tuhurbs. for a tmmbn nt years 
before ,nimil>g to Harper I had 
heard it referred lo at Harper 
High' and falaline liniversily. 
the lone of Ihe latter tieinu 
pejorative in nature une of my 
goal* »as lo find out why the eo'l- 
hge turn detcribed tn this manner, 
and It look some time to fully 
corepreiiend Ihesituaiion My coo 
elusion n thai it may be talked 
alwMjl m this fashum iMH-ause the 
faculty < both lull and part timers' 
are not demanding enmigh of 
Itiemjelvei or their ttuditnii 

The Idea of a coro'mumiy <-ulle«e, 
•c originally prrsertlert tiy ii man 

n,amed William 'Hjnr- tr r 

«-a^ In provide a < 
educaMon at a r'ea>"' 
Thi* meant Ihal the eouric nmlem 
al I two-year instilulioo should 
mim» that ot » limr-vear imlilu 
itiin l,!nfortu,njilrl) this dties not 
wee-m lo fie Ihe <'ase There is a 
tleOatiit altitude among many 
p«>ople al Harper, an jiliiudc iImI 
implien thai we art 

denti who are som<-» 

college iindurgraduales 

Such defeaOam can and do(s> 
lead to siK'h IhinKs as hastardiu- 
lum or watering down ol rourMs m 
certain C|uarters and this cannot 
Iw tolerated' A» educators al an 
instllution of higher learning, we 
thouid b»' demanding a great deal 
ol our iludent-. and ourselves, a 
task which means reading chal 
lenginf and ngomus tevts discuji 
sing Ihings In a senous and mtelli 
gent manner, evaluating diflereni 
ideas and demanding excellence in 
thinking, reading and whlini! 

.^nylhing is failure, and 
•failure is a term which can apply 
to mslruclors nod fludenl* alike 

Tim Morris 

iSdltorm Chief IJehbie TewHlte 

Edltorial/Managme Editor Sue Cnwoy 

!HewsB<Iitnr JimCingllano 

I ealtire Editor Joan Peterson 

Sptirt* Editor JoeKusek 

f'hoto Editi« ScotI Arneniann 

,^^^i fhiii.'. Ediiuf l«n FnsdenckKm 

I i.riiK,«ii:.i ■■ aiweMoskal 

IJii»ui«»i Manager TerryJacotaoo 

Advimr IKinwhy PIrovano 
Stan findyCaravellii, BradC'aie. 
Mark Eraser n»i>r Koliwr Kory K»irtas. Terry May Malt 
I'raimarer , Mike Simku* 

Tlir HARMNGKH is Ihe student puhUi-aUon fur the Harper CoUette 
• jinput coiiimuiitty. pubhshed W'cekly eicepl durini; holldayt and final 
riams Mi opinions citpressed are those of the writer and not necesaartly 
Ihofe ol til.- .olicitr Iti administration . faculty or student body 
Ms-ertisliw and i opy iteadlUW I* iMXm Tuesday and copy ii subject lo 
.■flitmi! All l4!tler>-to-lh«-EdMociliuit be signed, namea will be withheld 
UWH' renueat For advertisimt rales, call or wrlle HARBINGER. William 
Haiiiey Harper College. Algonquui and Roaelle Roads. Palatine. lU . 
'*m7 Phone M-tm, eit «l . 

F«<Mwnr It. 197I THEHARaiNOEH Pl^aJ 

Humor Market-close knit organization 

wiMt » pnMliicinc tlHt ktiNl tut <m- 
fftr-wMlJ.. MftlMMinflirir uTmn. kw]^ 
«n:l l<tMral>«iiiiiM: InMHr Ihal 
■MfeM nlk||» .MiMteiilii biKd " 

A rt 1. • 1 1 » «• I » t m a 1 1 
•lMI«rnwi»ect«Bd' frmm ttl »riH!ri 
.•mi pnidiinn aha wmn k> ham 

Tile tninp iirludcs CiMrvr Chiiw 
JotW H»lu»tn I'tau* Krum 
Mtrtiael 0'1'»"n:wl'iitc Chtii Millrr 
PJ (»"Rm«rke, Boli I'Mi-hlrr. 
Brii»t WrCall. Amur i»*n«». 
Brian Hi-f'Miiwrltir. Brwii IMat'l*- 
Murrjiv Rill Murr.n Han 
A»,kroi.i:;t, f.dtU H.<i,ii'iti, HawM. 
RanM.. Ell fUwtttHK. Ctiruita|ili*i- 
Catif. AilHi l.«iiii«, Ell iSiiMiik>. 
M-Whart BtlttT. Sean K#l:t» 
C1iri«(n|>l»f (iuml r.ri.f Idir 
Th* emmiTtuiin l»tw#rw the 
■riuiw .WMIll*' aial the fnMd: 
i"»<*'r fcimi»r |i#«|tcit it 
fclmlli' »nrki>il will) llMf' MMMllf 


n ■ 

.,Hi \m .. ', .■ 


Ht taaiiM wMi IdIIim "-Jtaliirila} 
N»iil»l Ijw" itar Ae*:n>f«J in Uw 
' ''Blut* BrallHw:" nwiiiral at*. 

ClHiHt iwdnlMital In the radia 
»h«». «:>• In ■'t*iiim»i>(»;' 
■orliiMl m ■■CbW. Ttirhey" and 
starml 1(1 "-fialiiRia* XinM (.Mr" 
awl ■■fdiilPlaj, " 

iriltnianliae mm an «4llar at 

Ijuniwm. niimtiMlinl ll» rint. 

mrim «f llic (jmhimmiii. rwlia liiar. 

Mill ttien wrote afial |i»r(ormnl an 


His tannrr .itirUirMiri .taatitn 

«■»« aliHi ail »m» at I:jimi«mm. m 

tli» TMio i*«». and. a i»fM«r «» 

■■■Sittorta'j' ttutil Ijw St» al*> 

cuwrnUp ilw! iMinar haml ■Tllters."" 

jHisil alimc viih O'llimafhiit 

<'<»iilnljiil.«l to IJlHi mauKHw 

tlwiK KeBiiri mmt alt tililor at 

. ,|N>rt iTriitBt al Ihi- vrry. 

IjuitlKnn Ihk.1) m-|iimiI 

panxlj'. ami. (•(►••wriltr i>* 


'■•■K*B*r ic a prwliirt •» "SimilMl 

iiinl' eiMlntinlMl Iti Uh 

'<"->n ratfiii ttm»\ iliif "fMit 

iiHtum. was an IH« 

■'»" stiuwi MHl B a itar al 

'•muT'ilaj' Xiitiii l,i;»t" 

IMtir-iiiiw »m # «««i,rtli«iir u 

...(Titu...... ...1, ii!» i-nfim «M(m:. ai, iiK 

!>uin. iinl n * 


H» was in his tw«ntt«*. 

So was th«. 

Both w«r« Catholic, unmarriad. 

prayarful. creativa. 

Doth carad about paopla 

•ml' carad for tham. 

How como h© nawar thought 
of tha priesthood? 

How coma iha riewar thoif||ltl 
of baing a nun 7 

"No ona ewar asked me: 
they satd. 

Is this your story? 

No one ever asked you? 

Well, we're asking 

- Man CoapM iMtayl' 

«to«« smntt in formmtmn om ' 

Oioca«an Prtatit ftmkvum PriaM* 

■»ath.«it Hun% La* MimalrM. 


C<»» . (lata HP 



Maw Naw«n. CT 'OaW7 


Dnyto-Murrw} ami' tii; 
liraHiaT Eilt Miirrar 
cMlrElMcd' In thv tjMupMm ratiw 
»lii>» and IIM!' ■■CoU TUrtey" 
iiibum. Brian *»• arrlla* fir 
'Saluniay MtRM lj¥r" a'lid W)l 
itan 'Ml tlW' thaw. Bill alia alantil 
in an SBC pmnAy iiieclal on 
Ivltiiiton, aihtrti iiicluiKd 
MCMinaclitr ai mm m tti vrilcn 

MK'ainarte irac alM an Nlilor 
^^f ^'dilH^nnl Li.m.pown, a 
riinlribittnr for t.jin(KMin's nillo 
«IM' uwt Its allwm* ami aTltc* far 

SatuMlaj Nliglil, JJiw, " 

Ti:»*ler |ir«*«:»<I Iht Siatwnal 
l^aiTipaea Railio Mitur. "Itci'Ul 
TMrtary"' and proiJ«»ii V» firii 
■lliiMii of Bvluslii'i and At-knyd'n 
"BlaM Hntliari" aM 

fVrf »a« an ■pdtlor at Ijim'fxMm. 
•ilcvflofwr ul itj inlamiiu"! 
birrniriifiiaJ' 'i-alendar., rcinlnbiiltw" 
to til* ijuiiiMMin rndla shi* ami 
M|Ml vrittr llM> tnecaiiful Hew 
Vark Tlmn iMriidj duniii (hr 
!<»« Vort n«*'»f»it(»r ttnliir, 

P, J tyUaarke is tilltar rf Ilw 
lanilMMin and ten varkMl an It* 
twa UMiit .itivmtdul' |Mimdtn-(lM' 
lili'li .aiMil I'aarltaiih aiad ila hum- 
wtu'l. ttl* Oat'nii landat 

JWWfJWJIf-*- 't ■ 


l*rn|i«v,.i ,,..t,.ii..t .,.,„-t.. 

srwafof , * Khan iIIim*)' aaltuir with 
■ iintribiilt(«t tii Dili iiuiitiwinr , mA 

ni t j«H(i<' .jwi ..wiinhjled 
and ndH itmt 

Bruc» McCall *■■ an ciMor M 
Natkinal IjiiniiOTn. a awiMr at 
'Saliirdaj MmW 1.H»." and a 
cMiinbulur to t^aiiooii allNifna 
S««n Kdla? mm m tdHar «t 

Ijunpoaai. cMlribulor t« tbt 
Idinfwon radia mialir and alNnM. 
and u dimlini; ' H«av}' McW" 

iNMiiil MiMiaitvlM 






call tor awoliitiiiciit.. 397-0100 

Aluonquin VtniJi 
83 J t Al^onqyin Rtjad 

(•uult «( 





HHyrTmni customeii> 


Attentioii ^^^^riStudents 
Only 56 days till Spring BreakI 

Daytona 79 




Air Taur 
SatMl on OuM 


Job! MudMitt from Triton H WI.U. - Umitml ammtM avalMMo 

— ^3ic/ie's wliy you stiouM f:i»oose tlieSpAiwg^TCiwg — • 

• Roundtrip ief airfaru via Nortlt Central 

OC »'s. 

• T nigws. g days .i» Oaylona'-i t.nest 
hotels ("Texan &. Silver 8e»ch 'i o.rec iiy 
on the Beach with irMt tocsttont near 
the Boiir<;lw:aik 

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• FREE Guide Map & Oaytona 

intormation Sheet 
" Protessionally staffed personnel to 
make your travels more enjoyable 

* Optional tours direct from your hotel to 
Disney World, Sea World, Deep Sea 
Fiihing, Hayyaiian Luau, Disco Dance 
Cruise, Cypress Gardens, Kennedy 
Space Center, etc. 




O aat Toua :.: pousu lui 

O' •■•owiTdw Q min.1 mm 




awn. - Tlmci. I 


4 TMI KARBIMmi PffeflMiy It. IfTt 

So, how are you? Don't ask! 


H'w> imwii iijive \m •wm |Mr.-ni» Ik* l# Hon*! mm. mtr 

■ uw kit«» m n-httnl. t« « r.i.-' i- '-' ■•• Ma wim'l «H»ft 

'e«itw. !» m 1. (wrluM .n. ....i.i ih-n i ^• ■"H^ 

M 'whrn l(Mr^ (la* » miK*. "Ml. vi ■ - ;- ln.~ 

(k;« <in->, iHi ' ■ "'i>«u'l"t"»" l'i-tn>lr j>rr w I'lmd 111 Mini I" 

It. irttm* th»i iwt«.»t> I""*!*'*!" hnnmi. tmtt mpty rvftUn m 

SHOP and Umm to tiKl *«•• ''Ftm*. )»• mtt «m-", ih« thtj 

wtniifrtle yo» witUj' «»' •'••'* *" •*•" (■■>i«»(>i»t»i»<l «tw 

"n»» *i|i*irt >■■««»<»•£»■»•'<•''• ••• tf m!<><lt<r» lh»t *ii>iir lit* 

atil Mn»<riHnwMi> ' Fin#. I»» »re ni. .■..ttma*w» 

,„„.- Aftrt- i."!'!.- ^■ir«hifi,l l..rth »illi 

N*»» »(«• that i«im*li#4» ii.iir .1.'. - .oliMUs lo 'i 

iKiitwri to Mk ("Oil tow V<»» •f»- M«*iii>i "•■" 't'f^ '11 

..'.- !jllP:'t J«t Itl lllffll IIW»" l>: ■ ' ■ 

. ttv »tat't«iiwitiiii' t< 

lilt nrk Is ■!■»' utanHCD. my >>■>. 

analvA think* fnt mil*. mt4 my Hi»n. ,.»lli . ih.- rr!,i,s...n wtn (m>i>tf 


Hw> II |iiirti..wi> ll.n.(i >.iu .>n. 
i..'i, .. ill- I ii.'^u 'hrtki ■ 


i.-rK w'ltl ruji 
i«T Hi Im>¥ 

. ..iTil II). 1 .1 ■';>» 

.lii.l."!il ..r .. 
rilM'i i.r .11! 

,.I l,..,.„l.- 

.'. I.Tlm. 

I rn>!t!« aii^ 



• ■ \.iu know, but 
■1 I ...nfxrm to 
luilu'iru: iiti^- 
■ '*. lli'TTi 

Bee Gees fall flat in "Spirits Having Flown' 

tmun HAVING namH 


.nuBliMdi mfmtl I •»M «iw 
.■« I . •!' »mra Ihf *•• Q*** » 

Tiiii Kl*i»n lh» en* n( thir 
..ujto' ••¥€ «» 'Sjitunliii Ninim 
P**«" thifv f#uM put «t |u,st 
•(mm •mlhmn mill Hi* (•»*'!■ ' 
u|.iti.>.f<,r.ii.ilelv wtiul.l iHiy 1' 
I'iiHfujr- aiwuiui ihiU th» "wi"' 
„ill,.uni (w.^ ttw» ormtrMl H»» ii««i« 
•...ywt Hurt •il!i »n(t (iwtatk! 
' •«» IK* uriiwlnl <t»iwtiw 

Wirll. illiw p»w»« th« •»»i" 
ntiintmni .ptaj'» I*'' *»«'» I'"' "'J'" 
l»H iiii*!li|ir*«i«l ««!■ I <-»'n"t tjikir 
I he tonurr »«» lo(m,tt ...Mo« «h»l 
air Ihet ■ The «i»wt»t Alvin »nd'tl»<^ 
Chipmuitk.* iiiilanMi, hccMM thrr 
Miinit like #'«■! MnAiliB « h«al 

!tlKl<lKli.M mwFt" 

lr;.wr,l> , ■" a lItK«'IMI. •» 'if. 
IMS («■.-(. r«lii»ie* M th»' iiwniid « 
Irutn the .i.lhwi». Thtfumw hit l:h» 
\M atrwjivrt a (rw ••«*• am> anrf 
ti.ii..|) tj»comr t iliiiiiit«r Nt anl. 
iwikf the kIImiiii. m plslilMDa 
..n..!»i,.-.r I't IMS Ihr rHiuirMiiritli 

■it.-.Mti .IniBitifat afBl ~.m«' kitnitol 
Ti... Murh II.. .. 

..I ,„. 1.. 

Hiixi t'liri 

m Xiti.-! 
H:>. tl«>.i.ll I... 

ihr miintanl k.u,l?. !i "■" ■'■•" '■•*<' 

Ihr «'r«i|ilIllllS Urt that a»'fi. 
«:Mphi>ti rh«iru* v^hjH I"'*^''* ttu:. 


|, r,..r«imn-n.;.l thiil lliw r«i"i:«rd In- 
ii,«..,t W> ,.!ijti |.ir..i.tHr «• '!«•«■ 
ctomr »oii i-umr t.' Hi.- !\ttl.- ticilc >li 

th# BlUhltn N. : i.'.i'.i'. 'Ih', I 

thli* 1 fc.l»TO '■ I .■'■'1'. "*•'"" 

t.«,'k-»tr»p» -. ' "".I' 

t»iK"»u»<i ltii-> ■ ■■'' '!"•' '■* ■•ith ilittrrmi: iht.rt» iitufti lu 
lh<f B«*l with |»a.iil«( «i iwl witnJ 
hUmn rhrvt h.iir '' " ■ ■• ''"'l 
Iwrn-Hih. .1.111 I ' ■ ■•' 


Cmktr Smtd, III* iiraritt im.'-..:..'i 
(If the haniionlra, (>res««tnl .i i*" 
■ ..'ji »i;4» •thtm ttt>l» 
..i!i.'..:rn» tB'il««" 10 1*1! rolI«(i> 

fl U I IM I oil Wl- I- h t \l>t\l. t t II K. 
M HI \|>. 

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1 nil 

I'UHl.'i \1 1 \ll,l»* 


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ylv^^.. ini.i.KH h,.\m) 

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■ *ISl 

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i'! ' 1 ■-HRt.iTHKRS 

1 K*.ll{,T 



I'«1|VTI-:.H. ^I•^|■^;K^ 

mill n.,\i'i.i\ 

Mfnl,l..(-,;TTK l,„.\H>.n\ 

ul.lMA VKWTtIN I'lIlN 

Al.ltHf VUiirLiiM- 


Our l^»vr 

H^Hin MAMI iitt 


Srf>mi**hi.T(f In iiw \ntht 


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i||.^ kniiO'll f«.«l.rr 

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» rnm«k"iM-K \ 1 > 1. 

VIIKI MllKl » 









SOUND. .. OUR RT-t5!5B 








harmafi/kanton PHILIPS OFTOIilCA Cerwln-V«ga 

FtkfiiMV f I, tWf THEHARBmOEtl Fagti 

iFulltime summer jobs: Start looking NOW 

'■■I*'*!*? •» MMJR MmifMT .ptk 

ivwr, Mm iniMT* |ii«itil«> wt 
"Hg l«r >*•. ii«tin»m|[ t» Hal' 
-.» 0"llrt»B, MiMor lit iNc i«i> 

■■nll|#f KMIliwtinriM ll«r'«YMlr> ol 

' t «Hm» M»tr« ttnl« i tuer^l 

■■ii». •■II )<(« ri.»ih 'itaM an m 
-'Hni »«m4T»'ir j.i:*, t<|i|>l> 
• T* Ite Diiit iif rvdrwin Th* 
''mg.JWlltaiifatl " 

I'.vMt llMMiCh Ih- 4»T1| ■%««■« 
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mini Mjl.', 

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■ I" tn-nr ur •'(im lift 

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pmd lh4" l-lTI|jl.'(l'r . .11(1.. • .-. „ 

lijiwr «.'rli*r> (hruudh tlH- ni" 

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S<im,mtT <,-»mp» (i.r »«,»i!riplr 

i nma tii* (Me miH!lMt «wi 
ii«iam«l iMrlti htte pmi^ * : 
IMI JMl m-t lipalthy 'B* Mr.-: 
alnul fiiur •pimriiwr m j ivt 
Kiiiiil linwiirn StiJKf <4i .tr»i,|i'lil 
•II ii|i stmitltl and Am t •.kwh 

1 W'lw'ii y(w »|)|il) (w 11 «imiii»r 
,H* h> mjiir, •an-h Hwr jirBu-itm 
lum, wd <w,)y apiiMramv ■o» cmir 
•r , jmii ilwoW I )f|i«> iM-al ly hut 4t«> 
t'liimmt lion'i »i»v i » i.. 

tprnd III* tumiTM-f III MiHinr Tt.. 

#i»t,|*itrr will lliink y«i .:»n' m«» 
Jlntijt Hit «■««-) itiMi ■toui lit* 
■lumniw Itontrr 

I Whtn MMi Id iw aiiiiltmiiin 
Wan* iti ih» mail frtiw «ia rm 
(il«iy« r«»f«i«Ml' inim«li«trty ami 
Ml <:mi iIh' liiriii cim>|>ltiel> Em 
i|il«iy'»i-» arr IimIiiiii: (iir |M>a|i|i> wIm 

llrl rll'F ,fw(> 4|MiT l«ll Mtl 

ii|ily fur a )<iti il y-iw 

■'■r lIlK"' wltnl* iniwM 

.l-.m|,>l«jH» nfurt ,you In k«>|> vrnir 

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mijol liriKf Mtmr (ir«»li'MMiiMlism 
In Ih* ,|«* TIIJI itmtm «(rn«'Hi:i- 
m It «milaf |iiil> »«1 <l aim inww a 
(>rii<4*«iii>iial «l(ilu4r l*r#l*l- 
>.i«(,;it. <l<«"i jusi wnrk (rani Ho s 
■■■ ri'-'k, awt llwy Am'l hi** l» b.- 
t.iiii i»li« la *». Itiry ituiw 
in<ltali'«'raml imaitniilww on iiwir 


» SiiiMnef' i-amii maiia«m nl». 
»ii»u»ly liMt hir imiplr i*Ih:i likr 
tl.Kl» anil ri'lJlr im ij|,r nimtn nl 
fhlkJmi dill lli<») al'wi \mk im 
|Mt|tiv wiih altruiilH- i';>ttiin whn 
*iml Id tlirl|» alhrr 

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What fan :y«»u <to' WMn nuM 'Uiit 
yxim ikiilt,. y(«ur enjirrtmre i haby 
iHlina. urn skiniiM-r rnuim. mm-k m 
v.-tHK,«l pii|»T» M-honI playi,, 
I'burt'h *virK' jinil y«ui eti 
ihu»i.i\m Tar-kau.- vuiirM-ll .lu«-l( wiih ^ «,<-ll » 
r»!nmir .iiri.l m,irk.'i >..., . 

ivstrtnjrii .illy 

«i Hrirn say* Itui th* ifi(»t M 
eiling »i«iim»r }<* m Ike ||J» 
Mmninrr »:«|il<nniriM INml.i)r}. •! 

ik# I •> "llfjM'mh on whcr* yiiu 
■wirni- Irom Sumrtrfi loim Tr™,' 
Inn, ?Ww Jrr»i>y , mighl flunk IHai a 
summ1^r as a hnrnif wranfl^r ai 
Bil! I .Mlv \ (Janch Inn m Wyonunf 
llui %nm«'lMKly irnm 
■■■'■■ ^^ ■ '"f 'iih' ■.» h.i .ilr«*.jch 
kwiwo all Im- •■■ • 

ataMi |>«rsr». mifcM kw mto twin* 
»n mHIri' l<fm|:i m Trrninn N<.« 
.(•rwy ■ 

<i Brien Hunks Iht .mn 
(KHItiU'i as rclilnr ol ih<- |«;<| Nam- 
■rirr llniitlatnnil IMrrriary ol Ihr 

' - •''■<l >»lal« i> jxwiiWy nnenf Ih* 
■ mHTi-<hnt; t..hv ari.und 
I >.T< M-,.r 1 . i. iKNi 

.■ni(,|..>,-r- ..<■: . iini 

Sialrs I.U i)(x,l.iic I Ik- ^umniiT Urn- 
flaymrni lltrcriwrt Vou talk to 
somi' "-ally *(>it(lerful pimple 
(latng Ihat and mocll) yim hear 
utout iliMill rrtatinnntaipt thai 
rtcvelnp Stime rmployrvt come 
hart In »«-k m ih«- j.ame summer 
jnli all ihrmigh high schcMil or 
cnlltur Smnv <"»-entually £« tnia 
'hi-ir summer line (il wnrk m a pm- 
■■n.,illcr thin ImiihsrhMiJ 

Heart attack victims needed 

'•.iinl» a 'fwniner (<ii 

hopcT' Qolege mu*; mocNne 



ninirliftniFiit t.-j tte:' hi'jiri: .anil <HIi*r 


hityr it'll nmm 

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'ii'K roUei:! at 

Women still paid less then men 

tt VS,HI\l.I"l>N IM' ] ,,i,,,„ . 

ili.n,l< ,,ihi,6«m|) iknnviS 'all) irwultll 
t !"..., u^ ft ,ni*mpl;iim^' l"Ww.;l **hjn 

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TiyKfDchs &^ Brentanos 

1. i.ii™ ,111 rii,i,'iwf t.iiik, iri!,1ui;l,i,i,w 
liinn. .uMitant. 



W-IVUx,, I*I,.|,'V .1, |H|w,f»|% |hj:| 

#1 '•n,',Mi|i«K 1^'* t^^^ 

''*■''■ I ■ ''iv ij,mhml„iii,<l' 

'♦'■I' ?«„H'l,i.i„.ii. 

!ii, |,.|., ri , ,.i,.l,,. I., 1 
llii \.,ltt,|,i«n! 
I,' SM'lrftlV'«i 
fii,,i "mm ],.',«,., 

Tl*r' pr[*|n>r'mni <IT 

■ r«i,M«» ,ai Wbi tower 

I .•! iind 
"I year* 

■ , ■■■»inc the 

■'inminit (jap. there '» 

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iv? ihal 



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Krochs 8^ Bnentanos 

THf HARMNOEII F«l»w«y H. tWt 

Newsbriefs • Newsbriefs 


TItt third (fimnar Marcli I. 
■i:i»c«li,¥f S«r»l«Ti»i anil Ad- 
miniMlrallve Auitlanl*." mil 
dtKuti th* kiM«ti>dce Mill wtli" 
twtat iie««uiir>' Iffl h» m cffmcln-e 
*»CT»lary or idmumtritttve 

Addltronat infurmiUMm can W 
flOlaiiwi b) fJiUwi Harper <t In* 
itjlvfnr Mamnemcnl t)ft«lii|miW' 

Student aid 

Art exhibit 

'1 dnnrlmti niui 
prtm* will lie on diiplajr an tlw 
aMWwi (low o( MdN '• C and P. iwv 


Cumntly an laitnirtor at 
McHcnry County CoUaft. 
ttm Mudlad art in tile UnllMl I 
MMi In Italy . He waa oaniliiMMl tat 
■M If ro GovcmoT'i Amtllt In Art 
lUinou Arti Cm 


"A OtMMiiHi il hmm" M dw 
M«|C' nl WMlBaMiay'i Wiimcn'i 
Cmlm liiMli pngnun Inn ll:l« 

sjn» to 1 p-KB- iMi tita 


Pnlim imgnMiB tnclodt' a 
lUn, "AaaertiKnaaa Training tar 
Hmnrni," Fata., tl: a talk 'kf 
aacMw laatranar Fmnk OUvar. 
rab.. •: and • taih It* |ililJaiN*l9 
laalnrlnr Jack Pa«K!.l«r. Mairdl T 

nt WMMi'a Camtar ta opal 
dallji' tnin*s.iD. l»l|» 

'Iti iai lli Wwaatad in al 
DM •! 'Uw OliiMla 
imlinnlliai and daairt leMatiMP' 
•M, atatt Rap. Ewganta S. 
Cttaiiinaa. D-Ird DIttriet li 
nifarind Four acholiinMil^ to lllilh 
or eonuBunltjr roUaff* 
alBdamta m tha daairnatad 
I .ana avaHalalt in tht 
nnaMial Aid Olfk*. AM*. 
Applieatlon tormi iliituld ta« 
ciomiiMcd anl nut to .Raf>. (1mi:|>- 
.man no lalar Uian Marc!li XI. 


Harpar ia aiianaoruia a aiirtnil 
vacalian trip to Haintl. fnm AprtI 
tl-ia. Meat, art Irmi HW to MM.. 

anarda («r hla mark m tlw aaal 
coaal and In Ite mldarnat.. TIDa 

•lio* vlU tnelade many «l Ua 
Wlpalnl .pan. pencil dra«ln«i and 
aMM «f hia oUa and vatcrralsrs. 



A rcpreaanlaUve o( Ima|« 

Ijitwratory lid in ScluumlMirx. 

ntlMli ml) tpcak at a OMMting of 
tile Hariirr Photofrapky Club, lit 
will dbcuH b*|ttn]it.nK and 
advam-vd tMrhniqua ol color 
procMilng and prtnttng. TIm 
tnaatlnc irUI br held In FU at It: II 
Ml Thura., Feb. It. All (ntertHed 
art Invited Iw 


HsrrH Legal aid 


lilork from Walklkl iaaeli.. 

'<rtt Grants 

Broehurt •nil furlJitr 

'itliiWii' Ift VtSKt 

The' DIaplaced HnoMmaikari 

t],IM (rant* from Ok Sea Equity 
at Ricliland Comiminity 

Fraa Lagal. Advlc* la ataialile 
(ar_ Itetpaf llaiaiMa every 

\fm* rtirr»ft|MiiMl#ni «'lhitrlr« Kwatl lui« mmta4 l«r CW tor m.i 

Charles Kuralt t 
speak at Harper 

in apeak Model 

CiiariaalCiiralt, author, nqxirter. 

levUieii and radio pcnonallty. 

JU, wiU lactun an "America. Behind 

fill imirlinminiil **"," at Harper 

Abllltlct With Attainable ! *f** * * * * *^- *" *** t^*"— * 

Bl»IiI«i*iiien»I*oaltl«na." Clllir Jmt^^tMt, A. 

A prapeaal by Pat Merrki. "A CM !!••• OannpaBJaat Kifalt 
tor FariUUtlat CopiOK ** *"*•% !«*« ta«i» ««■ »*» 
tar Secktnt and IfeaiPll^ lahrrlaed "Oi Hit Road* 
timtailanfllit ^'i'* i**^ 

award!, Incladim! an Emmy i 
two Peabody Awards. 

Kurall't tradcmack la hla I 
lor capturinc on fibn the wai 
and ridinaai ol 
Itaturtni paapic «Mb aa i 
way o( Ule and an ii 
to tell 

Public admlaalaa la fl.l 
Harper students are i 
with their activity carl. 

Mglllaealnf. Kralultiea. and 

Iroa Manila Slmontan. 
eanrdinator of Internalloaal 



Balartaliiiiwnl 'n discount 
MNVan. taiafce an new available In 


Tlir Harper ("oilcK* iMtilut* f<ir 
Managenrnl [>e¥elop'ni.ent hat 

•ctaAiM three alt day lemiMirt 
apaetf kany da a lgntd lor «Minen in 


El«ct.iim* lor two tcati on the 
Harper Ciillffe Board of Tni iit ae a 
•ID be held April H Tha Itrm nf 
mnk-r- • ihrft jeara 

!HoraiiHitin.|i petition* for the 
election may tm Uk4 tnm f't*t W 
throuilt Ma.rch S To be eligible, u. 
panm ni'uiit 'br a V S cmien.. age 
IS or twer; a raMdeni of the rnHage 
diitnci far at hart one year, aiill 
IMI a member of a rwninon leliMl 
board 'iir <i school treafurtr 

Petition* may l>* obtained by 
writing to Harper cellege. t>r 
Jamen Perry. Aigon<)uln and 
Roeelle Road*., Paliilin*, lllmui.s 
or by railing SIR -MM. r>'. 

Incumbenti Far i:he two board 
seatt ere .tetaalyn Nicklas and 

Tne lint seminar. Managing #*_^-J.._a2^_^ ,^ 
SMtma.riai RaaponitbiUtie*. ' ' on \Jl 1 2| Q U 3 1 1 n caai 

I Aa A 1 

rak. M. I* for the woman vIm 
wt it u to graw with her Jab aad 
^fapara harialf (or higliar 

SPIRIT .III be appearing hi cawwl Fr«ay al I p.m.. la the Callege Ce«»er Uange. TIeketo far this coi, 
•baaM be parchated in advantc. as •esilng ii llmlled. PuMk adaiiwlan it t* Harper MadrMs/iUfl pay K 
TkeaagM the near it-year M»tar¥ tt Spirit, the Knwp hat rMtlsuaUy ttrlved lur ar» modrt of muslr. Ran 
C alllamia. the l ame tla iw W»rr»/al« rreailvr guiuriM has brca Ike Ufehiaad a( the graap. nnagk <h^ 
Ikla. bis gaMar aad rrcmlly. kin vaice. has hem Ibr dambwibig ladar. Randy callfaratai had heea a 
ifltahed araastlt gabarM aH hti lUe bai M »a> mA aalll ItW. wben be met aad became Meada wUfc Jij 
Haadrit. that be caatetlai lalbe warM of eleclrir. 

WRh ihr rrir«M a« Ibt aMb SvMt atbaa. "Falare Games I A Magleal Kabaaaa De«MB)": H ia ceMii 
Ibe album (ram higlanbn laaai Ii Ca lM a r a h i's ca art p tl aa. 

Mntef iarecs wMb CaHtanlB is Id CaaaMy. Spbrtfa dvammar 'ibMU Ri hKepUaa. CaasMy bas bai ■ 
tataar ia the maak icaae; be bat 'ptayM wHh sarh. aalaHti at Csnrjf > 

rm laitber WaraMtlaa. tladcal* may tall Ibt aiaim AcHeWas Olllta.l 

^Hj i| | i|ni i |ipn i [ 

B | II IIWI I |iP 

r«lMiMry1l.1Wt TMCHAmHtraER I>a«i7 

Fossils on display in library 

ittifM <|iM9k tl 'I* Aprtt »)• 

'. iHMranlDil u tht iiiiiiiiMil 

rand:, itwlr »>>1 tO'VtullipIr 

utfoffMUM.. Wbktm. rmtiitii: 

')I*|.>«U*. Tall* tni' 

•Mcritton ikr mttenai 

I ytwrr tim at. not tliwt 

• will ('•HIM (ImMKll:. 

hWim- ( Awrtl' » m Mat »h 
itr»Ji> nn nmllM* m«Il»ri 
.irnml tm lUemmy ti'w 
;'ia!WiUi«l in M mmttntr 
•urtt 'i*' •«)■>« M wiirh 
- tl' MMSiNirT' nn u |iri>|M'I 
' -u lak* i^n* aiHl' c-iMlrol 
Ml. •Miiy»toJMa»)-.EIr 

r ilMvrviuit ftinii ■ ■■itit'limw" 

Hnntla mr* takiw 
I It m mim to tmt 

paal MiXT-- 
Itbt wN iiMtenilani: ; i . 
iHCFM- liiilM^ It to My at- 
tt'rr m iti* iM»er't leal mud 


flMil dl' O i M «l> n lHwiin> tw mum 

t m aid w nttnira Work 

|0- rJnlr tl It «■«. lt)>hlit 
In yaair 
Matilk In 
Tteiw 1.1 
ItMn ttu 
'Cliik Hic iMMlMcy Imram 
M<M aiNl lamiwenuwntiiii 
irat MHi ml* or .pirtiwr 
(Allf. IS Ht Sapi. a>- 
ii <M eiMipMMIMii with 
Mid (Hit M Unpmrfatal 
I"* J'lHlf *tw~' i'»- 
M allaiiiilMn i'.< 
'■■■.I iMril 

■ipl, tS'UXM.. ai-l>«."l 
larVwl W'hfMii |f»*) iiniiirri, 


- ..- M _ _ ._,. 


Tii#.i4a| tht. Slii4tiil 
I <l«p«i1fiieiil wtU (itf'flianl 

■t«r aHariMNMi inliii-eMMatl 

riita If an ■•■Ittani 
■ir «l Muilc al 111* 
it]> al tiitmtt. mtmn Iw n 
year ill' 


.>itli Claii4c«M. Hurai mmI 
.'.ia« »tt)i WsllarS. Rartlty 
:-iial« Umvcral^r ol N*« 

livi •kpctiltwt in lait 



itnimaallV' (i ym an cotRlibitiii > 

D'talii* Nn iiirt r<wr n«>* will 

tirltipT vnuiafH anal MM |iiai li* mt 

trtim >lif«'*llt(«rl. 

.ji anl illiMal attlttlM 

mmHO; lOtt. tl in Mm. III- 
ilt>ccM turn Kmiimi ami )tw cwjlit 
(••J It I* Id* «m«; til l«*» "fi ■ 
ilirl •( «flri fnintii* Car«; .. 
rf«iiial« ftm rijwtattpwi. *«( 
illiM't ttt nvrly nfMinHttir. iiiijal 
IfinBim ;rr>- -n't f:n/,-iT«t now mi 
ilrtov (,lwn"i ." 1' '■■ ■ ■'■"'■ 
SAOIITABIliS . •<.» a w tJ«;, 
1) l'<ei|Mlil mir* lliiie 111 tninr mill 
Lmisl 'tmm mmmi im Ibmt* itm 
rmnanc'^ m \^mr inj»rtij«*!.> >tr ciaiw 
rrlati«u.hi|) '•iMf-'l .n-.t'i"! iwilill 
il<Miit|>> a'ttwil Utacwf in >«>» pmatit 
Wc ami awttil mawieifiB tlMMlilt- 
CAPRKMIW! t'DW!. aiai JhM. It»- 
DM<:-*nlnl* M vark anil' rnir 
tSU'lsnt pw(*llliiiili» A|»a«l»ori 
leBnrl m atoal ta ■ 'imj' oft ' 
Flmaw*! art tiMiiroriBii »li«-h will 
tittp }■•<» (i> aiJl asWif MOW' worru-'i 
IMm'l hsi«rii ti» «ji»»Hf»"-ii:m*ri' it 
AQUAKIW^ tSm. m U Ft*> Hit- 
SliaiiMHt aiiil iMcHiirt auiim 
<-l«iwl» ntlalaii. imm* N«» is ji Imiw 
• ■II nn eifiwl vent 
.lid »«•» 111 aetwitij' I'll" 
Ml iirrnl iiBr»aiHil.tri«ll)' 
ii4H»t iiittb'n nuld tw 
' iiK iind »urr«i>u»e 
PUitiai; ir«to, 11 to Man* Jii- 


II mar l» ta'Ri la think wt llUmili 
■• lM;H||: inipr Ml' intlliiii .|-Mn aM 
liilt » 'heal nnHMt aiMt '(kIImIiw' tl 
riiKiMk Dm CMlpiia' liM'llia Iwailk 
Ttmnmh lilt end' ()t.ri*rttii'y ta» 
'' •■t$m" tiMmMm. ol (aaail* 


'Tilt ltant.t( Tnnlaa «l llaiiiiir 
G'Wll«|t baa taaf Traala* 
'111' tm awMidail t#' 

nil tw tin iltcplay m Uw Itlirarf'. Ht 
iiat '(iMiib frani .iMeeli' a* Mai at 
tromii iilaiil til'e. all M' wlurli H* 
liwmd » «iwt aif IW nttia tram ilic 
KmldiaMMl. CMl 'CItT ami. 'ini- 
mini4**n '|!lTtmt'!« ^rti^. 

|i»w«hl#fn:s IP 


' * *C'tiim> irf 
caai|iu* i nttm Mitursfiarvto' 

•IM an mt 

(t 'Mt of tiM 
•> tank Harper 
C«illii||t Trmtm lkWafiM(i will bt 
far mt siaiMlar'k tnWan |irwkl«l 

tht ttwtail laaMalna at luaat a 
■"C" il.Hi a'ltraite. The 
■ctohmblp aiilt 'ht .nutaMii 'to 

anltl fnur acadttilh; ftun have 
hifMcd or Uh 'OiaaiiBiiiii anuMint i>( 
ertttll htniri' art mardtil ta (nHiU 
tht nqutmncula al tht dcgnv 
imtiran in 'ifliM Uw rwiiIlM m 

Rvaliiattoit Crittria: 'Thvt* 
awanlf ar* tWiHtd m wbuljirihtii. 
finiinnal nctd. and pottnltal 
■■■■'!.« 10 Dm; t-iK-mrwiJar 
''( lh« ceUeit, TlM 
K'nitartriiiw aril) ht mfllaai' 'l||f 
itit Crallact .tk'holanhlp Comiiiltlat 
altar II nvlt** a|iplleaClaiif 
MhnlHail hf' tht MudMila. 

A|ii»liMii«M an asatlnHa to Iht 
(»(tlM<><'riiian<ial Md. am 



TMlSf ixicai 'mat'" mirtiin iwnl »*i mute* "••■>'• « ...winm n ■»« 
■aMi lix' I mmm "MM" » wn itann *»■' ' • ■' • "'■• ■'■'• ' - '■•■<■ 
aw w»a»iit:ii*iwiiiia««»til*««i^io«ail*il yw''''' ^«' ..;,,....,... 

OuA MwfliiaMa m* llw% •atnaiMat tj0um^*K i^'Km -.nm vvmiffmi ■!«*'*»] 
f*mf tm naliail' 'Wia 'nmiliiii>>ii'iiiiv ii«i^' (wmwai md m* vmma mn] 
M. WCTOM ' WC. aha awMut '•« « nownv-'kiri 
'i M' fffiv tan'i' KaMt Ml «»<"i lOtw) launt ta» vnn 
ii H'VtM M •■' laiivliail WW mu onun amm 
tfW'iaaMM*** * OMticoma 'Tati 
T«ii.ikaai« laaaatHMlNMrT utouMi MJiUMlt 








]. WMM I 


lalM a KTult ammuil (if thai:, tit 
tat alrM'd) pltut.aitra|iha<l nuwy a( 
hu taMlb ami wciuld like in phiiKt- 
Xraiih (ainil* Iran alt the muwiami 
ami havn lliitm <» fllv in nnc {llaot 
-■-• ih.-il tltr> omid bi- eaUli 1 
;or f't-('t"ri!'iu-'i' 

tii!:.'f, ■. f •• ' 'i..':i,i..j !■.• ,1. i IPC wtHiiii 
tik' • .. i ".r.. ii.,M.. iiiji tilita a 

'1 < lit haul. •■;)' a itii- 

iii .'.. ' '■... ' • .JiUil U 

tl'" '.-r himielf, the tac- 

■ ■ ' .■ •■1)11 itw 


i'iuii m' ?u«i:iiuj j iptiur ctmm:^ 'af 

Hu aicv aid Ital. biMll) are net 

aitwtl): I'MliiiK taafilc and iMm- 

>'iilh><'tt<l III at))' anr fitatit n lllc 

tm nl'iiKii th«n .than d he' wb* (M 

touted SUliM Emrh n'luu'iiin ''i^ri 



H«lp Wanted 

Driver ntixte4 ur pu.k up' ffltt 
delinr unKonu lor Ml dayi nn 
Miin. and Wtd tirlvt nur wn, 
«li>a<)>'. i«aid |M)- Clean CiH 

A<lv<-r ' "tin need* all 
•ro«" i.earn «aine 
light .11-'. ana '-4mera iklUk 
vtillmH lo do ptek ufi a'nd 
drlivmint Muil have eir aiMl 
rutiiltlc 'hmn.. Call Linda at m^' 
VtTci. Rtitling Mcaidiwt. are*. 


K'^' '■'■■ ''■■■'''! .'.{Ml.'f [iLll'Ilt 11'.^ Ct'll' 

mtlii.' '■'-.! .'1 

dlVlili. , :■ <■•: 1 

rmtaur..iiil •>[M^ialu,M.i vh<hik ymi 
wiirk wiiliLP J fun, iieiiiile 
iiriaiM »tmii|ihtre 

m|>»'ml'nf». a ItrrWie mi'miry 
m.:iker ..itlid«llti> 'With rWni 
litm- Wf pTclfr ««ptr»tnt'»'il 
jKTsoivs., 21 vTs vif ulder Wi? i"i* 
fer .'iltfMcM'vi' ^tarlHin ^*ll|S^;■^ 
iinil ftirayr'aMr gKvwlh 'lA'ilhiii 
iiur ex|iai'Mllnig «»mDan.v Tall 
.t<te KiiUar *t nm-fMrn «■ Mr*. 
i"i.rd*'»ll al tlt-W) P«<l(II«f'k 
Mi-i'r n Ural. WiMxK'ielil 

1". i. ".II': HELP ViANTEII 

^'oiii'ij; tiiAu lu ijpirialr a pan 
lM'iirj4(»h engravini mtC'litnr 
llmirj Von-'. "" .i lay and 
KruJay "i '■• !I>P M. 

ami .Satut'il^, . - Wf M. 

A|ii>l.)' in iMtraon. 


(lei.i'iif Miiisiwp ("tl 

\il*> IUinui>. 

Full w parl'tIM* ttlifk (df 
MMinwnnit I'lrwittsl. altiiiMt 
Sknlltnt wtKe aail 'hemd'it*. 
rairfMld IWatMlarltirmii, I'l'lW 
ClUM St, AlgMKium. Ill «- 

Mi-'N' wo'mek: 

mils lis MIII'N' AmtT'if.ii(i 

F„r.;.i;.. %.• 
,rci,(ii-r...l I'. 

w." 1 ' . Sumoirr Js»h 
.ir . . iKNI I'M- tlltar- 

n'.,jn..r, ,i.;«-,>k ri«-(lt, F'-IS. 

[1(11 ;<>«. Fan Aitgtlck, 
Wanhmniin '«-« 

Uariiri .flu ' 

about ItK: 11,,.;^=. .,;,;,--.... wi 

twitt hiiih N"hiMl .wluidentK nn 
loyrt a( (he cain|Mi ta! (tail mi 
the inlnrmatton h<Mth ot rail 
«t as. 

ii«(wt autiui iiitendaiit - t-l 
put, Man. ' Fri . hontat. r«a|M». 
ilMt and raliablt BuKala 
Uraw area .m.-4«4a. A»k far 

Help Wanted 

< (i\iMi-:Kt i,\i, 

Sale* t»> Ptwine 
Half days or full time with ot^ 

(nrttnity for idiraaMiMnt Of- 
tiM lacaltd M B. Arl Hlx, En- 
:pcrltiio! i!calt«d 'hut will tram 
fWdfi'lc with fMMnilal. WiMikly 
MnaiitiMtt 'thttuM mrntd 
Illia, Stmf m-nmr and |itoi»t 
'nuinliti' ' 

ORv. l.\TES 

1'- 1,1 IlOX ,1.1* 

Mt PraKpect.tll 





Ski Nwli. ' Itotehlt' Racer, tm 
T m,a(i Call SS-4MI, .Aik far 


7i Snowmiilijle 

T'olii 1 ! > rwi'mdttkwed 

'"U:i.linlj (l-iillt fr s\:ii' 

[■^X(,rlk*nf niniu'; 

Phiinf »I-J«I(U A ask fur fliin 

.,- ■\n. tiii(K) , 

' .."j'Mrttr, ^(CT*o. 

irK-« .,..■„ ^;.jt>tl gas mik?a,gir 

M.ui>iw'ii. n.tdo c»itim.)a7ii. 

,*M.€ "71 Cdnco'rii, aulomallc 
trannniLMicm, power «pteermi|. 
(Mi'U'cr lirakMi, ain/fm fassttlt 
(lamii, rear windot* itrfrasttr, 

i.m miien. tiiso.w. 437-nm, 


Waaithall Motlait Salt - 

M'aiiheri' dryer igac, cnpper- 
iMie'. q/a*tm lihlt-a-btd. Intingc 
1' dauhk h«4l frame ' DR 
awiltrti* and tun >,|irln|{t i , old 
lima«r and chad,, dim-He p<>r 
lalilt dlKhwaMhirr i c-irppertmie . . 
cmWat tJiNe. siwakern i large > . 
'•b bmitit inten't Id) Call mi- 

im IMtttf Van " ILom miles. 
p». 'ph. mn rn«»f. roof vrni 
i,m,,'fni i (rack »lere«. » cba.ii- 
nrl CR. digital clock, twivrl 

tullf cnrpttiid. rcf andcaUnM. 
na:|t* ruct'prdof llfallni*' 
■'•tfaitl}. liknv mare titra* 
H.!Wnr'heBl nHcr, mii-itm. 


.MfMl an) typing dam'' Former 

•emrCMllv* ie<Te(ar>' will do 
typing at home At-rurale, 
reaMMhIeratai CAtlM-xm 

Atwmiaii flntftiiU! 'N*«l 1 ypnc 
done 'far iMin paperi" MttHf 
hamt typing wrvicc Iw alt jrour 
lyptnc nMda Call Kathy btt 
'••HI !■« poi at an-Md. Hariar 

cull a NmwWi™*. «» MWf ^«l 

ttrtf ■■■•• » • f^ !'jrr«t«^ 

fHflM' at Iwmt ■• '*•*■ "*"" 
IHimilnt Vnflti 

ih* wmmm ■«• **■ Martin*!, ^m 

lp« uiwcitinif U'-K. 
•m. \ttriMm 1**^ «"■» *•*" 

Sinc'toir. •1><» »•<•■ <»■■ • "" TJ 
*«• l« III* tirat. Imm -^ **^ 

il f|iif M pa mill M"*^ «'■■*'*-« - — 
nam c<« » M«*r ■«w«iw ■"»«»«• ■ 
Jntm »••>* OKI •» '» **"'" ""^ '" 
IHa (irit ti*":. mil llw» "* '*■■■'''* 
Hill t»frTt««J»i to**'"*' "• 

«.tnii« w «-■ «•» "^"^^T*'^ 

,. , l | .».. iir hti toanuHt (tii'M ««■ 
,,»( yi » HmM. iiinipw. «*«» ••• 
Brwn ••el* tat m* mm l«y<» 
Mtlw ■««(■»•* 

DM' ctimm •• »• W "> «•«»*■ ""^ 

tart .»t l»rtli »*'l «1* *«*» 

,i,»iitall »«« " »<«■>•«•■■• "•" 
fomt- ,_,. 

lUtiMto* iiiii« •■» • "'™«*'* 
liirMrMitil I* At Hiiw:ta. •» UW 
lumtifd til ffl ••* " •*"■" '"T * 

» in IK* ftrit toll •€»*<•«* "»•"« 
Itllnou Valtev hptctm. ■«< *«" 
„„„„, m » »•• ■•«' ««!>«*»"■■ 
,H,r Ite tali i<» Trillin.., !•«* « i..i' 
an tlw Il»"ta •• *•*» *"* "" 

.-■im hni ii»w !»»■* * 
««tii»ii. Hut »<• <-<«•<•«■»• *■•'»'■ 
inmiilli *Kt i»r«m«I "•H. !•"•• ' 
Iict« ««• •'■ '••* •" 

tunwitwiii, •* ••■«*',;,, . 

itawi' laiMiMI «* *l" '"" '"" ' ' 
immiilw..- »MI nmmr tmtA ow' ' 

rnut tPniW* ■«•*» hti/t tl« 
ttowlu. •• Siwtaur pirtart up'ttrw 
(l«(-k liiiil* «"'' '^•' '* •^^ 1 '^ 
wilM 13 a Irtl W Itw '•«* '»•'' ™» 
to» (» Sim-l.r'.«n« 
t-iwuM. ■*<» » H»fl»«''» »" " ' 
.urtilim «!»«• •«««>«»•<« !•»■«*«■ 
IttMMWI V«lto)f !• fit!* «•■ „, 

llllmii VaH« ttrt ih* .ij»i» ••■' 
Ihtrtv wfon* Irll »-«ll *<«• *'** 
l»M! Kfdd f« • ••"' »"■"**'■ "■*•'■ 
H»n»r'» C»»«« K»i*lt»i ma»- 
(iMttcf »t UW' h«w » •■••■i* • 

■n» AiwciM, n*" « "** 

li-aiUiit m H» ««»*iii «( OW 
HMMt ■*»• Urt » B °* •"• «■*■■ 
Mill » HI** "<* I>1*'"» V»"« ^ 
CMir III «l» «"»•« '**» ••• ~ 
^ ^ ,-nt B~n W*.ln -w 
" a iCwft alt*r hi*' ff«i***i»i 
■■in*' '*•»*<■•■ Trll«»- Brtam JMn'^ 

««, •naiif p«*««» 1»^ *'"'*!!! 

far maiiF H«« «» ■*»*• •* '"^ 

alter tlnw l» W l»»lim»»t« "W 

- --■ III IfflJ' ta 


- ^ .wi.., r.....ia> ralm •wl call«t«d at fc» |(a« t* »lwrt )•"«»«• 

tVomen grab 1st N4C win 


Tfca OlleBliii «•* " " 
dittaiw waiviaa i MHMVwuau 
MlcaiUli^ iMaalHMi'" *^ inas* • 
fclloiil (Toaul «• * ■•craaniinit *•'• 
lUe Mawkt cai>tari4 tin* »«•«■ ""•« 
«ertB« Stf i:<«l«"«>« "» «*• 

T«*<a» '''**■ ... .. ^..^ 

IMM tlw ■» *• *""'■ "•??■ 
M. la. ei*l#r«>« ""X*' »•» •*"!!! 
1..JMH »aaii«: lUt Ha"to •»■•*' «** 

,?™«l.i»n«» r»»' "* • " ■*■*", 
Hanwr imim* «-«■ '•' " •!!"; 

lead teHind tte •*«««** " 

UarwJ. it* «-•» •"«• " l^'*" 
Fiitl€.«m« Jaw •»» V»l "•'ff*- 
wha chtiUMKl ta l«» «»««^ " "^ 

,«n anH Itw «*•"'» X*"* ^ 
..■mmamdM l»t liiiwt at «»• ■«'' 

Tin mmta Umk ji*a«l«it« t* 
mimar ani Triliin (a* Mii tunm 
ItWB lata !»>*«<• •• •'• !''»»•«'• 
ma.|or lactar on Urn. »»iil««i« m e» 

4mm.. Tit*' ■•••' It"* **" ""*• 
opwl aad mil* aifcW to W»nw • 
Mint taUil.. 

•Hie wronil Hal* *•• «'•'"*» * '"** 
:, rwal «■» tl» fir*! •tlh *• ■«••'" 
.■wUi-nBlnfJ ttur •■«« defaMWe'* 
^iMl. antinn-ely. Harp*! juiil taiilt 
«, itwtr laaH and laM Trilim »«a» 

'*amet> Tain T«rtn*r •»« 
.lilMHil mm tlir •»»■ liti »"»»<> 

lu-Ua. kaMtaH »la.»r.: *« tart«c«lMl a»df« 

(■.•rtoniw.! aisawsl Trlta«. ■'««■ 

UlCIII l»tl»ff»." iMf "■«<1' ■■'"«' """ 

.nrartk-e Hmii«d «« «•" '*'"'" • 
w«*, lt-» tord la httlW ital »»« 
„p Tridiiwr (atli "'t* » 

. ...iWkltan <>l >i»mm ■« »»« 
«.m«|-» ««m «" ""♦ *■" ■•** 

,mfir«Hi»'» <«« ■-twOali'* prat-twoi 

iMitHfviltdttoyaar.. ^. . 

Coai-h Teirtiaw •• ta*"!"*' •" 
,m|.r.:.vf hi« team'* rwfflrt "trt 
M-iir He will I**'* " ■^•^ ""* 
jlwrf. (rf htm. m t» !• >«"« **• 
thr« «np «>ph"in»rr». .U-f.i 

.S.-ti»iiW. •;"■"' **'■" =""* '^"^ 
fcHgii* »«< ' t « top 

(mtinian •*(! ' ■ 

Tlie *oin«ii «r-<P >»• ""'' '*«»"" 
(I.U ««k., '«>"» *»»"• '*" •""'■ 
.eaiiw a.«aiimil « w ">e n*""" 
TtimriH-i Til* iPtw «'" '».™' 
Wclwrfav at I,« ■» S-"*' "•"'^ 
Hh'li Si-I«»l «> H«ll"'« >*"**»^ 


■ h.- fourt Housf '" 
M, Frh tut. *»•*■ 

„. Mwi, «Hii...u.-«artsfr«« 

,r» «M:«ifM««'P><' «■•■'" """"'"" 
,„<!/« •■nI»«elhi«i»f'W"m- 

..■uri « lifsl «m«- '"»' 

"''^^.'h,., , ;,rr,v« at Ih* «^'«""^' 

H..,.- .i.k f-r M>lie MrCtel*. » 

",.><).««« and iMwy-r'""' 

th,.t Iim« ,1 

If (here are »"> «««»««>» ™" 

>I,|K^ M. Oawf at H»n>»f K«' *" 


Health Club for Men 

^e offer s«'P«''>"*'°"J" S?I SillS' 
Weight Training, and Body Building. | 

HOURS -Mon.-Fri. 10-10 
Sat. l*>5 

->...^a»«»a4P.u..a*''d537 3«gO 

«»tilaa» ya^i **"' 

Tl OLD TOWM lli_ 

..„«:l. «.."'« '•"^''^ 



I everyTues. »?■'"•'"' 
i 1/2 price drinks 

1 everyday with 

Lunch Purchase 

"m 1 Pree popcorn 


Fridays /Sunday* 


CfiilOren »S£ "' 


NifwBi<»Siie_ ChicH 

SHRIMPt4.« *- 


Live Action Plnb«l| 

rwwH Irtliirr lirr» 

Kuralt takes road to Harper 


Fur )a ytani no* Iw** liMn on Uw 
re«l. anl Itv ittll can't (iiKi ■ de- 


N'O, Iw's imt ■ 'picliy ••ter. It»'i 
l-tmHm Kur«tl. a CBS corw 
ii|m:>iMimt Kurall and hit liny erf w 

of Itow, h«?» traveled all the tock 

RMidi' af the 0.K «nn:<)iini (or (••' 
rlnaillmg fam aiKl. placM la> tllm 
for Ktiralt't {■amia ihitw. "On U» 

\t his apfttmnM'v lait TiuoKiay 
nwhf at Harprr Kurall uid. I 
havMi't had an auliinnwrnl f<ir tht 
iMt 12 }«an." H« ii*l«:ti many itt 
lit* idaa* (w thnwi frwin ite hun- 
I'lrnls lit iattcri' he r«c»m« aach 
wfwk (Tnn cMhuitanIk- m«rrs 
•ho Ittink thty Iwit ni.l|(ht havt a 
lrrrlfk"9t«r) ter htm 

TV (liriM thai Kurall laU h» 
vniraya duuii! miMt art "the anc« 
aimil 'iNNfilc ii|i|Mii«d Id th* anti' 
abnul rveiMi. Pwple witti. 
ktiMl e* ilrram are ttmae UmI 
to iMt th* kind of «am» ttmi wwii 

Kurall eiplainad that Ihc ba«tc 
Idea hehind (Jn the Road" u Uic 
i««-rel to the iwcma of the 

"ThC' Ma* oaa to m out and do 
some itorln about ordinary 
IMKVlr Pmple who ant not politi- 
cian* <«■ mo»i* jiJarii, " 

Kuralt beitan On th* Hoail" In 
th« fall of IMT intandmii to do a 
thrw-monlli laur. tail tlw tnor* 
imtu!! ammifll of lucccai iit n- 
emvHl k«i<t hun IravcllnM and' 
' mrlUnii 10 know the »«ople. ' ' 

"I've btett an the road ever 
since." IwMid 

ThnniRh hi* travels, Kuralt tiaa 
madr a potnt lo inMt a» many 
dlf«rcnt ktmlD at pvople a* h« 
pMillil]* ran. "fmni U» ■'haal far- 
nuir In Kentucky lo 1h» 
.Vmmrao in fallformn ," Ht n 
lu listen li> Ihe iawjj>le " 

Kurnlt IS rurrently workinw an a 
f«atur« for ( m thr Kuad' thai will 
lakr a rlose look at the Kaudieit 
arcMltrlure in. the U.S. CMcago'i 
mlHlKitlon will b* Um 

Timer of Pita tnitldihit in front of 
the VMCA in Niles 

At the prraeni time his alary haa 
came to a icrewhlni! hault be- 
raaae of the persisleni snow which 
has kept him from filming » slant 
paper marhe elephant in New Jer- 
»y that serves as a hotel for any- 
one »1to would like t<i spend a nlicht 
in It* trunk 

Kuralt is aim wrUlnit for a Sun- 
day momlnK newt show that aira 
fr<im » until 9 JO Kuralt admlti 
thai Sunday moniinK i-w"! exactly 
prime time iae leievman. hut he 
emphnilted the pnwam's atMllty 
m try thiniisthatranfair'mdnal 
ha** lo worry since many talevi- 
•Im viewen are still in bed al that 
hour OR a weekend 

Kuralt referrHl lo the relaliwely 
new sliow as •ome kind of aMer- 
nath r to cartoons " 

•i thwk It's one of the heal tm» 
broadcacts on the air." laid 
Kurall The allow dcala with tela- 
llvitly bxiii tliouitMul piacia sn 
feature ilodaa. 


V0L12A NO. 19 Ba.ney Coilege, Algo»q».ti and Soieil* Roorf,, Pololme, IH.noii 60067, 3I2'397 3000 


Drinking age increase brings protest in East 


B t r* n . M' a 1 * - T h c 

MaaaachiiaiaMa laglalalara iMia 

Unlvtralty si Mafaehaaetta- 
• all 

lecaJ drtnlliii' ■)!• .!• Uie Male (nun 

It la ». ami Mar. M lia «■• ol 11.. 

Over fifty UIs>«' (or tome 

I h iml al mrrcase in the drink.Mii ace 

1 have heen BM ilace «i>l«r*iMlw 

l-ieiiiocraUi- Cmminaf Eitwini .1. 

I Kins wa* eleetad' lam Novamticr am. 

( a iMhcHi Ihat lnelMM' a pMie 

I wnietHiii alawi !•»•••(* 

^Iwklnt. Ohtervtrt hare 

|apcMW.e<i thai Klnii praiaed. (or 

I Irtetdatton early 'lii Hit leiialam. Il» 
I raune be ■•• m na«i of • vMoti' 
I ran mo puMiral Imiilllc.. 

><<it Kiait protoitiy 4iifnt fo 

■■'' reacwon stodenl* 

ihr tiniviTiitv of 

..n*u«.'ymh.-r.\t, •lud'enli 

,j.«i:<Bl am a •-aoiiMif tawari' 

>Uy. orSBMieit by ■ .itmltnl 

i':>.yp. where tlhe»' heart ttuilanl. 

A .■ c^pnimleiit Herb 

-»« warn thai • rattc in tile 

'iktttii ai|ie wnuki iirtie itiidMiUi 

111 of Ih* 'ban, into their cart.. 

and (into Iht hiahway " Studant 

Hn«»ma*!nt cMiMteitca! MM lo a 

"Mprng eKvl.. anil Mpeil toDcd 

alMtr WHt Itwa area bar* and 

' kage tlqiMir' slaret.. Oa .|jii> 

'I't Btrthdnv, over a IhouaaiMl 

i.T» fnim .(d.wlenl* were. *- 

itvered lo male letrislalars, 

tUomd by lb* three busliuMla of 

■It. miitf pa«lMid' Hie nailery 

'- the (Mate. Ran llMalMninlti. 

' <-clor of Urn ' Ha i iii l Canter tar 

^ji-alional ReMiMch and Adww- 

" V. vttm aaked. i ilafc iiit i badt an 

''iipH to bombard Hie aM*- 

-use «lth raOt. aa Iha ana 

M Ifbif ap (he 
ni|iMar> phane Ibiaa. Ti* phawMn. 
hwrnieter. never quite came off 

The ttnOmf- kHibylni cflarfi 
dUki't wnrfc well, ailher. The Hknar 
paaaeti a meaairc raialnic Uie legal 

■«• fw 'bui'inN. alRiM for all- 
l»remli*« comwmiiiion lo II oyer 

the neat Iwo' yean. MasaacltuaMta 
'bai* hweenal tlie lirinlitnf afe i» n 
Ih: ho. 

Th«' beoaiilyi-baafd. Hudenl parll- 
cipallM n tlw l<Mytni efflhrl, 
l:h«>ugh, was probably the bi(|aal 
deoKnalration Una year el UMaaar 
Amhcrai. MKinally lliaiiclil ti m 

Vel neither the UMaiia "u|^ 
iMMimr" nor Uic llaiaaeliaMItt' 
bgicWure'ltlilkertni iMlt alcoM 
•Kat Itinllt are oniiiiie, ae wveral 
.stulaa. (•mcra.lly concerned, about 
Making in MRh .nrhtiol.. have re- 
considered btwa and polIrM tlial 
affetl drlnk»i{ on cotlefe 

At Tnamin Stale In Marylanit, 

Itic adnUiiMtrallai 

fnan. ■alUmf llqaor. 'Tlie aniy ala>- 
M avaiteM* m campus ti now the 
bwtr lalii by the campvn fond 

iutl Ml tnany oUier srhoolt. 

tlwiigli, have made raceni am- 
eeaaions to alcohol., which, slodiat 
riHW, .la by far sludfrnts' (avurila 
nefaalloaiiil dni« A Cbmakla al 

ni^lMr Bilurall— report last year 
daimied tbal II peretnl of all 

eiillage ilMlcnli iMitk alcoM. A 

Hr Hath c. 

Knga at the Uniweraity al Indiana, 
inrt thw fiwire at HI percent. 

.Slippery Hock College in Penn- 
sylvania began handMK out per- 
mils aDmring eampaa arsanka* 

linna l4>"MI liquor la DccaMbtr 
IjisI aiirlng. Western Illinoia UiM- 

vemlly altowcd beer kafi back. Mo 
dwni iiaily nmm alter anmaim- 

Ing Ita earlier prohibition had been 

"a failure." .Similarly, the Otilver- 
■ity of Soutii CantiiM Med ju ban 

on beer aate at the campua cm- 
venience ataee (then an 

adminutrallon commttlee dia- 
covered that itudenia were merely 
carting bc«r anto campua from 

man! dlitant itacw, at higher 

:pnraa. Tlie diirovery waa IreaM 
aa a conaomer Itaiie. An amend- 

inenl last year changed a ISM Cali- 
fomw law prohibiting paclcage 
liquor sales witMn a mUe of CaU- 
fomia state achoola 


Board hears second site proposals 

ImM tall, fur eaampkc. M.ichi||am 
m4en apitmMi .a MlMure ratable 
tlie drtakinii an* lO' S. Smli"* 
ilreiNi«ry' nf tiatnMI :pulM ils adi. 
■Ml of the MidMtan Watt Nam 
when the paper oppuMd the refer- 
I..Mia 'ilraiiialicBlly . state 
have been quietly rr- 
aliiining ompus aleaM pallele* in 
Ihc iiMnaure't *ahe. (innil Valley 
Slate College, for on*, banneal all 
alrahotic brverane* ■» campua. 

The Witconsin legialalure 

opeined' last .inoMh .amid nimon 

Ihal legialalion weuld be intro- 
ilmil la rata* the .drinking, age 
there, (Joeenntr l.*e IVeyfua.. him- 

saM he probattly- 'WualiiBt iNt» Iha 
maaanr* ll it .ever MMit It In Ma 
ilcah. but thai he < 


I CamaiHIee has prctaMaal the baani »l trusters with an Interim rrp<>ri rrrom 
a al Harper for 1 yr>n and ttie nuMMiineiit of aa ad hat 

aMHIta tar the aa* at the la«t A special awrtlac was keM Usi Thursday aigM 
by (be board la hear peapatali lar Ih* Mare al Ike taad wblcii tt tacaM M PalallM aad Sehatukeck Raadt la 
Arlhiglaa Heighls (pkalaky E4Mafiaaar) 




Drop Willow Park campus 


At a inatitn itiMlciil t ant Mt •!»- 
roUttl i«rt-«m# ti lifi.' I wnM 
lito lo mvacnt mj vutm M Kiianl 
tu tin wwnt |>«il*e»l t»<im» ■■ 
Itoriwr t<illci|F 

Mtnr)' M a<n4 will alirayt be « 
l»iiliicin Id Miy ailniMlitntMw I 
ili> ml wnnl ntf ta*n t# te in 
imiiiMt sMt 'Vltl vDl» dimii «> 
NikniMliini bcc-aui* I IM tten u 
M' «nrtrtitK- •••»" poml |»»v»il- 
IhM m tli» icdini ^mtA. 

W« do ml. :iH«Ml ■ Wttlon Piirt 
nil ifiital cofti iwirr 

niiMic)> (ten aliiillar (■dltlie* at 
MWMlMirliiii. With liAool* Inr «vni- 
Ittli; clBIMi. Wtth ilccreaadK 

MirittlliMMi tl» <!•>• claMMEi cwiiW 
te lllia«l ti» tht mmn .anum* Ttif 
ItiMli (ntm thu iHH-mi! cmiJd tw 
uMWi'to rrtaiii thit premml tactill)' 

Tliere i» i» nert to ftrt any Ml 
iiitiir faoilty. Many lull time 
liirul(>' wtMld likv to trach an ncti' 
m»t cliw* m IwMrr rtpoae Hi*mr 
9flv« i.'i II variety tA aitet and 
I'M wiiMMRl* ui tlw cmmunity 

riw enqNy laiui on Palaltnr 
K«tl cwilil lie vM m r»n»«f<l twil' 

Wmi linlvtrtlllM Ml t)w (»aiK<' 
»raa (lav* kc|il th«r itvmiuct up 
■lur til rental prtipMlies The r<!v«-^ 
tiur from thj» rould be used U> ex- 
pand parfctnit lots ami tmpmT 
lac-ilitm iin mam campui- 

I i»(l*n wwider «h> there art 
.ml) two butl4ltiici wiUi third flWH 
cliistriKifnn, Surely Harper CoUekif 
Klwlenu are able ti> «»ll< up thri' 
flilHts of (talri The haiMluapiie'! 
c iwtd tie aeeonimffldatod Iw (he ele- 

c Kelly 

FuW timers more dedicated 

RIF proposal 
needs work 

The RIF < reduction ui force i MMimltlM Ins come tt|>' 

witli m«ii:>- suiucestitM* (or tlie .iloiinl. itf Trinities in 
rf mrda to ratting f>c talivt. 

The wggMtliMS for the mont [Mrt an helpful bul thfre 
were several important point* that wen omitted by I hi? 


The first, resards tenure teHtheri The lummittee made 
no rvcommvndatlons as to whiit should he dtmc if the 
lay inn -off or firing of teachers with tenure is neceasMiry 
For th* moat part, teachers with tenure cm only b«! 

dismissed if incomfieteiice or a dijicre|>e0cy in moriili cun 
be proved 

Hpwever. at Harper the case has already oomc up when 
teaclwrs who have been here for about seven or ten yews 
luwt to he firctl because they Just weren't needed. 
Sometimes things like this cant be avoided or ran they ' 

Tlte BIF committee didn't offer amf Miluttims to this 
problem, so the firing w«s the best thing that the Board 
ihoufcht could be done The RIF committee may complain, 
hut because they offered no solittioMt they ean't criticiie 
too much. 

The second omission hai to do with proKraiiu that 
benefit only a few stadentn. «nd are cosily lo the college. 
because o* that The committee suggested dropping Adult 
Basic Education programs and English as a second 
lanRuaKC programs that werent self-supporting, bal they 
failed to mention some of tlie olher proumms that are 
decllninii in enrollment There are some classes that are 
more eostly to Harper than they are worth. Becauac there 
is a small demand and turnout for these classes, they don't 
pay for themselves and they cost more too|»erfflte 

A f«i» classes were cut. bceaiisc they weren't leM* 
.tiipiiortlRg. The cuts may have been netciMry or wer* 
they ■'■ 

The RIF committee drin't offer any solution for this 

problem, so the Board decided that the only alterniiiive 
was li> cut. the eteiacs. 

■There are a few otiier things Iht •wnimaie* km 
iieglettMl to look at. Just iKlKHr||i|(. tlwst problems won't 
make them ito awsy. Since tlMH' firoMtms have already 
iK;-curre<I at Hariter. chances are that the.) will happen 
jiiiain. The rommitter should com* up wtlh soon- 
preventive meaanr» ac some solution l» I 
Ktrx <■ ihitv arc (he most relevant now. 


to reii;a.rd» in yew editnrial an 

IMrl liiKie tmxhms t think yatir 
pater ihwhl' Kiift vaitlMI tls time 
•Ml aiwre an awh rMlail«iii 

I am iriirr«««li •■irnlleil, m the 
jMfBttiMn itrdsram liere at 
Hariicr aiMl It llMrc l* one (hinn 
that 1:1 iitr«,ti«il in iiij- coaraei 
»b«>vi? all otberf iimj Ihal a to te 
liiir 111 »<>ur artifle on pan timet* 
t-iiu were mrilhcr fair to fall UaMn 
our ojrr«;t. Part time teneliiifS am 
liw averae* mm di) a flue I* al 

.Itariwjr. bill, turn eaauty you Joeiiet 
tfwae who have dedieated thrir 
i-nrerri Id this collCKe and far what 
Mtlc »«» tliey iMve (tone .». In all 
tolmeiMi Mle Harbmcer staiuld have 
d<»e an lirticle on the teacher 
firinic* or ai yon inacTunitely put it 
l»y-ofl«. I [eel a Ml tinie teacher u 
niore likety to he dwticaled lo thia 
roUeite Ihun ii a oart tuiiee «tu> 
haa aiMhei' }ob 

It tea 'been my »«,|wrH'inr w<th 
IMiirt tlmm IM Ihev aren't around 
» iiMirh a* Ml tiintri far hcl|» «ttli 
»ti;Kl««t* and they rarely cover as 

miufi In a temeiter Thv 
■Klniiniiitriition hai (lone a lerrihlc 
iiijuslu-e in th<r finnu of M full umc , 
faculty m«-mbers, two of whict 
wore tenure (acully I wmh y-ju 
would have !ipent notne sp»<> 
cKplmmnu thai allhoush lli^ 
ailrtiinistration claim* the\ wfT' 
f<ir««l li< firi- facnlty. their [• 
of cli-rnlirit; who wa* lo b«' ' 


Harbinger has positions open; 
reporters, asst. feature editor 

Drinking age increases 


The miMt eloa|:iienl arswaent (at 
MKaaifni* alcoM naiei alw aun* 
from CiilKOnia. where taut .iiiiliiK 
the San Jote Univcnity academie 
■cna:l# arRued that "ek-oh(>lic 
iM'vfraMai enhsms the leuea) 
HiftiiMH-atnn <i< the university % 
Mt(niui.4tiM^ ftrholani lo ai 

hM alHi rinisMM*! the same iince 
that ilale tnwereil m hard llniior 

drtaltini!, a«» to t» in W'fl • 

tlliver adaleil that Masaaehmelt* 
t-iirrently has tlie iii£tW»«w*t 
tiWhwav falsttly rale Ui Itie nation. 
•ml the «v«» witli lower rate* 
ail alio* »year"«Mi to drink 

tewally. Me alM eited a Calhalx- 
linlvertjiy atady which 
Iturpoitedly ibowed liiish ach 
temori in Males with a n-ye 
limil drink more than thoac In 
iitatea with a lower limil 

College Preaa Servie* 

(ttr |:>n>iiiinunnisl.t, on the .<*her 
tand, freiiwiiUly cite hishvay- 
tatality ralot and "iiettlnM iMlwir 
<:mi of hiih idMNils" •■ the ral- 
nnali lor rclliMtnc CMiMimiltlaii 
iinmw tliaae 'iimiM' II. In Maiaa- 
chawtlK. finiilllillMlMl wid eata- 
ina lite drMk^lhg •!• *» 9 va* mil. 
•MWllil iHcaiiat maiiy hi«h K<hiial 
•amlati are H . Iliiy alkw iM4a iia* 
of a mtjil* refiMl ihowuc a aharp 
invwike In umiIiM* latalKMi' amaiii 
•«l.i»*t>»ar-<«Mi Ptnw the taipi 
mm ••» l#wer»d to II » Ifii 

IM Slat* JiiMtalor iohitCMmr. a 
tantMri tlMan rlieinalr) |trw- 
leaaar wImi •i|I|ws«I ntmrnt the ace 
IMlH, liaiMlal the (Iwliniti. tie 
M4d Mtaat lent*' a|. the 'ttale i*olM-e 
latKwaiorw* nliMi there wm Mr 
».-«l .11 :;i (,Mtro*m iiu'ksi*- in fstal- 

iFM; H.«fc:hw.,iy ')« «M'l ral*" hii> \irM't" 

returned l« M'hal it wan More wra 
It. wn.-..n..p }h, iBtalily rale 


Editorml'MaMKinf Edilnr 

.\ews Editor 

Feature Editor 

SfKHl* Kdnnr 

nutto Editor 

ASfl. l^«Hi. Kilitor 


Riikiness .Manager 

-•i.-.:*. 1 . _.-(T, Thor fctam* 
lta:t:nisriir. Mllie Stmliuit 


Sue i onrwy 


Joan Peierwrn 


. SctiK Ariwnuiiin 

ben Krederirkioo 

.Sieve Moiiltal 

Terry Jac'nbmm 

Dorothy Pirovano 

Ciwly Caravetlo. Brad One. 
Kwy Kiirlaii. Terry May, Hall 

iu:\t.f y. ■ tlw .laudetil imtiUcatwn for the Harper l'«lll 
'.uMiatied weekl) eitee|M dtiriiot Midayi and I ' 
■ ...|MiM.«.> .,.\|>rr»»ml are thone of the wnttf and «<« ne«'Tisan| 
tlir cuUoijr. its ailmialMraWon. faculty or »t»««.-rii txxll 
ii; .mil ciiti\ <!>;ai1Iliw b tnH'n Tuf.«l;iv »«m1 cop.t u >uii|ccl I 

iirtlilc* will l«- witiihi'l 


'iTijuit <t iK.wilr H»»a«l)>, I'alatUK, Ilf 



tmmmiotlw minor 

Drop Willow Park campus 

MM • ■ramture fHntawl •( mt W I «- 
:n>IW part-Hint ill his. > I wnM 
lift* t» imiwnl m» vitwt m mt»rtt 
l<> tile netnt imliliciit »*«Jl» »f 
t'briier Collef e 

Miiitir)' Is and will alway* He < 
.pniMm to «> aitaMrtrilMn. I 
<!«> mil wml m}' tsaci M bt in- 
cnnaed md will vt«l» ■*»•«! im 
r»<er»tid«iiii Iwfcu'iinr I l«»l liwn m 
m iinrMtlitic vl*« p«m ptermt 
Um M< (Ik kI)W> iNMint- 

Wt il« Ml iMd t WUlii* Pafit 

(••Hipili. m» MMl «■! 

IMMi*;* tlian similar (artlll.N9t M 
iwiilhimruii! high »rho«>lii (or ev«ii- 
iiiR flaaM* Witn dcrreaslnc 
nintllm*nu (I» day i^biiaaea ciMlii 
l»- shifted to tttt amm campu*. The 
lumli (ram this mnng cmild He 
u»r4 to rrtjun U»,pr»»i-rit (jirull> 

Tlir.r« IS ne need ti> fire nm lull 
lime taroltj'. Many full time 
(■«-iilij' ■<KiW Mke ta toadi. an eeen- 
itia flau t« (wlter niMHic then- 
M'N'es to II vjirietv of «(i!e» aiid 
vUFwpnnts In the ranimunity 

the einiWy land on Pnlatiiw 
Ktiad mil! lie Mtld or nnM nit 

Hanv universities in the PlicaKO 
area hiivr kept their rcvenuca ail 
line to rental prnprrUe*. Tttt reve- 
nue from 'thi«i could be used to ex- 
fiMnd iMirlunK lots and UKHnrave 
fa<.1llti«» « rna m <-am()ii». 

I mWen womler why there are 
r>nl> two builc)ini;s with third floor 
i-l»M>ronm» Suffh Hiirper t'oUege 
ftudcnti are able to »allt up three 
(IlKhts of utairn Thf handicapped 
rould be aeeamiiKidaled by the ele- 


Full timers more dedicated 

RIF proposal 
needs work 

Tht HIF I reduction la fnrwi coimcittlec hait eoine up 

with m»5j smcKWlioM tor the BoariJ i»( TrwteM in 
Rgsfili to cHttlBX ttw budget. 

"nw' MitiicatiMii for 'Ac mmi putt are Iwlpfal but tti4>ri:> 
went nevmil impartant pmnta ihmt wen- (imttletl by the 

Tlw firit, rc:|CN:r*IS' temirt teacbers. Tht- c<ifflinitl««r iruicle 
m> rccomminMliitiomi m% l« what should b«; dorti" if Uw 
taytef-flll or firing ol tenchers with tienur« is nece«»»ry 
For tiM miMt purt, l««€l»rs with tenure can only h« 
'dlMiiiaaMi if ineompelnKC or » diiKf i>pt>ncy tti morals can 

However, at Harper the tm» haii alnjudy come up when 
teachers who have been here for al»tit seven or ten yean 
hod to be fired because they just weren't neetled. 
S«*inel(nieii thingit like this can't be avoWed or can they ' 

The RIF committee didn't offer any solutions to this 
problem, to the (ihiig was the best thing that the Board 
thouRht could be done. The RIF tmmmittee ma> complain, 
but because they offered no solutions they can't crilicue 


Tbt aeeond omiMiion has to do with pronrams that 
bCMfil only a few ttudents. and are cu«tly to the college. 
becjiuse of that. The committee suggested droppinK Adult 
Baste Education proKrams and E^nuhsh aa a second 
laiiKuaKe programs that weren't self-supportini;. but they 
failed to mention some of the other proKrams that are 
declining in enrollment Then; are some classe* that are 
more costly to Harper thafi they arc worth. Because there 
Is a small demand aiid turnout for these classes, they <lon't 
pay for thcnuelves and they cost more to operate 

A lew claas«>a were cut because Uiey weren't seU- 
supporting The cuts may havi? lieen necessary or were 

The RIF rommlttee didn't offer any solution (or this 
problem, so the Board decided that the only alternative 
was to cut the classes 

There are a few other thln«s the committee has 
rieiilecled to look at. .lust tRnorinK these problems won't 
make them no away Since these problemis have already 
•>(•( urred at Harper, chances arc that Ihij. will happen 
a nam The committee should n>mt» up wtth some 
preventive measure or some solution lo these pruhli'in.s. 
■ince they are the most relevant now 

IVar Editor, 

In rtiiardi lo your editorial on 

pari time teaelteri I thM yotir 
paper !iih«u>d sloi) waalmK lt> tune 
and ipae* » »u<* ndJothMii 


I am rurrantly enrolled m the 
iMmalnin drograro here at 

Kariier and il Ihtrc ii one thlnft 
that l» .■ireiBed in niy maw 
■iMve alt otlicn aimt filial li to bt 

(air Im ymir article on pirt Umeri 
'tiimi' vere MStlhcr tair to tail tliMri 
nor i-iiif reel- Part liine teaeheri oi> 
the avrraue iimv do J fliK iab at 

Hariier, tail hour easily you ["n;--! 
tiMiw »ho haipe dedicated Uu-ir 
ijir.-.T'. Ill tlimollege and for what 
lilti*- i>in thfv have done su. In all 
I'aiimess the HariiinKer should have 
done an artitle on the leaiiiec 
rinnica or at you tiian-walely put i< 
la> -oil* I feel, a fall tune teacher ■ - 
tniire likely to be dedlcaled to th^^ 
coUemt Ulan b a part linicr •ha 
taa anoDier inb. 

11 ttm been my e«periem-e witti 
part timen tjiat Uie-y areJi'l around 
aa nu(>h m lull Itmen. for h«t|> mill 
■lilileM* and they nnly cmwr as 

itiurh III a aetneaier The 

,i.lmtniilraMon hatdone ■ trrribJe 
in |u»ti« in the linni: of l « full lime^ 
faculty members, two af whwh 

w»re tenure lacully I wli* vou 
would have tpenl lomr apace 

■-. •■'■r i- that allhouith the 

ition fUiin* Ihey were 
- ! ire faculty . their procesi 
# thruiiM Who wan to Ik fired i< 

Harbinger has positions open; 
reporters, asst. feature editor 

Drinking age increases 

(Caal'd. franipaaeli 

The moat elixiuenl aricunent (or 
on-canipui alcohol aalei atao came 
frirni CaMi'inila. wtierr last iprtnM 
the .San -Iom- liniverstly acadcmie' 
Mnale arttued Ual "alcotudM- 
tieveraites enhance 'the lexical 
nplMitkiatiiM tt the anivenity by 
alMiulatlnc i«h<ilan to uae tain 
word* Mch as "We." 

'Tlie pnhtMnmats, on the uther 
hand, ImruciiUy cite hl,||ii»ay- 
fatalit> ralei aMi "iietUnit iiilinor 
out 'Ol tUKh aehMii" aa the mt- 
lonala far reitritttng mraiim(itl«i 
•nwrnfi thoie under ill. In Maaui- 
chuwiu, prohibttionMs aid rau- 
inii, ihe dniikin* age to l» »«»» itol. 
emuNh liecatuie inany huch jchoo) 
teniara 9. They abo :niiide uw 
n( a stjite n-port. nhowintl a ••hatp 
increase in motor fatalilM* ainoni 
la-lo-II-year-oltls MM-e the legal 
we «a> knaervil lo II ui WJ 

IMl Slate Sculor John (Xiwr. a 
ftiriiMif UMaai cheaistry pro- 
f«!Muf M'ho opposed rui^^in^: llit- mf 
limil. .li:.[,.iil.'.l :]■■ 
a:...! I.! ! I,-!. .1' 

-'' in fatal- 
ui. % lor mi' nrii n».i »c,ii-i nfter 
Uh> ate liinU waa lowered, but that 
«(«<■ hinhwa* death rale ha* sinfr 
iciiiriicil t,. ttlhit ii »;i , t»'fi.rc 19.:! 
In Wti.'Or!.sin, Ihr fiit^lit) rale 

hiH »ito remained the name aince 
that Hale lowered im hard liquor 
ilniikinu ate to M m Wt. 

Oliver added that Maaaadiujetti 
currently hai the antb-l«»eit 
Mithway fatality rate in the nati<in. 
and th«f five states with lower rile* 
.ill allow M-yrar^lds to drink 

leiwHy He also cited a Catholir 
O n 1 V e r s 1 1 y study which 
punportedly shuwed IU|{h ich 
aenlors tn ttalei with a 31-year-olI 
limit drink more than llute m 
statca »ith a lower limit. 

CoUcge Preaa Service 


EdtlorMl/'ManBRinf; tdiior 
hrm EiJllor , , 
Feature Editor 
Khoto Kdiinr 
Asm Photo EdilH 
Buatneai Manager . 



Marli Fraser. TlHar Kolnor 

Praxmarer. HtitieSimlcu* 

Dehhir Teschke 

.Sue ( cinroy 

Jim I iMiihiino 

.l<>aii PeterMin 

,lae Kuaeit 

ScoU Amemann 

l^n FraJisricImm 

Steve Moakal 

Terry Jacobwxi 

Dorothy Pirovano 

CmdyCaravtllo, Brad ("aw, 
Kory KortJii, Terry May. Mall 

mw"i««:vi> .- ii.,. stgden! [niWicmiwr for Ihe Harper CoU« 
. .h,'>j ^(Tkiv ''v, <'[»! iliinn^ lioliday& and 1 

- -. tt .irc Ihivsi*" ol lh|. «nli"r iiml not necej 

.1 ol lj<,. L i,i;.-i:.- ilti iiihninilttnAllon. t:i<'til1\ >ir .^ludcnl bodl 
I'liisiiir jinil r^:,(»\ ilcadlmr t.s nmin Tucsul.^'. .tn-l ' ■in> i- .ubjcd | 
■ 'iitli*- f.iliuir ntu^l Ik* sn^irwd, luinics will tw- with 
ulu-riumj! rates. < all ur »ritr HAItBINGER. WiU 
:^:,,. ll.-t'c Ali'iinciuin ;in(1 Hiwctle Hi)«d,», Palatine, : 

Kuralt takes road to Harper 

IWCINOYCARAVEIXO Kuralt fiplatiwd Ihal IIm> basic T«»« ,vf Pim buiJdSi in front « 

Far 11 yurs mm ht't b«n on Uie 
riad. and tM iUtl can't rtnd a dc- 


'%. ht'i not a j>li*y eawr. h»-i 
CTwIn Kuralt. a tXi (■orre- 
niNMMlBnt Kwalt Hxl hit Imy iTrw 
(■r ttirar. taTC InwM all tbr iNirk 
maito <il tlw V S. nwirrhJntt f<ir fa»- 
> inatliiit runs and plam to dim 
Inr Kuralt'c famiMt ■!««•, '-On Urn 
H.a.f ■■ 

M hi« apiHwrann lait Ttiwiiay 
niiilil at Hariwr. Kuralt wM. "t 
l«»wii'l had an JiiaiKninent Imr tl># 

l«t II rnn." H* mkcU mauii' ol 
hts tdraa Im- »tK>»» tmtn. Ilie hun- 
<l,r«l» <«( If tltr» he rtrmvm caeli 
wn>h Inxii. cnlitiunaitir rawtri' 
wlio think tlW:t juiit migM haw a 
irrntk- M<ir> ttw him 

'Th* mtmn urn Kuralt mhI tw 
rntoyi dmnit imttt an "th« Mia 
Jaboul IIM^ UmmHIl to '111* ■«•■ 

■ilMMt vmMi Ptofilt »ilb nanit 
kmi III dream ar«' thoit tlut HMMt 
i» hv ihr kiiMl ol «<in«i' thM avKft 
Mil imst. " 

idBs hchind -On tht Road" ia tht 

««rM to the mrcai irf ilie 

The i4n «■• In go out and lio 
•mmn ilnriir* alwut nrdlnary 

twoplf t'nfil* wtio are not politi- 

€Utn% or movir stars '" 

Kuralt benBn "On tlw Road" in 
()Mr fall of MI utMMlinK to do a 
IhnviRonth tour, but th« enor- 

IIMWa amount <i( micn'iii he re* 

rvli'mt kept him Irarcllnc and 

celtmK to know the ncuple. ' ' 

I've teen on the road ever 


Throujjh hijs ir**vrH, Kurj*!! fu»«i 

• pMnl t« m«et u man? 

' can. "tram the •heat far^ 
mer tri Kenturkj' la tlw dUwic 
%merlran tn Califemto "He naiiti 
to "lt»tentot:hc;(>««(>l«v"' 

Kuralt U' nirnmtly mirkina. on a 
feature for -On tjie Road" (hat will 
take a eloie look at the ttttidieiM 
aR-Mlwtllfi' In the I) S tlinKo'i 
f'OntrllwtlMi wtll 'be the 

Im in rroot of 
the YMCA ui Nllei 

At the present time his «ory ha* 
nme to a •creerhinie hault be- 
faiM* or the periistent snow which 
ha* kept him (mm IttminK a (jiant 
pji|>er UMM-he etepfant m New Jer 
wi that serves a.i a hotel for any- 
.>rie who would tike to spend ■ itiKlit 
Wits trunk 

Kuralt IS also wnlinK (or a Sun- 
day mommii news show that aira 
from I until i M Kuralt admits 
tfal Sumlay murnirin isn't eiartly 
[irimr time for !ele\ision, but he 
citHihasircd the pnxsram's ability 
I" Iri (hintss that ran fail" und nut 
l»a»e to worry ancf many lelevi- 
:|*in viewers are «ill in bed at that 
hour on a weekend 

Kuralt referred to ihi> relatively 
n«w ihow as "aiame kind a( aNer- 

"I Ihinfe It's ime 'Sl the hem n«iir 
braadeasta on the air." said 
Kuralt The show deals with rela- 
tively loRK IhouKhtlul piece* on 
fealure itoriet 

V0L.12A NO. 19 

'Pt^' Coi.«g.f Aigontyt,..., ,-,nd Roveiif Soodv folaimv. IMinon 601167. JI2 3V7 3000 


Drinking age increase brings protest in East 

llnivtrtltj «* MaaaeliimMa- 

:xtmtt lum tiM iMuM 'raiic Uic 

'• >> a) Miiilit ana In ilie ilalt Itiai 

I* t« lt.MMl'l«ar. It'ilMiagtglll. 

L>var My bflk caiiai fur soime 

I miMtKf IncrMaeinthedniifeiiMiatt 

I luve ham Ned anr* i-unMrraiiM 

•■•mmrattc (ioveriur Eiluiart J, 

' K ••• eiectMt hill Km 

'i.)tfiirii thil inch 

■ikthf- Oltttrvtri here 
iilatid that Kinit pressed for 

-.I'ation carty m ill* laastnn to- 
-.<> he w:»i «i 'need «( a vletiieir 
r Mw ol hi« ralinet appomtee* 
I ran MiM iimlMcal IRMblC' 

'V)( Una f rah«hi)> di*'l Ibreaee 

< •'MIllM Itu 

■ hi» l''nivrr»'ilv <4 


>Ui WttV'tOI 

r.ijy. urii«i««i tty m Hwleit 

.;r-.«ip. where they tieanl itii 


'» iiam' ihiM a Wat m 'Hit' 

• inn urn wmM iiriie itiy 

«l Hie bars, inlai ihetr ciirB, 

■ •■*» the liiitfcway "" Siailaml 

rnntant cuntriibulad' MM to a 

'■ ing: effort.. aiMl hel(icd rollid 

r>er MW' Imni' una bar* mt 

■■■Mm iMPMIt MIMM. On. I"<l«> 

- ." « BiithJaiy, WW' a (Mouianil 

iettcri Jrom .itudeula were d»- 

l^vrred to slate legiilatofi. 

■Iliiiaad b): the three bualoadi ol' 

W'ho pached Hie .pilery 

< tar al Ik*' 


The sludems Mihyiiif tfforla 
didn't work well, either The House 

Pii»««» a itliaaiic* raMni ih* laMal 
'KC fuT' IMiiNig alMlMl (or aW- 
Pt^iJliW 'MnmiiliplMi M a over 
the unit two years. Haaaachuaatis 
tad lowered' the drliiklai Sfe tn » 

'Hm hmailly -based itud*ni: partl- 
clpallon u> the lohbylnit ««li>rt. 

Ihmiith. mm firobably the I 

<:lein<m*tration thii year at I 
Amhersl,. nonnalty thou«lll if aS' 

»»• WMHl alu*. by nmii C. on bMr 
iSngs ml the Uatvaralty el taHana. 
IhM 'the diiiire at M parcwi.. 

Slippery Roi* Colieae in Penn- 

wl'vanu beiian handinii ««l per- 
mlts aUowln* 

y«t 'aMther' the' "w^- 
iica'val'" nor 'the Maaiaelniaells'' 
NtMature'i llnkermc "tth ak-ohoi 
■lie limilii are umciiic, as aeverial 
states, icemrall) omrenMl atmul 
ilrmliing In Mgb 'Srhaol. havt' re> 
('•■■SMlensI 'taws and pdlele* thai 
■ff*rt dct'iikinit an rolirite 

'Ijiat (all, linr c 
voters approved a nicnimre imlalnit 
lite 'Mnaimt >«)'• to a. Mrmt's 
MreiMry ol IMroil puUisd its ads 
'Out III til* ~ ' ' 
■ W. 

l.«Bi draiMitlrallv. 
ha'vc been niiicUy re- 
alliiintaii ranipm aloilkil paliieles in 
'tile nmsurv'* 'Walie. Clraml Vatlcr 
'Dial*' CMIega.. lar 'One.. 'banned all 
O'lrt ' 

The WisroMla IC'ttslaluTe 


ilumi to rait* Uie drinkin* aiie 
there Giwemor l,*e Dreyfus him 
mit a (emar cadlege ehanreUor. 
said he pndtalily wouldn I veto the 
niaaaiire II it cw«r made it to hu 
<it UMt tm wouldn*! lotro- 


'Otlwr aelii>-la. 

■Inns l« al^idid'. whlrh. st'udics 
show, la by far students' favorite 

reiTeallonal drag. A Oiranlel* at 
Rlihar Uiicattm nparl last year 
rbumetl lliat M paretnt of all 

rotleiic studenli drink idc-ohot. A 

iWMMt lolwll hquur in 

Ijisl sprinK. Western Ittinois Uni- 

vernity allowed beer kegs bai:k into 

dorm parly rtMNiis altar anmanc- 

mg Its earner proMbtllon had been 
■ a failure ' Similsrly. the Univer- 
sity ol lioutli Carolina ttfled its Imo 

at the< 

vcnienre store when an 

administraUMi canmittae dia- 
rovered that Hndmls »*re merviy 

lartint ban- ontii ewnpus (rum 

more dlauuit store*, at hlHwr 
prkmS'. The dtacwmry «ra« treated 
'*• a Mtwunar iaave. An amend- 
ment last rear diangad a MM Cali- 
(iimia taw probtfalUni package 
Hiiaar sales wllbin a mile of Call- 


Boatd hears second site proposals 

The KtlMMtaa IMI sue i ampaa C 

kjr iha 'kaari In'bfar fnfaaala he the 

katpr*«*al*tflh»baariallnn«e«s»itlianliiimi.. .m- 

•acaad tUe al Harper far 2 yean sad the ntahlltkmrRi ol an ad kM 

> lar llw as* al Ike land. A tperial Meeting «a* keM last Thwiday atgM 

talare s( Ike laad whtch is l*ca«Ml at PalaUae and Srhaenbeek llaada in 


Mim. ..<" ' 

THE HARBINGER FabllMnr M. ItTt l*<«*3 

Carter's guidelines hard for coileges 

Wlwn ftnimm* Jimmy C»rt« 

(ir»t aaiMwirnl' W» 'mm pertmi» 
•ra:i!c<|»rlri! Kulckllni'*. nuw 

MTtuM thr otmilri HumUfcl UlW 


In lid. fflmw c™ll»««» awl 
iiiitwrRllita-bll tter i-<>i»W l»m l>»' 
iiin«mii».«iiiita« i»Mi»ii«>« «>" 


nnl, maiat «l ikt mm-itcmfmtc 
turn ■! «*«•• »«» iimwultto 
m i»«rtj »»**• H'Ml'r Cartur't 
llitMlcUiM. |««i«"» •■'"•■>« ■««•» 
tl.M' an lnHir Mtt tM* lo il«ii» iwwt 
Uiam ■ ir»'««i (»n-«it in«T»«»« 

\mk m telMr itudMai tuiw 

tniitiMll<>iw.|(MMt«ll| li«I "»" Wail 

■utty iii«»fc»l i-t tilreintl}' 
..|i««lltw Man* tmiv»r«ti«» Wt 

.:;>ry inetmm mMrtlma iiwlar 

C»nifr'» ■mmrijil rlaint Iw )»*i«li»)' 
hd: urn* 

Tlitrdly. I*e tnlltf »'»<• 

■inliwrtiUtai clutmcal u Iw w m 
■rra iii»tt»u»llr limp»et«l liji 
Mrtallen. Maii» enBtiitf f»lt 
InniUj-iliif intatir lurfiwn" ""'re 
tiMKUM tnraiHC ol UmI. 

In r«-alii< Carter t» !••» 
»nii|» te tlw ■€*k«ni' 
aactwr thm aciwiuillj' ll"««>«. 
OillcRa »«1 ■mwriltlti. iniBl <il 
wtitrlt t»vr »lr«wl!» (»n«i«l U»tr 
IfTf-W budgets. h»»" »••" 
«T»iiiiWlii« to makt »il}M»«n»«i»*'' 

For thiHC iWltliMMU iMHrtmii to 

rnmmt Itwtr naMllmt i" '■cull)' 
cslarMi in onlar In altfact btttft 
timMV. %t» w«a* «■•*••»« ■" 
IHrttf<ttarl!r damafflw 

(•(•ulty wiH 


K tiiaUy Um iprniMmi! (»»rr m th* 
inarkri rillwr than imprw*. 
wNMi It what llw UiiiiniMiniiiit- 

»#*tinil niU»i«»' ••Ml . 

turn cm Ciittr wtorc* «w 

i(,uiil«>lin«»-' W»H. tw »«ll>' «ift 

rnlteitM' awi 
iiniwniiMn teg for «h« htilk o( 
ttirir money from stale 
lr«i»l»tur»». Xhr puriw slriniis wiH 
erl tlilit 

Beraim <* »•>• Pro(>«iti<« « 

««;»», In iwnt »«al«» Itiiiilatoni 
atn't wait fmr a »l<x»<l e««ii« to 
limit hwher edinatwn aprmltitK. »r 
any iither ipeitditiK for UmI matter 

II i* mtllMr Hh* inanf **>*• 
h«liiliitiit«i •«» itr wlllinc •« <inii 
imt .*itt fill**! t»r nalary inrreaaM 
alMW* and. Inynnd tirter'i limit* 

WliM nM^ilMilUmi *i iMrtttutiims 
taw* TtMty fan ftsUacale maoey 
tnm their inlemai huliiet away 
fnn\ certain (inifraiiM and put m 
turn a (attilty imnrovimeni Imd 
But iinr* re*earch. rapital 
Improvement ptiyticil plant 

mainlenancc and proitram 
imprmement fiuidii are ilrelched 

at niDUl vt'try iimltutmn*. reailo- 
calioni are eenerally very 

f*l:trr tH»M llw 'haw-nilM in ■ 
peruKl of Jlminclal ,itrtniie'm-)f.. tt tt 


I ii<MMl Ham Ut bt tdaylMM' 

(Cainpoi Dtteat Ntwi Swttoe t 

Charles Kuralt at Harper 

.planned 9» need lor tei#- 

vnHiii tit eicel » e»c«ll««iCT i'»- 

sMmt *l alwaDtt tryimit l# ""cei m 
aiMHtnrc, ■• m mmtf Omm dm. 

Kiwalt'l tnm tafrl-m •■•*- 
- nf wMk lilt we*! M»n»a whm tm 
. ..» attrmttait I*"' U'ltiversily o* 
\..rl'»> Cantttia In ClMi.rle«li>n h* 
e.Ut« lor the tMjt tm HmI. 
KuraH taa.mwl im «»i>tr» <il niodia .« 11*. «■> a hUMry malar and 
Illy M* m emtnm in 

Kurall •»» de«tined in witrk with 
peofiie and the media He r«iiaed 

t.)iis wham Im was hi ytari old. he 

He tM-i|ta,n writini, miiflea atJiwl 
ordinary people when he iiMMlied a* 
a cotmamM Im- In* hamMwwn 
liap«r in Charleatiwt.. Not'' Caro- 
lina.. Tht adiimn. «ai ap|inw>nale- 
l» named •■■Pempto-" 

1 enjoyed: wrlMi thai columt 
every d«)i," Karat laiii. 

Searchinit tail tlat P«i|>lt Ihal no 
Mt eHie ha.» lakeii tlie Ume or 

■nteraxi to •rite ahMl. ha* made 
i::iia:rta. Karall Dm irnmm h« I* 

E»e»i (hotiKh Kurall can't leem 

tu llw i»p any deeent redlaiirant* a« 

Iw travels aDciul. he never Iall5 to 
4iK m> • dete-tabte iit.iiry hidden 
mnnewhere. where no one else 
iKwkl ever dream at loohlDK. 






call lof appointment 397-0100 

Algonquin Plaia 
813 t Algonquin Ro*t» 

ifli)..r» tl: 


SHAPING C omc.i I ..h^.ri gi SHAPING 




nmr tidm customers omlv 

hcjper Qolege music madti© 





His dream teams got a preacher, 
a jailbird, a pool shark,juT»usclemar\. 

And the best guy ^*" 
on the team 
is a girl. 

or 3:30 p.m.-12 inidnHiht 


I on. the mo iWiM at «*»« C«»c*<» 0»f c«m'i»««<», ■ leaaar m i 

I OtKe ProOucH tteia nam tmmeaiate o«»e"'"<»» « otir ••rehouie'l 
I |.»f »'B<j. fet»i»in9. »nd o.fde» i>i'*in« perwnnet. Oen»»a.l| 
I warenoiwe eioecente .* a piu* We oitef ti ll*.'»»otir, « ittmrmt 
I .*anat(t pacfcaae im lots ot coom »o mo»» U'P " kou wani an e« I 
I iraiiMiral .«:ii*it» mat w-ll pmrtuce e«t»« i>.i**n» "mt and rooiti lof ■ 
I Mvan<«mcnt mum yoU' «r»<lu«ta . pl«a*e c an 


Boise Cascade 

Office Products Olvlsiofi 

IM w. Srva iMoT. Itatca 






IIIIIT0MITISTS jmmiM ■ou?M5<»2f „,..^f!!J!S?,^. 

ciMv m:M*4n* a»i..*r«*Ji 

Of ERMooK tmamrn^ SS2KS2. *iS^!i*.'J!i.' 
iiNCOLNiiAu mmmm m^^^muM imrwojijs 


Pa|a« THEHAmiMOEN Fatniwy It, ttTt 

\immiJiUJvB — = 

Photos brlghtandull afternoon 

nppimi HmNliM Ml in: rM« »•* (fl'O'n'OrflllV ■Iwnj-i • »i» f «» matont ib«!«ii» It Mnyant tmuct* Omt 

mum tm ht mat ll mmmt. tili;»Wt*i|nwi««!«i»«iiIlit "^^ ■» ^ j f»€«ii whJl* »««<«• el«» u. *«J quite ■ MK «» as •• 

hm^ turn In gMfi ff- 'TAc IkK 
'IMmg yum irili nolM* w tlml Oe 
plclurci ara !■ mo <ar<lrr 

Tlia lint ,|i4ctiifit inimis JiMfillw 



Wlw can bear to look at Mmatlf 
al thf KnilOT act of imn iluwinK 
elHicatal* Mrthday tuku up his 
MM* aiut. into hit hairluit " 

Rvm iIummIi 'Uw gnmud nlm 
••« clearly 

.|*Hi' tm tttmm ially playtw w tlM '■>«>■. aoRieMMly aluayi 
■Ml only am franw .MHiapa lit aay. "Oct, 'Mm ywi 
'■■:liippi*ndkatlMiniiiig mm»tUb'" 

Pant thr** an<l (ovr are 

MMMl witli (riHiit iMita* lakan 

tl on Hi* taml laini, back lavit. and 

at aacmid rata eainpwii. iHa*. Only 

aw (hMi Maya < 

face* wtillv nverynnc «)<* ui itmd 

Vuu kills iwvar <tid giwa up," ■ 
pamt will a\i 

■ "Oh waw Mom. tM ilma< «as m 
oKty' Haaf tsNiM ym *vm «*ar 

A» ytiu can plainly IM. tliia It ail 
circllrnt «a.v to vttA four 
Mimttlilm toward* your 

iJMiklili thnMinli 
cai« live th« ml oT lh« family an In 
depth look at what their parents 
were reall> like 

"Mo Junior, we <Mln't have acne 
rures Ilka ymi kida do today Wi? 
JUJI Krlnned and twarcd It " 

: Dad had 
quite ■ belly pven as a iwinKlng 
■Initle. anmeone ma> care la aal 
the yauaKer KeneratiM KraigM. 

"That was daddy's beer bcUy. 
honey The reason irhy you kida 
dnn't suffer Iron) thai affliction Is 
bH'auw kids are now tnlo druRS. 
You don't have to worry about an 
expanded waiatluw. juat hepatitis 
and drug overdoaoa." 

I^oukinK at old faded ptcturei 
tlial bore yitu half to death may not 
ae«m to be ■ ttanllinK way to apend 
an entire afternoon, but it's an 
eKMllent etcuae luH to do all thaw 
IhlnitR you know you really should 
be dmnii Who knows, maybe you 
rnuld jiart your own rqulvalent to 

(!'">ts ■■ 

"Force 10" a sequel? ,.!!"^p^ 

If I'M Uked ""flia <]«• 'Ol 
Na'vanne''. and ckpMt 'Ita iHwIy 
mtoaaed wtwel "-fofiM Tew from. 
Wav«roiw" Itt teM iMiit, fortel il ! 
nua tlkn iin'l ««n In Ibr lutnM 
laiaicuc as N't arademy •warti 
wtnniiif priNlK-eitMf With the 
BMpCIMi of unw 'vscelleait apeeliit 
•Mcctl' tiMlace "rart'c Tw"tw;k> 
iiiiNMy anat. «Mi> "Uamt'- km 
pCMiltnll Hawloaa. 

Movie R«vi«w 

Ht* li> lay tlw film haa mi ntartt. 
tl ^aifpllw •Mngli aclMi mat. 
'•dMnl'UR It aallfly any war 
miivte fail, and II '• r#l<af('it 
I'licauwm alow mrt •-arlti « 
fiirwtiiai Shoddy dlm-tion aiMt • 
IMKit Kfieiiplat al« the 'in<aM. 
cMvrronli In •lial ctmM hjif* liMtft 
a qiaolily pnidui-tun Witii 





Mw mUT wj* _«ijsai» * •■{•^^••w 

mm *m a la*a> ' jOt" h ««■ 
•n i«M Iw 'iiai «>a M »<• — we o m 't l » a « l 'aa»'8n fow Mm 
I Uaaaana wa <ua« aawppal sMaiaM aMcaalaai 

Dun laaaamaia »ia » ay ppaa afnaaniMias Ml aiaaiaa aipi 
i mmnS l *-tV' mi EoctSSTm. alM' *«*■■< 'fan iTaMv-l* 

•wo airDiaa acatnat It. Uw rail 
rrally nn'l do much with It's 
■■ihaticlen, and »lll> tlw noapllM 
of Edward fan, Ibey come out 
talking pretty limp 

The late-ttrtiH Roto-rt "Jtww 


iuM dMMi'l appeal 
'hawrlliilt. 'ranseten' x-i' s)i.iu • 
Mil to laal filM Wore hu dialt. 
and the enrriH.' ;«n'+ ■•(,,t,<. ^ 
i»r.:iui(t.i I . .-...1 1. I,,., 
llunier in Urn: Kir./ ■■ 
♦■''» * Mj'in I" nr AH jMiJtavnt."» , j«ii'4 
llw iirmtv inilluiiwirr In Tht 
Mutit' . n atnwni Hul even a btliw 
par Ktttmti Jthiiw la bcMar than 
moal anyonr in the buaUwaa. »n4 
tun mere pn-scnt'e 'Uatalla some 
cla-s* Into thf film 

All in iill ■>■»« Ten Prom 
Navarone" isn't bothered by 
predlrtabit plot, wooden 
rhara<:tars and diatoKue raeycled 
(nwn (-owilless other war movies 
It you are Just tnlo sillinit back and 
■ccoptttlg llie movie for wbat It la. 
llMn Hare"! a good diamic you'll 

ARUS: iMatcli a to April Bt- 
Vour mind i> sharp and you can 

awlve problems more aaally now 
Flnanres are awenled and shortr 

term Kperulaiiims «n better lefl to 
later Oim't betray cmfldetH'es- 
vnlue H rrlatlonihip a.nd i|uar4 
\ our rr[H,il.»tii::ifi 

TAimiJS ^ April » (0 May »»- 

' . ontC'"! and yuul 

brlKliI Ar,vf|»i!. una vftjiiy yoursrW A 

Kv prolilcm thai m t>«tl»niig 

. ./u i.»n b» m*h'«l tiy HstemnK In 

the ath'icr and virw nl h cIom- 


OBMINI <MayllloJun«III)-Your 
.tob i* arrented .tw« and ft la not 
IM# to force usues. Stay with 
routine, meet ileadlinet and be 
patient Pace yourself so Ihal you 
complete each project before 
IteKinninif anotber-don't scatter 
your etier«l« 

CANOER. (June B la Jily ID- 
Take a iMiK look at your talanU 
and start uauiK Uiose thai have 
been lyliii: dormant Don't dwell on 
Ibc past with retirela Concentrate 
on the now " Get Involvvd In com- 



w^mmwmm 'imbiupimihm.'V »!■■•■ JlPiMiiilliri'lU 


■•iwwBiii pmn 










UUVIANEWTilN .litll\ 






BIU.V ,I<<E! 






Briefcase ruUof Blues 

Bush Uix-lor 

Blonds Have M<irr Fun 

(" vr^l I'hic 

TMaliy il»l 

Mmule By Minute 

Tbf Hottof. Vnl I 

IMd the lane 

UXlj hum 


My Life 

Alive .Ana in 

Soul Man 

S«mewh«"re In Ihe Night 


iMVd Think I m Sexy 

V NiiNi. Ill \i ( \\tri s 

munlly affairs-bi' rooparatlve. 

1.EO I July U to Auf . BM.OI* m ■ 
itituiition clearly, wipe away 
illustim. and yuu can find the 

iiiuwer Try to pul your parsonal 
unlninn^ axtdc and look at Ihinms 
Micrr-' rt-ali.viniill) Bcst to Mas 

;.<.ni< viiiui tn iix- backeround anil 
. .1 . . ,ii,. ih,-tcai( 

'..UK a til Sept a 1-1 .el 

. ...T.,!. ,ii:ct iLjrc lu 
tiewm nil*: 

.Afli'ipl ne* : 

*"rkini; jirmli: liM-l> 
;tfrs methiHjs wairh 
>-'uj < <<uit*etiUjr& and learn fnim 

UBRA: iSapl. 11 M Oct. Si 
rhildren's needs and affairs are 
huchllKhted Oct involved in their 
acttvitin and give tbem your 
support. At work It is tbe time to lei 
others have llw spatli«lit. Be 
cooperative but let aiaociata t>ke 
the lead. 

SCORPIO: (Oct II la Nov Ill- 
Meet your iibliMalions aquarely- 
pay bills and don't shirk your 
responsibtlily Any family 
problems can be resolved with 
patience and underslandinK Pul 
aside self-pity iiiK attitudes and 
resolve to "iset the Job done." 
SAGITTARIUS: (Nov. a to Dw. 
m-Oood time to redecoralc and 
beautify your home. By uain( yow 
creativity you can find bargeliu 
and make your environment lovely 
on leas money than you imaxiiMd. 
your mate haa aonie food ideas 

CAPRICORN; I Dec. It to Jan. Bl- 
Thtise close to you in your life are 
especially helpful and supportive 
now Take lime to talk and enjoy 
them Re-evaluate your ^tials and 
make up your mind to beKin that 
program ol wtr-impravemcnt. 
AQUARIUS: iJan 10 to Fctl Hl- 
You could feel pressured and 
wonder If you're appmriated ('•>- 
mure rest ami lake time to relax 
your Judgement could be (aall> 
Take rare of rwitlne matlata 
tiniinplly and gtve time to a Imni 
iwie wbo iia«ds your aupport. 
PISCES: (Fab. IS to Mkreli W-A' 
Fcelinit of closeness and 
Mndcrstandinii amimij children and 
family members brmKt you much 
Joy now Enjoy one another! Your [ 
soeinl life is active, but be sure you | 
don't lei work matters siide-mrr'. 
deadlines , 

I CMflpW DIflHi New aM^VtOa I 

F«bnianr2a.iara theharbinqer Pa««s 

Secret life of Harper 
trustee Bone revealed 

iflr '■i™HHkPi 

ir anjilMidjr man 
entllM "Hm to Travel Mmmi 
llw Www by Pfhuflitt, MMi SwnMMntt 

MiilAns In 

writer !■ .akiMMl • MMum lob'. Shc' 

rn* 111* 'IMmM gM aioiiiifd. k aiMl luM. "Tlw iar «( 'iTMlanclnif >■ 

iMtbcalMtM^DtMlantttairnHfii. Ital you cart lak* • iminlh oM iritli 

man)- inil>|«<rlM. "V«i ■Mm* M. I'll HcaMtoi Itae-laac* wrMHic. Mri. 

writ* II."" Ik* aaiil.. Slw lira urtttan Hun* liaa •nrtal an • Um l*i( 
Dfi |ii«l. amut: anfttium (nm 
Wtml}'* Hamli.riieri •ml III* 

.<•«•*• M «| Ira*' Mwiiii Out* I* mWM» «it ffclm •■■• VMla lU* omlravcrtlal 'iMah, 

t«lic* lartlliig f«f «arl»at MpMn aii Ah'MIM IMr HmMc -"TlwflMI||iMiiindicliiMnl-"Mrt. 

•riliMg tar lb* "-Nalioaal SM* aals a M nf Imt alary idaaa and raaaarcll on liic IhmIi and 

B mp il Tur , " tnm mimnmttim itm M*l* !■> <!*• <iMnt make a HfM* hM «f ' ummv 

all* aiM'lllalriwiMll # Muf WM'll.ilf umiH-: Ml* iwrt* I* **ila*i piMI*' llnnwlt, 

MH ibr il* IMI |«* HHIIIlB •«' mtl*!**, iiiil**r*ltt*>, *«U: anyvlMMV troai HM for a 

V. It mmittf ■mmmim m^umtmiltmm, Mr. iMtf anlM lo b* C«Miiil)r tuofc-AUfee alary ta MMI 

• ta Mil a MMillit. aatf UM pil ••• IIMriii*llia|. M.. And. mn> >#rall«nik-Pailc»oniMrMiiry 

CiM|iilr«r'|iirfciuDtliclab. IIM mail. Mli Hit itury idMH. flnad "The imimty andlh* aiarkat art 

ttvory uil*rvi*«aMialb*«» Ma imt Milltai avary liay "Y«a out th*r« far lr(»-laiK* mUcn." 

never kiwia' «|MI fM'n CMig l» MIn.. Han* aabt. "Ym don't mafc* 


nwMiHiy ail at i 
s*a ypi IH' '• ftpa*4Biiic* w aitiria*. 

II all 

I* ■••«• I Waa t t Uclil*4 Ibr faaay bwMi *( ■say Harf*r 

ly. I fbal a by llcaM Araeia— i 

^ OPTONICA iiarman/kardmn PHILIPS 




Pioneer o 

















Does It AIII 

















Mm/mm m -v yu m 

• I fl« r* I • WW* 4Pw 

Sw ' w SP W 

A-wt mm » wi mm m m munam- ^^ 


JSf Stll 




8"2-way Reg. $175 EA. _ 

Power Capacity 10 to 60 ^IISea.'z 

JBL 4311 

12" 3 way Reg. $365 EA 

AMP. CAP. 10 100 $229 EA. 

JBL 110 

10" 3 way Reg. $410 ea 

AMP. CAP. 10 150 $279 EA 


12" 3 way Reg. $410ea 

AMP. CAP. 10 ISO $279 EA 


12" 3 way Reg. $510 EA 

AMP. CAP. 10 150 #349 EA. 


■wrmaii/ltanloii PHILIPS OPTONICA Sony Cerwin-Vega TDK TECHNICS ONKYO 






IN«»f THCHAnaiNOER rtttniwy If. ItTt 


'IHt inMnrlt* mm tmOim 

at. iMMM la ' 

wm be IwvaffiMMl I 

Uiat Afarain* ampkqrs in tmr 

ctaiam and In llic Lmrnlng 

lEachaiii*. an Bvamliii aiMCf 
Uial malclwi .p«a*la I n l a rl l tf It' 
•sdiMliMlg' talMMa. A'brain* liM 
aadiangftllat Mill and art voria 
r»r (natwmiiiail* Jtan* and' 

Bnwlniraa anii tatlwr Ininnna- 
ttan an anatiilila In Die ttiadmit 



nt :■* Or»*t Karaaa QaH li 
I ■ tm acholanMp lor itw- 
rwlni In the Nunlng 
ant Uvtef within Uw 


Awards won 

CoUtflt Mutu** Suaan 
Id Da«M TaMman •«« 

M tar a "No Bakt CImcoIbI* Mint 

ClMraacakc" r««1^. A "Clwrn 
Ckstr^r Clitaat Caika" b)r 

W avari. TIm 

ki Harper's one jraar CMltuiit 

Ctrtlflcate Prafrain. vera 

Ragiitrallna tm two of AImmm' 
a«|M-«i»ek rlaaata at Harpar. 
"Pen and ink Dra«ln«" and 
"PainUng". t» 
Mand n 

InfatmatlMi or ta 
hf Wiplwn*. call' «at- i». 

Ways to As 

'Waya tn Aa" ti mm araUalile l» 
I In liM!r«aic tMr cl 

ApftkaUaia ai< avallaMt bi the 
rtnancial Aid Office. A»4 

Deadline for applieationa la 

Aualllary U eltartnc a ILIH 
adwlanMp la a permn tnlaMtaH 
In pnnulnc a hai 
canar. audi pragrama of 
awjr Inclnde dialalki, 
timnn. medical reronl Ubrary 
Klence. medical Mxlai unrk. 
mwiliral tachnology. nursln«. 
or piljnricBl Uwrapjf. 
and t-ny ladmnlofy 

Tlw qwaliUcaCliMii neceaaary far 
cwiaidcratlon for Hie KlmlanMii 

autlMirtty Ui be applied 

tiilUaa. feci, board and 

r books Upm iiiccemful 

cimptetion of the tirat aemiKler or 

tairm. aMUher tsm will be apfilkd 

10 tlw atudent'i accninl. 

AppUcallona ar« avaHablc In Ike 

Aid EMHce at Harper. 

■tarapiilkiatlMiaMAicIl nlfbt' 


Claaaci lo challenge your mind, 
filiyalcal deitarlty. and crvatlve 
alMUtiac art being odered during 


IrM cartlw, BigMt. pub*. 
Walah poeti. Harper atudenla and 
cnminunity adulti are invited to 
lain Harper CaUcfa In Uw Britiah 
lalaa tM- two waafca. Hay M lo June 
1. Detalla will be pnn^dad at to- 
's tour meeting at (:M p.m. In 
Attendance ia cncfluraged. 
at a dapotit on Oie pmgram la daa 

Haiper'i fourth aununer human- 
o( Eumpe will vlait 
•ilai In Ireland. Eng- 
and Walea. Moat capanaaa 
an indadad in tfaa |H0 iae: all 


t ) Maaary Tratnlai 
Turaday al 1 p-in. in nit ami 

» Taking Olitedlvt Taatl Hi 
Wadkaaday at I in 

S) IMlMilg TmI AniMly 

llHMiay at t:a p.n in wm 


41 Taking Baaay Tatfia s 
MMth i at 1 fm. la FM and' 

p.a>. kiAMIaandb'. 

OpUoo l«» la an* eradll boa 
l>8ni»«H. aacaod 

Maatalrom l:'Mlnl'.«p.ia. 

l;pon proof n( acceptance by an 

accredited or reeoipibad fchoal. 

ISM wlU' be dapaaUad laMi the 

. buaineH wrltUif, 
I WlliMn«rapb)> are anrnng 
to be held from 
March U tbrmigh May U. KcRiitra- 
tlon la now in pragrcaa Monday 
Ihrough Thuraday from I 30 am. 
lo IM p.m. and on Friday from 
l:M a.m. to 4 pm. In the Ad- 
aiaalana Office of Building A. 

Qaaaet will be held during the 
day and evening hours It St Viator 
and Hcney High School* in Arllng- 
lon Heights, at Barrlngton High 
School, at the Palatine and 
Idmaniburg Ubrsrtci and at the 
WUkm Park Center in Wheeling. 
aa wall ai at the main campus. 

Par additional mfonnatian stu- 
dcnla may call the AdmUaons 

OMteaM m-am, est. w. 

nana, two meals dally, sightseeing. 
theatre and evening entertain- 
ment. Insurance, and gratultlea. 
Partldponla pay lor one eitra 
maal a day and for tuition if they 
duwoe to aam cradit in Hanaa- 

An added attraction a( (he 
prvgram is the opportunity to ataf 
In Europe and travel on one's own 
after the tour ends. Participants 
may stay as long as n additional 
days and rtCara §n 'Ihalr avifUial 

Anyone interested but unable to 
attand lonigMi meatuig ahouM 
tot Martha Siroonasn «r PM 
anllh-Plcrce In FW, m can ait. 


' of 

wMMUnMBIHI •(■ V WMP •■■>■■■■■ MP Ht HI S V 

'^ ^'^^^ J'^J!!!1^Z!!^^ '!!^-^^ vuc^tkm ifip to lii«nii toil M0lik- 

Interviow ^.r^ 

OMrntf •** tnatructor 
TtM tiar Abrama will be 

AMUmm. dapomng O'llare at t:tt Ml Thursday. April 11. and 

r«(umiag' al •;• a.n). an Frtiar. 
^^ -illg. 







1) You are planning to tramier to North 
«m Illinois Univet^ity ttiis sumnner or fall and 

2) planning to major in one of the areas 
in business (accountaficy. finance, 
marKeting. managetnent or business 
education) and 

3) nave now complefed at least 42 
temester hours and at least five prebusi 

nets tool courses. 

Tlitn you must file an under- 
• application by March \, 1979. 

Attention ^^^^^^^Students 
Only 47 days till Spring BreaicI 

Daytona 79 




All Toor 



t^H 2M 

Join atudoms from Triton Ir W.I.U. - Umitmi 

' RourtcMrip tet airlare via Norm CenJral 
DC »'s 

■ / ntolifs. « dayi at Oaytona's finest 
holeli (lexart & Silver Beach) directly 
on me Beach with great locations near 
the Boardwallc 

■ FREE entertainments, Weal Booiclet 

Goodlor MS vavinQ 
FREE Poolsldc Barecqueand Party 
F»6t Enfertainment AdmiMions 
PUUB Refreshments 
FH'te OiscO'unt AAcal Service 

Special Daytona discounts * more 

• FREE Guid« Map & Daytona 


• Protessionatlv slaUed personnel to 
matie yoor travels more en jo/able 

• Optional tours direct trom your hotel to 
Disney World. Sea World- Deep Sea 
Fishinti. Hawaiian Luau, Disco Dance 
Cruit* , Cypress Gardens, Kennedy 
Space Center, etc. 

('«■• actait UMnMUfen Taklc M*rcli Z In A B'uiMfaig l.«uiige 


CITY STATl 111" 


noaiD* SHuncniwc 

eeeanwr* a«t» Aran. h. n 

urn tout oouati >I7I 

WRomxiti _ rami UM 



froiw S- 10 p.m. 

Ma«. Than er 

(tMI IM 4f«« 

F«bni«ry 2S, ttrt THE HARBINGER Pag* 7 

' 1IHII nMHk will fcf ••nn Wert* t M rrviattf H S 




Sata by nam 

Half days or Ml urn* wttli oft- 

purluRit^ (w adv*iK-«'iMnl 0(- 
Ikt kKUtti m S M His. E> 
INinaH?!' dcMnMi t>ui wil) traMi 
IMWiMc with (Milrnfial Wnrfely 
cmnmiittaM shovld cucwd 
I3H. Said retuinv and 


fVO BaiUli 

M.I Pr«.p*€t„ Eli 

I'H ■ HW-'IliM 

Eieellvnl opiportunii m lot 
cnilMii>ia*tK. •<•:)( 'UotiviitMl m 
d'lviiluak. L**ra all l»r«h el 
nE!il.*uraiil apcralMm whi'lr you 
'(•wrh uttliiit a fun. (wtiple- 
nrianlnl atnaiiplWK. 

InniHliMt' Ml .and |>ain-iimc 
i»(>t>nrn-g». , « lerrific ir>'<iii*>'- 
mukw tat sitwknti w>U) rxl.ri 
limr We prefer e»i»*rwni-<f(l 
pprMmi. Z> jr*. w nlilvr. Wv til' 
(#r attrartlv't itartmg wsk«> 
anil eMiiur«.ge grawtl) mniun 
our f upanding i-umpany Call 
Mm Koltor at MM- MM or Mrs 
Cardvelt at TR •>?» Prddiers 
Bttr n' Brat, Wowddrld 


mier^year rnund Eii:r»|i«. S 
Anaerira, .tuamila... Ana.. Elc 
All rieldi. ttM-DlMt mmlhly 
E.iprMM paid Sight .wnn.R: 
Frte mto Write \JV. Bnx 
MUM*. Borkley .. t".\ M?(M 

St'Wlmt mtkm to work rvemngit 
in Ufeteni Lrarntnf ()>vii>iihi 
«(lM-e. HuiMinn I) M; TyptnK 

Mt\- WOVIf V 
.mux ^t\ \mv>- .\tiifni,:iii 
furr.iKii No ..■ippm-ni'i- 
mjulrrt K.»r»«llcn! fiav 
Wi>rW"<iuV !r:ivi>l .Sunitiu-r joh 

« •.-.t ' ■ >»! liU- ItLliW 

i¥uH:..' IH-pi F r. 

ilsi .:i.Ht i-.iri .'iBinlm, 

Si!*»««t •taliofi. al'lMHtut ».» 

pn Miiii 'Fri ., hmcitt.. mpun- 
.•|.|>t« aiMt rtltabk. Biiffalo 
Unw area 9t-mm A*k tair 

Harper ttuiienl«lrdie*UF 
•.bO'Ut Ihe Ha.rper <.-iim|>u> to 
ttkr Klwol •ludcnta on 
(our* <>( the ckiiipu* Sat Ojiij in 
Ih* titl«r«ialMMi huoth or call 

Skt iNMNa ■ Kaldltc Racer', su« 
7 MW. Call :fS3-«iR. Ask lor 


T«ita% rtcfiwMiMwil' 
fualiM. pint .i Mat 

fhme rni ■■wm i aik lor Oon 

Tt CH* Slarfire. 4»p<l 
milcii. ai>i../(im caiitc<.ti:- <<icrn>. 
ne« lire*. giMXl ga* <iulu|tr 

MufiMii la.wt ra.|iiiM'iaf7D 

AMt" n €on«ird.. aulomalic 
IranimtfiiMn... puoer •twritiK.. 
(»<•« hra.ltai. em-'lm catnettr 
rt«T«i. rear wtndo* defnuter. 
i,.S«> miles. l;iri»IK». m-w, 

Nitiicrltvld Mi>>!»(j \jlr 
•aiher.'dryer igg*. ropper 
ItmeL i|uem hide- a. ..bed, k»uii|ie 
chair, dmible bed frame tI)B 
liultres* and b«> iprtngit< old 
droaer and rheel. iltnclte por.. 
laMe dithwatlMT ' nippen'onei . 
coWfe table, speaker* i large i 
•ki b«ii«A inien* llli Call Ml 

l»n IM|e Van U.Wii ml)«. 
P§, ph. tun wol, rool venl 
aifi'Im t track fterw. m chan 
net CB. dtgilal clwk. swivrl 
captain chair, burseuhoe atuch 
fully carpeletl. ref and cabinet. 
magi rualpriMl liletime 
•arrtnty Many more eitnan 
m,m « bett offer, mttwm . 

FM-ll track ear ilenw Trunlt- 
i'peakcrs. Call .lanet ai :w-<i!M.'> 
IHIBortir^i .iHVr 

71 i'* \..i'.- r "^ wmi 

Hwa( e^hau*t i .m^ 

am.'lm *trf»i' '■■la^i 

d.rive 10 apprt-i lu.r ii..ii.tK<- 

kepi U-WM). *J7.7l»7. ask h.i 


Veed a(»y t>'piiif done* Fi»nm»r 
eiecutive lecretar) will do 
typtng at Home AccurJle. 
reaMinable rale* (.'aim* .117'. 

.itiratlan Mademc* Need i>ptnK 
dome l<ir lerin paperi' Heluliii- 
liiiiiMf typing lervice tm all ycwr 
typing nceifa Cat! Kathy bet' 
•'ecn I -»'pm at »l'«i«i tiarper 
Cdllege area 

t ' m tokinc fir a gtr.) wll» naMfc 
a rmim'mate Will ihan? all ea 
pemn Call Islta al .1M-.MH.. 

Harper offers new GED classes 

'n* .Ailull Ha.itK' Ed.ucat».M de- 

pariiMail will offer a iie« rigbl-' 
■KVk aenMN'nf CEI) clanaei t«- 
paraiM :pmpaiinc for (he high 
•rhwd aiiaivalency' eitamtMliiin. 
("laiMe* i>e:ii.» the week of Marth I* 
a.iMl end the wrt^k at May II 

CtaMes in maltanatlri. I::.ruii''l.lati 
cramniar. ,»id readiiiii art avail- 
able IMoiulay . W'rdne-iday. and Fn- 
itk<y mernMici or Monday, Tuea- 
'1-'u. WradiKMlay, aiid Thurnday 
'-II Wgi. InilnKtliM on the United 
.'•■■I and llllwii* Cnnildutionii a 
' ^iillien.tsdi.n.i(i:la:(t 
-'killw rta»H'it m 'malbe- 
i:ut>i,:'>, l-'iMitluh cniniifuir, *<ml 
rewlintt^ (trTeloftfrieTil will alwi be 
laf'fereil m> Mondat, Wtdneaday, 
.and Friday Kioraiiud aiMl on Moit- 
diit', T'lKwIay, Wedneiiday. a'nd 

coming soon 

Hut Clfde-K Oub i« kavliig • 
raiiar ilHl»«-41ion far the banaflt 
•f Canbral Palay on Mareli Iff 
front I to !• pm at Ihe riraald* 
KnU-AnM in Hoffman E«i 
Ian ttm canmt of Hoaelle 

Thuraday < 

are fur .kUaliiiils «ilM hnw iMt 

•tieiMlcil. liigi! MilHol or tor 

hiiilt Kihool leeel. 

IMh RED and iMr Wil* an 

I'dfered free iince the ItilUon i» re- 
iinlMiraed by .federal and 

'Vi.Ml 'iaite BiiuiaalWM tuwlt.. 

Re«istraUon lor the elaanei! will 
lie held ihi Wedneaday. March M 
and Thursday. Mari-h It from i M 
to II am and from 7 to • III p m in 
FW. .Sluit«n(3 should allow one 
htiur lor retsisl ration and ahouki 
lirinc 't pencil, their iweial lecurlly 
number, and their rar lii-enae piatc 
iiiiinber For more tnfamaliiNt 
.•tudonli may call «l. tO. 

Seminars planned 

TiM Harper College Intutute for 
MlMlgaincnt [Vvelopmenl hai 
tehaduM nine ati day lenunart 
for Man-It. W*. Ilffertng* include 

"Eaectttlve Secrttariei and 
Admlnlftrative Atilatanti," 
March 1. 17»: What the Manager 
Should Know About 
CrtrvaiKwa, and l,abar f 
Marrh 2. ITS : The Eff ecltiW < 
Manager." Marrh H. $1i: 

"Developing Effective Selitng 
jactlla.' March U and U. «M. 
"Managing the Marginal Per- 
former, " March IS, ITS; "laadar- 
ahip Skill!.'- MaRh W. mi 

-Managing ^Management Time." 
March M. Ift: Profit Plaonlog 
for Small Biiameia." March R, 
ITS, and "Aaaertiveneaa Training. " 

All aemlnan will te hald In 
Building A. Tuition UKludai lun- 
cheon, refreahmenla. and all aeml- 
nar materiala 

For additiooal Uifomalkm atu- 
denta may call m-3Bm. est. M or 


To enroll in any of th* atminart. 
aludcnla may call WMN. exl. 4M 


Tilt Wriald t Roll-Arena ia the 
worUa* latiail •ttating canter and 

la in lUe (tutoMa World Boak of 

The akate-a-lhon will work in the 
ftdlowtng way Each ikatrr wUl 
tmy a ipanaor ihcet al the »ial of f 1 
and try to gM people to .apanaor 
thaan a certain amount of money 
par hour that lliey ikate, Varioua 
priMt will be awarded ta lom* of 
tile riiatera.. There will be an 
■itJDiatiri IN (o W ikale'ra at the 
plnalda and an ctumatad three tn 
tie* tlMmaand. doUari ii expected In 

In the Stiuiant Actlviliaa tWte or 
al tllc Fireiide Roll- Arena. 

Jan |>i 

ijinls played (or il.^ijx'r .tuioila la*t week, 
I plMMa by SSrett Amemaan > 




79 Olds Cutlass Calais 





All wa(i«cl«* iully loctory •quippmj. 

I (ralglit liwIiMlarf Oe4nr yvun tarfay and aaval 

All Amarlcan mod* can and truckf ar* 
olto atrailable at substantial Mvingt. 

All vahiclat ara daliwarad tKrough our 
•wtkeritad naw cor doolort notworlt. 




March 7 

The Keificatiun Ompany will 
pcrf^irm at Harper March 7 at noon 
til the lounge, bldij . A. 

The Reification Company was 
born m early 197(i at a saloon in 
ChiiaKo Us members catne from 
varied burkitniunds. but all had 
one ttimit in i-ommiMi a dedicated 
interent in I he art of 
improviiational < omedy The 
rompj<n.v doe.» have a backlog of 
Mishrd .tj-enea, but lor the mMt 
(Mrt tteir live shows are Inatant 
and spcmtjifieouAi 

I'he audience. Ihrouch it's 
«ui!i'f'<.Ji«n». wnle* the "scnpf- 
•il.iiii; with the pcdcinners. Every 
i<>,m u different. »n4 e'very 
.ludiem-e la pa:rt of the 
l>n>re-iis. The «> . and 
iiiii-{"i'>l^\ t)etw«"cn audleme and 
|H-i ii.rnier, thai make The 
'i.tnCtimpain lUuqiMi 
;iri)«;ram is sptmmtrml tiy 
ii~ , p»KramB^rd 


Six wrestlers go to nationals 

Malcolm X dumps Hawks 

X M'tarlylBMli 

I »■• ncmr raai)' (NMitmMl .HaclKiiait- A> Malmltn X 

li^lMI M rvtoMMMiiiiN 

m. 'Hit Bbi*!. it-* urn tmi "mtatmtm X mmtm In Uw ma P«rt«ilai|i aw Miiralm X 

IMi alM^ai IMv botiar. Thtjt iradHii tkt tarn iKvak <lU"'t >■■•• Klal H« <>f an a<l¥sn- 

m-Xt iMt Tl>in> Mamdm nan Ml iMlntlMdi <*«• ■« (IMT ■•■•< *•'«> >•*<>•>> "x 

X. an(M«nM."wMB«dMoM. (ioar' lo m anderacalli or on *idt- 

-U «wi w cnolMt.'- Mid. MMh r«<M llinwi i>l«c a iiMi«r |ia.rt tn nptn fa<l Drvak lay-uia. 

BarMoM. "Wt'TO nwwr anTiiwm.«i»ltlllalniitllieHa'i*i 'Ma^m ma Hawki in ■mmtm 
■an tartan aal»daala«t|M."Aa a» Ihajf a«lr nam »« the lint iwoiB 'aipii mm miitmimn pintmm 
I law lUi mm. MnMMNl Uw tlMt fWNiMml l« MalMUi'a » ll«il'Hii*lrwliotaUtal»)»«iiti. 
•am wttlia B-Wiataai*. tiiiiaa. r»*ilimaii Jalf M«rt.irak> who hm 

Ta KM ta tlH IMmIb at Urn wm- tla iia«k> tralM al lu.UllHia liaaii«lit'iiltheli)|>«or*fi for H«r- 
lia Havka «»» and tn tlw wcsnil haU KarMI Par ainct rMwniiw to U>* lin^V 
wtth CfBtg ti» lain MMnt RUHnanliiin bol iMunpad tn » and I«n»»rd Hmi 
aaaiF MMdt ilMli and ••rr*a« atuppad'*! B, 
Ml la '»lay an navar'talMrianytrawid. ttaflNr' had aoljr tlvta aoptu on 

Ilia taam UMa aaaaan and d avcry- 
a* tlwy <>•)• rctumi ctwcti HacMold haa an 

X j] nil If la omlralM UH altaaalfw iMMda." anetlani baat for rntit ytar. •• 

n«D-<Mr on tlw laam ta« iihMitjf of 
(ibyMii ttmt'. 


drops one 
to No. 9 



If mm tank Uw laancii'i baikct- 
tei ■»«■ of laat WvdncKlay iukIiI 
tMKh a lv« ttHMiand y««r(. H craulil 
ttavr bnfti comparnl lo the tatllr 
>( David and '{Miath. Howrvrr 
HariMT 'David I thmiKh lost tlilf 
»iw* to Tia H ranked iMin in Uir na- 
tion "Thomum !'fi»*jith I !>B-«7. 

Tlia Hawks ijavr Tl'rarntan 
trouUi! IhniuiilKwt tlip flril half 
<«-i>mat w-iUiin killing ranee. Iic- 
' th«' hoi idMotint of Val 
.ti" WeKtncr who canned U of 
KurimT'i M poinU tn tht first half 
iiritii'K wv'rn of liioK Ironi tlw 
charity utri'iw 

Head ("(micIi Tom TawlMMtr Mia 
pipascd irith bla laant't iacrfonii> 
Mor». ' "Th» t««in p:bi»«d andur t-on- 
trnl PIbvwd a loucli team tik* 
Tlxiniloit hrouiitM out Uir btit tn 
xtw women..'"' 

Ifi the »«™id tuiH Ihe Hawk* 
wrrr ir4 h> tht (int [>Uy af Jeni 
Schinoltl. Jml) l.yon. and "Swiill" 
Wwidner. hut the Hjiwk> rouldn't 
tmrn wllh the taller more eifieri- 
rraced ThomtoB rvmlually drofi- 
p<nK a MKT dcrtuon in Ihcir kut 
name of tht acoaon. 


The llariwr wrfattln« 
<|wilif.M Ml urMtlers for the « their <ta> lu a third 
plow finlah m the Kei{UKi IV 
lounwy The Hitwki prapedeil 
three wredtters ino the lina.!* and 
cunw awti' ai'itit one chaniFionahip 

TiM' tlawki 'haw dtanW' waa ill 
Ih. .F'nul freiming wlw (Mimed 
three itraiKlH «|ipoflentii on tiu 
•«.» to hesMC ria,rord Ih*' tourney's 
Moat V.aluaUa Wreit.lcr.. 

Pnlaalnf aiao cafdwed the M44: 
i.-oiifeTe«icc t-'hainpuinaltiii a oeek 
tM-fiirr tlial. 

.I<.M> KUa.. IX Ibi.. la foinii t» 
I'uillMiala Uw imiind year in a row 
bv the !».»>■ of hi* nerond place 
rinMh in (lie toiimry Ktna autired 
himiwlf » trip lo the MlionaU will). 
» hard fomfW S-l nftn in the nemi- 
flnate Kitia loiil tlw chamftiMUliip 
tmit to llw same apponent who 
ilefeaM talm in UM coffl'fcrence 
meet Khere Rata aim (Hoerd 

Tout Smith eanwd a trip by the 
way of a lliird .place finish. Stnith 
lo»l » toitgli <M decimon in the 
tcml-ftnak but nme 'back to maul 
hia opfionenti in the wrestlcbackj 
to earn a trip lo Minnemta SmiUi a 
t«» year Icltcmian. alao had a 
sinnit liiowtnc in tlw confcrenn 

llarper'n fourth finaliit was 
Mike Keif Rett the N*C conlerence 
cbamp. had lo fettle for iierond in 
the Heiiioii Tourney Reif a 
relurnlnR national qiulifier fouitht 
ha way throo.Kh » very itronn 
weiKM claan lo (rab his lecond tnp 
to nallonala. 

Jeff Ktcliart 01 Iba. qMllf M («r 
nationals via ore'Stiebacks 

Kicliart. km earl'y b«l catne back 
.iii'Ml revenited 'hia loaa by beattnii 
the man wim had heal him earlier 
toi-iirn Jrd place 

Kc^n Mnial the Hawk* 
bfmv\ nnuht put un an Irapreiaive 
sh<it» In take third Moial had the 
miifnrtune uf runninn into aome 
very toiiHfi foen the lasl few we«k» 
Moial loat hii lerond rotind match 
wid llwn proceeded to walla 
throuit'hl the wrcallaback* tO' earn 
his trip to nalionalR 

The Hvwks got stronf 

fit'H--'-'"' 1 ••* '''>*r! •^^■- whole 

ti-.r •hort 

i.( .. - ::'Urth 

[>lii« t' finish he'ipt^ the Hawks to 
their thini place showinK. 

I ouK .Imepbs grablMd fifti) 
place in the Kaglan IV loumey. 
Joaeplis was anollwr Hawk who 
was conference cliamp. but fell 
pcry In n biid first round inalch 
JoaeplH then ilaniied laack to 
t'-i'ime away with .a fifth place 

Harper also itnl atrimK support 
from RMlney McWtiorter ISO Itii. 
MtWhurter registered a second 
period pill in the wresttohacks to 
Hive the Hawks some very 
yaluable points MrWhorlar's two 
Iwacs were close deciaiaos in a 
very towel) weiitht class. 

Coacli Norm tiovelace fell his 
wrestlers did a liood job. but 
eipected a possible second place 
finish rather tiian third I^ovetacc 
commented. This was a cmnplete 
team effort and I was eatreroely 
happy with the job the men did." 

Now the Hawks prepare for the 
Kruelmu national tournament 
Worthmitlon. Mlnacaota. on March 

Women's Intercollegiate 
Softball Meeting 

Feb. 28, 3:30 BIdg. U 


Coach D. Everson 

Intramurals offered 

Evaryonc isy* that Uiey could 
play baikathatl a* icood aa or 
battar Ulan Harpar'a own taam. 
Wall "Or. Onnkenalcin. Sky- 
walkar," or amy oUmt fancy namaa 
.ana iMilil. play andcr, hart's tlw 

partlcipania it wiU eillwr ba afwn 
recreation or teams irtll be 
fomied. If there are eoouKti for 
teams, a loumameM will be held 
with shifts Kaum to Uw winncra. 
Teams or ||T««ia>a will as* ap ao 

IMnmnral baakettaall wtll be 
hdd on Harchl 13, », and a at St. 
VMar H.S.. I>ryden Ave., ArUnff- 

Ion Halilhts, II. Courts will be ofwn 



Upon arrival aak (or Davtd 
Cavaaoa or Mr McClane at St. Via- 
tor U there are any q m itla M 
lilayen may call Mr McCIanc at 

HariMr. alter I p..iB. cat. 4W or M7. 

at Uw WML Val "Swiak" WeMaer |>M> hi Iwe 

tyhala hy lany Karaaka and ScMt McKttlap i 




Health Club for Men 

tfVe offer supervision in Conditioning, 
Weight Training, and Body Building. 

HOURS -Mon.-Fri. 10-10 
Sat. 10 - 5 

wiiww Park Piaia MtlwauMt Ave. uM Psiaiiiw ad. SIT-MM 

VOL. 12A NO. 20 «o™«v Horp.f Coll«9«, Alqonqu.r, and BmeM.Roadi. Paloi.n,. Klmo.i 6(HW 312 397 3000 MafCH 5, 1979 

t dead, t /n/if red 

Stabbing on campus parking lot 

iiiil.WEH HI l\ 

V ttMTprt <'(><.l»tr <ti»«l»nl »J» 
iialty ttabtecl ind * second 
■.«TMMi»i» ir4ur«d. Thurndiy alter- 
iHMin m parking M m> 1 

Ptirtcta RaldwiR. 21. Ijimhartt. 
dM 0* nulliiilK cheat ««)««* ac- 
furrtiiii li» Patau™ Colice tllW 
Jorrj BraH'lwr 

Sirvm Buatt. to Heu«nvill«. 
mntrtit pmttrmunt iiMh «imiim1i 
and «ai tMMt is tmeimm conditMn 
aflar luxlerwiiing mcgiry at Nnr- 
ttiwtx Cammunll^ Mmpttal in 
Artuigltkn H««M« 

B«»th viedmi wer* (ritshman. 
titmr»\ arta majnn and mralM in 
HariMr'i lM«ring intpairi^ 

D«Mi 4. Mtmmm. li. 
It. IM* iMMi dwrfMl «iUi aitam 
filcrf miardcr. mufdcr. agiirBvalad 
iMIMry ami srnMd vlataMM aaaar 
<iia8 to Palaitn* pwlict Mtmmm 
•tea a ttearmg Im^trvil 

by llw Slalt • AltonFy at » » p m 
at 81 Michael llic Arrttangd 

C«Ba««ry, W«t Algonquin fUmd. 
(brtctly acroM frem th» n>il«tr 

flM tiictlltlit started at tp 
Ntly 1 10 p m •hen l*ii 
k Caraljr Hagen and CMihw 
•ilneiami Baib 
Magprtng tknugli the tarking M. 
I biwvdiag Imn kii motiili and 
it. awl raimrted il to campua 

Harper • Public 

Saf#ly a-nd the Palatine Palire 

deparlmenl to the wen* 

Puhlic Safety orticrr Sleplim 
Klau and Cadet Jim Kickotaifcn 
*ere th* rirsl tit arrive al the 
wtnr The nfticert Inund BaMniin 
and Ruah lying on the hlood ilatlMd 
IMvemml and immediately triad 
In rrvivr Bald»in l>y ad- 
miniiterlng cardin- pulmonary 
reiiiscitation rPRi Monevtr. 
Baldwin did mil revive 

Bind) wa> found in a conKiiNU 
e«iditio«i although hn ttreattilog 
waa tporalic He w«« then given 
nmilcat trealmenl by lite two o{ 
llcert and Roarnnary Murray, a 
cotlege nurte wilh the Hmlth Scr- 
vieei Dcpi... 

Within minutcf Palatine 
parainedin arrived and aim at 
(■•(lUid to revive the Baldwin girl 
Th* alMnpla mtn made tn vain a* 
Ihc' vuiiiB <MMild imM rtafona to IHt 

I iMa tlMn tTMHpafflad In BM' 
hnapltal if Um garainctiici artiilt 
Harper roUaga PnbBc Safety and 
the Palatine Police detMrlmenl 
aacured Uie crime scene 

A UMfd witneaa Lisa Rufef. IT. 
Mount Proapect. then atepped liir- 
•ard to tell polurr her itory !•• 
had parked her car m lot no 1 at 
approiimaleiy 1 Itl p m and while 
watting tlutHMIh Uw lot >in her way 
to BWg A. «hr saw the injurad 
Biaih wanderii^ aimlcaaly ahout 

"He wa* walking toward a car. 
and didn I make any Munds or 
gaaturw that he needtd halp." aiM 

Ruku did not know of Buab'a 

Palrkia BaMwia't body Hn 
tiadrol wai de«CTibed by 

IMWMC unpairiBen* and aaaumed 
the victim waa not in need of any 
immediate atienlinn 
Shortly after this Bwh coilapHd 

naar tti* Batdwm bady, wMch waa 
bmmm IW'.Milda parkad at ifet 
■Hi af Bh UM' aWe in parting M 

Pallm. aa at Thianday nigM. did 
not diaekiaa a motive for iiw stab- 
Bratcher discredited earlier 
(hat the kiUing waa drug 
rastdt of a lovar'a 

aa parblag M -t alter hehm taiaHy aiaMMd Marrti l 1*e Imkman tlkeral arU 
aa a ckeerf al penan. ' •"bi««» kj *«■•« Amemann. I 

pnlice Hiveatigatioo and alUwugb 
Ihfre waa no apparent suspect or 
■native, Ma men wer 
few lands" 
It was not until *■» p.m. 
iC'an t l a aedaaaagell 

Alter both bodlea were removad 
from tlie campus parking Ujt. the 
taaming crowds of sludant 
coloaiten quickly vanished 

At approximately 3 p m , Brat- 
dier said the IncidHit was 

Students react 


Sh<ict. oiitr»«e and the fad that 

murder hit home were the reac- 
tiun* of Harper students Thursday 
aflemoofi when a h*ariti« im- 
paired student waa kllM in park- 
inn IM n and analhar sarloiialy 

I m siMM-ked, I find it hard to be- 
lieve." ficiatmed Shen Winebem 
when Kilti of Harpers first on- 
cumpun iJMtti "11 doesn't leem 
ikeilmi .iippuiMsa." 
(MMir .it.iidMita also eitpraaaad 
Auek Jind duhetief when told the 
,i,.<»t '.Many heiiwed it waa Just a 

thit* thiifj the rii«t onl- 

•if thini! r>T ev« heard," 

-,..111 m.-harrt Mremiirr 'lii *ut>iir- 

liia < nil tliio't Mpw.-t ««m«-ll»m.« like 


It » pretty wiflrd." Miid Mikir 
ll^kalar "'It h*(>peni m \hr nn, 
but I i«e no reaaisi why it «■» ' 

pccially here.' said laith tMisch. 

I believed what people said, but II 
waa hard to believe ' 

Jeanne Pankanin. director of 
student acliviliei. could not 
unaKine a sUbbtng accurlna a* 
Harper, I'm atuanad This is the 
worst act of violance. by far. that 
ha* happened on campas " 

Analhar student toond II hard M 
tielieve that a iimior collaie In 
mburban Palallne conW be Iha alia 
r' 'tjibbinn 

if we were m the ctty we would 
e«pe«l it." «,ld ■ .(hocknl Kria 
•■Sanbern I stlU 'Iim'i aspect 
thimts tike thl* to happMi in the 
SMburtat Not h»fau« the mburba 
.ire holier ihaii Ihiiu, there is Just 
M mm-h cmrmpllon, but becausa 
the wbtirtw art mon- honiogenima 
There isn't the diverailj here aa in 
t:h<' ciiy " 

tPbalab) S»-o«i \roem*a».i 

'I was surpriiwd (bit M 
happen durtint th* day and es- 

..'rannii- Vivian* , 

fcelmits of mo«l 'Harper itudtnls 
when she saild. 'I Ihowht ii was 
tcmhle I ftel like our parkuiii laU 
aren't safe anymore " 

L«tt«fS to flk0 Cillior 

Faculty Senate opposes editorial stand 


DFlHl inannl 10 umun. M 
«al to U» tatfUOi 

ivHar liiM tannn to a 
■lalu* •«■«» la M*el)*ri «4w 
'Matt pmma tw live jror* <■>■> 

•!■ 'Ml tUcf can ClWCll'-llMMI* ■)*<) (Ail'l 

'I mrnind Uwl 

iMt tlie lucilly, 'iHMl at «Im» 

at ' 

nni. 4if ■!!) 


considers raising 
drinlcing age 

Hit Illinoiii (j«mral A&Kmbly Extcutive committee will 

'vato an Mardt 1. on whetlier or Mt to pot Houm! Bit) 
Rnpnillliil tK vMilll pils 9 iniMcltiii, 'Of' 11' years an itie 
■■ilk «f tanr ani vint' in llMt. to mt More the full 

Some aay that if the 'bill goes lotlM' floor It will be pmmi 
(or mm, b«caua« Ite drinklnit age waa 11 to tUlnoii for m 


If tilnoia raia«l tlH- itriaklne to 21 it woolii bt iintalr to 
tilt 19 and 30 year-oldt who aniulred the privileiie and now 
amid have it reclnded Ttiere was s« much tune and effort 
|Mt into Ittwering tlie (IrinkinK age in lt73, that Ihej must 

'iMvo llMHaglil it w:aa a good idea . Now. .tu >*ears later, it's a 
bad Idea Uity etoim, ao the rtuht may be talwin away . 

'TiMMW ia a way to atop this leKiatatlon frotn paaalnc, 
Iwiitw. There arc iMtWaM' gomg around which slate 
llwl. "tba WKtorBiKiM^ owpoae the hilts pending in the 
Oantml AaaamUy. « l*ro|KMiittoii ti in the Hou.<ie. and SB-5 
III fit.SeMtt >. to increaae the drinking age in Illinois frofn 

With llwa* petiliona. all Ihoae acainat the propoaltlon 
would Iw ftprtaenled in the Hotiat aayiiig «c don't want it. 

Tli«f» am be a auiifjort malorlty dfafilayed by the 

rlltiaiia. even tl there aren't many people .actuaUy there 

The f irit iMng. tliat oppoatrs' of the tegUlotion need to do 
Is to aign the petitiom All that the petitioRS require is one'a 
lagat name, aditresa and distnct, there is no money 

Another IMng oppone'Bla' of the pmpoaltion' coiiUI do la tO' 
'Cmlact ■Hit Illinois General AisemWy. or contact thair 
e m t O t mm mm about makuig their feelings known. 

The main reaaon that Senator Oiinga. who is the father 
of Ptopoaitian Si4, gave for the raising of the drinking 
at* it beewiat' of 19 yaw'-oldii are able to buy the liquor. 
thM. i ia 'aaiiar tm th* youn^pter teenagers to get it . In other 
'waciii, lit" wants to take away the rights of 19' and ll^year> 
oMa ao thai the younger children won 't gel liquor 

If younger tMMgers raaliy WMted to get beer or wine 
they would find a way. wMHar tllcy had to ask a l!i-year- 
old or a 31-year»«W. M wouldn't mailer to them as lonR as 
Ihey got what tllty wailtod- It ian't (air to punish the whole 
If and llhy«ir>old. group baci'iiat lone of them misihandle 
or mtotiat Itquor. The grtal majoclty doesn't misuse it so 
why pianiah everyone for the wrongs of a few** 

The govemm#nt thought ihat by making druga Illegal 
that people would slop using Uiem. but obviously that 
hasn't stopped it. Ratstng the dnnking age in OlimNa 

probably want alap' Iht' drlaklng. of yoiiniitr 'Iccnagsr* 

'Ml' Iw ow lw<l ttic wiMMi) not 

tar Icn yean 

M'l a. tM ■ tMnf 

m 'WMiMif ' m omtm ma 

(mat'' SMMMlly, I ihmilii 

add Itial awmf cainpaM* 'in 

aieait) ritf amitm •yiMwn. 

raaUy <!«■ Ian hiNtacIa) 
ilcm. have v«r> frw (Mirt-IUiit 

It la alao true (hat many laU-Umr 

tacidtr 4a aw taMm uliat (iMif (all 

la many, maoj L ,.™ 

■aeally iMv* taaraod wtiat IMr 
MoifM* adwdiilca war* aa la'ta at 
l« 4a f. «r avcn ivpo' iMMri. baftii* 
taa fviiwatar Macta. ilncHiaaUy. it 
■twoll Iw MM UWI Itw oattanal 
w |aan4aat 

tanilti m tawir t9 lUMMtMna tl>ai 
■111 iMiM malanee* tlwj may wh 
Itmm a otMilc Im about rcicarduia 
lit* aa*li|nln« •>> €la**«( In 
leadiars, tall a«l |Hir(4inM alike. 
Is* mnitl of latr cnralliiwm Irippds 
ami mMtttiK lh« mwda ol *mim»a. 
Ml the iterMoal wlali^a at 

Fimlly. I mual point oiil. In Uw 

nnc«re iMipe that 1 da not uftcnil 
imtt-WM (anil)' memheri. Ihat 
then w more than a Krain «t Inilh 
to the <M nutim aboul Kettlni; 
whal ymi pay for Obviously. luU'- 
llmc fai-uK)' arir paid more than 
part-time Faruily lunlcti. ol 
. they teach overloads i Rut 
II la alao (he fulMime tarulty whu-h 
hold« office hour*, advines 
■tttdants. aelei.t* hook* and filma 
far tilt lllirarf, lerve* m 
eoiMmiltrei, i-o-ordlnataa 
program*, and' wtviaea MadaM 

m'tifily i'lutvi li n clear thai it Is 
the fulUune laruil) aUcIi hat thr 

freaterilake Ui HanwrCMIaae. 

RefenUy. homevrr, wme llitacn 
o« them learned the hard way that 

tiM Mlctiv ha.« no Hake in them 
And i( the Iciriet. whieh 
apparently uipired the edHartal 
wnttT. was ill.advi*ed and Iwalily 
conrelved. perhaps apotadca are 
in or<ler tnm the (ull41me (acutt\ 
involved I Inetude mysell 

However, it mual be made dear 
that the ftrtnii of theae people, m 
violation at our rontrarl i which 
wr. at least, agreed to in «o(Ml 
Faith I ha> crealad an etnotional 
issue, as well at a cimtractual one. 
«*icti cawKit be aUimed to die an 
easy death 

Stncierely , 
William eMill«r 

Pr«ald«iit. Faeultf StM«t 

Student praises faculty 

I am an adiM itialanl at Marpar. 

■m 'I iflU be recrlvlng my A A. 

Iltir« m Mai' 'Ol dua jnar. Whan I 
iiairtait laalna ilaaaia laar 'yvvara 
am. I had na'piam ber'and lalilni a 
l«'« rauraes fai •llmutallon aiid 
enrlrtiitient Hoareirer. due to the 
eii-rtlenl rnumeUini! 1 received, 
from taolti my mtlmrlnn and the 
riiunaeMing iljifl, I deciidwl tO' 
nimplcle the rai)iiMtin«i>ISi far 

I had Itltic itl(<cMfld'eiic< 


The StudeM Dttelaptnenl Staff 

W olfemia bnUi Hunan Potential 
> and Career riaiuHnil and 

edneamlnii. m> aradkour atMMy. 
Imt each ialnidar I had, cared 

enoiiiih to offer words of 

encmr'acenMnl when needed. a.lM 
to try to allay my (ear* related la 

upconini! esain*. and itani 
aU'irmed my ifldlviduatity in many 

Mbw I am catieeniad atioiit Ok 
many problems confront ini» 
Hariwr a( this linie due mainly to • 
la(*k al (und*. I believe the :re4iital 
of tilt voters to paas the recent 
felereiidtiia. wWiCh would h*»e 
previdwi Harfier wllli niifietMit 
iipeniliiui cafiilal. wa* a irawe 

'Until 'becoming, a atmlenl again, 
after thirty yean. 1 was i|Mit» 
unaware of lltt dlllerenres in tint 
quality of «iiM'atl««, 'both 'then' and 
now I had (Hill anplaaiant 
rnrnwrles of my high IchlMll days. 
tn (act, I ramplMed iMily clevan 
vearS' of (clMol due to iliy 'negatl««< 

eifMTiMcat. Hy time at llafprT 
ha* provided a corrective 
rsperieiwc'*. and It is one 1 will 
always Ireasure I sineereiy hopr 
Itial the students who «il! Ix 
eriti*rinK Harper m the coming 
semesters wtil not lie cheated out 
at these and other imporlsnl 
services due to a lack of personnel 
In (-cmclusion. t would tike to a^s . 
I have <ilrr«<ty started work m m% 
H S 111 S<K-la) Work at l/oyola 
t'luversily I feel quite conlideal in 
mv ablWi 111 meet l.oy«>la» high 
ucHdeinic standjirds «liw to m> 
excellent prvparatlun al Harper, I 
•iiicerely hope the nest tune 
Harper pnseMs a request tor 
funds Irnm the community. Uwrr 
mll lie an overwhelmlnitty poaitivr 
re«p*Mt!*e. Onl* the ("Oinmunlty will 
lose by aiwIlMir reiectiun 


I>atn<rla I. Oiefctnann 

of Mareli 
Ml, the llMlwMni t««<Mit mm b$ 

tnftH f '.a. to tpM- 


PSV lis MMIiaiian PaMntlal 
Saolnar' - )-l:« p.n, Mai a Wad. 
tmm ■ S/T/n • HI II - Ui Ndaon 

PSV 110 «f74lianan 
Samlnar • IMtll p.m 
J/ia/7»4/l/7»-Bnice Bohrer 

nv 111 MOCaraar BaiHdng. * 
Dav. -'aa:li' nmraday Vlint 
- mam - am? -'lla»'S c:atUn 

rev 111 llfT<aracr nanntmt a 
Dav - i-t-M p.m. Tiiat * Thurs 
tflM/n - VWn ■ Hill ■ Nancy 

Far additional infomallmi. 

may eaU Uie SMdamt 

■MtOTMl ManaKmg Editor 

'(••» K'hlor 
Faature Editor 
Sport* Editor 
f>hot« Ednor 
Aait Photo Editor 
hunineais MaMgcr 



Hark Fraiwr. Thor Ktdtwr 
Praxmarer. Mtkeiiimkus 

( ltH!\ ( Jl 

H«>r\ K--t'tj> 


Sue fimroy 

Jim I'ingttano 

Joan P»ler»on 


Scolt Arnemann 

l«n rrederl'ditaii 

Steve Mwkal 

Terry JacohaiMi 

DorMhy Ptrovaiio 


'I'errv '.May, Man 

I lu HARBINGER w the sladent publk:aU<H) far the Harper Collei 

. .•I'ltpui I'lumutanity. publislml weekh cM-cpt durliii! (holidays and 
■ '*aiiw, ,\,|l (ijiimon'S eipresscd are Oius* i>l Uit- writer arxl not neci 
ii.i.4i >'4 ihr roll<?iir, i'l» .idminlslratum. faeulli- or student bod? 
\'Ut'i-ii,sirii ami rofiy iludline u noon Tueaday and ropy is subject 
. .liiiiu; All ljrtt«r»-t«Kthr Editor must he signed, names wilt b» wiihhel 
oiMtn request For advertliing rale*. caB or wrtte HARBINGER. Williai 
Hainey Harper College. AlKonqiun and Hoaalle Moadi, Piilatine. lU 

iHMT. ptNMc m-wm. ,Wt. 4»l 

Mwcti5.1t7» TNEHARMNQER Pag* 9 

Fatal stabbing on campus 


Mtlt'M ttit pallet or ■« 
Itinl tMtf imMlMtf Nun 
al ttie «nit of Ik* oil' 

4M»t to IMM lu* •partiiMiit 



IIM radtn (ilaMi| al Ml vtilum* 

Tlic car 'had l)««n turnail oft. 
■lllMMgli (I *•• Ml •Hh ihv 


FtMi.-prliilt ill ito inw* I 
liu • p*raM tiiM' tiM eat' I 
iht pM«tic*r ltd* and tM 
r^tniliiifii frutn th* Palattna 
•Mi Schiiuintari ^ll«v tfttiar- 
tmml* iti«n bcftn M oa- foM 'Mar- 
OMnroM Itova <eli wf ilit tacaiit ntM Poltn dug* 
:ll '■■ 4tm «tUi 111 <Mi> awf ' aciliMd to aid Mi ilw Mareh of 
lh« •lltifKl iiitirfkrer 

tlM» iiliMIl— il,wit,gK N m». ' Pttntt 

htm to Atcow a 

I null 'OfHVBtiiiK anai 


hdptr (ZDlBoe muic mocNne 






A 24 hour St. Patrick's Day Disc-a 
thon is being tiosted by the Park District 
of Forest Park for the Easter Seats 
Society on March 17th beginning at 12 
noon, at Grant White School at Circle 
and Randolph Sts. 

WGN Radio personality Wally Phillips 
is honorary chairman and a live stereo 
simulcast will be broadcast from 
WDA I • FM on March 1 7th. 

f>br FumMir btfoniMMioii 


717 Krochs K Brentanos 



cinrsNoiiSiMJi v«j«i. 

mI( lUt tau¥y tlijil llw 
''•ivcl\ til^tyi A iKH'm llui 
1. .if> Ml Kjt OKinifit lt> v<Mr 
iilc if yiM ndh umfcntjnd 
tticm CI. Iff •<!.«•» 1 11 ion 

- ■ ' Oiuifif the 0*^1 14 vf*0' 

Ih.n »ll(» 141, ■ 

Krochs &. Brentanos 

II mat mm aiifwoitiiiaicly * : m 

f m and nawi (hai (Ml-prlnta 
mm tmmd arauiMi th« ««Miarf 
cane mm (Iw poliicv radio, la M 

inliilMHi Uw MaficR Mdid witfi' iha 
'«r UM' mmmen >t St 

Hht piiia « nf Mil* Thursday 

I UlH' 

■M:r 'MmwuiMii tli* 
mnMcry wtili 'flaiMlflila lir .■mi 

ttsriwr campus tecuriiji it 
cM|>«raiing •>rli the Palaltne 
P«lk« Dr|Mrtm<>n1 in the in 
n*tl||a(ioii> II jp'peur* that tWil 
finl fatal act ii( vMencn al HariHT 

(Mani) n *» Afiri tl'i- 
low ^otlk. May at tlw 

and dan 1 hrllcve all 
)iM taar IhMit IndulKe yniratU in 
UfiiMilM'-raiih acti fan he li> your 
drlnmmt Runutnce t( ht(lllU^«d 
a* well ai maa'nlagM Mandalui). 
TAUKIS: (4«til » t* 'Mar »)- 
rwancea are M|<hil«hled and Iha 
need In dcniw and rcvlac ymir 
budcet. It* nneii and honcat in 'h<m 
roll feel Protect your rcfHilaUan, 
and pay tw attcnUnn In Noaaip^ 
Wealat rnakliiK iiniMiMm^deriaUin* 
.in llM area €< (knaincm. 
GBMim ■ (Mar U (a t«im Kt'-Oe* 
involved la vitic »orl and 
•nc'Oiiraiie oIlMfs to nopanite- 
Scek out rraaUte p«o|ilt to ■ 


nip wwiii 




Salet hy Phona 
Halt days or lull time with op- 
ttortinuti for adya«*meiw <»f 

Itce hMied tn S Ari HH Bi- 
dealred but will tram 
•ith (Mttential WMfcljr 

ewaiBl««ion.» iltould eaeHli 
tarn. Sand retuine and fliona 


p(l B«.W 

Ml Fra{MKt.III 



Rierii'fvar rwwd. Kurofie. S 
<%iiMricai, AMralia. .Aaia. Etc 
All fleldk. IMW-II MO monthly 

EtiMmse:* pmti Si(ht-*eein|i 
rr*r info Write ■ IJC Bn 
■MW-OI.. Heriiey . VA tMTM 

Sudrnl aidfc to vorti evoitniy 
in tlte:laiii Ltam.tiig Oivwon 
oflM Buildlnfl D 1.11 Typinc 


Ser«'K<e ■tal.MMi Ktendanl ' 3-1 
pm. Hon -Fri . hoiwici. rwpm- 
ilble and reliable Baftalo 
Gnve area xmu*!) Ask lor 


Harper (twteitt knowledicable 
alioiit llie Harper camptti lu 
lake high seh«ol tlndciitj on 

tnun ol thetamiMi. S«« 'CMI in 

.the infnrmatlon t»ol.Ii i>r call 

WarehDutr ntghH pari lime. 

Iighl {wcking *-i hour* • niRtit 
I «»ek each month « !)•-• M 
pm. hours fleslMe Cotmair Elk 

Grove Vilbfe,1M-«a». 
The heal I'amily mtakhouie in 
the Korl.h«>«t SulMirh* it mm 
accepting appliralion* for 
df|MndaUe part-time help All 
poatllora <>v*ilable wiih fleiible 
linit Apply m perM« at 
SMkbousr 2I» W 
CMf Rd.. . .SehauBilMrs. $KHim 



fM-a track car »tere« Triaiile 
^•pwMkcrs ("ill] J^oet a) :lil2'(^M^ 
tl(N or hcit Ciller 
71 rirrttrd. .AiMo .PS. :w> m\ 
Dual enhausl, iranvAM part*. ; 
• m'lm itereo c»is»«tl» Musi j 
drive (o appreciate Uarage 
kepi i14M. 4Xt-Tl»l. aok for 

Ski houta (Latchle Racer, liw 

7 won Call Wt-mm. .Aik lor 


surtirc, lipri . rr.fklO 
rnucs am'fm cacaette. stereo. 

new lire*, good ga* mileage. 

Must («». n.«MXaII Mtm. 

AMC Tl Concord, automatic 
Iranaintiislon. power steering. 

power brakca. a.m/(n caaaelte 
•tam. nar wliidnw dalhiiier. 

j,M mita.. mmm, m-mm, 
■(k*t_ _ _ _ 

NuKchald Meving Sa.le - 
•aiher'dryer tga*. copper^ 
lan*i. (|umi hide-abed, lounge 
chair, double bed frame < DB 
maltreat and boa iprlnitii. old 
draaMr and cheat, dinette por 
table dishwaaher (eopperMnei, 
coHee table, apeaker* large) 
ikl boott imen'i il» Call »1 
n» before «:»|i_.m 

iwn Doilgt Van n.mi mila. 
p«. pb. sun root, roof veni 
am/fkn ■ track iterfo. « chan 
nel TB. digital ctock. swivel 
captain chair. horaaalMie couch 
fully carpeted, ref and eabmet. 
magi ruatproof lilelime 
warranty Many more extra* 
I«,3il0 or beat ofler. munS! 



Owner ol Tri«»mph Spitfire 
would like to meei with other 
Spitfire owneri and poasible 
form club Phone Mil wn and 


Bartlell I Bdrm Apl in new 
BIdg Walk 10 train and ahop 
ping Electric appliance* in 
eluding Dithwasher and 

Dupowii. noamo. m^-iatatMr 


I'm kiokinf for a girl who need* 
a roiMRmale Wilt (tare all ea- 
yaaiw. Call, lalia al.lM-MHi 

Need any typmg done' Former 
eiecutlve tecretary will do 
Uping at hume Accurate 

rt-af.iirwl»l«ralH> C(ill»M75 

\ll<-nti<n*ludnitt! Need typing 
(lone lor term papers' ReHaMr 
home typing lervice for all your 

tfpllii nMdk Call Kathy bet 
wMal«pmat3»2«lU Harper 

your idaaa wlUt. Your need (or 
freedom ia accented to realrlct It la 
the mental lev*!. Avoid Impvlalwe 

CAKCSH: (Jim 11 to Jnli' Mh 
Vou're feeltng goad and hMUag 
Kood m you can aet a marvelaaa 
example for oUien Von atliact 
friend* to be belpftil-tnal be awe 
their mouvoi are the aainc at 
y«w« Cteicenlrate on yaw pal 

UEO: iJaly S la Aug. ll^YMlr 
mind is iharp and yoar 
tindentamltng °on tamet." a« deal 
with that problem that haa Memad 
unrraolvalile Vour influence wtlll 
others la marhad, aa oac Ihia period 
to create the rdationahlpa with 
(itheni. yoo denre 

VIRfiO: I Aug. 11 ta i^M, ai^mr 
t« the time u> prepare projeda and 
proiirams fitr presentation to 
hiKher-aps Use care abont 
impulsive actions in romantic 
matters Vour reeling of 
coofwration witli coworker* can 
bnn« piaitive reaiUts 

UBKA: iSipt a to Oct a)-Yoil 
ran be a peacemaker between 
diaaMreelnK tacUiaa. 8* confidant 
that you can da it. Use your 
versatiltty and abow allien your 
talents. Caod time to sharpen your 
occupational skills-involve 
youraeir In study prugrams 

SCORPIO: iOct. a to Nov. 21 l-In a 
matter 'if cooperative effort, use 
paliciice and allow the others more 

time to eonaider their desires. Play 
it "cool." Tn not to eiaggarate 
your reactions. Move your 
enericlef into aodal adlvltias. 

SAGITTARIUS; iNov. B la Dae. 
II I4:iuard aicainat bein« Icaly" or 
Irinpcramental. Be more 
svmpalheiic and tutderatandiiig of 
the other person's viewpoint. 
DitrinK this cycle you tan tend lo 
be loo self -centered and dicatorial, 
and the rrtults are detnmenlal 

CAPRICORN . I D«: 10 Jan. 11 )- 
Take the initiative and move ta 
yiiur own poailivc goals. Meet 
chillenget In a direct way and 
handle Ihem^ Gel some physical 
rxcrcisc to work off Mine of your 
enerity If you want a 
reconciliation, make die aurm 
with humility. 

AQUARIUS: aan. ■ t» FM ID- 
Some important could come iota 
your life Take the time to 
understand aiid i:ultivale that 
person You could be touchy and 
want to withdraw becaaae you may 
feel unappreciated Make an effort 
to be patient and charming 
.fiaCBS: (Fab. If l« .MaRb »>- 
Give your work the high priority 
and utick to rtmtine Get caught 
uyp on any backkit; ami go over 
your beriKct Set up a savings 
program Beuig alone, medlatiiig, 
and "Gettuig your htad logclllar" 
I.I favored. 

■•Vaa. ha > 

wa mat. You know, samttlmaa 

I wwidat what ha looks Hka." 


How to solve problems without suicide 

If ]M<«t mnrw- 
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I. • rum. *^:m,wt4.--nmn.-mn.. ** mo. %af. *-% 


cms -PERMS TINTS -tie 



out tt. «MI Om V«»'n "«" 

Everybody OHi*" ••»<* t*"** 
UieiNdf tiM «» •! lei* mux iii 
tiMir Ummt Somt |M«|itt ihli* 
■bmit It mm ■ UtU* ntor* 
l»flii*iicf . * Ul» •«» f»try hniir . I 

Mf amm Is UhM if mw'n 
rcaduid iMi BeiMlWIWr. tNn 

nevrr mal» it lo Heavtn If you 
can think «ay bark, you'll 
rrmcmbrr what you leanwil tn 
arade •riMial about imMt. Pcopk 
wftMi ktll ItanMlvM arc acmr 
lioinit lo br happy i*eapl* who di* 
naturally will iprnd th« dMd 
pMtMm «« tkmr llv«i Ui eternal 

at llM laM mammit. »!** •■■ a 
good dccWan on y«ir part... 

NolMdf ilMMld kfU MnMtlf 
Wbif' Wall. Of»l a( all. tl«w»i 

Aljtonqutn rijia 
811 t At<|on<tiitn Ko*« 

ka«p Ihaii .liirBvaM^ 

n It yiMi are Cathalte. 

II Ifywi ham a (aimllr, liutlMnk 
IMW mlaefabJe they'll all be wlm» 
ymt'n ••» Agam* their better 
ludgment. rvlallvef will be laeeed 
to CO out and hlrr a lawyer lo make 
■ur* they «el erery cent they're 
sol coRitnii to tbeni 

your death will inevlUWy <?»uae 
Ham liaartbum. indlgeitiaii aai 
tempatiary Inianity i until they let 
Ml a*ia«~*iMn You we. ym'rc Miy raeklMg the 

1 1 The laM reaaon why you wanld 

never want lo do the evtl deed l< 

baeauae the only mark you'll leave 

thk earlli will be a 


No, Initead you mmt reaiat Ihe 
tempution pull yourself togethar 
and net slartrd ail over aKaIn Ajk 
yourself whati depreuinK you ao 
deeply thai every time yoo walk 
down a flight of «Utr» you can't 
decMe whether or not your thne 
has come to take the ihort way 

yai'l) 'Under weiw poor flob'i ofltot 

M n 

(■OMlhlnii wlioi grating on your 
nerves, then take Mine action 
Why let aomebody elae get aU Ihe 
aatidaction of readliti your 
otiltiiarj in the Herald 

Jiwt remember what I once read 
in a book H aomebody make* you 
want to take that Neaica plunge, 
take tome lime lo do lome heavy 
pondering, lome careful 
conaldcratlon and then look tham 
■tnare In Ihe eye. give them a 
gentle nodiie and walrh your 
proMen |» loMing down leveral 


Forest conference planned 

A ^_ __Aj_ ..Jl .BLM A ■■«■■■ I il'^ ,!_•.« .>,^irii,i.ddia, I* III MiiMit maim 





Tallica on undwrtaMlIni and and lUile dci»naMiils of natural 

entoying Ihe fareit will be reiourcei In five otatea. U 

preacnted at Ihe riflh ForeM de.»i(ned to help fweit owner* UK 

Ownen and Uotn Conference and improve IbeJr '•'«■'» 

MarrtlTalltorper p«,aihly ea« oome monejr from tt. 

The workjhop. ^loniorwl by to». 

Cwweratlve Kitlanalon Servicee l>iiiru«»K.i« will be led b> 

RnlewMn foreiten from lllinma. 
MictiUan. Wlaconain. Indiana and 
MlnnesoU They will be available 
for individual itueitiam alter the 
■eiiiona DUciuunan «roup« will be 
repeated to participant! can 
attend four of them 


The Debut Of a Legend. Together Again "Uve Spirit 


91S Mf 




A^gl m I al ttJ 

Ills St. 

t iM- 

mm a 




Contains 'Nature's Way' 
& 'Rock n' Roll Planet' 

A major force in the rock world of the late 60's and 70 s 
brings ttiat energy to life again in "Live Spirit," their debut 
album on their own Potato Records label. 

p^ ♦ 

AH INTllIN ll.\l(ri;H STIDI-.NTS 

Floif da 79 


cl^of^c the |>P«««I$ FHiip$ 

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